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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)


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    Alrighty everyone...I think I got this down. As good as I'm going to get it. ;)

    I don't think I have ever spent this much time on a single chapter in Sam's story. It had to sound just right, while I worked in everything else I wanted to have happen. I dunno if that makes sense and I don't know how to explain it any better, but enough of my babbling. :p

    Enjoy! <3 (I especially hope you Quantum Leap fans really do... :) )

    When You Need A Friend
    Part 2

    Before hearing the doorbell ring, Sam stood in the entryway of his home, nearly biting on his nails with nervousness. It had been a while since he opened up to a woman, or any friend besides Al, in the way that he was needing to. He would surely blurt out some of his deepest, innermost feelings and anger and in the process he didn't want to concern or turn Emma away. She's your friend. She'll understand, he kept telling himself, but their friendship was still new and his faith in everything was faltering. However he desperately needed to talk things out or he'd find himself never feeling better. Drawing in a breath he casually opened the door.

    When he saw Emma standing there, with a light smile on her face, he noticed something very different about her. He stared at her delightfully as he asked, "Emma?"
    "Yes?" Emma questioned back. "It's me Sam. Are you ok?"
    Squeezing his eyes shut and then reopening them, Sam answered, "Yeah, I uh," he stammered, but couldn't help saying, "You look beautiful!" He couldn't ever remember seeing her so done up before.


    Emma blushed for a moment, while brushing a bit of hair behind her ear. "Yeah, I did my hair up a little differently since I have a date tonight," she responded.
    That got Sam's attention. "A date?" he asked in a tone of disbelief.
    "Yeah," Emma answered, feeling slightly insulted. "Is that a surprise to you?"
    Realizing how he came off, Sam quickly answered, "No, no, it's," he let out a breath, trying to compose himself, "that's wonderful Emma. Really." He sincerely meant it.
    Smiling, Emma stepped forward a bit and asked, "May I come in?"
    "Yes of course!" Sam responded, stepping out of the way.

    Once inside while removing her jacket, Emma's eyes lit up as she noticed Sam's new Grand Piano. "Oh wow Sam!" she exclaimed, heading toward it. "Your new piano is gorgeous!"
    Hearing her excitement brought a grin on Sam's face as he watched her. "Thank you," he said, "you can play around on it if you'd like."
    "Oh no, I'm fine," Emma expressed, caressing the keys. Then she turned toward Sam. "Besides my playing has been a bit rusty since I haven't had my teacher around for over a month." She winked.
    "What? You haven't been practicing?" Sam lectured with a wink in return.
    "Honestly," Emma admitted, "not really. I've been focusing more on my singing lately. Plus," she had to add, "it was a little depressing there with you being gone for so long." Her head lowered, "I thought maybe...you leaped again somewhere else and...you wouldn't be coming back here."

    The sadness in her voice caused Sam's face to fall and with that he threw himself down onto the nearest couch. He rested his arm over his forehead for a moment and sighed. "Speaking of which," he began, "you have NO idea how many times I had to explain my disappearance today!"
    "I can imagine."


    "Of course I didn't reveal the truth to anyone," Sam went on to say, "but honestly...I really wanted to with a couple of people."
    Emma nodded, understanding. "I know Sam. I can't imagine how hard it is to keep a secret like yours, especially from those you care so much about." She sat herself down on the couch across from him.

    Feeling uncomfortable trying to fit his whole body onto the sofa, Sam leapt up from it and then began pacing in front of Emma. "See that's the thing," he began, "I've never had to cover up anything about my disappearances because I never really leaped back to anywhere I'd been to before. And the one or two times that I did, I wasn't interacting with the same people I had previously you know?"
    Emma nodded.
    "So this lying about my whereabouts to goodness knows how many people today," he paused, "made me feel awful Emma!" He stopped to face her. "I'm an honest guy and don't like the way I feel when I tell a lie. I felt like it was lying enough trying to pretend to be the people I leaped into, but of course after a while I had to get used to that so that I could right the wrong and leap again, holding out hope that the next one would be my trip back home!"
    "Right," Emma expressed. "So you can't beat yourself up over that Sam. You're just doing what you have to do."


    Palms in the air Sam asked, "Why can't I just tell everyone here the truth huh? This bracelet," he reminded her, pointing to it, "will bring me back here after each random leap. Hidden Springs is my home now. You and all my other friends have a right to know who I really am." His shoulders slumped as he frowned. "I don't want to lie anymore Emma."
    "I know you don't Sam," Emma understood, admiring his good nature, "but it's not so much lying as it is protecting yourself and...your destiny."
    "What do you mean?"
    Emma didn't want to be brutally honest, but she could see that her friend was faltering and he needed to be reminded of a few things. And for some odd reason she felt all these words suddenly coming into her mind. "Sam," she started, sitting forward a bit, "you know that not everyone is going to believe where you really came from."

    "She's right Sam," Sam heard Al's voice say from behind him, but he ignored it and kept on listening to Emma.
    "You don't need anymore pain than you've already experienced," she continued, "and if someone did believe you, who's to say they wouldn't want to try out your 'String Theory' to make time travel a possibility in this world when," she paused, thinking, "I don't think our world is really ready for that kind of technology!"
    "How do you know your world is not ready?" Sam countered. "What if that's the ultimate reason why I was sent here?"
    "Sam...your experiment was a failure was it not?"
    Sam froze. "Well...not exactly."
    "It went a little ca*ca*," Al added.
    Yes Al...
    "Which means it was never meant to be a success because you've been stuck in time unable to return home since that very first leap," Emma stated. "Do you really want someone else to experience the same time travelling mishap?"
    "Well now you make it sound like what happened to me is a bad thing!"
    "No, no that's not what I'm saying at all," Emma assured, "what I'm meaning to say is...," she paused for a breath, "Your theory is yours and yours alone. It's not something to be shared. That's not your purpose in all this. Quantum leap's setback happened because of fate. Your fate! Time travel in the way you theorized was never meant to happen because let's face it: God is really the only one who can control time. But you came just close enough to controlling it for God to intervene. Using the laws of physics within your theory He used it and YOU as a means to exercise the greater good. You became His servant, travelling through divine appointed places in time to right the wrongs that were never meant to happen. To make the world, apparently the universe, a better place."

    Al and Sam just stared at her, awestruck.
    Example pic here because we need one :p
    Shirtless Sam is a plus! :love:
    AHEM! Back to the story...

    "Wow Sam," Al breathed, "She certainly shed some light upon this whole thing didn't she?"
    Sam nodded, agreeing. Amazing...
    Emma continued. "Your destiny is sacred Sam...and therefore is not to be shared with everyone, but only to those who you truly feel inspired to tell about it."

    In that moment Sam sat himself down next to Emma and admired, "Wow Emma. I never thought about it in that way. How did you come up with all that?"
    Blushing, Emma replied, "I might've thought a little too much on it when you leaped. I sorta tend to over analyze, sometimes over exaggerate, certain things."


    "No," Sam corrected, "you have the gift of insight. I mean, you about blew me and Al away there!"
    "Oh Al is here?" Emma asked glancing around, even though she knew she'd never see him.
    "Yup. He's right over there," Sam said, pointing.
    "Hey Emma!" Al greeted with a bright grin.
    "He says 'Hi,'" Sam told her.
    As Emma said "Hello" back, Al informed Sam, "I hate to break up this delightful chat Sam, but I have some very important information to share with you from Ziggy."
    "Al," Sam addressed, "can't it wait?"
    "No it can't wait!"
    He felt a little embarrassed saying it in front of Emma, but, "Al I just need some time to chat with a friend right now ok? Give me until morning. It can wait until morning right?"
    Al huffed, "Perhaps it can."
    "Thank you," Sam expressed, "now if you'll excuse us?"
    Shaking his head, Al pushed the usual buttons on the Handlink, opening the chamber door, getting himself inside and closing it.

    Sam chuckled a bit as he sat deeper into the sofa and said to Emma, "I'm sorry about that."
    "It's ok," Emma said, studying him. "What else did you want to talk about?"


    Sam threw his head up toward the ceiling, eyes closed, as he replied, "Everything!"
    Emma held her gaze upon him.
    "I honestly don't even know where to start," Sam said, pressing his fingers on the bridge of his nose. "There's just so many things I need to get out."
    "Then shoot," Emma encouraged with a grin. "I'm listening."
    Sam returned a smile in thankfulness.

    He proceeded to tell her all about his last leap and then what happened between him and Donna, lamenting about the mistakes he made in their relationship.

    "If only she'd known how faithful I'd been to her," he said, "every time I had to kiss Morgana I'd immediately think of her, imagining it was her I was kissing. That made it easier to do."
    Emma cracked a smile.
    "She never even gave me the chance to tell her all that."


    Caressing his shoulder, Emma admired, "That was very sweet of you Sam. There's never been a doubt in my mind that you're a faithful man."
    "Thanks but...it's kind of hard to be faithful when I remember my life here in Hidden Springs every time I leap. I mean," he turned to face her, "there are things I have to do in a leap that many would consider...unfaithful. Why can't I just forget again and then once I'm back here I'll remember everything about my life!? Ugh!" He buried his face in his hands.
    Rubbing his back, Emma asked, "Who's to say you won't forget everything during this next leap? It could happen."
    "I dunno," Sam wavered, standing up from the couch. "Maybe it's better that I stay single," he frowned, "so I never have to worry about being unfaithful. That's what made it all so easy in the beginning when I really didn't remember much, but now..." he sighed.
    Emma wasn't sure what to say to that.
    "Being single forever is not what I really want," Sam admitted, his back still turned toward Emma. "But you see Emma, it's never been about what I want."
    "Oh I dunno about that Sam."
    "It's true though!" Sam declared. "I mean, what about what I want in my life? What about my dreams? Am I doomed to sacrifice it all for the greater good?"
    "No Sam," Emma rebutted, "you and I both know God doesn't work that way. He is not heartless and He's clearly been very much aware of you!"
    He did know that, but Sam shook his lowered head anyway. "Then if He's aware of what I want then why is it that I seem to lose every woman I get close to?"
    Emma looked down at her hands, not sure how to answer that one either.
    "Why is it that I can make things right in other people's lives," Sam went on, "but not in my own?"


    Emma leaned forward a bit, thinking. "Sam," she started, "You just haven't met the right person!" There were so many things she wanted to say in this moment, but she had to hold them back. "The woman you're meant to be with is out there somewhere and you'll find her! Don't ever lose faith in that."
    Little did Emma know that tears were streaming down Sam's cheeks. "Even so Emma Donna is right," he sniffed, "it's too much of a burden to place on someone."
    "Not for the right person!" Emma retorted. "They will endure it with you because they love you!"

    Wiping at his eyes trying desperately to hold himself together, but failing Sam went on. "Eight long years I've been leaping, putting right what once went wrong, and never once have I regretted doing all that I've done, but I am tired Emma. I'm not getting any younger. I want to settle down and raise a family." Mentioning that, he could no longer control the emotions and tears. "To have children," he cried, "but it feels like that's never going to happen because no woman in this entire world is ever going to want to endure this with me! I just can't do it anymore!" He buried his face in his hands and sobbed uncontrollably.


    In that moment Emma realized that the great physicist Doctor Sam Beckett was broken to the core. She jumped up from the couch and enveloped him in her arms. Gently she hushed him as his shoulders shook from the crying. It had been many years since Sam cried like this and no longer did he have the strength to hold his deep rooted emotions back. Every single one of them came flooding out with each and every tear.

    Emma could feel the tears seeping through her shirt onto her skin and rubbed Sam's back while saying, "It's going to be alright Sam. It's going to be ok."


    "I want to believe that," Sam spluttered.
    "It will," Emma assured. "You're just hurting right now and everything seems hopeless, but I promise you it's not Sam! This will pass...things will work out for you."
    As Emma held him tightly with such compassion, Sam found himself being able to regain control of his emotions from the strength he was receiving from her. It made him never want to let go.


    "I'm sorry," he said.
    "About what?" Emma asked.
    "For throwing all my burdens on you like that."
    Emma couldn't help holding him tightly again. "You didn't Sam," she assured, "I'm happy to help. I appreciate you calling me over to be a listening ear."
    "I'm thankful to you Emma," Sam expressed, "your words gave me strength. They were exactly what I needed to hear and I couldn't have gotten through this without you."
    Smiling, Emma said, "You're welcome Sam."


    As they let go of each other, Emma placed her hands on Sam's cheeks and had to say one more thing. "You are doing great things Sam Beckett," she began, "they will not go unrewarded. Your dreams will surely come true! Don't ever allow anyone or anything to cause you to believe otherwise."
    Sam smiled. "Thank you Emma," he said, "You really are a great friend."
    Emma blushed while still keeping her hands on his cheeks. "And Sam," she added, "don't ever be afraid to allow me to carry you through your trials. That's what friends are for and friends...are never a burden."
    "I won't." Sam promised. It amazed him how he never fully realized just how amazing of a person Emma is.



    After suggesting they watch some TV together to help himself relax and get his mind off everything, Sam soon found himself passed out on Emma's lap from emotional exhaustion.


    Emma's heart raced upon seeing the time on Sam's wall clock when she threw a glance at it. It was five minutes until seven o'clock when she was supposed to be meeting up with her date. Sam lightly snored, evidently sleeping soundly. She hated to wake him, especially when he very much needed the rest. Carefully she pulled out her cell phone, dialed her date's number and held it to her ear.

    "Hey, it's me," she said when he answered, "Something came up and," she stopped to glance down at Sam's peaceful face. She wanted so badly to stay with him until morning, but she didn't want to stand up her date either. "I can't make it at seven," she continued, "I'm so sorry! But I could be there at...eight thirty? Is that alright?"
    Her date agreed.
    "Great! I'll see you then. Bye."

    Tucking her phone away she allowed Sam to continue sleeping as she flipped through a few channels, secretly enjoying the closeness to him.


    Around 8:15 Sam awoke with a start, startling Emma. He sat up and immediately apologized for falling asleep on her, but Emma insisted it was fine. Then there came a bit of awkward silence between them until Emma spoke up. "Well, I guess that worked out well because I'm supposed to be meeting up with my date at eight-thirty," she said.
    "Oh yeah!" Sam expressed, smacking a palm to his forehead. "You mentioned that."

    Emma stood up and went to grab her jacket by the door. Sam carefully stood up as well. His eyes still ached, but his headache was gone. "Thanks again for tonight Emma," he told her, "I really feel much better."
    "I'm glad," Emma smiled. "I'm sorry to rush out like this..."
    "No no, I wouldn't want you to miss your date," Sam said, shoving his hands into his pockets. A strange feeling came over him, thinking about her going on this date. "You two have fun," he concluded with smile.
    "Thanks Sam!" Emma parted. "Bye!" The door closed.

    Sam turned and rested his hands upon the back of the TV stand sighing. Next thing he knew his front door was opening again as Emma voiced, "Gee it would help if I grabbed my purse!"
    "Oh, right," Sam chuckled as he looked away again, anticipating the sound of the door shutting again.

    Instead he felt Emma throw her arms around him from behind, squeezing him while saying, "Have a good night buddy and don't you worry...everything is going to be alright."


    For a second, Sam's heart skipped a beat. "Yeah...I know," he managed to say, turning his head toward her. "Thanks again Emma."
    And with that Emma left for her date and once the door closed, Sam stood in the middle of the room staring at nothing. He expected to get a sudden feeling of loneliness, but instead he found the confidence to retire to bed early and face the brand new day tomorrow. That was one of the greatest comforts he found in life: tomorrow was always a chance to start anew.


    Parting song:
    It's beautiful! Take a moment to listen. <3
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    @emorrill , Again a Wonderful chapter!! :smiley: , you certainly have a way with words and your writing su*cks me right in! I do fear that Emma is getting "friendzoned" but that, in this story is a good thing, Sam needs a friend who understands and Emma is just that.....for now. I was almost thinking that you were going to reveal that Emma could see Al, I I know a few can see him. I wonder who Emma's date is!!! :)
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    @Charlottesmom Your comments are so good so I'm going to try to do better than the occasional 'awesome' :lol: And widdle Connor is adorable.

    @emorrill First things first, shirtless Sam, woohoo! As a huge QL fan, you really capture the spirit of the show. Are you a writer in real life? If you're not, you should be! Thanks for keeping Sam's story alive. And Emma looks pretty! Now I gotta go to work. Y'all have a great day!

    (Edited to fix typing in the morning with blurry eyes mistakes)
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    The Sequel: Part 4

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    @emorrill I made comments on the other thread too. Just had to say it again, awesome update to the story. My favorite pic is the last one of Sam and Emma for the story. #teamEmma :) My other favorite is shirtless Scott!
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    @bekkasan , I'm firmly on teamEmma too! :smiley:
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    @Charlottesmom Thank you lady. <3 {{{{Hugs}}}} For a second there I thought you said my writing su'cked! :lol: I was like: :astonished:
    But then I read it fully and realized that's not what you meant at all. ;)
    You know...the greatest relationships start out as friends. :mrgreen:
    Unfortunately Emma can't see Al. :( Only children under the age of 4 (I believe...) and animals can see him.

    @ZeeGee Heck yeah woohoo to a shirtless Scott Bakula!!! :love: Rawr!
    Thank you so much for the sweet compliments. <3 I love that you love the story being a QL fan. :blush:
    An actual writer in real life? I WISH!!! (Thank you <3 ). It's quite the hard profession to get into, but...maybe someday I will dive into it when my daughter is grown and I have a lot more time on my hands. ;) I also have a very active imagination and have been imagining and writing stories since 4th grade! :)
    *I anticipate your next Saga of Sunset Valley video! They are fantastic! :star:

    @bekkasan I saw both of your sweet comments lady. Thank you. <3 {{{Hugs}}}
    Yeah, Emma hugging Sam from behind is one of my favorite pics too! I figured many of you #teamEmma ladies would very much enjoy this update. :blush:
    Yes, shirtless Scott is always a pleasurable sight! :love:

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    @emorrill , I'm putting in my official guess as to who Emma's date is....my guess is Liam!! That would be wonderful as he is a friend of Sam's and could add some jealous tension.... ;)
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    @Charlottesmom Yaah, glad to know you are #teamEmma too. :) Oh....Liam is a good guess. I had not started speculating on that.
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    @charlottesmom That would be interesting now would it... ;):p

    The next few updates are going to start getting crazy and I don't mean in Sam's love life....
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    Very touching and sweet update! And I agree with Sam that Emma's new hairstyle looks great on her!
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    @PalmArrow Thank you <3

    @bekkasan @Charlottesmom @ZeeGee

    I've been searching for a while to find this song that I so loved from my youth........There might be a reason why it popped back into my head all these years. ;)

    I'm just going to leave this here for you all to listen to. <3 I really can't say any more...
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    While Sam Was Away

    A few weeks earlier...

    At the end of the work week, Catarina Vanderburg walked proudly away from City Hall, confident in the new laws and budget plans she put into place for the upcoming new year. It felt good being the "Queen" of Hidden Spring and having her "subjects" practically "bow down" and submit to her every request. No one ever dared question her methods on running the city and she intended to keep it that way.


    The Vanderburg's were a high class, practically royal family, living in Hidden Springs for the past seven generations, the first of them being the founders. They were a soft spoken people, but firm in doing so. Proper. Very private about their personal lives (as private as they could be with the media and Paparazzi constantly trying to stick their noses into it!). Every hour of every day Catarina had to carry herself in that image and while exhausting, she'd never allow herself to falter and show any sign of weakness. Doing so would place the family's reputation and name in jeopardy, not to mention weaken their power, and that was something she was willing to die protecting if need be!

    While thoughts of her two older, aggravating children and their hard-headedness in staying true to the family image flooded her mind, there came a vibrating sound from her purse. Catarina zipped it open, pulled out her cell phone and read that the Police Chief was calling. She answered it promptly.
    "Hello Chief," she greeted curtly, "please tell me you have some good news?"
    "Well," the Chief hesitated, "unfortunately we don't madam. The search continues, but it's...looking pretty grim at this point?"
    "Grim? Are you saying you've found his body?"
    "...No, it's just--"
    "Then that means he is still out there! Find him!" she demanded in frustration, while rubbing at the sudden, painful ache in her forehead. "And your men will not stop searching until he is found you hear!?"
    "Yes ma'am."

    "Good!" Catarina concluded while approaching her car, "now, when that time comes I expect you to--." Suddenly she felt faint, dropping her hand carrying the phone to her side while trying to prevent herself from falling with the other, pressing it against the car.
    "To what?" the Chief asked from the phone.
    Catarina breathed heavily as her head began throbbing and her supporting arm lost strength. She slid to the ground onto her bottom and rubbed at her forehead again.


    She fully expected herself to pass out, but thankfully the pain in her head subsided and her vision was no longer blurry. Curse these headaches as of late! she thought with gritted teeth. How could Sam just disappear like this when I need him without so much as a WORD to me! His employer! Then she heard the Chief call out loudly on the phone, "Mrs. Vanderburg, you there!?"
    Catarina threw the phone up to her ear and composed herself. "Yes!" she replied. "Yes. Sorry about that I," she paused, looking around, making sure no one noticed her. "I got distracted, but no matter! I expect you to bring me word immediately once you've found Doctor Beckett!"
    "Of course madam!"
    "Thank you," Catarina expressed, lifting herself up again with the one arm. "Good day to you Chief," and with that she ended the call.

    Leaning her back against the car door, head up toward the sky with her eyes closed she thought to herself, I can't keep going like this. I have to do something to fix this. I can't afford waiting for Sam to return! IF he returns!


    During the next few days Catarina popped more aspirin, as usual, and forced herself to retire to bed early hoping to ease the reoccurring headaches. Doing so seemed to reduce the tension of the headaches, but they still showed up on and off during the day.

    While planning to meet up with Francisca for lunch and chat about important family matters (Francisca miraculously agreeing to talk about it) a very painful headache hit Catarina like a ton of bricks just as she stepped out the front door. "Ugh!" she cried out in annoyance as she dug her fingers into her forehead. While rubbing and rubbing she cursed under her breath. Once the pain subsided she gazed out at the view in front of her and sighed.


    I don't have any other choice, she thought, I just can't go to the Hospital. Doing so would be plastered all over the news for sure! Her conscience began begging her to reconsider, but she shook her head. No! I won't risk it! Throwing her shoulders back with determination and carrying herself the way she always did, she stepped down the stairs and headed for her car. As soon as I am finished having lunch with Francisca I will make an appointment with Miss Rhoen. I may not completely agree with her method of healing, but...she's my only hope now.

    Once inside her car and turning the ignition, Catarina's face fell again. Oh Sam, where are you? Please come back! I need you...


    To be continued...
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    @emorrill , Well that certainly was intriguing!!! ;) I look forward to seeing why Catarina is getting those killer headaches and what they have to do with Sam...I hope she doesn't go see Miss Rhoen, isn't she the one that kills everyone!! I have to go back through your posts to refresh my memory...(old brain and all). ;)

    I look forward to another installment...soon! :*
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    While Sam Was Away
    Part 2

    Once a frantic Donna Ellsworth called the police informing them of her boyfriend's disappearance and never hearing back from him, the search was on. Word spread through Hidden Springs like wildfire. The police greatly encouraged anyone with information about Sam Beckett's disappearance to come forward and with pressure from Donna as well, Emma Simself knew what she had to do. She felt uneasy approaching the police station, knowing she would have to lie, but she had to do it in order to protect Sam's true identity.


    She met with an Officer Bruce Chesterfield in his office as she reiterated the same story about Sam's departure as she did to Donna.
    "Have you been able to make any contact with him since he left?" Bruce asked her.
    "No," Emma replied.
    "Do you happen to remember where he said he might be going for this family emergency?"
    "No. He didn't mention where, he just simply said that he had to leave immediately and asked if I would look out for his home and pets while he was away. I said Yes."
    "Then what happened?"
    "He got into his car and took off."

    Bruce finished jotting down the testimony as he sighed. "Well," he started, looking up at her, "I had hoped you would be able to provide us with more information Miss Simself, but thank you for coming in. We greatly appreciate it." He smiled and held out his hand to her.
    Emma shook it. "You're welcome Officer Chesterfield," she said, "I wish I had more information to give to you as well. Sam is," she paused, feeling her heart ache a bit, "a very dear friend. I do hope he's alright and returns home."
    Bruce nodded in agreement. "We'll do everything we can to find him."
    Emma tried hard to hold back the tears as she gave a nodding smile and excused herself from the room.

    While approaching the exit doors to the station, Emma stopped and let out a big breath of relief.


    Thank goodness they bought it, she thought, I hope I never have to lie to the police again! Although, being friends with Sam, knowing the truth about him and IF he managed to leap back, she knew she would have to keep covering for him. Even though that added to her already chronic anxiety, it was something she was willing to bear. For a friend and good man like Sam...it was worth it. He confided in me and I will keep his secret safe forever.

    Once outside she surprised herself by doing a tiny little victory dance. Oh yeah! she thought, something about getting away with that feels so empowering!


    "Miss Simself?"
    Emma's eyes widened with nervousness as she turned toward her addressee. "Yes?" she asked, seeing who it was. "Officer Chesterfield?" Her heart began pounding within her chest.
    "Forgive me," Bruce began, "but I couldn't help noticing how distraught you looked while leaving my office so," he pulled something out from behind him, "I thought these might cheer you up." He held out a beautiful bunch of red flowers to her.
    "Oh!" Emma expressed, remembering they were the same flowers in a vase on his desk. "Thank you!" Ok...?


    Bruce blushed as he said, "I gotta admit I was a little surprised to find out that Donna Ellsworth is Sam Beckett's girlfriend. I always thought you were." He looked down and dug at the ground with the tip of his shoe.
    Emma felt delightfully confused. "Really?" she asked, "what gave you that idea?"
    "Because you two have done quite a few gigs together," he answered, "and you both have incredible voices by the way."
    Emma smiled.
    "I guess I just assumed..."
    "It's ok," Emma interrupted, sensing he felt awkward. "You're not the only one," she informed with a chuckle. "No...Me and Sam are just good friends." Although I wish...

    "Well, in that case," Bruce said, with his face beaming, "I hope you'll forgive me for being bold but," he gulped, "would you mind joining me for dinner tomorrow night? That is...if you want to?"


    Grinning brightly to hide her surprise Emma thought, Wow. I don't think I've ever had a man just randomly and unexpectedly ask me out like this! Bruce was definitely an attractive man and it flattered her that she'd caught his eye. Plus it was hard to pass up a date from a man in uniform.
    Poor Bruce painfully waited for her response.
    When Emma finally realized that she immediately jumped out of her thoughts and replied, "Sure. I would like that."


    Relief washed over Bruce's face as he smiled. "Great!" he beamed, "it will be a pleasure getting to know you better."
    Emma couldn't help blushing.
    "Let's exchange numbers and I'll give you a call tomorrow after I'm finished with work."
    "Sounds good!"

    After they said goodbye and Bruce went back into the Station, Emma stayed there in the same spot, glancing around her with a bright smile on her face. She hadn't felt this flattered in years! It was certainly a self esteem boost! Her heart fluttered now and thoughts of Sam were suddenly replaced with images of Bruce's beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes. She greatly looked forward to her date with him and getting to know him better as well.



    To be continued...
    @Charlottesmom <3
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    Go Emma! Go Emma! But Uh oh, Sam has competition! I'm still firmly #teamemma
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    @Charlottesmom Yes, Emmaline Rhoen is bad news... :cold_sweat:

    ZeeGee wrote: »
    Go Emma! Go Emma! But Uh oh, Sam has competition! I'm still firmly #teamemma

    Thank you @ZeeGee ❤ And indeed, Sam has competition, but will he see it as such???

    You all will just have to wait and see! :mrgreen:
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    Finally! Finished Part 3 of this update! Good nelly! :p I think I've perfected it as well as I can........
    Maybe I should've broken it up into a 4th part, but nah. It is LONG...just to warn you all, but worth it. ;)
    Enjoy! :mrgreen:
    @charlottesmom :)

    While Sam Was Away
    Part 3

    When Catarina Vanderburg drove up to Emmaline Rhoen's home for her appointment, she turned off the car and stayed sitting inside it for a few moments. She thought about Sam's face plastered upon all the posters in town, asking anyone for information about his disappearance. The fact that he did not inform her, out of everyone, about leaving town just irked her. She thought they had developed a good relationship, an understanding enough that he would tell her if he had to leave town for a while. I mean, does he not understand how much I need him to be at my beck and call whenever I or someone in my family needs medical attention? she thought in frustration. I mean good L*** I am his employer! He just doesn't seem like the type to not inform his employer about something as important as a family emergency! Something just didn't feel right about his disappearance and if he returned, she intended to find out what it was!

    Throwing those thoughts aside, her concerns about seeking care from Miss Rhoen came rushing back. Many people she knew swore by her healing methods, but also many others she knew did not. She wasn't sure who to believe. It was one of those situations where one had to try it out for themselves and see how they feel about it. Her head ached again, having started before she left the house and while rubbing at her temples she thought, I'll make sure to use my better judgment. If anything seems suspicious or questionable, I'll back out. I'm no fool! Then she gazed out the window in front of her continuing to think, Sam would surely advise me to stay away from this woman, I'm sure of it, but...I am so upset with him right now that I don't even care! With that, she stepped out of the car and approached the front door.


    "Mrs. Vanderburg," Emmaline greeted with a slight bow after opening the door. "Please, come in."
    "Thank you," Catarina expressed while stepping inside.
    For a few seconds she took a quick look around to see if anything looked suspicious or odd. Nothing did. She did happen to notice a medical school diploma on her wall. Interesting...

    "I must admit," Emmaline informed, "that I was surprised to have received your call. I mean, I feel honored of course," she said, holding her hand to her heart, "but I was under the impression that you had a personal concierge doctor."


    "Oh I do," Catarina answered, "but," she sighed, "he seems to have disappeared and I am in need of medical attention."
    Disappeared? He? Surely she isn't talking about... "Well I am happy to offer my services to you madam. I do hope to...make a good impression."
    Catarina could always sense when someone was trying to flatter her. She gave a curt smile and responded, "We shall see."
    Emmaline threw a curt smile back. "Well then, let us sit down and you can tell me all about your symptoms."



    "Aren't you going to take a closer look at me?" Catarina asked curiously, as Emmaline stood up from the couch.
    "It's not necessary," Emmaline replied, heading over to one of her medicine cabinets, "you are showing the classic signs of stress and improper nutrition."
    Catarina narrowed her eyes at her. "Improper nutrition," she questioned. "Our Butler has always cooked well for us."
    Returning before her, Emmaline said, "With foods that have been doused in pesticides and containing too many preservatives." She held a bottle out to her. "Here," she beckoned. "Take this twice a day for the next four days. It will detoxify your system and then we can continue on with your treatment."


    "Detoxify?" Catarina asked quizzically, "my body feels fine! It's my constant headaches that are the problem here!"
    "Yes, but my treatment for your headaches will not be as effective unless your system has been cleansed."
    Odd... and here I was hoping to get some more answers and relief. She sighed. I guess I should just roll with it. What other choice do I have? Nodding, Catarina took the bottle and agreed to take it.
    "Good," Emmaline said with a sinister smile.


    The four day detox was certainly not a pleasant one. Catarina found herself on the toilet more times than she'd care to admit, it was hard to eat as much as she needed to, and her headaches were getting worse. At the crack of dawn on the fifth day, she stomped over to Emmaline's home uninvited and when allowed to come inside she immediately ripped into the lady. Her proper poise was thrown out the window.

    "I mean, I came to you for one thing and one thing only," she continued, "to get relief from these headaches! CURED from them actually! Now you do just that, without me taking any more of these ridiculous pills of yours or I will refuse to pay and sue your a**! Are we clear!?"


    Emmaline pursed her lips in frustration. "Crystal," she responded and then threw on a half smile. "I do apologize for your unsatisfactory experience madam. My treatments do take a bit more time to cure the body of ailments than modern medicine, but I can assure you that they are very effective."
    Catarina wasn't convinced and folded her arms.
    "Medicine aside," Emmaline went on, "we'll try acupuncture this time around and if that doesn't help we can move on to something more...invasive."
    "Thank you," Catarina expressed frankly, finally feeling like the two had an understanding.

    Receiving the acupuncture wasn't as painful as Catarina always imagined it would be. It strangely felt...relaxing.


    When the session was over, Emmaline asked her to return three more times for treatment that week and Catarina consented.

    After the next three treatments Catarina felt considerably better and the headaches were gone. She never thought she'd become a believer in acupuncture! It all seemed kind of "hocus pocus" to her.

    Emmaline didn't seem too pleased when Catarina informed her that she was feeling better and her services would no longer be needed. Probably because she'll miss how much I'm paying her, Catarina thought, but the healer woman's reaction very much troubled her. What kind of a doctor, healer, or whatever isn't thrilled to hear their patient is feeling better? Sam would certainly be thrilled and relieved! Something really wasn't right about this woman, but Catarina chose not to dwell on it. She had much more important things to worry about and attend to. It felt great being able to move on with life while pain free!

    That is...until the headaches started coming back.



    Emma and Bruce stepped through the door quickly to get out of the evening chill and wiped the snow off their shoes.
    "Well," Bruce began, "that's certainly a movie I won't be watching ever again!"
    "Right!?" Emma chuckled in agreement. "It's such a bummer that it turned out so horrible when the previews made it look so good!"
    "Quite unfortunate," Bruce concurred, "yet so common with movies anymore these days."
    Emma smiled at him.

    She and Bruce had been seeing each other nearly every day since their first date two weeks ago. It'd been the happiest two weeks of her life in a long time and she could sense Bruce felt the same way. Their relationship was growing stronger and in so many ways Emma loved it, but at the same time she wasn't exactly sure how she felt about it. She was on the fence...and wasn't sure which man's arms to fall into. Her thoughts were interrupted when Bruce gently took her hands and suggested cuddling on the couch to warm up and watch a better movie. Blushing, Emma found herself unable to resist the idea when he asked with those gorgeous, longing eyes of his.

    After popping in a movie and waiting for Bruce to return from the bathroom, Emma found herself thinking about Sam again. He'd been gone for three weeks now and it worried her that he might've leaped somewhere else and wouldn't ever be returning to Hidden Springs. Her heart ached.
    "Hey," Bruce greeted, coming and sitting down beside her. "Sorry about that. We can get started with the movie now."
    "Oh," Emma said with a few blinks, "you're fine."
    Bruce studied her carefully. "You alright?" he asked, "you seem...troubled."


    "Well," Emma began with a sigh, "Sorry to bring it up, but...I've just been really worried about Sam. He's been gone for the better part of a month now and," she paused to choose her words carefully, "there hasn't been a single trace of him anywhere."
    "Yeah," Bruce sympathized, "and we've been doing some pretty thorough investigating." No thanks to the Chief's hounding!
    "I'm glad."
    "It's just," he sighed, "it's been very tiring...especially when we don't have any leads."
    "I bet. Still," Emma looked away, "I pray he's ok and not dead."
    Placing a tender hand on her arm, Bruce assured, "Don't worry, we won't give up until we find him. We've still got lots of help from the surrounding cities too remember?"
    Emma faced him again and smiled gratefully.
    "I know how much he means to you, and to many others in town. I promise we'll find him. No matter what."
    "Thank you Bruce," Emma expressed, "that's very sweet of you." Even though they will never find him...

    Picking up the remote and pressing the Play button, Bruce voiced, "Now then, how about we cheer ourselves up with a little bit of comedy ok?" He put his arm around Emma and gently pulled her close to him. That caused Emma's heart to flutter a bit.

    The comedy got the two of them laughing in no time and sometime during it all...Emma found that she had put her arm around Bruce to snuggle, without even realizing it.


    As the minutes passed the two stayed that way and Bruce admitted out of the blue, "This feels nice."
    Emma's heart raced again. "Yeah," she whispered, "it really does."


    In that moment the two looked deeply into each other's eyes and smiled. Emma could sense Bruce wanted to say something. "What?" she asked with a chuckle.
    Watching his eyes shift from one part of her face to another, Bruce replied, "Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"
    Blushing, Emma replied, "No."
    "I love the way you've done up your hair. It suits you. You should keep it like that."
    "Maybe I will," Emma teased a bit, getting lost in his dreamy eyes.


    Then, not entirely unexpected, Bruce leaned in and kissed Emma tenderly. She returned the kiss, even while debating within herself if this is what she really wanted to do. Did she really want to take the relationship to the next level while her heart still longed for Sam?


    One peck after another Emma thought, Why shouldn't I take this to the next level? Bruce is a sweet guy and VERY sexy! I mean, Sam has never seen me as anything more than a friend. Besides...he's with Donna. And... she stopped kissing for a moment to rest her head onto Bruce's forehead and catch her breath. It's very possible that he won't be coming back. I shudder to think, but if so...I cannot deprive myself of the opportunity to be happy with another man when holding out for Sam...might prove pointless. Even heartbreaking.

    Sensing her hesitation, Bruce was about to ask Emma what was wrong, but became very pleasantly surprised when she planted an even more intense kiss upon his lips. She'd made her decision.


    "Oh Emma," Bruce breathed. "You're taking my breath away!"
    "You're taking mine away too," Emma could honestly say as they continued on kissing. Yeah, this feels good.


    And the two stayed that way for the rest of the movie, even when it came time to say goodbye.



    "The headaches have returned!" Catarina lamented and complained to Emmaline.


    "Oh dear..."
    "There must be something else you can do! I mean, do you have a diagnosis for me?"
    "I gave you one Mrs. Vanderburg," Emmaline reiterated, "they are the result of great stress and lack of the proper nutrients in your diet. If we had started my treatment regimen after your detox--"
    "What about your other invasive method?" Catarina couldn't believe she found herself asking, but at this point she was so desperate for relief! It was now three weeks since Sam's disappearance and already people were believing him to be dead. She greatly mourned the possible loss.

    Emmaline stealthily reached into her skirt pocket and then folded her arms to hide the item. "Well," she began, stepping closer to Catarina, "In my guest house out back I have what you might call a," she paused, "probing device into the brain."
    Catarina's eyes widened as her face went white.
    "Oh don't you worry," Emmaline assured with a chuckle, "it's not with needles it's with laser lights...that can sting a little, but nothing too discomforting. They scan your brain for any abnormalities."
    The color returned to Catarina's face in an instant! Oh thank G**!
    "We'll do the scan and whatever it comes up with we can continue on with the best possible treatment."
    "Why didn't we just do that in the first place?" Catarina asked, heart racing as Emmaline came around behind her.


    "Because," Emmaline answered, "the other treatments I've given to you work most of the time. And I don't care to use any medical equipment, usually only as a last resort." She stopped to position herself properly behind Catarina and then continued, "now let me have a look at your head here..."

    Catarina closed her eyes as she felt Emmaline's fingers touch the nape of her neck. She prayed these headaches weren't the result of something fatal.


    In that moment, Catarina found Emmaline slapping a cloth over her nose and mouth while holding Catarina's body tightly against hers. Panic setting in Catarina wriggled, struggling to get out of the horrible woman's grasp, but then her eyes rolled into her head as everything went dark and.........

    Catarina's lifeless body fell back onto Emmaline, arms drooping to the side, as Emmaline chuckled maniacally and laid her onto the floor. "Oh you poor, dear royal highness," she mocked, "I thought it would take much longer than this to gain your trust. This couldn't have worked out more perfectly!" She looked up at the ceiling with a smirk. "Thank you for your disappearance Doctor Beckett!" she declared, mocking him too. "With you out of the way, the Vanderburg Queen waltzed right into my arms just as I needed her to! Yes," she paused, looking down and grinning brightly, "my grand scheme is finally coming to fruition and I have you to thank for it!" Then she let out an evil laugh.


    After sneakily carrying Catarina into the guest house and plopping her body down onto the machine, Emmaline lowered the large, round, probing device over her head and began the scan.


    "Hmm, just as I suspected," Emmaline said upon seeing the results. "But no matter. It's not your diagnosis that I want my dear..." She held up an empty syringe while thinking, It's much better to collect DNA from one's blood. The maniacal chuckle returned as she gripped Catarina's wrist and carefully inserted the needle into her arm, collecting a generous sample. She then stored it away in a very safe place.

    "Now that that's done with," Emmaline stated, coming back to the machine and pressing a few buttons, "let's just see that you don't remember these last few minutes eh?" As the laser beams changed into tiny electrical surges, Catarina's chest rose and fell with each burst. Emmaline watched pleasantly with a sinister smile.


    While letting the machine do it's thing, she knelt down before the Queen of the city and gently took her hand, stroking it a bit. "It would be so easy to kill you right now," she whispered, "but unfortunately I can't. At least not in that obvious of a way."


    Coming to, Catarina gradually opened her eyes and glanced around in confusion, perspiration upon her forehead. Her whole entire head throbbed in pain and she rubbed at her temples while sitting up.
    "How are you feeling?" Emmaline asked her as she jumped in a startle.
    "Where am I?" Catarina asked, squeezing her eyes shut from the pain.
    "At my home," Emmaline answered, "You've been coming to me for treatment madam remember?"
    Standing up, Catarina suddenly felt emotional and found tears falling from her eyes. She felt so disoriented and wiped at them. "What did you do to me?" she sobbed.


    Trying not to allow Catarina to witness her little victory dance, Emmaline composed herself and replied, "I did a brain scan to figure out the cause of your constant headaches and it turns out they are indeed the result of stress and improper nutrition." Yeah right...
    "Umm...ok," Catarina accepted. "So, do you have something I can take for it because my head is killing me!"
    She's forgotten...Good. "Yes," Emmaline replied, going to the medicine cabinet and retrieving a bottle of pills. She handed it to Catarina and advised, "When you get home, take two of these and then get some rest. They should help relieve the pain from the headaches and get rid of them for good in about a week." Heh heh.
    Studying the bottle for a minute, Catarina responded, "Ok. I'll do that."
    "Twice a day for the next month," Emmaline ordered, "and make sure you don't miss a dose or your could get a nasty stomach ache."
    Catarina nodded.
    "Then we will follow up ok? If you have anymore discomforts in the meantime, please don't hesitate to give me a call. But I can assure you, you'll be feeling much better."
    "Thank you Miss Rhoen," Catarina concluded with a smile and went on her way.

    As Emmaline watched Catarina drive off from her front room window, she cheered while letting out another sinister and evil victory laugh.


    To be continued.
    (Sam will return in the next update. ;) )
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    @emorrill , So....Emma is now breaking the law by lying to a police, I can see where it is necessary though. ;) Looks like Bruce has the major hots for Emma!! Men in uniform certainly are your weakness, if poor Bruce had been a doctor you would be engaged already...*Snicker*
    **Dating the cop, that is a surprise...but a good one, I look forward to seeing where this goes.
    **Uh oh...Catarina seeing the witch doctor!
    **Yo!! Smoochin' with Bruce! :o (he's actually really cute!)
    **Emmaline sure is up to all sorts of No Good!!!
    Verrrrry eager to see where this goes!!

    :smiley: Excellent updates and let me apologise once more for my delayed feedback...
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    Thanks @Charlottesmom <3 And you're ok. :kissing_heart:
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    Loved the update! I was actually feeling sorry for Emmaline because Catarina was being such a difficult patient, right until the point she knocked her out and stole her DNA!
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    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment. And for sure! lol! :lol:

    *To everyone else, if you're wondering where I've been for the past 2 weeks......
    I had abdominal surgery done and it's been taking quite a while to heal. Slowly but surely though! And as soon as I feel able, I will be jumping right back into Sam's story! I promise! :kissing_heart:

    Hope you are all doing well and Happy Simming! :)
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    @emorrill , Hey toots!! I owe you a huge text! I told you I was horrible about keeping my phone charged/near me! :o:(

    I will get ya right after I charge it. Hope you are feeling much better!!
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    @Charlottesmom @emorrill Y'all are friends in real life?! How awesome to have a close simming friend in real life.
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    ZeeGee wrote: »
    @Charlottesmom @emorrill Y'all are friends in real life?! How awesome to have a close simming friend in real life.

    @ZeeGee , We are texting friends, I wuv her! :) I'm very good friends with a few posters. I know Em likes you, she suggested I watch a few of your videos as I love SV Sims too (mostly Connor and Jared). :smiley:
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    @Charlottesmom That's so cool. Oh yeah, I've seen your Connor pics. You made him look amazing. :)
    The Sequel: Part 4

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