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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member
    I created a no cc folder for the fun of it to play with no cc, I decide not to edit
    any sims and see how any eventual babies will turn out looking.

    I snapped a few screenshots


    My sim out and about getting to know the townies


    Barry Tenderlvoe seemed to have fun




    Ricky Bailey mixologist

    Good night!
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @bekkasan I really should've let her pregnancy finish before messing around with my mods, but ohhhh well. :lol:

    @Brandontaylor Brain Ho.oker is truly a legend. :tongue:

    Thank you both for the comments. :heart:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    The Vault

    Later that night, everything is quiet except for the snoring coming from Mack's bunk. Elias rouses Damien for the trip to the vault. Damien grabs his clothes and dresses in the hallway, then silently follows Elias as he leads the way to the office.

    Damien looks around the opulent office and agrees with Elias' assessment of how rotten the boss is. He inspects the two crystal skulls on display behind the desk while Elias enters the vault. One is a flawless diamond, while the other is cut from a unique vampire eye crystal. Amazingly rare indeed. Searching the desk yields nothing exciting except an extensive collection of 🐸🐸🐸🐸 magazines in the bottom drawer. He rubs his tired face and mutters, "It figures, I hope we find something that will help us in the vault."

    Elias disables the alarm using the code and passes into the vault opening the door for Damien from the inside bypassing the need for the hand print. Damien has been involved in several stolen item recovery operations, but the wealth of items in the room amazes him. Two more rare crystal skulls sit in front of a painting thought to be lost many years ago from a museum in Isla Paradiso. He takes out his camera and snaps pictures of the stolen objects adorning the shelves, walls and inside the trunks. An entire collection of extremely rare egg crystals is on display in the back of the room. Damien is aware the reward on that one collection would provide the finder with financial security for the rest of their life.

    He goes through the file cabinets that are surprisingly well organized. Everything in the files are dated within the last two years. Not helpful at all.

    He manages to hack the safe and finds a few folders as well as bundles of cash. The notes relate to current jobs the boss is considering. He takes pictures and sends everything to Detective Abbott’s phone. He deletes them from his phone after sending. He has a feeling the safe cracking job is the one the boss wants him to work. Part of his cover story is that he is an expert safe cracker. Damien is in fact extremely adept at safe cracking having learned when going undercover with the police force.

    Looking over at Elias, who is poking through the racks of nectar, he whispers, “There must be another area where they have old files stored. You need to get some rest and search the rest of the building before the others arrive this evening. Also, no more teasing Mack or the others. Detective Abbott sent a message expressing concern about Mack sensing you. Jamie said some humans can sense ghosts even when you are invisible. So try to keep your distance from them.“
    Elias nods, shrugs and remarks, “He is spoiling all my fun! But, I don’t want to mess things up for you. I will keep my distance.”

    Damien slips back into the bunk room quietly. He looks over at Mack and Dave and they are sound asleep. He strips and crawls into the bunk. Feeling wired from the adrenaline rush from the vault search, he uses meditation techniques and soon falls asleep.

    Detective Abbott, Jamie and Lee enjoy cinnamon muffins for breakfast while discussing the night's activity and information they received from Elias and Damien. The chief dropped by to pick up the drive and brought the muffins.
    The drive Elias dropped off provided considerable information the police can use to set up surveillance and get further evidence of the criminal activity. The photos in the vault will provide excellent corroboration of the past activities and further seal the criminals fate.

    Jamie finishes his meal and goes to lie down as his shift is over. Detective Abbott and Lee will monitor Damien for the next few hours. The chief will return to relieve the Detective after he turns the thumb drive over to the analysts at headquarters.

    Unable to sleep, Bekka and Layla are up early. Layla goes straight to Mary’s lab to work on a project. She modifies the science station in order to clone an object. Bekka works on a design in her makeshift studio.

    After completing her project Bekka changes and goes to the kitchen and prepares pancakes. Layla completes her project and follows the scent of blueberries to the kitchen.

    After cleaning up the meal, Layla shows Bekka what she had been working on. Using her considerable talents, she cloned the wrist device that Lee was given by the police. “I made a copy of it before Lee left and worked on perfecting it this morning. I think I did a pretty good job with it. It not only monitors Damien, but also monitors Lee and Jamie. I made two, one for both of us.” She grins happily at Bekka.
    “You are devious and brilliant Layla. Thank you.” she says as she hugs her neck.

    "I know they are all well trained and very skilled at what they do. It is the not knowing that has been keeping me awake."
    Layla nods her head. "Same with me. It looks like Jamie is resting now and Lee is with the Detective. Perhaps you should lie down for a while and I promise I will wake you if anything happens. We can take shifts just as they are doing."
    Bekka nods and hugs Layla again and goes upstairs for a nap.

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 206

    This morning, Lily was about to cry so Ariana made sure to get her out of Daisy and Harlan's room so she wouldn't wake them up.

    Quinton had a wish to see a ghost, so I sent him next door to chat with whoever was out there. It just so happened to be his father, Garry Sekemoto.

    Daisy decided that since Lily was close to aging up to toddler, she figured it was time to plant her and Harlan's next child. (It has been born, but you all might have to wait until tomorrow to find out)

    I don't know what happened, but half the deceased family members came out that morning. A couple living Sims and a dog also were there.

    I saw that Melanie had come out for the night, and she was meditating near her headstone. I sent Dwight over to have a chat with his ex-wife. They were on a negative relationship, so I had them talk for a bit. They finally got on the other side of the relationship bar and are filling up the positive side. They aren't friends yet, but maybe over time, they can get along and have a nice visit in the cemetery.

    Back at home, Dwight decided he was ready to quit being a secret agent. He wanted something different from life now. And yes, the family got another visit from the nearby cemetery. This time, it was Kaylynn Langerak, Dwight's mother.

    Then it was time for Lily to age up to toddler. PlantSims always seem to wear leafy clothes, unless you change them. I gave her hair, and changed her outfit. She will look like a female Harlan, but has Daisy's eye color, skin color, and hair color.

    Dwight was one of the first ones to interact with the now toddler aged girl. He also started teaching her to walk.

    Ariana decided to exercise again.

    Dwight had a wish to train with the training dummy, even though he has already maxed the skill. I just did it for the LTP.

    Checking his skill, I saw that he has technically not trained anyone in Martial Arts, so I had him put the dummy outside and train Daisy some more. It's not one of the skill challenges, but I didn't want it to say 0. He has two more skill challenges to do for MA though, which I plan on finishing.

    ***One more update for tonight, then I'll save the rest and comments tomorrow. Don't know how much time I'll have Tuesday and Wednesday, but I may play or comment here.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 207

    The following morning, Daisy harvested the money trees, and got almost $10,000 from them.

    I had forgotten that a xylophone was left out, so naturally, Lily was drawn to it. Then, Dwight saw it and just had to go encourage her.

    Dwight decided that he wanted to rejoin the sports career, which he was before he changed to law enforcement.

    Then at home, he read some recipe books.

    Dwight didn't finish teaching Lily to walk, but Daisy did. Then, Ariana started working on teaching her to talk.

    A lady named Francisca Tisdale asked Dwight on a date. Since he and Melanie were most likely just going to be friends only, he said yes. However, I didn't really have any plans for him to get with a pudding Sim, so he left the date not long after she got to the dump.

    Harlan and Daisy wanted to woohoo again, so I let them Try For Baby again. Just because she got another Forbidden Fruit doesn't mean she or Harlan have to plant it. I could give it to anybody to plant, since PlantSims look exactly like the person who harvests it. Lily looks like what Harlan would look like as a female, but you all won't see that as I didn't take any pictures. However, you will get to see Lily as she grows up and might get an idea of what a female Harlan could look like... minus the green hair, skin, and her eyes.

    Lastly for tonight's updates, the family ate their supper together. A few surprises happened the last day I played tonight, but that is a few posts away.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    Uploaded 5 new conversions on my blog! All from DoA, 3 of them are part of a set, the other 2 are individuals. One of them is this super cute school girl outfit! :3
    @CravenLestat I recommend this for you :wink:

    Link to the school girl outfit: https://iplumbot.blogspot.com/2022/01/doax-venus-vacation-spring-schoolwear.html

    And to my blog where you can check out the others. :smiley:https://iplumbot.blogspot.com/
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member

    I will send comments your way soon.


    Its so nice to see your gameplay again, I was inspired to play in
    Bridgeport yet again lol.


    fun update!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,709 Member
    edited January 2022
    Maybe, I should leave a few comments for a change :tongue: .

    @Karritz: Nice updates. Regarding plumbots, it's unfortunate that they don't work well with Porter. They tend to lose their specific body parts (everything gets re-rolled) and all their trait chips. Also, if you use castes of NRaas SP, make sure to specifically disable aging on each plumbot you have, or SP will try to age them up from adult to elder at some point, which will delete their body (no idea whether that has been fixed in one of the last updates).

    @ZhakiraP Ah, the eagerly awaited Moonlight Falls update. Gorgeous family shots, as always :smile: . That alien kid looks suitably creepy :lol: . The family dynamics in the Swain-MacDuff household are still going strong as I see. So is it magic, or is the kid just fat? Poor Gator. Ah, firefighters. But if both of the parents are firefighters, they see each other more than other couples. I enjoyed that update very much.
    Thank you. The game decided it was love day at university, and all the roommates wanted to find love with the same person :smiley: .

    @emorrill Oh, the addiction is coming back. They basically have to be careful what they eat so they don't accidentally get some hidden alcohol with it. Well, it should get better, even if it never goes away. Fortunately, my family doesn't seem to have the gene that promotes the condition.
    Great concert. I had to chuckle at your depiction of Elliot's behavior :smiley: . Very enjoyable.

    @Emily4331 Brain Ho.oker and Destiny Harlot? :lol: I got my share of "Brain"s, but that's funny. Calista looks very life-like :smile: . Awesome.
    We all need a little drama, preferably in other people's lives :lol: .
    I wish sims had some spatial awareness of other sims. Eating apart and that little dance when it comes to not perfectly synchronized bed woohoo are things I could do without. Great pics of the failed flash photograph.
    Hmm, yeah, I can understand that you canceled that pregnancy if you wanted to see Jake's moodlet. Other than that, I just fix things with MC. Cute toddler.
    I'm not really a fan of Los Aniegos, either, although I know some people who absolutely love it. I had a short-lived game there once.
    Stunning pic in your last update again :smile: .

    @Brandontaylor While the death of a Paparazzi is a welcome sight, it would be much more satisfying if there wasn't an endless supply of them.
    Thank you for the comments. Yes, Karri failed her exams. Then again, I saw her skipping classes all the time. Her traits pointed to a different major than what she took, anyway.
    A fairy plant-sim descendant? Yeah, the game comes up with funny combinations sometimes.

    @bekkasan Thank you very much for the comments :smile:
    Brooding is mostly manageable, but Diva is really difficult. You probably have to play the Diva to make that work, and SP is sometimes overly formulaic when it deals with the effects of traits.
    That sounds like a fun plan to play SI. I sometimes manage to leave sims alone, but I have a hard time with sims I care about :lol: .
    Good luck with your garage party :smile: .
    Ah, more Islanders. Looking good.
    An update to your Mary Kendall story! Awesome!
    Well, that's an elaborate vault layout. You decorated that very well :smile: . Are those crystal skulls in the game or cc?
    I can understand that Bekka and Layla are worried. Well, looks as if we'll have a few more updates of this in the future, given the search didn't yield anything overly useful for Damien's case.

    @Sprottenham That was a fun story, despite the serious background. Looks like you have some stranded kids to take care for. So you finally got around to get a role to your criminal family. Nice.

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice shots of your vanilla Bridgeport game. It's definitely one of the better places to keep sims intact. Which reminds me of my idea to play a vanilla Twinbrook game with the Random Genetics mod and see whether it helps. Hmm...
    Just a random shot here.
    You know, what the game needs is more different beds.
    Or maybe not :tongue: . One of the single beds from Pets is shown twice (two color swatches), and a few bunk beds don't have their corresponding loft beds out, but other than that, this pic should cover each of the game's bed models exactly once.
    Post edited by Turjan on
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,101 Member
    @Brandontaylor Haha, oh that looks so cute, that she has to plant the child! It is also adorable when Lilly aged up and she flowers on the ground! Hmm, to bad plantsims won't fit into either of my stories, or I might have started playing with them! :P

    @Turjan Oh, thanks, yeah.. there was no way I could have made it not have a serious background, as I felt that it had to be some serious crime.. and I think this choice was the most forum friendly of what I could come up with, without making it appear to ridiculous at the same time. Admittedly, I wasn't to motivated to do this part at first, so I needed to find that first, though I knew something had to come of it, since this Robert guy all of a sudden seemed to have gotten his hands on so much cash and started to buy up half the town..! But with this raid, actually, there are no criminals left in town for now, because that was all of them! ;)
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 208

    Harlan got Lily out of the crib in the morning, and they were both happy to see each other.

    Harlan then put her down so he could woohoo with mommy, but then great-grandpa Dwight chose that exact time to put Lily back in her crib.

    Quinton decided to take some of the gems to get cut. I got tired of having him cut them eventually, but he put a lot up for consignment.

    In a corner, Dequan and Carrie Naquin flirted with each other.

    Today was also Dwight's first day as a toddler coach. He didn't get a promotion yet, but he is very close to it due to already having the athletic skill maxed out.

    While Dwight was at work, Daisy and the rest of the family went to the park for a bit to fish, then they ate their supper there. Daisy was happy that everyone caught something, she was planning on using them for fertilizer.

    Harlan saw a relative of the family, so he talked with her for a time. He also asked her for a donation to his campaign.

    Day 209

    Day 209 started with Daisy harvesting her and Harlan's second child, a girl named Rose Goth.

    Quinton found out about the magic bean bush so he ate one of them. One made him breath fire, and another turned him into Papa Smurf.

    Then, he ranted about death, basically saying that ol' Grim was never gonna get him. He did this many times, and Grim never showed up.

    Daisy wanted to max out the gardening skill, so I had her watch the gardening channel and finally got that out of the way for her.

    Dwight got invited to a party so he went around talking with guests. Rain Langerak was crying because of the death of Evan. Feeling bad for his daughter-in-law, and missing his son as well, Dwight comforted her.

    The host of the party, Sonia Olsen, was neglecting her child. She kept letting him cry from hunger while she cried about losing his daddy. Dwight gave the poor child a bottle, then yelled at Sonia. Sonia got mad and said that he was misbehaving and she might kick him out if he did it again. Dwight didn't care, and he scooped the child up to put him in the crib next, as the child started crying about being tired.

    Dwight thought the party was a bit lame, so he asked Rain if she'd like to visit with the family. However, everyone was asleep so Dwight chatted with her instead.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 209 - 210

    Rain was getting sleepy, and I was afraid that might cause her to leave, so Dwight threw an invigorating elixir at her.

    Soon, however, I learned that these two were attracted to each other. I think that Rain sees some of Evan in him, while Dwight is lonely from being a widower.

    After some harmless flirting, Dwight got caught up in the heat of the moment and kissed his daughter-in-law!

    Thankfully, she didn't get mad and kissed him back. It may be a bit strange to get with your son's widow, but it's the Sims so who cares, right? Since Evan is gone, the daughter-in-law status is gone so they are just real good friends by game standards.

    The kissing led to even more, and they raced upstairs to Dwight's bedroom.

    Quinton woke up that morning and decided he wanted to do some painting. Dwight had told him he'd be out all night so if he wanted to paint, he could. However, Dwight's plans changed and so things timed out where Quinton caught Dwight and Rain in the act. Not knowing at the time who Dwight was with, Quinton quickly ran out of the room before they came out from under the covers.

    Quinton: I just saw your dad brought a lady home, he he.
    Ariana: Tee hee, I bet I know what they are doing. I'm gonna go see who it is.
    Quinton: No, no, don't do that! Do you really want to see that?

    Ariana: Rain!? WTH, Dad?
    Daisy: Um, Auntie Rain? Geez, Grandpa, we just buried uncle Evan and you do this?

    Ariana: Daisy was right! Why the he.ll were you woohooing with her? She's your son's widow, and the mother of some of your grandchildren!
    Dwight: You may be my daughter, but my love life is none of your business. Rain and I are both adults, so we make our own choices.

    Later on, Ariana complimented Daisy on how well she was doing as the current heir to the family.
    Ariana: I'm so proud of you, your a great heir, a great mother, and the best daughter a mother could ask for.
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,439 Member
    edited January 2022


    Such a Harry Potter moment :p

    Quinton looks like a smurf! :D
    Dwight chose the absolute worst moment to put that baby in her crib! :D
    Ariana and Quinton seem to get along really well

    Dwight´s got a love interest! :p I´m happy for him!
    And it seems walking in on others woohooing is a common thing in this family :D

    It´ll be sad to see Quinton go when his time comes.

    @Turjan Thank you for the nice comments. That is an awesome collection of beds you have there :p

    @bekkasan I am weirdly addicted to family photos :p
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member

    Thank you, they for sure move more freely
    around, but I cant play without Nraas mods so they are in.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,709 Member
    edited January 2022
    @Sprottenham Anyway, well done! But yeah, I don't think it will be the end of all criminals. Then again, prison director whatever his name was (is he still around?) will have his work cut out :smile: .

    @ZhakiraP Thanks, they are for the "woohoo in every conceivable bed" challenge. Or maybe not. I'm already bored when I type this :lol: . Just to be clear: no cc beds.

    @Silverofdreams30 Yeah, playing without NRaas mods is a no-go for me. I can do without all those bugs.
    One or the other of you may remember that Tyler went to university in order to bypass level 3 of the film career (Key Grip), where someone was blocking the position, which led to him being promoted and immediately demoted six times in a row and him being stuck at level 2 (Best Boy). He had been rehired at level 4 (Personal Assistant) with his degree, and today was the day at which he should be promoted to level 5 (Production Manager). The only problem - or so I thought - was that the mother of his child, Hannah, was sitting on that position. I wanted to see the roll and watched everyone come out.

    The first one to come out was Tyler's colleague Tyler, not to be confused with Tyler's colleague Kaylee's (the one from the garage party) boyfriend Tyler. Yes, they ran out of names in this town.
    For the moment, he was no danger, as, with his lovable "mean-spirited" self, he was stuck at level 1 (Background Extra).

    Next one to come out was Tyler, and he got his promotion. Now, what would happen when Hannah comes out? Well, she left the building, ignoring Tyler, but got promoted to level 6 (Storyboardist). Yeah, I thought. No demotion this time, even though she chose the same branch Tyler was aiming at, so would continue to be an obstacle.
    However, my moment of happiness was short-lived. Next to appear was Kaylee, and she also got promoted - to Production Manager. Which led to the demotion of Tyler - the seventh time in a row.
    I know it's just a game, but at this time, I was shouting some rather unprintable words at the screen.

    What happened next left me mortified though. Sheree came out of the building, and she also got promoted - to the exact same position Tyler was on now (Personal Assistant), which also only allows for one occupant. She was the colleague that had been blocking all of Tyler's promotions before.
    SP didn't immediately roll who gets the position, but I know it would be doing that next time. At this point, I thought enough is enough. Sheree is one of the homeless extras and had got a stuck aging check (she should have been an elder for some time), so I made sure she became an elder next time. And she retired.
    The game then promoted Tyler's colleague Tyler next time, but that shouldn't be an issue - yet.

    The issue here is probably that Curtis from my main family is all these people's boss, and as I had been playing him to the top of the career, everyone is friends with the director. I have the feeling that that's all that matters, as Tyler is obviously the most qualified. Anyway, I decided to have Tyler invite Curtis over, just to chat a bit and play a few games. At least Tyler is fully aware of what all of this is about.
    He also had some special meal later, because all of this was taking much longer than anticipated.

    Anyway, after that somewhat aggravating episode, I thought that, maybe I can make an attempt and fix Tyler's love life. Tyler was on one of these celebrity opportunities at the theater, where Hannah was taking a skill class at the same time.
    At the outside, Tyler's colleague Kaylee's boyfriend Tyler was watching his sister Tasha chat up Hannah's brother Al.
    I don't have any pics, but the conversation between Hannah and Tyler was a complete disaster. She was full on "Diva" mode that day, and she certainly wasn't in the mood for romance. Which left both of them somewhat lost for words.
    Tasha is not an option.
    Well, it is what it is. I guess Tyler should really choose his life partner elsewhere.
    That's it from my corner of the game.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @Brandontaylor I think animal lover is one of his traits.
    You can do the skilled version as I added basic skills to most of the townspeople. If he is too skilled I'll demote him with MC. :lol: I totally love that mod. :grin:
    Cool that you got rid of it! They are so pesky to me.
    Love the Elvis songs. His gospel music was always a favorite of mine.
    Poor Dwight dreaming about his lost love with Melanie.
    Lol, poor Dwight doesn't have any love luck in the future either.
    Glad to see Dwight making some headway repairing his relationship with Melanie.
    Lily is adorable.
    Congrats on the new baby girl. Pretty name.
    Oh my, more drama! lol

    @Sprottenham Wow...exciting update. Glad all worked out and ring was stopped.

    @sulfurstyless lol at Bonehilda in the future world. I hope she is having a lovely time scaring all the future sims!

    @Silverofdreams30 Looks like you are having fun with your no cc folder. I'm spoiled with my cc and just can't do it.

    @Emily4331 That is a cute outfit. A girl would get sent home wearing it at school though. :lol:
    Do they make accessory bra and panties? well, I guess so since she is wearing a bra.
    I snagged the watch and sunglasses and will have to poke around the rest of the blog later. :smiley:

    @Turjan Thanks for the comments! :heart:
    I had a diva in Starlight shores save. Gosh that was a long time ago! Before posting here for sure. :grin:
    I do worry how I will be with the ones I care about. I am going to have a few in a protected caste to prevent divorce. I mean no way can I let Emma and Sam split up! Or Jorge and Judy! Or a few others. I just hope I set the caste up properly.
    I just love rich sims and putting all kinds of treasure in their homes or vault as in this case. :grin:
    The crystal skulls are made in game with collecting rocks and using the largest display case. Place 8 cut gems on the display, each needs to be a different cut. If you want pink diamonds you must use pink diamonds etc. If you don't care, you can use random gems and get what is delivered. Click on the display and boda bing, boda boom...a skull appears. It is of course very time consuming unless you cheat. :lol:
    I still occasionally enjoy having a sim make his own skulls, but I do have a 'gem collectors' lot saved for times such as these when I need lots of riches fast.
    I love the bed picture. All those lovely beds and I still pick the same few for my various sims. I did try to use a variety when I was building and decorating the houses in SI. I get kinda set in my likes and dislikes and decided I needed to quit looking at the energy and pick based on the house itself.
    Dag, your poor Tyler! And lol at all the Tyler's in your town.
    I don't have SP set that only one my lead. I'm just curious why you have it that way when it causes demotions like that. :tired_face: That would drive me batty.

    It's a beautiful day in Hidden Springs but my hero (Damien) is stuck underground in the criminal hideout. I found some other sims enjoying the bright sunshine at the overlook.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member

    Hehe, I still use N raas mods in it can't do without
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    @Sprottenham Sounds like Eirin is the best person to lead the investigation.
    Lets hope they find the criminals.
    Oh yeah, looks like they are caught.
    Geez, they aren't playing around.
    Great update!
    It's funny that they have to plant their children. What's nice though, is that I can have them woohoo, then plant the seed whenever.
    Another thing I like is they don't need to eat or use the bathroom.

    @sulfurstyless Looks like Bonehilda is having fun.

    @Silverofdreams30 Great pics of the Sims!

    @Emily4331 You're welcome.
    Nice school girl outfit!

    @bekkasan Well, we know what the crime boss does when he's alone in his office now. :lol:
    Man, looks like they've stolen some very expensive goods.
    Sounds like Mack can sense Elias.
    Wonder what Layla is wanting to clone?
    Great update!
    Okay, if you want him, I'll get Dwight ready sometime today.
    Yeah, they are pesky.
    Thanks, I enjoyed making the playlist these songs are on.
    Yeah, that's about the only thing the flower thought bubble could mean.
    Nope, he got a bit desperate and moved in too soon.
    I'm hoping over time, he and Melanie can repair their friendship. I'm also not ruling out a reunion in the future.
    Thanks, I'm trying to go with flower names for all of Daisy's kids. As for when they have kids, I may or may not.
    Yep, I kind of pushed some of that drama this time, mostly so it's not the same thing all the time with the family. I still got more ideas in the future generations too.
    Thanks for the comments!

    @Turjan Yeah, really. The game just constantly puts new ones out.
    You're welcome.
    It does. I couldn't believe that the family only had one ITF descendant.
    A lot of Tyler's.
    Geez, he gets demoted a lot.
    Great update!

    @ZhakiraP I didn't think of it before, but yes, it does look like when the 2nd years were working with Mandrakes.
    I know, he does.
    He did, lol. He kept looking that way the whole time they were woohooing.
    Yeah, I'm glad he found someone again.
    He's lived a long time though, so I'm surprised the game hasn't took him yet.

    ***Here's a couple more songs from Elvis.

    Promised Land

    "Why Me, Lord" is probably one of my all time favorite gospel songs sung by Elvis. One of the groups that sang on this song, The Stamps Quartet, are still around, although only one original guy is left. One of my friends who is an Elvis impersonator got to sing with Stamps for a St. Jude benefit several years ago. The only original guy left is Ed Enoch, but the guy doing the verses in this song is bass singer, JD Sumner.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak's, rest of Day 210

    Harlan decided to throw a Spooky Day party, and this is what Quinton decided to wear. I had him use his cane and walk with the Southern Gentlemen walk.

    Several of the Sims bottlenecked at the door, but they all made it inside eventually.

    One thing that happened was that Dwight gave Rain a big ol' kiss. If people didn't know they were romantic interests, they do now.

    It was getting time to eat, so I asked the guests to get one food and the family to get another. There were still issues, but it helped a bit.

    Later that night, Quinton passed away. He didn't beg the reaper, and instead shook his hand before he went.

    Even though they were sad, Dwight and Rain woohooed before going to bed. I think it's time to update Rain a bit, she's had this look for a very long time now.

    ***It's too early to tell, but at the moment, there are two contenders to be Daisy's heir. I like Rose already, yet Lily seems to be the better looking of them when I check them as young adults. I still plan on some more children for them, so we shall see.
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    edited January 2022
    @Turjan thanks for the Plumbot information. I almost never play with them and the ones I do have in my Big Game were made years ago and they are somewhat corrupt. I'll stop worrying about them.

    I don't use castes but do have NRAAS SP.

    I don't expect to be playing with Cindy's household again. But if I do I'll turn off aging for her.

    This series is almost complete.

    Today, I'm putting together the video I recorded for Episode 42. I've already moved Cindy and her household out to their own home.

    The active household is Gerri, Klaus, Lucy, Luciinda and Louise.


    Gerri is the mother of the 15 who all just got married and are going to produce the 30 grandchildren to hopefully get the badge for a sim having 30 grandchildren.

    Klaus and Lucinda

    Klaus is an Evil sim I picked up from the sims I previously added to The Great Southern Land. I grabbed him just for fun as in the past he's done some unusual things autonomously. Such as heading off into town while being played in Barnacle Bay. At the time I was pleased to see him leave the house as he'd been causing mayhem picking fights with everyone. When he'd been gone for quite a long while I suddenly got the 'Big Meanie' badge and I was surprised and came to the conclusion Klaus must have been picking fights with the townies because nothing consistent with getting that badge had been happening back at home with the rest of the household and that's where I'd been playing.

    Lucy is the Mean Spirited Imaginary Friend made real. She is still in the household because she had planted a Forbidden Fruit seed. She how has 2 plant sim daughters. I was going to move her out but might hang onto her. She might make the next episode or two more interesting. Lucy currently has two wishes - to get married and to grow a forbidden fruit.

    In order to get the badge awarded I have to stay with Gerri's household as the active household. I can't go off and activate any other households once the 30 grandchildren start arriving. If I do activate a different household I'll have to start the count again and there's no telling how many grandchildren she'll end up with.

    I was thinking having a household with only one sim in it might get a bit dull and that's why I included Klaus. Now I'm thinking Lucy might be worth keeping as well.

    I believe Gerri has to have another child once all 30 grandchildren have arrived or the badge doesn't get awarded. Since Klaus's lifetime wish is to be a Master Romancer I thought maybe he and Gerri could have a baby to finish the process. When I was playing yesterday I discovered Gerri and Klaus watching the stars together so it looks like he's already onto it.

    Lucy has a wish to get married. It's worth 5,000 lifetime happiness points. I was thinking maybe Klaus and Lucy could get married - but they seem to hate each other so that probably wouldn't work. It'd be interesting to see if I could make it happen though. >:)

    By the way, the Master Romancer LTW requires a sim to woohoo with 5 different sims in 5 different places. So far as I know Klaus hasn't had any luck with woohooing with any sims. But there is no telling what he got up to when he was being a townie. He hasn't got his LTW yet. He doesn't have commitment issues so he could get married but I would expect him to be a cheater if he did get married.

    I occasionally find Klaus standing patiently beside Lucinda while she reads her book. He's waiting for her to finish her book so he can steal candy from her. So far I've stopped him from doing that and made him fish as he needs to work on his fishing skill.

    The final two members of the household are Lucy's plant sim daughters, Lucinda and Louise.


    Lucinda has been learning her toddler skills and is now almost through all 9 of the toddler skill books.


    Louise has just been picked. She seems to be a slightly paler green than her older sister.

    Now, I've just moved out Clara and Bruce.

    Clara had a lot of books she needed to read. I was tempted to just move her out without reading them but she got through them fairly quickly and there were other things going on so she didn't really hold up progress.

    Bruce and Lucy had planted forbidden fruit seeds and they needed to wait for them to be ready to pick. Clara was ready to move out just before the plant sim babies needed picking.

    Bruce is the cowardly Imaginary Friend made real and was the reason we had to confine Bonehilda to her coffin for a while.

    I don't seem to have any new screenshots of Bruce except for this one. He is standing with his back to us on the left of the screen in a grey outfit - possibly it's he sleepwear.

    The screenshot is of Lucinda's first birthday party. The party will be in the upcoming video.

    Here is a pic of the forbidden fruit growing. The crystal plants were needed by Chris to make some trait chips for his Plumbot, Cindy.

    The forbidden fruit closest to us was planted and picked by Lucy to produce Louise. The other one was planted and picked by Bruce to produce his plant sim son Bert. I don't have a pic of Bert. Bruce and Bert have moved out.

    The above information is basically the contents of Episode 42 of The 30 Grandchildren Badge attempt. I'm putting the recorded videos of it all together today. If it takes up 30 minutes then that will be all that'll be in the video. Don't forget the walk throughs of the made over houses, they will be in the video as well. The episode will begin at the double wedding of Chris and Constance and of Kendall and Karen. We will stay in the Great Southern Land for a while as each couple have wishes to have a baby so we had to get them pregnant and wait for the babies to be born before leaving TGSL. That's how Chris got involved in learning the Bot Building skill and that's why Cindy ended up in the household.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming

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    @emorrill I got your PM too, but I decided to answer ASAP.

    @bekkasan I think I'll have to go sabbatical. I did play a full sim-day yesterday and I felt dizzy for the rest of the day. Working in front of a computer 24/7 for more than a year made me less tolerant to the screen. :-(
    Anyway, I'll try to keep showing up whenever I can. ;-)
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    Moonlight Falls update, more family pictures :)

    Wynn Harris household
    DeeDee Wynn and Malcolm Harris got married after Hayley moved out and Alice Fitzgerald died tragically from a hungry vampire. They had 6 children so far. The eldest, Merlin, moved out and married Cassandra Goth. The boys inherited magic from DeeDee and the girls inherited Malcolm´s vampirism (Emily Van Gould turned him a while back). DeeDee and Malcolm are very happy together. Mostly because DeeDee knows nothing about Malcolms two fairy sons with Marigold Maldano. And if Malcolm has anything to say about it; she never will.

    Dayvid Musgrave married Belinda Crumplebottom and they had two children. A son Damien, a vampire like his father and a daughter, Dreya, a witch like her mother. Dayvid was abducted by aliens one night, and the result is Andromeda. She is also a vampire like Dayvid.

    Tragedy struck the Goodfellow household and Grim came for Flora. Fawn married Joe Macduff and moved out. Now there are only Pip, Dahlia and their teen-aged son Robin left in the tree house.
    Joe and Fawn MacDuff

    Branch and Beatrice Timbley had 4 sons. None of them inherited Beatrice magical powers, but since fairies have magic of their own Beatrice feels her legacy still lives on. At least that is what she told Branch. In fact, there might be a bun in the oven.

    Param and Navita Singh, their daughters Malia and Nainika, and a little one waiting to be born. Navita is perhaps a tad too old to be a mother again, and Param too old for fatherhood. However, they are werewolves and very vital.

    Ayden and Bianca have two sons, Arnold (the eldest) and Aegon (the child). Arnold is both vampire and witch, the only hybrid in town. Aegon is a vampire. Tristan and Bailey have produced two vampire daughters. Esmeralda is the oldest, and Eleonora the youngest. Bianca and Bailey have finally come to accept one another, much to Ayden´s relief. He no longer has to watch Bianca at every turn to make sure she does not set Bailey on fire.

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    Rachel and William are on their honeymoon to Isle of Sims II, William
    purchased a vacation home as a wedding gift to Rachel.

    William: You like it?
    Rachel: I love it! Its beautiful.


    Their first day there, they went windsailing around the Island.
    Rachel got lost.XD


    For dinner on their first night, they stopped at a restaurant called
    "The Old House" required them to wear formal attire.

    I love when they smile,I think its so cute! XD


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    Played one day of the Langerak family but just for fun tonight, I’m playing an alternate reality version that I tried starting up here but left in favor of the current story. I won’t post any of it here, but I plan on doing a crossover in the near future to celebrate when we hit page 4500. Typing on my phone so will say more at a later time.
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    I'm still behind on these posts, but I have to comment that my beautiful boy Monkey lost his battle with kidney disease on Saturday. Thank you for 13 wonderful years.
    Post edited by KevinL5275 on
    I'm a 48 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.My Sims 3 Pictures
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    @Silverofdreams30 Yeah, I'd rather do without my skin and hairs than my Nraas mods! :grin:

    @Brandontaylor hehe, sleazy boss! Typecast with his looks.
    Apparently lots of wealthy people in Hidden Springs or they have been going out of their territory and stealing from wealthier people.
    ack! Another party death. Well, he went out in style dressed so fine.

    @Karritz Gerri sure looks good to be the mother of 15 kids. :grin:

    @thuggishsplicer Bummer! I do sympathize and understand. All my work 'paperwork' in homes with the clients is done on tablets and I squint to see. At my home with one company I can finish the paperwork on the laptop which helps as the program is internet based. The other isn't and must be finished on the tablet. By the time I'm done my eyes are burning and no, I can't play games in the evening.

    @ZhakiraP I always liked DeeDee and she rarely found happiness since I don't play her. :cry: I'm glad she did in your save.
    I love Andromeda!
    oh no! Flora always dies too fast.
    Your Timbley family looks awesome. I can imagine all those mischievous boys playing tricks on each other and their parents!
    You do take the best family portraits!

    @GraceyManor Looks like they are having a beautiful honeymoon on a beautiful island.

    @KevinL5275 So sorry to hear about Monkey. Such a shame they haven't found a cure for kidney disease for cats or humans. :cry:

    This is the beautiful Regan gifted me by @CravenLestat. I put her in one of my skins and gave her a new hair. I have not tried the hair he suggested I download for her as I only add one new thing at a time to my game. The denim top got priority. I finally got the stuff moved out from in front of the tower and could pop the thumb drive in the desktop tower. I don't download into the desktop directly. I'm trying to avoid any updates that could harm it so it stays offline. So, everything gets added via a thumb drive. It's kind of a pain, but worth it to keep windows 7. I know eventually I will have to upgrade but for now am happy with it. LOL

    I popped her into my Mary save to take pictures. She has definitely earned a spot in Supernatural and will arrive with the third immigration. She is wearing the denim crop top that @GraceyManor worked so diligently to find for me. I love it and love you for finding it for me! Thank you so much @GraceyManor


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