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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
    Chapter One: "Meeting My Nemesis"
    (Part Two)

    Cat Fight!!!
    Evil_Haruo: Meanwhile, her boyfriend is standing there like a goof and just watching. But of course if he jumped, I’d have to jump in and then well, he’d just be in a world of pain.
    I’m not sure what caused the fight or what was said between both sisters but it was fun to watch. My Brooke had a wicked right hook and River had no problem with kicking Brooke right where it would be excruciatingly painful for me to get hit. Bebe and Haruo were looking aghast.

    And Phil was just giggling his hind-quarters off. I was considering giving him a shot to the ribs, but then the whining would start then I’d have to go bury him headfirst in a manure pile.
    My goody two-shoes brother and I have known Phil, Bebe and the McIrish sisters for as long as we’ve lived. And Phil’s been annoying for nearly all twenty years of how long we’ve known him for. And the McIrish sisters have hated each other for almost as long.
    Haruo: Are they done yet?

    Evil_Haruo: I think not.
    Brooke: You…witch!!!

    River: I hate your guts, Brooke!!!
    Evil_Haruo: (to Haruo) Wanna go get some popcorn?

    Haruo: You buying?

    Evil_Haruo: Dutch, you pay for the drinks.

    Phil: Hey, this is better than a WWE pay-per-view.
    Bebe: You three are awful.

    Brooke: I’m gonna make you BALD!!! Oof!
    Evil_Haruo: Evidently River kneed Brooke in the guts. And Brooke was trying to pull River’s hair out by the roots.
    Haruo: Guess we could order out. Want Chinese food instead?

    Phil: Yeah. That sounds like a great idea.
    Brooke: I’m gonna make it so you have to gum your food for the rest of your life!!!

    River: Not if I knock your teeth down your throat first!!!
    Evil_Haruo: yeah, this might be going on for a while.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,143 Member
    @Brandontaylor Of course, it was the family tree! Now I feel stupid. ;) I just got a little confused there, about a plant sim getting stuck in a tree..

    Hehe, a whole bunch of dancing sims, that looks like fun. ;)

    Haha, a visit just to haunt the microwave. What's up with all the ghosts? Do your sims live right next to the cemetary? :P

    @Nikkei_Simmer "And last but not least of the human sims is Phil Burrows..mentally he's not all there after getting hit by a car in 8th Grade. " <-- I probably shouldn't have been laughing at that, but I did....

    Oh you just had to put some evil in there to make them fight each other, didn't you? :P As if Mayumi the bad mother person wasn't enough...

    @bekkasan Thanks, no the weather wasn't as bad for me. The wind picked up noticeably yesterday afternoon and kept blowing through the night, but most of the rain probably just passed overhead and got dumped somewhere else (like I thought it would...).
    Worst consequence for me was this random bag of plastic trash I found outside my door this morning when I went off to work.. I have no idea from whence it came. :P

    It wasn't completely without effects, though. Several places did get floods and this is a main road to the south of me... so the warning was definately warranted for the area as a whole.

    Picture courtesy of the national broadcasting service.

    The wind is in a slight lull right now, but is expected to pick up again and get stronger for tonight, but it shouldn't be to bad. I hope. :P

    @emorrill Thanks. ;) Hehe, nothing wrong with using fine tableware for a simple meal, perhaps as long as you're not responsible for cleaning it up.. :P
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
    edited January 2022
    @Nikkei_Simmer "And last but not least of the human sims is Phil Burrows..mentally he's not all there after getting hit by a car in 8th Grade. " <-- I probably shouldn't have been laughing at that, but I did....

    Oh you just had to put some evil in there to make them fight each other, didn't you? :P As if Mayumi the bad mother person wasn't enough...

    I'm sure glad that my "friend" Phil is too self-absorbed to pay attention to what I do to him in the Sims 3. :evil grin: :mrgreen: He and I have had a tempestuous friendship.

    He reminds me about his car-accident. I keep asking him if the car has recovered yet and where to send flowers. You see which Haruo I take after. :D
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    edited January 2022
    @emorrill Ahaha I love that :heart: Thank you! :3

    The whole town is here...and they all hate your baby. :lol:

    The game ratted Jake out. :astonished: I audibly said, "There's no wayyyyy." But, yes, somehow I have hooked Calista up with another guy who has a freaking baby somewhere in town! :lol: This time, it's with his ex-girlfriend. Which just adds to the awkwardness. :confounded: By the way, he also has ANOTHER ROMANTIC INTEREST like ugh Jake what the heck. :lol:
    Also a little miffed he got a positive "it's a girl!" moodlet for this. :lol:

    Smoochin by the fire on Love Day despite his freaking kid existing in my world

    I think Calista knows how weird it is. I mean, look how unenthused she is about this picture. :lol:
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    I'm back. I just finished unpacking the inventories of Constance and Chris after moving them and Charlie and Cindy into their new home. It is the house that I made over. The same house I put Jonie and Jack into before I made it over and the same house I put Kendell and Karen and Keith into after making it over.

    I saved it to my library after the makeover but before I unpacked Karen and Kendall's inventories into it.

    Here are some screenshots of the house after the makeover and before inventories got unpacked and the décor got completed for each of the families. This is the house as it is in my library.

    The house was originally built by me years ago for a specific dark world. I now forget which it was but the original dark large stonework was perfect for where it was made to go. The dark stones were inside and out. It is a very dark and gloomy house in its original condition. I wanted to brighten it up a bit.

    I changed the paintwork, inside and outside throughout the house. I changed all of the windows and most of the doors. There wasn't much furniture inside and I mostly left that as it was but I added new furnishings. There is still plenty of room for personalisation when each family moves into it.

    I will show a walk through the houses in the video as the house is huge and will involve way too many screenshots for me to post here. It would literally take me all day and I want to get this video done and up on my YouTube channel. That is still days away as I have more setting up to do before the 30 grandchildren start arriving.

    Anyway, here are the screenshots. I'll add minimal comments here. I think most of them will be fairly self evident. I'll put them behind spoilers too as there are a lot of pictures.

    It is a 3 level house but I only got pictures of the first and second levels. The top level is pretty much just a huge room with a few objects in it, they are mostly for skilling.

    Front of house

    Overhead shots

    Ground floor - level 1

    Second floor - level 2

    Top floor - level 3
    Level 1
    Front of house

    The front entrance
    See front door on the left. Look straight ahead to see door to small room with hand basin and toilet.
    To the right see entrances to the kitchen and dining room

    The front door is on the right here. Looking straight ahead to the steps leading up to level 2.

    This is a small square room opposite the kitchen door. Looking through to the science room.
    The small square room has 2 toyboxes and 4 bean bag chairs. All chairs are different.

    This is the same scene from inside the kitchen looking through the small square room to the science room.

    A small, previously dark and gloomy, living room. Look through the door to the dining room.

    Another view of the living room.

    Standing near the front door looking at the doors into the kitchen and dining room.

    The kitchen from the front entrance room

    Standing in the dining room looking through doors to the kitchen and garage.

    The dining room

    The dining room again this time looking through the doors to the living room, the front entrance and to the kitchen.

    This room has 5 desks. Two without computers.
    Looking through the archway to the dining room.

    Same room - seeing 3 desks with computers. There is a door to outside at one end of this room.

    Another small room. It has some chairs and a chess table as well as a door to the outside. Looking towards the science room.

    Turned around and look back through the room with the desks and computers through the BauHaus door to see Kendall's place across the street.

    Now standing in the science room looking back through archways to Kendall's place across the street.

    The science room seen from outside looking through the big round window.

    Level 2
    This is the informal area for the babies and young children to spend time. I also has the bedrooms.
    Open area with steps up to level 3.

    Open area with a bedroom door visible

    Open area

    Only single sim bedroom. This can be changed for the individual family requirements.

    Same bedroom showing door leading to communal bathroom.

    Communal bathroom. It has 4 or 5 two in one bathrooms plus two wash basins

    Wash basins in communal bathroom

    Bedroom with two bunk beds - room for 4 young sims here.
    It has a door leading to the communal bathroom and another door leading to the communal area

    Bunk beds - from University Life

    Nursery with 5 cribs. No idea how many babies and toddlers they'll have at one time.

    Parent's bedroom


    Stairs leading up to level 3. There is a fire place next to the steps and an area that is currently empty. Might put chairs and bookcase in here.

    Stairs leading down to level 1

    Top of stairs from level 1

    Outside area

    Sims seen in these pics are Constance, Chris and their Plumbot.

    That's it. I'll now record a walk through after I completed the decorating of it for this family to move in. That'll be found in the video for Episode 42 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt when I finally get it up onto YouTube.

    Happy Simming All
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
    edited January 2022
    Hello all. I have some time now and I'm so far behind with comments it's somehow disheartening, even though I already read them and handed out awesomes. Anyway, I'll just post some update for the moment.

    My main family had four children at the moment, and I got a bit overwhelmed with dealing with all of this. This meant I picked another household, the brothers Tye and Tyler Jones, which had been in one of my updates before, for the moment. Tye was in the Busker career and had no difficulties at all. I didn't even play him too much, and he became a four star celebrity without much effort. I made him marry his sweetheart, and they had a kid together.

    This is Misty Gulligan, who had already been Tye's romantic interest when I took the household over.
    I think he lucked out on one of the prettiest sims in this town. They get along well together and moved together in the apartment the brothers already had.

    Tye's brother Tyler was a different matter. He was in the film career, because his lifetime wish was to become a distinguished director. He got promoted six times and immediately demoted six times again, which meant he was stuck at level 2 of the career with no way out. I wish I was exaggerating, but that's what happened. Because of that, I made him a busker, like his brother, where it's easy to reach level 10 and make a lot of friends by just jamming. It's also easy to make lots of money. He also had two flirts when I took care of the household, one of them being his colleague Hannah Darling. They got along nicely.
    Hannah lives with her brother on a farm, which is located about as far away from Tyler's workplace as it's possible on this large map. Well, they had a little accident.
    Tyler liked the little one, but he didn't move in.
    I'll see how I will solve this.
    Anyway, for Tyler to get to his lifetime wish, I think I had no other choice than send him to university. First contact at Malan Hall.
    I'm always curious to see with which Showtime costume the mascot will end up in this save, and here we have Gavin Ford in this outfit.
    Needless to say that Tyler enjoyed the experience - sort of.
    He seemed to be similarly fond of the "raging" parties.
    Well, he managed to get his degree, unlike some of his roommates. Karri in this pic was one of the romantic interests he picked up.
    At least they both had the same final comment.
    I think, this pairing was the one that had most chemistry among the ones I saw.
    Even though others tried their hardest not to be left out of the circus (I think he picked up five romantic interests at university).
    He could celebrate his degree all on his own because he managed to get into the building before anyone else arrived.
    I had invited four sims from his hometown for graduation, and Tyler's brother Tye was the first one to arrive. Here we have him and Che Justice in a group conversation.
    Tye, as a four star celebrity, got asked for photographs.
    I found it funny that it didn't actually disrupt the group conversation. I don't think I ever had that happen.
    Anyway, Hannah was also there, and Tyler and Hannah went to watch the stars together, certainly not disturbed by a ringing telephone or other people, all lost in their own universe.
    That's it where I am at.

    Needless to say, comments are still some way out, but I hope you enjoyed the update and have fun in your own game :smile: .
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    Great update, she is unlucky with those babies around town


    Nice update, it look like they have a great
    or he if not both have a great time at university.


    I cant wait to read more of this new save.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @MamaSimTee Glad you were able to go back to work. Neverwinter! Hubby used to play that. He enjoyed it.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks!

    @Nikkei_Simmer You do have a way with words. I'm not crazy about your dastardly evil Haruo and Brooke but I do like your writing.
    I will not be holding my breath that good trumps evil in your world. :lol:

    Rachel: Go away, your making me sick.
    What a horrible thing to say to your fiance. :cry:
    Pretty town.

    @Karritz I had to laugh at the dueling childbirth Mama's. Congrats to both of them.
    Love the makeover of the house. Much prettier for Cake Island.
    I got fed up with all the glitches and errors with saving plumbots to the library and one of my earlier saves got totally corrupted bringing one back from the future, so I make any sims of mine sell them before I save the family to the library. Heartless I know, but dag those glitches and errors are horrid.
    The house is lovely on the inside too. Great big and perfect for your large families/extended families.

    @emorrill It used to be almost that long. I was sitting on it. I chopped about 6 inches off and then did another 6 or so over the last few months. I need to go have it professionally done and quit chopping it myself. LOL
    Thanks for all the fun comments on the update.
    Audio is not posed. That is what a dog will do when you tell him relax here.
    I love how Orion turned out. I took some time and some cc to get him exactly like I pictured him. :love:
    Gina's story was a fun one to write and will see how things play out with her becoming used to being a werewolf.
    hehe, Linda and Jeff's family are my testers in the cc testing folder. I had to have one of each for testing clothing, except for the baby cause most of it works for both sexes. I just had to give them a real home and real life to enjoy since they've been so patient as my testers.
    I'm excited to be playing Dwight and Lorelei again!
    The cat Audie is 'speaking' to is Gretchen's and I made it an elder since she is an elder.
    My plan is that all the witches will have familiars since they do benefit from having a cat.

    @Sprottenham Oh my, the damage to the road is incredible. I hope no one was out traveling. Good they warned in advance.

    @Emily4331 Hmmm, perhaps Calista should have asked a few more questions before she hooked up with Jake. :lol:

    @Turjan Misty is very pretty! He did indeed luck out.
    Tyler sounds like a heartbreaker!
    A sweet little accident.
    Yep, definitely a heart breaker. That is a lot of RI's in uni. :grin:
    I wonder if he will be able to ever settle down?

    I found Thorne Linden watching a little chipmunk in the yard. He's a cute kid and the chipmunk is cute too.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    @bekkasan it was jokingly it came from the tv show roseanne where Dan tried to get all mushy with roseanne and she goes “go away you’re making me sick” in a joking type of tone 😂
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    Langerak Family, Day 200

    Daisy worked out in the garden after breakfast, harvesting the watermelons, grapes, and other harvestables.

    Afterwards, she asked her grandfather if he would spar with her. She lost John since he moved out with Carly. Speaking of them, they had a child, but since I've got to head to work in a bit, I'll share his/her name later.

    After losing to Daisy, Dwight made spaghetti for the family.

    After that, I had Dwight finish doing the 75 hours of cardio athletic skill challenge. He worked on the 60 hours of strength workout a bit later in my play session.

    I haven't been doing too much with Ariana, so she just keeps reading most of the time. Since her late mother was an author, I think that fostered Ariana's love of reading.

    Dwight wanted to go to the pool, but he didn't want to swim. I saw he also had a wish to see a Plumbot, so I sent him to the pool where Toaster was.

    Miles Sekemoto decided to skinny dip, so Dwight decided to hide his clothes.

    I sent Ariana to the diner for some reason, I'm not sure if it was to eat or an opportunity. I think it was the latter, as she did have an opportunity at the diner. Of course, Abigail is the one who is behind her.

    Quinton went upstairs to Dwight's bedroom to paint a picture. The easel has not moved from the master bedroom ever since generation 1's Emily and Christopher slept in that bedroom.

    Before bed, Daisy did some meditating.

    ***Comments and feedback coming tomorrow. I meant to do them last night, but was too tired after work. I am going to start working on the next update, but probably will have to finish it after work real quick tonight.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 201

    The family tried to go to bed the previous night, but a burglar picked that night to try and profit off the rich family. However, the alarm went off and the cops came. The burglar was too good for the cop, and beat him.

    The family watched as the cop was beaten up by the burglar. Dwight so badly wanted to fight the crook by himself, but since the cop was doing it, he couldn't. I know 100% Dwight would have handed the guy his bu'tt.

    Cop: Sir, I'm sorry to say, but the burglar got away.
    Ariana: Oh no he didn't!
    Ariana saw how the cop lost, so she jumped in and beat the burglar up. This allowed the cop to arrest him, and Ariana was given $500 for capturing him.

    Later that morning, it was time for Dwight to go to work. Sometime, I may have him retire for a bit to focus on some skill building.

    Daisy worked in the garden and harvested the money trees. Since she is getting close to maxing gardening, I've saved some of her fruits and vegetables so I can grow better fruit. Once she maxes the career too, I will not worry about selling anything for profit and will keep it for the household.

    Harlan and Daisy made out in their bedroom. Recently, John and Carly had left it, leaving it to them.

    That led to them woohooing, trying for another Forbidden Fruit. Some questions were asked about PlantSims, so I will answer them as soon as time allows for it.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,426 Member
    Had half of my monitor on my laptop go bad so, I’m gonna have to hook it up to a desktop monitorvia HDMI. Lots of fun.

    Won’t be able to continue with story for a week until I get that changeover complete.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    @emorrill Saw that Quantum Leap might be getting a new series with Scott returning! I hope so.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    @emorrill Saw that Quantum Leap might be getting a new series with Scott returning! I hope so.

    @Brandontaylor Yes! I've seen teasers about that too! :smiley: I'm excited!!!
    I do hope they keep it true to the QL legacy and not try to incorporate modern politics or "woke" stuff. (Sorry I went there...) But if Donald Bellisario is behind it, he'll do it well. :star:
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,717 Member
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks, it was fun. As I only had to look after one sim, it was easy-going, and the 7 non-selectable roommates were a good bunch.

    @bekkasan Thank you very much, also for all the previous comments. I may have some updates on those (former) IF's at some later point :smiley: . They never stay IF's in my game.
    I don't think Tyler will do much without my doing. I hesitate to pair him up with Hannah, because he has the Brooding trait, and she's a Diva. I can see SP running havoc over that relationship. Also, I just noticed that she's the next roadblock to his career, so we will see some gnashing of teeth if she doesn't flee by getting promoted into the Actor branch (I should probably check her LTW).
    I always say that romantic interests at University don't really count. They won't matter in the homeworld. Three of five romantic interests only happened on the last Saturday, which usually ends with graduation at 1 pm, so that was surprising. Then again, SP had decided that this was Love Day, and while that usually doesn't matter at university, everyone of the roommates became really touchy-feely :lol: .
    By the way, your setup of Supernatural Island looks truly epic. That sounds like a story arc that will last for years. And even I recognized so many of those sims! This is like a big family reunion. Can't wait to see more of it :smile: .

    @Brandontaylor I'm reading and enjoying your updates, but as it's mostly the same sims over and over, I somehow make a big mess of everything in my head. Sorry for that. At least it's surprising to see some drama in an otherwise stable couple. Nice development, nevertheless :smile: .

    @Sprottenham Still reading your updates, too. Not much to say at the moment, but I still like your take on things. :smile:

    @emorrill Thanks for the comments :smile: . Yeah, sorry, you'll get the short shrift for the moment, too. No time for my usual bout of logorrhea. Needless to say that I enjoyed the update and am of course very opinionated :lol: .

    @Emily4331 Ah, that's a great update. While we all want to have the everlasting joy in relationships ourselves, the not so perfect ones are much more interesting :mrgreen: . Love the characters. :smile: .
    I was mostly busy with fixing clothes because dozens of sims decided to age up within a couple of days. Tyler just went to a party.
    Yes, that's a party. One of Tyler's colleagues and former direct neighbor, Kaylee Madden (still the neighbor of Tye). Tyler was the only one who attended. Note the ingenious use of a washing machine as an effects machine. You have to do with what you have. Tyler didn't get introduced to the car though, so that's one point off the score.
    Very life-like depiction of the subject here, I must say.
    So how did it go over?
    Ah, she's got a sense of humor.
    Tyler was hungry, but he fortunately had a piece of fruit in his pockets. Anne Madden and her husband may have raised two children to adulthood, but today was the day of truth: For the first time in her life, she approached the oven that had spent some very lonely days in that corner of her kitchen. For that first party of her daughter, she made some Mac and Cheese, the remnants of which are still smoldering in the background.
    Kaylee doesn't know any better and thinks her mom's cooking is great, but Anne knows the truth. She's about 80, and then this. It could all have been so much better...

    Later that evening, she discovered a piano on the second floor of the apartment they had been living in all their married life. But we will stay silent about this episode for now and forever.

    Until next time.
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    @bekkasan once I got over the shock and stopped worrying if having two sims giving birth at the exact same time would crash my game I found the whole thing quite entertaining myself. I did manage to record the process so it'll be in the next episode of 30 Grandchildren.

    Then I sent them straight back to Cake Island - I forgot to wait for their imaginary friends to be delivered in the mail. Then I spent a whole day on that makeover of the house.

    I just got a tag from @emorrill to say the post I made on the makeover of the house got a mention in the Friday Highlights. I was astounded. I almost never go there but I do go check it out two or three times a year. I just don't think of it. I didn't even know they did that sort of post for a long time.

    When I had problems with that plumbot not appearing in my library I did a bit of a search and came across an old thread you'd posted in and said how much trouble you had with your Plumbots. So I was very careful with Cindy.

    Last time I had Plumbots in my game was probably soon after Into the Future was released.

    I have them in a couple of households in my Big Game but they were made way back and I wondered why they didn't have their trait chips and decided not to bother with them much. I do recall one that had the nanny chip didn't seem to be very useful with the babies.

    The only reason I got a Plumbot in this save is I was waiting for the babies to be born and Chris was wishing to make nanites or something. So I got him using the Bot building machine just to give him something to do. Then I got interested when he made it to level 10 and I had him making trait chips.

    I wanted a nanny chip and a gardener chip but in the end he made 6 chips so this Plumbot has a lot of chips.

    When I couldn't save the original Plumbot to the library I decided to save the second Plumbot to the library so I put it on the clipboard and saved it to the library. When I added it back to the household it had lost all but one of its chips. Luckily I'd saved just before sending it to the clipboard so I just shut down and reloaded. I have it in the library but probably is minus trait chips.

    Previously I'd had Chris gardening a lot of the time and he is level 10 at gardening and still I kept him gardening so the bot building thing was just to get him to do something different. Now he has a Plumbot with a gardening chip and they live in a house without a garden.

    My plan for this morning is to activate Kendall's house and make sure I'm happy with it and then do a quick walkthrough of it for the video. Then I'll go to Jonie and change her old house to this new version of it and put her back into it. I haven't emptied her inventory yet so I'll do that while I'm at it.

    Then I'll return to Gerri's place and keep Clara reading her recipes and fishing books while Lucy and Bruce wait for their forbidden fruit plants to be ready to pick.

    I'll move Lucy, Bruce, Clara and the young plant sims out to their own homes.

    Then I'll start putting the next video episode together to see how much I have recorded. If it's enough I'll make that episode 42. Then the grandchildren will begin being born for episode 43. Or so my plan goes - I know this game will throw curved balls at me all the way along so who knows what will really happen. I certainly didn't anticipate having two sims standing side by side giving birth at the same time.

    Happy Simming
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,439 Member
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    MOONLIGHT FALLS - Family pictures update (approximately 170 days into the game)

    The Grimm household:
    Chauncey Grimm is now an elder, as is his wife Linda. They have a daughter, Rosalinda (sitting on the floor). Chauncey was abducted by aliens one night, an event that nearly cost him his marriage. The encounter left him with an alien son, Akatosh. The Grimm family adopted Lois Ivy (the teen) when the rest of the Ivy´s left Moonlight falls under mysterious circumstances a few years back. Lois never heard from them again.

    The Swain-MacDuff household:
    Chester Swain is now an elder, and the MacDuff sisters are still fighting over him. Chester was never quite the same since the hex Faith cast on him, but he always seem happy. He had two daughters with Faith, and a son with Felicity. The relationship between Faith and Felicity has continued to deteriorate over the years, especially when Felicity not only birthed a son but one with the gift of magic to boot. Grandfather Flint appointed him the next heir at birth. Lately he seem to suffer from a strange bloating condition. Felicity can´t help to wonder if somehow her sister had something to do with that.
    Adrian, the youngest son of Flint and Joanie, wants nothing more than to be an acrobat. He doesn´t seem to be very interested in magic even though he has the affinity for it.


    The Wolff family:
    Erica and Dwayne Wolff, and their children Gator, Felisha, Tawanna and Cole. Their dog Pappy died a few weeks back, as did grandfather Pappy. Gator is still single, and his sisters recently aged up and become young adults. Dwayne Wolff is adamant about keeping the bloodline pure, but even in Moonlight Falls, werewolves doesn´t exactly grow on trees. Especially female werewolves. Will Gator ever find a woman that his father can approve of?

    The Swain-Wolff Family:
    Crissy was heartbroken after Chester left her. But then she met Waylon and they got married. Her son Kendall never sees his real father, it is as if Chester completely forgot about his son. Kendall has come to depend on on Waylon to fill that role. Crissy was over the moon when she found out she was pregnant again. Crissy and Waylon are now proud parents of little Virginia.

    The Brown-Wolff family:
    Argus and Wilhemina has both been busy keeping Moonlight Falls safe by fighting fires. The fact that Bryon was born is nothing but a small miracle. The family practically lives at the fire station.

    The Maldano family:
    Fairy Marigold Maldano has no luck when it comes to love. Her eldest Deric was the result of a very brief fling, and so were the twins. Since fairies live very long lives Marigold still have plenty of time now that her sons are growing up. Deric is a young adult and will move out any day now, and the twins are teens, taking care of them selves mostly. Marigold has her eye set on a special someone, but she knows she has to play her cards differently this time.
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    Here's more as promised my friends. :mrgreen:
    There is a little bit of a steamy part, but...I think it's tame enough to be on here. :p Picture heavy too so sorry to those of you with slow connections. <3

    I hope you'll enjoy it. <3

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 17

    That afternoon, Shane, Emily, Abigail, and Sebastian were sitting in the guy’s living room and started chatting about all sorts of random stuff to pass time before dinner. The subject went from life in Appaloosa to life back home.

    “What!? Abigail cried. “Don’t tell me you guys don’t know about the Junimos? The forest spirits that reside in the old Community Center?”


    “No,” Shane flatly replied.
    “I read something about them not long before we came here,” Emily said. “They seemed pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure if they were real or just the delusions of past forest dwellers.”
    Sebastian nodded at that.
    “No, they very much exist. They’re the only spirits I’d ever been able to see in Pelican Town and it was exciting! Adorable little things!” Abigail mused. That was before she met Donna and was finally able to see a human spirit like she’d always dreamed of. She hadn’t told any of them about Donna yet and wasn’t sure when. That was for another time. She went on to describe how the Junimos looked.


    Emily found Abigail’s description and information about them quite fascinating, while Shane just stared at the blank wall twenty feet ahead of him, halfway listening.


    It might’ve interested him more if he hadn’t been feeling so down, his depression making a lovely comeback. The trigger frustrated him and he was trying very hard not to let it show. Doing his best to learn to suppress it.

    Sebastian could see the faraway look in Shane’s eyes. He decided to ask him what he thought about Joja sodas and why most of them tasted so terrible, as the girls began talking about something else.


    He managed to get a little chuckle out of Shane, only for Shane to then shrug and say, “I dunno. They taste about like beer to me, so…”
    “Oh...,” Sebastian uttered, his voice trailing off, unsure of what to say next.

    Shane knew the guy was trying to be thoughtful and not talk about anything alcohol in front of him, which part of him appreciated, but right now…he didn’t want his thoughtfulness. Nor his sympathy. He rubbed at his eyes, hating these emotions.

    The two guys just sat in silence and listened as the girls carried on their conversation about the monsters that dwelt in the caves back home.


    Shane had forgotten how giddy Emily could get while happily conversing with friends and the elevated pitch in her voice screeched terribly in his ears. It didn’t help that Abigail’s voice was doing the same. His nerves were getting quite rattled, but once again, he reminded himself to suppress it and keep cool. They certainly weren’t meaning, or trying, to annoy him. It was just something else that was making everything around him seem worse.

    Emily wasn’t oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend was acting differently today and she made sure that at the first opportunity she would talk to him about it.

    That opportunity came sooner than expected. Sam popped into the room and asked Sebastian and Abigail if they’d like to do a jam session with him. “I got Elliott to agree to join us!” he exclaimed. “It’s gonna be so LIT with the piano added in! Whaddya say guys?”
    “I’m down for that!” Sebastian expressed. H**l yeah I am…he thought, shooting a quick glance at Shane. He was more than happy to get away from that awkwardness and promptly stood up, holding out his hand to Abigail.
    “Oh, uh,” Abigail began, darting glances between Sebastian’s hand, him, then Emily, and then at Sam, “yeah, that sounds really fun!” Then she turned back to Emily. “We HAVE to finish this conversation later.”
    “Definitely,” Emily chuckled.

    As Emily watched the two disappear into Sam’s room, she turned to address Shane only to find her eyes meeting with his legs instead of his face.
    “I gotta go to the bathroom,” he informed her.
    “...Okay,” she acknowledged. “You want me to fix up a little snack? I could hear your tummy rumbling the entire time we were talking.” She winked.
    “Sure. Whatever,” he said with a shrug and made a beeline for the bathroom.

    Emily sighed as she watched him disappear, standing up herself and heading for the kitchen. It always made her heart ache to see her love feeling sad or distressed, especially when he'd been so happy lately. She had an idea of what might be bothering him so she planned out how she was going to approach it and what she was going to say - while fixing up their snack - to make the conversation go as smoothly and tenderly as possible.

    In the bathroom, Shane ran the water to as cold as he could get it, cupping his hands underneath...


    ...then promptly splashed the liquid onto his face, breathing heavily over how refreshing it felt. He did it again and expelled the same breaths. Then he stared into the mirror, watching the beadlets of water, mixed with sweat, stream down his cheeks and drip off his jaw. He was checking to make sure his eyes didn’t look bloodshot. Thankfully they didn’t. His heavy, wet bangs slid down over his left eye, annoyingly obstructing his vision. He swiftly brushed them away with an exasperated breath of frustration. “I need to get a haircut.”


    Instead of joining Emily in the kitchen, he simply went into his bedroom.

    Emily noticed and grabbed the plate of broccoli, baby carrots, and dip and took it into Shane’s room with her.

    When she went in she found Shane sitting on the couch, leaning forward with his head down and his arms on his knees. The gray aura around him gave her the feeling that he wasn’t in the mood for a snack so she set the plate down onto his desk. It was time for that talk.

    “Hey. You feeling okay?” she tenderly asked him.

    He wanted to answer, but at the same time he didn’t. So he just ended up saying nothing.


    Realizing that was a silly question, Emily went with a different approach. She gently sat down beside him and said, “I noticed you’ve been a little quiet today. What’s going on?”

    Shane squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. He really hated this part. But he knew Emily would sit there in silence for hours waiting for him to answer; because that’s how much she loved and cared for him. The depth of her love always warmed his heart and made this kind of thing easier to do. “I’ve been…craving a drink ever since I woke up this morning,” he softly revealed, timidly rubbing at the back of his neck. “My hands were even beginning to shake again. I thought…drinking a soda would help, but…it didn’t do nothing. It just made the craving worse…and I got upset. Now I’m feeling depressed.”

    Emily’s eyes glistened as she intently listened, her soul feeling and fully understanding his pain.


    “I thought I had overcome it for good, you know?” He turned his head toward her, with such a hopeless frown it tugged at her heartstrings. “But who was I kidding? Even when there’s literally zero alcohol around to tempt me I still go into a relapse. What the h**l is up with that? Is there no hope for me?”


    “Shhh,” she tenderly hushed, raising her hand to stroke his cheek. “Don’t think like that. Of course there’s hope. There’s always hope. What you’re experiencing is very normal.”
    “No,” he choked. “I don’t want it to be normal. I can’t relapse. I have to overcome this for good!”
    “You will,” she assured.
    “Emily I,” his voice cracked, afraid to admit, “I about drove over to the Bar this morning to get a drink until I remembered there wouldn’t be any. When we’re back in Pelican Town, what’s going to stop me from hitting up the Saloon in the same way when I get a serious craving like this again? It’s like I was on auto-pilot. And the alcohol will actually BE there!”
    “Your will to stay sober,” she firmly answered for him. “And me. You’ll always have me to help you.”


    He lowered his head. “You know you can’t always be there for me in every moment of weakness. I can’t ask that of you…nor do I wanna be that kind of burden to you.”
    “Hey…haven’t we had this discussion already?” she gently asked with a light smile, taking his hand.


    “Yes…,” he expressed in a surrendering tone.
    “So you don’t need to worry anymore because you’re strong and I love you and I have complete faith in the promise you made to me before about staying sober.” She stroked his cheek again.
    “I meant it with all my heart.”
    “I know…and that’s how I know you’ll stay strong and conquer the cravings when they come.”
    “But I almost gave in today…I almost let you down.” His eyes glistened with tears.
    “But you didn’t!” Her eyes doing the same. “You had a moment of weakness and it’s okay! It’s gonna happen. Just remember that it doesn’t have to control you or determine how the rest of your actions will go. You proved that to yourself today. You should be proud of yourself.”
    That was a good point to which he nodded at. “I just never want you to give you any reason to give up on me. Everybody does…”
    “Well,” she paused, leaning in a little closer and saying with frankness, “I’m not everybody. Never have been.”
    That got him to smile. “That you haven’t…and I love that about you.”


    “There’s my guy,” she lovingly said, taking his face into her hands.

    Shane pulled her in closer by her waist until their lips grazed each others. “You’re such an incredibly amazing person Emily. Thank you for being my rock and my constant companion. For whipping my butt back into shape when I fall down.”
    They chuckled.
    “I never believed anyone like you existed in the world. You’re truly an angel. My guardian angel.”
    “Aww, listen to you. You’re too sweet. I'm just being me.”
    “I mean it. I love you so much,” he whispered, lightly kissing her lips twice. “I’d be so lost without you. I sure as h**l was before. I am yours…until the day I die.”
    “Oh Shane…” She pulled his face in closer to give him an even deeper kiss. “You’re my rock too, you know. And someday I’ll need you to be my strength too. We’ll always be in this together.”


    Soon all of Shane’s worries - even the lingering craving - melted away as he lost himself in her kisses.



    In the heat of the moment he found himself preying on her lips, licking and biting, like an aroused and ravenous wolf.


    He feared he’d been too rough in his passion though, and pulled back just to be sure. Panting and grinning brightly, rosy-cheeked Emily assured him that she was just fine. More than fine.


    Satisfied, he gladly continued.


    It didn’t take long for his “prey” to overtake him, slithering over his body, and proving her declarations of love and devotion through her own wild kisses.


    “Oooh,” he moaned, wondering why they weren’t ripping each other's clothes off already.


    “Mmm,” she moaned in return, biting his lower lip and firmly pressing her body against his. It would seem she was having a similar thought.


    Just then, both of their stomachs rumbled loudly in unison. It was such a humorous sound that the two instantly laughed out loud, killing the sexual moment.

    Foreheads pressed together, Emily said through a grin, “I knew you were hungry."
    “You are too apparently…”
    She giggled, rubbing noses with him now. “Guess we should continue this later?”
    “Might be better. Sustenance is good for peak performance,” he smirked.
    “Oh my you!”


    They sat back from each other now, holding hands.

    “So are you feeling better now?” she lovingly asked.
    “Absolutely,” he lovingly replied in turn. “Thanks to you.”

    Her heart swelled with joy. That’s all she wanted to hear.


    Meanwhile, in Sam and Sebastian’s bedroom, the group finished their warm up jam and prepared themselves to play a song while Sam peeked through the blinds on one of the windows again. He looked back on his earlier text messages to Haley and read her replies:


    He wasn’t sure if Alex was in the house or not and honestly, he didn’t care. All he wanted was for Haley to come over and hear the music; and of course to be near her again. He had a couple of favorite Rock songs from back home that had a piano part and he’d been dying to play them ever since he learned how super talented Elliott was on the instrument. The man finally agreed to it.

    “So we playing the song what?” Elliott asked.

    “Not yet,” Sam replied. “I’m waiting for Haley to get here. I want her to hear it.”

    Elliott looked away with an impatient sigh to which Leah placed a caring hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright,” she soothed. “You’re acting like we’re in a hurry to go somewhere else and…we’re not. I’m actually really excited to hear the song.”
    “I’m glad,” he expressed with a smile. “I just don’t want these kids getting any ideas that I want to join their band.”
    She gave him a smirk. “Would that be such a bad thing?”
    “Yes! I’m not the Rock band type!”
    She shrugged. “Okay, that’s true. You certainly got the hair for it though,” she winked.
    He dismissively shook his head at her with a grin.

    “Alright! She’s here!” Sam happily informed with a clap, heading for the door. “Be right back.”

    In a few short minutes, Sam escorted Haley into the room. The blonde seemed a little reserved as she greeted everyone which Leah thought was unusual, but regardless she warmly welcomed her and told her it was nice to see her outside of the ladies house. Haley uttered a quiet, “thanks” to her.

    As Sam readied his guitar he asked the group, “Alrighty everyone. Time to show these two lovely ladies a rad performance!”
    Haley and Leah blushed at the sentiment.
    “Ready?” he asked each musician with an individual gaze, to which they nodded. “You remember the song?” he asked again for good measure. "Got it in your head?"
    “Yes,” Elliott answered for them all. “Let’s just do it.”
    Sam and Sebastian shot raised eyebrows at each other to Elliott’s silly impatience. “Alrighty then. You lead us off Elliott. Ready when you are,” Sam said, raising his hand to do the beat count.

    Silence filled the room for a couple of seconds as each musician got in the “zone.” Haley and Leah’s hearts thumped in anticipation. On Sam’s cue, masterful music rang from Elliott’s fast and fluid fingers on the keyboard, stunning everyone. It was a beautiful start to the song which Haley wasn’t expecting, but was pleasantly surprised by. She watched as Sam turned and then cued in Abigail’s cymbal part which really got his foot, and hers, tapping to the beat. On his next cue, Abigail brought in the drums.


    There’s that Rock sound, Haley thought as she continued to watch Sam in admiration, directing and throwing in random guitar notes - along with Sebastian - at the appropriate time. There was just something about him immersing himself into music, dancing along with it, that made her fall for him all the more. It was incredibly attractive. Soon Sam stopped with the hand cues because it was time for him and Sebastian to fully bring in the guitars and naturally the song continued all on its own. Haley's face lit up with the brightest of grins as she watched all of them playing together, creating such a sound; all from memory no less! It was incredible! THEY were incredible!


    Leah tapped her hand on her leg to the beat, enjoying the show as well.


    When Sam started singing, Haley’s heart melted all the more as he looked only at her while doing so, apart from looking down at the guitar strings occasionally. Her eyes never strayed from his either and her cheeks turned red. She couldn’t help it. He was pretty…and stealing heart away more and more in every moment they spent together.

    This world was so much different from her own and in some ways she felt out of place in it, even while simply being in the audience.


    But in this moment, and once before, Sam showed her that she was always welcome in it…and could very much be a part of it if she wanted to. Nevermind the lyrics strangely speaking similarly to her feelings on the matter, more so…she could see him saying it through his eyes. He wanted her in his world and honestly…she wanted to be in it. Not just because of him, but because it was a world that inspired her and could give her the courage to express and be whoever she wanted to be. It was a doorway that led to the life she always dreamed of for herself.


    Her thoughts were interrupted as Sam entered into a short, yet epic guitar solo and her mouth dropped in amazement over it. She clapped wildly when it was over. The two continued to exchange smiles at each other throughout the remainder of the song. Abigail and Leah noticed and thought it was adorable.

    When the song was over, Haley and Leah clapped loudly while Haley threw out a few whistles.

    “Excellent!” she exclaimed when Sam approached her.
    “I’m glad you liked it,” he blushed.
    “I loved it!”
    Sam’s heart swelled and fluttered with joy hearing it. “I’m really glad you came over to hear it,” he said, affectionately taking her hands. “It means a lot to me that you did. Thank you.”
    “Of course Sam,” she sweetly said, gripping his forefingers. “You’ve been there for me a lot lately so…I knew I should be here for you. I wanted to be here for you.”

    Now that really pleasantly surprised Sam to hear. So much so that he stupidly asked, “Really?” and instantly regretted it.
    Haley chuckled at his expression. “Yeah,” she answered with a coy gesture, but sincerely meant it.
    “Awesome.” He smiled, feeling her sincerity. She cares about me. His heart continued to flutter.

    The two stood quietly blushing and holding each other's hands for about a minute until Haley asked, “Can you guys play another one?”

    Sam glanced around the room and addressed, “Wanna play another one guys?” His two buddies gladly shook their heads while Elliott hid his reaction to where only Leah could see it. She gave him a beaming, desiring nod and he acquiesced. Anything for her. Plus he really couldn’t deny how much fun it was to jam with the kids. “I’m still not joining your band,” he declared as he sat back down at the keyboard.

    “I know…,” Sam droned, returning to his spot beside Sebastian. “We get it.”

    Sebastian just shook his head at the long-haired man. “You know Elliott, the more you say that the more it sounds like you actually wanna join to me.”
    Leah snickered.
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about boy,” came the response.
    “Oh I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about,” Abigail chimed in, winking at her man.
    “What’s the matter Elliott? Too afraid to admit the truth?” Haley threw in. “I thought a gentleman never lies.”
    Sam raised his eyebrows at her. Impressed.

    Elliott knew he could continue to play along or blow them off, but either way, they would still think he was masking his interest in joining. Which he wasn’t. Maybe it would be fun to have them keep believing that he was. So he went with the blow off. He wasn’t the playing along type anyway.

    “What song will it be boys? We must make haste. My lady and I are due for a very important dinner date.” He smirked at Leah to which she shook her head with a smile. He was ever transparent to her.

    More to come. :)

    A/N: This was my first time playing with a "text generator." I hope I did it right. :lol: It's fun to add new things like that to your stories. :blush:

    Second, I'd like to think Sam and the gang played something pretty similar to this song for Haley and Leah. :blush: Turn up the volume and Enjoy! (Lyrics in the spoiler below, if you wanna follow along.)

    "Right Now" - Van Halen

    Don't wanna wait til tomorrow,
    Why put it off another day?
    One more walk through problems,
    Built up, and stand in our way ,ah

    One step ahead, one step behind me,
    Now you gotta run to get even.
    Make future plans, don't dream about yesterday, hey,
    C'mon turn, turn this thing around.

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon,it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch a magic moment, do it,
    Right here and now.
    It means everything.

    Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm,
    And nothing falls into place, no.
    Only missed by a fraction,
    Slipped a little off your pace, oh.

    The more things you get, the more you want,
    Just trade in one for the other,
    Workin' so hard, to make it easier, whoa,
    Got to turn, c'mon turn this thing around.

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon, it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch that magic moment, do it,
    Right here and now.
    It means everything.

    It's enlightened me, right now.
    What are you waitin' for,
    Oh, yeah, right now.

    [Guitar Solo]

    Right now, hey,
    It's your tomorrow.
    Right now,
    C'mon, it's everything.
    Right now,
    Catch that magic moment, and do it right,
    Right now,
    Right now, oh, Right now,
    It's what's happening!
    Right here and now,
    Right now,
    It's right now,
    Tell me, what are you waiting for,
    Turn this thing around...
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    First my game created the legendary Paparazzo, Brain Ho.oker, now it graces us with...Destiny Harlot. :lol: Wow. The broken heart tattoo really ties her together.


    PS I gib Calista new hair for summer and she look so cute I'm gonna die :bawling:
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    @Brandontaylor Poor Quinton! Old age really struck him hard all at once. :D
    Yay, I see Daisy is working on that baby :p

    @Turjan Awesome update! Five romantic interests? That guy must have been really busy!

    @Emily4331 The white dog is super cute!
    I like your sims. The female one is very beautiful.

    @emorrill Michael, my favorite loonie <3
    Thank you for the link to your blog. :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer Evil River is really annoying! Evil Haruo seem chill.
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    I love the cc you use, where do you find
    Most of it? Great photos

    Well now I gotta sleep 1 am but its stormy outside tonight. Good night all.
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    So far today it's been interesting. I decided to take the trait chips out of Cindy before moving on to a different household in case they went missing. I should just ignore the problem as the chances of me ever playing her are as close to zero and it is possible to be.

    Chris with his new Plumbot, Cindy.

    Anyhow, I needed her maker, Chris, to carry them safely in his inventory just in case. Problem was there was no way he could adjust her trait chips. It errored every time. I reset both of them using Master Controller and Cindy lost about 2 or 3 of her chips. So I reloaded the game. She still had her chips. So I wrote down the list of her chips so I can go check what she should have. I think my problem was I would forget the chips she was originally given. So now I have a list and moved on to Kendall's house. I added a bit of extra decor and was about to start videoing the walkthrough for the upcoming episode of 30 Grandchildren. Well there was this odd sim that I'd never seen before wandering through the house.

    I found Karen standing in the front of the house waiting to pick up Keith. Keith was lying on the ground in front of the garage. How on earth did Keith get out there you may ask. My excuse is as follows...

    I had left The Great Southern Land without waiting for their imaginary friend dolls to be delivered to Keith and Charlie.

    I moved Keith's family into their house and kept Charlie's family living with Gerri. Then it occurred to me I didn't need to keep them with Gerri now as Chris had already made his plumbot and given it all the trait chips it needed. (I had been planning to play with Chris and the Bot Making machine while I waited for the 30 grandchildren to be born. But I lost interest in that after the Plumbot was made.)

    In the meantime Lucy (the mean spirited imaginary friend made real) wanted to give a birthday party to her plant sim baby, Lucinda.



    Gerri's whole household at the time of Lucinda's birthday - except for the baby, Charlie, and the Plumbot, Cindy.

    I noticed Lucinda had an imaginary friend doll in her inventory.

    I used NRAAS Debug Enabler and cloned her doll and gave the clone to Charlie - using DE to assign Charlie as the doll's owner.

    Lucinda had her birthday party and is now a toddler. Lucy can't move out to their own home yet as she is waiting a few more days for her other Forbidden Fruit to be ready to harvest or pick.

    I moved Charlie's family to their new home and did the walkthrough video for the next episode of 30 Grandchildren.

    I thought about that imaginary friend doll in Charlie's inventory. If I just transferred Keith into Charlie's household for a moment he could get an IF doll if I cloned Charlie's and gave it to Keith using DE.

    So that's how come Keith was lying in the driveway of his home in the middle of the night after I transferred him back to his home.

    This led to a new problem I haven't faced previously.

    Keith's mother, Karen, was standing waiting near the gate with a queue saying 'Pick up Keith'.

    Then this unknown to me sim walked past her and picked up Keith. She then walked towards Karen and they stood looking at each other for the longest time.

    I tried transporting Keith back to his nursery. Didn't work.

    I tried a few other things. Eventually I tried resetting Karen to get rid of the queue as it wouldn't go away. The other sim still had Keith in her arms.

    I reset the other sim. She vanished with Keith.

    I still had Keith's portrait in the portrait panel so I clicked on it and I found Keith on the other side of the world lying in the foyer of an apartment building. I transported Keith back to his nursery. Karen picked him up and put him in his crib.

    Now I am going to do a quick video walkthrough of this house and move on to Joni's house.

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    Langerak Family, Day 202 - 204

    Quinton painted another painting early in the morning.

    Daisy played chess as her lifetime wish is to master athletics and logic.

    Dwight worked on jogging for so many meter to get that skill challenge out of the way.

    It was finally time for Ariana to retire as Leader of the Free World because Harlan just got promoted, completing his lifetime wish. He is back at the beginning of young adult so he will serve for at least 40 to 60 days.

    Harlan went out to check on the Forbidden Fruit. He was happy to find out that he now had his third child, the first with Daisy. Her name is Lily Goth, and she proved me wrong about PlantSims. Harlan is a male (obviously) but he harvested a female PlantSim instead of a boy. I used cheats to look at her, and she favors Harlan more than Daisy. I will only do a few edits to her as I really like the way she'll turn out as an young adult. Just because she is firstborn doesn't mean she will be heir yet as I plan on them having at least two children.

    One of the days, when the family got the mail, they found out that Lily had gotten an IF. Dwight used the Philosophers Stone to turn it to gold, but it disappeared. At least I got rid of it, Daisy has one stuck in her inventory that I can't do much with.

    Daisy spent a little bit of time with her daughter. Lily has all PlantSim abilities, but I'm basically playing as though she is 1/2 PlantSim instead of full.

    One night, Dwight got invited to a party so he chatted with some of the people.

    On Day 204, Daisy worked in the garden like she usually does.

    A bit later, she and Harlan had a pillow fight that led into romance, which turned into shower woohoo.

    Dwight found Carrie out and about, so he chatted with her a bit. I'm not sure if she's pregnant, or if the game changed her outfit.

    Lastly, a paparazzi member died on the front porch.

    ***This is the last post that I have for now.
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you, I use cc from everywhere, but Lanas cc finds used to be a good source. It´s gone now but you can find it with the way back machine. I´ll message you a link.

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