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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Her new guy is a hottie! <3


    fun updates


    I have two sims on my studio if you want to check them out no cc,
    It's the same nick as on here.
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    Langerak Family, Day 196

    Dwight had recently learned how to make French Toast, so that is what the family had for breakfast. I am still working on having Dwight learn all recipes, and he is also starting on the athletic skill challenges.

    Harlan had an opportunity to befriend a man named Joaquin Starnes. He is a random Sim that was put into the town by SP, and he just so happens to be dating Abigail Langerak. Actually, they marry later on but I don't recall when. It was just some time after this, as Andrea Langerak had died, making Abigail a widow.

    After that, Harlan visited with his boss, Ivan Keaton. Harlan buttered him up, then asked for a promotion. Ivan granted the promotion, making Harlan the VP with Ariana still serving as President of SimNation.

    Dwight started reading more of his recipe books, and will soon start on the red ones that are for a little bit higher skilled Sims. Of course, he already maxed the skill.

    Jenna Langerak grew up to young adult now, so I gave her a makeover. It's hard to see exactly what she looks like, but she's a pretty Sim.

    John and Carly went on a date to the Bistro, which as most of you probably know, means something special in my saves. Yes, that means that an engagement was about to happen, and John did not disappoint. He asked Carly to be his wife, and she said yes!

    Carly was so happy that she was engaged that she jumped right into John's arms. After that, they went to the park to watch the stars together, granting a wish that John had had for a bit now.

    Day 197

    Dwight has a bit more to do with the athletic skill before finishing up the skill, as he hasn't accomplished the skill challenges yet. If he is going to be immortal and live with his future descendants as my save continues, I will make him continue to grow. In a way, he can be the Ultimate Sim without me actually playing that challenge.

    John soon got a wish to pillow fight with his future bride, so they went to Dwight's room and fought with his pillows.

    It is still early spring, so Daisy's garden wasn't ready to be worked in, yet the park trees were. I just had her do a bit there to gain some gardening skill.

    Daisy then got a wish to befriend a random Sim named Helen Coy, but before she could, Helen passed away. She is younger than Quinton, who is the oldest living Sim in the town.

    Three Sims decided to read books, and I believe Ariana just finished one. I have to keep clearing out their inventories.
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    @emorrill Sounds like Pam is using alcohol to deal with her daughter being in Sims world.
    She does have a bit of a point, yet it's human to miss your children or any family when you haven't seen them in over half a year.
    Just from the statements, I seem to think that Pam might not say much positive about Penny and that surprised the bartender when she said Penny is better than Haley (I assume it's her she meant)
    Seems Pam might care more about Penny than she thinks she does.
    I think Gus has a crush on Pam.
    Happy birthday to Harvey!
    Sebastian just had to bring that up, didn't he?
    Sam's right, he needs to give Haley a bit of time first.
    Sounds like Abigail has warmed up to the idea of Sam and Haley, when he does finally ask her.
    Great update, looking forward to more.

    @GraceyManor It may not be, it just looks kind of similar.
    This is what the one I have looked like, this is a quote from my Ultimate Sim Challenge from a few years back.

    Say hello to Dreamwood Estates, the home I requested from D.N.A. It was built by romagi1 and is a lovely home, both inside and out. This update is mainly a few photos of it.

    This is the art room, located on the second floor. Brittany can paint here and there is also a second easel in the room. George got started on the sculpting skill, something I don't use very often but definitely will now.

    This is the dining room, and is located on the first floor. The kitchen is on the left side which you can't see here and the other arch on the left is where the game room is.

    Those doors behind the table hold the nectar and romagi1 even filled the racks up! That was a very nice touch.

    The nursery is located on the left side of the house if you face the front door. Right now, only Rebecca needs it but you never know how many kids a sim will have.

    This is the kitchen area which has three chairs to sit in. The only thing I did to the kitchen was put in Brittany's that she got for reaching the top of the career. The doors lead to the outside area which you will probably see when winter is over.

    The game room, as I said up above, is located off of the dining room and is also next to the kitchen. I think this area will be used a lot.

    In the basement, there is an area to hang paintings sims have made. I put up some of Brittany's artwork down there as well as her collection of rocks, gems, and insects. I'm leaving them in chests until the last season most likely.

    Brittany decided to eat out in the snow instead of inside. I can fix this by locking the door if I need to.

    ***That is just a small idea of the house. It was built by @romagi1 on the D.N.A. request thread. I was wanting to use the home for Ava and Hank but since that save was lost before I started the Ultimate Sim, I decided that once it was done, Brittany's family would use it. This house will follow Brittany throughout the rest of the challenge.

    @Sprottenham Yeah, it's never good when a country acts superior to others, that's a reason for concern when that happens.
    Oh, what I meant is like in the family tree, I have had werewolves, fairies, PlantSims, and other occults. With Daisy being a PlantSim, she can only have PlantSim babies, meaning the same for all her descendants. If I want to have a human descendant in the family tree, I have to manually do something to make the Sim a human instead of PlantSim. That's what I meant about losing the PlantSims in the tree, I meant the family tree. Of course, the PlantSims (Daisy, and others to come) will still be in the family tree, but just that I eventually want the PlantSim to leave the family in place of another occult type.
    Yeah, I feel like I need to give her the brave trait so she quits doing that.
    Yep, the cars basically merged themselves.
    They are, because you at least fill up two of the meters, fun and social. Three if it's in a shower as you add hygiene to the list.
    I feel like the park is a good place for them to relax, mostly since it's the focal point of the town.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Looks like trouble has hit Sunset Valley again. I just got to thinking, how would Evil Haruo have handled Mayumi? Something tells me he offed her in his universe.

    @CravenLestat Awesome idea, it looks exactly like a park rangers station I've seen somewhere. And the Sim who lives there looks great too.

    @Emily4331 Callista is hot!
    Lol at the dogs.
    Jake has a lot of money in the Sims world.
    Great update!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks!
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    @Brandontaylor yes it’s the same house I just haven’t seen the basement I don’t usually use basements lol
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    Day 197, continued

    Quinton got liver spots and I made him lose his hair and start walking with a cane. I mean, the man is 104 days old now, meaning he's lived about half the time I've played this save. Here, he is harassing his son with the cane.

    About a week had passed since the party, and it was time for the full moon again. At least this time, only Ariana transformed and Daisy did not wet herself.

    John and Daisy sparred together, and Daisy beat him again. He is just not up to par yet.

    Day 198

    The following day, Dwight decided to read a book while waiting for the rest of the family to get up. For some reason, he got up earlier than he needed to.

    After breakfast, Daisy worked in the garden. It took her a while, as the party was just getting ready to start by the time she had finished. She is just shy of getting her next promotion.

    John and Carly got married, and I invited as many Langerak's as I could. Both Carly's parents are gone, and she never had any siblings so no one was there to represent her family.

    Afterwards, I got the whole party to dance to the country music station on the radio.

    Day 199
    The following morning, I was surprised to see that Carina Sekemoto actually left the cemetery and walked right through the walls of the house, just to haunt the microwave.

    Dwight had to go to work, and he was the only one that did.

    John and Carly decided it was time for them to move out to start a family of their own. This way, they can have up to 6 children if they wanted to. At the main household, they probably would have been stuck with only one or none if Daisy had too many.

    Speaking of Daisy having kids, she decided now was the right time to plant the seed for a PlantSim baby. No matter who harvests it, I'm mixing the other parent's genetics in with them so that the child gets both Harlan and Daisy's genetics. I actually plan on having Harlan harvest it so that we get a boy. The boy will be heir as I've done three generations of female heirs.

    Harlan had a wish to befriend 18 people, meaning he only needed 4 more. Here, he is officially meeting Evan Langerak.

    Several ghosts came one of the nights, this one is the ghost of Claire Ursine.

    Fawn (Ursine-Frio) Jones

    Garry Sekemoto, Quinton's father.
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    @GraceyManor Recently, I haven't used basements either. I did use the one for that house to put all the stuff Brittany had to collect for the challenge though. It was a great place to put all that stuff, and if I would have finished the challenge, I would have set up several collection areas, but I never was able to finish it. :disappointed:
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    my sim is a kleptomaniac and stole a CAR and two other things and guess what... a burglar came afterwards.

    Ambitions > Island Paradise > World Adventures > Generations > Showtime > Seasons > Supernatural > University Life > Pets > Late Night > Into The Future
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member

    that's a gorgeous lot you got there,
    that art room looks so big.
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    My sim took a trip to the arcade.
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    [double post]
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    @Astro Here I am asking you another question in a different thread this time! :lol:

    Who that blond guy in the background next to Matthew Hamming? Becauseeeee I love him. :love:
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    Emily4331 wrote: »
    @Astro Here I am asking you another question in a different thread this time! :lol:

    Who that blond guy in the background next to Matthew Hamming? Becauseeeee I love him. :love:

    I think he's a pre-made from this city.

    When I started a new game in Bridgeport I saved a bunch of families from Fairhaven to my bin and put them in houses in Bridgeport to make the world more populated.
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Looks like trouble has hit Sunset Valley again. I just got to thinking, how would Evil Haruo have handled Mayumi? Something tells me he offed her in his universe.

    Yeah, Evil_Haruo always comes out when I want to just play thoroughly uninhibited and twisted.

    Yes, moderators. I’ll keep it clean, but I’m not making any promises about gratuitous violence like meteors and using mods and poses to punch other sims and knock their lights out. 😈
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Cast of "Characters"

    Evil Haruo
    Evil-Haruo is evil...and mean-spirited. He doesn't like anyone and he's also a loner. He also is a kleptomaniac which means that he'll steal anything that isn't tied down. He's also an artistic type which means that with his kleptomaniac trait, he may turn around and steal an easel if he gets the opportunity...just so that he can learn how to paint...evil paintings.

    Brooke McIrish
    Evil_Haruo’s female counterpart and partner-in-crime. She’s the complete antithesis of River McIrish, her sister: evil with a mean-streak...(completely vicious to boot). In fact, she’s so evil, she makes Vita Alto cringe in fear and the main evil hag of Sunset Valley, Mayumi Chikamori, simmer in jealousy. She steals lollipops from babies and kicks puppies.

    River McIrish
    River McIrish is the quintessential goody-two-shoes in this household. Having the good trait, she practically makes Evil-Haruo want to vomit which considering the fact that he dumpster-dives, he does practically daily. She is also family-oriented, neat, artistic and a perfectionist. All traits that Evil-Haruo despises. She’s the girlfriend of Haruo and that in itself makes Evil_Haruo want to projectile-heave.

    Haruo Chikamori
    The counterpart of Evil_Haruo who rarely does anything bad and doesn’t make waves. It makes Evil_Haruo sick to his stomach when there are so many opportunities to cause mayhem that Haruo passes up on. Haruo doesn’t know what he wants to do in life...and passes his time collecting rocks and playing with his Rottweiler (no, that’s not a euphemism)

    Bebe Hart
    Has no idea what she wants in life either. She and Haruo would make a good pair if they got together if he hadn’t already gotten together with River. she's absent-minded which means that everybody is just waiting for her to cook and completely forget about the fact that she is cooking so she ends up causing an inferno. She is technophobic which means that she can’t stand anything related to technology like computers, TVs, etc etc. She doesn't have a job yet. Hopefully she gets one in the next little while or Evil-Haruo is going to be extremely unhappy due to the fact that he's currently the only one other than River who is bringing in any money into the household. She likes the simple things in's speaks to her inner self...her childish self.

    Phil Burrows
    And last but not least of the human sims is Phil Burrows..mentally he's not all there after getting hit by a car in 8th Grade. He's a few bricks short of a full wall and he does like the things that go bump in the night; he's absolutely sure that there's something out there. He's always talking before engaging his brain (Inappropriate) and he's enjoying his cartoons way too much to stop even though he's a young adult.

    Jimmy Chikamori
    The Rottweiler - He's confused. It'll sure make for some interesting times when he goes out to find gemstones. We'll see if he remembers where "home" is.

    Well no-one said that life was's even harder when you have to deal with room-mates like these.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @Brandontaylor Cool! I'll think about it and let you know. :smile:
    Thanks so much for the comments!
    I think it is cool your sims are getting snow days off school.
    Congrats to John on his birthday and learning MA.
    lol at Ariana getting zapped!
    Congrats to John and Carly! Look forward to the wedding.

    @GraceyManor Oh dag, what a witch! :lol:

    @Sprottenham I hope your weather did not turn out as bad as was forecast.
    lol at Ingrid eating all that macaroni.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Those head slaps are too funny!
    I hope your weather is not as bad as forecast.

    @thuggishsplicer Thank you! I use so much cc now that I stopped sharing on the exchange. I think the only sim in my studio is my first simself which I think you have. I can try to edit a few of the families and remove the cc, or I can put them on SFS as is and you can replace what is missing with your cc.
    I'm glad you found a little time to play. :grin:
    I've got two of your families in the library waiting to get immigrated as I see how things go with the first group.

    @emorrill Loved the chapter update and commented on your thread.

    @CravenLestat Cute house and cute Sim.

    @Emily4331 Love Calista's modeling photos.
    I hope Calista finds happiness with her new love. He is definitely a cutie!

    @sulfurstyless lol, someone had a bad day.

    @Astro What an intense look, thinking about the blond dude but staring at the girl. :grin:

    A few of the neighborhood pets checking each other out.
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    @Bekkasan u never said if u liked redhead sim :( unless I didnt see her

    And ty was still wanting to work on furnishing /coming up with my interior layout for the ranger tower but am sleepy

    I always have horses hanging out in my game Bekkasan like ur pets they just walk around like a gang through the neighborhood
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    @CravenLestat I sent you a PM that I love her! I don't download direct to my gaming puter so I have to move things with a thumb drive from laptop to desktop. My tower is currently behind a lot of stuff...yeah, I know, poor planning. :neutral: I will have help this weekend to move all that stuff. She is on the thumb drive ready to load when I can get to the tower.
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    @CravenLestat Hey, I'm married to a park ranger and we don't have a cool house like that. LOL
    Seriously, the Hubs is a park ranger. The official title is "urban park ranger" so while he does walk in the woods a lot, he does a lot of trail maintenance and grass cutting. County employees only have cool homes if we buy them ourselves. Now the state rangers, they get to live in the cabins in the 3 state parks around here. I'd love to live in one of those, but sadly, he's not a state employee.

    Went back to work this week so I haven't had all that much time to play. Plus, Neverwinter is taking what little gaming time I have because they just released a new module.

    I hope everyone is having a great week. Happ Simming.

    And @emorrill happy 4300 pages!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    Your new story is so good, I cant wait to see more of it.


    Great photo, that blonde guy looks nice also the guy with tatoos.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    @GraceyManor Recently, I haven't used basements either. I did use the one for that house to put all the stuff Brittany had to collect for the challenge though. It was a great place to put all that stuff, and if I would have finished the challenge, I would have set up several collection areas, but I never was able to finish it. :disappointed:

    I just turned it into a work out area and a play room.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,424 Member

    Chapter One: Meeting My Nemesis

    Evil_Haruo: Welcome to Sunset Valley, it’s the perfect place for me to settle in. And frankly, things have been a little too quiet. I’ve been wanting a nice little backwards town to turn upside down. And what better place to do that than the town my girl and I grew up in. Right, honey?
    Brooke: ~evil chuckle~. I wonder if my little goody two-shoes sister is still hanging out at home. I’d like to teach River and my mom a lesson.
    Evil_Haruo: didn’t they kick you out of the house?

    Brooke: At eighteen; the witch.

    Evil_Haruo: Our goal is not only to cause mayhem but to buy up every single house in town…and bankrupt everybody.

    Brooke: (gleefully) …and kick them all to the curb. Especially that mean ol’mother and my sister.

    Evil_Haruo: …did you know that my brother is dating your sister. The miserable sap sent me a picture of him and her.

    Brooke: (connivingly) Oh that will be so much sweeter. I don’t like your brother anyway. Anyone who associates with my sister who I despise will be someone I thoroughly hate. They’ll look nice together sleeping in a tent, then we can spread ugly rumours about them.

    Evil_Haruo: (chuckling evilly). So what got my brother on your bad side?

    Brooke: The act of breathing.

    Evil_Haruo: My love, you are a piece of work.

    Brooke: oh it all comes naturally, mind you.
    Narrator: Yes life will never be the same in little quiet Sunset Valley; after all, when those two make a promise to cause havoc, it’s a done deal. I feel sorry for Jared Frio.

    Evil_Haruo: Don’t feel sorry for Frio.

    Waste of time feeling sorry for someone that will just end up being scraped off the bottom of my shoe.

    Brooke: Can I kick him in the family pearls?

    Evil_Haruo: Only if I can...after.
    Evil-Haruo: If there is a deity; he must really have a nasty sense of humor. I'm stuck in this house with a bunch of goody two-shoes. My goal is to make as much simoleons as I can but there's no way I'm going to be able to do it with a bunch of do-gooders around here. Frankly anyone that I've met has either made me feel like I'll do one of two things: either strangle them slowly and painfully or want to heave my stomach from all the goody things that they want to do. Why is it that most people tend towards the good side of the spectrum? But there's no way to control these things and make them do my bidding so I'll just have to stomach the insufferable nauseating goodness of these Sims, who not one out of the lot of them have the evil gene. If they did, I'd be able to get along with them. least to a certain point before one of them ticks me off and I bury them six feet under...upside down.
    Oh...good heavens...I can't even control myself. I'm ordering myself to be as evil as I possibly can and shout to the heavens:"You PATHETIC Peons...DO MY BIDDING!" but I can't even begin to believe it that I'm going up to the most goody-two-shoes of the bunch: this red-head by the name of River McIrish and...talking to her! What the heck am I doing?!! What the heck am I doing anyways? I’m supposed to be the incarnation of evil and yet, I’m making idle conversation with this...yech...good...~spits on ground~ thing. I really need to get my priorities straight; which is to say the least, not be talking to disgustingly good people. My goal is to take over this town one house by one house pillaging this pathetic little township called Sunset Valley and making them bend to my every will and put them all out on the street while I cackle in glee.
    And Brooke’s sister is happily talking to me about Watcher-Knows-What. I have no clue. And my tick-tock is getting a nice warm fuzzy – what the hell? My goal is to live in the lap of luxury and my girlfriend is getting really hot under the collar, I wonder what she’s going to do to her sister. This is gonna be good.
    Brooke: “You getting cozy...need a room?”

    River: “Of course you had to be stuck here with us”...

    Brooke: “Well of course you had to, Mom said that you two didn’t have enough money to carry the mortgage. So since MY boyfriend is investing...she asked him to take care of part of the mortgage.”

    River: “Yeah, that no longer makes it our house...”

    Brooke: “...that’s not a my books...besides we’re going to own all of Sunset Valley very shortly... though of course, if you feel like you need some air, there’s always under the bridge...going across the Fraser out of town. Besides, it’ll make you feel right at home...”
    Evil Haruo: Wait a sec...I gotta get this on I’m taking 16-1 odds on Brooke beating her sister to a pulp.
    ...and then the fight started.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Rachel: I can feel you staring at me.What do you want?
    William: This.

    Rachel: Go away, your making me sick.
    William: :D

    Rose: William, I really suggest this for the city plans.It'll go through.
    I bet my reputation on it.
    Jeffrey: Oh I'm sorry, there's a 5.00 minimum bet.
    Rose; Shut it lurch.

    Jeffrey: You do know, Science isn't advanced enough to increase
    your brain size.
    Rose: I am playing a virtual reality.
    Jeffrey: One where you get a date?
    Rose: :|

    Rachel: No mom, we haven't set a date....yes mom, I'm behaving myself... :D
    No, I haven't dropped out of school....(good grief)

    Just some random pics of town.


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    Progress is slow with the game play for the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt.

    I discovered that Sims almost never do anything in any way close to how it was expected to happen.

    I envisioned Constance having her baby, either at home or in hospital. I thought there might be some excitement. Then after Constance had done what she had to do I thought Karen would go into labour and we'd have out two babies all safe and sound.

    What actually happened. Constance went into labour next to where her husband, Chris, was standing. He totally ignored her. No one in the entire household showed the slightest interest. Then Karen decided to watch her. Suddenly Constance stopped and she was doing the jumping up and down panic dance Sims do when another sim goes into labour. Yep - Karen started her labour while Constance was busy with hers. I got all of this on video. I hope. Haven't checked. I hope it did record.


    Then while Karen continued with her labour Constance started again. At first they were out of sync but like a pair of pendulums they soon were in perfect time together. Finally Constance delivered a baby boy named Charlie and a few minutes later Karen delivered a baby boy named Keith. Then we all headed home to Cake Island.

    I have all of my sims back in Cake Island. The household is overstuffed a bit. I need to move a few out to their own homes.

    I spent one whole day giving this house a makeover for Kendall and Karen and their baby son Keith.

    Original version - it is the one I gave to Joni and Jack

    Made over version

    It took all day to make it over to a version that I thought was more suited to the style of Cake Island II. The big thing for me was I managed to get rid of those awful mismatched chimneys. But I brightened up the entire house. And it has much more décor inside as well.

    This house is way too big. It has 3 levels. The top level is almost empty. There is no basement and no garden - so far.

    I moved Kendall and his family into their new home. Used Free Realestate cheat as that was easier than battling with their 2.8 million simoleans now belonging to the main household and they were only entitled to 50 simoleans of it. I know I could change that but decided the cheat was easier.

    I planned to keep Chris and Constance and Charlie in the main household as I had Chris making trait chips and I wanted him to make a Plumbot. He got to level 10 in the bot building skill. He made a heap of nanites and was reverse engineering them to get various sized blank processors. That was taking for ever as he kept failing and even got singed once. And I wanted a medium sized blank processor and he kept making small blank processors. Funnily enough, when I wanted small processors he made medium. So I got frustrated and felt time was wasting. So I worked out he could buy them at the Bot Emporium so I added one of them to the world and Chris went and bought a few things. It didn't have much in stock but it did have 1 medium blank processor and that was enough for him to make the final trait chip he wanted for his plumbot.


    He made his Plumbot named her Chippie (after a dog I'd owned when little).


    I wanted a name beginning with C. To go with Constance, Chris and Charlie. She was pink and flowery and pretty. She got: Handi Bot, Limitless Learning, Musical Machine, Robo Nanny, RoBotany Gardner, Solar Powered. I saved after she got her chips. While in Creat a Plumbot I had shared her to the Exports folder. Then I saved the game and got Error 12. So I installed her through the launcher and I was a bit annoyed that when I last saved the game Chris still had all of her chips in his inventory. Then I discovered I don't seem to be able to make her show up in the library. I even took the file from DCBackup and put it into the library but there is no sign of her.

    So I relaunched the game and Chris made another Plumbot. This one is blue and flowery and her name is Cindy.


    I'm sticking to the C first initial. Then Cindy got her chips and I saved - successfully this time.

    Then I decided I might as well move Chris and his family to their new forever home. I will use a copy of the house I just made over for Kendall and Co. I did manage to save it to my Library. Then I read about problems with Plumbots losing chips when moved. So I'm about to have Chris remove all of her chips and he can give them back to her when they are settling into their new house.

    They need to move out as the house is too full.

    Evil Klaus is staying in the household until the end.

    Clara still has a heap of recipes and fishing books to read so she can't move out yet.

    Mean Spirited Lucy is waiting for her second Forbidden Fruit to be ready to pick. In the meantime she had a birthday cake for her plant sim daughter, Lucinda and is now teaching Lucinda to talk. So they can't move out for at least 3 sim days.

    Bruce is waiting for his Forbidden Fruit to be ready to pick. So he can't move out for about 2 or 3 more sim days.

    Geri lives there and won't be going anywhere.

    With Cindi the plumbot and two babies and toddlers there are 10 sims in the house at the moment.

    I will move Clara, Lucy, Lucinda, Bruce and any new plant sim babies out as soon as they are all ready to move. It should be about 3 or 4 sim days. Maybe I'll get them ready for that tomorrow. I'm about to turn the computer off now. I've had enough.

    I just have to save again because all of Cindi's trait chips are now back in Chris's inventory. I hope they will be safe there. Most of them travelled from The Great Southern Land to Cake Island in his inventory. I am now only going to move them to a new house in the same world.

    Happy Simming All

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    ***PAGE 4300!***


    Finally getting to comments. I've been feeling tired and blah lately. Not sure why. :pensive: And I've been doing my best to work through it so I can write my story. 🙌

    That looks incredible! :star: Man, too bad you aren't close by and can help tweak my game with all these gorgeous settings and hide what the horrible Windows 10 updates have done to my game graphics... :pensive:
    Robbie is hot, I don't care how white trash he is. :lol::love:

    @MamaSimTee Glad to hear you're feeling better. <3
    Thank you for the 4300 pages wish. :kissing_heart: It's amazing we've come this far! :star:

    @lisasc360 Thanks for the reply. <3

    emorrill My little pony sims? You really CAN do anything with this game. :D
    I've got it all on my Blog here. Don't feel like you have to read it unless you want to. ;) I just wanted to show ya.

    @GraceyManor I thought that was very sweet of you to track down that denim top for bekkasan. <3 (I may steal it myself. :p )
    Been enjoying your story still. :blush:

    @bekkasan Not sure when I'll use the plantsim skin on a sim, but when I do I'll for sure let you know. :kissing_heart:
    I know it, I feel like I've been running out of time lately too. It passes by in a flash anymore these days! :open_mouth:
    Thank you for the denim results. I've looked through a few pages and not found the one, but some cute stuff was seen and possibly downloaded. :grin:
    ^Hee hee. You're welcome. :blush:
    I hope to see the critters you created soon. :blush:
    Jalia has some awesome long hair! :star: (Yours is that long right? ;) )
    Sam and Emma! <3 And Audie sitting close by. <3<3 (Is he posed?) Adorable!
    I must say Tyler looks quite sexy on Orion there. Orion's shiny horn! :love:
    Hey Emmaline Rhoen! :smiley: Awesome! Under the tutelage of Gretchen. Awesome. 👍
    Jorge and Judy always look so much in love. <3 You can just feel it. It's hard to believe they are just sims and not a real life couple.
    Oooh, I LOVE Gina's story and how she met with Shane. <3
    Great to see Alfarin and Milton, and David and Maria. :) And Mark too! :smiley: This is wonderful!
    That's quite the family Jeff has. :lol:
    And even Dwight and Lorelei! Oh my gosh I am loving this! What a world of amazing sims! :smiley: I almost want it for my own! :mrgreen:
    I wonder who else will be moving in. ;)
    D'aw at this picture. <3
    It's nice to see Audie being friendly with a cat because normally, he isn't. :grimace::lol:

    @Brandontaylor Nice to see some of the Langerak descendants. :)
    I always enjoy the tributes to Elvis that you post. :star:
    Comments sometimes take me quite a while, even when the thread hasn't had too many posts. I think I like to give good comments as well, although sometimes time doesn't allow for it.
    It was saddening to hear that Bob Saget passed away. :cry: He was a wonderful father figure to so many kids of my generation, even though he was just a TV dad. <3 AFV was the BEST! :star: He will be missed.
    Lots to catch up with on your posts!
    I also let Harlan and Daisy woohoo as well, but I purposely hit Try For Baby. Sure enough, a Forbidden Fruit was produced. I'll hold on to it, as I'm not quite ready to plant it.
    ^ when a female Plantsim makes love to another sim there are no chimes there's just a forbidden fruit that's produced? I mean, I guess that makes sense, but'd be cute to see a pregnant Daisy. :blush: They planted it right away right? :grin:
    Looks like the gift giving party went well. :) (Oh yes, you gotta love the crowds towards the food, but that's pretty realistic for the holidays don't you think? ;) )
    Oh no, the full moon again and the effect everyone's transformation has on poor Daisy. :cry:
    I'm sorry Dwight and Melanie got divorced. :(
    John aged up well. :love:
    Dwight in a suit (and shirtless later). Swoon sigh... <3<3 Couldn't help saying it. ;)
    I agree that Jenna is a very pretty lady. :)
    Congrats to John and Carly's engagement. <3
    Oh I see later that Daisy finally planted her baby. (That sounds so weird! :lol: ) So how do you make it to where the baby gets Harlan and Daisy's genetics regardless of who harvests it? MC I imagine? If a boy harvests then the baby will be a boy? :grey_question: Gosh I'm learning so much about plantsims from your gameplay! :smiley:
    Goodness what is ghost Claire Ursine wearing? :lol:
    Thank you for the comments on my story post. <3 You were on point about Pam and I think Gus has a crush on her too. ;)

    @Evalen Nice to see you pop in. :blush:

    Looking at all your stories make me want to play! XD
    We've missed you. :)
    I got your PM. :lol: And I will have to respond tomorrow. It's nearing midnight as I'm typing here...

    emorrill Beautiful pictures and writing, you clearly put effort into it. Hehe, I like the blue plate with all the cutlery perfectly lined up. ^_^
    ^Aww, thank you. I do. <3
    Yes. :lol: I chuckled at it later because I thought maybe it all looked a little too proper for a simple breakfast burrito breakfast.
    Enjoyed your posts. :)

    @CravenLestat Very pretty park ranger lady sim. :star:
    My husband works for the National Parks service now. :)

    @Emily4331 Hubby walked by as I was reading the thread and he stopped as I was looking through Calista's modeling pics. He was impressed. :star::mrgreen: I was like, "I know! She's amazing at creating sims and staging them." Cause you are. <3
    That white dog is a little derpy looking. :lol: The bulldog however looks cute with his co'ck'ed head. :blush:

    Goodnight and happy simming everyone. :sleeping:

    (For some reason I never posted this last night when I thought I did. Goodness. :confounded: ) Here it goes...
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    Gotta work the next three days but I plan to do feedback tonight. Some interesting things happened in the save too but idk if I’ll get those posted til Saturday after work.
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