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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,104 Member
    Hey friends. :)

    I know I have some posts to catch up on so I will do that when I take another break from my writing. :kissing_heart: It's been busy over here the past week, trying to get more stuff unpacked and feel more settled in our new home now that the holidays are over. 👍

    Anyway, I have a little something I wanted to share with @Emily4331 (and the rest of you) ever since she showed off her newest DOAX Conversion: the sexy schoolgirl outfit. :) It gave me an idea, kind of a silly one, but I went with it anyway. :mrgreen: Because it's FUN!

    Penny, the sweet and innocent schoolteacher, sporting the improper schoolgirl outfit. :lol::p

    (It was fun playing with colors on the outfit. :blush: )

    I didn't get many good pictures unfortunately, most of the poses I had didn't go well with it, but these were my favorite of the bunch.




  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,104 Member
    Comments. Finally. :p

    @lisasc360 Your SS and husband are so cute. :blush: I've enjoyed your posts.
    Love your new avatar pic. :star:
    It was sad to hear about Meatloaf. :cry: So many celebrities dying already this year...

    @Nikkei_Simmer Understandable. 👍 Are you still having a hard time finding work? :cry: If so, I'm sorry my friend. It's rough these days. Hang in there. <3

    @GraceyManor Thank you thank you for sharing the link to the dress! <3 I like a lot of Ekinege's stuff (though they could have some more modest clothing options... :p Actually ALL creators over there could! :lol: )
    Congrats on your first YouTube video! :smiley: I watched a little bit of it and girl, your voice is different from what I imagined. :lol: You got a cool accent. :) Where's that from?
    I always laugh when Sims admire their feet in the hot tub. :lol:
    Oh boy...looks like Rachel is pregnant with a honeymoon baby. :mrgreen:

    @ZhakiraP I like the name Albin. :)
    I always enjoy seeing more of your family pictures. :blush:

    hehe, it's not like I'm styling my hair. Just choppin' off excess. If I wore it short I wouldn't dream of cutting it myself. I wear it in a ponytail and clipped on top of my head when I work so it's out of the way.
    ^I see. :lol: The way you describe that sounds really cute. :blush:
    Right on finding that just right jet black color for Orion! :smiley:
    That is Coco's Logan! Good catch! :grin:
    ^Thanks. :mrgreen:
    Oh man, I should know who Alaric is made from huh? ;) I'll go look back at him here...
    Hmm...did you use Damien as a base for him? Or is it Bruce Chesterfield from HS? 🤷‍♀️ I'm horrible at guessing sometimes. :p
    Regan looks AMAZING with the shorter hair I linked to you and the denim top. :star: (I noticed that you used the cleavage accessory :smirk: and it looks great!)
    Lol giving her the top hat - or whatever it's called - to prove your point. :joy:
    *GASP!* :open_mouth: Oh my, I am super curious about the details of this teaser photo!
    It's making my imagination go wild! :p I'm getting even more excited for the next part!

    @coco K! Hey girl! :smiley: SO lovely to see you pop in! Like bekkasan said, we were just talking about your sexy Logan. ;) I was totally going to message you on FB and see how you're doing, but forgive me for not having done so yet. :( But I did want to let you know that I miss you and hope that you are doing well. <3 Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year? How's work going? :)
    I haven't tried Craven's Jungle Ruins and since it wasn't just YOU who almost had a sim die in there, I'm afraid to! :flushed::lol:;)

    @Silverofdreams30 Enjoyed the preview pics. :blush: I just read your newest story post and will comment over there soon. <3
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member

    @lisasc360 Your SS and husband are so cute. :blush: I've enjoyed your posts.
    Love your new avatar pic. :star:
    It was sad to hear about Meatloaf. :cry: So many celebrities dying already this year...
    Thank you... :) I try to take bits and pieces of conversations that the hubby and and I have in real life. Or try to think of things that we would say to each. The hubby and I have crazy and zany conversations a lot which makes us laugh. We just love to have fun like that... :)
    That's Opal Moonstone my mermaid that I created in my Sims 4 game after getting Island Living for my birthday. I need to go and take some pictures of her when she in human form as she isn't blue and has the scales on her legs. You can create a mermaid in CAS in TS4 and check off a box on whether you want them to their scaly legs and such when not in the water. As you can tell by the picture, she's sleeping on back while in the water. Whenever I get back to that game, I will take pictures of the lot that I have her living on as it has a ship-wrecked boat on it.
    Same here and I wasn't really a Meat Loaf fan but do like some of his songs one being the video that I'd posted in my post... :)

    Love Penny's outfit... :)
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,076 Member
    lol you picture people's voices to XD I bet you all sound different than what I expect.
    watched a little bit of it and girl, your voice is different from what I imagined. :lol: You got a cool accent. :) Where's that from?

    Good old Connecticut, New England.XD
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,076 Member
    Jeffrey: So when you going to tell him your news?
    Rachel: How about in nine months?
    Jeffrey: I'm not so sure, you could hide it that long.

    Jeffrey: Well, you might just show a little bump occassionally.
    Rachel: Are you saying I'm gonna get fat?!
    Jeffrey: Not at all, Madam.Just pudgy.
    Rachel: I think I'll skip dessert...

    Jeffrey: Don't we have something to tell your husband?
    Rachel: How about shut up?
    William: Why are you telling me to shut up? XD
    Rachel: Not you, your big mouthed butler.
    William: Did I miss something.

    William: Why are we watching the kid's channel?
    Rachel: I dunno, nothing else on.
    William: You pregnant rachel?
    Rachel: I'm getting fat ain't I? :'(

    William: No not at all, but you are showing...plus your doctor called.
    Rachel: :D

  • CororonCororon Posts: 4,272 Member
    What am I seeing? A school uniform that almost needs a mosaic covering half of it. :lol:

    I'm playing as usual and took new pics for a short story, but I'm not posting them here.

    I hate when I'm creative and been awake so long that my eyes can't really focus, but want to continue with what I'm doing instead of going to bed. :lol:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member

    Lovely shots of Penny,
    she suited that costume well.


    a mysterious photo there!
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,850 Member
    @emorrill So cute! :3 Thank you for sharing! I love seeing my conversions in other people's games. :smiley:
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    edited January 2022
    Just finished day 4 of my 6 day stretch at work. Still got one more 8-5, then an 11-8 before I get three days off. I will try to do some comments on those days, post my updates that are still sitting on the PC, then will probably at least play a bit. I am most likely shutting aging off for a bit once Daisy's girls are both children. I'll give them a bit of extra time to be children, and that means that the older family members can relax a bit more and not have to try and accomplish everything in such a short time. Still deciding if I want to rotate between the main household and Dwight or not, I'll figure that out in the next few days.

    @GraceyManor You're welcome.

    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
    They gain their water from either taking a shower, a shower in a can, the rain, and I believe they get some from soaking up puddles. As for fertilizer, they don't need it as Sims, but when they are in the growing stage in a garden, you can fertilize the plant just like any other plant.
    Yeah, I hadn't seen people wear that Spooky Day costume yet.
    He did, but he'd been around for a while.
    Me neither. It had to be the food she ate, must have a touchy stomach.
    Me too.
    Baturney can't, he's starving.
    Having kids must've wore them out, lol
    Uh oh, it's not good to cross the yellow tape.
    She's gonna contaminate the crime scene.
    Great update!

    @ZhakiraP You're welcome.
    Yeah, they have two girls currently, Lily and Rose. Not 100% sure but think I might let Harlan and Daisy have three kids. This would leave room if I wanted to add more kids, or anybody else.
    A forbidden fruit ends up in her inventory, which she could plant at any time. Of course, I could even have a Sim generations down the line plant it, since the resulting PlantSim takes after the one who harvests it, not the "parents" who made the seed. Of course, in Lily and Rose's case, they were each picked by one of their parents.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    @lisasc360 I'd leave for Aurora Skies too. Vampires wouldn't be fun to live with, although I had a lot of fun when I played in Bridgeport.
    Donny was left with a nice house.
    Sims always pick weird places to do things at. I've had them spar right beside a table once, it's surprising one didn't get thrown into the table.
    Sounds like me, ignoring the mascot at the door.
    It's funny when Sims get mad when one tries to kiss another.

    @emorrill Yeah, I seen your post was posted after mine so I made sure to get to you before I went to do other things.
    I want to say that I've at least been through Nauvoo, but I may be thinking of Carthage. I went through one of them when a friend took me to St. Louis.
    Yep. The mandrakes screamed though when they were pulled out of the ground. PlantSims don't do that until a bit later, lol

    ***Left off at the end of page 4304. Will get through the rest on Wednesday since I am off that day. I'll just share two Elvis songs today since this was a shorter post.

    This first song was shared since it is a Sunday. The song is called "How Great Thou Art?" and is a later Elvis version from 1974. He originally recorded it in 1966, I believe, and he didn't speed it up towards the end like he does here at the chorus. I like the 1970's concert version the best.

    The next song is called "Let Me Be There," and is a song that was originally performed by singer/actress Olivia Newton-John. Of course, most of you probably know Olivia as the one who plays Sandy opposite John Travolta in Grease. On a side note, I love Olivia and John on "You're The One That I Want". Elvis did another one of her songs but I'll share that one later.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,076 Member
    Uploaded my second video, but I don't get why they are so dark.XD
  • cocococo Posts: 2,722 Member
    @bekkasan Hi!! I went back a few pages and found Logan. He looks so handsome as a blonde! I'm glad that he is still useful to you. I really miss making sims. I was so underprepared for how dangerous Jungle Ruins was. One of my sims was on fire but couldn't get to the well to put it out. I thought he was dead for sure but miraculously the fire put itself out :lol:
    Miss ya too and hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 I hope I can pop in more too. I have to put in more of an effort lol. Every day I get home from work and I just want to sleep :lol:
    I really like your Mortimer Goth!
    @emorrill Hey girl! Penny is dropdead gorgeous! Imagine Harvey's face seeing her :wink:( @Emily4331 That conversion is perfect! :kissing_heart: )
    Ahh I'm so sorry it's my fault. I've seen all of the gorgeous photos of the trees and snow at your new house. It's really so beautiful and I'm so happy that you have found a home there. I hope L is happy with the change and adjusting. How was your Christmas? xx
    My Christmas and New Years were pretty uneventful. Covid hit hard here for the first time in pretty much two years. So I've been trying to avoid big crowds. Work is real busy! But I love it. Every day I get to work with beautiful fabrics and talk to (mostly) lovely customers haha. I've been managing nearly everything since my boss had his hip replacement last year so it has been hectic and almost no time for games. Although I did buy a Switch for Christmas and have been playing a cute game called Spiritfarer.
    Jungle Ruins is perfect for a torture chamber if you ever have a sim you want to punish :lol:

    I'm not sure if I ever shared these pictures but last year I was on a Seinfeld kick and tried to make Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I can't say I was too successful but it was fun :smile:

    And here's Logan because I couldn't resist sharing again :tongue:
  • sulfurstylesssulfurstyless Posts: 100 Member
    edited January 2022
    dakarai usoro is a vampire with the insane, never nude, animal lover, artistic and friendly traits. as a result, he bathes w his suit on. he even makes street art / graffiti in other sims' houses. moreover, he started dating the consignment clerk from the alchemy shop in moonlight falls and a robber got in his house but the police came. the robber got away with the stolen object.
    dakarai also protests against the radiation. and got to the level 3 in the rebel clique






    Ambitions > Island Paradise > World Adventures > Generations > Showtime > Seasons > Supernatural > University Life > Pets > Late Night > Into The Future
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @ZhakiraP lol at Bartholomew clawing at the furniture. Did Bella play around or is their some wolf genetics in the background of the Goths that they don't admit? :grin:
    I love the family pictures.

    @Silverofdreams30 I hope I get time to work on it. I agreed to work on Sat and Sun plus am grand baby sitting on Saturday afternoon.
    Love the photos of the new changes to your sims.

    @GraceyManor Glad to see you were able to upload it again.
    I love that William loves her despite her quirks.
    I glanced at the second video. It is dark. No time this morning to listen more than a few minutes.

    @emorrill Love the photos of Penny in her school girl outfit. You did good.
    Nope, Damien and Bruce are not the base for Alaric. :tongue:
    Actually, I did not use the cleavage accessory on Regan. I really don't like it as I can't get it adjusted to match skin tones and it looks awful in game. I should look around and see if there is an acc that works better for cleavage. That is a skin I used on her and it looks awful too with the very dark contours. I don't think I will be using it again. I just didn't have time to pop her back in CAS and change skins and take more pictures.
    I'm glad you liked the teaser picture. I ended up seeing patients both Saturday and Sunday as well as Grand baby sitting on Saturday afternoon. So, I didn't get as much play/writing/picture taking time as I'd hoped. Perhaps this will be a quieter work week. Hope not...I need money! :lol:

    @Cororon Why are you not posting your pictures or a link here? Dag girl, just don't tell us you are taking them and leave us in suspense like that! :wink: I love reading what other's sims are up to, especially if there is a story.

    @Brandontaylor Love both of your song choices this morning!

    @coco Thanks! Logan is a good looking sim just as all of your sims are. I'm looking forward to seeing how his story plays out. He has such sad sweet eyes that his story starts off sad. He will have a HEA. :wink:
    I enjoyed Christmas as my Grandson was much more into it this year. Gosh, next year will even be more excitement. I hope yours was a great one too!
    I know this new variant is causing a lot of cases but doesn't seem to be as severe for most people unless they already have multiple health issues.
    Your Julia looks spot on to me! Now, does she sound like her? :grin: Those accents would be funny for sims to reproduce. I would totally love to hear sul sul in a lovely southern drawl.
    Wow...maybe I should remake Logan as the brunette he was? :love:

    @sulfurstyless He has some interesting traits. Funny picture of him bathing in his suit.

    I know I kinda overdid it with Mack's muscles, :grin: but they are a part of his persona as a tough muscle/guard for the organization. I can't help but take pictures of him. :love:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,076 Member
    The School uniform is adorable! I love it!

    Yeah I can't figure out whats up with it.
    Rachel does have some quirks XD
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,076 Member
    Rachel: There is no way, I'm getting chubby, I'll ruin my reputation
    in Philly.

    William: You no longer have that reputation.
    Rachel: Nobody asked you..XD
    William: Careful, too much stress will put you in labor.
    Rachel: Go away..It will not.

    Jeffrey(In background): Or maybe it will...I'm not cleaning that up.
    Rachel: I'm in no mood for smart mouth, Jeffrey!

    William: I hate to be the one that says I told you so.
    Rachel: It is so wrong for you to judge me right now..
    Are you just gonna stand there and let me suffer, I need a doctor.

    They ended up with twins.I kind of wish the pregnancy was a bit
    longer, if there's a mod for it, let me know.:)

    Jeffrey: Oh what are you doing here? The sun's still up.
    Rose: I haven't been sleeping well lately.
    Jeffrey: Someone leave a rock on your coffin again?
    Rose: Very funny...I am having a hard time sleeping.It can't
    be the coffee, all I drink is decalf here....Right?
    Jeffrey: -hands cup- Right......How about I bring you a nice
    cola to pick you up.
    Rose: Well, alright, but make sure, it's caffeine free.

    Jeffrey: Of course.-dumps out caffeine free cola-

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member
    edited January 2022

    Thank you, sometimes I do not play game at all since editing takes a lot of
    time, but it is fun.
    Mack is hot, you know me I love muscle men haha


    Logan is a hottie <3
    Thank you, he turned out great.


    Please share a post over here, we would love to read
    the story or a link for that matter :)


    Penny looks great, great shots!
    Had realized I posted that up above lol, but well take another compliment
    Post edited by Silverofdreams30 on
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member
    @GraceyManor, MTS has a pregnancy mod over there that you can extend the length of pregnancy to either 14, 21 or 28 days. I use the one for 28 days. I'm not at my computer at the moment or I would go and find it for you and share the link.
  • hiddengnomeshiddengnomes Posts: 21 Member
    @coco wow those sims are so beautiful 😍
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member

    @GraceyManor, okay here is the link to the longer or shorter pregnancy mod that I use. The highest patch level it goes to is 1.67
    This mod alters the following:
    Pregnancy length.
    Number of maternity days your sim gets.
    The frequency of backaches and nausea.
    One puddle will appear at the start of labor.

    What's the Difference?:

    A standard sim pregnancy lasts for exactly 72 hours, has only a 0.1 chance of nausea, 0.083 percent of a backache, no puddle at the start of labor and your sim gets 4 days off maternity leave.

    This mod alters the length from 72 hours to less or more(depending on which flavor you choose) and/or raises the chance of a backache to 0.90 and nausea to 1.0, one puddle will appear when labor begins and your sim will get to work through their pregnancy!

    I have included six flavors of this mod but I'm taking requests:
    12 hour pregnancy with no leave.
    25 hour pregnancy for just a bit longer with no leave.
    A 9 day length with no leave.
    A 15 day pregnancy, again with no leave.
    A 21 day pregnancy again with no leave.
    And finally there is a .package for more nausea and backaches, otherwise you'll just use EA's standard.

    (New) Requests Added:
    5 Day Pregnancy With Leave
    5 Day Pregnancy With No Leave
    12 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
    12 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
    18 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
    18 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
    (New!)6 Hour Pregnancy With Leave
    (New!)6 Hour Pregnancy With No Leave
    (New!)3 Day(Default) Pregnancy With No Leave

    Once you click on the pregnancylengths.zip file and go in to open it, there should be a folder titled 'Mods'. That will have a menu of the different lengths ranging from 2 days, 9 days, 15 days, 21 days 24 hours. I use the 21 day one myself.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member
    @GraceyManor You can also change the pregnancy with retuner at Nraas. That is how I extend mine. I have mine set for 10 days. The instructions are on the nraas site for what you need to change.
  • AstroAstro Posts: 6,648 Member
    edited January 2022
    A new sim has moved in to the little 'caravan park' I've created on the beach of Bridgeport...

    Cecilia Smith: Witch - Fortune Teller.

    Who knows what kind of trouble she'll brew up.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    I am so excited. I had left the game to run as I couldn't do much while waiting for babies to be born. I've already recorded lots of video for the next episode. Well I just checked and there are 15 new babies in Gerri's family tree.


    I will turn the computer off for the night now and will get her sons and daughters to start another 15 tomorrow. That'll probably take a couple days of game play, if I sit at the computer and interfere with it. I find I can generate crashes and all sorts of time wasting activities. Best if I just let it run while not in the room. Worst thing it does is stop running to make me OK a phone call or something. If anything deadly happens I can always shut down and reload.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 4

    Donny: So after I got done hanging up our high school diplomas, I went over to the university bucket to see what all was in there. I saw a t-shirt that I tried on and then I took out the banner and waved it in the air trying not to make too much noise so that I don't walk Lisa up.

    Donny: Hey, sweetie. Sleep okay in our new bed?
    Lisa yawning: Hey babe. Yes I slept pretty good. How about you?
    Donny: I was sleeping pretty good until I heard the chainsaw cutting wood.
    Lisa: I didn't hear any chainsaw while I was sleeping.
    Donny: Well I did and she was sleeping right next to me... ;)
    Lisa: I have no clue what the heck you are talking about.
    Donny making snoring sounds: You didn't hear these noises because you were making them.
    Lisa: I don't snore. You snore.
    Donny joking: I know I do but so do you.
    Lisa: Then prove it. Take a video of me snoring because I didn't hear anything.
    Donny: I will record next time you start to snore just to prove it to you... ;)

    Lisa: I see you already looked into the university bucket and got a t-shirt out of it. Looks good on you.
    Donny: Thank you sweetie. I also got the university banner out of it. I think I saw another shirt and banner in there if you want to try one one.

    Lisa: Are you hungry for anything yet?
    Donny: No, I'm fine. I just had a bowl of cereal after I took a shower. You really should try out our nice shower as the water doesn't stink and feel all slimy like it did back in Bridgeport.
    Lisa: Okay, just checking. I'm going to have a salad to eat then.
    Donny: Okay, enjoy your salad.
    Lisa: I will.

    Donny: Man, will you get out of my way so that I can score a touchdown.
    Lisa: Playing football with your brother again?
    Donny: Yes and he's trying to block me in the game from scoring for my team.

    Donny: Oh by the way, did you see that I hung our high school diplomas over the bookcase?
    Lisa: No I didn't, sorry. They look good up there.
    Donny: Thank you sweetie.
    Lisa: We're welcome babe.

    Donny: We're enroll for classes tomorrow as we still have our things being delivered today. Is that okay with you?
    Lisa: It's fine. I was going to remind you of that today when we got up as you had already gone to bed.
    Donny: My brother had sent me text reminding me that he will be delivering the rest of our things that we had stored at his house.
    Lisa: I'll just check out this university that we will be going to as they have a website showing what all they have to offer.
    Donny: Okay sweetie you do that where I get my geek on.
    Lisa: Oh wow. You can choose from form living or living in a house. I think that it would be better to live in a house for privacy and such, don't you think?
    Donny: Sure, that sounds good providing that they have any empty houses left to rent from. I'll let you choose the place that we will be staying in, okay?
    Lisa: Okay.

    Lisa: Well I'm going to get me a shower, okay babe?
    Donny: Okay sweetie. I'm going to back to bed for a few hours since I was up earlier putting our desks together and hanging our diplomas. Love you.
    Lisa: Love you too babe.

    Donny: It's so nice to hear to hear Lisa humming while taking a shower. She's never done that in our nasty shower in our nasty apartment back in Bridgeport. You see, we'd moved there thinking that we were going to make it big in the big city. What we didn't count on was how expensive city living was as well as all of the other beings in the city. You see, we always thought that they were just rumors that Bridgeport was infested with vampires as well as werewolves and witches. Granted not all vampires, witches and werewolves are evil as there are some that are really nice and that they really do care for human life.

    Lisa: Man that shower was soooo relaxing and refreshing. Never felt like that when taking showers in Bridgeport except from the showers at the gym as city hall has a crew that takes care of the community lots better than they do with the apartments unless the apartments are owned by private owners which then the private owners make sure that the apartments are kept up well which is why they are so much more expensive to live in. And I can look at myself in the mirror as we have better lighting than the apartment ever did as it was always so dark in there. Sure, we we got bright lightbulbs to use but they really didn't brighten up the room due to the dark paint and wallpaper on the walls. Or whatever it was on the walls as it was nasty and disgusting like someone threw up on interior of the unit.

    Lisa: And using the toilet is so much better as we don't have to worry about something swimming around in the toilet bowl or trying to keep from sitting down on it as the toilet seat was just too disgusting. When we complained about the toilet seat, they told us that they didn't have the funds to go out and buy new toilet seats or even new toilets to replace in all of the units in the building and that if we wanted a new one that we had to buy one from the store ourselves and put on. I also wondered how the health department didn't shut down the apartment and have it razed down so that a new and better one could be built in it's place. I guess someone from the city must had been paying someone under the table to keep the health department from deeming the apartment unlivable or something like that.

    Lisa: After I was done in the bathroom, I had unpacked some of my kitchen items that we had when we were living in Riverview before moving to Bridgeport. Yes, we're original from Riverview where we grew up at and had lived together in a house for a year before making the move to Bridgeport. When we moved, we didn't take everything that we had owned as we were waiting until we finally got into a nice house on the outskirts of town or a nice apartment. But that never happened due to not being able to find a decent job that had daytime hours. Lucky for us that we were only there in Bridgeport for a month and half before moving here. You see, we were living in the apartment for 2 weeks before Donny got word that his Aunt had passed away and a few days later, we were meeting with the lawyer about her will. So after our meeting with him, we went back to Bridgeport and gave the real estate company our 30 days notice that we would be moving out and leaving Bridgeport. It's a good thing that we were on a month to month lease instead of a yearly lease or else we would had to wait until out lease was up before we could move out of there.

    Lisa: I also took out what totes that we had in the back of our jeep and PT Cruiser and placed them by the back door. I just hope that no one messes with them while they are out there. We are also waiting on the company that's building our little shed that we picked out. Once they have it built, they will bring here and build the foundation for it which will good as I can store our things that can't be put in the house just yet.

    Lisa: Then Donny's brother showed up and left our other boxes out back as well. Some of them was brought inside as there was some that had our clothes in that we didn't have with us when living in Bridgeport, so they were put by the bed until Donny gets up and things can be unpacked for the bedroom. Of course there are more boxes for the bedroom but they will be in the shed once it gets here and secured down.

    Lisa: Donny's brother built this bench for us to put on our front porch as he knows that we like to sit outside on the front porch. His wife made the cushions that are on it. They are so nice and we love them dearly.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member
    edited January 2022
    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 5

    Lisa: So after getting everything that we had on Donny's brother's truck and put away whatever I can, I dug out my painting easel and placed it in the backyard under the tree as I wanted to paint, but it started raining and I had to pack it back up and ran back inside.

    Lisa: When I got in the house, I decided to go out to the front porch to see if it was okay to paint. Of course it really wasn't but at least my painting wasn't getting wet since the rain was coming straight down and not at an angle. I then heard that Donny was up, so I had packed up my stuff and went back inside to fix us some waffles for breakfast.

    Donny: After I got up and used the bathroom, I heard some crying coming from the outside and tried to go see who it was. They paperboy who's name is Lee Jung was out on the porch crying about something, so I wanted to go out and find out what was wrong but he left before I could get outside. Maybe one of these days I can ask him what is wrong. Maybe he's sad that my Aunt was no longer living here as she was friendly to the neighborhood kids since her and my Uncle never had kids of there own.

    Donny: Hey gorgeous. Looking good there sweetie... <3
    Lisa: Hey babe. Thank you my handsome man... :blush:
    Donny: What are you cooking this morning for us?
    Lisa: Waffles. Anything else you want with them?
    Donny: Sounds yummy. And no, waffles will do for now. Did you hear Lee outside crying?
    Lisa: If you mean the paperboy, then yes I heard him crying. Wonder what that was about.
    Donny: I don't know. Maybe he misses my Aunt as she used to bake goodies for everyone in the neighborhood. You know the baking oven and canning station used to be hers. I remember her baking my brothers and sisters chocolate chip cookies whenever we were over to visit with her and my uncle. My family used to rent a house close by for the summer so that we could visit with my Aunt and Uncle during that time. I sure do miss them a lot.
    Lisa: You're probably right about him missing her. I remember when she and your Uncle would come to Riverview to visit with your family and they would bring different cakes and cookies to share with your family. And remember when you all used to pack up for the summer and come here because I would miss you very much during that time and couldn't wait until you were back home.

    Donny: Take that little brother, that is what you get for blocking me earlier this morning when we've played this game.
    Lisa rolling her eyes: Men! Or should I say 'boys' and their games.

    Donny: Those waffles smell so good. Hopefully they taste just as good as they smell.
    Lisa: Don't worry, they will taste just as good as they smell.
    Donny: I hope so.
    Lisa: Okay Donny, breakfast is served.
    Donny: Okay I'll be there right after I finish kicking my brother's rear end in this game.

    Donny: I see my brother was here to bring us our other boxes.
    Lisa: Yeah he got here maybe about an hour after you went back to bed, so I helped him unload the truck and told him where to put the other boxes at. Now we just need to wait for the company to bring us our shed so that we can store the boxes and totes in there. Also the alarm company will be out today to install our alarm that we've picked out.
    Donny: Are you so sure that we will need an alarm on our house? I mean this used to be a very nice neighbor and it doesn't look like a dump to me like Bridgeport does.
    Lisa: What used to be when you were younger could change over time and looks doesn't have anything to do with it either. Plus I'm still a little bit nervous after living in Bridgeport, so maybe over time I won't feel like this anymore.
    Donny: Yeah I guess you're right but still, I think it's just a little too bit overboard. I've always heard that once someone installs an alarm that they end up getting burglarized but let's hope that's just a rumor and nothing to worry about.

    Lisa: I went outside today and placed my painting easel under the tree and it started to rain on me, so I had to pack it back up and bring it inside where I went out to the porch to paint until I heard you get up to use the toilet.
    Donny: There's a lot of nice scenery here in Aurora Skies that you can paint. I will take you to them one day when the weather is much nicer than this.
    Lisa: That sounds pretty good to me, I can't wait.

    Donny: Did you get this waffle recipe from a book?
    Lisa: Why do you ask?
    Donny: Because I think you're missing an ingredient or 2 from it.
    Lisa: I used the book that was found in your Aunt's bookshelf to make them.
    Donny: I know that book but she used to add other things into the mix that wasn't listed to make them taste better. If I can remember what they were, I'll let you know what they are.

    Lisa: Can I get over there and grab your plate?
    Donny: Sure you can. Now I guess you're mad at me for saying something about your waffles?
    Lisa: No, I'm not mad. I'm just a bit disappointed that I didn't know that your aunt had added other things to the mix to make it taste better. Maybe once I can get a garden started that I can have fresh fruits to put in the mix.
    Donny: There is community garden just right around the corner from us that my Aunt used to go to to get her fresh vegetables from that I will take you there one day so that we can go and pick some for us. And if you want, we can buy some planter boxes and grow a couple of things over here so that they will be here when needed. Okay?
    Lisa: Okay.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member
    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 6

    Donny: Well it looks like it's going to be raining all day and nice and clear the rest of the week. But if I remember correctly, then the weather can change from day to day.
    Lisa: Yup, Mother Nature can throw at us whatever she wants and not give a care about someone's plans for the day.

    Lisa: I know you didn't like these waffles as they didn't taste good to you but I'm keeping them to eat for myself.
    Donny: I didn't say that I didn't like them, I just said that they were missing a few ingredients. But other than that, they were still good, just not great like my Aunt's was.
    Lisa: Well anyhow, they're be in the refrigerator in case you want anymore of them.

    Lisa: Our little shed came and was put up. As things get better for us, the shed will get bigger as well. But this will do for now since we really don't have a lot of room inside for our boxes.

    Lisa: I had also unpacked the boxes in our bedroom and put out our TV tray stands to use as nightstands next to the bed. We used the TV tray stands in our apartment in Bridgeport as there wasn't much room in there for a dining table to use.

    Lisa: And the alarm company came and installed our alarm for us. I feel so much better now knowing that is someone breaks in that the cops will show up. When we were living in Bridgeport, I had heard that the cops wouldn't go into some of the rundown buildings or apartments when the cops were needed as they feared for their lives which is quite sad being that it's their job to investigate crime scenes and break-ins.

    Lisa: I'd even put up my clock that I had when we were still living in Riverview. I placed it over the baking oven so that I can keep track of the time of the cakes, cookies and bread that I may fix later.

    Lisa: While Donny was watching the news, I read a book. At least from what I heard from the news, Aurora Skies is a tamer place to live in compared to Bridgeport. Everyday, we would here about people disappearing without a trace or that there was a break-in at some businesses or apartments or someone getting mugged and possibly killed if they didn't do what the thieves wanted them to do. But then again, the thieves would still kill the victims even after they did what the thieves wanted just so that they wouldn't be able to picked out of a line-up at the police station. Donny and I should consider ourselves lucky to not have been a victim of crime while we were there for the short amount of time that we were there.

    Donny then turned it to the sports station to get the latest scores on his favorite teams and to see what was happening at the ski contest over in Hidden Spring.

    Lisa: But as I was still reading, my phone started to ring, so I answered to see who it was. It was a call from the Cuisine and Contracts Business Park asking me if I wanted to participate in their food cook-off, so I accepted. They told that I have until Thursday night to enter a dish. So I got started working on my famous Mac & Cheese dish.

    Lisa: Once it was completed and I got covered up, I headed on out to enter the dish at the Cuisine and Contracts Business Park after I had entered the address into my GPS. Once I got there, I hurried up to get out of the rain so that I don't catch a cold or something. I just hope that they like my dish. I came out of the building 50 simoleons richer as they liked my dish. They were blown away by and and asked me what all that I had put into it. So I told them that it was lobster, crab and shrimp that I had used as well as other ingredients. In fact, I gave them a copy of the recipe as some of them wanted me to send them one when I got a chance.
    (Of course I've never had this but wanted to pick something that would sound like a winner if I ever had to enter into a cooking competition.)

    Donny: Well how did the cook-off go? Did they like your food?
    Lisa: They were blown away by the food. I won 50 simoleons from the contest.
    Donny joking: Oh that's good. I was worried that they wouldn't be pleased with it.
    Lisa: Now you know they would as that is your favorite dish. :kissing:

    Lisa: Speaking of food, I'm getting hungry now. How does Goopy Carbonara sound to you?
    Donny: That sounds good.

    Lisa: Smells good to me. I hope that Donny likes it.
    Donny joking: Are you burning the food up out there in the kitchen?
    Lisa: No Donny, I'm not burning the food up... :p But I do have a mess out here on the stove.
    Donny: Don't worry about it now, I will clean it up after we eat dinner sweetie.

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