Things Simmers can't say in public without sounding like complete psychos.


  • igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    "What am I doing tonight? Well, I was going to water the plants, take out the trash, and feed the dog, but I'm about to begin a long semester at Uni. Think I'll just do all that when I return instead."
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  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    I'll have to sell that 50000$ car I just found dumpster diving so I can afford to have a baby and start a family without having to return to work until the little one ages up to a child.
  • Lazarus_B4RLazarus_B4R Posts: 1,827 Member
    "Think my Plant (Sim) Son is into recycling a bit too much :o , I notice he likes to absorb everyone's..umm, puddles." :s:mrgreen:
  • ems66676ems66676 Posts: 71 Member
    i fixed the shower and walked through the wall to the garden then the cat morphed into a glitch said that one in work and the big boss walked in our store... :D
  • figmentzfigmentz Posts: 504 Member
    The Sims 2:
    Her and her husband were both pregnant. I forced them both to have twins!
  • TerrylinTerrylin Posts: 4,846 Member
    "Ever since I dared Cory to streak all he wants to do is walk around the house naked!" ;)
    "All Audry had to do was water and talk to the tree and then she just step in and disappeared." :o
    "Some of the people on my sidewalk are in their underwear!" :o
  • LonnehartLonnehart Posts: 688 Member
    "Y'know? I'm thinking of starting an affair with the female Pancake next door. Her marriage seems unhappy enough..."
    Yeah. Made a Minecraft Windows 10 Edition video channel. I guess I'm insane...
  • natpat100natpat100 Posts: 223 Member
    I wanted to marry this guy, so i killed his wife!
  • lovejoyriteialovejoyriteia Posts: 198 Member
    To hubby last week: "We had a grandson, but I gave him a sex change operation. Now he's a girl."
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 79,835 Member
    Let me get the ghost to repair the toilet.
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  • figmentzfigmentz Posts: 504 Member
    Another Sims 2 one: Want to have twins? Just forcetwins!
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,141 Member
    I'm so lucky I get to hang out with my favorite celebrities and ruin their lives in any way I want #Ilovecc

    "It's okay keep being mean to me, I'm going to get a pic of you, re-create you during game play and kill you off."

    "I really can't wait for kids to grow up so they can help me reach my goal of 100 babies...or more we'll just kill off others and take their houses when we run out of space."

    "My youngest son was annoying me so I kicked his brother out and sent the kid along with him."
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  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    edited October 2014
    "I'm broke again. I guess I could make some money by selling some windows."

    "I want to get pregnant again, but I already have six kids. Maybe I could some of then over to next door neighbors."

    "Ah, darn, I can't find my green dragon, and really have to pee. Okay, I'll just buy another egg, talk to it, and use the cheat code for right now."

    "How come my unicorn can teleport, but not my witch."

  • KesminlixKesminlix Posts: 252 Member
    I have no clue where this gnome came from but I wish he would get off the table so I can eat my cereal! *sigh* I guess I'm gonna have to go eat it on the toilet...
  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    edited October 2014
    Here's one I just uttered (or typed):

    I had Flora lock the gates in preparation for the full moon, you know, to save the plants from the zombies. She's unlocked them, but she still can't get in. Oh, nevermind, she's just stuck in the bushes.
  • Lazarus_B4RLazarus_B4R Posts: 1,827 Member
    I spend *almost* everyday playing with Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts & Zombies..So today is pretty much an average day for me..
    But Happy Halloween anyway. :#
  • FrauSchneiderFrauSchneider Posts: 910 Member
    I went into the future.. And my God, my descendants are ugly! Where did I go so wrong?

    I didn't like my boyfriend, so I modified his entire body, face, skin tone, and personality. Much better!

    Did you hear about the zombie apocalypse? All of them just broke out dancing to the radio! What a bummer.
  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 5,053 Member
    My best friend is a zombie
    My husband is a werewolf and I'm a vampire
    My wife is a plant sim
    Mom I can't go to school today there's a plate in front of the door.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    I'm starving so I'll just go eat the cat food instead of disturbing my parents and interrupting their studies.
  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    Geez, that townie is so ugly. I'm going to delete him and his entire family.
  • ColdHearted21ColdHearted21 Posts: 251 Member
    "I think I'm going to try to drown the kids in the pool"


  • Nh6650Nh6650 Posts: 7,878 Member
    A horse is stuck in my house. How do I get it out?.
  • FrauSchneiderFrauSchneider Posts: 910 Member
    I married my clone because everyone else was so ugly.

    Oh, the baby's fine on the lawn. The babysitter will pick her up.

    My boyfriend got eaten by a cowplant.
  • PlumbobCrossingPlumbobCrossing Posts: 8,443 Member
    "I didn't like her, so I set her on fire."
    "I have magical gnomes in my room!"

  • HanskuHansku Posts: 1,735 Member
    I think this post deserves to be in this thread.
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