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Things Simmers can't say in public without sounding like complete psychos.


  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,944 Member
    The children? oh i let them go the nightclub . They'll be fine on their own im sure
    Haha that was a daily occurrence in the sims 3 my sims would just drag toddlers anywhere that wasn't appropriate.

  • LordKacjLordKacj Posts: 148 Member
    'Christ all these guys are ugly! I'll just bring in a new goodlooking guy to marry'
    Origin ID: 'LordKacj'
  • cats3008cats3008 Posts: 135 Member
    Hold on mom, I'll be ready for dinner as soon as I check on my sim. She just had twins with that guy sim she met yesterday.
  • cats3008cats3008 Posts: 135 Member
    Let me get a close up of this guys face. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, he looked good from far away....
  • brainybeebrainybee Posts: 1,123 Member
    That's awesome @SimSiren3!
  • TechNoPreMarioTechNoPreMario Posts: 9 New Member
    Join the wagon for second time !

    "i can repair things by just bangin' my hammer on them ! ( do you know what i mean ? ;) )"
    "i must woohoo with all townie so i can complete my aspiration"
    "i take angry poops in my girlfriend's parent private bathroom because i'm actually my girlfriend's husband long ago...."
  • thesims3andtwothesims3andtwo Posts: 4,643 Member
    edited October 2014
    "I drank all the booze at the bar and i'm still sober!"

    "I want witches so i can light random people on fire"
  • megalicious20megalicious20 Posts: 4 New Member
    "My child died in a fire yesterday but it's all good because they had 6 kids and the house was WAY too crowded."

    I text this to my sister
  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,149 Member
    Just 3 more acts of arson then I get promoted!
    Potential Is Everything

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  • DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Posts: 4,220 Member
    cats3008 wrote: »
    Let me get a close up of this guys face. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, he looked good from far away....

    Don't we say that in real life too?
  • figmentzfigmentz Posts: 504 Member
    "I locked her husband in the bathroom because he was old and I didn't want him anymore"
  • SprinkleofSims12SprinkleofSims12 Posts: 10 New Member
    *screams to the top of my lungs*
    Mom and Dad: What's wrong!?
    Me: My sim didn't have triplets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: *faints*
    Mom and Dad: Ughhhhhh! Not again
  • SprinkleofSims12SprinkleofSims12 Posts: 10 New Member
    Me: I freaking hate nominotical sims!
    Everyone: *whispering in the background*
    Everyone: LETS KILL HER!
  • mrsnava82mrsnava82 Posts: 664 Member
    I killed off my neighbor not only because she was annoying but because I wanted to have a ghost family Member like everyone else. Then I released her because she was stillannoying
  • horrorfan1980shorrorfan1980s Posts: 2,900 Member
    I woohoed my husband to death. When death came for him, I tried to woohoo him as well but it wouldn't let me.
    can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will boxed after sword is out.
  • YazFoxxyYazFoxxy Posts: 1,219 Member
    Donno if this has been said already but, oh well.

    I don't have enough money to buy a TV, don't worry I'll just use the motherlode.
  • figmentzfigmentz Posts: 504 Member
    He couldn't go to the mirror because the sink was in the way, so I sold the sink.
  • MissLaraeMissLarae Posts: 215 Member
    I was looking for a boyfriend at the park yesterday and they were cute from afar but as soon as I got close they all had unibrows!
  • reneerenee Posts: 14 New Member
    I had sex with a guy for about 10 seconds and I was pleasantly satisfied
  • SilverNamaraSilverNamara Posts: 42 Member
    So the Grim Reaper came to my house today, since Grandpa died. So, of course, I told him some jokes and stories!
  • Shadecaster101Shadecaster101 Posts: 1,343 Member
    edited October 2014
    Ugh! I have to drown the adopted kid in the pool because they have a bad personality. Hopefully the next one will be better.

    I'm going to their house so that I can steal their expensive car.
    What the heck? I stole three lamps!
    Now I have to wait another day before I'm allowed steal again.
  • tams2578tams2578 Posts: 705 Member
    I had too many people in my family so I set a fire "accidentally" and watched them burn.
  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,149 Member
    How much can I get for my mothers ashes? I want to buy a new toilet.
    Potential Is Everything

    Origin ID: BadArkane

  • Coffefreak4LifeCoffefreak4Life Posts: 8,082 Member
    Im sorry honey but i have to kill you for cheating on me .
  • SOnet104SOnet104 Posts: 487 Member
    Afbmom414 wrote: »
    Malcolm Landgraab kept breaking my kid's dollhouse so I yell out "Oh my God! That jerk is never allowed back in my house again! I don't care if he is her real father." And my boyfriend, who I have a daughter with, asks "Who?!"

    Whoop, that could have turned out bad. HAHA
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