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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @lisasc360 I'm sorry you having trouble with getting things to display in your game. Sometimes when things don't work I uninstall and reinstall them and that can help. I hope your ok.
    Thank you... :) I've found a thread here that had a link to ZeeGee's page that had the store on that I had downloaded into my Sims 3 folder and now the stuff is showing up. Granted most of the items were in the game with the exception of the venue lots.

    Now my other problem is that I have about a dozens of saves that I can't load because it tells me that I have missing EP's but all of my EP's are installed as well as all of my SP's. When I go to my 'Uninstall Program' page, it shows all of my EP's and all but 1 SP's installed. The SP that's showing that it not installed is Outdoor Living as there a white box next to it instead of the logo that belongs to that pack. And sadly my Disc drive isn't reading any of my discs including music CD's anymore, so either I will have to buy an external disc drive or go and uninstall my entire game collection and reinstall through Origin and have the 1.69 patch.
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    Harper: Morning Caleb.
    Caleb: Morning Harper, are you okay after last night?
    Harper: I'm fine.
    Caleb: Please don't be so reckless again, you could have died.
    Harper: If Dysentery hasn't killed me, I don't think a little water will.
    Caleb: Don't get snarky. It was reckless.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I won't do it again..
    Caleb: Do you mean that?
    Harper: Yes.
    Caleb: Really? You mean it?
    Harper: No.
    Caleb: Maker's breathe.

    Teddy approached Caleb and Harper, offering to take Harper
    into town to get supplies, seeing how Harper's mishap cuased
    some delay in restocking.
    Caleb: I don't know, I still don't want to send her off with someone
    we don't know well enough.
    Harper: He'll be okay with me, Caleb. You don't have to worry.
    Caleb: I'm not so sure I can trust you not to fall off a bridge again.
    Teddy: I will not take her across any bridges.

    Caleb: Are you absolutely certain you want to go with him?
    Harper: I promise to be careful.
    Caleb: Alright, please just get what you need and come straight
    Harper: I will.

    Caleb watched Teddy and Harper leave for town.He hoped he
    didn't make a mistake sending her off with Teddy.

    Caleb: Maker.

    After getting their supplies, Teddy decided it would be a good
    time to try to be a little flirtatious with Harper. Little did Harper
    know Teddy was not part of any wagon train. He planned on
    robbing stage coaches. His plan was to use Harper to get
    what he wanted, and thought perhaps if he flirted a bit, it would open
    her up.Harper was not interested in flirting though and just wanted to
    head back to camp.
    Harper: ..Let's just head back, Teddy.
    Teddy: But why? We're alone, we got some time to get to know each
    He reached for her hands..
    Caleb: Keep your hands to yourself.

    Harper; Caleb, what are you doing here?
    Caleb: Stepping in just in time I see.
    Teddy: It wasn't what it looked like, Caleb.
    Caleb: No? I hear her say no, and see you step forward.
    You tell me what it was. Stay away, or I'll put two rounds in
    Caleb placed his hand on his holster, waiting for Teddy's move.
    Teddy shoved Caleb.
    Caleb: Don't shove me.
    In which Caleb shoved him back, the two ended up in a brawl in
    front of the general store.

    Annie: Someone go get the Marshal, they're going to kill each
    Daniel: I'll go get him, be right back.
    Harper: Both of you stop it, you're going to get yourselves killed.
    Annie pulled Harper inside, suggesting she not get involved.

    Marshal Dillion: Break it up all of, that's enough. Show's over
    He motioned all the townsfolk to move along.
    Marshal Dillion: Now, tell me what is with this nonsense.
    Teddy: This man jumped me in front of the general store!
    Marshal Dillion: What's your name?
    Caleb: Caleb...and that's not entirely true.
    Marshal Dillion: His arm and scratches say differently,
    you show no injury have no choice to bring you in.We
    can speak more at my office.

    Marshal Dillion: Not let me get this straight, you said he try
    to harass a young lady, you stepped in and he shoved you,
    and then you returned the shove and things got heated...If
    that's true, then how come the young lady didn't speak up.
    Caleb: I'm not sure where she went, but she is rather shy.
    You'd know that if you met her, she's not going to argue with
    a marshal, that for sure I can promise you. And I rather she didn't.
    Marshal Dillion: Everything points to you being the instigator, I'm
    sorry, I have no choice. I think a week in here will be fine.
    Caleb: While I think its not fair, I didn't do anything wrong, I won't
    argue, you're just doing your job.
    Marshal Dillion: Well, thank you for your corporation.

    Marshal Dillion: Hello, young lady.What can I do for you?
    Harper: I'm here to speak to Caleb.
    Marshal Dillion: you must be the young lady he spoke of.
    Harper: Yes, I am, Marshal.

    Marshal Dillion: Is what he says is true?
    Harper: They were both at fault Marshal.
    Caleb: Really? That's how we're going to be.
    Marshal Dillion: Caleb, let the lady speak. What's your name?
    Harper: My name is Harper, Marshal. Yes, Teddy tried to
    put his hands on me. I told him no, but they both were instigating
    each other, threating to put rounds into one another, that's
    when the shoving began and the brawl broke out.
    Marshal Dillion: I see. Do you know where Teddy is? I think
    a little one on one time in a cozy bed might do him some good
    as well.As for you Caleb, I still stand with my choice, both of you
    and Teddy should know we do not put up with fighting.The proper
    thing would have been to get me.
    Caleb: Yes I know.
    Harper: I think he took off, he's not at our wagon's camp.
    Marshal Dillion: I will go look and see if I can find him.
    You may speak to Caleb.

    Caleb: Thank you so much for defending me Harper.
    Caleb said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
    Harper: You know darn right well you overreacted. Where
    I come from making threats to put two rounds into someone
    would not stand well. Both of you acted like children.
    Caleb: Perhaps so, but if you didn't find the need to flirt
    and bat your eyes at every man that looks at you, you wouldn't
    be in this predicament.
    Harper: And what's that suppose to mean?!
    Caleb: I saw the look you made speaking to the marshal, with
    your pretty smile. I swear your beauty is going to be your

    Harper: You think I'm beautiful?
    Caleb: ...I didn't..
    Harper: Now look who's being all cute.
    Caleb: Don't change the subject Harper..
    Harper: Thank you for trying to defend me,
    Caleb. I appreciate it.
    Caleb: You owe me a favor. Next time I ask
    you to do something.
    Harper: Sounds fair enough.
    Harper took Caleb's hand in hers and squeezed it gently
    pulling him closer.



    Harper: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.
    Caleb: What do you mean? Why?
    Harper: ..I can't tell you why....
    what am I suppose to say, I'm from 2022 and
    anything I say and do here, is going to change history.
    I'd be tried for witchcraft..ok maybe wrong time period,still.

    Caleb felt a little hurt by Harper's words.He wanted her to open up
    and share more about herself with him. But she kept pushing back.
    Caleb: I..understand..
    I guess I got you all stuck here for another week.
    Harper: Don't worry Caleb, we'll get you released soon.

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    Thank you so much :)
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    @bekkasan Right? I do the same with my sims. I like them living epic lives, but I have them set to numbers, so that it feels sort of realistic. For example, I made it so that when the teens grow up to be young adults, the parents will already be adults. That way the kids won't be close to the same age as the parents. I too wish the same lifespan applied to the gnomes. The short time they have just doesn't feel like enough. I have plans to go hunting for another mr. mystery gnome when Anastasia grows up. That way, they won't be alone. Thanks! I really liked the name Anastasia. I named them after Cinderella's stepsister. You're welcome. It was a very touching moment especially near the end. :smiley:

    @Luna10 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them. It's my first time playing in Monte Vista and I'm really enjoying it. :)

    @GraceyManor I'm really loving the story you got going on. I get enjoyment out of reading it! <3
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    @bekkasan - finger is healing…the cut had sealed, luckily with no infection…and well… things are going as well as can be expected.

    @Sprotrenham - so they say there is some connection between heavy metal and classical? Hmmmm, maybe it’s my ears but I’m not seeing it much.

    I have noticed that melodic lines got simpler as the years went on. Bach used to embellish intricate melodies with even more intricate counterpoint.

    This is a Fugue that I learned in Gr 8 RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music).
    (There’s a simple melody line, but then Bach starts adding layers and layers of intricate counterpoint weaving the melodies together the subtlety of the interplay between the left and right hands as one plays this piece.

    Nowadays you listen to music and it bashes you over the head with whatever the so called thematic of the song is and that’s all it does.

    When I’m at the piano, Bach is the first composer I reach for.
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    Another random mermaid story update



    It worked!, There he was again, but now he looked human, there was not a sight of the paler
    features on him in the last meeting, but here he was still as handsome. It took a while before he arrived, she almost thought it had not
    worked, but this was a perfect meeting spot, not drawing attention to themselves.




    She rushed up to kiss him, he first hesitated a bit being surprised by her actions,
    but later he gave in, he had too missed her. they kissed for quite a while until they both had to catch their


    " wow, that was a surprise, but a very nice greeting" he chuckled and smiled at her.

    She smiled " I just missed you, I do not know this feeling but I keep wishing to be with you,
    and then when you are not with me I feel empty"
    . " I know it's so crazy all this, we just met the other day but I already
    feel closer to you than to anyone recently
    " she sighed.

    He nodded

    " I have that very same feeling, it's just a bit complicated since I'm only here a few days
    each month, the rest of the time I am gone
    ". " I'm sorry, but I can't tell you more than this, to not scare you away or make you more confused than you already are"
    He gave her a half smile.

    She nodded

    " I do understand, if its too risky letting me know more please do not until you fell
    it is safe for you to do so", " I know we both need to figure things out on our own"

    " That meeting the other day, it was so strange how you could call us over, not many people have
    the flute as you do, how did you get it"
    ? He asked looking at her.

    she shrugged " My grandma gave me it when she passed away, she never explained to me what it was or how she
    herself got access to it

    He nodded " I see it's a secret, maybe that is what we are supposed to find out together? to know more about your grandmothers
    the story so we freely can live our own"

    Kiki did not know, but she knew that her grandmother would like her to find her own
    happiness and maybe this was her way to show her how.

    to be continued
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    Caleb: Charity, what's the matter sweetheart?
    Charity came running over to Caleb arms wide open and
    tears running down her cheek.
    Charity: Harper left.
    Caleb: What do you mean she left?
    Charity: She came out of her tent crying and said she had to
    go home and left.What if she dies like mama?

    Caleb: I won't let that happen, Charity.You go back to bed.
    I'll go find her.
    Charity: You promise?
    Caleb: Promise.

    Caleb: Come on Georgia, we have a run away to find.

    Harper managed to get her ipod to work and decided since she
    was alone she could use it.
    Harper: singing along: She comes down from Yellow Mountain
    On a dark, flat land she rides. On a pony she named Wildfire,with a whirlwind by her side
    On a cold Nebraska night.

    Caleb: Where do you think you're going?
    Harper: Oh maker! You scared me.
    She quickly stuffed her ipod into her pocket.

    Georgia missed Harper and decided to give her a big sniff as
    a Hello.
    Harper: Hi, Georgia.

    Caleb: What are you doing Harper?
    Harper: What do you mean? I'm resting.
    Caleb: Why'd you take off like that without telling anyone.
    Didn't I tell you before not to do that.
    Harper: I'm trying to find my way home.I'm tired of
    this walking and traveling, Caleb.I want to go home.

    Caleb: You could have said something. I could have helped you,
    if aren't happy with us. But you can't just wander off like that.
    Is that what you did with your last party?
    Harper: I told you, and I will tell you again, I did not have a party!
    Caleb: So you say.
    Harper: Its the truth, maker you're starting to irritate me.
    Caleb: And you are starting to irritate me Harper.

    Harper: Caleb, you don't understand, and won't understand.
    So kindly, please go.
    Caleb: I won't understand, because you won't let me. You
    refuse to talk to me about anything.
    Harper: I told you, I can't tell you.
    Caleb: Yes I know, because its all some big
    secrete where you're from. Where you going?
    Harper: Back to camp, if it will calm you down.
    Caleb: Don't be angry.

    Harper: Caleb, I'm tired, I don't feel well, I don't mean to be
    angry, but I really can't do this much longer.
    Harper started fanning herself, feeling her cheeks burning with heat,
    it was unusually hot compared to other days she thought.Caleb felt
    her head with hand.
    Caleb: Harper, you're running a fever.Let's go back to camp.
    You need rest.

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    Had to break this in 2 parts

    Mary: Harper looks like she's still not well.
    Caleb: I'll go check on her, thank you mary.

    Caleb: You feeling okay Harper?
    Harper: I'm fine.
    She quickly turned away and wiped her eyes.

    Caleb: Did you take the medicine Mary gave you?
    Harper: Of course, she made me.. I'm just tired, I'll be okay.
    Caleb: Do you want to ride Georgia, I can walk.
    Harper: I rather walk, but thank you.

    The group found an abandoned wagon trapped under a rock.
    They searched for the owners, but its apparent the group left some
    time ago.They did manage to find an abundance of food, medicine and
    spare clothing and packed as much as they could into their sacks.
    Unfortunately, the wagon itself was beyond repair.

    Caleb: Harper you dropped something.
    Caleb bent down and picked up the strange box.
    Caleb: What is this? He put it to his ear and pulled it back
    when he heard music coming from it.

    Harper: Its nothing, I'll take that, thank you.
    Caleb: What was that? It had music coming from it.
    Harper: No it didn't, you were just imagining it.
    Caleb pulled harper's hand, taking her outside of the in
    and into the barn.

    Caleb: Where are you from, Harper? I know you are not from here.
    But where?
    Harper: I really can't tell you, Caleb.

    Harper: Your charm isn't going to work on me, Caleb..
    Why do you have to be so charming.
    Harper: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
    Caleb: Why not give me a chance to believe you Harper.
    Please, I want to know more about you.
    Harper decided it perhaps it was time to open up about her
    home. She invited Caleb to sit down with her, who listened carefully
    to Harper. She expected a lot of judgment from his end. But he proved her
    wrong, and he listened and supported Harper.

    Harper: I suppose you think I'm a little strange.
    Caleb: Harper, I believe you. It all makes sense now. Why you
    didn't have a group, why you didn't speak of home.
    Harper: Yes, and that's why I should leave.I'll say goodbye this time.

    Caleb: don't have to..That doesn't change anything.
    At least stay a little longer.
    Harper: I don't think I should...I'm sorry.

    Caleb: Harper...please..


    Mary: Caleb, Dear, are you okay? You look like someone just
    drained the life out of you.
    Charity: Where's Harper? I have something to show her.
    Joseph: Why don't you come show me.
    Caleb: Harper is going home.
    Mary: Oh, I see now..

    Teddy: Having a rough time right now, Caleb?
    Caleb: You...what do you want?
    Teddy: Now is that anyway to greet someone tryin to help ya.
    Caleb: Any help you have, I don't want.

    Teddy: Why not forget that party wagon of yours and come join me.
    It will take your mind off of your troubles.
    Caleb: You mean completely abandon my group? That
    wouldn't be fair to them...besides I don't even know what you're
    up to.
    Teddy: I'll be Frank with you, Imma planning on robbing coaches
    as they pass through.

    Caleb: Someone should really get the Marshal on you.
    Teddy: Now ya wouldn't do that to me....if ya don't want to join
    I'll just go and leave ya here with your group and your troubles.
    Teddy turned to walk away, after a brief pause...
    Caleb: I'll come with you.
    Teddy: That's my boy, we'll take your horses.
    Go get dressed.

    Caleb: ...I don't feel right taking both horses from the group
    Teddy: Don't be turning cowardly now, Caleb. Either you're going
    all the way or you ain't going at all.
    Caleb: Fine, let's go.

    Caleb stopped for a moment looking back at the camp.He shook
    his head and continued forward.

    Teddy: Maker, Caleb, forget that girl, you don't need her.
    Caleb: Easy for you to say.
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    Hmm the site is being weird, when I come back to the thread the text box has like a "draft" of what I previously posted saved.
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    Sinister Sins

    Yin's new makeup
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation
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    Excerpt from The Chikamori Selfacy

    Actual pictures when I replace my broken consumer grade laptop with a gaming laptop and start playing out what I’ve written.
    Michelle, Samantha, Bebe and River were all each tackling a portion of the Christmas baking task that consumed the stuff that Haruo and Kosuke had gone out to get. Dough was made and kneaded; some of it would be refrigerated for later. River was planning to make banana bread too so that the males in the household wouldn’t go through the Christmas cookies at least a week before Christmas.

    Kosuke had buried his nose in his textbooks since what he was learning was difficult compounded by having to translate everything in the textbooks to Japanese before digesting the meat of the course materials. This made him and Yoshiharu, after being brought up in the Japanese education system in which English was not taught by native speakers, have to study ESL on top of his having to learn whatever subjects needed to earn his degree.

    Yoshiharu was studying Medicine so he was exceedingly busy which was why he was at the Library trying to stay ahead of the learning curve and try to get top marks. He was planning to utilize Canada’s need for specialist doctors to apply for immigration. Canada was currently suffering a dearth of specialists and the Government of Canada was doing everything that they could to push medical students into specialized medicine. This could potentially result in problems down the road however the government was hell-bent on its course of action in order to solve the specialist doctor shortage and could not be swayed to figure out alternatives (in RL we are now actually seeing a shortage in general practice doctors - hindsight is always 20/20).

    Torao, having had the benefit of a Canadian education had always had an excellent command of both Japanese and English. He’d gone to the Vancouver Kyoritsu Nihon Kokumin Gakko (Vancouver Japanese Language School); a school where he was taught by Native Japanese language speakers to become fluent in speaking Japanese.

    Haruo, on the other hand, only knew a few sentences of Tosa-ben (a colloquial dialect of South-Eastern Shikoku). He somehow managed to speak with his dad in some manner of speaking but he was mostly English-speaking in terms of functional language skills. His command of the Japanese language was far from what one would consider easily conversant. In any case he managed.

    It had been a tough three and a half month slog. His dad was doing his own thing back in Sunset Valley but during the few calls back home, he has exhorted Haruo to do his best. “Ganbare, ne”.

    “Yes, Dad.”

    “River wa?” Haruo smiled in response as his dad asked after River.

    “She’s good, Dad… she’s doing well in school.”

    “Hmmm. Sore wa ii koto ja ne.” At least his dad was pleased. Haruo’s own test marks were better than average for him. He was doing a solid B average but he was at least making grade.

    His father’s last call was pleasant and Haruo went down to let River know that his father was sending his soon-to-be daughter-in-law some love.

    River was busy with the baking of the Christmas sugar cookies and said, “Tell your dad that I sent my love.” Haruo nodded and signed off after some pleasantries.

    “Your dad must be lonely after his wife passed away.” River commented as she pulled the sugar cookies from the oven.

    “Well, if he is, he’s disguising it pretty well.” Haruo commented. He hadn’t really noticed a change in his dad’s demeanor. But then again, guys were not hardwired to look for such signs.

    “I don’t know if he’s just waiting the appropriate mourning period or what…” River thought out loud.

    Haruo looked out the window at the falling snow and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t sure of the timeframe of the grief process. And despite the fact that his mother had been an absolute tyrant, there had to have been something appealing in that woman for his father to actually have married such.

    “Eventually he should start dating again.” River commented. “He’s such a sweet man, he shouldn’t go through the rest of his life as a widower.”

    It was sweet of his fiancée to think of his dad in a way that was caring towards him. And he also knew that River thought of his dad as her surrogate dad since her biological father had amscrayed for parts unknown.

    Bebe was busy prepping the snow-globe cheesecakes and slapped at Torao’s hands…”Hey, no touchy the Christmas baking!”

    “But I’m hungry.”

    “Well you can jolly well wait until the cheesecake sets. There’s thirty of them and if there’s only 29 by morning, you’re gonna get what-for, you hear me?”

    Haruo grinned at Torao and Bebe gave him a jaundiced look, “You’d better not go near them either…” she growled. “I’m counting them and there’d better be thirty of them in the morning or there’s gonna be hell to pay!” She brandished the cake decorating spatula like a club with a glare; the intensity of which could fry eggs without aid of heat.

    Haruo escaped back up the stairs to the laughter of Michelle and Samantha, with a grin on his face.

    With windchill from the fact they lived on the BC coast and snow coming down, it was too cold to make the trek down to Waterfront Station to get a latte. He’d get one when they started opening up in Kitsilano which they were making noises about doing sometime within the next five years. If he truly wanted a Starbuck’s, he’d get one when he needed to be down at Waterfront Station.

    Back up in his room, Haruo turned back on Telemann Violin Sonata TwV 41g1. The mellow sounds of the violin soothed him and he sighed as he settled into his chair to listen. River noticed earlier in their friendship and burgeoning relationship that Haruo always seemed ta calm down quite considerably when listening to Baroque music so she actively encouraged him to take time for himself to enjoy such pastimes.
    The actual piece he’s listening to performed by an actual violinist and harpsichordist. The cellist is providing the basso continuo. The group in this video is called the Cohaere Ensemble, a baroque ensemble based out of Katowice, Poland.
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    Awesome updates everyone!

    A few of my Moonlight Falls households had new family photos taken:

    First the Darling family, a new edition to Moonlight Falls along with the Goth family. Agnes, Erik and their son Valentine Darling. Agnes and Valentine are vampires.

    The Goth family, they are vampires. Mortimer and Bella have five children children at this point, Cassandra who has moved out and started a family of her own, Alexander (redhead), Bartholomew (who for some reason is gnawing at the furniture and howling at the moon but also exhibits all signs of vampirism), Joline and little Sophie (part alien part vampire).

    The Wynn Harris Goth family, Cassandra, Melvin and little Frida. Cassandra inherited magic from Cornelia and so did Melvin from his mother (DeeDee Wynn Harris). Little Frida is also a witch.

    The Van Gould family. Tristan and Bailey´s daughters are teens, vampires like the rest of their kin. Ayden and Bianca had Arnold, the eldest (vampire from his father and witchcraft from his mother) and vampire son Aegon, now a teen.
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    Boards have been a little quiet this week.
    Hope everyone is doing okay =)

    Anywho, I'm working on my next update, and I have two ways of going with it,
    and can't decide which route I want to take.XD

    Had an accident at work today, the till for my register keeps sliding back, so I have to
    pull it forward to be able to get change out, well I lost my grip on it and it landed on my three
    right fingers, and it hurt so bad, its 9PM and it still hurts(this happend at 9am this morning)
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    Goth Family, Day 314 - Day 316 Part 1

    Christa woke up and soon went to exercise.

    However, she soon had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

    Meanwhile, Jacob decided to paint a painting in his underwear.

    Christa's exercising paid off as she finished an opportunity. She had to report in at the stadium for a monetary prize.

    Meanwhile, back at the house, Brandon checked the mail. The family had several gifts sent to them that I ended up selling.

    Lily decided to read a book since I didn't have her doing anything else. Most of the time, that's what my Sims end up doing if I don't control them.

    Jacob has been learning to cook, so he made one of the meals for the family.

    Only he and Christa needed to eat however. Brandon has the Hardly Hungry reward while Lily, being a PlantSim, doesn't have to eat. Sometimes, I do have her eat just so all the family can be together at the table.

    Speaking of Brandon and Lily, I didn't know what to do with them at the time so I just had them play chess together.

    I wanted to do something with the family outside, but it was raining. I checked who had the most Lifetime points, and ended up getting the thing that changes the weather. I had Lily change it to sunny so I could do what I planned.

    With her already being pregnant, Christa knew she was safe so her and Jacob woohooed in the shower.

    Then I sent everyone to the theater to jam out. Joesph (yes, that's how the game spelled it) Langerak/Goth? was one of the bigger tippers.

    Jacob and Christa decided to go home when she threw up, so Brandon and Lily went on a date. They watched a movie together before going to eat, then home.

    However, Christa soon started to feel better so she and Jacob decided to go out. That is when the game revealed to her that she was in fact pregnant with her and Jacob's first, and probably only, child.

    Once the game finished that, Christa finally went in to get her food and she and Jacob ate supper.

    ***Part two will be posted shortly, have to get it prepared to post.
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    @Luna10 Considering last season we lost the first three games and expected to get relegated, but we ended the season in fifth, but this season we are the "Dark Horse" when it comes to the Premier League title.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    Goth Family, Day 314 - Day 316 Part 2

    After eating supper, Christa stopped to look at her wedding ring with a dreamy expression on her face.

    Then, Christa revealed to Jacob that she was pregnant.

    After that, Jacob felt her stomach.

    That morning, it was Christa's turn to talk about the garbage. If you missed it from my last update, Jacob talked about garbage with her at the table.

    Brandon and Lily hadn't really had woohoo for a bit, so I gave in and let them do so.

    Yet again, Jacob talked about trash with Christa while they watched TV. I finally checked the trash and saw it was full.

    I then decided to have a dance party outside with Brandon DJing again.

    Lily chatted with one of her relatives, I forgot what his name was though.

    Meanwhile, Jacob chatted with his cousin Sheri.

    Aerial picture of everyone having a good time.

    Then, Ivy Goth started booing Carrie Naquin while Elizabeth Sorenson snapped a photo on her smartphone.

    This Sim, who I think might be Elizabeth's husband, asked Jacob for an autograph.

    Lily bought a drink for her and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was given immortality by me so she will stick around for a long time. I'll move her to each town as well as my family so that we have her around. I eventually want someone to marry her into the family, but it might not be for a bit.

    When Brandon got tired of DJing, Lily brought out her keyboard to play while the guests left.

    Lastly, the family sat down to eat supper, something that one of the guests had brought but I didn't realize they had. I put all the guest food in the fridge for the family to eat. I might invite a few Sims over one day and have them eat with the family to get rid of some of it.

    ***Going to save the next few pictures for later. I got tired halfway through the following day, so I ended up saving and quitting. I'll play out the rest of the day before posting that update.
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    Page 4384 - Part of page 4385

    ****My aunt went to her appointment on Tuesday and yesterday, they told her that the second spot in her bre'ast is benign so she doesn't have to worry about that one. She will now just have to have surgery for the original spot, and some radiation. That is really all we know at this point, but at least it isn't as bad as it could be. I have still just been reading comics, other than work and real life stuff. I ended up finishing the Batman: Knightfall Saga which gets me to about 1994 or so. Then, I have also been playing the Sims when I can.

    @GraceyManor I know, I tried looking up CC for the story I was going to tell a while back but couldn't find enough to justify playing it.
    It would be neat to go back to that time. I bet the air was a lot nicer then.
    Poor Charity.
    Lol, he fits right in.
    That wouldn't be fun, having to walk all that time.
    The group is getting bigger.
    I honestly don't think she'd want Teddy anyway, Caleb. She just likes talking to him.
    Nice grinder. I don't think I've seen it before.
    Caleb is jealous.
    Glad she is okay.
    Great updates!

    @Silverofdreams30 Hi!
    Nice updates with Kiki and Stephen.

    @Astro Great update!

    @lisasc360 Glad you got some of them to show up at least.

    @bekkasan Thanks, they were happy and were having a good time.
    He really was. I think that will be a new parttime gig for him.
    Yeah, I'm glad it turned out to be benign.
    You're welcome.
    Great picture!

    @Emily4331 You're welcome.

    @ButterWafflesAR You're welcome.

    ***Will come back to finish feedback later, or tomorrow.
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    I left feedback on everyone's threads for their stories, rather than over here.^_^
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    Thank you,
    lovely updates.


    Enjoyed the updates!
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    Great family portraits.
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    Continuing page 4385 - 4386

    @bekkasan Mary has a nice area to be buried in.
    That is one of my top favorite version of the song. My other two favorites are Ronnie McDowell's version, and of course, Elvis' version. That's actually one of the last songs that Elvis ever sang.
    Poor Damien, hopefully Mary comes back soon.
    Nice to know she can hear him at least.
    Great update!
    It does look alright for someone working at a flower shop.

    @ButterWafflesAR I don't think that I have ever had a gnome headstone.
    Congrats on the baby!
    Great update!

    @Astro Great updates!

    @Sprottenham Thanks!
    I'm not sure which pack the chairs were from, but I want to say ITF.
    Yeah, it was called The Lily Goth Band, but it is now called the Goth Family Band.

    @GraceyManor You know, Harper is actually lucky compared to the others. She'd be vaccinated against some diseases already, so that helps her out. Not going to stop her from getting dysentery or some other sickness though.
    At least Caleb is going to let her go with Teddy.
    Or maybe not. Who'd have thought Teddy was a robber?
    Oh man, why couldn't Teddy have been the one to get arrested.
    Nice wanted posters.
    Yay, they kissed!
    Yeah, she might be thought of as weird if she tells anyone. However, if Caleb loves her, he'd protect her. I think she should tell him about being from 2022, but no one else.
    Glad to see Caleb found her.
    Whoops, he's going to know now.
    Glad that she finally told him. I wonder what he'll think if she tells him about all the technology and historical events that have yet to take place.
    Oh great, now Caleb is going to become a criminal.
    Great updates!

    @Silverofdreams30 Great update!
    You're welcome, and thanks!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great writing update!

    @ZhakiraP Great family pictures!

    @lisasc360 You're welcome.
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