What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Yeah neither have I that's why I wanted to do one.
    But finding the right CC and worlds is difficult.
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    Hi everyone!

    I had no Internet for two days but it gave me time to start a random
    save, I will post screenshots later.


    * waves*


    Great updates!


    Comments on your thread!


    Lovely shots of them testing the building!


    Great updates!


    Nice to see you back posting updates again,
    I have enjoyed them!


    Enjoyed the updates!
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    I started a new folder to play more smoothly for a random save


    Isla Paradiso fits well for this random save.


    The main sim Kiki moved to Isla Paradiso recently and shares a little surfing home
    with her two childhood friends who are brothers.
    She enjoys being outside, swimming, partying, and just having a good time.
    She never believed in mermaids but the people in Isla Paradiso tell stories she's not sure what to think about. Well, until she meets a mysterious guy, that only shows
    up occasionally, and she ends up falling for him rather quickly. She does not know the guy Salty is a mermaid, but she does wonder why he looks so much different from the other people in town.


    The mysterious statue in town,


    Her roommate/childhood friend Stephen ( Stephen Brackney from university world), is a grumpy grump, but also very charming, he wants
    to succeed in life and hope to meet a girl that he can connect with and share many moments together.


    There was a pool meet up and some townies decided to come and hang out, Harley Greenwood the towns
    surfer due enjoyed hanging with the new people.


    I had kiki signal the mermaids so them all would show up to the meeting, though in the save she has no clue they are mermaids,
    she just finds them attractive and very handsome.


    Kikis other roommate Emilio ( He's an edited social worker NPC from Bridgeport)

    More to come!
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    The next morning proved to be quite beautiful.Harper stood for a moment basking in the warm sunlight.She wasn’t used to such clean, refreshing air.It was a nice change from the city life.

    Harper: Look over there.
    She pointed to the distance, it seemed to be an old wagon.Something
    in Harper's gut told her to go check on the wagon, so without waiting for the
    others she rushed to the decrepit wagon.

    Joseph: Harper, please wait for the rest of us.
    Mary: I can not keep up with this young sapling. She has too much
    energy for me.

    Charity: Sonny, mama's gone to be with god now...just you
    you and me! -cries- I want my mama.

    Charity: Oh a lady! Are you here to help us?
    Harper: Where's your mother?
    Charity: Mama went to be with god, she had Cholera.
    Harper: What is Cholera?

    Joseph: Cholera is a disease you get from drinking contaminated
    water. A risk we take whenever we drink from these ponds. Most
    likely caused the young lady to become dehydrated.
    Harper: We can't leave her out here.. Where's Caleb?
    Charity: Who is that?
    Harper: Don't worry, he's very nice, he'll take good care of you.

    Charity instantly latched to Caleb, not wanting to let go.
    Charity: Are you gonna leave me out here?
    Caleb: Of course not! We don't leave people alone.
    He looked up at Harper and smiled at her.

    Charity: She is right, you're a nice person!

    Charity and her dog Sonny joined the wagon train, they continued
    on toward their next pit stop.

    Caleb: Why are you smiling like that? You look suspiciosly like
    the cat that swallowed the Pidgeon.
    Mary: Canary.
    Caleb: What?
    Mary: I look like the cat that swallowed the canary.
    Caleb: Not the point, why you smiling.
    Mary: You were watching her, with great interest I might add.
    Caleb: She's a lady..I was looking to her for guidance.
    Mary: Oh. And what guidance did you find in those swaying hips?
    Caleb: No, I wasn't looking at her in that sense..
    Mary: Of course not.

    Caleb: I hate you. You're an evil woman.

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    I made it through another whole year of life, guys. :lol: I was born today an undisclosed number of years ago. :tongue:
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    @emily4331 Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great one!

    I don't know how young you are but I do know you are a baby compared to me. :grin:
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    Happy birthday @Emily4331
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    So the game must know I don't want modern clothing XD This is a townie
    for this world spawned by the game and I didn't change his clothes, he came like that!
    I love when things work out.
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    Happy birthday, @Emily4331 ! 🌺🌷
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    @GraceyManor , the world you're using for your story looks stunning! And that random townie is perfectly dressed.
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    @Silverofdreams30 , your lovely pictures are making me so nostalgic for Isla Paradiso!
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    Thank you, I only play the world in a new folder with lesser
    cc, that way it is more smooth for me.
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    I already said on FB,
    but Happy late birthday here too!
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    @Emily4331 Happy belated birthday!
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    Harper: Caleb, that was awfully nice of you to let Charity ride.
    Caleb: Think nothing of it, Ma'am, poor girl has suffered enough.

    The party continued their long trek into Arizona. Harper's feet
    were ached something awful.. They had lost their wagon a wile back
    due to the wheels giving out, and lack of items to repair it.

    Charity: Harper lets play tag.
    Harper: Alright.I'm going to die in this god forsaken sun.
    The girls spent the afternoon playing, charity taken a liking to Harper
    and wouldn't leave herside.

    Harper: Maker child! you have a lot of energy.
    Charity: Mama used to say the samething! You're a nice lady just
    like mama.
    Charity: We'll take good care of you.

    After reaching the town of Dustyville, Harper decided the group
    needed some fresh water, seeking the cleanest option, she decided
    to get some from the well. Caleb watched harper with great interest.


    Stranger: Howdy, Travelers might I trouble you a moment.
    Caleb: Hello, what can we do for you?
    Teddy: My name's Teddy, I lost my group a while back on the trail
    and haven't been able to catch up. By chance, are you heading to Oregon
    Caleb: We are..
    Teddy: Then would it be too much to ask if I might accompany you on
    your travels? I'm a good fisherman and hunter, I'll be able to help with

    Caleb: We'd be happy to have you aboard. I'm Caleb by the way,
    Teddy: Thank you, Caleb, that's mighty nice of ya, I promise ya I'll
    be handy.

    Caleb: Is this a private gathering, or may I sit with you? Caleb
    said, noticing Harper lost in thought.
    Harper: Oh, Caleb...Of course, let me move over.
    Caleb: Are you feeling alright?
    Harper: I suppose I'm just a little homesick.
    Caleb: I can imagine..you don't speak of your home often.
    Is there a reason.
    There is a reason, but I don't think I should say Harper
    didn't think it was best to tell the truth.
    Harper: There is...but I'm not sure if I'm ready to talk.
    Caleb: Understood...We're here if you are though...

    Caleb: You know much about stargazing Harper?
    Harper: Can't say that I do, I never stargazed.
    Caleb: Sit.I do it when I'm feeling stressed, it helps me relax.


    Caleb unconsciously slipped his hand onto Harper's.

    Taking the young lady by surprise.

    Caleb pulled back, looking away.Maybe I shouldn't have done that
    He thought to himself, but Harper slid a little closer, hinting that it was



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    Thank you, it is old.It takes place during the Oregon Trail.
    You can follow it there.
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    You're welcome @Emily4331... :)

    @lisasc360 Hope someone knows where to find it.
    Glad to hear you found it, just hope you can get it to show up.
    The stuff did show up after I reinstalled them. The reason they weren't showing the 1st time was that I hadn't downloaded them when I was going through my purchase history. I saw them but had forgotten that they were the items for the limited edition packs and thought they they were the registration rewards... :blush: Now the problem that I'm having is that the venues that I had redownloaded such as the rollercoaster park, the Stones Throw greenhouse isn't showing up despite that I do have the items in the buy/build mode but not in the community lots library. So now I have to go to other saves and see if I had placed them in those saves and then hit save to library if I find them in my previous saves.
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    Harper: Teddy, you traveled quite a bit in your time right?
    Teddy: That's right Ma'am.
    Harper: Have you any stories from your travels?
    Teddy: Ah, you wanna hear about my travels do ya? I'd be happy to oblige.

    Teddy: There was one time I had to fight off a grizzly with just one
    bullet left.
    Harper: Oh maker! How did you manage that?
    Teddy: With pure luck and god on my side. I managed to hit
    the bear in just the right place. That's when I met my previous
    wagon train.

    Caleb: What is he saying to her?
    Mary: Mm? Oh Teddy? Probably telling her one of his tall tales.
    Frankly, I think they are all nonsense.
    Charity: I like teddy's stories! He's funny.

    Caleb: She's still listening to his tales...Doesn't he ever stop talking?
    Joseph: Am I detecting a bit of jealousy.
    Caleb: No...just a bit of "I'm sick of hearing his tall tales".
    Joseph: If you say so.

    Harper: Good morning, Caleb.
    Caleb: Morning Harper, enjoying Teddy's stories?
    Harper: Oh yes, he has many stories from his adventures.
    Have you listened to any of them?
    Caleb: Just bits and pieces.You shouldn't believe every
    story he tells though, most of it is just nonsense.
    Harper: Oh I know. But he gets such enjoyment out of
    telling me them.

    Caleb: Where are you off to?
    Harper: I'm going to hear more of his stories.
    Caleb shook is head in annoyance and watched Harper run off to walk
    with Teddy.

    Teddy: And that's how I got away from the natives.
    Harper: You are so brave, very impressive!
    Teddy: Thank you, Miss Harper, I enjoy telling you my tales.

    Caleb: "Thank you miss harper I enjoy telling you my tales" Please.
    You're just being a showoff.
    Joseph: Someone's ego is hurt.
    Caleb: I'm not jealous.
    Joseph: No? Then you're just whiny.

    Charity: Why is Caleb so mad Mary? Did I do something?
    Mary: No, child. You didn't do a darn thing. Its something you'll
    learn when you get older.
    Charity: Did he steal something? Stealing is bad.
    Mary: Maker! No.Just never you mind, dear.

    Harper: Hi Caleb!
    Harper looked around and noticed the rest of the group was no
    where to be seen.
    Harper: Where's everyone else?
    Caleb: About a mile back, where you both left us all to go
    galivanting and reminiscing.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were so far ahead.
    Caleb: That much is clear.

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    Hey, @Emily4331 - Happy Burthday, Emily. 😀
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