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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Goodness, I've fallen way behind again. :grimace: In making comments, I mean. I'm always reading. ;)

    In my defense I was wrapping up my story (then getting it posted on my Blog) and then...getting super engrossed in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake now that I have the time to play it. :mrgreen::kissing_heart: Hee hee! I'm loving it so far! I've played the Original like...5 different times I kid you not. ;) #FFFanatic !


    Anyhoo! :lol:

    @PalmArrow Thank you for sharing the link to the toddler winter coat. <3 So super cute!
    Audrey went home doing the "Yay, I just WooHooed outside my home!" strut.
    ^HA HA! :joy: I've been greatly enjoying your posts. :)

    @Emily4331 Yay for new conversions! I'll go check out your site here in a bit. :)
    Much better. :love::p

    @Turjan Enjoyed your updates. :)
    Umm...Hello gorgeous area from your SimCity 4 game! :love:
    You even made Lewis open up about his love with Marnie :lol:
    ^Hee hee, yes I did. :mrgreen: It's about time those two just moved in together/got married. How long has it been??
    A ménage a trois, eh? Looks rather progressive for that little town. I could almost feel sorry for Pierre. Almost :wink: .
    ^LOL! :lol: Not...exactly. You'll have to read my Author's Notes down below the comments here. :p
    You even healed the lame and let the PTSD victim forget his nightmares with a new child (I'm not sure they even shared a bed).
    ^I did. In my story I chose to give him a less severe case of PTSD. :) My husband also suffers from it after being in Iraq, but his is mild thank the Lord. 🙏
    I'm so very glad you enjoyed the ending. Thanks always for reading and for your humorous and kind comments. <3

    @GraceyManor Enjoyed your story updates. :)
    Oooooh, new story featuring "The Oregon Trail." :smiley: You should've seen the original game from my day... :smirk:
    I will say that women back then were not as fiesty as your female characters normally are. ;):p:kissing_heart: (Wait, ok scratch that. I see your leading lady is not from the 1840's. :lol: )
    I lol'd at this:
    Harper: Are you some sort of roleplaying group?
    Mary: "Roleplaying?" Never heard of it.
    :lol: Nice one!
    Great start! :)
    I like the way you had her and Caleb sitting on the fence. 👍
    I agree with the other ladies that he is handsome. :love: Harper is pretty too. :)
    Anyways you can ask bekkasan or emorrill
    most of my leading ladies are always stubborn in
    someway or another.XD
    ^HA HA! Funny you mentioned that after what I just said in my comments here. :joy:
    Oh my gosh I never understood how women in those days walked the prairies in those dresses in summer! 🥵 I would've DIED!
    What world are you using for this new story? :)

    @Sprottenham You're sweet. I'm the same way when someone asks. Thank you for sharing the poses again. :blush:
    OMGosh! :open_mouth: That dream sequence was intense!!! :cry: Very well written! :star: And the pictures were great too!

    @Astro Still enjoying your awesome video clips. :grin:

    As usual and as others, I need to catch up before I read the finale. Can't wait!
    ^Totally understandable. Take your time. :kissing_heart: I look forward to reading your thoughts. :blush:

    @bekkasan Your story with Jamie and Elvira sounds intriguing. :smirk: Jesse is a cutie!
    Yeah I've noticed the camera doesn't give off the true look of scenery in our game sometimes too. It's a beautiful photo of HS regardless. <3
    Love the pic of Shane :love: and Gina in the photobooth. :lol:<3

    I loved it. I thought Austin Butler did a fantastic job, even if he didn't look exactly like Elvis. Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker was good too, although not as good as Austin. The lady that played Priscilla did well too, even though her scenes were limited. There were some inaccuracies though, which is bound to happen, and they did gloss over certain aspects of Elvis' life. Austin did a fantastic job singing as the 1950's Elvis, but then they used the real Elvis with Austin lip synching for the 60's and 70's. I'd definitely recommend it, but if someone doesn't know a lot about Elvis, they might take some of the inaccuracies for fact.
    ^Insightful. Thanks for sharing. :) I'll have to watch it when it hits Netflix or some other streaming platform that we have. ;)
    Thanks for the comments on my story. <3 I've been enjoying your posts as always. :)

    I read the first post by emorrill and saw at the end of their message about keeping this thread going for a while.. That was 2015.. It's been 7 years lol. That just shows how good The Sims 3 was and still is 🤗
    ^Yes it's been one heck of an enjoyable and lovely ride. <3
    Welcome to the thread! :)


    Sorry I'm posting this later on here than I had planned...
    (I should add it to the end of the finale post...)

    This was already shared on my story thread so sorry to those of you who have already read it. :p

    ***Author's Notes on the PTST ending and Special Thanks***

    Author's Notes
    • Sorry if the portrait of Robin (Sebastian and Maru's mother) confused those of you who aren't familiar with Stardew Valley to be one of Leah. 😄 They do look very similar to me and I too have gotten confused by their similarity. I will admit that inserting these portraits of the parents and loved ones has greatly made me want to recreate them in the Sims 3 as well. :smirk: Maybe I will do just that in the future. ;)
    • For those of you who are not familiar with the Stardew Valley game, there aren't any names or character portraits for Emily and Haley's parents (which is why they were not provided during their reunion, like with the others) as they are non-existent in the game. Well, to a degree. :lol: You find out that their parents are out "touring the world" and you don't know their names or ever see them in the game. At least not to my knowledge. Note: that could change with future updates to the game.
    • On a similar note, we do not see Elliott, Leah, or Harvey's parents in Stardew Valley either which is why they were not included in the finale. In my mind, they live far away and Mayor Lewis did not have any way of contacting them when their children disappeared.
    • When Shane said to Jas, "I've always been your daddy," he did not mean it in the literal sense. He will for sure tell Jas everything about her real parents. Just thought I would throw that out there before getting called out on it. ;) It is not a discrepancy or a typo.
    • George and Pam mention Doctor Harris - whom we know as Harvey's predecessor as the Town Physician - and he is not a character in the Stardew Valley game. I intentionally wrote him to be one of those PITA doctors we've all encountered in our lives. Mostly for humor, but maybe to make Harvey look all the more wonderful. ;):p I love Harvey. <3 (In case that wasn't already obvious). :lol:
    • Many of you know that Kent - Sam's dad - suffers from a severe case of PTSD in the Stardew Valley game. It is a mental disorder that has varying degrees and in my story, I chose for him to have a much less severe case of it.
    • When Caroline, and then Pierre, tell Abigail that "the four of them are a family now," I was not implying that the four of them would be living under the same roof together. :lol: They were letting Abigail know that they would never make her choose between them or her real father. Rasmodius would stay in his tower, and they in their home, and they would all visit with each other as often as possible. 👍 However, you as the reader are always free to imagine how characters futures will play out at the ending of a story. :blush:
    • I know many of you were looking forward to the birth of Elliott and Leah's baby. All will be revealed with that in an Epilogue that I will be doing on the 12 of them later. <3 TBA.

    *Special Thanks*

    *I would like to thank @PalmArrow for throwing out the idea that I tell a story with the SDV characters when I created the 6 Bachelorettes in The Sims 3 after a fellow simmer friend of ours created the 6 Bachelors. :blush: I never thought it would turn into the elaborate and adventurous story that it had become and it helped me to grow tremendously as an Author. (It isn't easy managing 12 characters with different personalities and making sure those personalities don't bleed together! 😅 That took some crazy effort!) It is now my best written story to date. <3

    *I would also like to thank my dear friend @bekkasan for listening to my many ideas for this story and giving me some very helpful feedback. <3 She may not believe it, but a few moments in the story were shaped to perfection through her valuable input. :blush:

    Normally I don't like to discuss my plans for my stories with such a devoted reader, (because I don't want to spoil anything) but in a certain case, many months ago, I needed her honest opinion as my friend. I was wrestling with an idea I originally had for four of the characters and at that point in time...I was really struggling going through with the idea. :confounded: So I shared it all with her, and she shared with me her honest thoughts, which encouraged me to go ahead and follow the true desire of my heart, even though it would (almost) drastically change the direction of the story.

    That choice made the story turn out better than I ever could've imagined. :star:

    Are y'all curious as to what my original plan was? Ok, I'll go ahead and share. :mrgreen:

    My original plan for Harvey, Penny, Maru, and Alex was this:

    Harvey and Penny would explore their feelings for each other and date for a time, until Penny realized that Maru truly did have feelings for Harvey, especially while watching them compound medicines together and grow closer in their friendship. On the flip side, Penny was getting to know Alex a little more, after realizing they shared a common bond through both having a father that left them, so feelings would begin to secretly develop there.

    Eventually Penny would share her feelings with Harvey about how she had always known Maru had feelings for him and felt that maybe they should end their relationship so that she wasn't getting in the way of destiny. She also felt that doing so would be the noble thing for a best friend to do. Harvey of course would be heartbroken to end their relationship, but wasn't blind to the fact that he and Penny had been drifting apart because of the all the time he was spending with Maru, and all the time she was spending with Alex. He could also sense that maybe she was developing feelings for Alex and so that was another reason why she was suggesting they break up.
    Anyhoo, it was something along those lines! :lol: It was over a year ago when I had all that going through my head and I don't remember all the details of it anymore. But suffice it to say, that was the original idea. :)

    So ultimately Harvey was to end up with Maru and Penny was to end up with Alex. :p LOL! At the time my feelings were that no one was more suited for Maru out of the 6 guys than Harvey, but I was soon to discover that I was wrong about that. ;)

    It sounds so terrible thinking back on it now and typing it all out! :grimace::joy: My heart was literally aching as I did! I am SO very glad that is not the direction I took the story in. But...I will admit I am curious how it would've played out if I had. :smirk: Only a tiny bit. ;)

    *Lastly I would like to thank all of you who have been a constant supporter and/or reader of this story during its 2 1/2 year run. And for your patience in waiting for a new update. :blush: Your interest and growing love for these characters kept me going with the story, especially when life events produced some pretty hard struggles for my little family...(COVID, husband's unemployment, and then moving to a new state) and there were moments where I really didn't feel like writing. Or doing anything. YOU and your support and encouragement kept pushing me onward. And for that, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. <3

    I hope y'all stick with me as I come up with new story ideas in the future. <3 This will most likely be my last fanfiction.

    Sincerely yours,
    Emorrill 💜
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    Goth Family Day 313

    The day of Jacob and Christa's wedding finally came. One of the family members had put everything together for it. Lily finished getting rid of the garden a few days prior, and now many white chairs and the wedding arch were set up in it's place. That morning, the four members of the household got together to jam while waiting for the wedding guests to arrive.

    Soon after, the guests started to arrive. In no particular order, some of the invited guests include Sheila Naquin, Elizabeth Sorenson, Kizzie Langerak, and Ivy Goth.

    Christa was the first to put a wedding ring on Jacob's finger.

    Then Jacob put a wedding ring on Christa's finger.

    Afterwards, they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

    You can see the love they have for each other in this picture. I like the way that Christa is smiling at Jacob.

    One of the guests wanted to take a picture of Christa, so this is what she did. I wanted a screenshot of her so I positioned the camera in between her and the photographer so I could get this.

    For the after party, Brandon became a DJ. I cheated his DJ skill to max so he'd have all the options available to him.

    Another random picture, this time with a bit of dancing involved. Some of the guests had requests that Brandon tried to fulfill.

    When all the guests had left, Jacob and Christa headed to the bedroom. Normally, I'd give them a day or two to try for a baby, but I'm trying to get generation 8 to be born so we can get closer to moving the family to Moonlight Falls.

    Before going to bed that night, they were both hungry so I sent them to eat some leftover birthday cake.

    ****I replayed the day, but most of the pictures shown here are before the game crashed without saving from the first time I played it. In the replay, everything went pretty similar to what is shown here so I only added the woohoo picture and eating cake from that. Everything else is the original. I'm kind of waiting to see what storms in the area are doing before I decide to play, but I plan on doing some feedback a bit later in the day.
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    Okay simming friends, I need help trying to locate an item that I'm missing from my game. You see, when I was trying to move stuff over to that new computer that I don't have now due to it not having enough internal memory for my games and stuff, well somehow my saved files from my TS3 games got messed up so I had to rename my Sims 3 folder to old and start the game to recreate a new one. Then I had to reinstall all my store stuff and other downloads into the new file. Well I'm missing some items that for the life of me I just can't remember where I got them from.

    So I'm trying to find this planter that looks like a boat that's located next to the motorhome in this picture. Any help would be appreciated. So thank you in advance... :)
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    edited August 2022
    The fence is actually a seat I got off of TSR =)
    Oh yeah, ladies knew how to behave in that time period.
    Fortunately, Harper isn't from then.XD

    Pilgrim's landing for this part(I got 10 different worlds installed) I been searching forever for a world like this because
    this has been a bucket list story.

    I actually played the original oregon trail back in school lol, now I play it on the phone.
    I'm a history buff, so anything from the past catches my attention.

    Aww glad you think Caleb is handsome! I worked super hard on him and tried to go away from my typicalness lol.
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    Pete's Silly Sideshow

    The Big Top tent at Pete's Silly Sideshow soars high in the sky welcoming visitors inside. Enjoy the shows, unless you dream of stardom? Join the simfest and win the big prize. Visit the the fortune teller to see what your future holds. Explore the ruins and drink from the glowing waters if you dare. Make a wish at the well. Be careful what you wish for! It might not be exactly what you want. Built for DMK at 112 Fantasyland.


    The Disney version is a meet and greet with various Disney characters. This lot is assigned to the fortune telling wagon. Apparently, the dev's original name of the wagon is considered a slur, and censored on this forum, so I'm calling it the fortune telling wagon. I added a show floor for magical shows under the tent. You can have any kind of show you want though. If you use Nraas debug you can assign a simfest all day with it. The wagon works fine with the lot labeled a live show venue and your sim can have the career if you wish.

    Inspiration photo
    Custard check

    Love those photobooths!

    The fortune telling career works if you want to have your own sim join up.

    It just seemed the perfect place to pop in these mystical items.

    Remember, I said be careful what you wish for!


    Even more ewww! :lol:

    haha, Shane was disappointed with his wish for love candidate, so my game turned her into the proprietor for the venue.

    Getting ready for the show in the dressing rooms.


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    I never realized how hard it would be to do a pioneer story, they are getting bored out of their minds LOL
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    @emorrill , I'm so glad the idea to start your Stardew Valley story was something I said! :) Congratulations on sticking with it for so long and finishing it, and for letting the characters take you in a direction you didn't expect!
    Bye the way, I confused Robin and Leah in Stardew Valley too at first! Besides looking the same, their professions are somewhat similar too!

    @Brandontaylor , lovely wedding! I'm impressed that you're about to get to generation 8, I've never stuck with a family for so long!

    @bekkasan , I love your lot! The fortune telling wagon fits perfectly in it.
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    Page 4380 - 4381

    ***My aunt's surgery for her bre'ast cancer for today was cancelled because they found out she has another spot they want to check. The first spot is stage one, and they were just going to remove it. However, with the 2nd spot, they don't know if they have to take the whole thing or still can just take the spot. Everything else is going pretty decent for me and my family, except for that. I should have some time to play and do comments for the next few weeks at least.

    I've also been doing a bit more comic book reading. I am currently reading a couple Batman series. The first one is called Batman: The Knight and is a current storyline that is a retelling of Bruce Wayne's training. So far in the series, he has trained in detective work, with several martial artists, a master in disguise, and trained with a thief that is kind of like a precursor to Catwoman in his near future. He also is training with Giovanni Zatara, a stage magician who is actually a real spellcaster and his daughter, future Justice Leaguer Zatanna Zatara. Of course, Bruce has trouble learning magic and decides it'd make things to easy for when he does become a hero in Gotham City. At this point, he is not Batman, nor has he been inspired to dress like a bat yet. I think there are a few more issues to be released where he meets up with Ra's al Ghul, an immortal ecoterrorist and his daughter Talia al Ghul (actually becomes a lover of Bruce/Batman in the future and has a child by him named Damian Wayne/Robin.) The last issue probably has Bruce becoming Batman for the first time. The second storyline I am reading is from 1993 and is called the Knightfall Saga. It is a story where the villain Bane, using a chemical called Venom, decides to break Batman and take over Gotham City. He releases criminals from Arkham Asylum and Batman and Robin/Tim Drake have to fight them and capture them. Bane wears Batman down and finally breaks his back. A man named Jean Paul Valley, a friend of Bruce and Tim is chosen to become Batman, but in his past, he was given mental cues to eventually become a vigilante named Azrael. Bruce and Tim broke some of that conditioning, but now Jean Paul is becoming a violent Batman while Bruce is in a wheelchair and on a mission with Alfred, his butler.

    Anyway, after that lengthy explanation, here are some comments.

    @GraceyManor I don't know about hideous, it's kind of cute.
    Yikes, not good when your house catches fire.
    Wonder why the kids were in there?
    Great update!
    Somehow I think that one time will turn into many.
    Congrats on another child!
    Great update!

    @Sprottenham Great pictures from 1994!
    You're welcome.
    They do have a band, although the members switch out every time a family member dies.
    Thanks for the comments!
    Great update!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Nice story update!

    @Turjan You are welcome.
    Thanks, I thought it was a nice photo as well.
    Yeah, things went pretty much the same as they did the first time I played it. I shared the update today, and only two pictures at the end were from the replay.
    Thanks for the comments!
    The Elvis in Union Cove looks decent. I guess he stayed poor though if he's living in a shack.
    The Marilyn Monroe looks a bit more like her than the Elvis does.

    @BlueSpaarkle Nice gardening pic in his underwear.

    @bekkasan You're welcome.
    Thanks, luckily everything went okay with the replay.
    That's a neat lighting mod.

    @Astro Great update!

    @PalmArrow Congrats on the birth of Mark!
    Happy birthday to Audra and Janella!

    @Onverser Nice job on the addition!

    @ButterWafflesAR Great update!

    @emorrill The family reunion seems to be going alright so far.
    Looks like Demetrius is a bit surprised about recent developments.
    I'm glad Emily and Haley's parents are back.
    I had a feeling their parents might not like who they ended up with, but at least they aren't going to try and fight it.
    I like the Jas and Shane reunion. I also like that Marnie is proud of Shane's sobriety.
    Great update!
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    lisasc360 wrote: »
    Okay simming friends, I need help trying to locate an item that I'm missing from my game. You see, when I was trying to move stuff over to that new computer that I don't have now due to it not having enough internal memory for my games and stuff, well somehow my saved files from my TS3 games got messed up so I had to rename my Sims 3 folder to old and start the game to recreate a new one. Then I had to reinstall all my store stuff and other downloads into the new file. Well I'm missing some items that for the life of me I just can't remember where I got them from.

    So I'm trying to find this planter that looks like a boat that's located next to the motorhome in this picture. Any help would be appreciated. So thank you in advance... :)

    Okay everyone, I've figured out where that planter came from. It's from the Island Paradise Limited Edition content that I can't seem to find to redownload it to my game as I do have that one but the stuff isn't showing up in my game.
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    Joseph: Miss Harper, good morning.
    Harper: Good Morning Joseph, Caleb.
    Caleb: How you holding up, Harper?
    Harper: I'm fine, thank you.

    The weather seemed to be a bit cooler than usual. Fall was just
    around the corner, and Harper loved this weather! As usual she tried
    getting her phone to work, but to no avail.Why do I even bother?
    The group marched on hoping to reach the Fort Pierce before the end of
    the week.

    Caleb: Harper, what do you like to do in your free time?
    Caleb asked. He wanted to get to know Harper a little better, but
    tried his best not to pry, she seemed to be quiet and reserved and he
    was trying to help her open up a bit.
    Harper: Oh? I like writing and painting.
    Caleb: You like to write? That's very impressive.
    Harper: Thank you, but I'm sure your skills are more impressive.

    Mary: Where is Harper? I don't see her around.
    Joseph: You are right. The young lady is gone.
    Caleb: Good maker! Keep walking, I'll go find her.

    Caleb searched everywhere he could for Harper, she wasn't anywhere
    to be found, the only sound he heard was the rustling of a lonely deer and
    a few rabbits rushing through the bushes.

    Caleb: Thank the maker! There you are. We've been searching everywhere
    for you.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I spotted this fruit garden and wanted a few strawberries.
    Caleb was clearly frustrated with Harper.
    Caleb: Harper, I'm not sure how your groups were run, but we stick together
    here. Kindly let us know where you're going.

    Harper: I do apologize, I'm used to being alone, I didn't mean to
    make you all worry. It won't happen again.

    Caleb smiled at Harper, feeling a sense of relief knowing she was okay.
    Caleb: Don't worry about it, Harper.I'm just glad you're okay.
    He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and beckoned for her to join the rest
    of the party.

    Harper followed Caleb over to the camp site, where Mary sat lazily
    in her chair knitting away.She peaked up over her project and looked
    Harper over.Harper could feel a motherly lecture coming on.
    Mary: You know dear, you really shouldn't run amuck like that.
    There are bears that will eat you out here.
    Caleb: Mary! Don't tell her that.
    Mary: A little fear might serve her well, she won't be so reckless.
    Harper: Yes, I understand. I apologize, I won't do it again.
    Caleb shook his head and gave Harper the "Its okay" look.

    After dinner, Harper decided to watch the wildlife, she spotted a mother
    rabbit and her babies heading home. Caleb took great interest in watching
    Harper, and found himself smiling at her enjoyment over simple things.
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    @bekkasan thanks. I have previously fixed all of the problems with the worlds but needed to go back to an earlier save to get some video for the latest episode which is now loading to YouTube. Hopefully it’ll be available tomorrow. It’s been loading for about 8 hours already.
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    Janella goes to school in the morning in a perfectly good mood, because her mother threw an elixir of bliss at her before she left. Life is easy when you have an alchemist mother (who has to use her elixirs anyway to fulfill her LTW)!


    Time for Mark to age up to toddler! I thought he might have inherited Audrey's dark hair with blue tips, but he has his absent father's completely dark hair instead.



    It is summer in my game. I'm playing on normal lifespan and each season lasts a week. I've just decided to give Janella a school-free Friday by having her check in at the family resort with her dad, so that I can give her a four-days-long summer vacation from Leisure Day Thursday to the weekend. I'll do the same thing in the future whenever there are children or teens in the household in the summer.

    The family resort is rated four stars at the moment, but I've bought some additional objects and I'm hoping it will reach five stars soon. I peeked during the night and the staff were working diligently, although one of them is somewhat unusually wearing a witch's hat!

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    Joseph: Caleb, you seem preoccupied this morning.Are you feeling
    Caleb: Hmm? Yes, I'm quite alright, thank you.
    Caleb was lost in thought, obviously preoccupied with other things,
    and his travelers were picking up on it.

    Harper: My feet are killing me....ugh, give me a day with a bunch
    of regrets anytime...this is horrible.I really want to go home.
    The rest of the group were getting tired of Harper's bickering and
    decided to back off for a bit.Harper didn't mind though, she enjoyed
    her solitude and it gave her a chance to vent her grievances.

    Mary: Good maker, if I hear one more complaint. I think I might just
    leave and go home.Her constant bickering is enough to lead me to drink.
    And I'm a Christian woman.
    Caleb: Please be patient with her.
    Mary: Even patience runs out after a while.

    Caleb felt bad for the group leaving Harper to herself and he
    went to make amends.
    Caleb: Let me apologize on the other's behalf's. They're just as tired
    as you and I am.
    Harper: I'm not bothered at all. I like my solitude.
    Caleb: Oh? Why? don't you get lonely?
    Harper: Not at all. I rather be by myself.
    Caleb: I see...I almost forgot I have something I wanted
    to give you.
    Harper: You do?
    Caleb handed harper a journal. He remembered her mentioning
    she liked to write, and hoped it would help ease her troubles.

    Harper instantly threw her arms around Caleb, but pulled back
    Harper: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.But thank you!

    Caleb: Its alright, Harper.Anytime you need a hug, I'm right here!
    They both smiled and looked away from each other.
    Harper: You remembered me mentioning that I liked to write.
    That's so thoughtful.
    Caleb: Hope it makes you feel better.

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    @Astro , I love that the cat joined the kids in listening to the ghost story. So delightful!

    @GraceyManor , Harper's turquoise dress suits her very nicely!
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member
    Audrey is having a midlife crisis. She wished for a makeover at the salon. The salon is very close to her house, so she walked there with Mark.


    While she was giving herself a makeover Mark played with Pal, a mysterious doll he received by post.


    Audrey and Roderick will get married soon, so she chose a wedding outfit.


    Roderick got promoted in his political career, and then visited the bookshop across the street. He stocked up on fiction, toddler books, skill books and recipes for the whole family.


    Raising Mark is easy for Audrey now that she has Roderick and Janella to help her. She was a single mum when Janella was a toddler, and that was very stressful.


    (By the way, that green triangular thing under Audrey's feet? That's a Spring Festival gnome, who sank into the platform on which the kitchen is raised.)
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    Since I’ve been playing a lot of iOS games, look for these two to come to a Sims game when I finally get access to my own computer again.
    Tessa and Benny (Benny as a matter of fact is canon Hawaiian - Polynesian (mostly Asian from the looks of it). 😁

    I hope I can make a good facsimile of them in Sims 3.

    At least it’s keeping me from going absolutely stir crazy
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,972 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer What game are they from?
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,972 Member
    edited August 2022
    Hmm weird glitch am trying to send my family to a new world and they don’t arrive I’m thinking it’s because I’m taking the horses but I need them

    Edit: Got that fixed, but now when my sims arrive in the world I can't place them on a lot, the lots don't show up even though there's plenty of empty lots.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,772 Member
    Oscar's Teen Years Episode 6 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.


    Isabel goes to Dark Harbor to try to find Gregg Craig's parents. She doesn't find them, but does discover the world has become corrupt and the entire population of 88 sims need to be moved out.

    Note: I have moved the 88 sims out of Dark Harbor, but not recorded video of it happening. They are all happily settled in two new worlds. They end up in Cornucopia and Glenvale City. Neither of these worlds appear in the video but they will eventually end up in future videos as I've moved several of Eric's relatives to both of those worlds.

    I am also playing a small side game in Dark Harbor with a view to setting it up for future play. I will put the nhd file from that game into the Big Game so Dark Harbor will continue to be a part of this story as well as the McFluff Story.

    In this video, we have a quick look around Dark Harbor and then Isabel returns to Moonfall Island Boarding School.

    Eric decides it's time for an adventure and he dials up a travel agent. Eric, Oscar and Susanne set out to visit the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. We spend some time in that world and meet the sims living in it.

    Eric really wanted to go to Moonlight Falls but didn't want to raise suspicions with folks back in Moonfall Island.

    Faith MacDuff from Moonlight Falls is about to age up to Young Adult so it seems reasonable that Eric and Co escort her back home. Before leaving for Moonlight Falls, Faith makes her Imaginary Friend, Hesper, Real. Hesper becomes Henry.

    Eric, Oscar, Susanne, Faith and Henry travel to Moonlight Falls.

    Eric meets up with his special friend and there is some serious flirting. I think something might be going on with that pair. Interesting.

    Faith and Henry have cake and celebrate their birthday. The plan is for Faith and Henry to share a house in Moonlight Falls now they are young adults.

    In order to get some/most of the video for this episode I needed to go back to an earlier version of the game. I saved Henry to my library as he hadn't existed previously.

    Back in March and April this year I spent ages doing lots of housekeeping on this game. I'd just continued to play it for years. It is the game for Oscar's stories as well as The McFluff Story. Just about all of the worlds had become so overstuffed with sims that it was often impossible for me to save them. I had this issue again in this pre housekeeping version of Moonlight Falls.

    For the next episode of this video series I'll go to a later save. Eventually I'll get Eric and his buddies up to the current version of the save. At that point I should have no problems with saving. I have added several new worlds to the game and the game is now good to play. I'll try to progressively continue to move sims to new worlds as the population of this game continues to grow. I currently have 1,075 sim listed in my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is up to date as well now. I need it to know where my sims are so I can send Eric to the appropriate worlds whenever he and his friends decide to travel.

    I became aware of the problem of the location of sims not being recorded accurately in the spreadsheet when I couldn't find Gregg Craig's parents. I did eventually find them so he does get to go home, but not in this episode. I will continue to send Isabel out to find them and she will go through each world in almost alphabetic order. The next world in the next episode will be Grey Meadow Islands. It should have been visited in this episode if I'd stuck rigidly to the order. I don't plan to send her to Hidden Springs either as I currently have only one household in that world and it isn't overpopulated and Gregg's parents are not in the world. But I do plan for Oscar to move there when he becomes a Young Adult and settles down to raise a huge family. Currently the only household I have there is Gertie McFluff with her 15 cats.

    I'm thinking the next video I made might be from a different series. Currently I'm thinking of doing a few episodes of either 'The Perfect Genetics Challenge' or 'Caroline and Friends at University'. There are interesting sims in both of those series and lots happening. With Perfect Genetics the first heir is about to take over from her mother. In Caroline and Friends there are a whole host of very different sims with different traits to allow for maximum achievements at University. Isla Paradiso Bunch is completed unless I decide to do a third series at some stage.

    Happy Simming
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
    @GraceyManor, they’re from an IPhone game called Big Farm Mobile Harvest.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,972 Member
    Thanks! Always looking for new mobile games.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
    edited August 2022
    @GraceyManor - it’s a farm management game.
    I finally managed to get my “happiness” meter above negative which is crucial if you want to have a profitable farm and not get hosed by expenses.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,603 Member
    Page 4382 - 4383

    ***Getting ready to play soon. Hopefully the baby will be born today, otherwise it'll have to wait until next week.

    @ButterWafflesAR Did not know that could happen, lol
    Congrats to Camillo and Lindsey!
    Awesome wedding!
    Great update!

    @Astro Great update with Calvin!
    Great updates!

    @Onverser Nice, it seems your town is constantly in a state of fear.

    @GraceyManor I don't know if I've seen many stories from that era, so I'm looking forward to this.
    I hope the person isn't dead.
    I see that Harper travelled back in time.
    I'm glad someone found her at least.
    I wonder if Harper and Caleb will fall in love.
    Hey, she found her phone. Only bad thing is that it will die without electricity.
    Sorry to hear about her father passing. Sadly, I don't think she'll see her mom anymore either unless she gets transported, or Harper gets sent back to the present.

    Great updates!

    @bekkasan Awesome photo booth photos!
    Pete's Silly Sideshow looks cool!

    @PalmArrow Congrats on Roderick joining the family.
    Thanks, I can't believe it either. If I had more time to play, I'd probably be closer to generation 9 or 10 but I'm getting there.
    I love the alchemy table and the elixirs.
    Great update!

    @emorrill You're welcome.
    All I'm seeing at the moment is that HBO Max is going to have it in the fall, and PVOD has where you can rent it on August 9. For my rewatch, I'm waiting for the DVD so I can rent it. My mom didn't go with my brother and I so I told her we'd watch it once it hits Red Box or whatever.
    Thanks. I haven't had a lot of time to play recently, so I think I'm going to load the game up in a few minutes.

    @lisasc360 Hope someone knows where to find it.
    Glad to hear you found it, just hope you can get it to show up.

    @Karritz Sounds like things are still going well with Oscar.
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