Do you add popular characters to The Sims ?


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    I liked creating them to see if I could get as close to reality as possible, but I stopped 'cuz I really don't like to play with sims that are too close to rl :smiley:
    never made one that looked like me or my close ones either.
    My avatar is the one I created in Sims 4 somewhat like Meg Ryan!
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    I am an avid reader and sometimes become very connected to the characters. Same with favorite tv shows/movies. I enjoy re-creating them in Sims, trying to make them look similar and have similar characteristics. It's fun to be able to continue their stories in new ways after I am finished reading the books or watching the show/movie. Most of my characters come from my imagination though.
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    Let's see... where to begin, i got the Disney Princess in a modern version its the first attempt i made at taking households from the gallery and working on them... so in my town i got Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman, Reese Whiterspoon, Angelina Jolie as actresses whenever i go for a gig its pretty cool. Also I got Brtiney, Lady Gaga, Amy Whinehouse (i wanted to make her fight paparazzi but i dont have the heart to do it lol), also Rihanna... Paris Hilton, to go with my Hilton Lounge lol and now i just downlaoded Jon Malkovich yesterday, this one is a project, tartosa made me think of him for some reason, and i might try to find Nic Cage lol. Oh i forgot i got the Gilmore Girls cause i watched all the series last year, with them i really went all out its the most elaborate simulation ive done. A section of willow Creek is all GG lots. Independence Inn as restaurent staffed with Michel etc... the list goes on, oh i got the PC Dolls too just found them recently, i had Katy Perry awhile ago but she moved out of #ParadiseCity :D ..forgot also Jersey Shore ahah but The Situation is under construction ....
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    AyKooChao wrote: »
    I was wondering: when you play Sims based on characters, do you think about what would be in character for them, or do you just stick them on a lot and see what they do?

    I give them the traits and jobs that make sense for them and then just let them loose.

    One time I made Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in TS3 and they immediately starting making out.
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    Do you add popular characters to The Sims ?

    For example in The Sims 2 my first sims were Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from The X-files, Aerith and Tifa (Final Fantasy VII) and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider).
    All the time 😂. Probably too many and the rotational play takes longer as I add more!

    The ups and downs with Sims 4 High School Years. 😊😭🍷
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    @ncisGibbs02 I can relate. I try to play each household for a week at a time, but I don’t think I could fit all of them into one year that way, XD.
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    My efforts to make a Marx family with the brothers Groucho, Harpo and Chico have been pretty ordinary. Still, the gradual addition of clothing is making them a project that I keep going back to, to perfect their look.

    I will occasionally populate the world with Doctor Whos (using the actors names) from the original series (1963-1989).

    So the short answer to the topic question is "yes".
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    I do! I added Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga as NPCs lol
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    I have created sims based on gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. But I never played with them much after I made them. And I have no idea how popular Greek mythology is or isn't these days. The rest of the sims I create and play with are all my own original characters.

    Sometimes I create characters that are inspired by the look or personality of a fictional character, but only loosely, as a starting inspirational spark.

    For the most part, I think of my sims' world as a different world than the real one (like a fantasy world, a different planet, or an alternate universe), so it feels a bit jarring when there are recognizable people or brands from the real world in the game.
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    Yup! Sometimes the actual characters and sometimes inspired by the characters.

    I’ve done it mostly for anime or Japanese video games characters, from more well-known popular stuff to more lesser known niche stuff since Sims 1. I’ve done Yugioh, Naruto, Beyblade, Yu Yu Hakusho/Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Inazuma Eleven, Kuroko’s Basketball, Twisted Wonderland, and many other anime/video games. :smile:
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    Real People? I would say no.
    However, I have done some of my favorite series in my games.
    In Sims 2, I created my own neighborhood, and had my own Sims I made living with characters from Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, etc. I sometimes had two versions of the same character running around in a different family as well.
    Which brings me to Sims 4, I kind of carried over my gameplay to my save files. I have one save file dedicated to Harry Potter, and Frozen. My Frozen one has multiple versions of Elsa and Anna, in families, or just the two of them. In one family, Anna is married to Kristoff. In that family, their parents are still alive. I also have their parents alive with teen and child versions of Elsa and Anna. I also did a genderbent version of them as teens as well. My normal Sims are mixed in to keep it from completely being all Frozen too. My Harry Potter one is only at three families, but it will end up kind of the same.
    Also, for Sims 4, I have smaller save files filled with my Sims, and smaller fandoms I like, which are Natsume's book a friends. Where they are downloads from the Gallery, with one I made, and I have at least six versions that I liked. I don't have worlds dedicated to these ones, but it is a mixture of things I like, and my normal Sims in an even amount.
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    @LatinaBunny Do you have screenshots? Especially of the Yu-Gi-Oh ones? I love seeing different people's interpretations!

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    I have many, many character sims based on books/shows, movies in my library & on the Gallery, they are:
    Adam & Eve (Genesis)
    Aladdin & Jasmine
    Aphrodite Venus (Greek/Roman Mythology)
    Babylonpersia (Book of Esther)
    Belle & Beast
    Brairose & Angelificent (Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent)
    Cinderella Family
    Darknight Couple (Batman & Batgirl)
    Drew & Hardy (Original Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys)
    Doctor Who Households
    Eric & Ariel (Little Mermaid)
    Elsa Winter (Snow Queen)
    Fairy Households (actual Spellcasters in Fairy costumes
    Fallenangels (Angel & Demon)
    Hercules & Xena (Hercules Legendary Journey & Xena Warrior Princess)
    Hobbit (Lord of the Rings Saga)
    Jane Austen/Charlotte Bonte' Story Households
    Orora Storm (Xmen)
    Oz (Wizard of Oz)
    Pirates Households
    Prairie & Gables (Anne of Green Gables & Little House on the Prairie)
    Red Ridinghood
    Snow White Households
    Stargate Households
    Star Trek Households
    Star Wars Households
    Selene Underworld (Underworld Saga)
    Tarzan & Jane
    Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

    What can I say, I so love variety of themes plus I've been playing Sims 4 for over 7 years. ;)

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    A fun thing to do for everyone who likes writing (or even is a writer) might be to instead of creating our characters the way we imagine them, to browse the gallery for real life actors that could play them in an imaginary movie or TV series. For main characters popular real life actors could be used, while minor roles could get assigned to Sims 4 premades.

    @GrumpyGlowfish Not sure if you remember the fanatic with the 150+ Detroit Characters, but I finally did it and reset that save to its beginning. I have four played households for now, plus three unplayed households for the police co-workers.
    Anderson with Hank, Sumo and the archived deviants (he was supposed to drive them to the scrapyard but rescued them instead), Phillips with Caroline, John and Emma, Miller with Chris, his wife and little Damian, Stern with Amanda (CyberLife CEO in this AU), Connor, Connor-60 and RK900. For my co-workers, some of which I had to invent headcanon names for, I picked Cpt. Fowler, Collins, Cpt. Allen, Reed, Chen, Lewis, the two Wilsons, Deckart, Mack, Person, Finnegan, two ST300s, two PM700s, and one PC200
    I'm going to leave this comment here, so that I have a time stamp for later, when I'm at 200 sims again (because I know that will happen, it always does - rn the landlord is already teetering at "played" sims status).
    Link to my sims blog
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    @EnkiSchmidt Of course I remember you, how could I forget?

    I actually thought of Rose when you described what Hank is doing in your game. Since they're both single, middle-aged, and have a heart for deviants, maybe they could have a dream wedding with the new pack? ;)

    What are the archived deviants' names in your game? I watched the real Connor's livestream, and everything he says is canon to me, so the lesbian androids from the Eden Club are now officially called Echo and Ripple (just don't ask me which is which). :D

    Oh, and thank Neptune you considered Po. Person as a coworker! I noticed his (her?) desk in my game, too, and surely there can't be anyone with more personality than someone literally called PERSON. Chen's first name is Tina, by the way, in case you didn't know.
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    I created some Sims on my old laptop based on Harry Potter and Hunger Games characters; my list were the Diggory Family (Harry Potter), the Malfoy Family (Harry Potter), Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games Trilogy) and Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta (The Hunger Games Trilogy); I also had two teenagers in one Household named Cato and Clove, after the District 2 Tributes in the first book. I remembered creating a couple named Sam and Kate which was based on the ill-fated couple in the novel Holes. Unfortunately, apart from the Malfoy Family and Finnick and Annie, I haven't recreated any of those Sims yet
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy

    Looking forward to Generation 9
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    @EnkiSchmidt Of course I remember you, how could I forget?

    I actually thought of Rose when you described what Hank is doing in your game. Since they're both single, middle-aged, and have a heart for deviants, maybe they could have a dream wedding with the new pack? ;)

    What are the archived deviants' names in your game? I watched the real Connor's livestream, and everything he says is canon to me, so the lesbian androids from the Eden Club are now officially called Echo and Ripple (just don't ask me which is which). :D

    Oh, and thank Neptune you considered Po. Person as a coworker! I noticed his (her?) desk in my game, too, and surely there can't be anyone with more personality than someone literally called PERSON. Chen's first name is Tina, by the way, in case you didn't know.

    Rose and Hank is such a sweet ship, unfortunately I learned of it only after Hank had started going out with the game generated Chief of Police in the old save. The first day at work he a grabbed microwave cake and walked with it all the way down to her office, where she watched Hank eat it. It was... romantic? Maybe this time I'll go the Hank x Rose route!

    Person is the female officer who is seen in the background in Stratford tower in "Public Enemy". I imagine her to be at the bottom of way too many "This here is our new detective android- and this here is Officer Real Person" comments from Gavin. I didn't notice her desk, admittedly. The way I found her was that I used to mix her up with Tina and then, when I went to the Wiki for refrence pictures to create the sim, it listed them as two different characters. Ooops.

    I also went with Echo and Ripple for the Tracis, since this was how I got them to know in the fandom. But I didn't know that the names came from Connor's actor - interesting! I think Ripple is the reddish-brown haired one? In my headcanon she reached out first (creating a ripple in the aether), then the blue haired Traci reacted (echo'ing the initial noise).
    The HK400 is Mason now (the result of a convoluted google search for names connected to handcrafts, in universe it went like this:, the broadcasting android is Seth (the other two are Cain and Abel) and Simon I couldn't fit into household, so he apparently didn't get captured in this AU.
    Rupert Travis and Daniel Phillips are the only ones who have chosen surnames so far. I headcanon'd that "Travis" was the name of Rupert's friend that died in the accident at Urban Farms. Rupert adopted "Travis" as his surname in an Uther/Pendragon moment. As for Daniel, he went from "my humans didn't want me anymore" to "doesn't matter, they are MINE". As a household assistent he is also in a unique situation in this household:
    Link to my sims blog
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    Oh yes, I made many Disney characters, some HP characters, The Addams Family, some tv series characters (GOT, Charmed....), even Jon, Garfield, Odie and Liz.....Just the other day, my sim saw Cruella sunbathing in Tartosa (she sure could use a tan :lol: ) .... They're not all in my game though.
    I also sometimes build their homes, for instance I have the Halliwell Manor and Grimmauld Place in my save.
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    Greetings - I do have a few popular characters in my game, however, they are background players. My main characters are either created by me or from the gallery and remade for my gameplay.
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    I'm not seeing very much action from neighborhood stories because I only have about 100 Sims in my one save so I'll be adding several more TV and movie families to my game. The Stephens from Bewitched, Bella and Edward, Cookie and Lucious from Empire, Rob and Laura Petrie. And I'm not even going to try to name that show. 2 censored words. 😄
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    Not really.
    “...the image is one thing and the human being is’s very hard to live up to an image.”
    - From the press conference prior to Elvis Presley's record-breaking Madison Square Garden shows in New York City, 1972
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    Yah ! Just added David Hasselhoff to sulani :D
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    > @EnkiSchmidt said:
    > Everyone who uses rl or fandom characters, do you play generationally or frozen in time?

    Frozen in time. I have several real life characters, including people I know, and historical real life characters. I planned to make The Simpsons but I've never got round to it. (I just made the house.)

    I've made Virginia Woolf and her artist sister, who lived in an amazing house, and the Courtaulds who were rich eccentrics in the 1920s/30s. It's really more about the places they lived and how beautiful they are, and a challenge to make. Having the characters is mainly because it's satisfying to get the clothes right, rather than actually playing them the way that I play with totally made up characters.

    Though I also make different fictional versions of myself, and I play through their relationships and careers etc.
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    I created several sims (all in Sims 3) loosely based on characters in Robertson Davies' "Deptford trilogy", including the Staunton family (who became the Morphy family in game) as well as Paul Dempster (who became Paul Weston). Others have been based on real-life celebrities (mostly musicians), including Tim Armstrong (who became Tim Aldrin), Evan Dando (Devon Hando), Juliana Hatfield (Juliana McKenna), Burton Cummings (Ernie Kommt), Neko Case (Neko Massey), Mike Ness (Mike Silver), etc.
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