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Do you add popular characters to The Sims ?



  • RoseRyderRoseRyder Posts: 18 Member
    Yep, it’s literally all I do, all my stories are about characters from my favorite tv shows, it has more meaning to me than maxi created sims or sims I’ve created. I don’t think this is unusual, lots of people create storylines for their favorite characters from tv shows, movies and reality shows. These characters are our friends and telling stories about them are just a way to spend more time with them long after the show has ended
  • TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member
    I do have Cousin It, but only because I found a cc "Cousin It" costume and couldn't resist using it.
    My daughter wants me to make the whole Addams Family, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    My daughter made Tomie of Japanese anime fame, and a few other Junji Ito characters.

  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 716 Member
    I have, off and on. When I played the original Sims, there were good skins for George Clooney, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and a few other celebrities. I had a Barack Obama sim in Sims 2 from MTS that I really liked. I've ocassionally had whims in TS4 where I'd add characters from the Gallery that other people have made...the cast of FRIENDS, the main characters from RDR2, that sort of thing. Some sims I keep just because I like their appearances.
  • MoonlightGrahamMoonlightGraham Posts: 826 Member
    I'm late to the party, but it hasn't died down completely yet...

    I've added a handful of real people to my game, usually for comic effect. There are times when seeing Abraham Lincoln jogging through Newcrest is exactly what I need.

    My daughter enjoys CAS, and she's created some fictional characters she likes. @Lucy_Henley mentioned Anne of Green Gables; Z created a modernized Anne and Gilbert Blythe who appear in the background of our saves from time to time. We've done the same thing with our Simfamily, which she also created. We only play our family actively when we need a screenshot for our story save, though.
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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 6,001 Member
    I've never given it any thought. It simply never occurred to me to do it. I have occasionally given a sim a first name as an homage to a celeb who has some similarities. I have taken inspiration from some celebrities when making some of my sims. Some aspect of their appearance or personality, or even a first or last name. I've always done my own unique characters if I'm making a sim from scratch.
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  • BreazonaBreazona Posts: 1,334 Member
    I doubt there's many league players here (and for good reason do not recommend that game) but I've added evelynn to my game as a vampire. In lore she's a demon that feasts off the agony of others so I thought she'd make a good vamp! Other than that I mostly stick to my own characters and get rid of the ones maxis adds like baby ariel
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  • patrickcreatespatrickcreates Posts: 38 Member
    Yessss I love having video game characters make cameos in my worlds! I don't usually play as them, but I like being their friends or just seeing them out and about being lil townies.

    I've always played the Sims like that but the Sims 2 is when I really started creating fan builds/Sims. :sweat_smile: I'll never forget - someone created custom content for the Sims 2 of Lara Croft's mansion from Tomb Raider 2... all accurate flooring, wallpapers, and even some objects from the actual game. And then we got a new family computer and I lost the save information. I was never able to find the download again!
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  • AsitexAsitex Posts: 18 Member
    I rarely add characters but I had created Lara Croft or Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.
  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,288 Member
    Nope. I made a few phoney characters who were really fans of a certain genre dressing up as whatever, but that's it. It was sort of fun, actually. Ie, a Sci Fi fanatic dressed as Darth Vader.
  • LiebeslottchenLiebeslottchen Posts: 62 Member
    All the time. It's great to have characters from beloved movies or tv series in the game. Also they already bring their stories with them to start with.
  • electricguestelectricguest Posts: 17 Member
    Maybe a few times when I was a little younger but nowadays, almost never.
  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 616 Member
    My first generation couple were named Chris and Rosie Ramsey after a popular married couple of comedians here in the UK, but they are not modelled on them. I just liked to name them after them. :)
  • ZazzyKittynZazzyKittyn Posts: 212 Member
    Have created or downloaded sims based on games, books and some tv character or movie but never real people. Also have tried or downloaded a few sims from other sims games. Sometimes keep their names or change like the Goths from 4, 3 and 1.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 24,336 Member
    I used to have the entire Bridge Crew from the original Star Trek: Kirk, Spock, et al, starring Shatner, Nimoy, etc. But, now I'm down to just Spock and his parents.
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,193 Member
    edited December 2022
    Cool. B) I like Star Trek too. :) I'm more of a fan of Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise & Next Generation. ;)
    I made a Star Trek Voyager Starship a few years ago. I also have a Star Trek Voyager Household I call Voyager Resolution. I got inspired by my favorite STV episode Resolution.
    My story was where my sims Kathryn Voyager (Cpt. Janeway) & her very, very handsome (Cmdr. Chakotay) Chakotay Voyager got marooned on a Class-5 Planet. Now, here's where it gets interesting in my version, they fell-in-love, eloped & are now parents of twin daughters. They don't get rescued from Tuvok, oi. And they live happily ever after in my Sims 4 Futuristic 2525 & Beyond game save. :p<3
  • RainKikoRainKiko Posts: 31 Member
    > @LeGardePourpre said:
    > Hi,
    > Do you add popular characters to The Sims ?

    Yes I added a lot! Too many to say lol.
  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 592 Member
    edited January 30
    The one character I would really want to add to the game I couldn't make myself (not great at making Sims) & I also don't think anyone has her costume available for CC (also, also not something I can ask for on here either, because outfit's a bit too revealing). But if I did have a choice to add an actual existing character to the game it would be my beloved Vampirella (Warren years, drawn by Il Maestro, Jose 'Pepe' Gonzales of course). <3B)
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  • RainKikoRainKiko Posts: 31 Member
    I'd like to find some disney cc sims but so far have not found any. I found the clothes though.
  • GiggeGigge Posts: 41 Member
    No, I think about it, but then always wind up just creating my own.
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