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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


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    OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,364 Member
    edited October 2021
    Two months since my last post on this thread but I just built another dream apartment :) Screenshots below



    I boxed out a lot of the space to make the apartment the size I wanted, and theres also a new fake corridor too!


    Bathroom is boring, I got bored but here it is


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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,093 Member
    that's so lovely @Onverser is it on the gallery?
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    Triplets <3


    Cassey, Carl and Caryn :)
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    SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,665 Member
    Best of luck to Elizabeth, single parenting is hard mode!

    Is it? I find that the kids practically raise themselves, at least once they age up past being toddlers! Maybe that's just because I raise them one at a time. Two-parent households are actually a bit harder for me because I have to keep track of three sims in a house instead of just two.

    Think it comes to how I play :)

    Mostly I one single sim with a interesting challenge that I have made for myself in a rotation with other households for fun.

    A new generation happens maybe one or twice in my other story-saves. Play same family for maybe a real life year or two but they seldom get further than three generations due to my glacial pace in aging. Families are fun but a bit tiring.

    Just setting up a new challenge-side-save. It will be fun. Robotics, a cat, no gardening whatsoever.
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    ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 708 Member
    OASIS SPRINGS (AP) - Director of the SimNation Bureau of Alien Affairs Dan Sculder announced today that due to the increasing problem of Sixam infiltrators, another round of alien liquidations has been announced for the coming summer. Aliens will be rounded up and arrested, and they will then be cooked alive on the hot pavement of Oasis Springs on the first heat wave day of the season. Special thermal clothing will be procured to hasten the aliens' demise, patriotically provided by the Knitters' Club of Willow Creek. The Bureau would like to recognize Lilit Segura for her meritorious service to humanity in alien disposal.

    Sculder addressed reporters with a clear warning. "Attention all blueskins. Get on your rocketships and head back to Sixam if you value your lives. We humans are a peace-loving species, but your repeated forced abductions and impregnations of our good citizens have left us no choice but to annihilate all of you who believe you can live among us, marking us for abduction, without consequence. Do not resist. Do not beg for mercy. We will show you none. You will be exterminated like the vermin you are."

    Reverend Gennady Markov of the United Church of the Watcher* made a statement in favor of the anti-alien measure, calling them "abominations", while also reminding the faithful that the best way to avoid abduction is to "stay true to the Watcher. When they came for me, the Watcher's power repelled the alien ship. His power overcame me and kept me inside the house when a demonic voice tried to force me to go outside to be taken away. Aliens fear the Watcher, for their evil cannot overcome His good. Pray and He will save you."

    *in my simworld's canon, the Peterans and Jacobans of Sims Medieval reconciled into one church after a conflict similar to the Thirty Years' War. The Peteran church absorbed the Jacobans after a decisive victory against Yacothia that led to the Jacoban stronghold getting full "Carthago delenda est" at the end. But that's a story for another day (and another forum, perhaps.)
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    haneulhaneul Posts: 1,954 Member
    I love the expressions sims make. In the pictures below, a fifth generation member of my legacy is talking to her father. He's probably saying some weird stuff, but she knows him well enough to understand what he means. B) So even though she's caught off guard at first, she's fine.

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    haneulhaneul Posts: 1,954 Member
    @Onverser I love the subtle soft lighting in the apartment. It seems like a calming place to live.

    @mcrudd Oh triplets! But judging from the 46? birth certificates in the inventory, your sim's a pro! She has a nice stack of death flowers just in case as well.
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    ArcaArca Posts: 196 Member
    I'm having some difficulty regarding genetic last night when I was playing the game...
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    edited October 2021
    @Onverser That's a really nice apartment, I love the colors.
    @mcrudd reminded me to check on my own sims that had recently had triplets, I was avoiding them lol.
    @hanuel I'm always zooming in on sims just to see those little looks, sometimes you can brush them off other times you just know they had a sims aware moment.

    Now for my nonsense
    Mccc likes to pair up Candy Bher and Marcus Flex which is usually fine but for no reason I noticed how alone Joaquin is so...she broke it off with Markie and ran off to be with him they eloped and are expecting a baby. He may have rebounded with her sister...this save is on normal she's a young adult :s
    I moved to the Goths since it's Valentine's day...okay that's kind of a lie I noticed Alex aged up without me and I did not approve of his look, but still after he was adjusted his sister aged up without me so I had to fix her up a bit so I just let their parents act like they didn't have kids while they were under construction heh.
    I let Cassandra adopt her brother as a care dependent cause she adores him and she thought it was time to somewhat dramatically help him wit his homework..."To be or not to X is the answer you seek." Alex has no comment he can handle math dagnabbit. Though he loves her so he'll deal with it.
    When he was in bed I cheated her the points to get her license thinking maybe she could make a life that way and romance a certain ghost hunter she admired I realized I never used that job so yeah..
    I finished with the moles I love this family I've been using them at random for years, since EA gave us ts2 for free I've mentioned I made Christina and things went so smoothly she was just stuck with him, also in ts3 and their first born is always a boy. I usually name him Max but named him Cruz this time Max is his middle name. Anyhow these are so their cutest kids ever, and they have had a lot of them.
    Cruz 'Max' the eldest, Kelvin.
    And their little sister Angelina even if by a few minutes, she seemed to be pouting as I woke her up from her nap to get pics...I had to arrange bunkbeds as this apartment doesn't have much space to move around.
    Christina is still so darn pretty I saved them so I could put them in a longer save another time and take them to uni.
    Finally John comes home exhausted.

    "What's the matter honey?"

    "Just thinking about sharing a bathroom with five of us."

    "Yeah it's a bit cramped, should we get ready to move?"

    "No..just can't afford it right now."

    She guilty hid what she got the kids for their birthday, and told him to go rest while she kept them busy.
    Three thousand of their non existent funds, anything for her babies though, Angie is reading, Cruz just wanted to browse, but Kel is my troll I must marry all of them off mmhmm.

    Well that was fun.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    @haneul LOL its my 100 baby challenge game. One mom for 100 babies using aging off. Its taking forever so now I am allowing multiples since I am in a routine with my sims. Death flowers are always good to have in a challenge game LOL.

    @RedDestiny92 Oh noes hope the little ones are ok, but I completely understand why you would avoid that save. Thankfully my sim is parenting level 10 now :D
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    NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @Onverser That's a really nice apartment!
    @mcrudd Oh boy! That's the one thing I've yet to do in my game is to raise triplets. I've actually have only happened once in the 12000+ hours I've played, and I decided I didn't want to be surprised by the baby's gender, exited my game without saving and edited the pregnancy when I loaded back in. The 100 baby challenge is probably something I'd never do because I try too hard to make stories with all my children and I'd get too attached (and probably frustrated for trying to make 100 stories at the same time).
    @haneul I love the expressions in the game, too! I often pause my game and say, "Aww!" I think that sometimes the expressions can be so cute and endearing.
    @RedDestiny92 Even though they don't have a lot of money, Christina trying to make her children happy for their birthday is really sweet.

    A little time has passed since Johnny and Emiliano returned home from their weekend getaway in Sulani. Their summer was packed; Johnny had a magazine photoshoot to promote his upcoming album, Emiliano had a movie premiere for his latest summer blockbuster, and they ended summer with a bang by throwing a lavish pool party. They also attended the Starlight Accolades, and both Johnny and Emiliano took home awards that night.

    Since it was now fall, Johnny and Emiliano thought it would be fun if they took Desirae to a pumpkin patch and let her pick out some pumpkins.

    Johnny, the founder of my legacy family, poses with his daughter for a photo. I thought maybe I'd want one more child with Johnny before I decided on my heir, but I'm pretty confident Desirae will be my gen2 heir at the point.

    Johnny and Emiliano packed a lunch in a picnic basket to bring along with them. After shopping for pumpkins, the family found a nice spot near the water for a little picnic.

    Johnny took Desirae into the water to let her play for a bit before heading home.

    They brought Riley along with them to the pumpkin patch. After all, she is a part of the family, too! Riley decided she wanted to swim too, and jumped into the water with style.

    They wrapped up the evening with a little swim before heading back home. At the point, I have aging turned off. I turned it off right before Desirae's birthday, so I feel like I'm done with this chapter of their lives. I'm about to turn aging back on and have Desirae age up. I'm pretty excited because she'll finally be able to participate in more things!
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    OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,364 Member
    that's so lovely @Onverser is it on the gallery?

    Yes, I just uploaded it now under the same username as here :) I'm not sure how well it will place though as I used a lot of CC, and platforms would have to be re-added as you can't save apartments with them on the gallery
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    auricio288auricio288 Posts: 149 Member
    My dog just died and Grim Reaper appeared wearing winter clothes :D:D


    Sorry for the darkness, it's overnight and cloudy
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    cynciecyncie Posts: 4,747 Member
    edited October 2021
    Harvest Fest gnome had it coming. Bunny Gnome rejected Morgyn’s gift and zapped him. Morgyn returned the festive gesture with the incineration spell and reduced Bunny Gnome to ashes. The other gnomes beat a hasty retreat, leaving seed packets all over the kitchen. I love Sim holidays!
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    ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 708 Member
    Elizabeth Wheatley headed out to the mailbox to check the day's mail, and what she found was a bit of a surprise even though she'd kind of been expecting it.

    "Adam! Come down here! There's mail for you."

    Adam heeded his mother's call...and saw an absolutely overstuffed mailbox chock-full of college-related things. Some of the scholarship letters had even slipped on to the ground. Adam was glad it wasn't his job to yell at the postmaster. His mom had become a pro at that.

    "Just how many scholarships did you apply for, anyway? There's gotta be, like, eight packets in here."

    "All of them, Mom. I applied for all of them. And I already checked on the phone. Only one I didn't get was the athletic one. College is fully paid for, you don't have to spend a cent." Adam flexed his muscles. "Guess I'm just too much of a man for their prissy little soccer team."

    Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Her son had tempered his meathead tendencies since his early adolescence, but even she had to admit the kid's swagger wasn't without foundation. She also had to admit that Jason Teller, Adam's trainer, was looking awfully good if she ever wanted to have another kid or two...

    "So you leave for college in..."

    "Two days. And don't look at me all sad like that. Once I'm done with school, you can visit any time you want. I love you, Mom."

    That really set Elizabeth to crying, though whether it was sadness or joy, even the Watcher couldn't tell. "I love you too, kiddo."
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,001 Member
    edited October 2021
    Note: I have not lost my place, so to speak, I discovered that I used the wrong pictures for my last entry on page 166, When a Pun, Isn't. I switched out the story and the pictures to correctly depict Tea & Treachery. Just wanted you to know I kept the storyline and the pictures which are really from Dignity & Decorum. (Had them in the wrong screenshot folder, my bad.)

    When Reality Isn't Dreaming

    Erik's next role, while fun, was far too Cookie-Cutter in nature. The characters and places were different, and he went from being a Lord to a Butler. But, sadly the basic concept of the show was similar to his last performance. Really, only the names and circumstances were changed to protect the innocent, or the writers, he was thinking. This troubled him, greatly. Pressured into getting in front of the camera again by the relentless Agency, he was careless in his choice, or so he felt. He liked the title, but with all that was going on in his family life, he did little more than scan through the script. And so, he came to star in Dignity & Decorum.
    Erik portrayed the Butler, Sebastian. A nice meaty role that called for his character to fall for the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
    And fall for her he did.
    It was risky, but his character went out of his way to snatch any moment he could with the young Duchess. He was overjoyed to learn she felt the same for him, as he did for her.
    It wasn't long, however, before Duchess Cambridge learned of this illicit affair. She was furious and shouted at the Butler, promising to fire him.
    But, this Butler had more to him than any of the official Suitors had. He had mettle and refused to be put down because of his station in life.
    So, in honor of his undying love for Daphne, he stood up to Madalyn Cambridge.
    So impressed with him, the two ended up sharing a toast to the upcoming nuptials.

    His children were growing, all too fast. Kayleigh was on the nest, again. Five children already, this would make number six. Erik wasn't worried, financially they were set for life. He was just gone so much, but then Kayleigh reminded him her father worked full time and went on tours of duty, gone for months at a time, not hours, while she and her sisters were growing up. "It's not like you're never home, Erik. And when you're here you do give the children your individual attention. Please, for my sake, stop beating yourself up."
    Playing Bear with Melody
    Again, with Harmony
    Andrew had his turn, too
    And finally, little Peter had some Daddy Time

    The Nominations were revealed for the next Starlight Accolades. And the holidays were once again in front of them, for which Erik was grateful. The time would go faster with all of the ensuing activities.
    Erik got busy preparing their Harvestfest Feast.
    He truly enjoyed cooking and more than once hesitated when offered a position as a Celebrity Chef, before ultimately turning it down, tempting though it was.
    Pretty soon, Fall turned into Winter. Snow hit Henford-on-Bagley hard, this season.
    The Silver Screen Icon took a moment to relax and have some fun.
    Kayleigh and Erik designed this Season's greeting card.
    With the help of his brothers, Erik was able to put up the decorations, with Kayleigh's directions, of course. Front and back.
    Before they knew it, Winterfest Eve was upon them. Time to decorate the tree, the parents kept locked up in the gaming room on the main floor.
    With lights On:
    Winterfest Day, the family joined them in their festivities. By then there was no denying baby number six was on the way.
    Gifts were opened and all had a blast.

    If the holidays had been good, what came next made Erik question so many things about his life. And Life, in general. Jamison's birthday rolled around. The family had a fun time celebrating.
    "Happy Birthday, son. This is from your mother and me.
    Shortly after Kayleigh gave birth to another daughter, Cadence, a fire broke out. Erik almost lost her. Thankfully, the fire was extinguished and but for some soot, she turned out to be fine. Too close for comfort. By any means terrifying.
    Harmony still had nightmares.
    The Twins' birthday rolled around, just a few days later and yet another fire broke out. What is going on? Erik was left to ask. This one was insidious. A spark from the fireplace?
    A spark that became a huge blaze.
    A flying spark that attacked Jamison!
    Erik and Kayleigh went into high gear, grabbing up the two fire-extinguishers. Heavenly Father, don't take my son!
    Finally, the flames were put out. "Jamison, don't take this the wrong way," Erik said, "but you look a little like a werewolf about now."
    "Do I look like I'm laughing to you?"
    Bending down, Erik gingerly hugged his charred little boy. "I love you, Dad, I was so scared."
    "You didn't show it, I thought you were very brave."
    While Erik was busy consoling Jamison, Kayleigh was busy consoling little Peter and Andrew.
    There were two casualties in this fire. Both of Erik's previous Starlight Accolades were now piles of ash. Harmony seemed happy about it, as she danced in some of the ash from the fire.
    The next day Erik sought to fully clean the dining room floor. "Hey, Peter, this would be easier if you moved to the side a bit, please."
    "I dance!"
    "You, too? You're cute, you know that."

    When the Accolades rolled around, Erik attended, reminding his family to tune in, just in case. "Lightning may strike twice, but a third time in a row? I'm not convinced."
    The BPB Studios had undergone a slight renovation since Erik was there last. A little more stylish, a lot more glitz.
    He took a seat and waited. Next thing he knew his name was called. "And the Accolade goes to … Erik Cantrell for his portrayal of Sebastian, the Butler in Dignity & Decorum! Erik made his way to the microphone.
    "Thank you Lord! Yes, it does strike three times."
    "Oh, I must be dreaming."
    And then he laughed a little bit, wiping the tear from his eye. "If any of you knew just what this means, what a Blessing it is right now. I almost lost my wife and my eldest child in two separate house fires. Both are fine, I'm happy to say, but man that was just too close. I did lose my first two Accolades though. Yeah, the second fire took both of them. In trade for the life of my Jamison. I'll accept that."
    "But on a lighter note, I'd like to thank the director, Armoudo Guzman, and my Co-Stars, Mai Shebeto and Shingo Goro. The writers, the supporting cast, the phenomenal crew. Make-Up, Costume, all who participated to make this show great."
    "Thank you for this honor. I won't forget this."
    "Good night."

    All for now. Thanks for reading! :)

    Post edited by GalacticGal on
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    CuteBrunette99CuteBrunette99 Posts: 2 New Member
    So today someone has send me a picture of there dog on Instagram and asked me to make their dog in the sims4. So I have tried my best to recreate it. I will be posting it tomorrow on my sims wall so she can Download her beloved husky :)
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    @NightlyCoffee I started off my challenge with just single babies but it took forever so I am using ever possible in game option to get multiples now to get through the game quicker. I found that listening to kids music on your earbuds and on the stereo as well as watching kids tv gives you a bigger chance of triplets, this is my third set since starting that game play.
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    OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,364 Member
    Got bored and made another apartment, this apartment was inspired by traditional dark Chinese architecture and I think it would be perfect for the Fengs :) Screenshots below

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    cynciecyncie Posts: 4,747 Member
    Welp. I discovered that Michael Bell ditched the whole Creature Keeper gig and moved into a San Myshuno apartment with Marcus Flex. Did not see that coming.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,093 Member
    @cyncie haha the gnomes had it coming! thanks for sharing that
    @Onverser another beautiful apartment, wow. you are on a roll.
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    ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 708 Member
    Adam arrived at Foxbury U to go for his Biology degree. When the soccer team rejected him for a scholarship, all it took was one look in the mirror to know that his true destiny was going to be bodybuilding. It wasn't long before a familiar face showed up, however...


    "Mom! It's my first day! You just couldn't stay away, could you? Missed me that much?"

    Elizabeth laughed. "You'll understand when you have a kid of your own. So you got into the fancy house, huh? Good use of that scholarship money. But what's with the guy sleeping on the bench? You got a homeless guy living on campus?"

    "Oh, that's Mick Rooney. He's nuttier than squirrel poop but he's brilliant. Good guy. Hey, come in and see this, I've been working on it."

    Elizabeth followed Adam into the house, where a poster board was starting to come together with all kinds of information about metabolism and myosin fibers and the science behind "getting ripped".


    "Didn't waste any time, did you? You were always a great student in elementary and high school, not surprised you're already doing well in college."

    "Thanks, Mom..."

    "Wait. Do you people not have beds in here?"

    Adam laughed. "Mine's upstairs. It's a double. But that's Jeff on the couch. He drank way too much juice at a party last night, that's why he's sleeping it off on the couch at 8 in the morning. That's also why he smells like the floor of a dive bar."

    "So is anyone else going to fall asleep in the middle of the house?"

    "Nah. Maki's sleeping in her bedroom, that is if she's not crying over something again. I swear every time even the slightest thing goes wrong, she loses it. I think her parents sheltered her way too much when she was little and she never learned how to deal. They're from Komorebi and, like, really traditional. I don't even think they wanted Maki to go to school. Probably thought she'd marry some salaryman and pump out a bunch of kids."

    This time it was Elizabeth's turn to laugh. "Do yourself a favor and get a girl who can keep up with you. Maybe try the library. I should introduce you to my friend Hernando sometime. He married a librarian and they're an amazing couple to hang out with."

    Adam blushed. "So how long until you start bugging me about settling down and giving you grandkids?"

    "Soon as you graduate. Enjoy college while you can, kid."

    "No pressure, huh. Anyway, it's good to see you again, feel free to say hi to Mick and Maki when they wake up, but you might want to stay away from Jeff, I hear he's a mean one when he's hung over."
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,858 Member
    Onverser wrote: »
    Got bored and made another apartment, this apartment was inspired by traditional dark Chinese architecture and I think it would be perfect for the Fengs :) Screenshots below



    Your apartment is so gorgeous!
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,665 Member
    @GalacticGal An accolade for Erik congratulations! :)
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    @mcrudd Oh yeah they are fine, I just thought it was funny the day I choose to stop avoiding that house was their birthday I've started cheating some parenting levels for my stay at home parents, been good so far.
    @NightlyCoffee yeah she's always like that couldn't have her any other way, she seems an interesting choice for heir I love legacies watching time move through the sims and all.
    I went back to the Fyres-Munch home and found their baby was born the game named her Dayana and I liked it so I kept it.
    I think this was funny cause right before she was going to take a photo of their toddler and he walked in the frame she looked so appalled lol.


    "Sorry sugar"

    She then got flirty cause...them heh.
    I had them move Max to a bigger room then I looked and saw it was pretty much his birthday like they would have missed it if I didn't have them get a cake, I hope they add buying cakes on the zoomers thing.
    Morgan made the food and had her husband handle the cake.
    Max is adorable, he doesn't want to say that moving from friend to child of his favorite problem sims had a positive effect on him but he does well in school and doesn't go out pranking or breaking the yah. He wasn't bothered by his real father's death and he's fine without his siblings they moved on after all and live with who I think is their step mother.
    He's gloomy so he was pouting for a bit but family time makes it all the better.
    Or it's just his new sister he adores her.
    Very literally, maybe cause I had him temporarily adopt her as care dependent then changed cause I don't want her to see two sets of parents and cause a glitch or something. Anyways, unlike Luna, he'd do anything her, his favorite sister.

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day

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