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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
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    Frozen In Time

    From the moment he got word he had, indeed, been nominated, Erik was a wreck. Time dragged on as if it were frozen, or something. Each day crawled by no matter how busy he tried to keep himself. Kayleigh was again on the nest and this pregnancy was harder on her than their first one. She ate more, slept more, was more grouchy than he recalled. Erik wished he could carry this child for her, or that there was something more he could do. He'd already taken over the housework. The vacuuming of both floors, laundry — where he learned the hard way to sort the dark things from the light, and not to jam both loads into one, lest the light clothes become dingy — Kayleigh gave him a mouthful on that goof. Something about his having ruined her favorite blouse. Even offering to purchase another one didn't help. She just gave him the eye. Erik loved Kayleigh, but he hated the eye. Up every morning at dawn, he took care of the limited crops he had in his garden, but first, the chickens. They were up to eight, now. What to do with the hatchables? Erik didn't foresee them able to keep up with sixteen, should he purchase a second coop. Out of the question!
    Erik focused on their small son, Jamison was growing so fast. And, boy, did he know how to get dirty! Every single night he required a bath.
    On rare moments when Kayleigh had just a little energy, she would see to the boy's education.
    "Come on, you know this one."
    "Ah, are you trying to sneak a peek? Shame on you. You know this one!"
    "Kayleigh," Erik said, "he's barely eighteen months old. Don't put so much pressure on him. Let him be a baby. We don't want him to explode, you know."
    "Seems to me the one who is about to explode is you, my dear."
    "It shows, huh?"

    Sunday rolled around and Erik and Kayleigh went to Services. Erik was glad their liturgy was usually about an hour and a half long. That coupled with Father's often long-winded homilies, and Coffee Hour afterwards would eat up most of the day. Thankful. He was thankful and glad to be standing in the narthex next to friends. Kayleigh was sitting on a bench near the edge. She simply couldn't stand as long as she could with Jamison. Erik reminded himself to speak to her doctor about it, or at least to his brother who was now busy sorting out which specialty to enter. Even so, he worried over her. After they left church, Erik puttered around in the back yard. He fed the chickens, again, played with them to keep them in good spirits and then weeded the garden and fertilized his Great Pumpkin and the huge head of Lettuce he had managed to grow. Checking his watch, he hurried upstairs to polish his teeth, shower and otherwise make ready, just in case the camera should turn in his direction. He was so nervous and just kept reminding himself, the honor is in the Nomination.
    "Welcome to the Starlight Accolades!" the Host began. "First up tonight we have the …"
    Erik found himself thinking of anything but the awards until he heard his friend's name announced. "Dirk Dreamer!"
    "Congratulations, Dirk," Erik said, offering his hand.
    Just like the entire weekend, time was frozen or at least dragging along at a snail's pace.
    "And now the Accolade for Best Performance," the Host said, as she tried to rip open the envelope, hands visibly shaking. "Oh, I'm so nervous you would think I was up for this one. Oh, finally. It wouldn't tear open." She gave a giggle. "And the winner is …Erik Cantrell!. Oh, I'm so excited, congratulations!" Erik haltingly got to his feet, gobsmacked, certain she had read his name in error. Legs like lead, he finally made it to the microphone. Wow this thing is heavy! Where he proceeded to just stand.
    "Sorry, my mind is going a mile a minute. Wow, thank you. I didn't expect this."
    "First off, I would like to thank my God, without whose Blessing this wouldn't have happened. My wife, Kayleigh, my son, Jamison, my parents, my siblings. The director for this opportunity."
    "I know I'm forgetting people. The cast the crew, the writers."
    "Thank you all so much. I love all of you," he said, as he blew kisses into the audience. "This is an honor I won't ever forget. Thank you."
    As Erik left the PBP Studios he decided to take a short stroll upon the Avenue. He found his Frame, but was saddened at its state. Who, why?
    By the time he got home, after another concert, another photoshoot and another filming of a bit part in a major movie, Erik tip-toed upstairs to sit on his son's cot. "Goodnight, my sweet Prince."

    All for now! Thanks for reading! :)
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    KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,407 Member
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    Victor Penn almost died. I got a notification that he was freezing to death. This is my own "full house challenge" where I have full house (8 Sims) and I can't control any Sim unless they automatically sort themselves out aka all their needs are green. Victor wasn't all green... so I wasn't allowed to control him. Luckily he woke up and decided to come inside the house before he died.

    Scarlet Santiago has been putting on some weight because she's been eating their chef Sims foods a lot. She decided to go jogging on a treadmill. I guess she wants to lose weight.

    Lionel Kemp is always exercising. He's gotten on fitness level 10 completely on his own.

    Catherine Harlow was eaten by the cowplant Dolores. Dolores didn't like the taste, obviously, and threw her up. Catherine was dirty and took a shower in the rain afterwards.
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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,168 Member
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    We haven't checked in with Audrey Aquatic in awhile. Here she is swimming laps inside of her house. One advantage to living in a house full of water is that she never has to mop the floor--she has to swim from room to room, so it's going to get wet anyways...

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    vancanuckfan86vancanuckfan86 Posts: 1,156 Member
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    An autumn date at the park for Luke and Sara Nelson. Even though Sara is his wife - Luke seemed to forget that she was a vegetarian :p .

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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,168 Member
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    Audrey getting down on the dance floor, wearing flippers and a snorkel....

    EDIT; because of one of the mods I have installed, she's also quite drunk lol

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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,168 Member
    Now now only is Audrey drunk, she also peed on herself and is conversing with the talking toilet....

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    vancanuckfan86vancanuckfan86 Posts: 1,156 Member
    @Nate_Whiplash1 - Is that a nightclub of bees? I enjoy the Sim being attacked in the background! Lol
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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,168 Member
    @Nate_Whiplash1 - Is that a nightclub of bees? I enjoy the Sim being attacked in the background! Lol

    That's the one :wink:
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    JALJAL Posts: 1,128 Member
    My character Laurie, who was pregnant with her fourth child, had twins! Yes, she already had three, two of which were toddlers. Now she has two more. Luckily one was just about to age up so she now has two children, one toddler and two babies, and a next to useless husband who keeps getting in her way more than anything. (You want me to put our toddler to bed? Why would I do that when I can coo at the screaming baby and prevent you from feeding her?)
    Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
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    HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 326 Member
    The Atwoods are the next family in my new save and I love them. Tim, the oldest brother, is stuck raising his three siblings after their parents mysteriously disappeared (Tony, a teen, suspects aliens and is going to be weird about it). Tim is just such a good big brother. Here he is reading to little Tania.


    Her style is "red rain boots and whatever mismatched clothes an older brother can find." The kids have a lovely house I downloaded with plenty of desks and kitchen space to do their homework on, but they keep congregating in their older brother's bedroom so he can help them.


    When Tim got invited to the Spice Festival, he naturally dragged all the siblings along; a free dinner is a free dinner.


    I just can't get over how sweet they all are together.


    I've been playing with the Healthcare Redux mod, and wow, it gave me some of the most realistic gameplay for these guys. Halfway through their week Tim starting feeling off. He went to the doctor and got diagnosed with anxiety, with the first moodlet popping up saying he was concerned about the bills piling up. So pretty much exactly the story I imagined for him, because his level 2 politician job is not going to pay the bills for a super fancy four bedroom house in Brindleton Bay.

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    NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,914 Member
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    WOW :o@JAL Welcome to the forums. 4 Sims (not kids, Sims ) is my personal limit.

    Gor-g-eous Sims there @HavenRose. Theirs is a bittersweet backstory too.
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    NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @HavenRose Aw! Tim is so wonderful for taking care of his little siblings! I really love mods that add realism to the game, even if it's not all sunshine and rainbows. It just really makes stories more engaging to me.

    On Sunday morning, Johnny and Emiliano woke the children up early. After their usual breakfast, the two dads and Jonathan spent a couple hours volunteering at the local nursing home. They have plans to continue volunteer every weekend they have him, and hopefully, it teaches him to be just a little bit more humble.

    Jonathan had been wanting to learn how to play the piano, and lucky for him, his stepfather is a talented pianist and was eager to teach him.

    That evening, they stopped by the park in Brindleton Bay. Just a fun little play session with the kids before they brought Jonathan home.

    At Jonathan's home, David convinced Johnny and Emiliano to have just one quick little game of Party Frenzy... just like old times.

    Jonathan thought while his parents were in the living room, he'd show off the chickens his grandparents bought for the farm to Desirae. Desirae loved them! She started scooping them up, one by one, giving them hugs and kisses.

    And... Jonathan had a lapse of judgment. He told Desirae where chicken nuggets comes from.

    Desirae starting bawling. She was never, ever, EVER going to eat chicken nuggies again!

    Jonathan tried to comfort his sister.

    "I'm sorry, Desi! I'm so sorry! Don't cry... please!"

    Johnny and Emiliano came out to check on the kids.

    "So uh... I'm sorry, dad. I might have ruined chicken nuggets for her... for like... forever."

    Desirae tried to hold one of the chickens afterwards but it pecked at her. She screamed and called for Johnny.

    "Daddy! Daddy! They're trying to eat me!"
    "No baby, they're not trying to eat you. They're just wantin' a little break. Why don't we go home and get some dinner?"
    "No nuggies! No nuggies!"
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    SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,665 Member


    Harvestfest is going great for Torulf and family. No dinner done, no one has had time to shower and now we are going on to no furniture. Guests arriving in 5 hrs.
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    JALJAL Posts: 1,128 Member
    @NRowe I would normally not want that many sims either, but with this save I'm trying to play as the main character would think. Laurie is erratic and wants a big family, so I doubt she'd consider birth control which is why I have made whoohoo a risky business through mccc, and voila that's how you have five kids all of a sudden. I did lower the risk quite a bit after the twins though, as I figure five kids before thirty would make anyone think twice no matter how erratic they are or how much they'd love a big family, especially considering her husband's two other toddlers that he had with the woman he married while Laurie was pregnant with their first (he only divorced his first wife and proposed to Laurie when she was pregnant with their third, personally I'd have kicked him to the curb well before that point, but Laurie is head over heals in love with him for reasons I really can't understand).

    At least today the babies aged up into toddlers, so that's slightly easier at least. And Laurie did hire a maid at last, so she can do something other than clean up after them.

    @SilentKitty Oh no, that's not a good start of a holiday!

    Moreover, I advise that the cart button must be destroyed!
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    SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,665 Member
    JAL wrote: »
    @NRowe I would normally not want that many sims either, but with this save I'm trying to play as the main character would think. Laurie is erratic and wants a big family, so I doubt she'd consider birth control which is why I have made whoohoo a risky business through mccc, and voila that's how you have five kids all of a sudden. I did lower the risk quite a bit after the twins though, as I figure five kids before thirty would make anyone think twice no matter how erratic they are or how much they'd love a big family, especially considering her husband's two other toddlers that he had with the woman he married while Laurie was pregnant with their first (he only divorced his first wife and proposed to Laurie when she was pregnant with their third, personally I'd have kicked him to the curb well before that point, but Laurie is head over heals in love with him for reasons I really can't understand).

    At least today the babies aged up into toddlers, so that's slightly easier at least. And Laurie did hire a maid at last, so she can do something other than clean up after them.

    @SilentKitty Oh no, that's not a good start of a holiday!

    Wow, my sims are working hard with one kid :)

    They had a nice harvestfest dinner in the end, the partner went to bed early but Torulf played cards with the guests until late so all was well.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,851 Member
    @HavenRose That's sweet of him, looking forward to seeing how things go for them.
    @NightlyCoffee I keep forgetting about volunteering I have some families that ought to be doing that.

    This is the worse thing that could have happened, the pain is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    He then went to go nap with Morgan immediately which I think is cute.
    I might cheat them some potions of youth I like them a lot this run for some reason, time to make use of the their three empty rooms.
    And then I remembered it was the twin's birthday in my morris-howards family.
    I think they are adorable, I made the mistake of naming the elder one with the ponytail there Jolene and I always think of Dolly Parton when I say her name ha.
    It's cute seeing how happy he is like this cause I did this poor guy dirty in my bad decisions legacy, aside from his wife, Bella Goth being killed off for no reason he also had multiple baby mamas one being an alien he worked with and none of that ended well.

    I should probably play them and get him dog, his original family is fairly old they've never a lot, ever think about sims you enjoyed in the past and when you have newer things you like it's kind of sad they didn't experience it?

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,716 Member
    Lots of time has passed since my last post, but the Weatherby family are still going strong!

    It's autumn in Henford-on-Bagley, so my sims are greeted with this gorgeous view every morning:

    Despite the dropping temperature Maya still gets up early to feed the chickens.

    The newest addition to the family is little Isaac. He's an independent toddler and is happy to play on his own.

    Jerry the llama loves being brushed and remains Benji's favourite animal on the farm.

    I decided to take the family on vacation to Granite Falls as I've never been there in autumn. They made themselves at home around the firepit.

    Benji taught Maya and Bailey how to fish. Bailey now has the 'loves fishing' preference!

    The autumn scenery down by the river was absolutely gorgeous!

    Vacations are great for gaining sentiments! Cue epic vacation montage:





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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
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    When a Pun, Isn't

    Shortly after winning the Accolade for Best Performance, Erik got busy down in the Tayegeta Recording Studios. Autumn was here and the air was cooling down, at last. Rain. It was almost always raining and that made things difficult for him. Kayleigh was once again on the nest, and having a very difficult time of it. Then they learned why. During a routine sonogram it was discovered she was carrying twins! His sister had twins, Sandi had twins, too. Why Erik thought they would be exempt he never knew. But, here they were. Twins. Huh, he chuckled to himself. Guess I'm also in the Big Leagues.
    Kayleigh was very good at preparing their firstborn child that he was going to be a Big Brother and that Mommy and Daddy loved him so very much and that's why they were giving him siblings. So that he wouldn't grow up alone.
    At long last the twins, identical girls arrived. That's two sets of this rare phenomena in the family Erik mused. Aaron's twins were Fraternal. As well as of a different gender; a boy and a girl.
    Unlike their big brother, these girls were very demanding. They cried and cried and cried and cried and cried. The Pediatrician suggested it was Colic. An exhausted Erik could only hope it would soon pass. Like a kidney stone or something. He did his best to help placate the Disastrous Duo, who seemed intent on creating havoc in their home. One may sleep, while the other one cried. Once the second one was asleep, not five minutes later the first one would wail. And so it went, night after miserable night. Erik began to understand the Rock-A-Bye Baby Nursery rhyme set to music. Must have been written by a new completely sleep-deprived parent.
    A disappointed Erik finally threw in the towel. He needed sleep, but he wasn't getting much. If any. More than once a Makeup Artist had to hide the dark circles under his eyes. This simply just couldn't go on.
    Even Jamison, taking his new role as the eldest to heart, tried to soothe the girls. Although too cute for words, it was ineffective.

    His Agency kept prodding Erik to select another show from the stack of screenplays they sent to him. As he was with his music, Erik carefully selected the role he thought he was best-suited for. Of Tea & Treachery caught his eye. He fully read the script and then agreed to take it on. As a Seasoned Thespian, as they now considered him. Off to the Plumbob Studios he went.
    In this performance, Erik portrayed a young Lord, Arthur, of Henford-On-Bagley, the last Lord in Succession. Since his father had arranged his marriage before he deceased to the young, Angelina of Brindleton. He was anxious to meet her upon his 21st birthday, as scheduled. He immediately was taken with her.
    "I know my mother plans on something dreadful. I overheard her speaking to the family barrister about it. Oh, Arthur, 'tis not my will."
    "What is it she plans, my Darling? Perchance there's something I can do to foil it?
    "Mother is intent on taking your title from you."
    "We shall see about that!"
    "Since Papa passed away she has not been herself. I beg you, do not be too hard on her."
    "For you, I shall be as lenient as I can."
    "Madam Brindleton, I have heard the most unsettling news. Is it true you plan on demanding I give up my Title, my birthright in order to marry your daughter? This simply cannot be."
    "You misunderstand, Lord Henford. Your father meant for our two houses to join. Completely. From the time of the wedding your Title shall be Lord Henford-on-Brindleton. 'Tis simply a matter of keeping the land."
    "I fail to understand the treachery involved here. My Father never expressed any of this to me. I have come to honor my father's wishes and I will marry your daughter. As for the rest, Madam, you are lying."
    "And you, sir, must take up the sword to defend yourself."
    "I accede to your will, young sir. Keep your Title and take my daughter as your bride."
    "Arthur, you were wonderful!"

    Time went by and the girls aged up to Toddlers. Everyone, including Jamison gave a sigh of relief.
    Melody was a sweet, sweet girl.
    Harmony, on the other hand, was too much like her father and boy did she have s. p. u. n. k.
    Erik wondered just how much they might clash and soon found out.
    Upon his return from the Studios, he found her inside the tent playing happily by herself. Erik smiled as he crept into the room. He decided to join her in play by pretending to be a monster. "RAAAAAR," he bellowed, shaking his arms over his head. Harmony slowly crept though the tent door, hunkered down, and warily looking about. Clearly, by the look on her sweet face, he had frightened her. Erik immediately felt regret. This was the last thing he intended. He just wanted a little fun.
    "Baby girl, it's just me. It's Daddy," he said, with a huge smile.
    "Go way. Bad Daddy, bad."
    "Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry. Daddy was only playing. Come here."

    The next week his eighteenth album was released. Record sales soared and he was pleased.
    Named for his newest song, Lightning's Striking Again
    A short time later, he received another nomination from the Starlight Academy. He could hardly believe it. Has to be some kind of mistake.

    The night arrived and Erik took his time getting ready. Surely, it was wishful thinking he might win again. He took a seat in the back row of chairs.
    "And the winner for Best Performance goes to …Erik Cantrell! For his role as the young Lord Henford, in Of Tea & Treachery. Well done, Erik and congratulations."
    Erik untwined his long legs and made his way to the microphone, stunned. He stood there waiting patiently for the Sim to bring him his trophy.
    Trophy in hand, no less heavy than the first one, he closed his eyes giving silent thanks to his Maker. And trying to gather some words together for the speech he didn't write up beforehand.
    "First off," he began, "I would like to say Glory to God in all things! And isn't the title of my latest album a coincidence? Who knew? I know I didn't, else I would have written an acceptance speech."
    "I thank you all so much for this Honor and I am completely humbled by it."
    "It was a great show, well-written, well-directed with a cast that compares to no other and I am grateful to have been allowed to join in."
    "Anyone who says this isn't as sweet the second time around is sadly mistaken. I am overwhelmed."
    "Ah, there's the music. I love you ALL"
    "Kayleigh, I'm on my way home!

    All for now! Thanks for reading! :)

    Had to change out the pictures. The previous ones were from Dignity & Decorum. Set in the same time period you can understand my confusion, I do hope. :)

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    GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,468 Member
    @Nate_Whiplash1 I love your aquatic house! I might have to try something like that.
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
    My name on AHQ (and the upcoming sims forum) is "GlacierSnowGhost".
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    XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,567 Member
    I am behind on some packs, so recently I just bought Dream Home Decorator, The Paranormal Stuff pack and the Knitting stuff pack. I was playing the game and apparently my sims cursed her and her boyfriend with a sweater.
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    SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 4,135 Member
    If anyone is familiar with my save file, you may be familiar with Jack Hill and Sophie Green.

    If not, I'll make a long story short:
    Jack and Sophie dated in high school. Sophie got pregnant as a teen and had their daughter, Piper. Jack would rather party and live his life instead of being there for his daughter. He lives in San Myshuno with his twin sister, Jillian. He basically just won't grow up.

    Sophie lives in Windenburg and is raising Piper on her own. She does have some help from her best friend, Jillian.

    Anyway, with the help of mods, I decided to age Jack, Sophie, and Jillian down to teens and play out the story from the beginning.

    As it stands now, Piper is a toddler. Sophie and Jack broke up because Jack wanted to explore his options. He's since started dating Sofia Bjergsen, but it's going to be a short romance.

    Sophie was heartbroken by Jack just dumping her the way he did. She's trying to get over him and adjust to life as a single teen mom. She's applied for scholarships to university. She'll probably live at home until she finishes university so her parents, Ronald and Angela, can help with Piper.

    As for Jillian, she's planning on going to university. She's currently dating Jeb Harris, without the bag.

    I've been playing for a (real life) week, and I have to say this is the most fun I've had in a while. I've never played a teen mom storyline in any of the games. I'm not sure why that is but I just haven't. I think I'll leave it here since it's already pretty long.
    Gallery ID: SweetieWright_84--Save File Thread--Youtube Channel
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    DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 3,493 Member
    Partners in crime!
    -probably just playing Phasmophobia :p
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    KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,407 Member
    edited October 2021
    Penny Pizzazz appeared behind the door pregnant. I knew the father was one of my Sims because I don't use mods. I just didn't remember who it was because Penny got pregnant the last time I played this save and it's a save of chaos and randomness and I have a full house of Sims. I don't pay enough attention, obviously. :p

    It didn't take long time until it I found out who the father is... his name is Jack Patton.
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    HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,278 Member
    Had a lot of fun playing with a retail store I furnished which is owned by the company SuperStar Entertainment. The company is backing a K-pop girl group that aims to go global. The group has yet to make their official debut, but are helping raise money towards it by selling merchandise and side projects. I've used the clothing items from Incheon Arrivals to sell in the store and it makes the whole experience that much better.


    Here Hana (a member of the group) is restocking CDs.


    Bonnie chats with a customer.


    Lisa wonders why Bonnie's not focusing on actually making a sale.


    Vivian takes charge of ringing up customers with assistance from Hana.


    For the store's opening day there were a surprising number of customers. One of the members (not shown) only made brief appearances in the store because she is a loner and prefers to stay behind the scenes.

    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
    ✧ :-"As long as I continue to believe then one day my ((dreams)) really will come true."✧ :-
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    tinahjalmartinahjalmar Posts: 1,595 Member
    I have a brand new computer. So I have a brand new save. I created two sisters and moved them into New Crest. The oldest is Brenna, is dating Penny Pizzazz and is level 3 as an author is a becoming famous for writing books. Carina is the other sister and is level 4 in the business career and she's dating both Geoffrey Landgraab and Mortimer Goth at the same time.

    So the Fleming sisters are pretty active!
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