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What we want to see in 2019


  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    A wedding expansion (or just a big update). There would be options for a wedding party such as
    -maid/matron of honor
    -best man
    -flower girl (it would be SO cute!)
    -ring bearer
    -bride and groom's parents
    -option for an officiant (it could be any sim, and if you don't want one you don't need one)
    other ideas were to have an "in-laws" relationship the same way "parent" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" shows up. Maybe an option for a bachelor party? Ability to choose dress code for wedding. More wedding dresses and suits/tuxes.

    Yes and I just had a wedding yesterday in game. A brother ended up left out bc it's hard to meet every single member of your SO's family. And there's no "add family" option on invite. You can only have 15 guests.
    THERE'S NO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! My brides have to take their own pics in the photo rig, of each other. Because you can't control guests and have them do it, unless you're in that household. Like what?!
    Weddings need an overhaul.
    Planning it shouldn't take you right to your wedding. We have calendars, can we use them for event planning? Not just holidays.
    Weddings should have more options.
    Going to the courthouse.
    Going with them when they elope.
    Dress fittings.
    Premarital jitters.
    Like come on
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    And can we fix genealogy? Sims can be cousins but not even have the aunt or uncle in their personal family tree. And when there's limited ancestors, we should be able to make a create-a-sim portrait. And have the option of having that sim in world or not. And editing relationships.

    1. You have a sim you're making and decide to make her parents too. Cool.
    2. But you want her to take after her Grandma who doesn't exist. POP On Over to "Edit-Geneology-Mode"(trademark pending lol). Make Grandma add her traits. Maybe give her some fulfilled lifetime achievements (myb sims 3 era stuff). Add her beaus.
    3. Grandma married Grandpa Elroy but dated Louis Marx first, and Mom looks just like him.😱
    4. We could have a panel for "Past Relationships" sims can be exes. Ex bffs etc, without us having to cheat it all. Or suffer through it.
    5. Ooooh and we could add a "Search for Ancestry " sims who are the first in their families can have randomized backstories of where their ppl are from. Sims with ancestors can learn about the lives they lived.
    6. And I can FINALLY add relatives. MCC only has parent or siblings, or kids. What about aunts and uncle? Or if you have a relationship with multiple spouses we could have Mom/Dad #x or a difference between bio-parents and raising parents.
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    Erja888 wrote: »
    (introduction of private schools like in TS2 (they give you a plus on your apptitude test or a special scholarship), grungy clothing, apptitude test or scholarship, lots of different majors, new jobs ONLY available if you graduated from university (e.g. dentist, architect, teacher, lawyer), new items like bunk beds, murphy beds, keg stands, juice-pong-table, laptops, comic books, kicky bag, flying disk, soccer ball, vending machines, mini fridge, pool table, photo both, drums, backpack; new traits (e.g. nerd, socially awkward, irresistable, daredevil, night owl, rebellious, workaholic, easily impressed, great kisser, loser, lucky, never nude, shy, absolutely neccessary (when your Sims' learning bar is at grade "D" they won't go to class on their own, their study progression will slow down drastically but their want to host parties will increase, they are able to use cheat sheets at tests, later in their life they will get to level 9 of every career with less effort than other Sims, but level 10 is nearly impossible to reach for them), new aspirations; new occults: plantsims like we had in TS2; sorority/frat and secret society, new social interactions: hang out, study together, take romantic picture, dance on counter, pillow fight, form a band --> new way to make money or at least recieve tips)

    (a tractor you can use to harvest your lot; new harvestables like corncobs, wheat, barley, rye; you can bring it to a mill and recieve flour, flour can be used to bake bread; animals like cows, chicken, sheep, pigs; cows give milk and you can make butter and cheese from it; chicken give eggs; sheep give wool and you can spin it with a spinning wheel, use a sewing maching to make clothes; pigs and cows give meat; pottery table; canning station; you can sell these items at the local market with an object working like the saletables we have in game already; clothing for ALL ages that looks rural and matching b/b styles for all rooms, new traits: eco-friendly, frugal, born salesperson, coward, technophobe, handy; new aspirations)

    Winter Vacation
    (new world inspired by Scandinavia, more winter clothing for ALL ages, cross-country skiing (off screen with tasks and different outcomes like in Jungle Adventures and maybe - rumor has it - you can find a yeti), new objects like a snowboarding halfpipe with a contest, souvenir rack, hot spring, ax throwing, snow slide, bear rug; new social interaction: put snow in another Sims' collar (mischief), new party type: après-ski; new traits: tea lover, nectar lover; hates tea, hates nectar)

    European Adventures
    (new world inspired by Paris and London, high fashion clothing, lots of new hairstyles, new party type: tea party (e.g. with a tea set like from the TS3 store), nectar-making skill, new party type: nectar tasting, a model career tied to the new world --> lot is in the world like the studio is in Del Sol Valley, new traits: diva. dramatic, proper)

    Bed- & Bathroom
    (new pajamas and bathrobe for ALL ages, lingerie, out of bed hairstyles and some normal styles as well, loft beds, new showers, bathtub, lots of clutter, premium object: in ground whirlpool)

    Teen Stuff
    (clothes and hairstlyes exclusively for teens to make them more unique; furniture to give teens more individuality, new addition for ages teens and up: piercings; premium "content": prom: an event only your teen Sims can attend at a special lot at the end of the teenager life stage - maybe with chance cards for different outcomes)

    NPC update: Burglar and Police
    Stairs update: Spiral, ladder, L-shaped, U-shaped
    Pool update: slide, pool bar, diving board, play Marco Polo

    First of all, like everything 😍
    But I'll only address a few:
    1. I hope that burglars would be togglable. I don't want them in my game. When you invite ppl over you have to unlock the door, and sometimes randos show up. I don't need robbers just walking in too.
    2. Farming so awesome, and you mentioned eco-friendly, they could work in the stuff from the stuff pack they ditched for Laundry Days.
    3. Prom would be soo fun.
    4. I like the increase in education, but do you think it'd end up like Sims 3 where you leave home and follow the ones who went to college. I want it to be more like a career like get to work, "Go To School ", "Hit Uni". I don't want to have to babysit one sim over all others.

    But that's how I feel about all the things we want fixed. Like Fix it, but don't make me have to coddle one sim at a time. Give me babies that I can hold in a rocking chair. And take pictures with. Fill up a BABY BOOK and idk make a HOPE CHEST for their wedding day. Start putting money into their College Fund.
    1. Quick segue: we should have vocational schools too. Other options than just college, so kids/teens/ya's have more options.
    2. And just like when you make them in create-a-sim at a certain age, they don't have the extra traits that the missed from the previous stage, but it doesn't harm them. Just gives the ones who had that stage a leg up.

    Ok I'm back. I want more options in life stages, but that not doing them doesn't make you a bad parent or owner etc. Like:
    1. Playable pets so they can have pet friends, but that you don't have to control them to get them to do stuff. A Halfway point.
    2. Sure you can chose them and go on adventures. OR you can have their owner train them, and send them hunting on their own.
    3. You can interact with your babies, but you can leave them in the crib with a green mood for awhile. Maybe even do FP POV as the baby, and see the world in swiggly colors.
    4. When a parent helps with hw, they can actually sit next to them. Or do it while watching tv.
    5. Teens can sneak out the window, and you can follow them normally. Or rabbit hole it, and trust that they'll have a riot.
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    awlchick wrote: »
    Spiral Stairs.
    I've always wanted sims to have spiral stairs. I've been playing sims since I was like 12 and i'm almost 26 now.
    I'd also love to see cars back and be able to buy cars. I think it was the sims bustin outt that let you do that? we could have a mechanic career or salesman and have your own shop. You could learn how to spray cars and repair cars. Make a custom paint job even. Have car shows in the city!!
    There's so much we could do with cars, it could definitely be a pack.

    Or shop class in high school. Mechanic vocational school. Engineering in university.
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    TS1299 wrote: »
    The only last things that I want to be in The Sims 4 was Witches and CAW. After that I would be one happy simmer!😁

    What is CAW?
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  • EnjoyfulSimmerEnjoyfulSimmer Posts: 1,242 Member
    edited January 2019
    This thread is brimming with a lot of great input. I own all of sims 4 packs and I always will. The visuals in this game are mindblowing! <3 :-)

    1) I really want non-rabbit hole school for kids/teens + school dances + extracurricular activities during school day

    to expand on that, I want sims to be able to flunk or pass and their school grades affect what school they get into for Uni.

    2) College degrees with new active careers that require degrees

    3) more leisure activities and objects . Ex: Pool floats, pool slides, pool volleyball games. Pool table!

    4) More toddler clothing/hairstyles .

    5)More playground equipment for kids and toddlers both

    6) A pack that adds a LOT of new gameplay
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    Oh and more trait slots in CAS. Like you can have 3 as your base, but have a ⏹➕ add a trait empty trait box and go up to at least 5. And modder could make it more.

    Ooh! And the impact of certain traits could be higher than others. You could be erratic and gloomy. But more erratic so sometimes you can't stay in a funk bc your talking to the air. Or be more gloomy and too tired to deal with the voices in your head sometimes.
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    An idea hit me when I was in another thread about whether you'd buy a build mode pack, etc.

    Me: definitely
    "But not if it's stuff that should just be in an update. Like stairs 😑
    If it's like TS3 store as a pack. Themed, and like $5, then yeah. Like Japanese home stuff. Turn your home into a XYZ Stuff. Like have a 7-eleven in your house, but not functional as a store. More like a Richie Rich, you have your own convenience store in your house that the restocks automatically, pack."
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    Pet ideas:
    LSM36 wrote: »
    But also horses. Like can I have a working Zoo/ Wildlife preserve. Oh we could go on safari for vacations. Like more exotic animals that aren't necessarily pets

    Or that only supernatural sims (and their family by extension) could tame. A werewolf could have a pet wolf or mountain lion. Different shapeshifters could work with this.

    Dragon shifters could have pet drakes or wvyrns.
    Mermaids could have pet sharks. And cousins who are dolphins.

    I've gotta add these to my want lists. 🤔

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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    Check out my posts in the Ideas corner, and see the Simsverse living inside my head. :blush:
  • simlottesimlotte Posts: 56 Member
    I want FOR SURE:
    Better differentiation visually between Teens and Young Adults
    Tropical Vacation
    The Military Career. Where is it? I miss it. It's been in the game since the Sims 1, so it's odd it was skipped.
    FEAR - Fear is a valid emotional state, so why is this one not in the game? Ghost should make Sims scared, not irritated.
    Different Ghosts based on Death like from TS3

    What I would be happy with, but isn't a priority:
    Snow Vacation
    Death by Boredom

    If we got a Military career I think we should get a trait or something like pacifist, so you can have sims that do not like the military or any form of violence. Because I would not want my Sims running around cozying up to any one involved in the military. I guess that's why they chose not to have it in the game, because it's a polarising topic.
  • EnjoyfulSimmerEnjoyfulSimmer Posts: 1,242 Member
    I want traits to become deeper and have more impact on 'live mode' .
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  • WallSims4everWallSims4ever Posts: 755 Member
    edited January 2019
    More traits, more aspirations and more rewards just to begin with.

    Then witches and university. An online dating system as well.
  • simlottesimlotte Posts: 56 Member
    Something I really want back is having to buy stuff for your Sims. Like in S2 you had to buy new clothes.Would love to have the 5 outfits per occasion from las and if you want a new outfit for your sims you have to go to the store to buy it. Would make everything so much more realistic.
  • beeblegoxbeeblegox Posts: 28 Member
    Has anyone mentioned witches? ;)

    I love generational gameplay and would love to see more stuff that will differentiate the lifestages, babies especially. Also, relationships expanded in the family tree and relationship panel.
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  • DemonicanoDemonicano Posts: 2 New Member
    MORE TABS as well there could be more tabs for stuff !! Like piercing tab that, im surprised it didn't come with teen stuff and jacked tab, that is very weird that you can't pick the top and then something on top of it its annoying, maybe contact lenses tab as well for more different eye look(pupils and highlights maybe even patterns) that would give as more styling options and more continent to create for them in future and cc creator stuff wouldn't be so confusing then :smiley:

    Camera mode in cas. Posing is very confusing now and uses the traits, some sort of camera mode/photo studio mode would be awesome that you could easily switch pose packs and backgrounds maybe use props as well (also great for cc creators because MORE TABS) also for using it in the game anywhere like the teleport sim and pose player thing. Sometimes you just want to take nice pictures of your sim and maybe even paint over it to create some digital art stuff :3

    More traits!!! More aspirations!!! More careers!! There were some stuff that surprised me that didn't come with some expansions and packs. (yeah im also taking about you vet clinic but no vet career >:D and we have criminal, cop careers but no criminal action in game! what's up with those :smiley: )

    I miss more supernatural stuff

    More lots.... not enough lots in some worlds that's also annoying. i don't care how stylised the map is if i can't create my own neighborhood...

    More pets and pet customization ... its a game so id love to see more unique ones why not add alien animals since we have some ocults, dragons they could do so much with dragons(do you even imagine if you could create your OWN dragon and hache them,make them either way grow big or small !!! ), some normal ones would be cool too like snakes or other reptiles, bugs,birds sooo many options that could be added with other expansions and would be cool if you could customize them as well.

    And obviously everything else that everybody said would make the game more fun.

    I understand that they cant put everything in one expansion or pack because they have to leave some for other explanations and packs but come on there are plenty of stuff that could be created and added, it might even encourage them to think outside the box and do something more unique even making cc creators use it and create something more interesting.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,793 Member
    - Island Paradise EP
    - A major update that adds depth to sims' personalities, like favourites, likes/dislikes, fears etc
    - A major update (can be via a pack) that fleshes out more detailed relationships (friendships, romantic, enemies etc); turn-ons/offs in a romantic GP
    - Funerals and graveyards. Come on.

    Most of the things I want for the game have to do with the sims themselves and can thus be patched in. The only pack I am thirsting for, is Island Paradise. Pleeease :bawling:

    Same opinion as you about our sims.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,793 Member
    edited January 2019
    So happy to see that a lot of simmers think too that sims themselves need deeper personalities, better emotions and reactions, better wishes etc. That's a lot of work but after this, the game will be strong. I really really really hope they are working on sims themselves.
  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    I was in another thread talking about jobs. But looking back, it feels like we've been asking for the same things over and over again, and not getting them. I just saw another discussion of mine, where I go off about rabbit hole part-time gigs. I wish they did more community mining asking us about our ideas and responding, so we have an idea of what they're up to. And if they care.
    LSM36 wrote: »
    I'd like to be able to work in our retirement stores. Like when a sim owns a business, the whole family can manage it. But that doesn't make sense. Literal 5 year olds can hire and fire. Why can't a kid work part time at their family's restaurant, and earn some cash?
    Or their neighbors own a clothing shop, and are hiring clerks.
    Like #1 employees need to start ACTUALLY Doing the job we hire them for.
    2. The whole family shouldn't have access to the business unless you toggle that.
    3. You should be able to make one sim, and have another work for them. Not just randomized hiring of townies and unplayed sims.

    We should also be able to truly take control of our so called "active careers". I can be a doctor, but only if I work at the hospital? And I can't build a hospital. Or police station, or science lab and have it function as one.

    Maybe my genius sim already made all the discovery they wanted to make, and now want to foster that chance in other sims. And make money off them by owning, and running, a lab subsidized by the government. While they sail the world on their houseboat and flirt with mermaids in the ocean.

    Babysitting was great accept it was at your house. Can I own a daycare building, and only run one in my home if I want to? Can it be next door. Or give me a multipurpose lot, and I can build one on the side of my house, that only works as one when I open it in the morning. And I could have trained workers, and teen assistants. We could be the hub that the teens get part-time work from. A veritable care.dom.

    You know? Functionality that improves what we do have b4 we get more. But that keeps rabbit holes as options for when we don't want to put in the effort.
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    Oh more worlds like Barnacle Bay. Not just destinations, but places where gameplay is affected by location. Like the vamp world has shorter days and long nights.
    Give me:
    1. A steampunk world where all townies are either in traditional Victorian garb or rebellious outfits. Steam powered lasers and flying boots.
    2. An eco-dome world where everyone wears recycled bottles and hemp. The flowers bend and wave as you pass. And pets move on fast air currents.
    3. Jetsons era space age with hoverboards and cycles. Lunch is made by synthesizer in the school cafeteria. But sims with cooking skills make it better. Ooooh go Phil of The Future on it (dating myself here) and have an entire grand feast out of a spray cheese can.
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  • JustaKamilaJustaKamila Posts: 6 New Member
    1. Color wheel :)
    2. More terrain options
    3. Cureved walls
    I think thats it :) [quote="LSM36;c-16921933"]Oh more worlds like Barnacle Bay. Not just destinations, but places where gameplay is affected by location.[/quote]
    Agree 100% ;)
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 8,601 Member
    Improved babies needs to happen on way or another. Either they need to do a massive overhaul of the current babies or add a new version of babies that aren't aren't tied to the bassinet and can allow for all of the improvements that fans who want the upgrade wish for. (I put this mainly because I know some people prefer the current babies that don't do much. I like to satisfy all sides if possible.)

    I must start by saying that I'm not a fan of the babies being newborns because it seems to give the developers an excuse to not do anything with them. They can justify keeping them locked to one area as a literal object since "newborns don't do much". I personally wish for babies that would around 7-8 months old. In that stage they can't walk yet, but aren't stationary either. I'd like it if babies had a movement skill and could learn to crawl upon maximizing it. I think it would be very fitting since toddlers don't crawl in TS4 and just walk automatically. (If I'm being completely honest, I'd like babies to be able to waddle around as well, but that would probably be too similar to toddlers so I'll sacrifice that). Moving on, I want babies to be alive. I want them able to play with toys, sit in a high chair and eat, be taken out in a stroller, and I want them to play with their older siblings especially. It feels like babies aren't part of the family in TS4 to me. If you don't have a sims take the initiative and go to them, the baby will never know them since they're stuck and can't go to them themselves. I want them to be customizable. I want to create them in CAS, give them hair, give them clothes, set their skin tone, give them accessories, etc. I want them to have traits and be fussy or angelic like toddlers. I want them to be able to start babbling which would lead to the toddler's babbling and eventual speech. I want them to start out having to be bottle fed (or breastfed) before being able to feed themselves from a bottle and maybe eat baby food.

    Babies need to be a life stage, not an object. It's sad that they could make cats and dogs actual sims that count as sims in your household, but human babies are just an object. That's just wrong imo and I desperately wish they either update babies or create a new older baby life stage that can allow for new interactions.

    Sadly, none of this is likely to happen and babies will remain objects for the next 3 years of TS4. It's sad, but oh well.

    me to
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • MelpomenaMelpomena Posts: 207 Member
    edited January 2019
    I'd really enjoy these ...

    -deeper personnalities : sims driven by their traits, not the high cost of objects

    -more traits in CAS : no techno, serious (never laugh), dreamy (head always in the clouds)
    -more aspirations : Epicurean Phylosopher - wonders about life and things, writes books, interviews sims about their own vision of simlife, enjoys the good things in life (woohoo, food, juice, etc).
    -more aspirations : Biologist-studies, makes research about plants, insects, fishes, frogs, dogs, cats, rats and sims.

    -ordinary jobs : working 9 to 5 with no specific tasks to achieve. a job just to pay the bills.

    -drums, playing music together as a group and concert venue
    -witches with potions and magic spells and special powers
    -vacation locations : Asian, Hawaiian, Egyptian,
    -more hobbies : sculpting glaise ice rock, knitting, pool tables, food canning
  • Hemi_SimsHemi_Sims Posts: 56 Member
    New worlds each having a different culture?? I think that be dope.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,004 Member
    buglars would not mind only if they also include a toggle to turn them off in game
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

    Repose en paix mamie tu va me manquer :

    1923-2016 mamie :'(
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