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What we want to see in 2019


  • munroelemunroele Posts: 283 Member
    All I really want is shower woohoo back, and maybe some different stairs, a few new traits and aspirations (like with loads of different kinds, like in the Sims 3, or even in 2, where fulfilling whims leads to reward points, but you have ONE major lifetime goal, and once you fulfill it, that's it!).
    And maybe some new occults, like mermaids, witches and fairies. werewolves, zombies or much else, no.

    I don't care for university (though I would definitely buy and play it if they made it available), cars (wouldn't pay for them, and wouldn't use them if they were free), preteens (naaaaaaaaah m8) or even the colour wheel.
  • annyhalloweenannyhalloween Posts: 2 New Member
    I am really wishing for adding cars and making some more profession as gameplay and would be cool too add new professions as a mechanic and of course, I always loved Sims 3 for having horses in Pets edition so would be great to have them in Sims 4 as well... so fingers crossed to be heard by amazing game developers <3
  • annyhalloweenannyhalloween Posts: 2 New Member
    oh and I forgot about some new items for Sims look like more hairstyles, makeup variations, and clothes
  • Scarletsin666Scarletsin666 Posts: 38 Member
    More hair styles
    More jobs
    more animals with more interactions : Horses Pigs Snakes let the snakes get out or the pigs get into the fridge lol
    more stuff packs
  • Scarletsin666Scarletsin666 Posts: 38 Member
    also why cant we buy from a store like if your connected online while playing.... that would give more of an option of if I want to buy a new dresser with points vs buying a whole pack when I only like 2-3 items
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,821 Member
    At this point I actually want them to rework most of the game mechanic, such as traits, autonomy, but feature-wise I want them to add custom styled-looks feature so we can save and customise our own looks and save them as template for other sims to use.
  • PhotoGirl3PhotoGirl3 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like that if you had 2 toddlers you would be able to give them baths and read them to sleep at the same time just like you would in real life.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    Improved babies needs to happen on way or another. Either they need to do a massive overhaul of the current babies or add a new version of babies that aren't aren't tied to the bassinet and can allow for all of the improvements that fans who want the upgrade wish for. (I put this mainly because I know some people prefer the current babies that don't do much. I like to satisfy all sides if possible.)

    I must start by saying that I'm not a fan of the babies being newborns because it seems to give the developers an excuse to not do anything with them. They can justify keeping them locked to one area as a literal object since "newborns don't do much". I personally wish for babies that would around 7-8 months old. In that stage they can't walk yet, but aren't stationary either. I'd like it if babies had a movement skill and could learn to crawl upon maximizing it. I think it would be very fitting since toddlers don't crawl in TS4 and just walk automatically. (If I'm being completely honest, I'd like babies to be able to waddle around as well, but that would probably be too similar to toddlers so I'll sacrifice that). Moving on, I want babies to be alive. I want them able to play with toys, sit in a high chair and eat, be taken out in a stroller, and I want them to play with their older siblings especially. It feels like babies aren't part of the family in TS4 to me. If you don't have a sims take the initiative and go to them, the baby will never know them since they're stuck and can't go to them themselves. I want them to be customizable. I want to create them in CAS, give them hair, give them clothes, set their skin tone, give them accessories, etc. I want them to have traits and be fussy or angelic like toddlers. I want them to be able to start babbling which would lead to the toddler's babbling and eventual speech. I want them to start out having to be bottle fed (or breastfed) before being able to feed themselves from a bottle and maybe eat baby food.

    Babies need to be a life stage, not an object. It's sad that they could make cats and dogs actual sims that count as sims in your household, but human babies are just an object. That's just wrong imo and I desperately wish they either update babies or create a new older baby life stage that can allow for new interactions.

    Sadly, none of this is likely to happen and babies will remain objects for the next 3 years of TS4. It's sad, but oh well.
  • WildkittiWildkitti Posts: 6 New Member
    1-Birds as pets. I miss Birds.
    2-Reptiles as pets.
    3-A colour wheel for hair.
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 676 Member
    Can there be a long hairstyle for females that's way down the back but nothing over the face? Something like this:


    Sorry, but this image of Angela from Sound of Music was the best image I could find.

  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,989 Member
    I don't remember commenting on this particular thread about the subject but if I did sorry for double commenting or posting anyway
    Preteens ( If not in this game then in Sims 5 but if this is the last game of the Sims then yeah Preteens please.)
    Burglars ( I miss the sudden suspense and action in the game. I mean I know we have a little of it in the but we need more.)
    Firemen and Police (I mean I know we have the police career but I'm talking the action of the police coming to your house and arresting the burglar or when your Sims having a party at night and it's a warning or they shut it down etc.) (Firemen because it's unrealistic and weird to have a fire in your house and no firemen to come put it out but we have the sprinkler system like...really?)
    Vechiles (I really miss the school bus coming to pick up the kids to and from school and it was in every Sims game except this one and I also miss seeing the maid and gadener and delivery truck I also think a mail truck should be added.)
    University and Education Pack (separate or together. University because going to a university is fun and smarter Sims. An Education Pack because we need something for kids, teens and added Preteens to do and what do their lives evolve around mostly then being at home being at school I don't even care if it's a rabbit hole as long as we have assignments for them to do to keep the grades up and graduate high school.)
    Another Vacation (preferably a Beach resort because my Sims need a honeymoon vacation.)
    Wedding stuff (We really don't have anything wedding oriented in the game no veil, to have a bride look like a bride, the different selections on the cake I also want an engagement ring and wedding band on one finger for the female Sims.)
  • p1nkghostiiep1nkghostiie Posts: 2 New Member
    A wedding expansion (or just a big update). There would be options for a wedding party such as
    -maid/matron of honor
    -best man
    -flower girl (it would be SO cute!)
    -ring bearer
    -bride and groom's parents
    -option for an officiant (it could be any sim, and if you don't want one you don't need one)
    other ideas were to have an "in-laws" relationship the same way "parent" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" shows up. Maybe an option for a bachelor party? Ability to choose dress code for wedding. More wedding dresses and suits/tuxes.
  • AshtontoAshton22AshtontoAshton22 Posts: 1,797 Member
    The emotion system needs to be reworked as well. Materialistic Sims should be the only Sims getting the happy moodlets from decorations.

  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 676 Member
    How about a staircase to enter pools rather than the ladder?

  • vivetaviveta Posts: 13 New Member
    I miss the dance on the tables😜
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,680 Member
    edited January 2019
    LSM36 wrote: »
    evamadel wrote: »
    There is just one thing I really need. NECTAR! I always played a nectar making sim in sims 3 and I can’t enjoy sims 4 thoroughly without it:(

    I would be willing to pay to get it back. Absolutely loved it.

    Loved to make it, store it and try to use strategies to get the most bucks out of my produce. Begging EA on my knees! I know it’s not only I who’s dying to have it.

    A Farming Expansion would be perfect for nectar making.

    I want to farm soo bad. TS3 has so many issues, I've never gotten the farm to work.

    Yeah and there also (sadly) never was a pack dedicated to farming. Sure, we got chickens and cows in the Store, Nectar making in World Adventures and got country-ish worlds with Riverview & Appaloosa Plains, but never a "real" pack focused on these things
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 676 Member
    How about square-shaped dining tables in wood or glass and maybe outdoor sunbeds for longing next to the swimming pool?

  • AnthousaAnthousa Posts: 1 New Member
    I don't understand why we haven't got Spiral Stairs or Bunk Beds yet. Should be easy enough to add. Hopefully we will see an Upright Piano along with some other musical instruments (a cello would be great) some time in the future too.

    Otherwise the things I'm missing the most are about interactions between sims, and playable actions in general. Playing gets quite tedious after a while because of the game's predictability and lack of emotional depth. I liked the previous versions of The Sims better because they were a bit quirkier, and full of surprises. It would be nice to get some of that back in The Sims 4 too. Some more fun incidents would be cool.

    More change in interacting between sims would make the game more interesting too. "Confess to Cheating" is a nice suggestion from the forums. Anything that would make the game feel more realistic and interesting, really. "The Baby Isn't Yours" as well as other actions concerning pregnancy in relationships would make a nice impact too. A "Suspicious" Buff would emerge if wife gets pregnant after having close interactions with somebody else. And the emotional buffs could take a little longer to vanish, perhaps even until the incident is fully dealt with (e.g. "Forgive the Act of Infidelity" and "Decide to Take Care of the Child as Your Own").

    My sim's mother was about to die from old age but there were no interactions about it between the sims - nothing to take care of the elder's needs or to encourage the daughter to go on with her life. After the death others were calling in to say they're sorry to hear the news (HOW DID THEY KNOW) but once they actually met with the mourning daughter, there were no interactions to talk about the death.


    Most wanted is an ability to make cafés and bars attached to other community lots. We need to be able to make a Confectionery (a combination of a café and a bakery). This would be easy to achieve by simply adding a worker behind the counter every time an Espresso Bar or a Bar is placed on a Community Lot. When placed on a Retail Lot, the income would be added in the store's funds at the end of the day. (And perhaps, when placed on a Retail Lot, it would be possible to decide who is/are working as a Barista/a Bartender on that specific lot. Would be cool.)

    Otherwise, the Bars placed on other Community Lots would just hire some random NPC - no matter if the lot is a Library, a Museum, a Park, a Gym, or whatever. A Bar would automatically acquire a worker no matter where it is placed.


    To ease things out more with making community lots more versatile we should have an option to set out some actions concerning the lot. This could be done the same way as the clubs work - i.e. by adding activities that are considered good behaviour on the lot. This way it would be possible to define that in the specific Retail Store (the Bakery that has the Espresso Bar in it) the customers are usually expected to drink coffee, eat, be friendly, read books, and so on. There could be perhaps maximum of three activities to define for each lot and the influence of these activities shouldn't be too strong but the code should be more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. And if none of the activities would be defined, no problem, the customers would simply interact by default (in this case by browsing things and then buying them).

    We already have auras that define the lots. By adding few activities the player would have even more control over their lots. Just a thought. :)
  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,284 Member
    What I would like to see this year:
    -Tropical Beach EP (with the world as a residential world, not vacation, since in TS4 you can freely travel between residential worlds, so sims wouldn't necessarily need to live there, but you can't live in a vacation world, and I would like my sims to live at the beach)
    -University EP
    -Pool tables (could come with University)
    -Bunk beds (could come with University as well)
    -Cars and garages (free patch, hopefully)
    -Diving boards (could come with the tropical beach EP or the free patch that comes along with it)
    -Pool slides (could come with the tropical beach EP as well)
    -Functional elevators like in TS2 and TS3 (could come with University (for dorms), tropical EP (for hotels), or in a disabilities patch (useful for sims in wheelchairs))
    Build Mode:
    -New stair types: spiral, L-shaped, U-shaped, ladders (for L and U-shaped ones, there could be a stair landing tool instead so they would be customizable)
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  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,679 Member
    edited January 2019
    (introduction of private schools like in TS2 (they give you a plus on your apptitude test or a special scholarship), grungy clothing, apptitude test or scholarship, lots of different majors, new jobs ONLY available if you graduated from university (e.g. dentist, architect, teacher, lawyer), new items like bunk beds, murphy beds, keg stands, juice-pong-table, laptops, comic books, kicky bag, flying disk, soccer ball, vending machines, mini fridge, pool table, photo both, drums, backpack; new traits (e.g. nerd, socially awkward, irresistable, daredevil, night owl, rebellious, workaholic, easily impressed, great kisser, loser, lucky, never nude, shy, absolutely neccessary (when your Sims' learning bar is at grade "D" they won't go to class on their own, their study progression will slow down drastically but their want to host parties will increase, they are able to use cheat sheets at tests, later in their life they will get to level 9 of every career with less effort than other Sims, but level 10 is nearly impossible to reach for them), new aspirations; new occults: plantsims like we had in TS2; sorority/frat and secret society, new social interactions: hang out, study together, take romantic picture, dance on counter, pillow fight, form a band --> new way to make money or at least recieve tips)

    (a tractor you can use to harvest your lot; new harvestables like corncobs, wheat, barley, rye; you can bring it to a mill and recieve flour, flour can be used to bake bread; animals like cows, chicken, sheep, pigs; cows give milk and you can make butter and cheese from it; chicken give eggs; sheep give wool and you can spin it with a spinning wheel, use a sewing maching to make clothes; pigs and cows give meat; pottery table; canning station; you can sell these items at the local market with an object working like the saletables we have in game already; clothing for ALL ages that looks rural and matching b/b styles for all rooms, new traits: eco-friendly, frugal, born salesperson, coward, technophobe, handy; new aspirations)

    Winter Vacation
    (new world inspired by Scandinavia, more winter clothing for ALL ages, cross-country skiing (off screen with tasks and different outcomes like in Jungle Adventures and maybe - rumor has it - you can find a yeti), new objects like a snowboarding halfpipe with a contest, souvenir rack, hot spring, ax throwing, snow slide, bear rug; new social interaction: put snow in another Sims' collar (mischief), new party type: après-ski; new traits: tea lover, nectar lover; hates tea, hates nectar)

    European Adventures
    (new world inspired by Paris and London, high fashion clothing, lots of new hairstyles, new party type: tea party (e.g. with a tea set like from the TS3 store), nectar-making skill, new party type: nectar tasting, a model career tied to the new world --> lot is in the world like the studio is in Del Sol Valley, new traits: diva. dramatic, proper)

    Bed- & Bathroom
    (new pajamas and bathrobe for ALL ages, lingerie, out of bed hairstyles and some normal styles as well, loft beds, new showers, bathtub, lots of clutter, premium object: in ground whirlpool)

    Teen Stuff
    (clothes and hairstlyes exclusively for teens to make them more unique; furniture to give teens more individuality, new addition for ages teens and up: piercings; premium "content": prom: an event only your teen Sims can attend at a special lot at the end of the teenager life stage - maybe with chance cards for different outcomes)

    NPC update: Burglar and Police
    Stairs update: Spiral, ladder, L-shaped, U-shaped
    Pool update: slide, pool bar, diving board, play Marco Polo
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  • awlchickawlchick Posts: 75 Member
    Spiral Stairs.
    I've always wanted sims to have spiral stairs. I've been playing sims since I was like 12 and i'm almost 26 now.
    I'd also love to see cars back and be able to buy cars. I think it was the sims bustin outt that let you do that? we could have a mechanic career or salesman and have your own shop. You could learn how to spray cars and repair cars. Make a custom paint job even. Have car shows in the city!!
    There's so much we could do with cars, it could definitely be a pack.
  • ossi_simsossi_sims Posts: 11 New Member
    top 10:
    cars/motorcycles/bikes! ((update)wash the car,car woohoo,teach teen to drive,build a car,upgrade the car(options:brakes,motor,horn sound,rims etc.),paint the car,go to adventure (sim goes to somewhere--> popups (like: sim is driving on mountain road and sees a moose crossing the road ,will he/she stop and wait to it to go cross the road or try to avoid it )

    witches ((game pack)a good or a bad witch,magician or a normal witch or,potions,spells,(you need ingredients before you can make potions),flying brooms,mystical berries/plants,crystal ball,fortune teller,magic tricks,witches can fight its other,magic skill,magic mirror,magic creatures ,tiny world ,etc.)

    Tropical vacation ((game pack)swimming in ocean/lakes/rivers?,tropical world (like ts2 twikkii island),tanning,relax on the beach towel,build Sand sculpture's/castles,seek/dig for treasure/sea shells, pool floaties,pool slides,pool bar,(maybe hotel's ?),tropical culture skill (learn hula dancing,unlock hula costume,tropical foods,etc.),tropical music,buy vacation home,new drinks,new plants (cocoa beans,pineapples,oranges,coconut's),blender (make juice,smoothies,drinks etc.),new food (chocolate,fruit salad,etc.),Volleyball / Beach Ball,lounge chairs etc.)

    playground equipment (playground carousel,slide for kids,sand pit,See-Saws,Playground Climbers,Spring Riders)

    hobbies gamepack (knitting,crafting,sewing(sewing machine),sculpturing etc.)

    Favorites and turn on's and turn off's

    Improved babys,children,elders or teens (maybe pack like generations from ts3 would be nice)

    winter vacation gamepack?

    free world like newcrest

    more stair Types or all in one bathroom (ts3)
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,989 Member
    A wedding expansion (or just a big update). There would be options for a wedding party such as
    -maid/matron of honor
    -best man
    -flower girl (it would be SO cute!)
    -ring bearer
    -bride and groom's parents
    -option for an officiant (it could be any sim, and if you don't want one you don't need one)
    other ideas were to have an "in-laws" relationship the same way "parent" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" shows up. Maybe an option for a bachelor party? Ability to choose dress code for wedding. More wedding dresses and suits/tuxes.

    I would love this also can we have bf/gf and fiance/fiancee option in CAS like for some who just want to skip all the hassle of getting together.
  • TheGreatGorlonTheGreatGorlon Posts: 374 Member
    I want FOR SURE:
    Better differentiation visually between Teens and Young Adults
    Tropical Vacation
    The Military Career. Where is it? I miss it. It's been in the game since the Sims 1, so it's odd it was skipped.
    FEAR - Fear is a valid emotional state, so why is this one not in the game? Ghost should make Sims scared, not irritated.
    Different Ghosts based on Death like from TS3

    What I would be happy with, but isn't a priority:
    Snow Vacation
    Death by Boredom
  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 332 Member
    How about a staircase to enter pools rather than the ladder?

    That would be so cool, or multilevel pools. Myb even waterpark rides.
    Imagine a mermaid with a grotto lower down in the pool.
    Or making a theme park ride in your yard
    Check out my posts in the Ideas corner, and see the Simsverse living inside my head. :blush:
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