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What we want to see in 2019

I was watching the English Simmer's youtube video on what she wanted in 2019, and it really got me thinking, and I had some good ideas.
Some of them are the same as before, but I had some new ones. She inspired me, so I'll post my comments, my new ideas, and list the things I want, and want back, already.

My comments:
  • I miss the shower woohoo. No one accidentally drowned after being tired from woohoo in the shower.
  • Omg yes, I'm just gonna start listing things I agree with: Reward Store- I shouldn't have to add a bunch of mods for it to become fun, Newcrest 2- yes the forums are full of this, also Del Sol literally have like 3 spaces. What the heck? Stairs- I want elevators already. More stairs too. Color Swatches- I didn't know we could do that, I want to try this now. Emotions Turn Ons Etc- Yes. Negative Traits- yeah. Also I have feelings about turning Insane into Erratic. Being erratic isn't being insane. I know they're trying not to trigger people, but I'm feeling a bit triggered by that. Aspirations- yes, I have to mod so many aspirations because they are boring. I've got Cultural traits and aspiration mods because of this. Hobbies- YES! I get so bored. My main things are multipurpose/functional buildings. Extreme supes (I wrote a lot about it in the forums). Add immortality that isn't dependent on vampirism. Clubs being something more. Just so much stuff.
  • I like the idea of cars too, like my first driving pack. Have teen drivers get their learning permits. Have young adults who were too afraid to learn to drive as kids, *ahem*, who are trying to learn. Have public transportation as an option. I'm not saying that the loading screen is bad. But more options would make it fun. Like a road trip option. You plan a vacation, but decided to drive instead of fly. So for two days, heading to Granite Falls in the car, you get so many interactions. See the World's biggest Plumbob. Eat bad fried seafood at a stand. Listen to music your parents love, but you hate. And when you finally make it to the Falls, you're almost vacationed out, but not quite. I want sullen teenagers who wanted to go to Disney. Grandparents who want to wake up at 5 am and go fishing on the lake. Not just beside it. Parents who want to reconnect and rekindle under the stars. Kids who want to try to find Bigfoot, but have a 7pm curfew. Give us options!

My previous posts:

Basically what I'm saying is, each of these new packs has promised so much. But it's like they give us a thimble of water instead of the whole gallon. I'm thirsty for new experiences. I want to be able to get the most out of my sims.

No, I don't want to HAVE to be aware of every single thing that they do, and be that involved, so I can't have multiple sims. But I'd like there to be more to their lives.
I shouldn't have to click my kids to make them do homework, and make sure they put it back in their inventory. I shouldn't have to force fun on them when they have autonomy. Can they have something to do? They don't even turn on kids network themselves. They're like these emotionally stunted individuals until they're adults. Young adults. Then suddenly they want to do everything, and can't find time to sit and eat a meal. Can we have some balance?

Can they go to the bathroom on their own if they have to pee? Grab leftovers without me telling them to, when I literally just made one sim make 5 meals and put them in the fridge? If you suck at homework, ask your parent for help. Sure you'll go break a dollhouse randomly, but you can't turn on a movie if you're bored?

There's just so much.
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  • FlyingPotato659FlyingPotato659 Posts: 1,473 Member
    I am expecting an university expansion pack which I have no doubt that will be released
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 89,919 Member
    edited January 2019
    What I want to see this year

    A Romance Based Gamepack


    A Tropical Beach Vacation Destination Expansion Pack with swimming in the ocean and resorts

    More items added to pools

    An Arctic Vacation Destination Gamepack were it's always snow on the ground

    A Universities EP

    Photobooths,shower woohoo,car woohoo,slowdancing,more kiss types and kissing in swimming pools and in bed

    In bed animations with relax,cuddle,snuggle,kiss,makeout and more

    A proper sofa cuddle when sims are watching tv.

    An actual working cinema.

    Kissing Booths

  • DevSims91DevSims91 Posts: 416 Member
    I want more ages or height options because mainly because I hate having two only three heights toddler, child and adult. The jump from an 8 year old looking Sim to an 18 year old sim is just too much.

    If teens were given their own heights and maybe young adults too (or at least made to look younger) I wouldn’t be asking for this but I’m tired of all my teen and older sims looking the same...

    I’d love a either a university pack or private school pack where we could send children, pre-teens (tweens) and teens... I’d like it a bit like Sims 2 university where we could send a sim to school play with them and then play towns while the university Sims stay in university.

    I’d also love a witch life state and superhero life state (and I want them to get their powers young because I want child versions of Deku and Kacchan in my game)

    I also want a bulge slider for my male sims... If we can give women huge boobs then I want my male sims to have huge bulges...

    I’d like things for my elder sims to do too.
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,870 Member
    I want to see Horses.
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  • earthgirlearthgirl Posts: 1,019 Member
    I would like to be able to do everything there is to do in this game without encountering bugs and weirdness that prevent me from doing so (active careers, I'm looking at you!), before getting new content. I can't even BUILD houses without issues, ffs!
  • SorenaJSorenaJ Posts: 31 Member
    I would like different heights for adults, some short and some tall, and the kid would then have a chance of inheriting their parents' heights.

    I would like a slide for child sims.

    Of course I would like more age groups ideally like baby, toddler, pre-schooler, child, pre-teen, teen, young adult, adult, old adult, elder.

    Different baby clothes and cribs.
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,545 Member
    Education and hobbies. More clothes and hair for toddlers. New interactive toys for toddlers and kids. And baby improvements, please!
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,795 Member
    1. Overhaul on personalities
    2. Cars
    3. New stairs
    4. Bunkbeds
    5. Woohoo in shower
  • ZaszZasz Posts: 788 Member
    edited January 2019
    Can someone create a mod to fix the developers so they make this game more playable without mods that fix the issues the developers dont fix?
    I just like to use less mods that should not be necessary.
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  • MeteoraStormMeteoraStorm Posts: 243 Member
    University EP
    Spiral Stairs
    New Careers
    More for teens to do
    and my old favourite - Tropical destinations with swimming in the sea!!!

  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,149 Member
    I'd love to see a higher education pack introduced this year. Also, some baby love (that sounds weird, I just mean I'd like to see some improvements to the infant life stage). I'd like to see some strides towards eliminating or reducing simulation lag for those experiencing it. I'm getting very little of it, but I know its frustrating and close to game-breaking for others.

    After those things, I'm pretty fine. I'd just like to see more...anything :D
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  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    I want hand in hand walking and something for elders. Something very household related.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 9,493 Member
    Farm items incl a few farm animals to live off.
    Teens not looking like adults.
    Spiral stairs.
    Bunk beds.
    Beaches or holiday resort.
    "Poor&Filty" pack.
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  • lazyjuniperlazyjuniper Posts: 65 Member
    All occults. Every single pack should be dedicated to occults.
  • TopNotchToddlerTopNotchToddler Posts: 190 Member
    Cold weather clothing. That's all that I really want. I actually wouldn't mind not "having" to buy another pack for a few months and giving the devs some space to improve existing features.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,559 Member
    ● A Fear emotion and/or system.
    ● Negative traits and flaws.
    ● Chemistry and partner preferences.
    ● More playable Occults.
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,718 Member
    Witches, the sooner the better. <3
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  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,438 Member
    Spiral stairs. I cannot for the life of me i understand why such a basic thing has still been left out.
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  • phantom121294phantom121294 Posts: 151 Member
    The popular opinions (from my observations of posts here and elsewhere) seem to be cars, beach vacation spot, university, witches, and teens/elder content. I've also seen quite a lot of chat on these forums of wanting a farming focused EP.

    From a personal standpoint I don't mind most of those well.....except university. I work at and attend college (bio/medicine). Frankly I have no interest in doing coming home after a long day and slogging through more college, I've had enough as is for one lifetime lol.

    Personally I'd like to see boats/houseboats return. Maybe a beach EP resembling island paradise I'd be down for that. Farming absolutely sounds fun but I'd like it if nectar making was brought back (in depth too!) with it so I can make a vineyard.

    A new idea I haven't seen much of is more smart/future home themed pack. Smart homes, solar panels, turbines, maybe unique and functional household items too. Something futuristic but also rustic and maybe eco focused. Sort of this idea you see often in movies of a remote isolated modern mansion with sustainable power, water, and things of that nature. Just my personal desire to see something like that.

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  • ShanabananasShanabananas Posts: 35 Member
    I wanna see university. I loved those packs in TS2 and TS3. I hope we get more stuff for bathrooms and kitchens. The lack of variety for bathtubs and counters is disappointing. Also, I'd like more CAS items for toddlers and children.
  • idkemilyidkemily Posts: 49 Member
    Obviously university ep.
    I'd like more careers, more personality traits, a beach resort, more interaction options between sims, more for kids and toddlers to do, more skills as well as careers, more worlds (I don't even care if they're open or not, I just want more lots).
    Although new staircases would be nice it's not exactly the most urgent wish, it is just a staircase after all. Even though sims 4 is somewhat lacking in the build mode category, it's not something I'm super concerned about. What I'm mostly concerned about is the lack of gameplay, the lack of interactions, and the lack of personality that would really make the game infinitely better.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,016 Member
    edited January 2019
    • Witches and other (permanent) occult life states, as in-depth as the vampires were. I can't stress this enough; immersive real life stuff is cool and all, but we barely have anything occult-y in Sims 4 after four years.
    • Also, better guy underwear and body hair.
    • I don't care all that much about university, to be honest. I could take it or leave it. But i'd like some exploration of the education system. Like letting us go to school with our kids, adding more after-school activities, and making sims' school lives more prevalent.
    • More pets. I'm sick of cats and dogs. Hamsters, fish, and birds are just objects. So what about dragons again? Or reptiles, because I'd really love to take an iguana for a walk.
    Busufu wrote: »
    I want to see Horses.
    And I want seahorses.

  • CatladyCatlady Posts: 25 Member
    I just don't understand why so many people want cars in The Sims 4.
    While they were really fun and actually quite useful in The Sims 3 (in case you had a fast one that is), since we had an open world and could see our Sims get around town with their cars, wouldn't cars in The Sims 4 be nothing more than mere objects using up space or just status symbols?
    I'd love to know why this is such a popular demand.

    For me something I'd like to see is a University Pack (I loved them in Sims 2 and 3).
    Or a pack that provides us with more traits. The traits we currently have feel so limited, basically all my sims are similar (especially since I'm playing for quite a long time already).
    Something else I wish for is a pack that adds magic with witches, wizards, potions, a wizard world and stuff like that. I'd just love getting that Makin Making feel back <3
    For a GP I'd like something were the Sims could sew their own clothes for example.
  • ShadyLady89ShadyLady89 Posts: 900 Member
    I couldn't agree with you more @Catlady. Cars will be relatively useless in this game, unless they give me the option to use them for woohoo. I'm always looking for new woohoo locations. (Showers. Please bring this back. I've missed it so much.)

    I too really want a Uni EP/GP. Been waiting for that for a while. My main save has a lot of teens waiting to age up because I want them to attend university, but if it taking this long means they do something better than they've ever done before, it's well worth the wait. What I really want is more of an education EP/GP which people have discussed in other threads here before.
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  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,016 Member
    Cars would add immersion, especially if they have cars drive by lots occasionally. And they could give us reasons to want them, like adding road trips, or racing.
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