Old characters vs New characters


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    I think new and old families are good alike. When I started to play the sims, I only knew the basegame townies and wasn't aware of all the others. To this day I haven't really bought any other packs due to money issues, but I still like new and old townies no matter how old they are.
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    I've always loved Bella's family, the Bachelor's. And I love making my own families in the game.
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    Justine Keaton.

    That is all.
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    DaWaterRat wrote: »
    Maybe it's because I'm a TTRPG player, but I've preferred my own characters over canon ones for a very, very long time. Mostly because I don't have to worry about how well I know them. They're mine. I know them very well.

    I never thought about that before, but I would put money that this is part of my reason, as well. While I played online instead of in person, I did RPGs like White Wolf and other things for over a decade, so of course I would be more invested in characters I made than something made by the makers of the game. (I also spent a lot of time as a storyteller/GM, so I also got used to driving stories for the games. That's probably why Sims 4 doesn't bother me storytelling-wise, because I want to be in charge of my sims' stories, not the game.)

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    Old families
    I prefer the older premades just because they had more interesting stories than the current ones. Most of the stories are boring with the new premades.
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    Old families
    I really like the old families.. they put effort and thought into them and you have associated plots going on and even a real family tree.. I dont know but I always get the idea of them not playtesting the game anymore because there are no real generations and only newly created sims I can easily put in myself and call it a day..

    There are some sims I find interesting but its not the same as with s2 and s3. It creates so much more immersion.. but at least I can pull it off myself in S4 with recreations and stuff but it takes times and its not so (new) 'maxis' anymore.

    I miss these days you dive into a neighbourhood/world with plots going on and an attached feeling while interacting with them. This made gameplay so much better for me. This was some kind of nice rpg stuff.
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    Premades generally get the worst of it in my sim universe. Most of them, I simply killed off at the start of my save to free up their houses and get them out of the world more generally.

    They were the lucky ones.

    I take special pleasure in ruining the Landgraabs' marriage—from the sim who seduced and impregnated Nancy to the many, many, many women who consider woohooing with Geoffrey a rite of passage into adulthood, often at his home, sometimes when Nancy's right there, to any sim who meets him treating Malcolm like a pariah and refusing to be his friend. My headcanon justification is that he committed the sort of crime you don't talk about in polite company and used his family connections to avoid being put on the registry. But everyone knows what happened.

    Likewise, I aged up Cassandra Goth and then turned her into a "woohoo worker." Single male sims who need a boost to their Fun and Social needs call her over and...do the single fastest thing you can do to max out your Fun and Social needs.

    I treat my own creations as cherished children of a loving god. I treat the premades like playthings for evil. (hence my username on this very forum.)
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    Old families
    The Goths are iconic. The fact that they had a graveyard in TS1 and the ghosts were actually scary made them memorable from the start. The whole Bella story in TS2 just adds to the mystery. I'm glad they're back in TS4, but if I'm being honest, they're not all as exciting as they were in previous iterations. They're just there, nothing happening, nothing going on, nothing that sets them apart from other sims.

    The only 'memorable' new sim that was added in TS4 is Vlad. In part I think because of that whole blog series they did before the Vampire GP launch, which showcased his story and personality. But he actually serves a purpose in game, as well. He's hard to befriend, but a great teacher for young vamps. Not to mention his iconic look and funky genetics. I think they did right with him.
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    Old families
    > @Nate_Whiplash1 said:
    > I don't remember Nervous Subject, but I definitely remember all of the others. They are staples of my game---I can't even imagine a save without the Goths, Landgraabs, or the Calientes. I usually don't play them, but it's comforting to me that they're there nevertheless

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    I said "None" but I'm really in an "Other" category. I know the old families but I'm not deeply attached. Sometimes I play with new families and they work into my game. For example, I've lately been playing with the Pleasants in Britechester - technically old but since they don't have their parents, they're also kind of new. Angela just married the son of Salim Benali; there wasn't a real love triangle, Benali's son was friends with Lilith and might have dated her but they are just good friends.

    I like to do my own thing and I don't really follow prevailing opinions. I also play a lot more with my own sims than with pre-mades. Pre-mades only end up in my game if I take an interest. I'm not that interested in super-imposed back stories but I like coming up with my own.

    I let nearly all of the early pre-mades die off without really playing them. I don't need overly scripted back stories because I like going in my own direction. Sometimes I'll pay attention to some elements of a back story but I'll also move things around or edit however I want to. I'm in the camp that says once something is in my game, it's mine to do what I want with or to ignore.
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    Hoverael wrote: »
    I'm looking to create a whole new world with my own sims, pre-made and ready to be put into the game in any new save after deleting those sims i don't have any use for and keeping a few others i do have.


    I'm kinda on that path too in a round about way.

    I spend about half my time in Sims editing randomly made townies to be 'just right'. And I've been slowly filling in all the empty builds and replacing some existing ones with lots that are 'just right'.

    In the end, I will have a sort of 'ready to go' world. Though I will need to extract it to my library and then place it again to have a new save ready as a 'starter save' because this was not my intention when I started doing it. It started as a desire to fix bad-CC glitches in random townies... and then I just got obsessed with the idea of taking a random and tweaking it. And now I'm realizing I've started growing a cast to fill up a world.
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    I'm getting rid of all the Maxis Sims and have my own families and single Sims. I've taken a dislike to the whole lot.
  • BettyNewbie1BettyNewbie1 Posts: 336 Member
    I think all of them are fun :) There are ones in the gallery with stories, this connects with other downloadable Maxis sims, I play those, too. The roomies have got to be one of my favorite new families, reminds me of Torin, Timmy and Farrah from The Sims 2.
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    Old families
    The old characters have their own history, hence, I like them & will always remember them. However, I must say that, Vlad is the only "new" character that I really like.
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    Old families
    Old characters just because of the effort they put into their stories and scenarios. In TS2 some of these families even had scripted events when you played them for the first time. So far the only remarkable/memorable sim for me in TS4 is Vlad.
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    Old families
    Got to love the Goths. They're my favorite characters in the game. In the Sims 2 I figured out how to bring Bella back as a playable character, and then she died soon after lol...then I discovered SimsPE and was able to fix the dying part, and of course I ended up marrying her. lol Yeah I know, I was lame.
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    I’ve always enjoyed creating my own families with their own stories so I rarely play any of the premade. The only exception being if they’re single and my sim needs a husband/wife/roommate.

    And the bonus to me of not bothering premades is seeing what the game does with them. Which is just letting them die out without leaving a second or third generation.
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    Old families
    I was glad that the Goth, Landgraab and Caliente families were there from the start. 😊

    I would have liked to have had the Pleasants and Dreamers too.
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    Old families
    I mean the fact that certain families have been featured in the base game of every Sims installment since the first one speaks volumes as to why old families are better.

    Also they had actual backstories, with bios, memories, relationships etc. No new family has captured that essence so far, I believe mostly because of the lack of storytelling tools the game offers.
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    I love both. It's so much fun to have the old families, but I also like some of the new characters they've added. I do wish they had done a better job on the lore for the old families though. This is going to sound mean, and I might be way off base, but it really feels like the Sims 4 team doesn't spend much time actually playing the game or the past versions.
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    Both - I'm pretty knowledgeable about the premades/Townies from The Sims base game, The Sims 3, TS3 Night Life, TS3 Pets. But I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about the premades/Townies that originated in TS2 beyond what I've learned from watching various YouTube videos and reading about them. Premades/Townies are helpful when EA/Maxis actually gives them backstories - if not, you're left wondering how in the world did this couple get together in the first place (Bob and Eliza Pancakes)?
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    I feel like...I love the classic Sims characters, but need "Fresh Blood" in my game too. Over the years, the Sims team has brought out a wide range of sims in every size, shape, color and gender and I embrace them. It makes my own sims more interesting mixed with all those random and varied Simgenetics!
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    How about make our own? :wink:
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,788 Member
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    Old families
    How about make our own? :wink:

    Why ?

    It's too much work to be "creative" :p .
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,790 Member
    How about make our own? :wink:

    Why ?

    It's too much work to be "creative" :p .

    I'm into colonisation. I've got enough families of my own after nearly 7 years of Sims 4 to take over every world and kill off all their inhabitants. Extreme Sims! It's my game and I'll do what I want with it without EA/Maxis' help.👽👾😎😇
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