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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


  • rosepuckettrosepuckett Posts: 55 Member
    My problem and it's creepy is when parents don't acknowledge their children and grandchildren and hit on them. There should be some type of system to make families know each other. I feel there is representation for Gays maybe not the pronouns but if you go too far your going to have straight people complaining too. It should be equal not craving one or the other down players throat but options for all.
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    I know the teens are supposed to be younger than the young adults right? So why can't the parents of teenagers ask them about school?
  • The_RatticatorThe_Ratticator Posts: 28 Member
    Another thing I've always wondered about is why the ignore button was removed from the chance cards in TS4. For those who don't know, TS2 had an "ignore" button on its chance cards. What it basically did was allow the player to simply close the chance card without any resulting consequence, be it positive or negative. I'd love to see this button make a comeback someday, although I can only really see it coming back for career and school chance cards (but not the Parenthood cards). I don't see any downside to bringing this button back. Those who like taking a chance will still be able to, and those who don't will just be able to close the card.

    Again, thanks for listening!
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member

    Is it possible to make the pumpkin that is already in the game  edible and be able to harvest it.
  • rosepuckettrosepuckett Posts: 55 Member
    Also I don't think anyone wants multiplay sims game we play cause most of us are introverts and we like being in our own world. 4 has too much to offer if done right. Not wanting 5 yet. No multi-player either
  • Drobinson1996Drobinson1996 Posts: 4 New Member
    Generations would be amazing, I would love for pre-teens and teens that actually look like teenagers, proms, honeymoons, funerals, private school, military school, acne, periods. Just some good old realism I guess.
  • Drobinson1996Drobinson1996 Posts: 4 New Member
    Also would love some common bugs to be fixed such as the cowplant bug, sims stopping whatever they're doing to hoover and getting about 200 glasses of water
  • NerdySnailieNerdySnailie Posts: 6 New Member
    I forgot to mention another thing that I find highly important in my opinion

    Sims inventory.
    The items that go there mostly can be sold or placed in the world if books, rocks .. etc but if they were clothes, repair items or fruits/veggies: they are doomed. Often we will have sims die but their inventory is frozen in the house's inventory

    - clothes they knitted can't go anywhere but to be sold. Possible solution: Make them peaceable in the house on a mannequin. This way, we can move them to the house and then to other sims inventory. I was trying to make my sims knit few clothes for his children before he dies but he couldn't give the sweaters to them and now they are stuck in the inventory.

    - Fruit/veggies have to be placed [one by one] on the house floor then dragged again [one by one] to the fridge or any other sim's inventory. Solution: Make them draggable in a stack and placed in the fridge or in any sims' inventory while in BB mode. Similarly repair parts, microscopic slides from the plants .. etc
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    Is it hard to create food in a video game? Who is in charge of making and creating food items for the sims? Waffles are surely delicious!
  • Nanu2018Nanu2018 Posts: 3 New Member
    1 I like see update for mermaids and aliens I’m disappointed the don’t have same system like vampires and witches

    2 we need more traits, love occult like see one like hate vampires trait of witches one and one that likes them and different traits

    3 we need memory system like sims 2 one

    4 I’m missing the wish system from sims 3

    5 family tree needs update, I wand see aunts uncles and cousins

    6 we need bf/gf or fiancé/and partner option

    7 we need more story progression

    8 online dating system needs be added and privé school

    9 toddlers and kids need have more colors hair option

    10 cats and dogs walking in different world

    11 second name option
  • Ninja_flipNinja_flip Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello was wondering would yall plan to work more with modders to figure out the issues with the game? Would be great to see more collabs with modders and gamechangers. Also is there any way to figure out cross progression for the sims?bc ive bought all the packs on my xbox but now i got a pc but dont really want to go back and rebuy every pack again after i bought them the first time. Also would like to see more kits that are just design to certain aspects like one could be just plants or male sims clothing or arcades. I also hope yall could working on trying to make split lot so that we could make a home and a restaurant on the same lot or make duplexs so we could have more then one family on a lot. One last thing why not have bb.moveobjects not a cheat but actually implemented into the game. I hope yall keep doing yall best to gettimg the game to where yall wanted it to be years ago.
  • ThatTheSimsLoverThatTheSimsLover Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello. I have been a The Sims fan since The Sims 3, and i love the game and i'd like to see it become better and better. However, lately there has been something that really disturbed me on The Sims 4, it is not gameplay wise, (although yes, i do think The Sims 4 could get some more base game content) it's actually a problem with the premade families that come with the game.
    I love The Sims 2, and i also really love the Neighborhoods that come with it, who doesn't love the mystery and drama of Pleasantview? However, when playing The Sims 2, i noticed something very wrong, not with the game, but with The Sims 4.
    With Pleasantview we got some iconic families that are still in the franchise until now, like the Calientes, the Goths, the Lotharios, the Dreamers, and something i really liked about those Families were the diversity behind them, like for example, the Calientes had mediterranean and Latino roots along with the Lotharios. But now, off to where i want to go: i noticed something that i think needs to be adressed right away, the skintones of premades like Bella Goth, Cassandra Goth, Dina and Nina Caliente, Don Lothario, Dirk Dreamer, Liberty Lee (which was introduced with My Sims) were ALL lightened. Bella, Dina, Nina and Cassandra were all mixed race on The Sims 2, yet on The Sims 4 they're all white. There is a thread explaining the issue with image textures if you wanna read it, though i can't send the link to it right now, you can still try to find it on @TheLoreMayCome on Twitter though.
    This needs to be adressed as quick as possible and those premades along with others who weren't in the thread NEED to be fixed. I really appreciate the effort to make us be able to make diverse Sims with diverse backgrounds on The Sims 4, but in my opinion this is useless if you also remove representativity we once had before.
    Sorry if this came out as agressive, thank you for making The Sims 4 a diverse game for us, and i hope you can adress and fix this as soon as possible.
  • MoonlightSirenMoonlightSiren Posts: 1 New Member
    I "play" on console and even I haven't been persuaded to buy the kits (although country kitchen has been tempting me.) The reason I haven't bought the kits is because they should NOT cost $5 considering they don't have 1/3 the amount of things a stuff pack gives you at half of the price. Either lower the price, add more things to the kits, or just stop making them to focus on larger packs. Please and thank you.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 3,233 Member
    Good morning, Sims team

    I hope the abundance of Laundry Lists of desired game features and improvements hasn't started blurring your vision yet.

    Personally, I hope that future Sims 411 streams can include more "behind the scenes" looks at how things are done, why certain decisions are made in choosing x options instead of Y, and similar insights into the design and development process.

    Thank you.

    We now return to your not unexpected lists of grievances and wants.
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    If an agriculture world is possible what is the best  phrase to
    some it up with ?

    1. All right!  All right!  All right!
    2. Yippee Ki Yay
    3.Heck to the no
    4.Dream On
  • Jess53MJess53M Posts: 1 New Member
    I love this game but to extend it's life it needs graphics updates as mentioned by the user @elelunicy and more in depth gameplay. It was mentioned in previous surveys about updating existing expansions and I would love to see this! I would love to see more depth to life stages so they feel more interesting and unique. Too much content is aimed at adult sims and lacks everywhere else. It's been slowly improving but I hope to see perhaps updating previous activities for everyone to use. I love the direction the sims has been heading this last year and hope for more growth! Also the collaborations with cc creators was great and I'd love to see that again plus community voted content as this is always great content! Thank you!
  • Kingo0Kingo0 Posts: 1 New Member
    Look at the truth, what I would like is to have the tool to create a design, because it is very tedious not to put certain clothes on my sims just because there is not the color I want
    Babies can also be allowed, I don't like them to look more like furniture than a baby, I still can't believe that in a game like the sims freeplay they have better babies
    you could also have at least one open neighborhood and not a world
    and finally make the base game more entertaining, in the saga of the sims
    the base game of the sims 4 is the most boring and forgettable
  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    Sul sul and happy simming to everyone!
    I have some questions for the next Sims 411.
    1. What do you think of beta-testing?
    Every patch, every addon brings new bugs. That's inevitable - the game is so complicated. Some simmers have all packs, some - only base game. Some use mods&CC, some don't. Beta-testers could do playtesting before the release. Lots of simmers would be happy to become beta-testers.
  • George_English01George_English01 Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey there sims team!

    I really appreciate what you did in April with the trait improvements they’re really fun and I think they add so much more personality to each sim.

    I was wondering if you guys are planning on expanding these improvements to the traits that come with other packs?

    Thank you for this thread, I hope it’s useful you all to improve this game that we love!
  • Fluffball19Fluffball19 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi team,
    Honestly, I just want better gameplay, autonomy, and better sims.
    As a younger player who did not get a chance to play the sims 3 (generations and the supernatural and animal packs) look amazing and I wish that we had something similar.
    That way new things could get included like running a farm and having more things to do with your kids like maybe homeschooling them.
    And as always please keep updating the game for things so that everyone can play with their own hairstyles, skin tones, and even gender pronouns.
    P.S I'd also love it if we could get more detailed family trees.
    Thanks for listening.
  • LaeLae Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm a bit unsure of what you actually want to hear from us, but something I usually feel like is a problem when building would be the inability to move mirrors down (I think they're often placed too high).
    It also bothers me how a lot of the kitchen islands have the storage on the wrong side (the side you sit at). Oh, and the debug catalog is an absolute mess to navigate.

    As for gameplay, I find it strange how all decorations affect the sims positively, even if it's the wall cracks or cobwebs from Vampires, or the huge pools of liquid from Strangerville. I mean, it is good fun but also doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Since these aren't bugs nor content requests I hope it's okay to bring up.

    Now, for some positives: I'm very pleased with the trait updates so far and think it's great that they're being fleshed out more.
  • veronicagood6veronicagood6 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think representation needs to continue to be a much more obvious priority. Occasionally showcasing one marginalized group or another just doesn’t cut it, and CC creators should not have to do more work making the game inclusive than developers. Pronouns should be a priority. Even if there was a dialogue to manually type in pronouns for the sims so the game dialogues will refer to them properly (given the wide variety of pronouns out there) would be better than a game that still represents a gender binary even having trans sims. It’s not realistic, and it’s not fair to call the Sims an inclusive game when sims still can’t even go by they at the very least.

    I also think that more needs to be done to stop romanticizing other cultures. Whenever we get a new “diverse” pack, it’s almost always based around making non-American, BIPOC or AAPI cultures vacation destinations instead of normal places with a lot to offer. The vacations are wonderful and exciting, but it’s problematic to act as though diverse people only exist when you go on vacation.

    These and various disabilities need to be represented. Is it really a life simulation game when the life your simulating is very white, very binary, and completely able? I think we all need to know what The Sims team’s priorities are on things like this because it just causes pain when again and again representation is done poorly or otherwise doesn’t exist.
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