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    A couple things from me

    1. Need more realistic gameplay - this may be controversial but have more rabbit holes.  Sims should be able to go to skills class, after school clubs, meet up with friends and family (because you don't always feel like playing this), go concerts etc. Rabbit holes should build skills, cost money and should have consequences. E.g if you go to concert  and you have a loner trait you may come back with negative buff about feel overwhelmed.
    2. Fix bugs - routing is still so horrible. Sims will go and wash their dishes in the bathroom upstairs rather than the kitchen which is closer. Sims won't use the dinning room table to eat. Sims cook to much even if there is leftovers or someone else has already cooked. Random sims enter my house and use my computer.
    3. Fix the fame system.  Some careers should come with fame attached and it shouldn't be so easy to drop out of fame if you still have the job.
    4. Bring back notifications about what is happening in the world with sims you know. Actions should have consequences and impact relationships
    5. Fix the family tree so you can have more detailed relationships
    6. Fix the dine out pack. It's so buggy and unplayable
    7. Fix the retail system it should be more like the sims 3 retail system
    8. Please allow more customisation of maps. Like if I want to build a more run down area or a nicer or up and coming area I should be able to. That way sims could have aspiration to move to a nice area. This could integrate with possible negative random activities, eg. In a run down area there may be a Higher chance of burglary or crime (unless you have a policeman who lives in that area). In addition you can have sections of maps with specific cultural feeling.
    9. When building new packs can we get some different lots. I don't need another gym, lounge or bar in every new world
    10. Please also fix the issue with toddlers not wanting to eat in high chairs
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    On overall I love Sims 4 been playing it for 3 years now and own all the packs

    Here are some points I'd like to address:
    - please consider adding a toggle for situational clothes for npc, including the outfits in magic realm. I don't really mind it for townies but for premades and my own created sims that I have in favorite category I would like to have it turned off. These outfits are so ugly and random and there is no need for them since I always plan outfits for my own sims (party and formal outfits can work for most of these situational instances imo).

    - more transparency with bug fixing, I would like to know the progress made if any for some major game breaking bugs currently in the game (stairs bug for example)

    - more detailed patch notes, as mentioned above.

    - more regular updates, I was hoping the kits would be on a monthly basis.

    - Is there a reason why aliens don't wear their disguise by default anymore? I really like how that worked in the past.

    - You have started adding gameplay toggles, I really like this, please continue doing it so that people with different gameplay can enjoy the game the way they like. Don't nerf aspects of games because one group of ppl don't like them because there is always a group that do like them.

    - Large empty (or at least inhabitant) 60x60 lots, rural word (like realm of magic but without the stone roads). bigger worlds for occult packs so they don't feel like neighborhoods instead of worlds.

    - The art direction has been great since tiny living, more variety (in shape and style) but also more consistency (colors, patterns). please always add pristine swatches with the worn out ones for the furniture.

    - There are a lot of tiny clutter with huge footprint, please free this clutter, so that it can be placed on shelves without cheats (i don't like using moveobject cheat for this because when you rotate the camera and the shelves disappear to clear the view the clutter moved by this cheat does not and obstructs the view. )

    -In CAS, please keep updating older versions of hair as you do now, maybe some of the clothes too. Toddlers, children, adults, elderly and men need more love. For elderly doesn't always means old fashioned granny look more covered up and comfortable clothes would be great, it's hard to find a non-form fitting blouse for example. For children, something children actually would wear, not what looks "children appropriate" if that makes sense? More shoes, or maybe rework old shoes? The only nice modern looking heels currently in the game are from moschino pack. More contemporary clothes and accessories, but also more historical outfits and styles from past centuries (including the 20th )

    - I hope we will get werewolves and bands, and more activities for each age state, especially babies/toddlers/children/teens. More aspirations in general but especially for children.

    Can't think of anything else rn. Have a good day, hope for more content to come in the near future! Thank you!
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    I have a concern with the placement of the new play and delete button when going into a game. It is too easy to make a mistake and press the wrong button when going into the game. The buttons should be further apart.
  • guesswhoguesswho Posts: 1 New Member

    What are the plans for adding story progression to the game?

    In general when you develop a new EP, GP, or Stuff pack how much of the previous games do you take into consideration? I liked the addition of playing odd jobs with island living but the majority of the jobs require work in Sulani. Are there plans to add more odd jobs to the game that take you to different locations or can be done anywhere? Same with the Part-time jobs?

    It seems like the community has been asking for more gameplay for children and elders. What's the primary factor that prevents this from happening?

    It is very easy to accumulate wealth in the sims, but once you do there's nothing to do with it. Adding a feature like transportation fees or when you first create a sim in CAS clothing is free but going from a dresser or window there's a an outfit fee. I don't know I just want different ways to spend money. Even an option to hire a Handyman so sims can upgrade items without developing the handiness skill.

    Also, Is there like a vision for who all the worlds connect? Like Mt Komerobi and Willow creek don't seem to be close where as Strangerville and Oasis springs could be neighboring communities.

    I really like how you've partnered with members in the Sims 4 community, please continue with the partnerships. Its really great to see people shine in this manner. I also like the Simgurus who are active on Twitter, the guessing of the packs etc are all fun and exciting. Great success to you all.
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    I've noticed that some people in this thread defend Hates Children/dazed effect. Sorry people, this is not ok. I'm one of those who want more edgy, dark humorous gameplay like past games and seriously, this is not it. There are some things that just shouldn't be in this game - non-consensual act, which Hates Children/dazed effect really is, shouldn't be in game. This is not satire or edgy humour. This is serious thing. By this logic, we could consider some mods that are againts law, as edgy humour.

    It was really good response from the team, that they understand how much is this issue serious and I do hope it won't be repeated in future.
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    Oh and one last thing: the date system doesn't work properly? You can be mean and even fight with your date and still have a golden succesful date because the game consider it as "interacting with your date". What is that about? In the Sims 3, if one bad thing happened to the Sim you're dating, the date would immediately end with the Sim leaving which is very realistic. See, this is one example of the lack of consequences that many here speak about that makes the game feel one note. There should be revision on these types of stuff.
  • PatrickClasterPatrickClaster Posts: 25 Member
    Why does The Sims 4 feel as more of a building simulator than life simulator?

    Will you sometimes show, either on social media, or special livestreams, some love for other past games? Like The Sims 2, The Sims 3, or even spinoff games? Why excatly aren't both, The Sims and The Sims 2 on Origin? The reason feels odd, we would like to hear more about it.

    Why wasn't The Sims 4 Journey to Batoo made as a spinoff game that would have bigger focus on Star Wars Universe? And it would be better for those who aren't interested in Star Wars
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    Here’s some feedback that is important to me. Thanks for listening!

    1. Gameplay feels empty because there are no consequences and every action has the same reaction (or barely noticeable differences). Sims should have long lasting emotions (breakup = sad for days with no other emotion, pregnant family sim should be happy for days, etc). Different traits should provide exclusive interactions (not just different names for interactions) and results.

    2. Romantic relationships are meaningless. TS2 chemistry system worked brilliantly - sims were attracted to certain people and not others, and on scales (one person might be incredible to them, others ok and some stuck in friendzone). The relationships were also not always mutual, romantic or otherwise. Sims should have to work at relationships, and sims with good chemistry will have a fast developed love or friendship, while others might not be capable of becoming romantic, and some can develop into a lifelong grudge.

    3. There is no way to track gameplay. Sims 2 had the photo album so we could take snaps and write captions, and I used that to recap my gameplay so when I came back to a family, or played for generations, they felt like they had history. Sims 4 feels extremely hollow and pointless when actions have minor outcomes and I can’t track events.
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