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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


  • thesimmer14thesimmer14 Posts: 388 Member
    I am just curious — are we anywhere near the end of the game’s life?
  • maria_оriginalmaria_оriginal Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm from Ukraine and I really would like to play in my native language. But unfortunately, I have to play in English.
    In Ukraine we have a lot of quality game translation agencies that is interested in this and, as they said, made requests but EA ignored :(
    Couple months ago we have promoted hashtage #theSimsinUkrainian in Twitter and it was on the top for few days. And then it was repeated!
    So, I think the idea of ukrainian localization would has huge support from ukrainian game community.
  • RifftraxRulesRifftraxRules Posts: 145 Member
    This game just isn't good. The graphics are horrible (I don't care if this game is supposed to be able to run on "potatoes" that's not excusable); the "emotions" are pathetic and meaningless; there are no negative consequences whatsoever for anything a Sim does; you willingly added microtransactions and none of you have the guts to admit it; there is no attraction system; there's no color wheel (only if you buy "Cats and Dogs" and even then it's just for the pets); I need mods just to add different traits and an attraction system in order for my Sims to anything resembling a "personality". This game has been so dumbed down I can't take it anymore. Never mind the pointless "announcements" just to say you're going to announce another pack that I won't be buying. In fact, I will not reinstall this game until I have proof that all bugs (including simulation lag) have been permanently fixed. But we both know that's never going to happen. You say you're looking into it and claim you need our saves in order to fix it (which is just complete and utter bull butter and you know it; you know why there's simulation lag; you just say you're looking into it to distract us from it).

    Rant over.
  • Jessicasimmer99Jessicasimmer99 Posts: 11 New Member
    First of all i would like to say thank you for creating an amazing game that makes me feel so good and makes me very happy. Also thank you for trying to improve it and for these kinds of iniciatives, it feels like we are finally being listened to. Now the questions...

    Will we ever get a base game overhaul?
    The sims 4 is almost 8 years old, and the base game really needs some fixes and more gameplay, although i really love the latest base game updates we really need more.

    Will we ever get a overhaul of some of the packs?
    The calendar from seasons needs to be updated so it is compatible with all the other packs.
    Get to work clothes are really bad and really need a touch up.
    Dine out, could be way better.
    City living, we need to be able to do our on appartments and to post them without problems in the gallery.
    And a lot more that i don't remember rn.

    Are you considering adding more languages to the game?
    As a portuguese simmer i hate that my game is in brazzilian portuguese, i mean firstly it's not even the "original" portuguese and i get that it has a lot more speakers but some of the translations are so bad and a legit murder to the portugal's portuguese. I just wanna play sims in my own language pls. It sucks especially when it comes to grades, in portugal we have two different systems (0-100 and 0-20) and it's harder to tell how my sims are doing in school when the grades are in the brazillian system.

    Why can't we have a bit more adult things?
    Im not saying to make it extremely adult, but the past games were a bit more fun because they were less childish. Sims 4 has a huge player base of adults that sometimes feel like they are playing a kids game, i mean the game is rated for teens, not toodlers.

    Why no more quizzes?
    It was really great being able to vote for the things we wanted.

    Will there be any more community voted packs?
    Nifty knitting and laundry day are amazing packs and i would love it if we could vote for other packs.

    Did you ever considered making the game a little less american?
    The game feels like an american simulation game, and for the non-american players it really sucks because we can't relate to most of the things.

    Are you planning to give us the most asked features?
    Aka babies, cars and robbers.

    Will you fix the gallery?
    It's constantly broken pls.

    Thank you! Have a good job and good luck reading all of this :p
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,758 Member
    Evergreen Harbour is unplayable on console, its an eye sore, the surroundings are flickering pyramids,

    I miss burglars and story progression
  • jred250jred250 Posts: 2 New Member
    My question is related to the gameplay in Sims 4. The basic gameplay is starting out with very little (like a 10k house, no skills and a low paying job) and over time accumulating more and more. That loop is very compelling and when it comes to both buying things and building skills it works very well.

    However, this isn't the case with relationships. Relationships feel flat because it is too easy to just do a bunch of friendly interactions and fill that relationship bar. There aren't meaningful systems to make friendships and romances have that same feeling of progression. Yes, you can do things like level up charisma to have more impactful interactions but you really don't have to. I could just do two or three regular interactions to achieve the same effect.

    I think a lot of the common problems discussed by players (Sims all feel the same, emotion system, etc) can be traced back to this core issue. Interpersonal gameplay is lacking the same sense of depth and progression that makes other parts of the game (build-buy, developing skills, developing a career) so addictive.

    I think some progress has been made and I want to compliment the team on the sentiment system, which I feel is a step in the right direction. However, I still think there is a lot of room for improvement. I would love to see big revisions to how relationships are developed in the future of the Sims.
  • JuliaDelgado89JuliaDelgado89 Posts: 1 New Member
    hi The sims
    I think you bring Werewolves, fairies and improved babies, becuase babies are still onbjects, and i tihink you should bring burghalrs to the game The Sims 4 stay more realistc, and i think you shoulg bring espiral stairs, to facilties construct, and edit wolrds like The Sims 3. Although, bring Genarations and showtime for The Sims 4,
    kiss and hugs
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 2,059 Member
    Hi! Thank you for letting us talk to you directly here. I have one question, one concern, and one request that have been on my mind a lot lately.

    Question: Would you be willing to create more behind-the-scenes threads similar to the one that was done for the Nifty Knitting pack which show us the process of how the packs are made? I found this fascinating, and it also actually made me more excited about the pack. So it's good advertising (at least for nerds like me). :smiley:

    Concern: Lately you have been adding or changing a lot of gameplay features through base game patches, and not giving us a way to opt out. A good example of this is the "sentiments" feature. This was added through a base game patch with no option for us to turn it off. Many players like it, but not everyone does. And even those of us who do like it don't necessarily want to use it all the time or in every save that we play. The Snowy Escape pack (which we had the option to buy or not as we wished) gave us a way of turning off the lifestyles feature. But the base game patch (which is mandatory) that came out at the same time did not give us a way to turn off the sentiments feature. I don't understand the inconsistency in this decision. Also you made changes to the personality traits and to the speed of eating and drinking (also through unavoidable base game updates) without giving us any way to keep things the way they were if we didn't want the changes. In my opinion, features which change the way the gameplay functions should always come with an off switch or some form of customization in the settings menu. I think that should just be standard practice for a game like this.

    Request: I'd be very interested in seeing more customization options in the setting menu (examples: the ability to turn on or off specific types of deaths; the ability to customize what types of behaviors are autonomous for specific sim traits; the ability to choose whether our sims start off the game poor, middle class, or rich; the ability to change the length of the in-game day; the ability to set how likely it is for specific types of random events to occur, and many other choices we'd like to make for ourselves when we play...) Sims 4 is a game where players like to play in all kinds of different ways, and it draws in a lot of highly creative players with many different visions about how they would like to experience or use the game. It is not possible to please all of us all the time, of course, but I think giving more settings controls directly to the players would go a long ways towards pleasing most of us most of the time. Can this be done more?
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • ApparentlyAwesomeApparentlyAwesome Posts: 1,523 Member
    I’m not quite sure if some of this is going follow the guidelines but I wanted to try anyway and I’m trying to word my thoughts, concerns, and questions in a way that fits.

    The main things I think about is the future of The Sims. I mean beyond The Sims 4 and even outside of the main Sims series. Some things are light, like whether or not we’ll get MySims Agents 2 or if you’ll ever do other sims games that may be a bit more focused in theme like Castaway or Medieval because I do like games in the franchise as a whole and love the side Sims games.

    Then there are the heavy things, like my concerns for the main series, beyond Sims 4. And my concerns don’t exist solely because of The Sims 4 but because of it and the Sims games before it. It looks like you’re trying to turn things around for Sims 4 and I hope you’re successful and the game ends with as few issues as it can possibly have, but there’s a reoccurring thing I’ve noticed. From problems existing since the base game that still aren’t fixed years later... to patches that fix this but break or re-break that... to more packs with that come with more problems that take a long time to get fixed if they ever get fixed... and in the end, players end up being left to basically fix the game themselves while the team moves onto the next game. That troubled me at the start of The Sims 4 knowing what players had problems with in Sims 3. It still troubles me now looking beyond The Sims 4, and it troubles me even more so now after learning things I didn’t know about Sims 2.

    Something I would love to know more about are your testing methods for the games. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I keep hearing that testing isn’t done with all packs or different combinations of packs installed but it’d be nice to get some more insight on that. And if it’s true it’s probably a resource thing, I’m guessing, but I wonder has it ever been considered letting players test the game in those various combinations before release?

    Another thing that concerns me, related to the future of The Sims is how innovation and progression in the main series often leads to regression in the main series. Some of you have tried to explain this before, and honestly, it led to more questions than it answered for me, but it troubles me that we can’t have overall progress in the series. The way explanations have made it sound, and the way it seems to me looking at what’s been done, is that one or several other areas seem to have to suffer for another area to thrive and I would really like a better understanding as to why that is and why it seems difficult to simply have improvement across the board. I’m not saying please everyone, but I feel like there isn’t a good enough balance.

    Something else, I appreciate that you guys want to get stuff out to us quickly for us to enjoy but why not wait until something is completely done first? Sometimes, content feels rushed and incomplete, a recent example being loft beds. I remember one guru saying a while back (though not about loft beds, I don’t think) something about rather we have it now than wait, but I personally think if it’s going to get done right and won’t require an update to improve it, it’s better to wait.

    This is a question related to something I guess I hoped would be a thing by Sims 4 but didn’t really think it would be. I guess you could say it relates to the future of The Sims as well. Why aren’t some things apart of the base game by now instead of coming in separate packs? Particularly Pets and Seasons but also apartments. I’m not requesting content so I’m not going to list them but there are also certain things I’m surprised haven’t been in The Sims series in general by now (not just Sims 4) but that are pretty basic in life experiences even if a person hasn’t had the full experience themselves.

    Are Game Packs and Kits around to stay beyond The Sims 4? Would you ever consider doing a Sims store at a more affordable price and why were the prices in The Sims 3 store the way they were?

    Final one, another thing that concerns me is the rift in the community. I don’t think it’s a deep as it seems, I think emotions run high because everyone is passionate and love The Sims but it’s getting old and tiring. I think maybe it’s something you all could help smooth over but I have to admit I do feel that there have been a few gurus who have, maybe unwittingly, contributed to the rift. I don’t mind anyone having an opinion be it positive or negative about the game nor do I care how often they share it, but for as annoying as I find it that being critical can get you accused of being “entitled”, complaining just to complain, and not loving The Sims, I’m pretty sure it’s equally as annoying to be accused of being a “shill” or “sheep” for loving it. Please note, I'm not name calling, but quoting the main terms I hear. It’s not everyone doing it, but it’s enough where I think it probably should be addressed more broadly. In the end we all just want a good Sims game. As a community, we need to do better at letting people have and share their own opinions and experiences and not picking them apart or belittling them for it.
  • marissimmarissim Posts: 55 Member
    Hello team,
    First, will we ever get a chance to integrate Mermaids in the other worlds? I know a couple of packs, besides Island Living, have places you can swim, but if you do not own them you are restricted to Sulani, and the alternatives such as drinking, taking a bath or swimming in a pool are just sad and sort of break the flow of playing this specific Occult. I am mostly curious as if it is a straight no, or there is a chance for the future.
    Second, are there any plans for future packs like Paranormal? It brought so much content, challenge, beautiful CAS and build items, and an active career, it just felt like one of the best packs in a while. (To me! Absolutely personal opinion.)
    Third, and last question, are there going to be more community chosen packs anytime soon?
    Thank you.
  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    2. I'd like to get more control over my game.
    I want to decide - whether to get NPCs for different game roles (vampires, waiters, maids etc. ) or to give these roles to my own sims.
    Also I'd like to control the preferences of my sims - whether they get romantic with male, female or both.
    And I'd like to be able to change the surroundings outside the lots and the background - city, wood, mountains, other planet. Or at least one world where I can do that.
  • BreeNillaBreeNilla Posts: 160 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hello! :) I have a random question. How do you decide when to announce a pack?

    Other than that, I want to say that I was really happy about the addition of the Scared emotion and I'm glad that Sentiments are a thing. I was shocked by the Trait updates and I hope to see many more, and even more traits added to the base game. I feel like the individuality and personality of the sims is lacking and often overridden by emotions and it makes it hard for immersion and storytelling when I want a stoic sim, but they are constantly playing games and dancing. I think having better autonomy and reactions to things around them rather than their emotions would help immensely.

    Another thing is the family gameplay. I think the focus has been on Young Adults too much. It would be nice to see the other life stages be expanded upon to make them feel more unique. Having special interactions between siblings or other family members no matter the age would be cool. Right now, it feels like family treat each other the same way they do strangers and friends.

    I think an overhaul of the Interactions Menu would be nice as well! There are so many Friendly interactions and many of them do the same thing if not nothing at all. It would be nice to see more interactions give moodlets to show they do something. I think maybe adding more sections in the pie menus would make it less cluttered, it's a little frustrating when you accidentally pass by an interaction you want and you can't scroll back.

    All in all, CAS and Build/Buy Mode are awesome! But Base Game Live Mode has been neglected for a very long time. I'm glad you're finally starting to give it some attention and I hope to see more live mode base game updates!

    I hope this wasn't too long! :D Thank you so much for doing this!
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    I made a Sims 4 Save File set 15 years into the future using the premade sims by giving them family trees, storylines and lore, fixed and added relationships, and more!
    Check it out here! ->
  • SupersonicAvalancheSupersonicAvalanche Posts: 3,307 Member

    More unique Sim-personalities with an improved Trait-system, please (:

    More interesting gameplay with better personalities/more complex relationships/more unique reactions (animations...) based on traits.

    Different sim-personalities need to express emotions in more unique ways. Not every sim should cry/laugh/flirt etc the exact same way.

  • Morisg1Morisg1 Posts: 1 New Member
    Can we get mods on ps4 for sims
  • MaggdaugMaggdaug Posts: 1 New Member
    Some suggestions:

    - Expand the starter relationships that are in the drop down box. Right now it's just limited to roommate (default), sibling, and spouse. It would be nice to have boyfriend, friend, best friend, and enemy.

    - The create-a-sim feature starts off by assigning gender first, it would be nice if we could just start off choosing all of the features for our sim and then building from there.

    - Please find a way to work with the texture/appearance of clothes for those who create trans/enby sims.

    - Introduce more gender-neutral clothing
  • vennnoaevennnoae Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! I live in Ukraine and I really enjoy playing The Sims 4, but there's a one problem: I can't feel fully comfortable when I play game because I can't play it with my native language. And many friends of mine have faced this prob to. Ukraine is as big as France in territory and population, but we don't have any Ukrainian localization of The Sims. My friends and me have to choose between other languages, for instance English or Russian. But there are people who don't speak those languages and are not able to deeply enjoy their game. The Sims 4 was launched years ago but we still don't have an opportunity to use Ukrainian in the game. I hope we will see it soon because I really badly want to enjoy The Sims with my other Ukrainian friends.So my question is: is it possible for us to play The Sims 4 in Ukrainian soon?
  • _jodielaura_jodielaura Posts: 19 Member
    I think one of the biggest problems is that most of us have lost faith in the sims and it’s teams. We’re probably reading this forum and seeing all the things that would improve the game (improved whims, story progression, our sims to not all feel exactly the same) but we’re all assuming nothing will actually come out of it. Maybe you’ll mention a few things but nothing will ever change and I think that’s really sad because we really do enjoy this game and want it to be the best it can be.
    I personally have lost faith in the packs working the way they are meant to. When Eco Lifestyle came out, I was excited for the NAPs to change my neighbourhoods and make them feel more alive but all they did was introduce huge bugs that entirely destroyed my save and I had to start over.
    When lifestyles were included with Snowy Escape I, again, thought it would make my sims feel more personalised, but they all ended up with exactly the same ones and were constantly tense from having too many friends. I eventually disabled this feature.
    When Bust the Dust came out, I didn’t buy it, because I knew it would already be buggy and I was right and that’s now the only pack I don’t own and probably never will.
    These things need to be extensively play tested with and without other packs installed BEFORE you release them because it’s not fair to release unfinished content. My suggestion would be to release packs as BETA (and at a reduced price obviously) so that players can tell you what needs fleshing out and what could be improved or what bugs they are seeing.
    You have been doing good things lately: improved base game hairs, more swatches and even transferring the styles over for kids and toddlers, and the anniversary update with CC creators stuff! I loved that. I’d absolutely love to see that happening again especially for those of us on console who can’t use CC.
    Thank you for at least being open to this conversation and I know it’s been harder for you guys having to work from home during this time so I do appreciate that and i really hope that I’m wrong about nothing coming from this.
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,835 Member
    Explore their desires, taste and preference

    " Explore their desires, taste and preference." WHOA! WHOA!

    Could this really be EA saying that they are bringing back UI from The Sims 2? (Let me turn on my game, brb...)

    In The Sims 2 sims had desires, taste and preference.

    Let's talk about this for a second. If you went into the skills & career panel you would see what skills a sim had and what skill levels were required by their choice of career. But if you went into the Simology panel it had 5 categories: Personality (which those choices formed a sims "zodiac sign"), Interest, Hobby Enthusiasm, Memories and then Chemistry. Anyone who plays The Sims 2 knows that the "WANTS and FEARS" is directly pulled from this Simology panel. Because EA did not focus on this panel when creating The Sims 4 the game is dull and without depth and consequences. (Some might say.)

    I think EA is (better late than never) trying to do that now (probably due to the many complaints from the community). But let's get back to the Simology panel, shall we.

    In this panel their are Interests, Hobby Enthusiasm, Memories and Chemistry. All of these things are taken into account and one would say contribute to a sim forming their desires, taste and preference. OMG. I will be ecstatic if this is added (in depth) back into the game. Just to inform you or refresh your memory, the Interest panel alone consisted of Interest in Politics, Crime, Food, Sports, Work, School, Money, Entertainment, Health, Paranormal, Weather, Toys, Environment, Culture, Fashion, Travel, Animals and Sci-Fi. WHOA! WHOA!

    Then you had what was called "Hobby Enthusiasm", which was introduced with the hobby's pack and it was organic in that a sims interest could increase and decrease over time depending on how much time a sim spent doing those related activities, AND I believe a sim gravitated towards those activities if they had the items on the location and had elevated levels of interest in said activities. A.K.A, "Autonomous gameplay." YES!

    I would love a sim to have Autonomous gameplay based on their personal interest rather than the coding being elevated on an object such as the popcorn maker or ice cream machine and just pulling sims to it. GRRRRRR!

    The Hobby Enthusiasm section had Cuisine, Film & Literature, Games, Tinkering, Science, Arts & Crafts, Sports, Nature, Fitness, and Music & Dance. WHOA! WHOA!

    Then there's the Memories Section that also had a category for Vacation Mementos, which had a huge area the listed all the things you collected and experienced such as the areas culture and practices and all of this contributed you earning the "Excite Excursionist" (that title might change depending on how much you completed. I had only a 3rd of the bar full.). And lastly, of course we have the Chemistry section which shows a sim's Turn-Ons (2) and Turn-Off (1).


    One other thing that made sims feel alive and not like walking props is that they behaved IN PUBLIC based on their SIMOLOGY! This meant that if you filled your town with the sims YOU WANTED and visited a community lot, then your sim with see these sims living their lives and acting appropriately based on their SIMOLOGY (NOT BASED ON A LOT TRAIT WHERE EVERYONE DOES THE SAME THING NO MATTER THEIR SIMOLOGY).

    Dear God, I sure do hope they can fix The Sims 4 but I doubt it. I at least hope they got enough complaints to at least know what they did wrong and in The Sims 5 they get it right the first time! If you read all of this...WOW. Thanks! :-)

    I care too much about this game...LOL time for me to go make some breakfast. LOL Have a great day!

    (I typed this months ago and appreciate the opportunity for it to finally be seen by ppl who can do something about it. Fingers crossed!)

    Thank you gurus if you read this.

  • darceyyxdarceyyx Posts: 1 New Member

    First of all, I love this game and I think the last few big packs (not kits) that have been released have been amazing and have really impacted gameplay and building!

    However I was wondering if the issue about international price conversions for kits will ever be fixed - £5 is significantly more than $5, especially if we want all 3 packs - £15 is closer to $20. This is an issue for other packs as well (£10 and $10 for stuff packs are not the same) but I think it’s a much bigger problem with kits because the amount of content is so small. I’m really hoping this will be fixed because I love the idea of kits, but I can’t justify spending £5 on them, it’s just too much money for what you get!

    Secondly this is a very specific issue but I think it would be really beneficial for CAS if you could “lock” certain things (eg jewellery, makeup, watches, glasses etc) to apply them to every outfit without having to go through and re-add them all individually. It was a super useful feature in previous Sims games and one that I’ve really missed in TS4- at the moment I avoid using accessories and makeup on my sims at all because of how long it takes to apply the nosering or watch or glasses or whatever to every single category.
  • Belle_Palindrome95Belle_Palindrome95 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love differentiation between life stages in both CAS and gameplay, especially for teens to YA to adult. There is just no difference.
    Also, BABIES. It is said so often but seriously, the gameplay for babies is nonexistent.
  • VhhVhh Posts: 1 New Member
    It's not a wishlist, so I kinda will skip on the ideas of how I think previous packs should be fixed, updated and extended (especially the ones that have minimal amount of content - especially early Stuff Packs and later Expansions and Game Packs) - which in my opinion should be done, none the less.

    My main issue I have had with the series (aside of how unfinished it is, even if it is over 5 year old game) - is your virtue signalling and how much you don't put actions were your words are. Like it has been better in last few months, but I still think your work for age, ability, racial, gender and sexual orientation equality in the game and community is still very much lacking.

    First thing that really bothered me was the racial segregation this game has when it comes to occult races. It's 2021 and this is simulation game, where we are told we could do anything. The issue here is that - we really can't. When you announced new skin and hair update, at the same time you deleted possibility of Mermaid-Vampire mixed Sims. Where is fun in that? I get you are limited by your own programming skills, but the fact that it has been two decades of the game and we still can't get properly working mixed race Sims is alarming. Packs are supposed to have connectivity between them and ability of mixing Supernaturals should be first thing when it comes to idea of connectivity.

    Even if you would separate magical forms (which would solve issue with tails) to multiple different entities and just made scrolling menu that includes all the ability trees - it would be better than nothing.

    Not to mention that some occults are more detailed and expanded than the others. You did the Ghost pack recently that should have expanded Ghost Sims gameplay. Aliens and Mermaids both deserve updates (with additional playable worlds of Sixam and Atlantis), Realm of Magic also should have been playable livable location with history and mystery to solve.

    Next comes the fact that game is still mostly targeted at the millenial women (which are main part of the fandom), which was fine in first years of the series, but isn't acceptable at this point, where elders, men and children are lacking in looks, hair, traits, activities and clothes departments. And we already had two children stuff packs, pseudo University pack and family related pack. Please do better.

    Other thing is lack or inclusivity for cultures different than American based. I get it is your culture, but we would like to see us represented. Africa, America, Asia, Australia, non-western Europe. Give us more packs like Snowy Escape or Jungle Adventure, but make them right.

    For example I saw the upcoming hair colour update - and I still can't see mousy blonde that is most common hair colour in my culture.

    Other example being gameplay itself - like Discover University (aside the fact that there is no actual University gameplay but only bunch of fraternity things) is centralised on US experience. There should be option in menu to turn off tuitions (in normal countries you don't have to pay for education, thank you very much) and turn on the ability to place stoves on the University lots.

    With new ability to have holidays in different worlds - all the Holiday location worlds should be added to normal roster. Most importantly - Selvadorada deserves to be normally playable world.

    And one complaint about Snowy Escape - I liked that you decided to hire Sims Community, however why did you invite Australians, Brittish and Americans to do Japanese based pack? Especially people who aren't known to be the best builders and some with specific building styles that are far from knowing the Japanese culture? It was extremely good opportunity to aknowledge Japanese community and let them built their own world. We also have actual Japanese Architecture degree Simmers in the community, that are as much popular, who would elevate this pack to heavens.

    From other things - I would like to get an update on the disability update we were told was thought through, when gender update was released. Was it cancelled or postponed?

    Another thing - I do not like the idea of Kits, which are basically a content that should have been added to already existing packs. No one wants a come back of overpriced Sims Item Shop from Sims 3. If we are gonna introduce Kits - at least give them better price (still think that they are redundant with Stuff Packs).

    Talking about new stuff - you probably will release Farm pack and Cars sooner or later, I would appreciate if you put care into those things - Sims 4 is built in specific way, but it doesn't mean we can't have some other type of gameplay. Like people love to hate idea of horses or cars cause you couldn't really use them fully in Sims 4 - but both of them could be implemented in different way. Horse and car racing, mechanic/horse carer jobs. Horses also could do performances and tricks (similar to dogs in Sims 2) and go to competitions. Garages are also really important part of most of the houses in the world, so you could also focus on the idea of that.

    And I would like to end my rant with the idea of Sims 5 - please don't do it in next 10 years, until you properly finish Sims 4 and make everything you promised to make in the game. It's ok to expand the game to mostly newer computers, cutting older ones with Legacy version, but you better not abandon this project to work on the new one that would start once again from scratch.

    TLTR; Please update older packs and expand on inclusivity.
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    Thank you for all the work you all have been doin and the content you’ve released.... I mean you guys introduced a whole new pack type on us in the middle of the pandemic. I don’t know if you’d been working on that for a while or just during the pandemic but that’s impressive. It’s hard to be creative in hard times but the team has really been doing a great job. Your players play sims for more than just fun sometimes. This is my self care. It’s my escape and if your team didn’t push through the pandemic, plus all the modders... I am really grateful for the work you do and I know it can be hard to be creative and focused on times like these but here you are again opening yourself to us.... some of us who complain... some of us with bugs and issues.... some of us with content request.
    It takes a lot to listen to criticism from about something you love or even don’t love. So thank you for that and really take care of all of yourselves because if you guys are not in tip top shape mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. it’s hard be creative and this is a demanding community. You have so much in you all to give the sims franchise don’t want to see you all burn out and quit. This game is important probably one of the best simulation game out there for real life simulation (those zoo games are pretty top notch too just to be honest haha)

    Okay so me?
    I have a buggy game. Which really kills my buzz and all the mods in the world can’t save it. But there are two things that really take a toll.
    1. My sims are always kissing and woohooing people randomly. Even married. And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have some great mods from zero and lumpinou that make these things really really realistic. But I would like my sims to be less romantically and sexually free. Especially when free love is not select in the town vote.
    2. I guess this is a free love thing too put a different angle. My sims like every body, It’s too fluid. I would like if my sims were able to have a choice about who they have romantic interactions with. I really don’t know the correct way to mention this with sensitivity in mind. So I apologize ahead of time and I just want to be straight forward... when the game went more LGBTQA+ a lot of the former traditional play got interrupted. I would still like some of my sims to be hetero. All my sims just don’t care and it’s like you built this perfect world (who has a problem with a perfect world **face palm*** me lol ) but a real world we could make perfect would be nice too. It’s okay if bad things happen, if we can do something about. Actually that’s a cool idea... there’s no community in the sims. It be cool if you could get burglarized and your neighbors can be rallied to replace what you buy or someone dies and they bring over food like the welcome to the neighborhood thing you have going. You have a lot of the ground work in the game. But letting us make the world better when it’s real and bad things happen ... that’d be really amazing game play. There’s a fire in your home and your handiness and woodworking skills can help you build up the area. (Wow I really just thought of that while I was writing this and it sounds awesome)

    So yes that’s just my little nugget.
    - the bugginess of the “free love” (my sims woohoo with anyone and everyone that they politely introduce themselves too) I don’t know if you ever watched one tree hill when they had to use words to describe themselves like jock, nerd, “friendly”. Yeah my sims are a little too friendly ;). You shouldn’t woohoo everyone who says hello real nice lol.
    - a way for me to control the “free love” in my game
    - I really liked some of the ideas people mentioned like pre-teens and more depth development. But you’ve been hearing us on that I see it in the game. You’re tweaking as you go that’s why you’ve developed traits and sentiments ... you can’t just drop the game in the deep end of the pool it might drown. I see the efforts and appreciate them!

    Lastly you’re a decent franchise, I don’t know if I would be able to handle all the criticism you all take via the media. I would probably be like those DJ’s who don’t take request at the parties. I love the inclusion and representation that has been great but I don’t know how you all don’t just say it’s a game just play it stop making things personal. You are all troopers.

    Thank you all and really and truly take care of all yourselves.
    You can’t pour from an empty cup.
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    Can the “nerfing” or “re-tuning” or “toning down” of key pack features please be brought to a halt? It feels very bait and switch when people pay for certain features in a pack based on trailers, blog posts, livestreams etc advertising that feature and then due to albeit some very loud and persistent complaints from a very vocal minority that feature is basically removed. Some examples are:

    Vampire Residential Break Ins: there are all sorts of toggles in game to prevent this for players who don’t want it from door locks to garlic, but a small group of players who only bought the pack for CAS & Build/Buy assets raised a stink and now this key pack feature is all but non-existent. In all the time since shortly after the pack released I have had 2 residential visits from a vampire. I bought this pack because I thought vampires would by the behavior advertised bring an element of the unexpected but no. They barely exist. Like so many other things in this game nothing really happens with them unless it’s forced to happen.

    Townie Reactions To Global Superstars: The whole point of achieving this level of fame is to be mobbed by adoring fans and paparazzi alike. To have to strategize how you’re going to go for your morning jog, or cup of coffee unbothered and unrecognized. But I am not the only person who has noticed that recently you garner not much more notice in public than the average sim. Again you gave tools in game for players who didn’t want this to avoid it. There’s the celebrity disguise and the ability to bow out of fame altogether in the settings menu. But again a small but loud group voiced dissatisfaction with a key pack feature and now it’s all but gone for those of us who bought a pack about fame and wanted to experience all of the trials and tribulations of being famous.

    Weather Related Deaths: Again a feature that promised to add a level of challenge and surprise that was almost entirely removed because a vocal few didn’t want again to be bothered to use the toggle you provided them in game to exempt their sims from being affected by the weather leaving those of us who bought Seasons, because again this feature promised to bring spontaneity and a modicum of challenge, out in the the cold.

    Murphy Bed Deaths: The theme continues, players had the ability to toggle this off by simply upgrading the bed in game, or by purchasing a different bed. Now that the much requested bunk beds are available as a space saving option in tiny homes, can we deviants have the option to crush our sims like cockroaches in their PJs again?

    Alien Abductions: There is the satellite dish in game for those who want avoid this, there is the ability to cancel out of the abduction in your queue and the ability to reset sim to bring them back. I have had Get To Work since October 2015 when I first purchased the TS4 base game. In all those years I have had 4 alien abductions despite openly courting them by entering the scientist career, using the computer in BB that’s designed to attract them, going to alien night at the bar. Again all due to the complaints of a vocal few.

    It’s frustrating. I generally buy packs on release day at full price with a full understanding of what they will bring to my game. You guys do an excellent job in my opinion of giving players ample opportunity to educate themselves as to what packs will do in game. You also do a great job of providing players ways to mitigate features in game. If not through a toggle in the settings then through gameplay objects. So I wish instead of responding to complaints about features by basically tuning them down to just shy of eliminating them, you would instead point out gently but firmly the options players have within the game to exercise control over those features. When these features are removed/toned way down the gameplay for the packs feels hollow and the entire game follows suit, and I can’t help but feel I should be owed a refund of at least part of my purchase price. I and so many love The Sims because it famously offers the quirky and the unexpected in addition to allowing players to have a digital dollhouse so to speak. But lately it seems to be more plodding, predictable dollhouse and far far less humorous, wacky, fun. I guess I am just hoping you will find your way back to the roots of the game, and also consider restoring these features of the above mentioned packs to their former glory.


    Most of us who bought Realm Of Magic would actually LOVE to see the occasional spell caster zipping about our neighborhood on a flying broom/mop, and casting the odd spell or two about the town. If you bought a magic pack, you should expect to see magic about on occasion.

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I would love to know why these decisions are made without toggles or somehow providing a way for players who enjoyed these features to keep them. I paid for and enjoyed all of these things. I just want to know why things are taken away for complainers just because they don't want to use the options that they were provided?
    I know complainers are LOUD but it's very unfair. 😔
    That includes the nerfed invites that should atleast have a toggle. It was one of the best features when I brought get together.
    It's okay to have faster eating. But longer normal length eating and drinking should still be an option for us that enjoy restaurants and and long dinners.
    The nerfing is my current biggest concern with this game and it worries me.
    I miss having a global super star that ACTUALLY felt like a real celebrity and I'm terrified of what could be nerfed next😰😰😰
    My jealous sim that I have had since 2015 does not even seem "jealous" anymore... I no longer know him...
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
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    Something that players including me noticed, is that you changed the skin color of some Sims from previous games - well you only "whitewashed" some Sims, not the other way around. For example, Bella and Cassandra Goth, Nina and Dina Caliente, Liberty, Dirk Dreamer - Casaandra who was black in TS2 is now white, Dina and Nina weren't white as well. Dirk has much brighter skin than his previous version. I understand that TS4 is set in alternative universe, but there is no reason to change iconic POC sims into white sims. I hope that you will address this issue and fix it. Its weird to see that only dark colored sims are changed.
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    Have you considered updating previous expansion packs?

    I remember that being mentioned in one of the community surveys and I know there was no guarantee that it would be done but I would love to see some “polishing”, as the survey put it, on EP. I would love more to do in Sulani, that world is gorgeous but I miss having a secret lot for mermaids. And I feel Del Sol Valley has so much potential if we can get more lots added for our sims who are just starting to make it,
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