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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


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    ArcaArca Posts: 189 Member
    I think Sims 4 should add more contents in both base game and packs
    For BG, please add preteen stage between child and teens. It’s quite strange when a 7-8 years old child suddenly changed to a 16-17 teens after blowing the candles, right?
    For college, please take an eye on it. Why don’t use a system like Sims 2 to count the Sims’ college life? It’s not possible and realistic to use half of your YA life to complete a bachelor degree
    Please also link up the alien form and human form for alien Sims, just like Vampires and Mermaids
    The last but not the least…I know one of your character in Vampires and one of your character in RoM are quite popular among girls…would you consider to design a figure for those two Sims🤣🤣
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    HellaHella Posts: 1 New Member
    thank you guys so much for the city living free trial, wondering if you are doing any more, also if we can vote for the next one. 🙏🏻☺️
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    SkyrryxSkyrryx Posts: 201 Member
    Will you ever update the whims?
    Aspirations seem more like glorified tutorial than real lifetime aspirations like in past games.
    Thank you @83bienchen for modding the game. Whims Overhaul is essential for my gameplay.
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    LittleMLittleM Posts: 1 New Member
    On xbox I can just skiing on easy slope. Did you just fix it for pc? Can’t wait to skiing on difficult slopes.
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    trineloetrineloe Posts: 37 Member
    Sul sul from Denmark!
    My most important question - and I don't think this is a bug: Have you thought of changing the 'shown used objects from pack'-thingy? When you e.g. use a tool for grass or something (maybe debug), you cannot see what has been used. I love exploring basegame and making new "debug-objects", even though I have all packs, to make the builds as accessible as possible. Unfortunately, some will show e.g. one DLC pack, where I can find no objects from, often being quite lost about it and having used many hours. Do you have any ideas/thoughts already for making this easier?
    Why does basegame cameras in the BB catalogue show up as from DLC? I guess they're DLC that has been made basegame, but will people without the DLC only see basegame only build when searching?

    I was also wondering how The Sims 4 team is working: how many spends time on developing DLC, and how many focus on the basegame/the content we already have? This is just my curiosity :-)
    Gallery ID: trineloe
    ~~ building life ~~
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    SabsabSabsab Posts: 1 New Member
    Dear Sims team, thanks for working on the game, here are a few things I would like to comment/suggestions...


    Well, first of all I would really like it for you to be able to see what sims are doing in their homes (it would make the neighbourhoods feel more alive!)

    Second, bring back memories! It would make neighbourhoods feel far, far more alive.

    Third, add a 4th trait slot! That way, sims would have far more developed personalities and more randomness in what they do.

    Fourth, please fix the automation! Sims sometimes either stand and do nothing/chat to other sims or go to the computer. Make it more random, and have sims doing things like napping if they're lazy or I don't know, all I know is that it needs to be better.

    Fifth, like someone else mentioned, I would love it if you could toggle on/off random events such as alien abductions/vampires knocking on your door. That would be great!

    Sixth, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could swim in all of the lakes and oceans :'( I would absolutely LOVE it :D

    Seventh, please satisfy what players tell you they want, on Twitter, through your comment sections, etc. Give them exactly what they want and they will be happy, it is literally all you need to do. People were so excited when University finally came to the sims!
    As of right now, people want the following: farming, horses, better babies, Generations, werewolves, fairies, cars!

    Eighth, are we getting a 6 month roadmap like (I believe) last year?

    Ninth, I'd rlly appreciate an Island Living update :))) I think that would bring more sales as well as news spread quickly when something gets an update

    Tenth, living in vacation worlds :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) would be nice


    When are the new packs coming out? :smiley:
    Do you read all of the Twitter comments?

    That's all, thank you for reading to the end
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    GurlGamer05GurlGamer05 Posts: 336 Member
    edited May 2021
    I would love to have more communication with the dev team like this. I miss the days when it felt like Simmers were a valued part of the community.

    I think being radio silent for months causes the community to feel like we’re valued.

    I also feel like gameplay could definitely be improved. In previous games, funny and dramatic moments randomly happened. In Sims 4 even when you try to get them to happen they are a chore instead of fun to create. I also hope the next packs add more depth to the gameplay.

    I also hope additional life stages such as non object babies and preteens are considered. That would help add some depth to the gameplay if properly implemented.

    I also would like to know why more worlds haven’t been added. Also why are the lot sizes added in the more recent worlds so small size wise? When can we get some more lot spaces?!
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    Julia_GPJulia_GP Posts: 1 New Member
    Something that I really missed when I stopped playing The Sims 3 and started playing The Sims 4 was the ability to move around in cars and on foot, and not having to waiting to load when we go somewhere else in the world. Another thing was that The Sims 4 really limited the possibilities to alter and design worlds compared to the previous one, and the worlds are, for me, really small. Is there any chance this might change in a future game?

    (Sorry for any mistakes in advance, English is not my first language)
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    WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    Will we receive more hair colors in the future, like the six ones that are coming soon?

    While loading game, can play and delete button not be that close because I can accidentally click delete instead of play.
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    FishySimmerFishySimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    Sul Sul Sims Team!

    How do decide what concepts/packs to make? And how long is that process?

    How have kits changed the development process? Have they made them easier? Harder?
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    anchorpoint23anchorpoint23 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey everyone! I am big fan of The Sims franchise from 2001 to present time. I have all games of that franchise on my Origin account. And I have one question and at the same time one wish. Can you fix please the wrong turn of Landgraab family lot in Oasis Springs map? Thank you :)
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    jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 450 Member
    I love this game so much. I do really wish there's a story progression, I'd love to have dramas in the neighborhood or something like that without me having to control the NPCs. I also want my sims who moved out of the household to progress on their own so I don't have to play them one by one. I don't want them to just move out and nothing will ever happen to them because I won't play them anymore.

    The new trait updates are very cool. I wish Sims team will keep improving this game, especially when it comes to the sims' personalities. This game would be more PERFECT, I think, with story progression and more depth to the sims. I wish they have the ability to be afraid of something too (maybe losing their kids) or something meaningful like that, or they have specific likes and dislikes, or horoscopes would influence their behaviors. I'd be so happy if these kinds of details are added to the game.

    I also wish the skills would be a little more harder to do, and some sims won't have the ability to improve a certain skill because a certain trait will prevent them from doing so (like maybe this Sim will never get to improve her piano skills because she hates doing them, and going out and improving their charisma instead because they're social butterflies). I mean, I feel like everyone can play the piano so smoothly, no matter their traits. I don't know if I'm making sense. I'd love my sims to be imperfect and have some flaws that will make the game more challenging.

    Thank you Sims team.
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    JoieeyJoieey Posts: 1 New Member
    Apologies if this is off topic because idk what you mean when you say it's not a wish list but you want us to to give comments. I've phrased this as a comment and feedback as best I can.

    Console players should be able to also play on PC and visa versa. The console additions are super buggy with the way the controller works and half the time when you're selecting things the joy con goes crazy and moves too fast. Console is very forgotten by the gurus and is really broken.
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    DeeSaltyDeeSalty Posts: 3 New Member
    I just want to know, when the sims 4 came out in 2014, was it a choice to make the game as it was? Or did something go wrong?

    Please do understand, I mean no disrespect. I'm just trying to get some clarification on the sims 4.

    It feels to me that either this was a game choice and you've chosen a mixture of previous games aspects with some new age elements (which would make sense why our babies are not functional. Like the sims 1.)
    It feels like something went wrong in development and you all had to rush things, then realized we weren't happy and now you're working yourself to a standstill to try and fix everything whilst the game is out.

    Both answers are equally valid and completely understandable and i think we as the players need some transperancy. We would like to at least have an explanation as to why the game feels so "empty".

    If you could kindly be honest about the sims 4, it would help us get a better understanding.
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    Carl_Veluz1992Carl_Veluz1992 Posts: 500 Member
    Sul Sul from the Philippines:

    I have suggestions for TS4:

    1.) Music Expansion Pack featuring Ava Max and her songs Sweet But Psycho, So Am I, Kings & Queens and My Head & My Heart re-recorded in Simlish with the ability for sims to form a pop/rock band, Director/Producer career

    2.) Vehicles with Garages and Driveways

    3.) Hotels Game Pack

    4.) Sports Stuff Pack - Add Tennis and Golf to the gameplay

    5.) Romantic Themed Pack - Add Slow Dance interaction for sims

    6.) Remaster The Sims 4 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

    7.) NPC Policemen

    Thank You
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    AnisEB97AnisEB97 Posts: 21 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hello Sims Team,

    There's one specific issue that always bothered me since the release of the Sims 4 that I will like to bring some light on. I am a long-standing fan of the franchise ever since the Sims 2, and my favorite characters of the aforementioned game are the Caliente sisters. As someone with Arabic-Mediterranean roots, the fact that learning (via the family tree) the main characters of a video game shared my background filled me with joy and I obviously gravitated towards playing hours with their household. I was also greatly pleased with their return in the Sims 3 in Barnacle Bay as they stayed mostly true to their original selves. But my disappointment was disproportionate once they returned for the Sims 4 too. Their original mother in the family tree, Ni-ghat Al Mahmoud (the fact that a perfectly valid name gets censored is also an issue to be adressed), got replaced by Katrina Caliente who doesn't have anything to do with their original background. Worst of all, the sisters' skins were much more light than in their previous incarnations. This event filled me with great sadness and send to me the sentiment that I no longer feel welcomed by the franchise. And this still bothers me to this day everytime I load up the game and see their household. The original excuse of "different timeline" didn't make any sense to me. A character's background and skin color shouldn't change in any circumstance regardless of whatever timeline.

    Now, this post is not meant to discourage the game developers to bring back older characters into the newer game. I personally love to see my favorite characters brought back into a new light. But with the Sims 4 having a very powerful CAS system for representation, I feel more effort could easily and should be put into respecting the characters' intended background and skin color. This comment also goes towards the returns of Dirk Dreamer and Holly Alto in Get Famous having very different skin tones and even eye colors compared to their original selves. I'm just hopeful to see better representation in subsequent packs and games, and also hopeful to be heard this way.

    Thanks in advance for acknowledging this post.
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    PalgoonsPalgoons Posts: 20 Member
    Things that need to be updated in the sims 4 :
    1. More specific lot types, We need specific lot types from the previous pack.
    - Laundromart from laundry day stuff
    - Movie theater from movie hangout stuff
    - Bowling alley from bowling night stuff
    - Graveyard from panaromal stuff / spooky stuff
    - Photo studio from moschino stuff / get to work EP
    2. Visible Active Career Lot
    I hope the active career lot like hospital, police station, science lab and the lot that come with get famous are visible in the map and we can
    visit them.
    3. More Interaction active lot career
    - It's a great if we can buy medicine, or have a doctor check in the hospital.
    - If there is a burglar update we can report them to police station.
    - And we should visit the lab if we want to analyze object.
    4. Enable group hiking in vacation world
    - I like the addition from snowy escape that we can hike in group, I hope it will updated in the all vacation world.
    5. Ring up Retail customers and pay in register
    I hope the register are functional, and the employees can ring up customer in register and we can pay objects in the register if we are the
    6. Feed fish and clean aquarium
    I hope we can feed the fish and have same interaction like the hamster from my first pet stuff.
    7. Functional front desk
    I think we need NPC staff in the front desk.
    8. More objects are sellable in the retail store
    The spice from city living and some eco lifestyle objects like the candle, dye, meat cube are not sellable and i want I can sell them in my
    retail store.
    9. Functional class
    I hope we can we have active classroom like in the sims 3 university.
    10. More variation colour NPC's Umbrella
    I don't like NPC use same black umbrella.
    11. Clutter slot update
    I'm tired using move objects cheat everytime i place any objects or clutter in the small space surface.
    12. Different Teen Height
    There is no different between adult and teen height in the sims 4.
    13. Choose different bike helmet
    I hope more option to use helmet or not when we ride the bike.
    14. Serve food in the table
    I hope there is more option so we can serve or give food to anoother sims in the table.
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    ossi_simsossi_sims Posts: 11 New Member
    Hi! I just have couple of questions :D
    Are you guys planning/considering to update older packs(like the survey from about a year ago suggested) or is it off limits ? just asking :)

    would it be possible to make plantsims a real occult with their own skill tree and stuff OR is that too big of an update?

    which part of the packs development is most fun ? B)

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    simshivesimshive Posts: 2 New Member
    What about revamping older packs?
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    NerdySnailieNerdySnailie Posts: 6 New Member

    I am pretty sure many people will discuss the emotions, the buffs, the whims and the aspiration [so I will leave it to others and I know I will agree with them on their points in these matters]. I will limit myself to discuss 3 ideas or topics I want the sims team to mention or discuss in the future maxis streams either they decide to include them or not:

    1. The work on updating older packs [as was discussed in older surveys]
    We have few packs that are in need of necessary updates. I have many examples of things to improve on but this list can go long so I will only mention one: Retail system in the sims 4 is not real. Items are not really bought and there is no grocery store, pharmacy, bookstore ..etc. I also want the sims to have the items they buy as a part of their inventory system. I truly think the retail system, the apartments, the dining system needs lots of updates or to be not limited to one pack or one world. One missed opportunity was adding a sushi bar or Ramen booth restaurant in SnowyEscape. I do hope we see such updates coming and changing our sims' lives.

    2. Ownership - items and money
    I love how the sims 4 improved the billing system with the Eco Lifestyle [I use mods to fix that but I will not talk about it]. We truly need a separate wallet or a peggy bank system for the children, teen in the house and ways for them to earn money besides asking for a loan [which is broken and sims can go on without paying that loan and the other sim will not even get affected by that]
    About items, things like books, food, games, computers need to be owned and locked from other sims. Teens should react to their parents in their room and have their own door that doesn't allow everyone just to go inside. Other sims shouldn't walk around your house as if they are owners; have access to everywhere.

    3. Relationships dynamics.
    Family members relationships are very important to me and I would love if we can extend the circle of the family to include uncles, aunts, grandparents as well. I want more interactions among these people and more options and layers of relationships. This goes in other sims relationships .. the available options now are straight forward and boring. Unless we input imagination - nothing is there beyond what meets the eyes.
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    EvaAkimovaEvaAkimova Posts: 5 New Member
    Make expansion packs about Atlantis, where there will be an underwater world and a new kind of mermaid. <3 :)
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    Th3blacklotusTh3blacklotus Posts: 1 New Member
    Gardening is still broken for base game users. You can plant seeds, and then water them once. ONCE. You have to leave the lot and come back for the plants to "update" and be interacted with. Otherwise they just die. I feel like this is being ignored for the simple reason of "just buy seasons". There are multiple threads talking about this on the Sims4 bug report forums.

    There's no reason I should be forced to take myself out of the game just so my plants don't immediately die because they're unable to be tended to. Please fix this.
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    simmersince09simmersince09 Posts: 3 New Member
    Difficult to pay multiple Sims

    Firstly, thank you for opening up the forum to hear out views. Also, shout out to SimGuruAzure!!

    It is difficult play multiple Sims in the same household. I own various packs and would love to fully explore them without having to solely focus on just one Sim. For example, I have a sim who is an engineer planning to build a Servo bot, his wife works as a style influencer and owns a retail store. Because I know that every action I tell the engineer to do will be cancelled once I travel to the store with the influencer Sim, it is difficult to fully enjoy and experience both my Sims' "lives" at the same time. I've resorted to bringing his robotics workstation to the retail store just to play both of them.

    The same applies for my doctor and actor Sims. I feel that with each additional pack, I have to forego gameplay from a previous one. I don't feel like I am getting my money's worth of gameplay if I have to play one Sim at a time.

    The AI can be disappointing too. Sims don't fulfill their own needs or have any "life" outside of me playing them.
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    The_RatticatorThe_Ratticator Posts: 28 Member
    edited May 2021
    By any chance could we see some much-needed improvements to the townie generator in the future? The townie generator hasn't exactly been optimal for a while now, and it's been in that state since City Living came out almost five years ago. Snowy Escape has made it even worse, with Japanese archetype townies totally dominating the townie pool, even when not playing in San Myshuno or Mt. Komorebi.

    Not only that, but the townie generator also has some notable fixations. For example, Japanese and Moroccan archetype townies spawn with red or blonde hair the vast majority of the time, which doesn't seem right to me. It seems like darker hair colors should be more common with them, but they're very noticeably in the minority. The generator also loves single parent families, bonus points if the parent and child look nothing like each other at all.

    What I'm saying is, I'd love to see actual diversity with the townie generator, rather than one archetype dominating the townie pool at any given time. Ideally, shouldn't we be seeing an even mix of all available archetypes? It's also pretty disappointing that the only way to get townies with Spanish names to spawn is to play in Selvadorada. I'd love it if we could see those names more often in other worlds. And I'd like to finally see a fix for red/blonde hair being excessively attached to certain archetypes as well.

    Thanks for listening!
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