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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, May 6th


  • LybidLybid Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello, Team!

    I would like to play the Sims in Ukrainian. There are a lot of organizations that would be happy to localize the game. Please pay attention to this request.
  • JayGloverJayGlover Posts: 60 Member
    I have been playing The Sims since TS1: House Party was released - I worry that The Sims will not be a thing in the next 10 years because of the direction it’s being taken. Here are my thoughts:

    - How many different packs need to be released until somebody realises that the majority of the content should be in the base game, especially Kits. Stop monetising everything unless you fill each pack with innovative features and gameplay just like TS1 packs otherwise drop the prices of each pack by 50%.

    - Will TS4 ever be bug free? It seems the more content that is added, the bugs list just increases - surely you would focus on removing all the bugs and then add new content so it’s less work on fixing, allowing more time to focus on other areas?

    - Will all TS4 packs that have been released till now, ever receive revamp treatment? There are so many missed opportunities on the majority of the packs that they just feel incomplete and as a player that’s been playing The Sims for so long, I actually avoid playing because it’s very mundane.

    - Would you agree that quarterly feedback/suggestion surveys would be helpful for the Guru’s to really focus on the community rather than skim through the forums that aren’t exactly direct to a particular area.

    - Arrange for more community collaborations rather than just once a year when TS turns another year older.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,492 Member
    Hi! A couple of years ago, there was a hint of movement on ways to get disability representation in the game. I'm wondering if anything progressed with that.

    Also, will you ever consider upgrading earlier packs or increasing how much they interact with other packs? Post-Snowy Escape, some aspects of the very first pack, Outdoor Retreat, seem kinda lame, starting with no group hiking and not being able to live there.
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  • ua_linaua_lina Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! I'm from Ukraine and I would love to play Sims in my native language 🙏 as a lot of other ukrainians.
  • BiohazardCatBiohazardCat Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi! Long time player, since Sims 1! A few things that I want to put forward, but won’t go into much detail as I KNOW other people have pointed it out:
    1. Please fix the bugs. I know you have plans in place, but they truly need to be prioritised.
    2. Gameplay is shallow. New pack keeps you entertained for a few hours. Either content needs to go up, or prices need to go down. I want memories, likes and dislikes, and I want these things to have impact.
    3. Packs don't work together, neither in gameplay, nor in looks. Lack of integration between packs
    4. Playtest your packs before sending them out. It genuinely feels like you aren’t!
    Older packs need bug fixes too, and some TLC because some of the older ones weren’t the best (understandable though!)
    4. Emotions are moot. They almost never influence gameplay, unless they’re “too stressed” to do something! Would love to see them fleshed out.
    5. We need more colour swatches or at least universal colour swatches that aren’t just black and white. And wood tones, please for the love of whatever you believe in.
    6. Stop making us pay for re-textured objects that already exist in other packs.
    7. Townies need a revamp: they are empty shells with no jobs, children, spice or story to them. Also, a way we can easily customise townies because I’d love to apply the new skin tones, clothes, etc.
    8. More differentiating features for life stages. At least can the sims be different heights? They were in Sims 2 and 3, why take steps back with Sims 4?
    9. The Sims has always been an American simulator. I would love for this to change – it’s 2021!
    10. I would love for more LGBTQ+ representation in the form of more in-depth sims creating abilities. I completely understand how limiting programming is though – however, even just choosing pronouns would be great!
    11. I want more traits, whims and aspirations that mean something. I want more than just pack tutorials or quick challenges.
    12. Babies. Please give them life.
    13. Plant sims were my favourite to play in Sims 2. It was so creative how you could turn your sims into a plantsim. Same with werewolves. Alpha wolf that comes and bites you? Like it’s so cool, when did we start losing the small details?
    14. Someone pointed out -
    “.. I can’t stand in TS4 is the mistakes you make and how you fix them. Examples: 1. Embossed glass doors showing up as a plain blue door. Fix: it’s just a plain blue door This kind of solution to problems makes the team seem lazy and careless. “
    It’s so true.

    1. As a person in the LGBTQ+ community, please don’t ever add anything like “coming out”. Above all else, I want my identity to be normalised – one day I don’t want anyone to have to “come out”.
    2. As someone who is neurodivergent , please don’t EVER add anything relating to Autism, ADHD, etc. Leave that to mods. I don’t think you could implement them, to be honest. The technology would never allow you to have something so broad and in-depth - it's a spectrum, different for everyone. Someone will always be left out. Also, I don’t want my game to be that realistic - how else can I escape things when they follow me in game?

    Thank you Sims team!
  • WandaWuffWandaWuff Posts: 1 New Member
    Dear Sims,
    i have read some of the comments above but not all, thank you, that you do that. I love the game a lot and still enjoy a lot of game-play.

    One thing i did not read about is an additional young-elderly Life-stage would enhance Generation-game-play a lot. As, if i play without any Potions/other ways to make a sim younger, he will normally not to be alive to see his grandchildren. Its also a life stage, were few health issues come and no more pregnancies arise but many Sims may want to carry on to work. (Like 50-70 years) in real age. With that addition it should be possible to have a natural lifecycle within a family with some time for grandparents.

    have a great day!
  • serotorenserotoren Posts: 1 New Member
    Why aren't there more gender options? I'm actually confused, this isn't sarcasm.
    I think that I, and many others, would love to accurately create themselves in-game. Some of us don't fit into "masculine" or "feminine" categories, and some of us fit in both.
    Also, is there a way to add in sexual preference?
    If you were to add more gender options and sexual preferences, would there be a way to make it a slider system?? (because gender and sexuality are on a spectrum).
    I'm curious because I know that the games engine won't support certain things.
    Also, why are the masculine clothes so bulky on sims with a feminine frame (and vice versa)?? And would it be possible to use gender-neutral language in-game?? If not, is there a way to make it so you can choose what the game calls your sim (ex she, they, he)??
  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    4. What do the developers think of pair slow dancing? I really love group dancing from Get Together and latin dances from Selvadorada, but I still miss beautiful slow dancing from TS3.
  • CurrentlyQuangCurrentlyQuang Posts: 5 New Member
    Would you guys ever consider having objects from Sims Mobile to Sims 4? Not only are they very visually interesting (and much more modern than some of the objects in Sims 4 base game even), they can also have some interesting gameplay features (such as pizza ovens).
  • questi0naskerquesti0nasker Posts: 1 New Member
    Sul Sul from Romania!
    Thank you, Maxis for giving us this opportunity! I love how the team tries to get as much community feedback as they can!

    I would love for your sims' actions to have deeper consequences in the game! That would add so much depth!
    I really dislike that there is no risk at all for having a sim be in the criminal career. I would love a law system to be incorporated - even if it means just having a sim be in a rabbit hole for a specified amount of time (prison) or them having to pay a fee. Maybe it could be incorporated with GTW's Detective career and DU's Lawyer. The game will feel much more alive if a sim can call the police on you if they see you attempt to swipe something. I want to play my evil criminal sims and it actually being more challenging and fun. Also bribing could be added - I love how in Discover University you can try to bribe your way to getting accepted - I love this kind of chaos in my game! Everything feels too utopian, in my opinion.

    I would also love to see more consequences regarding relationships - cheating doesn't seem to impact the relationship as much as in the previous games.

    Also whims! I'm kind of sad that they've no longer been added after Seasons! I would also love a chemistry system that could also include zodiac signs (kind of how it is in TS3) - as of currently, romance feels very forced.

    As many have stated before, choosing your pronouns in CAS is essential for including more people! At least make every pronoun is the game neutral.

    Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! :smile:
  • Redalpha23simsRedalpha23sims Posts: 10 New Member
    First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read our suggested discussion topics. This game is important to me and other simmers, and we want this game to have as much life and playability so we can enjoy the game. The following are suggestions of what could be talked about and possibly updated/added in the game:

    Teen sims: One thing I noticed is that teen sims don't look like teens. As in every time they age up, they either look like young adults or adults. I say this because 1) the smile lines are to defined, making them look older than what they are and 2) teens are as tall as young adults/adults.

    Relationships: We should be able to have more relationship options (girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, step-sibling, step-parent).
    Hair: If you were able to put color sliders for makeup why not the same thing for hair? The black hair color does not at all look black - not even the one you say you "fixed". It looks like it is graying and for someone who has jet black hair it's annoying to make myself and see that I can't have accurate hair color.

    Gameplay is the most noticeably lacking part of the whole game. Every sim acts the same no matter how many traits they have. Gameplay interactions between sims and objects are glitchy and doesn't effect the Sims as much.

    There needs to be more consequences and exciting things. Nothing seems surprising anymore, and if i want something exciting to happen i habe to manually do it myself. If i want a consequence to happen is by MODS and i shouldn't have to.

    Another thing is that there needs to be more things for child and teen sims to do. Such things like hobbies (ballet, Martial arts, archery, gymnastics,  etc.), after school activities/clubs (science club, swimming lessons, cheerleading, choir, sports team, etc.) , and events (sleepover, HS graduation). There also need to be more interactions with parents/older sims and child sims (teaching how to cook, teach how to ride bike, etc.). Even toddlers don't even have as much  interactions that parent sims that should be part of their relationship (teach to walk, teach how to ride tricycle, teaching nursery rhymes, peek-a-boo, etc.)
  • chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
    5. Building mode in The Sims 4 is fantastic! But can we hope to get spiral and curved stairs, curved walls and pools some day? Please! 🙏🙏🙏
  • ChrisatsinnohChrisatsinnoh Posts: 46 Member
    I would love to see some hair color variations, but also have children and teens do more meaningful forms of gameplay, like attending school parties and meaningful club activities and have some experiences that are different from the adults in question, but also have young adult sims rely on their parents sometimes in case they need advice like job or money issues. I would also want to see some meaningful behavioral changes in sim psychology depending on the traits they were given so that it can contrast with how we want them to behave in accordance to their personality.
  • IcewolfIcewolf Posts: 709 Member
    I wish you would focus more on adding gameplay and improving already existing features instead of focusing so much on adding representation and inclusion. I feel at this point this game is more about adding every representation in the world than actually be a game that is fun to play. Once Sims was a fun and simple game, but now it seems like it's a game where everything must the same exact carbon copy as the world.

    And also, please don't listen to angry Twitter mobs everytime there's a drama there. I'm so done with the game changing just because a few people found something upsetting in this game.
  • pssstpssst Posts: 4 New Member

    NOW COME ON! 😆 You had to know opening up a conversation in the Sims 4 community would turn into a list of desires and dislikes. I mean what else is there to discuss with the actual players and lovers of the game 🤔 Welp, let's get into it.

    Please do not make the Sims 5 solely a multi-player game . I, for one, enjoy playing the game alone ( Yeah that Introvert trait does exist).

    Please bring back the open world, it was so fun having my sim just explore without the "let's not see how you get there" screen.

    Please hire developers that are passionate about the game not just people that see a cash cow, which is what it currently feels like. Yeah- Yeah I know money in the corporate world is the ultimate goal but hear me out on this, a lot more 💵 🤑 would come in if you give us what we would like. Browse the modding sites, see what the community is super excited about or just create a dreamboard with all the wants we've been requesting for and throw a dart at the board to get to your next project.

    Umm, elderly people are not just waiting to die, not all are slouchy either 🙄. More game play for them please. Ever watch Seinfeld? Those elderly people were insane 🤣 A community where there are challenges for them would be awesome.
    * Become a bingo champion
    * Vote for or become a community president
    * Complete a bucket list ( okay I know I did say not all are awaiting death but they are aware it's coming 😬)
    * Spoil your grandkids when their at grandma's house(a well intentioned mischievous trait to undo all that work that parents do to program their children into good behavior🙈🙉🙊)
    *ake a road trip
    *🤯 surprise

    Townie Life! Please give them free will. Let them live and develop on their on so that our Sims can encounter more situations in the neighborhoods😳 (something other than the they just grow old and become pesky neighborhood ghosts 👻)

    Yeah, I'm gonna need those food leftovers to eventually spoil, grow mold and take over the fridge. I mean really how many lifetimes can that cooked food last🤮

    I can't visit a friend on a lot where I've created a faux apartment building and I have set locked doors so that the other families/ roommates ,living on that same lot, will stay in their own individual apartments/ rooms and not cook and sleep where they are no intended to. Allow visitors please.

    More Adventure packs, more careers, more personality traits.

    Thanks for reading 🙋🏾‍♀️
  • Atram215Atram215 Posts: 1 New Member
    I was just wondering if in the future, if you were to give a free trial for city living again, would we be able to retry it? I tried it this past weekend but played it for less than 30min and didn't get to see the gameplay as I got bussy all of a sudden :(

    PS:Thank you for all you do
  • musicluver935musicluver935 Posts: 1 New Member
    I haven't launched my game in about a year, and honestly, here's why:

    -Bugs. Every time I try to play, a new bug pops up. Last time I launched, my toddlers refused to eat. It's frustrating that everytime something is fixed a new issue pops up and it ruins the experience for me.
    -Lack of game play (specifically family game play). I've been playing religiously since the Sims 2, and I'm just straight up bored with my game. I feel like the game is veering more from the open-ended concept I loved growing up and more towards a storyline game like Episodes, which I've never been able to get into.
    -Poor communication from the team's end. For example, this thread. What am I supposed to talk about exactly? This? What I want to see? What would make me launch my game again? What I feel when playing the game? It's very unclear and misguided.
    -To piggy back off that, the lack of listening on the team's part. I understand things take time to develop, but the fact that the Star Wars pack was the least wanted thing on the feedback forum you did a few years ago and we got it anyway speaks volumes about how little you care about the community. The number one thing I've seen people ask for is improved babies and yet we've seen nothing that tells us this is happening. I understand NDAs and things of the such are in place, but this is something people have been begging for for over six years! We got toddlers relatively fast but not babies?
    -Finally, the lack of personalities and individuality. When I first upgraded in 2015, I remade some of my old sims from my Sims 2 game and felt like I had to make some compromises to get their personalities right. There's no turn-on system like there's been in the past. There's no secret hobby they're good at like in Sims 2 Freetime, and we're limited to three personality traits. There's no height slider. The body sliders just feel generic, and basically, I feel like I'm not making complex Sims anymore. It's just the same old thing and it makes it harder to tell stories with them.
  • StepaSimmerStepaSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to see more (base game) interactions, objects and overall gameplay. It's feels like you explore every pack in few hours. We need more gameplay, more events. And I would like to shorten time of loading screen because most players don't even leave their lot just because of loading screen. It would be great to improve random peoples because they are all random. They are ugly, wear things that are not ment to be weared.
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 985 Member
    I love the sims but the sims 4 is extremely boring.
    The sims lack personality (not enough traits and the traits don't really do much for the sims themselves) Not enough lifetime wants, and whims need upgrading, also sims need wants and fears.
    I also feel that the sims gurus spend too much time taking in the feedback from Twitter players and not acknowledging the simmers here on the forum. I don't feel like our voices are heard at all.
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  • StepaSimmerStepaSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to be able to download mods on consoles. At least basic ones and some custom content too
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 7,166 Member
    edited May 2021
    I think y’all need more people working there. You need MORE bodies to crank out MORE content, BETTER content, and LESS bugs.

    I want more. Releases are taking too long. We have Kits now but we don’t even get them every month! What’s the deal?

    I have money to spend and you all have nothing else new for me to buy.

    Also, can y’all do something about the locked Patreon content? Can y’all develop a task force or something to actually reprimand these folks? There are quite a number of threads on the subject up here. People are sick of it.

    Lastly, can you go down the list of popular mods and do your best to implement these features in the game so I can delete these mods? I’ve had mods in my game for years now to do things the game should be able to do. I wanna use LESS mods. Help me with this.
  • Jebba25Jebba25 Posts: 1 New Member
    Sul sul! The option for non binary sims would be appreciated by many people I think.
  • StepaSimmerStepaSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    Updating packs
  • SergameSergame Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello again. More ideas:
    I need supermarket gameplay because it's routine for all people and we do this every day.
    Add disease and NPC like doctor. We can call doctor and Doctor come to sim house examine and prescribe medications that we can order in the online store.
    All that things can add more gameplay, challange and breathe more life into the game.
  • KatAnubisKatAnubis Posts: 3,236 Member
    I'm not sure what you want us to talk about but I have a non-content, non-bug "thing" that I want to mention.

    The Sims players all have different ideas about what they want in the game. And I think that is a good thing. But it does mean that we need to have options.

    For example, with TS3 Supernatural, we had the option of turning off all the occults. I thought that was great because although there were many buy/build things in that pack that I wanted, I have *no* interest in occults. And I wish that I could turn off vampires with the TS4 Vampire pack for the same reason.

    And there are people clamoring for burglars. I am one of the people who *love* that I *don't* have them in the game. If you bring them back, please have an option (like you have for lifestyles and NAPs) so that I can keep them out of my game.

    But my point is that you *can* make more Simmers happy by having things in the game, but having the option to turn them off. That they get what they want and others don't have to put up with them if they don't like the idea. (Although I know that some will *never* be happy. Sigh.)
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