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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,210 Member
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    June - Day 10: "Frank & Bendy"


    It's Sunday, the first day of Winter and Essa doesn't have a gig until Tuesday. Thanks to Essa's promotion to B-Lister, she was able to get a couple more perks. One of them was the ability to skip auditions. The other involved donating items to fans which helps increase fame. The higher the worth of the object donated, the more fame is increased. Since Essa's rich, she bought about a dozen of the expensive violins worth 15K a piece. She was just about ready to donate the last one when she got a pop-up that she's now a Proper 4 Star Celebrity! Only one more star to go and she'll be a Global Superstar 5 Star Celebrity. Congrats Essa!

    I'll probably have her get to Global Superstar by just doing the gigs now, but I was curious how fast the fame would increase by donating items to fans. It went up from 3 to 4 Stars within minutes thanks to those violins! She went to take a nap after that. As for quirks, she got one when she was only a 2 Star Celebrity, the one called, "No Touching," I think. Essa bought a Quirk B-Gone reward potion for 250 satisfaction points to get rid of it and hasn't had another quirk since.

    Josh finished making the last computer chip needed to build another Servo while Essa was donating the violins and finally was able to make a female Servo. He named her Bendy Bot, of course. I had Frank come down to the basement to meet her and Josh left to go read a Flower Arranging Skill book so they could get to know each other in privacy.

    Frank looked so surprised and thrilled. He turned and looked straight at me! I thought that was cute!

    Of course the first thing he did was scan her for traits.

    She scanned him as well.

    Frank then tried a little flirting.

    Which of course she loved. They've been flirting for months.

    With the help of a flirty painting, it didn't take long for these two to get very flirty.

    Frank tried enticing her by showing off his muscles, again. He's been doing that for months as well. She loved it!

    Aww, frank gave her a rose. So sweet!

    They shared their First Kiss!

    And had their First Woo Hoo in a bush outside next to the pool. I would've let them use Josh and Essa's bed, but Essa was sleeping in it.

    Why is this so adorable to me? I think it's the heart eyes!

    Frank was wasting no time in trying to make Bendy his one and only. He went down on bended knee to ask her to marry him!

    She said "Yes!"

    Frank looks so happy! Awww...

    The new couple immediately eloped!

    Congratulations to Frank and Bendy! <3

    They needed to recharge after that, it had been a long day. The Wedding night/Honeymoon, would have to wait. I changed Bendy's color just before that so I can tell them apart! I chose the colors of the Immersion Bend computer that was used to make her. The Newlyweds will continue to live with Essa and Josh until Bendy reaches at least Level 3 Enhancement and can do a self-repair. After that, they will move out to their own home and Frank will join the Entertainment career to be a Comedian. He is Level 10 now in Comedy and also Acting. Not sure what Bendy will do. She's a good robot, creative and a genius. Perhaps she'll be a writer!
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,210 Member
    *Updated my June 10th post, including the Daily pic above! Comments coming up next. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,203 Member
    Update 161 - Happy Birthday, Dell!

    The story behind this update is that I realized that Dell and Sofia are still both Young Adults, which means they need to age up to adults before Jules does next month haha. Sofia will get aged up in CAS like most of my other characters, but I thought it might be nice for Jules to celebrate her sister's birthday with her, and also just catch up with her since they haven't hung out since Jules got engaged either.

    So while their significant others were at work, and their children were at school, Dell and Jules met at Hugo's Bakery so they could catch up and celebrate.

    "Happy birthday!" Jules told Dell as they met outside of the bakery late that morning. (Both Warner girls are sporting longer hairstyles this month)

    "Don't make a fuss over that," Dell insisted. "Let's talk about your exciting news! Let me see how Mom's ring looks on you."

    "Oh it's perfect," Dell crooned. "I knew it would be. I'm so happy for you two. Honestly, you guys have been the cutest friends since you were little toddlers. I couldn't help but to often think how cute you'd be together."

    "Oh stop," said Jules blushing a little bit. "Let's go inside and say hi to Hugo."

    When they told Hugo is was Dell's birthday, he insisted on giving them a cake on the house.

    So they celebrated.

    Dell's look says it all. "I may be an adult now, but I just get more and more fabulous with time." Jules looks like she might be having an early midlife crisis in the background, maybe panicking about the inevitable fact that she's due to age up soon too HAHA.

    "So do you have a date set yet? Any wedding plans in the works?" Dell asked her as they ate the cake.

    "Nothing set in stone yet," Jules told her. "Though Emmett and I both want to keep it small. I think I'll definitely be asking Hugo to make the cake though. This is fantastic."

    After lunch, they walked around and found a nice little foot path by some of the springs.

    "Really, just let me know if you need any help with planning your wedding," Dell offered. "I know that it can be stressful sometimes."

    Jules was appreciative of the offer. There was a lot of things that needed to be planned, she realized, the more that she and Emmett delved into the preparations. They parted ways after that - Dell had to get back to the city in time for Abel to return to school. Jules, since she was closer to home, stayed around the area and found a handful of collectables.

    And later that evening, I realized that the crystals you need to activate relics from the jungle are just the plain old crystals you can collect anywhere (I've never done these aspirations before!), so I actually did make a little more progress on some milestones.

    And you can raise a sim's archeology skill by examining fossils they find too. If I can get Jules' skill up to 10 before they go back to the jungle, then that's a ding I won't even have to worry about later down the road.

    And one outtake photo from today that made me laugh.
    I often use the TOOL mod to position my sims just to get that perfect angle for a screenshot, and for whatever reason, the rail of this bridge is marked as a place sims can stand so I accidentally toggled Jules there momentarily. I was like, "Don't jump!" :D
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,088 Member
    Hey guys,

    I think I'm going to have to drop out of the challenge and turn this into a story blog. I've just not been able to keep up with so much happening in my life this year, but I've definitely enjoyed developing Jenny's character!

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,210 Member
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    I don't think you needed to put those screenshots in two spoilers. I usually try to post around a total of 20 screenshots myself and only use one spoiler. Others post about that amount or even more too with one spoiler, so it's cool. :)

    Love your Daily post pic! Forgotten Grotto is so beautiful. I personally love it myself, I like all the hidden worlds and use them frequently with other Sims.

    hehe I've only ever had one Sim use that rickety old toilet. He didn't have a choice, he was a Rags to Riches Sim and was camping out on the lot there. Figures Kristine would dare Ruby to use it. :D Bummer they didn't catch a Batfish, maybe next time. Hi Bryon! Nice that Jules and Emmett got more alone time in the park thanks to Ruby having a sleepover with Kristine.

    Ah, so they'll have a small wedding eh? Or they want one anyway, who knows, someone might talk them into a big wedding in the end. Nice the observatory was right there handy for a little 'fun.' ;)

    Thanks about my daily pic of Josh. The Northern Lights came with the Eco Living pack. The neighborhood has to have a Green footprint to get them. I have environment effects from the pack turned off. But must be their neighborhood is green by default. When you turn those effects off, whatever state the neighborhood is in when you do, stays that way unless your Sims do something to change it.

    Teach to knit is adorable, one of my favorite animations from the Nifty Knitting pack. Love having aquariums for my Sims, I always try to have one when I remember about them. That western gig is my favorite so far. The set was very cool and I loved her outfit!

    Aww, great idea getting Jules and Dell together to celebrate Dell's birthday. I am not looking forward to aging up Essa and Josh next month. o.O Great looking cake Hugo made too! Oh yeah, and they can buy crystals on the computer too, don't have to go digging for them if you don't want to do that. :) If you're still thinking about the aquarium for Ruby, when they go back to the jungle, if they go, try to get one of the electric eels. They look sooo cool in an aquarium! ;)

    HAHA! Oh man, that blooper/glitch is priceless! It looks like Jules is thinking, "If I have to be an adult, I don't want to live. Goodbye cruel world!" :D

    Wow, Randi looks so different! I love her hairstyle though. Bryon is such a good Son. :) Okay, now that you said ignore that ghost, it's all I can see! :D May I ask who it is? I couldn't tell. Good advice Randi gave Bryon to ask Brytani her advice about being a celebrity. Pfft, of course he spoils her, he can't help it! ;) I'd use it too if I were you. He deserves to brag about his startup! :)

    Fantastic advice she gave Bryon, I figured it would be. Be true to yourself, yep! hehe So funny how Brytani is freaking out over Bryon's autograph! Love it! Ohhhh, I see, you're doing the other aspiration. Very cool! Uh oh, a stan, not good. I hope they have their doors locked and nothing they don't want stolen outside. Oh! Unless you want them knocking over your trash can all the time, I'd put that somewhere they can't get to it too.

    Anyway, have fun Bryon, you're on your way! I love that you're doing that aspiration first and I'm doing the other one. We both get to see what the other is like. Well, of course unless you've already played the pack before. I have, but not the Master Actor aspiration and only did I think one or two levels of the one you're doing now. :)

    Good idea hiring a Nanny! Oh, so he has the Celebrum potions perk, Essa has that too! I haven't had her drink any yet though. She hasn't needed them, but it'll be nice knowing she has them when/if she does! :)

    Hmm, very interesting about Wolfgang asked his Mom, can't wait to find out what that's about. :) Very cool she's having an engagement/graduation party for them. :) Very cool Jeb is taking over Sakura and Wolfgang's job of caretakers for the house. Aww, I love that screenie of the two of them kissing in front of the school banners. So sweet! Aww, so nice that she got to see Luna and Sofia and take some pics with them at graduation! Annnnd, she's graduated! I just love the hat throwing animation! Hey! Jenny! How cool she graduated with her! :) Congratulations to Sakura!

    Oh man, I love that you had River be in Wolfgang's class for graduation. River's always been there for him. He's a good friend. :) Very cool River's going to be an astronaut! Good job River! And Congratulations to Wolfgang! Love the graduation photos too, very cute that the mascot is in Wolfgang's. :) Great idea about a wall for rival couples in the house!

    hehe Looks like we have a new couple in the running for um, woo hoo champions? Well, Wolfgang seems a lot like Josh anyway in always wanting to woo hoo! ;) But hey, like I said before, they're a new couple, new couples ALWAYS want to woo hoo a lot. :D Aww man, bummer about Wolfgang not getting the photo, it shouldn't be like that, they should get one anyway. I mean he did graduate even if he didn't go to the ceremony. Ah well...I wonder if there's a cheat where he can get one? Might want to look into that. If not, I really like the one you took of him with Larry anyway. :)

    Thank you! I love that screenshot so much! HAHA Love your comment about the Northern Lights and Josh's abs! No, the Northern Lights come with the Eco Living pack. If the neighborhood your Sim lives in has a Green Eco footprint, they will get them. They get the sunrays during the day too. :)

    Thanks about Essa's star rising and Josh's promotion! Nope, Essa doesn't have a stan, yet. She might get one now that she's a 4 Star celebrity. We'll see... hehe Yeah, that teen was a little too excited eh? ;) Hmm, that blue hair might look good on her, but not Essa. :D I thought that was funny too! I mean, her co-star husband was MUCH cuter and fit in my opinion than that butler. He looked skinny and old to me. :D

    Thanks! Josh has been doing very well lately! Yes, Frank has been in love with 'Bendy' the Immersion Bend computer for a long time now. Josh will/has used parts from that computer to build Bendy though, so it is her, or at least parts of her. ;) Essa's flying up the celebrity ladder! I've been using any means available in the pack to help her along too. :)

    Aww, totally understand the reasoning behind the need to drop out. We'll miss you and Jenny. Let us know when you update on your blog, if you get a chance. I'd love to keep up with her life. Good luck to you in all you do, hope it goes well! And thanks so much for trying out this challenge, I appreciate it and hope you had fun! *Hugs*
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  • miss_eulenaugemiss_eulenauge Posts: 135 Member
    @lilypadmeulin I understand about not having been able to keep up. I have ditched the "daily photo" thing too (at least for now). So since you have a blog, it sounds like a good solution to continue the story there, just with a more relaxed schedule. (I haven't, which is one of the main reasons why I really want to just keep posting here as often as I can)
    I'd really enjoy if you want to drop by every now and then to tell us about new posts so we can see what Jenny is up to :blush:
    participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge".
    My story can be found here, the rules are here
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    Mia Patina
    June 11
    Week 6 Saturday

    My Sims 4 Gallery // EA ID: TSmetana
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    So I moved the active challengers to Oasis Springs. Bryon is already there with his family as you guys know from my updates, and I posed him with his family already, so I decided just to snap a picture of this household that I moved. All the other challenge sims are still in my game, I just decided I'm gonna move and update only the active people going forward, but everyone still has a chance of showing up in my game eventually :) I decided to update their hair and outfits accordingly. Obviously I don't have all the CAS stuff some of you guys have. I either based their outfits on what I've seen them wearing around your game recently or just kind of gave them an outfit I thought would suit them :)



    And some comments:

    Nice work building not one, but two Servos! I know that it takes a lot of work and dedication. That was a nice idea to salvage the Immersion Bend computer for parts. Cute little romance between Frank and Bendy - they were made for each other, literally ;) It's been nice to see Frank in your posts for so long now, and to see how he's grown as a character and into a sentient robot with hopes, dreams, and now a love of his life. Hopefully they will still visit from time to time when you move them out :)

    I think the adult age up will be okay for me (although it appears Jules might disagree with me :D), but I'm gonna struggle when it's elder time haha. That will be a weird adjustment. I'm also trying to figure out when to age Ruby up to a teen. She only has two milestones of her the social aspiration left to finish and then I think I've done everything I need to do with her as a child, so I guess it would really be any time now. That's a good idea about the electric eel too, thanks! I will be on the hunt for rare fish for sure.

    Nice to hear from you! I'm glad you plan on continuing Jenny's story at your own pace. I know I'd love it if you posted an update here every now and then so we can all see how she's doing! Or when you do make that blog, let us know, and I'll definitely follow along :)

    That's a nice idea to have Mia get to the highest level of each high school part time job. I've never thought to do that! That will be a nice way to pass the time and get some money saved up. One thing that you could also do it maybe start a romance that will be a part of her YA life too? I do really like having romantic interests for my sims personally, even as teens, but I know not everyone is interested in that kind of play, but I thought I'd suggest it.

    The world of vlogging really is interesting - you can vlog about the most random things, and just do stuff from your day to day life, and then get famous haha. He could always put Roo in his vlogs too haha. People always go crazy for pets :D Brave of Bryon to drink something he got in the mail too haha.

    Haha, that's a great daily shot. I love seeing your house and I adore Melody's new hair for this month :) Aw, look at Malcolm in his tux attending the gala! And then he won, go Malcolm! I don't really understand how celebrity perks work, but it was amusing to see everyone throwing confetti. Glad you sorted it out though with that. Essa looks nice as well, very elegant. But Veera really steals the show with her look. Simply stunning.

    I'm assuming Bella Goth just showed up at the door and you decided to make it part of the story haha. Sometimes its fun to do that - and then sometimes I ignore my random visitors too lol. Bella seems very sweet and down to earth though, helping Marnie with the dishes and cleaning and actually taking an interest in her life. Bella seems like one of those characters that could be played as a snob or just someone very sweet, despite her wealth and privilege, and I like that you are making her sweet. I honestly can't get over her dress though haha. I know it's her iconic look, but watching her wear that just around for everyday life will always amuse me haha. Nice work with Jaz's aspiration too! How many do you have left for Jaz?
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,273 Member
    Just have two aspirations left for Jaz. I'll work on them in the next couple of months. There's a lot planned for her (them) in the next few weeks, that's for sure, though. I do have a brief break for the next few days, which will be nice, but after that.. ohh boy. And yeah, Bella was a completely random thing. So I added her into the story. It may become a thing. Who knows?!
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,366 Member

    @SoulGal7 , Lovely graduation pics :) I had the same with Melody, I should of rolled Malcolm in a day later, so his graduation would of happened the same way as hers :)
    @Karababy52 , awww , I love Frank and Bendy <3 I hope Frank will succeeds in his career :smiley:
    @permanentrose , Great group pic! And LOL at that extra picture. :smiley:

    Melody Connors.. and that blonde.

    Day 3 , June

    Morning again, Malcolm's turn to collect the crops and go to work.
    Melody was writing a song. She has a day of, and to day her turn to get some fame :)
    I'll do the popularity aspiration of GF first, as they still have their old jobs, and I want them to have all medals :)
    Kiyoshi came, and Malcolm left for work.

    Time to go to lounge! But it was a bit of disappointment.. as Jenny was performing too, and well.. not hard to guess witch one got all the tips + fame.
    Izzy gladly tipped her piano playing.

    Back home , she was paying the bills, and saw Simeon marching in..
    Nice ring dude, why are you getting right in? You don't have keys?
    "Door was open"
    Yeah, but others at least pretend to knock the air..
    "Why? That is stupid."

    Well, as he is there now, lets make him useful. Melody has not won him yet..
    YAY!! First time for everything!

    Someone got promoted, but still looks like this :joy:

    Aw <3

    Yet again he published one book. WHY writing books is so much faster than writing a song :D

    Back in the lounge, this time they were successful!

    Of course Malcolm, asking that from Essa is more important than playing while Melody sings :D

    And Thorne most likely has forgotten what Malcolm did to his star :joy:

    after that they went to SV , in the diner..
    Melody: "Why are they still wearing those? "
    Malcolm: "Maybe because this place is famous now? Menu is still the same and I did saw some plants.."
    Melody: "What if someone has made the mother back to life? ?"
    Malcolm: "Naah, let's just eat."
    Nelly and Everett where also there. And at least Nelly was happy about her dish!
    Aww.. <3
    So, they seemed to love it too :p
    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
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    Oasis Springs: Day Eleven - Friday
    Bennie was up with the sun. He needed Comedy skill for a promotion, and so he was doing some “research” by watching the Comedy channel. Clearly, the TV was occupied for the day.
    Marnie, on the other hand, had another day of cleaning house ahead of her. She ate breakfast with Myles, then wished him a good day at school… and forlornly set about cleaning house and fixing everything that had gone wrong. Even the washer was on the fritz today, and had spilled a huge pile of suds and a puddle of water all over the laundry room. It was going to be a long day.
    The twins decided that – since Dad was watching TV – they could, too… and joined in on watching (although they had no idea what they were watching). They chattered at Bennie until he finally started joining their conversation. (Instead of just yelling at them as usual.)
    (Gosh, does it show that I just love these two?? They are SO adorable!)

    As for the rest of the family, after school they all did their homework (except for Phoenix, who had an A and decided that meant that he didn’t need to do homework anymore..) then went off to do their own things. Jaz was making crafts and trying to help her mom clean… Myles worked on his Mental skill, and Phoenix.. was making messes and laughing when someone else showed up to clean without knowing who made the mess. Bennie, finished watching TV and went to work. Just another day as a Jokesmith – with no chance at a promotion.
    Oh, edit: I did change around some scheduled worlds on my challenge home page, so there's that. And, since today was an easy post, I think I'll spend some time to get to writing an overview post for last month. We'll see how far I get...
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    June - Day 11: "Running Bare"


    Stardom has it's perks, but it comes with a price. Everyone wants to be your best friend or take your picture, either to keep for themselves, or to sell for a pretty penny. Essa hadn't seen Roxanne since Britechester. One day she found the redhead wandering around their back patio. When asked what she was doing there, Roxanne said she'd knocked on the front door but no one answered, so she thought maybe Essa was out back and didn't hear her knock.

    "I just stopped by to uh, say Hi. Yeah, that's it, to say Hi! We were friends before you became famous so I figured you wouldn't mind if I stopped by to hang out. Maybe we could have a chat, and...I don't know, uh, take a selfie together? If you want to. It's okay if you don't. It's not like I came here just for that or anything."

    Essa didn't know what to think. She'd only really met Roxanne once, they weren't really friends, more like acquaintances. But Essa had a good soul, so she gave Roxanne the benefit of the doubt.

    "Sure, we can take a selfie."
    "Really? Oh YAY! I mean, okay, yeah, that's cool. Whatever..."
    "Say cheese on the count of three. 1, 2, 3..."

    "As long as you're here, I have a gift for you."
    "For me? Thank you, Wow, you're really nice aren't you?"
    "I try, go ahead, open it!"
    Roxanne opened the box to find a green potion. Essa had given her a Fun CelebuSerum.
    "Oh...some kind of green liquid. What is it?"
    "It's fun in a bottle. When you're feeling bored, just drink this and you'll feel wonderful. I promise."
    "Thank you! I'll treasure it always, I mean, cool, what a fun present. ehehehehe Get it?"
    "Yeah, I get it, that's funny!" Essa said with a laugh. "Hey, would you like to do some cloudgazing with me?"
    "I'd love to!"

    While the two lay on the patio together watching the clouds go by, they suddenly heard a camera clicking away and someone shouting at them. Well, at Essa anyway.
    "Miss Ellington, over here, look over here. Let me see that gorgeous smile."
    Essa and Roxanne jumped up a little alarmed at the intrusion.
    "Hey, um, I really don't want my picture taken. So, I think I'm gonna go. Great seeing you again Essa, and thanks again for the gift. I hope we can get together again real soon."
    Roxanne took off at a fast walk toward the patio steps that led to the street.

    "Bye Roxanne, enjoy the Fun!" Essa said and waved to Roxanne as she disappeared around a corner of the house.

    "Smile Miss Ellington, our readers love you!"
    "You're the first one to want to take my picture. Would you like me to pose or something?"
    "Yeah, that would be great! Just look bored, but still a little confident because you know you're beautiful."

    "Like this?"
    "Oh man, oh yeah, perfect. Just hold like that while I shoot a few more."
    "Alright, you're the boss."
    "Ha, yeah, I wish. Okay, look at me, give me that come hither look....oh, oh, you're fantastic. Thank you!"
    "You're welcome. I think that's enough though. I have things I need to do."
    "Okay, but...could I, maybe, uh, get your autograph? Please? I have a picture of you, right here."

    "I'd love to. Who should I make it out to?"
    "Fred, maybe write, "To Fred, With Love, Miss Essa Ellington."

    "Here you go Fred. Thanks for stopping by! But can I ask you a couple favors?"
    "Sure, Miss Ellington, anything you want, just say the word!"
    "Well first, you can call me Essa. Second, please wait at the door until someone comes to let you in next time you visit, okay?"
    "Uh, sure. I'll...uh, try."
    "Goodbye Fred."
    (He's going to try to sneak in again, isn't he?)

    After Fred left, Essa saw Frank giving Bendy a Tune-up, it made her smile.
    (They're so cute together.)

    Later that night, since it was beautiful outside and the Northern Lights again appeared, Essa put up her easel beside the pool to see if she could capture the lights before they were gone. They seemed to show up every night, but who knew how long they'd last.

    Once again, she heard Fred shouting, "Essa, Essa, look this way, over here. Smile for me, please?"

    She slowly put her paint brush down and walked over to have a talk with Fred. He couldn't keep doing this. Clearly they needed some added fencing to keep intruders out. No matter how nice he was, it was an invasion of privacy.

    "Hey Fred. Once was enough. I don't want to be mean about it. But you can't keep trespassing on my property like this. It's against the law for one thing. I could have you arrested. Did you know that? You're invading my privacy. People have doorbells for a reason Fred. It's just common courtesy to knock or ring the doorbell and then wait. Not barge in like you have every right to do it. You don't."
    "Oh, yeah, well...uh...please don't have me arrested, I'll lose my job! I don't want to go to jail. Please? I'll do anything you want, just say it. But, I have to get pictures of you. I just have to."

    "You'll do anything huh?"
    "Yeah, anything, anything at all."
    "Okay, take your clothes off."
    "Wh-what, WHAT!? Really? Oh Baby, yeah, I'll take my clothes off for you."
    "Calm down Fred, I have a fiancé, I just want you to take off your clothes and go streaking down the street naked. You do that, and I won't call the police to have you arrested. Deal?"
    "NO! NO WAY! I'm out of here!"

    "You're crazy!"
    "Okay, but if you come back, you'll be sorry Fred."

    (Maybe I better do it...just in case.)

    After Fred, the streaking paparazzi left, Essa went inside to put on something a little warmer. There was a chill in the air, but she still wanted to be outside. The Northern Lights were still glowing. She grabbed Josh's violin and took it out back to play. She had an idea for a song to write. It was a Folksy tune she named, "Running Bare." A tiny smile graced her lips when she thought about the sight of Fred running naked down their driveway screaming out, "I'm doing it Essa, just for you, see? I'm doing it. WaHOOOO!"

    When she went back inside, Essa sought out Josh to tell him what happened and discuss plans to put up fencing around the property so no one could get inside unless invited by them.

    Later that night after reading a Robotics skill book, Bendy was ready for her first enhancement. Josh again challenged himself to do the procedure in a unique way. Just for fun...

    Monday morning the bills arrived along with a couple packages of fan mail from StrangerVille. Someone was still sending her foul fish, but this time there was also a lump of clay.
    (Okaaaay, uh, thanks?)
    She also mailed out the song she'd written in hopes it would be licensed. A couple days later, she received a notice that it had been nominated for an award!
    (Wow! I don't believe it! That was quick! Thanks Fred!) Essa thought to herself and laughed. *gigglesnort*
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    June 6 - Graduation-Engagement Party - Part 1 - The Letter

    The next morning, Sakura woke up and felt Wolfgang's arm around her. She smiled and snuggled against him feeling his warmth. Had it just been a week ago that they had been in Mt. Komorebi? It seemed like that had been so long ago. But it had just been last week when they had finally declared their love for one another. Sakura let out a contented sigh. She thought about last night, and could not believe how much Wolfgang was in love with her. It seemed almost too good...and she was afraid something would happen, and that bubble would burst. She gently removed Wolfgang's arm from around her and quietly got up, trying not to disturb him. Sakura looked at him sleeping and went over and gently bestowed a kiss on his forehead.


    Sakura headed downstairs and brewed a cup of tea. She hoped that their rental house in Del Sol Valley had both a tea maker and a coffee maker, because she knew that Wolfgang preferred coffee in the morning. When the tea was ready, she went and sat at the table and looked through the pile of letters that had arrived while they were away at university.


    She had received some postcards from some of her pen pals, the newest one was from Twinbrook. She would have to reply and see what other pen pals she might find. It was Sakura's hope that one day she would visit all her pen pals. It would be wonderful to find out more about their culture and visit their towns. As she went through the other letters, she spied one from Mt. Komorebi and Sakura's hand involuntarily shook as she saw who it was from...Kiyoshi. It was probably a letter that he had written before she went to visit him at the Olympics.


    Sakura held the letter in her hand for the longest time debating if she should open it or not. She took a deep breath and carefully opened the letter. She read it slowly...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dearest Sakura...

    You had already left when I had gone to the rental to speak with you. What I am about to tell you is not something that I wanted to write you in a letter. But I wanted to let you know what had happened on the night before I left Mt. Komorebi to come and search for you. About what I had discovered. I could not bring myself to tell you on the day I had left Windenburg, as you were already so sad with what I told you about my infidelity at the camp. Again, I truly apologize for all the sadness and hurt that I put you through that night.

    On the night I left Mt. Komorebi, we were visited by the police questioning us about your disappearance. My Okaasan (mother), Nanami and myself were the only ones at home at the time. During the course of the evening, it was discovered that your cell phone number had been blocked on my Okaasan's phone, but my Okaasan was adamant that she had not done it. I was not sure what to believe at this point, as earlier in the evening, she had handed me all of the letters that I had written to you, but were not forwarded to you because she didn't know your new address. The letter you had sent me with your new address in Windenburg had been destroyed in a courier accident. I only found out your address that night because you had sent a statue to Nanami and she had kept the wrapping paper for the pretty stamps that had adorned the paper, and your return address had been listed on there. That night, before the police arrived and before I discovered that you had disappeared, I was coming to Windenburg to be with you. The police had thought my Okaasan was lying and were going to take her down to the police station for further questioning when my father arrived. [flashback photo]


    What I am about to tell you was shocking even to me. My Otosan (father) was the one responsible for blocking your number on all the phones in the house, including my mother's cell phone. He had also not forwarded the letters you had written to me in the courier packages that went to the camp. He had kept those letters hidden in a drawer. And it pains me to tell you that he was trying to break us up because he had hired someone to find out about your heritage. It was discovered that your great-great grandmother was an Oiran, and he did not want you to be part of our family. Since you are a descendent of an Oiran, my father felt it would have brought shame and disgrace to our family. At that point, I demanded he give me the letters that you wrote to me and left the house. After I left, unbeknownst to me, he was arrested in connection with your disappearance, but then later released when you were found.

    It pains me to tell you this now. Had it not been for my own insecurities in our relationship, the absence of your letters to me would not have led me to succumb to what had happened at the camp. I still had unresolved issues about my previous relationship with Kaori and it was unfair of me to have entered a new relationship with you. I realize now that if we had indeed stayed together, my father would have made your life here unbearable, and your life with me would have been filled with pain and sadness. I have not forgiven nor spoken to my father since this incident. But I feel that I needed to tell you this to clear my mind of what my father had done to you and to us. I want to deeply apologize for all the pain and suffering that this caused you and for the unhappiness that you had to endure in our relationship. I never meant to hurt you, Sakura, and was unaware of my father's actions. I cannot undo what has already been done, and for this I am greatly sorry.

    I will never forget you and wish you only happiness in your future, Sakura.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sakura finished reading the letter and felt the tears roll down her cheeks. She didn't understand how someone could be so cruel and discriminate against her because of her heritage. A false heritage. No matter what she said or did, Kiyoshi's father would never have accepted her. She thought of all the past months, all the tears, all the sadness she had felt...and now this. She put her head in her hands and cried.


    Wolfgang had gotten up and had quietly descended the stairs wanting to wrap his arms around Sakura and give her a good morning kiss. But his cheerful mood ended when he saw Sakura sitting at the table crying. He walked over to her.

    Wolfgang: "Sakura...what's wrong? Why are you crying?"


    Sakura hadn't heard him come downstairs and was startled, "'s a letter...." she said haltingly, "...from Kiyoshi..."

    [Wolfgang clenched his teeth and thought, "Even though Kiyoshi was far away and with someone else, he could wreck havoc on Sakura. When would Kiyoshi leave her alone?"]


    Sakura handed him the letter, "'s not true though...what it says...about me..."


    Wolfgang took the letter from her and read it. When he was halfway through, he wanted to crumple it up. Wolfgang was angry.


    He thought back to a conversation he had overheard in Mt. Komorebi, and afterwards realized it was Kiyoshi's parents. There was more to this, but Wolfgang was not going to reveal to Sakura what else he knew. He was actually glad that they had left before Kiyoshi came to talk to Sakura because Wolfgang wasn't sure if he would have been able to contain his anger at that point.


    Wolfgang: "Sakura...I'm so sorry this happened to you... I just,...I overheard an argument between two sims in Mt. Komorebi, and then later learned that they were Kiyoshi's parents. They were arguing about this...and I didn't understand what the word Oiran meant. Whatever it means, just know that it won't affect anything between us. I don't care what happened in the past, what your great-great grandmother did or didn't is what you do that matters to me. I love you, Sakura, no matter what...." he said going over to her and holding her in his arms.

    Sakura: " already knew? Oh Wolfgang, I'm so sorry. I should not let things like this affect me, but I just can't believe that someone would do something like that..."


    Wolfgang: "Sakura...unfortunately this happens, but I hope that you know that my family is not like that...they care very much about you...they love you...just like I do..."

    Sakura nodded her head and looked at Wolfgang: "I want to show you something," she said quietly and took his hand in hers and led him upstairs. She motioned for him to sit on the bed, and she opened one of her dresser drawers. She took out a set of scrolls and came to sit beside him on the bed.


    Sakura: "These..." she said.," ..are scrolls that are centuries is my family heritage. My Sofu (Grandfather) gave them to me so that I would continue to write my heritage on the scrolls. He explained all about the generations in my family. You see here..." she said pointing to a line on the scroll, "...this is my great-great grandmother...she was not an Oiran,..."

    Wolfgang: "Sakura...I'm sorry but I don't know what that word means..."


    Sakura: "A woman who is an Oiran is a courtesan..."

    Wolfgang still looked puzzled.

    Sakura lowered her head when she spoke, "An Oiran is a prostitute...and any children born of an Oiran would be illigitimate children, who have no rights in society..." Sakura continued, "My great-great grandmother was not an Oiran...she was a Geisha. A very well-respected geisha who was trained in the art of dance, music and singing. At that time, geishas were considered to be the premiere fashion and style icons in society, and were emulated by wealthy women. A geisha had to remain single, but she fell in love and married my great-great grandfather who was a general in the army. She then retired as a geisha..."

    Wolfgang looked at Sakura as she spoke, "Why did you feel you needed to show me this, Sakura?"


    Sakura answered quietly, "So that you knew who I was. So that you knew the truth about my heritage..."

    Wolfgang: "Sakura...these things do not matter to me...even if your great-great grandmother had really been an wouldn't matter. Who you are is all in here..." he said tapping his heart twice with his hand, "...that is who you are, Sakura...the one that I love..."


    Sakura smiled up at Wolfgang, "...I love you, too, Wolfgang. But these scrolls are important, and one day, when we are married...I will add your name to this scroll...and those of our children..."

    Wolfgang: "...our children...?"


    Sakura: " least I was hoping..." she looked up at him.

    Wolfgang: "Wow...engaged two days and you're already talking about work fast...."

    Sakura bit her lip.

    Wolfgang stroked her hair and looked at her, "I was just joking...but...yes, I would like to have children...if that's what you want..."

    Sakura smiled at him, "Yes...I do..."

    Wolfgang: "Sakura, it is your choice, but I think you should destroy that letter that Kiyoshi sent you. It might have been a way for him to unburden the past, for some closure on his part, but that letter is just filled with pain for you. That is all in the past now...that painful time is over. Because now you are with me, and I will do my very best to make you happy every single day that we are together. I promise."


    Sakura nodded her head and carefully rolled up the scrolls again.


    Wolfgang held her, "Sakura, I will never let anyone say an unkind word about you or your family, or our family. I love you, Sakura. "I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you did, as long as you love me." That's all that matters to me. I just want you to be happy, Sakura."


    Sakura smiled at Wolfgang and held onto him, "Oh Wolfgang...I love you so much..."

    Wolfgang: "And I love you, too, Sakura..." he whispered as he tenderly kissed her and held her in his arms.

    They parted and Wolfgang smiled at her, "Now come on...I am going to make us some breakfast this morning..."


    Sakura just looked at him smiling.

    Wolfgang shook his head: "Okay...okay...I promise I won't burn the toast again..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Were you singing along to the song? The lyrics, "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me," are from the song "As Long As You Love Me", Backstreet Boys, 1997.

    This was one of the loose ends that needed to be tied up. Of course, Sakura still does not know the whole truth of why Kiyoshi's father wanted Kiyoshi to be with Kaori - the expansion of Mt. Komorebi and joining the two families together - but Wolfgang does, as he overheard the conversation between Kiyoshi's parents. However, Wolfgang will never reveal this info to Sakura because he doesn't want Sakura to endure any more pain. In his mind, that is the past. I felt the only person who knew the whole story was Kiyoshi. And so, Kiyoshi had to be the one to tell Sakura what had happened and in a way, to clear his conscience, and provide some closure for him, too. And the best way to do that was to write her a letter.

    There are many rules and regulations in Japanese society, even today. I did some research on geishas and courtesans in Japanese history. An Oiran was a high-ranking courtesan. A very brief description can be found on the differences between a geisha and oiran here. I also wanted to tie-in the piano piece that Sakura had played at the beginning of my story at the club in Mt. Komorebi. This piece would have been passed down through the generations from her great-great grandmother, who had been trained in music as a geisha.
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    @Karababy52 @miss_eulenauge @permanentrose

    I'll definitely come and show all of you when I make the blog! I'm looking forward to doing so, and I'm really hoping that things will be a bit more relaxed and allow me to update.
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    *Updated by June 11th post above! Comments and replies coming up next! Hope y'all have a great day/night! <3
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    The ghost everyone saw in my picture was Patrick’s father. Both his parents are swarming around in the household as members 😋

    I’m indeed doing the other aspiration. In Bryon’s case, I thought it wouldn’t fit if he just became an actor like that. He’s probably going to get recognised as a popular vlogger later on.

    Oh, doors locked! Thanks for the tip. I always forget to lock doors. It’s just not in my system😂 But I wouldn’t want to have those stans stealing Bryon’s stuff. He worked so hard for it ;-;

    I never really played with this pack before. I did play with the Media Production stuff before so that’s probably why I’m using it now, but other than that, nothing really. I can’t wait to see what more happens ^^
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    edited June 12
    Great group photo, you did a great job styling everyone. I like the hair and outfit you chose for Essa. She looks very close to how she is in my game. Thanks for doing that! :)

    Thanks, it is a lot of work and time. Very expensive too! Good thing they can afford the parts. I thought it was appropriate to make Bendy from the computer Frank's been flirting with all this time. :) Yes, I felt it was time for Frank to move on. I'm sure he'll be visiting them or perhaps they'll visit he and Bendy. Might see Frank in one of the lounges too doing comedy routines.

    Adult won't be so bad really, they just get a few eyebags mostly, it's elder I'm not looking forward to at all. The animations for them are just sad and insulting. But we'll see how it goes. Sounds like a good idea to age up Ruby soon. I'll probably age up Seth soon too, Damon/Molly's son. He's still a toddler. o.O You're welcome about the eel, and by the way, I said Forgotten Hollow in my comments, but I changed it to Forgotten Grotto. Opps! The names are so close I get them mixed up sometimes. :D

    Thanks about Frank and Bendy! I love them! It's going to be hard moving Frank out. He was going to be their Nanny, but they'll be alright. I hope he's successful too! ;) I've already commented on your post in our PMs, so I won't do it again here, hope that's okay. *Hugs* <3

    Good idea about having closure with Kyoshi and Sakura using a letter. Bummed me out to see Sakura crying again. I thought surely now the tears would be behind her. Maybe now they can be happy with nothing else coming out the shadows to make them sad. Wolfgang is so good to her, I love they already have their little things they tease each other about, like the burnt toast. hehe Very cool Sakura has those scrolls with her family line inscribed on them.

    Thanks too for the notes at the end. I confess I don't know that song. But I've never been much of a BSB fan anyway. It sounds like a good one though. Love the research you've been doing for this story too, it makes everything seem so much more realistic. I had no idea about the differences between Geishas and Oiran. Actually I'd never heard of Oiran until your story. Very cool insight into the piano piece Sakura was playing at the beginning too. It ties everything together so well! :)

    Thanks for the insight into who was the ghost! :) Makes sense Bryon would be a Vlogger instead of an actor, like you said. You're welcome about the tips! I sometimes forget to lock mine as well. I put fencing/gates up at the patio steps, the outside stairway leading to the first floor, and fenced in the trash can. It looks much better that way than around the entire property for their needs. I didn't want the front garden view blocked either, I like looking at it. LOL

    Anyway, I have never played with that object or the drone. I'll probably have Essa use both sometime for the aspiration you're doing now, but I haven't really made any firm plans. This is all mostly new to me, so I'm learning as I go. It's fun! Can't wait to see what happens next with Bryon too! :)
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    Update 162 - Day of Remembrance

    Jules did not have any writing gigs on her plate, so she decided just to have some fun experimenting with the bar and in the kitchen while Emmett was at work and Ruby was at school. (I was trying to find a new aspiration for her to work on for the time being, when I realized that both the Mixologist and Cooking aspirations require joining the culinary career. I'm gonna have to work that career into a storyline at some point :smile:)

    She wasn't so great at mixing drinks just yet, and was glad there was no one around to see her when she accidentally spilled all over herself.

    It did turn out to be quite a tasty drink however, though she knew she shouldn't make a habit of drinking alone in the mornings.

    She decided she needed some food in her stomach so the drink wouldn't hit her too hard. Her skills in the kitchen were much more proficient, even with a drink in her.

    After that, she analyzed a few more fossils for the museum. (And got her archeology skill up to a 9)

    The house often felt too big and empty when Emmett and Ruby were gone, so she decided to get out for a bit and head to a local gym. (And then she proceeded to finish the Bodybuilder aspiration by the end of the day. She was already a level 10 in fitness so it wasn't too hard. Jules loves working out because of her active trait too!)

    Jules' skin overlay prevents her muscles from showing up, so I decided to go into CAS and remove it just to see what she looked like after completing this aspiration, and WOW :D That is intense lol...

    The next day, it was the Day of Remembrance in my game (a holiday I added to my game to honor deceased loved ones, just for anyone who hasn't read my previous updates with this holiday), so after school and work, Jules, Emmett, and Ruby headed to the cemetery to meet the rest of Jules' family so they could all honor and remember their departed relatives.

    Theresa had a good laugh over seeing the artifact that Bex had used to mark her grave when they believed her to be dead.

    And, as was the tradition, they checked in with Jules' alien ghost friend, though he was not in a pleasant mood.

    Though it was a somber holiday, they were happy to have each other and all the fond memories of their dearly departed relatives to share with one another.

    That night, as they relaxed in bed, Emmett turned to Jules and said, "So my mom has been wanting to talk about wedding plans, so I thought it might just be good for her to come over and talk to both of us, as long as you're up for it," Emmett told her. "I suggested to her that maybe she could come over with the whole family this weekend, since they still haven't seen the house yet, and then we could talk more about the wedding too. She said Sunday works for them. Is that okay with you?"

    Jules nodded. "Of course. It will be nice to see your family too. And if your mom has some good ideas for the wedding, it does take some of the pressure off of us to figure out all of these details," Jules reasoned.

    Emmett turned to smile at her. "Perfect, I'll text her tomorrow then."
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    @permanentrose and @Karababy52 - I saw you were talking about the Sims getting older, and was thinking about it myself recently
    I know exactly what you mean! I don't know how I'll manage to let Amelia grow old when the time comes... They just look so different compared to their younger selves (fairly certain this is spelled wrong, but who cares). I have already decided Amelia and her life partner won't die - I want to try building a save file after this is finished, where they'll get to live until eternity. Then I can be happy every time they show up :D
    I do think I will let Amelia and her future life partner grow old, just because I have such a hard time with it, and because it feels natural. They can always be blessed by the SimGods at the end of the challenge, to be granted youth and eternal life, right...?
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    @permanentrose - Nice styling of the challengers! Woot! Another new pic for another new month. I have been styling the challengers for the new world, but have one more chapter to go in Windenburg, and then finally, they will be off to Del Sol Valley.
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    June 12
    Week 7 Sunday

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    Yeah I thought that CC hair I had worked nicely. Same kind of feel as that hair from the new pack :) The elder life state is pretty insulting, I agree. I wish you could choose if/when you want your elders to be super old and have trouble walking around, since it's just not realistic for all elders to walk all hunched over and grab their backs in pain every three minutes...

    Oh wow, celebrity life is stressful! Fans sneaking in, trying to take photos, invading your personal space. It's been fun watching you guys play this pack even if I'm not sure I would ever want to add fame to my own game ;) It's definitely quirky and fun for sure. I like your title of this post and the reason for it haha. Good job including that nosy paparazzo in your update haha, definitely an entertaining moment, though hopefully adding a fence will help in the future since it would be a lot to deal with that daily! Congrats to Essa for being nominated for an award too!

    Nice to see Roxanne in your game too! That was a good way to include her visit too - I feel like it would be very realistic for those casual acquaintances to play that card "I knew you before you were famous!" just to have an excuse to get that selfie to post on social media or something. But it does seem like she and Roxanne ended up having a really nice time together :) And Bendy and Frank are cute indeed.

    Oh man, a little bit of drama, but thankfully something you just needed to tie up and hopefully not something that will continue to haunt them. The Ito family's treatment of Sakura always made me so sad in your game. Just another reason why Wolfang is perfect - his entire family simply adores her and would never judge her based on her past, true or not. It was sweet to see them talk about having kids one day too <3 I figured they would, but it's a nice conversation to have. I'm excited to see what their kids will look like too. Wolfgang really is such a gem. He knows just what to say to Sakura to support her and make her feel loved and worthy. I love how much he loves her. That was cool that you included the family scrolls too, and that Sakura will be continuing them. That's such a nice detail - one of the things I love about your posts, all this continuity and close attention to detail. Great job with your update as always :)

    I like that we are seeing a softer side to these family members more and more. And cute toddlers always steal the show :)

    Excited to see Mia's adventures in Batuu!

    Fun duel with Simeon and Melody, and Melody finally beat him! Love Simeon's summer outfit haha. Of course he had to have the eyeball ring. Malcolm looks simply miserable, but congrats on his promotion. And that's sweet that they had a successful performance once they did it together :) And then they celebrate with a woohoo at the end, very fitting <3

    Also nice to see Nelly and Everett! Did any of the other challengers kids age up yet?

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    Oasis Springs: Day Twelve - The Year Ends
    Jaz and Phoenix got ready, and headed down the road to the park as soon as they could in the morning. It might be raining a little bit, but at least it wasn’t actually cold, so playing in the rain didn’t seem like too bad of an idea. Jaz managed to make a couple of teenaged acquaintances, and was gratified to see that they didn’t seem as judgmental as her same-age peers. She wondered if that was because they were older, or just because she was a little kid, and they just didn’t care about her one way or the other. Her nerves were definitely acting up, though, because the park was simply packed with people, and her loner trait was making her extremely tense.
    Max was showing off his umbrella skills, while Lucas obviously got bored and found some stuff to throw on the playground floor.
    Trying to escape, Jaz climbed up on top of the Monkey bars (now that she was a master on the bars, she could do that…) and looked out over the crowd. Before long, Elsa joined her, commenting on the fact that at least the rain had stopped. The two chatted for a while, and slowly, Jaz’s nerves were calming down.
    Phoenix joined them, and all three decided to do homework. (Phoenix wasn’t really doing it, of course, just pretending to.. because – well, he already was an A student, and they never really had to do homework, right?) Jaz and Elsa finished their homework, and were happy to see that Lucas Munch’s older brother, Wolfgang, had made dinner for all the kids. Phoenix, on the other hand, had gotten bored of the homework gig and wandered off.
    While Jaz was eating her hamburger, some kid came over to make fun of her ratty clothes and messy hair. Jaz tried to ignore it, but it still hurt. She made a couple of nasty comments back to the boy (who she’d never seen before), and was glad when he got bored and went to pick on some other poor soul.
    Phoenix, on the other hand, was riding high. When he had thanked Wolfgang for making dinner, Wolfgang had actually started a conversation with him…. and hadn’t walked away when Phoenix started asking questions. Wolfgang certainly looked cool in his black jacket and mean look, and Phoenix couldn’t think of anything better than being just like him when he grew up, so making friends with him was a BIG DEAL.
    The other BIG DEAL.. was that Phoenix had finished two things by talking to Wolfgang. He had raised his Social skill to 10, completing that and his aspiration, and also finishing his resolution for a skill gain… that he had only resolved a little bit before they went to the park!

    Wolfgang finally noticed how late it was getting, though, and as the “adult” at the club meeting, he shuffled all the kids off towards home, and made sure Jaz and Phoenix got home safely before taking his little brother back to Windenburg.

    At home, Phoenix and Jaz weren’t yelled at for being late, which they’d been worried about. In fact, Marnie was so busy cleaning, and Bennie was cooking some meats on the grill… that nobody seemed to even notice they’d been gone at all. A little disappointed, the two decided not to push it by trying to watch the ball drop on TV, and cleaned up, ate, and headed to bed instead.
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    It is nice to see that for a change, I agree. It's been nice to have a few days of "calm" posts before *cough* things start going crazy again. *cough* :grin:
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