One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge (Complete!)

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Have you ever admired those who start a New Year doing a one photo per day contest? I have, but I've never tried it. I had an idea pop into my head on New Years Eve for a challenge similar to those, only using TS4. So I put together something on the fly and I hope it works out. I'm calling it the One Month One World One Year Challenge. It's a work in progress, but one thing will always stay the same. I will post one photo of my Sim's adventures during a gaming session per real life day for 2021.

Basic Rules/Guidelines: *Note - Work in Progress, subject to change. Updated December 9, 2021
  1. One Photo post Per Real Life Day on the forum in this thread
  2. One World per Real Life month *Note - See schedule of Worlds in spoiler below
  3. After three Real Life months have passed, my Sim will age up to Young Adult for four months, Adult for four months and finally age up to an Elder for December. *Note - Timeline posted in spoiler below. Optional: How long your Sim stays in each life stage is at your own discretion. This is just what I will be personally doing for my own challenge Sim.
  4. My Sim will start out Rags to Riches style. *Note - Optional: May use 20K starting funds and your Teen may take odd jobs and/or have a part-time job.
  5. Aging off until it's time to age up.
  6. The first World will be Mt. Komorebi, progressing backwards in time as packs were released, with one exception. The last world will be Sulani where my Sim will retire as an elder. *Note - Newcrest may be designated a 'neutral' world and venues placed there for your Sim to use at your discretion. Optional: You may use Worlds in any order, but I suggest Britechester (if you own the Discover Univerity EP) as the World to live in when your Teen ages up to a Young Adult so they may attend University to fulfill the world aspiration. *Note - My elder's last world was switched to Henford-on-Bagley.

    Vacation worlds are not used in this challenge as your Sim can't properly live there without a Mod, only rent for up to a week at a time. Optional: Sims may take a vacation if they have enough simoleans. However, rental lots in residential worlds should not be used until the world where they have been placed has been previously played.
  7. Any aspirations released with a world will be the priority aspiration(s) to be fulfilled first. If none are available, a base game aspiration will be chosen. May also choose a base game aspiration if you have finished aspirations that came with a world where your Sim is currently living. *Note - May also aspiration hop if you wish to build Satisfaction points. I just prefer to do only the aspirations for the current world one at a time.
  8. My Sim may marry and have children. Aging up children is at your discretion. If I plan to continue the challenge, I will make sure the 'heir' is at least a teen before the end of the year. A Teen 'heir' may carry on the challenge starting in 2022 and begin with any aspirations not fulfilled. IF, I actually make it that far! :o
  9. Your challenge Sim MUST be a Teen to officially begin this challenge and post on the thread. The only cheating allowed will be during the Teen lifespan if they are in danger of flunking school and could be taken away. This cheating entails buying school projects and/or increasing their grade. But these two things should only be done after all vacation days have been taken, their grade has dropped from low performance or a warning is given. Optional: Teen may go to school
  10. The beginning of each new month/world may start from scratch Rags to Riches style. Optional: My Sim may keep any personal possessions they want, sell the rest and bulldoze the house. They will then use simoleans from the sale and accumulated household funds to build or download from the Gallery a new house in the new world.
  11. If my Sim dies at any point, it's game over unless a spouse or offspring is available to bring them back to life. Optional: Oldest child or Spouse may continue the challenge. OR You may bring back your Sim by not saving or using a prior save to continue the challenge instead.
  12. Occult states may be removed after they have left the world where those aspirations were fulfilled.
  13. If a new world is released with a new pack any time during 2021, I have the option to swap that world with another prior released world. If that happens, any offspring will continue with the exchanged world in 2022 first.
  14. I'll give myself a break if I miss any days due to internet outages, vacations/holidays or sickness. In those cases, I'll try to post one photo for every missed real life day the next day possible.
  15. Extra photos may be posted here in a spoiler at the end of the daily post or in the Last Screenshot or Favorite Screenshot threads. But the main One Photo Per Real Life Day for the challenge will always be posted here along with a (hopefully) short synopsis of the prior night/day's gameplay session progress.
  16. Rags to Riches Teens may use cell phones at your discretion.
  17. Autonomy Off *Note - Optional: May use any Autonomy setting you wish
  18. May travel to other worlds for Festivals, Dates, Parties, etc. But, only if invited. *Note - Optional: Only allowed if the world where the activity is happening has already been played.
  19. Any Satisfaction points earned may be used to buy and use any reward traits, with the exception of the Money tree seed.
  20. While teens do not participate in the Lottery, YA, Adult and Elder lifespans are not allowed to buy a ticket either.
  21. Beginning season and the length of days is your choice. I started in Summer with a 14 day season length.
  22. May participate in all default Holidays, (except Lottery) modify them, and/or add your own. I might modify Harvestfest before it happens to remove the Gnomes part of this holiday. This is optional for anyone else trying the challenge.
  23. Other participants may post their Daily posts here in the thread, or a link to your preferred Blog site.

Aspirations Progress Chart: - Credit to @mcrudd (Thank you!)

Worlds and Age Up Timeline: *Note - Subject to change if any new Worlds are released with new packs: (Updated August 26, 2021)
Beginning Age: Teen

January - Mt. Komorebi
February - Windenburg *Note - I switched around Windenburg and Evergreen Harbor so Tessa could have an aspiration Teens can complete.
March - Glimmerbrook *Note - I switched around Glimmerbrook and Britechester so Tessa would be a Young Adult when she lives there and can attend University.

April 1st: Age up to Young Adult

April - Britechester
May - Strangerville
June - Del Sol Valley
July - Evergreen Harbor *Note - Switched with Brindleton Bay by Request

August 1st: Age up to Adult

August - Forgotten Hollow
September - Sulani
October - San Myshuno
November - Brindleton Bay

December 1st: Age up to Elder

December - Henford-on-Bagley, retiring after completing the Country Caretaker aspiration

Challenge End Date: December 31, 2021

Links to My Daily Posts by Month:














Links to other Simmers Day 1 Challenge Post and Blogs:

@Ellupelluellu with Melody Connors (Active)
@permanentrose with Jules Warner (Active)
@SoulGal7 with Sakura Li (Active)
@Hermitgirl with Roxanne Newbury (Inactive)
@Skeilah with Bryon Ellison (Blog) (Inactive)
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@DivieOwl with SueZee Doser (Blog) (Inactive)

Gallery Links to Current Challenge Sims:

Essa Ellington Hunter aka Tessa Tyler aka Vanessa Varela by @Karababy52
Melody Connors by @Ellupelluellu
Jules Warner by @Skeilah for @permanentrose

Here's my Sim for the challenge and the Day 1 Photo:

Essa Ellington Hunter aka Tessa Tyler aka Vanessa Varela - Teen


Traits: Genius, Loves Outdoors
Beginning Aspiration(s): Extreme Sports Enthusiast and then will do Mt. Komorebi Sightseer, if there's enough time left in the month.
World: Mt. Komorebi
Neighborhood: Senbamachi
Lot: 6-4-1 Hanamigawa (Premade house/lot bulldozed)
Household Funds: 0
14 Day Seasons: Beginning season - Summer (Wednesday)

January: Day 1 Notes (they're long, but I'll try to keep notes going forward much shorter):
Tessa has been fishing to earn simoleans so far, but she was gifted a Simi (Iggy Fabulous) by forest spirits worth 100 simoleans. She used the public restroom in the Bamboo forest and I happened to see them so she ran over and made a wish. She's been buying food from a vendor since no harvestables were available yet. So far she's found one plant each of the following; mushroom, pear, snapdragon, strawberry and chrysanthemum. Only the chrysanthemums are in season and have grown so far. She harvested 3 seeds and planted them.

She also bought a package of starter fruit seeds when she was hungry and the vendor was closed. The package contained 3 grape seeds and 6 plantains. I had her plant one of the plantains and eat the rest. She'll save the grapes for Fall along with all the other plants available in the world for that season. Tessa also fished up a Bonsai bud and planted that too.

She was too busy to greet the Welcome Wagon and now the neighbors don't like her. :D Oh well. She met a teen male Sim (Kyoshi Ito?) while fishing and got to know him a little by cloud-gazing, but then had to run off to go pee. I'm sure she'll see him again. She's good friends now with a YA, my Super Sim Josh Hunter, who was fishing when she arrived one day. She asked him to mentor her since he is Level 10 in fishing. She has the 'Impressed' sentiment for him now. She's at Level 5 in fishing so far.

Her first purchases besides the starter fruit package was a poo hoo bush and a portable shower. She's been sleeping on a bench near her lot. The next goal is to get her a bed. So far she's carrying a C in school and has been doing her homework everyday. She has 3 vacation days to use at some point.

The only thing she's done for the first aspiration milestone so far is buy a remedy or deterrent from a vending machine. I think it was a bug spray. Whatever is the first cheapest thing offered for 20 simoleans. I don't remember. I'm hoping she'll have shelter before the first thunderstorm. I don't see one on the calendar so far, so I think she has awhile before that happens.

I'm open to suggestions for changes/modifications or additional ideas for this challenge if anyone would like to share them! You can post them here in the thread or send me a PM. Thanks and if you try this challenge yourself, Good luck!. Have fun! :)

Happy New Year and Happy Simming! <3
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    This sounds hard and easy at the same time :lol: and I'm here for it. I would like to do this, but I'm learning I can only do one save at a time at least until my laptop can take more damage space. I don't have all the packs yet so until I get a complete set and I'm not finished with my current challenge, then I'll go through what I have.

    This is such a fun and novel challenge! I'm bookmarking it to visit it when I'm back on these forums. Happy New Year to you too!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,944 Member
    Thank you! I completely understand about only doing one save at a time. I had an old laptop I used to play for the first four years of TS4 which was severely underpowered. Have fun with the challenge you're currently playing and let me know when and if you try this one. I didn't post this thinking anyone else would try it, but happy to read it's inspired you and maybe others to perhaps give it a try as well in the future. <3
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    edited January 2021
    January - Day 2: I will survive...


    *Notes: (long again, sorry o.O)
    Tessa was invited to the Romance Festival by Kyoshi Ito to buy a T-shirt. I told myself the only way she could go to any festivals was if invited by another Sim. So off she went! Of course there was a celebrity there, my own Sim - Adam Lambert! She asked for his autograph and he graciously agreed! Yay! Back home it appraised for 3200 simoleans! o.O Of course she sold it. While there Tessa harvested some plants too; Lily, BOP and more Chrysanthemums. She planted 2 lillies, 3 BOP and sold the rest. She bought a t-shirt and had a chat with Kyoshi, finding out he has Adventurous and Romantics traits. The Adventurous could come in handy later when she needs a partner to climb the mountain.

    Between the funds from Adam's photo and a few high priced Simis she took a chance to buy, Tessa had a little over 5K in simoleans to build a little house for herself and finally get a bed. She also splurged on a laptop so she could buy climbing equipment and for other general uses such as getting focused by browsing Simpedia before going to the mountain. I thought she could use a yoga mat for that too, but her house is too small, so settled for a chess board instead.

    Being a teen it was inevitable she'd get some silly moods/phases. She got the Breakout Mood and the 'I vont to be alone' Phase on top of it. A little jog to clear her mind did the trick though and she was back to her cheerful self. Fishing has been going alright, but it's a slow way to build funds. To help with that, Tessa read Volume 1 of the Vampire Encyclopedias and learned how to convert fish into plasma packs. Those go for 50 simoleans a pop. Now all those goldfish and minnows will actually be worth something.

    Two days before the end of Fall, Tessa finally made it to the mountain and is on the second milestone of her aspiration now. I gave this day's photo the above title because she didn't do so well. She fell off the small rock wall and got embarrassed. When I sent her to go snowboarding, she stopped at the foot of the bunny hill to cry, but then went up to the top anyway. As you probably guessed, she fell off the snowboard too and hurt her back. She got up though and looked up with that look of sheer determination on her face as she moved away. She didn't cry this time.

    Back home Tessa went for a hike through the Bamboo Forest and encountered Kodama who gave her a 12 hr. tranquility blessing and as a bonus, while she knelt at the trailhead to do her homework, she saw some more forest spirits and was blessed with 50 simoleans from them as well. The next day she spent some time working in her garden, making a group meal since she'd run out of salad and then got a notice the Spice Festival was in town. Kyoshi again invited her, but I couldn't click on it fast enough for them to go together. I still sent her though where she harvested plants and tried the Spicy Curry Challenge. She lost. Oh well. The Festival of Lights was happening at the same time too, but it was getting late. However, I did get a very pretty screenshot of the paper lanterns floating down the canal by her lot.

    I have so many great screenshots I'd love to share, but this is supposed to be one photo per day. I'm thinking I might put some extras in a spoiler at the end of these posts, or maybe I'll just post them in another thread? Hmmm...

    Anyway, thanks to whomever reads this and Happy Simming! <3

    EDIT: Decided to include a few extra screenshots. Hope you like them! :)

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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,392 Member
    Great pictures! :smiley:
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,944 Member
    @Ellupelluellu Thank you! I appreciate it so much you took the time to let me know you like them. BTW, though I haven't said anything about them, I've been enjoying seeing your screenshots as well. Such a beautiful family and seem so close. Your Veera (I think that's her name?) is such a good/loving Mom, and gorgeous! I love how she takes the time to play with her children and take them on vacations, etc. I hope everything goes well for them now that they have Dad, a dog and cat in their lives. You've got almost a full house now! o.O I'd go crazy trying to take care of that many Sims/Pets. I have a feeling you'll do great though. I look forward to seeing more of their adventures together. Oh, and I love their house, you're a very talented builder on top of everything else! :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,392 Member
    Thank you :) Yes , Veera, and it is much more easier now when only one toddler in the family :) I added pets because I never played with them before, first time for everything :)

    I did bookmarked this when I saw you posted it, sounded so interesting challenge in that other thread :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    edited January 2021
    Cool, I've played with a very few pets in my households, but it was fun when I did I hope they're fun for you too! :)

    You did? Aww, thank you, made me smile. :) So far it's been fun and interesting, hopefully that continues to be true the farther along I get with it. :)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,933 Member
    edited January 2021
    @Karababy52 - Ooh! I just saw this. I Will re-read and try to give it a go. Is it on normal lifespan?
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,944 Member
    edited January 2021
    @SoulGal7 I'm playing it with aging off for everyone and will age up my Sim every 3 months as stated above in the 'rules'. You could try it with aging on though, but you'd need more than one Sim to play an entire real year doing it that way. I think even on Long, they'd most likely age up and pass away before you got to the last day of 2021. Could try making it a legacy type gameplay with heirs taking over where the previous one left off and see how many heirs you need to get to the end of the year. Possibilities are endless! :) Let me know if you do decide to try it!

    EDIT: Or, you could even just start out playing with a YA you've created and turn aging off without aging them up for the entire year. *shrugs* I just thought it would be interesting to age up one Sim every 3 months starting with teen and ending as a retired elder in Sulani. Like I said above, I just thought it up on the fly on New Years Eve, so I'm open to suggestions for improvement. :) I didn't think anyone else would actually try it, but I think it's cool a couple have said they might.
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    January - Day 3: I can fly so high...


    Spent most of the night remodeling her house, again, since she had around 6K in simoleans this time. The garden and plasma packs from fish are really helping her income!

    I'm a little concerned about her school performance. It went down in the red to poor and then she dropped to a B. o.O I had her do a school project thinking it would help, but the bar didn't budge. I cheated to give her an A again and it raised up to average at least.

    Tessa reached Level 3 by climbing the small wall and can now climb the medium wall. I didn't have her try right away though because she fell again and was sad and also embarrassed from the poor school performance. She cried again and then went jogging to clear her mind. After that it was getting late, so she did her homework at a picnic table under the moonlight instead. A townie walked by behind her with a judgmental look on his face and I wondered, "Who do you think you are Dude? How dare you!?" It was the Dad of that boy she's friends with. Uh oh...

    Homework done, I spied a Simi machine and had her buy one. I can't resist those things! :D It paid off, she got a golden Buddy for 250 simoleans! Yay! \o/ She bought another one and it got stuck. Shake, shake, shake...only worth 25. Pfft! Let's try one more time! (it's always just one more time, right?) Jackpot, a golden Yamachan for 250. That cheered her up! To celebrate, since she was hungry anyway, she bought a Black 5 burger from a machine for a late dinner, and ate it (without a plate Eww!) back at the same picnic table.

    I felt bad for Tessa that she keeps falling and crying so decided to buy Skill Books 1 & 2 for both Snowboarding and Rock Climbing. I also added the Peace & Quiet, Geo Thermal and Natural Springs lot traits. While she was reading, she had the option to do a Surge Emotion, so she chose Centered (focused) for 12 hrs. Wow, her skill bar was flying up so fast after all that! Tessa reached Level 4 in both before stopping for the night.

    The next day there was a thunderstorm, and she was out of food. I didn't think to have her take a thoughtful shower to get inspired, she took a regular one, so now what? I sent her to the mountain in hopes the weather would be better there. It was Sunny! Woo Hoo! She needed to do a high intensity Snowboard or Skiing on the Intermediate hill and since it was right there, I had her try that first. You've probably guessed by the Pic of the Day how she did. The look on her face made me so happy. She stuck the landing too! <3

    Lastly, hey since she was on a roll, why not try the Medium rock climbing hill, right? o.O It was scary watching her, I thought for sure she was going to fall again, she slipped several times, but made it to the top! Double Yay! :D Since she still hadn't did some cloudgazing to get inspired so she could cook and fill her fridge, what better place to do it than the top of that hill. :) I sent her home after that and ended my play session for the night.

    Look at all those townies there fishing with Tessa. I don't know why, there's usually only one or two. *shrugs*
    "Felt cute, might delete later." She spun into her school uniform because I didn't cancel going fast enough. Opps!
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    @Karababy52 - Got it- aging off and one more question. One photo one day - it is just one sim day that you are playing at a time and post one photo from that day?

    I have added another restriction for my sim, that until they get to a certain pack, they cannot go to another world. So, if my sim is invited to a club. etc. in Windenburg, they will not go, as that 'world' isn't 'LIVE' yet. The only exception I am going to do is that if they are invited to a 'Base Game" club, activity, they will go, as you need the Base Game to add any packs.

    Created my sim and will start to play her first day today.
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    Meet Sakura Li
    A teen in Mt. Komorebi
    Aspiration: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer
    Traits: Adventurous, Loves Outdoors - Bonus Trait: Home Turf
    She has zero simoleons, starts at 2-4-1 Wakabaromi in Wakaba Neighborhood
    Spring, Sunday

    January (Sunday) DAY 1 : Swimming in the Wakaba River

    Sakura checked the info board and swam in the Wakaba River (1 item done on Mt. Komorebi Sightseer & 1item done on Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration). Was late getting to the Welcome Wagon and now has some negativity with Megumi & Noaki Ito. She was able to get some green with Kiyoshi Ito, though. She got a fruit cake, and she hates it. There are not very many collectibles and all she found was parsley. She did her homework. Went to Yukimatsu, did one snowboard run on the Bunny Hill. Did one cautious climb on the small rock climbing wall nearby. She is starving, I don't want her to eat the fruitcake or she gets the uncomfortable moodlet. She heads back to Wakaba to the Hazakura Lounge. Grabs chips, then plays some piano. Earns $10 simoleons in tips. She introduced herself to 10 sims. She is exhausted and sleeps on a couch there.

    January-Mt. Komorebi
    Day 1: This post
    Day 2: January (Monday) DAY 2: Sakura is Sick but still does her school project
    Day 3: January (Tuesday) DAY 3: Travel to Senbamachi and a Walk in the Bamboo Forest
    Day 4: January (Wednesday) DAY 4: Snow Bros!
    January (Thursday) - DAY 5: Shreddin' The Gnar
    January (Friday) DAY 6: Tickling The Ivories For Tips
    January (Saturday) DAY 7: Romance at The Festival of Snow
    January - (Sunday) - DAY 8: You're my 'Superstar'!
    January - (Monday) - DAY 9: Flying High On A Snowboard
    January- (Tuesday) - DAY 10: I'm On The Edge Of A Breakout And You Invite Your Mother Over?
    January (Wednesday) Day 11: I'm An Adrenaline Seeker ~ Whoosh!
    January (Thursday) Day 12: Meditative Walk: Do You Feel Calmer Now?
    January (Friday) Day 13: Romance At The Festival of Light On Love Day
    January (Saturday) - Day 14: Relaxing At The Onsen
    January (Sunday) - Day 15: A Little Shock Therapy
    January (Monday) - Day 16: I'll Never Get There!
    January (Tuesday) - DAY 17: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now!
    January (Wednesday)- DAY 18 - The Facts of Life
    January (Thursday) - DAY 19: Revelation At The Onsen
    January (Friday) - DAY 20: Ready For The Mountain!
    January (Saturday) - DAY 21: Mountain Excursion
    January (Sunday) - DAY 22: A Lasting Memory
    January (Monday) - Day 23: An Upside-Down World
    January (Tuesday) - Day 24: Fate Aids The Courageous
    January (Wednesday) - DAY 25: A Bit Buggy
    January (Wednesday) - DAY 26: Sadder Than Sad
    January (Thursday) - DAY 27 - Just Another Day
    January (Friday) - DAY 28 - A Gift From The Heart
    January (Saturday) - Day 29: Kiss and Say Goodbye
    January (Sunday) - Day 30: What A Feelin'!
    January (Monday) - DAY 31: Surprise News

    February - Windenburg March-Alternate World to Glimmerbrook - Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek
    Due to computer issues, Britechester was done in May & Strangerville was not completed

    May 1 - University - WK 1 - Friday - I'm Here - Now What Do I Do?
    May 2 - University - WK 1 - Saturday - Friends-4-Ever Club
    May 3 - University - WK 1 - Sunday - Part 1 - Robotics & Utili-Bot Contest
    May 4 - University - WK 1 - Sunday - Part 2 - Rival House Interview & Sakura Visits Wolfgang's Dorm
    May 5 - University - WK 1 - Monday - Term 1 Starts
    May 6 - University - WK 1 - Tuesday - Just Another Day At Uni
    May 7 - University - WK 1 - Wednesday - Get It Done!
    May 8 - University - WK 1 - Thursday - A Confusing Day
    May 9 - University - WK 1 - Friday - Final Exams
    May 10 - University - WK 2 - Saturday - Part 1 - Soccer Mania!
    May 11 - University - WK 2 - Saturday - Part 2 - Too Much Juice!
    May 12: University - Wk 2 - Sunday - Part 1 -The Morning After
    May 13: University - Wk 2 - Sunday - Part 2 - The Morning After
    May 14 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Part 3 - Does He Love Me?
    May 15 - University - WK 2 - Monday - Part 1 - Oh Baby!
    May 16 - University - WK 2 - Monday - Part 2 - Oh Baby!
    May 17 - University - WK 2 - Monday - Part 3 - Term 2 Starts
    May 18 - University - WK 2 - Tuesday - The Trouble with Roommates
    May 19 - University - WK 2 - Wednesday - Halfway To the Weekend
    May 20 - University - WK 2 - Friday - Final Exams - Term 2
    May 21 - University - WK 2 - Friday - Harvestfest
    May 22 - University - WK 2 - Friday - Wolfgang and His Mom Chat
    May 23 - University - WK 2 - Saturday - A Day Together in Mt. Komorebi - Part 1
    May 24 - University - WK 2 - Saturday - A Day Together in Mt. Komorebi - Part 2
    May 25 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Olympic Snowboard Competition - Part 1
    May 26 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Olympic Snowboard Competition - Part 2
    May 27 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Make You Feel My Love - Part 1
    May 28 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Make You Feel My Love - Part 2
    May 29 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Make You Feel My Love - Part 3
    May 30 - University - WK 2 - Sunday - Make You Feel My Love - FinaleMay 31 - University - WK 2 - Farewell Mt. Komorebi

    June-Del Sol Valley

    June 1 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 1

    June 2 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 2- Date Night
    June 3 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 3- Term 3 Ends
    June 4 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 4 - "Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow"
    June 5 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 5 - Graduation Day
    June 6 - Graduation-Engagement Party - Part 1 - The Letter

    June 7 - Graduation-Engagement Party - Part 2 - Party Time

    June 8 - Del Sol Valley - Vacuous Green - House Tour
    June 9 - Del Sol Valley - Arrival
    June 10 - Del Sol Valley - Making Music
    June 11, 12 & 13 - Del Sol Valley - Day After Day
    June 14 - Del Sol Valley - Night on The Town - Part 1
    June 15 - Del Sol Valley - Night on The Town - Part 2
    June 16 & 17 - Del Sol Valley - It's The Weekend
    June 18 - Del Sol Valley -The Final Countdown!
    June 19 - Del Sol Valley - It's Alive!
    June 20 - Del Sol Valley - Thunder Shuffle!
    June 21 - Del Sol Valley - Winterfest Eve - Traditions - Part 1
    June 22 - Del Sol Valley - Winterfest Eve - Traditions - Part 2
    June 23 - Del Sol Valley - Winterfest - Part 1
    June 24 - Del Sol Valley - Winterfest - Part 2
    June 25 - Von Haunt Estate - Windenburg - Wedding Reno
    June 26 - Sakura and Wolfgang's Wedding - Preparations At The Munch House - Part 1
    June 27 - Sakura and Wolfgang's Wedding - Arrival - Part 2
    June 27 - Sakura and Wolfgang's Wedding - The Ceremony - Part 3
    June 28 - Sakura and Wolfgang's Wedding - Reception - Part 4
    June 29 - Sakura and Wolfgang's Wedding - Reception - Finale
    June 30 - Sakura & Wolfgang's Honeymoon - Part 1

    July-Evergreen Harbor
    Sulani was moved up a month, and I don't have the Forgotten Hollow Pack. After completing the Aspiration for Sulani, I needed a break, and did not complete San Myshuno or Brindleton Bay. I returned to the challenge again for the final world of Henford-on-Bagley in December.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Here is a synapsis of my storyline for the first 6 months:
    January - World 1: Mt. Komorebi:
    Sakura is a Japanese teen. Her parents both died when she was young, and Sakura was raised by her Sofu (Grandfather) in a small village outside of Mt. Komorebi. She is an only child. Her Sofu passed away last year and Sakura had made a promise to him that they would climb the mountain together on his next birthday. He didn't make it to that birthday. So, Sakura, honoring her promise to him is determined to make the trek and place his ashes on top of the mountain. She is penniless, and slowly builds up simoleons. However, she needs help, and she meets Kiyoshi Ito (pre-made sim), who she then falls in love with. She thinks that Kiyoshi feels the same way (but he has never told her he loves her), they become boyfriend/girlfriend, and they move in together (staying in separate beds), and complete the mountain climb. Kiyoshi's parents (Megumi & Naoki Ito-pre-mades), want him to follow in their footsteps of an Olympic champion, and they don't really care for Sakura. They see their son, Kiyoshi, as being with Kaori Nishidake (pre-made sim), as then Kiyoshi's father would have the blessings of Kaori's grandfather and be able to develop Mt. Komorebi as a more modern, bustling tourist area. Kado Akiyama (pre-made sim), their friend, goes to the slope one day and sees Kiyoshi snowboarding and gives the video to his boss, who is the brother of the Olympic Snowboard Coach. Kiyoshi makes the team. Since Kiyoshi's parents are both former Olympic gold medalists, they host a going-away party, and there, Sakura meets Kaori's grandmother (Sachiko Nishidake-premade sim) who tells her that Kaori is Kiyoshi's girlfriend. Sakura also sees a lot of photos of Kiyoshi and Kaori together in the house, and the most upsetting one is displayed in Kiyoshi's bedroom. Kiyoshi explains that he had gone out with Kaori, but that it was over. He leaves the next day for a remote Olympic Training Camp which has no access to communication or the outside world. However, Kiyoshi's father's company has arranged that there be a courier delivery to and from camp so that family may write to the team and the team can write back. The day following Kiyoshi's departure, Sakura gets a letter in the mail that she has been accepted at the School for the Arts in Windenburg. She is a very talented pianist. She rushes over to the Ito house with two letters for Kiyoshi, one of which has her new address, and gives them to his mother to be placed in the courier package. We later find out that the letters, of course, never make it to Kiyoshi. After 3 months, Kiyoshi will be given a day off from the Olympic Camp.

    World 2: Windenburg
    Now in Windenburg, Sakura makes many friends, and Sergio Romeo and Joaquin Le Chien (both pre-made sims), who are her neighbors, have kind of become her Big Brothers. Joaquin's club invites her to join the Spin Masters, and Sergio's club invites her to join the Paragons. At her first Spin Masters meeting at Discoteque Pan Europa, she meets Wolfgang Munch. He is in the Renegade Club, a club that hates the Paragons, and vice versa. However, despite this, they start to become friends, and are quite drawn to each other. However, Sakura is very devoted and true to her boyfriend, Kiyoshi, whom she writes to every day and keeps a journal that they will share after three months. But she does not get any letters back from him. At a Paragon meeting, there is a news report about the members of the Olympic Snowboard Team, and it features Kiyoshi. She tells everyone that Kiyoshi is her boyfriend. Her friends Luna Villareal and Sofia Bjergsen (both pre-mades) think he is so "hot". Sakura is having a problem fitting in with the Paragons, because she doesn't dress the same. Siobhan Fyres (pre-made sim), the leader, is also having an issue with Sakura being friends with Wolfgang. Joaquin has a great idea that Sakura should have a party and DJ at her party. Sakura of course invites Wolfgang, and at the party there is a rival gang who want to make trouble for the Paragons. They find out Sakura is a Paragon, and the leader of the rival club starts accosting Sakura. Wolfgang steps in, along with an associate of Mobwives (Wolfgang had known this rival gang was coming, and arranged a little surprise for them.) The rival gang leave, and the party is pretty much over. Wolfgang stays at Sakura's to watch over her to make sure the gang doesn't come back. Sakura starts to have more than friendly feelings for Wolfgang at this point, but doesn't act on them because she is in a relationship. She lets Wolfgang know that she has a boyfriend. At the next Paragon meeting (Sergio is not there as he has to work late), there is another news report, again featuring Kiyoshi, but the report also features Kaori, his ex-girlfriend, and states that they are together. Sakura breaks down over the news, since she doesn't know if it's true or not, because she hasn't heard from Kiyoshi at all, and Siobhan accuses Sakura of lying about Kiyoshi being her boyfriend. Sakura was going to quit Paragons, because she couldn't afford to keep buying all these clothes, and she felt that the club should just accept sims for who they are, and not what club they are in (eg. Wolfgang). Siobhan kicks Sakura out of the club, and Sakura leaves crying with Luna and Sofia trying to run after her. The following day, Sergio comes over to apologize for his girlfriend Siobhan's behavior and makes sure that Sakura is okay. Sakura is so upset because she misses Kiyoshi so much and just wants him to write to her. She tells Sergio all about this. He tells her that the second report was probably just "fake" news, and not to worry about it. To help her get over her sadness, Sergio suggests she volunteer at a Homework Helpers Club at the library. During the same week, her music teacher talks to her about a co-op in Willow Creek, but that only the top student will get it. He tells Sakura that she is the most talented student, but he needs to see some original work from her. Sakura forms a band called The Plumbobs (basically all the challenge sims are in it), and River, Bryon and Wolfgang come at the end of the auditions, and tell Sakura that they are going to be roadies for the club. Sakura volunteers at the Homework Helpers club and meets Wolfgang's little brother, Lucas, who is totally enamored with her, and Lucas invites her to dinner. A few days' later, Wolfgang comes by Sakura's house to invite Sakura for dinner at his house (on behalf of his brother), and while there, helps Sakura write an original song. She goes to Wolfgang's house for dinner and his whole family just loves her. She gets a call from her music teacher and he had booked Sakura's band, The Plumbobs, at a charity event for the weekend. They have time for only one practice before the big event. At the "gig". Astrid, their lead singer, phones to say she can't come because her cat ran away and she has to find it. No problem, they figure Jenny can just sing the song instead, but Jenny shows up with laryngitis and can't sing. They convince Sakura, since it is the song that she has written, that she needs to be the lead singer. The place is packed, and Sakura suffers from stagefright. Wolfgang, Bryon and River sense something is wrong as they see everyone changing positions on stage, and Astrid hasn't shown up. Wolfgang talks to Sakura and finds out she has stagefright and he tells her to "keep her eyes on him". The band starts to play, and Sakura is supposed to start singing, and she realizes she can't do it and is about to walk off stage, when she hears Wolfgang start to sing the song and head towards the stage. They finish the song as a duet together, and in a moment of pure joy and thankfulness, she kisses Wolfgang, and immediately realizes what she has done and apologizes. But Wolfgang is not sorry that Sakura has kissed him, and kisses her back. When they part, they both realize that they have "real" feelings for each other, and Sakura is scared at how she feels about Wolfgang and feels that she has "cheated on" Kiyoshi for kissing Wolfgang. The next day, Wolfgang and Sakura talk about what happened, and Sakura also tells him the situation with her boyfriend. Wolfgang decides that what Sakura needs now is for him to be her friend, although he wants to be more.

    World 3: Glimmerbrook (Realm of Magic) - Because I didn't have this pack, I made up a story involving Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek At school, Sakura is told that the owner of the Blue Velvet Nightclub in Willow Creek was at The Plumbobs concert and she got the co-op position. She will be moving in two days. She phones everyone to let them know and Joaquin says he will plan a party for her. She decides to invite Wolfgang over for dinner to tell him personally. She takes great care to set the table with candles, and even has a gift for Wolfgang. She goes for a walk, and comes across a circle of mushrooms, and suddenly feels sleepy and falls on the ground. Prince Oberon, Prince of the Fairies (downloaded sim from the gallery), and his sisters (also downloaded from the gallery) suddenly appear around Sakura, and Prince Oberon magically transports her and them to Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek. When Wolfgang arrives for dinner, he finds Sakura's cell phone lying in the garden, and realizes that something is wrong. He calls his Mom, and pretty soon, there are police searching the island for Sakura. Meanwhile, back in Mt. Komorebi, Kiyoshi gets to visit home early, and he wants to see Sakura. His mother informs him that Sakura moved to Windenburg, but she didn't know her address. The two letters that Sakura dropped off before she left were in a courier package that was lost due to a courier truck accident. Kiyoshi learns that Sakura had never received his letters, and his mother gives them to him. He learns that his sister, Nanami, received a statue from Sakura, and she kept the wrapping paper with Sakura's address on it. Kiyoshi is just about to leave to go to Windenburg (12 hours away), to see Sakura because he has to tell her something. Just then, the police come to the door, and after much discussion, they find out that Kiyoshi's mother received several texts and phone calls from Sakura, but that Sakura's number was blocked on her phone. They are about to take her away to the station for more questioning, when Kiyoshi's father arrives, and basically tells them that he blocked Sakura's phone number and withheld her letters from Kiyoshi, because he had done some research on her past and found out that her great-great grandmother had been a courtesan (prostitute), and he didn't want Sakura to be part of his family with her past. Kiyoshi has had enough, gets the letters that Sakura sent him, and leaves the house for his train to Windenburg. The police charge Kiyoshi's Dad with the disappearance of Sakura.

    Now in Sylvan Glade, Sakura wakes up to find she is in a fairy world, and that Prince Oberon wants her to become his wife. He has fallen in love with her and his sisters told him how sad Sakura was, and how wonderful and caring she was. Sakura just wants to be returned to her world, but Prince Oberon insists that she be his bride and that he would make her happy. He puts a spell on her, so that she feels love towards him. One of the fairies, Princess TItania, who is in love with Prince Oberon and has known him since they were children, challenges Sakura to a quest, and the winner of the quest will have Prince Oberon's hand in marriage. Prince Oberon is also forbidden to use any magic on Sakura, and the final quest is a quest of true love. Prince Oberon's sisters are rooting for Sakura and help her by giving her potions, and "reward traits" (The quests basically follow The Serial Romantic Aspiration). Sakura must kiss 10 sims, and chooses to bestow her first kiss on Prince Oberon. Titania thinks that Sakura might be smarter than she first had thought of this "mortal" and also kisses Prince Oberon for her first kiss. Sakura wins the first quest, as Titania could not kiss anyone other than Prince Oberon. The second quest is to go on 3 dates, and on their last date together, Prince Oberon has already decided that Sakura has won, and wishes to give her a promise ring to marry her. Titania's last date is after Sakura's, and Sakura begs Prince Oberon to wait because she tells him that Titania loves him, and that Sakura knows that Prince Oberon really does love Titania. He tells her he will wait, and Sakura has him promise to return her to her world if she does not pass the last quest of true love. On Titania's game decided to do away with Prince Oberon, and he dies in a thunderstorm, struck by lightning, on the date. The next day, they are assembled, and it is revealed by "The Fairy Godmother" [sim downloaded from the gallery] that Prince Oberon has passed. They still have to take the final test of true love, and it is revealed that Titania truly loves Prince Oberon. Prince Oberon told Titania of his promise to Sakura to return her to her world, and Titania honors that wish. Sakura is returned to her world, with no memory of what had transpired there. The parting scene is the Fairy Godmother leading Titania away to help make an ambrosia potion for Prince Oberon. [King Iberon and Queen Titania are featured in Shakespeare's A MidSummer's Night Dream, so this is before Prince Oberon became King.]

    Meanwhile, back in Windenburg, Wolfgang has been going to Sakura's house everyday "to look after her bees", and then searches the island for her. He has done this every night since she disappeared. One night as he is about to head off on his search, someone comes up to the house. He finds out it is Kiyoshi. He gets angry at Kiyoshi and asks what he was doing there, and how sad Kiyoshi had made Sakura because he hadn't written to her. Kiyoshi doesn't tell Wolfgang about how his father had intervened to thwart his and Sakura's relationship, and just says there was a courier mix-up and shows Wolfgang all the letters that he sent Sakura and all of Sakura's letters to him. Kiyoshi heads off on the search with Wolfgang, and then comes back and asks if he knows of a place he can stay. There is a huge festival in town, and most all of the hotels are booked up. Wolfgang's mother comes to meet Wolfgang to take the ferry back to the mainland, and offers Kiyoshi a place to stay at their house. The next afternoon, Kiyoshi and Wolfgang go on the search together, however, Kiyoshi suggests they go in the opposite direction and they come across a thicket, which leads to The Bluffs, where they find Sakura, who is unconscious on a rock. She is rescued and brought to the hospital. Kiyoshi, Wolfgang and Mila (Wolfgang's mother), all stay at the hospital together and await word on Sakura. Kiyoshi arranges to take a few days more leave from the Olympic Training Camp. While there, we find out more about Wolfgang and Kiyoshi's feelings for Sakura, and that Kiyoshi has a secret that he has been keeping from Sakura. The doctor comes to tell them that Sakura will be okay. The next day, Kiyoshi arrives with the letters and he and Sakura have a very touching reunion and Sakura believes that everything will be fine between them, but still feels guilty over her kiss with Wolfgang, and realizes she has to tell Kiyoshi. Wolfgang is in love with Sakura, although he hasn't told her yet. But, he sees how in love Sakura is with Kiyoshi and also sees that Kiyoshi cares for Sakura. Wolfgang is having a lot of inner turmoil about his feelings, but also doesn't want to lose Sakura as his friend. Wolfgang realizes that he is truly in love with Sakura. Kiyoshi suspects that something has happened between Sakura and Wolfgang, but he doesn't know what.

    Sakura is discharged and Kiyoshi stays overnight with Sakura. She is still very weak, and can't remember a week of her life. Kiyoshi is very caring towards her, and Joaquin holds an early birthday party for her, while Kiyoshi is still there. There is a reunion of The Plumbobs, and Wolfgang and Sakura sing the duet together that they did at the concert, and River, who has had a bit too much juice, shouts out that they want to see "That Kiss" (when they had kissed at the concert). Sakura is horrified and Kiyoshi is looking at both of them suspiciously. Wolfgang tactfully covers it up and has Kiyoshi come and give Sakura a kiss. For her birthday gift, Kiyoshi gives Sakura two tickets to the Olympic Snowboard Events, with accommodation and flights arrangements for Sakura and a friend to come and see him in a month to compete in the Olympics. When they arrive home, Sakura tells him about what happened at the concert with Wolfgang and how she kissed him. Kiyoshi then tells Sakura the bombshell secret that he "messed around" with Kaori, his ex-girlfriend, who is also on the Olympic Snowboard Team, at the camp. He pleads forgiveness. Sakura is heartbroken and cries through the night. The next day Kiyoshi leaves and at the last moment, Sakura runs up to him and kisses him goodbye and asks him to write to her. Through this all, Kiyoshi has never told Sakura that he loves her. When she returns to the house, Joaquin arrives with all her presents and two bottles of champagne. She breaks down and confides everything to Joaquin, about Kiyoshi and Wolfgang, and everything, and his solution is that she go to university, where she will find a "man" not a boy who will love her. The next day is her birthday, she opens a special gift that Kiyoshi has left for her (a heart necklace with a pic of them taken at the top of the mountain), and Wolfgang comes over with a bike gift from his family. Wolfgang also brings his bike and they ride the island and then Sakura wants to see where they found her, as it might trigger some memory. They go to The Bluffs together, but Sakura doesn't remember anything. The Spin Masters hold a birthday bash for Sakura, with everyone in attendance at Discoteque Pan Europa, and she then becomes a young adult (Wolfgang also ages up with her). Wolfgang comes over the next day and she tells him about her plan on attending uni, and he helps her with the application and scholarships. He also tells her about a uni campus tour organized by their high school. She and Wolfgang attend the uni campus tour of both campuses, and under the moonlight, walking back to get the bus, Wolfgang is about to tell her that he loves her, but then Sakura sees the bus, and runs off thinking they will miss it. Wolfgang doesn't tell her what he wanted to tell her, as the moment was broken, and when he gets home, he laments this fact.

    World 4: Britechester
    And that is where we are at. Sakura is not sure what uni she wants to go to. Wolfgang is going to Foxbury and credits Sakura with encouraging him to "use his gifts" because without her, he may not have been able to go to uni, as he went from a C to an A. He wants to build a robot and is going to take Physics. Sakura has not been feeling "right" since her disappearance, and dreams of a faceless sim and during the day gets panic attacks. At spring break, she is supposed to head back to Mt. Komorebi to see Kiyoshi compete in the Olympics. She and a friend (Gee...I wonder who she will ask!!!!) Sakura is so torn about her feelings for both Kiyoshi and Wolfgang. She was totally committed to Kiyoshi before he cheated on her, but more and more is falling in love with Wolfgang. What happens at "spring break" will determine who Sakura will be with.

    Due to computer problems, I am a month behind everyone else, and will be doing Strangerville at a later day.
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    January (Monday) DAY 2: Sakura is Sick but still does her school project

    Not a good start to her day. Her needs were mostly in the red and she was late for school. When she got home, she had a school project. She had 500 aspiration rewards, so used them to purchase a moodlet fixer. Ugh! I hate to do that, but it was the only way she was going to get anything done today. She finished her robot project & gained some programming skill. She plants the parsley that she collected yesterday. She is scratching a lot and I see that she is sick. She sees Yamachan in the town center and gets a selfie with him. Then heads to Yukimatsu and there is a thundersnowstorm! She sees Kiyoshi Ito and they do their homework together. She does another climb up the small rock wall and gets level 2 in rock climbing. She and Kiyoshi then take a sled ride down the Bunny Slope. Kiyoshi becomes her first friend. She heads back to the Hazakura Lounge, grabs chips, uses the facilities, plays piano, and reaches level 2, has $16 simoleons to her name. This is slow going.
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    January (Tuesday) DAY 3: Travel to Senbamachi and a Walk in the Bamboo Forest

    When she gets home from school, Sakura collapses on the lot from exhaustion. She heads over to a bench and naps a bit. She eats some left-over chips in her personal inventory. She travels to Senbamachi and goes for a hike in the Bamboo Forest. She doesn't have enough simoleons to purchase any deterrents, so I hope for the best. She encounters some forest spirits! Yes! And they give her a confidence boost. She finds some collectibles! She is still in the red, so she travels to the Onsen. She uses the facilities, I force her to eat fruitcake in her personal inventory and she does her homework. There is a Bits 'n Bobbles vending machine there and she purchases a deterrent. The cheapest one is $20 simoleons, but I read them & go for the one to help with electric shock (called neuro calming skin salve - I think this was $40 simoleons). She completed Part 1 of the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration. She showers and falls asleep in the onsen. And yes, after sufficient rest, Sakura cured the illness. She has $121 simoleons.
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    I replied to your post about not going to other worlds until it's been played earlier this morning and updated the rules, but for some reason my post got lost? I don't know where it went. o.O Anyway, I love that idea, it makes sense! It's too late for Tessa since she's already gone to the Romance & Spice Festivals, but I'll stick to that from here on out. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Love your Sim for the challenge, she's so cute! Sounds like it's slow going for her so far, but she'll get there! Bummer she got sick. :( Don't worry about using a moodlet solver. I try not to use them either, but sometimes you really need one. I figure if they have the reward points, they're allowed. The only one I'd hesitate buying is the Money tree, but that's up to you. So are you switching back and forth with the two aspirations? I've just been having Tessa stick to the Extreme Sports Enthusiast until that's finished and then she'll do the other one. She has all month to finish both anyway. I'm wondering what I should do if she completes both before the month is finished. Maybe I'll allow her to start another base game aspiration or something. I guess I should slow down a bit playing eh? :D Thoughts?

    I haven't seen any thundersnow yet, you're so lucky! :D Plenty of blizzards on the mountain, but no thundersnow yet. Is she just playing for tips on the piano for her income so far? Haven't tried any sledding yet either, thanks for the reminder that's an option. :)

    What are your plans for the mountain climb event? Did you know everyone going (you need at least one other Sim) need to be Level 6 in rock climbing to climb the last part to the top with the tallest walls? I'm thinking I'll have to move someone in with her so I can help them get to that skill level before she does that for her aspiration.

    EDIT: Forgot to answer your question about the one photo per day. I intended for it to be one photo per real life day, not Sim day. I've been playing more Sims days at a time per day, and then choose one of the screenshots I've taken that night to post the next day. Does that make sense?
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    @Karababy52 , lovely shot, Tessa at snowboarding (day3) :)
    @SoulGal7 , Sakura did managed to cure her illness , or did I missed something? (day 3) :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Karababy52 , lovely shot, Tessa at snowboarding (day3) :)
    @SoulGal7 , Sakura did managed to cure her illness , or did I missed something? (day 3) :)

    @Ellupelluellu - Yes, Sakura cured that illness. She fell asleep in the onsen and I guess she needed the rest. lol

    @Karababy52 - Right now, I am switching back and forth between Mt. Komorebi Sightseer and Extreme Sports Enthusiast. I have also had her switch to Friend of the World, when meeting new sims, and joke star for the tell jokes to 5 sims. The piano was in the lounge build, and since I started in spring, the only harvestable I could find in Wakaba was that parsley. She played (badly) for tips on the piano, and I changed to the Musical Genius Aspiration to work on that. When she collected the parsley, I was on The Curator, and when she planted and watered it, I was on freelance botanist. She grabs chips at the lounge for than that horrid fruitcake that is in her personal inventory from the welcome wagon. She has 8 parsley plants planted. I bought her one piece of wall to display some photos that she took. This is the other way she is making simoleons, but most of those photos are poor quality, worth $1 or $2 simoleons.

    Maybe one of the rules should be that no-one can move in until they have a house built. She is a long ways from that right now. Are they permitted to get a job? Maybe a part-time job as a teen? What do you think?

    As for the mountain expedition, she has become rather close with Kiyoshi Ito, but he doesn't have any rock climbing skill it seems. But apparently, I read in an article on the premades that he has some sentiments towards Naori Nishidake. I was actually thinking of a 4-team trip, but unless Kyoshi gets some rock climbing skill, that won't work. So, Jenna and Kado Akiyama both have rock climbing skills (4) and (5) respectively. I have gone on "travel with" with them, but when you get to the wall, there are no interactions for "all" to climb. So....suggestions here would be great :)

    If I've done this wrong, let me know, I can always start again as it's still early in the challenge.
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    @Ellupelluellu Thank you! :) I love how it looks like she's got her fist pumped in the air in victory.
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    Ah, okay, that's another good idea. I thought about doing it, but I guess I was trying to make it harder on Tessa by sticking to the one aspiration and then switching to the other afterward. My personal choice, you can do it however works for you. It's a pretty open challenge in a lot of ways. Although, I'm a little bummed I didn't switch around now since Tessa is Level 9 in fishing already. But then, there's only one fishing spot, so she wouldn't have been able to progress past the first milestone anyway.

    Another good idea that I've done in the past with Rags to Riches Sims. Or I set some kind of simoleans goal for them, like I did with Tessa. She had to have earned 5K before she could build a proper house. However, she did live on the lawn beforehand with a fridge, portable shower, poo hoo bush, a counter and a folding chair. She also had 4 wall pieces under a roof so the fridge wouldn't break if it rained and for general shelter from it. It wasn't enclosed though, just two back pieces and one on each side of those with the roof suspended above that.

    Very unrealistic and looks odd, but she needed shelter from the rain, it was raining A LOT! o.O I guess I could've just had her hang out at the Onsen when it rained. That would be an option or the lounge, the bar etc. if you didn't want your Sims to build until they had the simoleans to do so.

    I'm not opposed to part-time jobs for teens. Rags to Riches without a job is just my preferred way to start all my challenges/saves. Sakura could've even started out with the 20K if you'd preferred playing that way. It just makes it a lot easier. I usually try to be as tough on my Sims as I can when playing Rags to Riches style, but I have been a bit easier on Tessa, for instance letting her convert fish to plasma packs. That's actually a bit cheaty I think, probably should've waited until Forgotten Hollow was played eh? I didn't plan this out too well. :D

    Yeah, Kyoshi just has the adventurous trait, but I don't think he has any climbing skills. I did the same thing with him, Tessa brought him to the Onsen with intentions of climbing together. But when I put them in a group, there was no option to 'climb together.' Bummer... I wonder if they added that as a club activity. That might be an option to get other Sims skilled up for the mountain climb. Need to look into that. Other than that, the only other ways I can see is what I mentioned, moving a Sim in and skilling them up that way. I'd say you could play other potential team members in their own home (if they have one) to skill them up, but I don't think I'd personally want to do that.

    I don't think you've done anything wrong, like I said, it's a WIP and I'm open to suggestions as well. For instance, you're sending Sakura to school? I might end up doing that too, but it takes up SO much of their time during the day when they could be doing other things to progress. That's why I prefer to not send Tessa and just cheat up her grade if it gets too low.
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    @Karababy52 - Yep, she is going to school. I did have her take a vacation day already, though! lol I don't have either the Vampires or Spellcaster packs. But that's not a problem with the plasma packs. Whatever way you can earn simoleons, right? I will see how she does in a week and then perhaps get her a part-time job if need be. Just checked and clubs have under Outdoor Activities - Go hiking, Go Rock Climbing, so that might work.
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    January - Day 4: You're my best friend!


    A couple big changes in Tessa's life happened last night. First, cheating to get her performance up, just wasn't working very well at all, so she's going to school now. She wasn't too happy about wearing that uniform, but I think she looks cute in it! It didn't go so well though, as I suspected. Yes, her performance went way up, the school project she'd done days before finally counted for one thing. But, she was angry from a bad day, needed fun, her garden needed watering, weeding and had bugs since she didn't have time to do any of that or harvest before she left for school. By the time she took care of all that, she was hungry and tired. I didn't send her the next day since it was Friday anyway.

    Tessa spent her day mostly just reading her Rock Climbing skill book, she reached Level 6 so I had her go try out her new skills on the medium wall at the top of the mountain. She did okay at first, but then fell, again and hurt herself. That was a good thing though, seriously! It's one of the milestone goals to endure an injury, it was filled instantly. I'd forgotten about that goal until that happened. \o/ That was enough for rock climbing. Tessa headed back down the mountain and I noticed a lot of other Sims hanging around, more than usual, including kids! One of the Festival's was happening and I didn't even notice. Opps! Tessa bought a Simi and it was another Golden one worth 300! After that, she bought a Tri-colored Dango to eat and then went home.

    Now, I had a decision to make. How was I going to get any team member(s) she needed at the proper Rock Climbing level without cheating? In my eyes, moving someone in seemed the best option. But who? She really only had two options, both good friends; Kyoshi Ito - Teen, or her fishing mentor, Josh Hunter - Young Adult...

    I chose Josh for a number of reasons. Some of you may know he's my absolute favorite Sim I've ever created. I put him in my custom template save three years ago and haven't played with him at all since then. He's somewhat of a 'Super Sim' with a butt load of Level 10 skills and many completed aspirations Not all of them, but quite a few. Almost all base game and aspirations from packs released before I stopped playing with him in the Apocalypse challenge when he died.

    I miss him, I miss playing with him and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It also helped that Kyoshi almost never came over to visit, but Josh was there every, single, day. Kyoshi would call asking her to Festivals and to hang out though, Josh never called to ask her to Festivals, or hang out, obviously, he didn't have a house. The biggest thing against having Kyoshi move in for me was then I'd have TWO teens with the need to cheat or send to school with no time to do much of anything else. Whereas, Josh is a Young Adult, no school! Plus, he doesn't sleep because of reward traits. I could get him up to Level 6 in record time. My plan is to either have him move out back to live with his two brothers after they climb the mountain, or let him stay until Tessa ages up to a Young Adult, then move him out.

    While Tessa is at school, having Josh there will give me something else to do as well. He reads the skill book and afterward, I have him work on some of the skills he doesn't have yet. They do stuff together too, watch movies, or just talk and joke around. He's her BFF and Snow Bro now too. They're getting very close with a Deep Connection sentiment for both. I built Josh his own bedroom before I found out he doesn't sleep, but oh well. He also had a job, which I had him quit, don't want him bringing any income into the household. Plus he has the Fresh Chef trait, any food he makes is the highest quality and never spoils. So, they will eat only what they've made themselves to get around that.

    I had thoughts of perhaps hooking them up once Tessa ages up, but since he's got all those skills, I don't think it's a good idea. Seems cheaty. So they'll stay just very, very good friends. Josh will be more like her cool big brother. <3 After they've climbed the mountain, I'll let him have full autonomy too and only control him to get those skills he needs. At least that's the plan anyway. When I left them for the night, Josh was working on making a video game, since he's reached Level 6 already in Rock Climbing and Tessa was sleeping. It's only Tuesday now, but once it's the weekend, they'll make the climb. Wish them luck!

    I'd love to hear any thoughts y'all have on this. Let me know what you think. Thanks! :) So sorry for another monster post, I'll try to make the next one shorter. No promises though, I tend to, uh, like writing a lot if you haven't noticed. :D

    So pretty!
    Are you sure about this?
    Yes, I need you, thank you!
    Let's do this Bro!
    (Gawd, this movie is so boring! Hey Twitter, s'up?)
    Isn't this a great movie?! (Oh Puhleeeze! No! Ugh!)

    Teen angst. Gotta love it! :D
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,944 Member
    edited January 2021
    @SoulGal7 Ah, I figured you were sending her when I saw her in her uniform in those screenshots. That's cool, a lot easier that way, as I found out. o.O Okay, good, glad you don't think converting fish to plasma packs is too cheaty. Tessa isn't fishing much anymore anyway since her garden is bringing in a good amount now.

    That's great there's an option for hiking and rock climbing as club activities! If you've read my notes for today, you'll see I went with my original idea though, for a number of reasons. One of them I didn't mention above is also, how do you get them the climbing equipment without cheating? They have a much lower chance of making it to the top without having that from what I've read. Anyway, I'll be interested to see how it goes for Sukura if she decides to start a club and do it that way. Maybe it will be alright without equipment and I'm just being silly, who knows! :D Headed offline now, it's way past my bedtime. o.O I'll reply and comment in the challenge thread when I get up since I see you posted another chapter there! Yay! \o/

    Have a great day! <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,933 Member
    @Karababy52 -I may have to go with the move-in scenario. I was thinking I would test the clubs out in another save. Perhaps if two were going, the main sim could purchase 2 rock climbing equipment packages and then the rock climbing equipment could be gifted to the person you are going rock climbing with. Just a thought on that one. I still have to see if the Clubs part will work properly. lol
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,819 Member
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    I've been following this thread and want to try it. Some questions:

    I want to know if you can aspiration hop? Like if you start with the Mt. Komorebi Sightseer aspiration can you switch around as you are able to collector, fishing, gardening, friend of the world ect... I might do it anyway and just use the challenge as a guide.

    Also I get that you age up your sim every three months and that's good but how do you do children? If your sim has a child as a young adult or even adult I'd guess you need to have your child be a teen by the time they are elders. So just age them as you feel they reach certain milestones or stick to the every three months (mom has child as young adult... child, toddler, as an adult the toddler becomes a child, as an elder the child becomes an adult?) Or maybe age them slightly faster so they can be a teen when the the main sim is still an adult?

    Do they have to finish an aspiration or if they don't do they fail?

    Any suggestions on season length? A month seems too long in comparison to how fast they are aged so I might go with the quickest or 14 day seasons.

    I already play on doing them exactly in order of release. I kind of like guides more than challenges so either way I'm going to do something close to this just to have my sim live in every world and actually bring up kids (not a big family player I need a push). Also I know real life will get in the way of me playing or posting daily so I'm going to go by when I can play and just count the months within the sim game.

    edit... Okay wait so we play them for 3 real life months before we age them up? Der sorry I got confused. I'll just have to keep track.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,392 Member
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    @Karababy52 , Great pictures :) Needles to say I love the color of her outfit :joy:

    One question, you mentioned there is one fish spot in the SE world ? And it is showing in your pictures aswel. Where is it? I have tried to find if there are any and so far haven't found any :) I must be blind :D
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    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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