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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


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    Ooh, nice work with your military medal collection. I hope Emmett's looks that good one day :) That guy passing out as he looked at Josh and Essa get all flirty and passionate was just too funny :D The sexiness was too much for him LOL. And what a way to celebrate. The passion between those two never gets old. I like seeing your shots of Essa getting her wardrobe and makeup done. That old fashioned TV show set and costumes were fun for sure. I wonder if Essa will have to kiss anyone on set. How will she feel about that? How will Josh feel about that? I know it's just acting, but I wonder if it will be hard for either of them. Indeed, Essa, this acting stuff IS kind of fun, and I can't wait to see what else she does this month!

    Nice inclusion of Skeilah's simself - she makes a good doctor haha. Glad you finally got her to cooperate for a screenshot. Excited for Amelia to age up soon so she can start having more a personality, and I'm also curious to see what she ends up looking like <3

    Also curious to see what happens with Miles and this stuff about his gender dysphoria.
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    Mia Patina
    June 9
    Week 6 Thursday

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    Thank you! I had several different shots around their house/neighborhood, but I decided to use that one for exactly the reason you said, I loved the palm trees and her smile. I agree, it does look like a Spanish setting. :) Yep, the search continues... Josh loves to knit, and he's doing more of it these days since I'm trying to get the Lord of the Knits aspiration completed for him. ;)

    I thought it would be fun if the mail carrier flirted with him a little. She wasn't flirty, but it was fun pretending. :) I usually end their woo hoo sessions with a passionate kiss, so that's why they're in their undies. This time though she serenaded him instead since she can now. I just love that animation, it's so sweet! Things are going extremely well for Essa. I'm amazed how fast she's climbing the fame ladder.

    Such a sad thing to witness eh? Especially after Josh tried to save her, and that the Necrocall spell didn't work and won't until they can identify her. Josh was just out looking for Sims to gift his knitting and happened to see her on the sidewalk burning up. Sometimes the game throws random story opportunities like that our way, so I just ran with it. ;)

    There was much more happening in this post than just Essa playing her guitar, it wasn't the bulk of the post. There's actually more screenshots of other events that happened than those. Plus, sorry, but I can't comment on any of your assumptions. A writer needs to keep some secrets/surprises up their sleeve so readers stay interested and want to keep reading the story. If I told you everything, what would be the point of writing it all out later? I hope that makes sense, it's how I feel anyway. Speculating is fun though, of course, feel free to do that. I probably just won't say anything about them. ;)

    Yeah, Josh is quite clearly and literally smitten with Essa. I just love how he looks at her like that all the time. Josh hasn't actually gone anywhere to ask about Inna yet, he only talked to the mail carrier. I love that Sim, she's the mail carrier in all my saves. She was a game generated mail carrier I modified and kept. I'm so glad I decided to keep Essa a Spellcaster, the potions sure come in handy. Good to hear you're not planning on having Jules cheat on Emmett.

    I take a lot of screenshots for my posts. Most of the them don't make it on Imgur, or get posted, but I still keep them because a lot of the time stuff happens for the story in those I want to remember. Plus, I just like looking back on them, it makes me smile. I have tons of room on my HD, so it's no problem saving them.

    Pickle is so cute! Emmett looks very handsome in that suit! Very pretty pool, I need to use the Courtyard pack to build something soon. Everyone's builds using it look so good. Josh did that book animation once. They do it when they're in a playful mood. The fake artifacts are hilarious! Nice that Kristine could come over to play. Good job Ruby's earned three scout badges so far. I didn't see the braid on Jules' hairstyle before. It's pretty.

    Just one more level/medal to go to complete the collection. The guy was a teen. I figured a hormonal teen might act like that. It was hilarious. :D

    Bummer Greg dotes on only Rae so much. Kids can definitely tell when there are favorites. Nice of Dr. C. to make a house call. Not so nice in that blooper though. :D I feel for Sarah going through menopause along with a house full of six kids. Hopefully it doesn't last long for her.

    Thank you, I did have a good sleep. And thanks again for the tip about Imgur, it worked like a charm. :)

    Thanks about Essa's career, it's been a lot of fun so far. :) That fan is actually just a kid, a teen. I tried to write his thoughts like a normal hormonal teenage boy. I thought it was funny. :D If you didn't know he was a kid though, I can see how it might appear creepy. I should've made it clear he was a kid. Sorry about that.

    The bow animation came with the Get Famous pack. So far I've only seen it when our Sims perform scenes in public. :)

    I'll be back later with at least my Daily post pic for the day and to make any additional comments/replies needed. Hope y'all had a good day/night! <3
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    edited June 10
    You don't have to tell me anything haha, but sometimes I still might speculate and ask, and you can always share at your discretion :) And I feel like you read that comment about Essa's guitar playing in a way that I didn't intend (And I'm sorry if it came off as rude, that was definitely not my intention) I was just really impressed that you can get so many shots of one skill and really made it part of the story! I'm not very good at thinking to get multiple shots or even at including all of Jules' skilling as an actual part of the story, so I really like that you take the time to do that with Essa. It was meant as a compliment, but I'm sorry if that got lost in translation. I know there was more going on in that post and I commented on that as well. I just enjoyed that you had Essa skill up in so many locations and got those gorgeous shots :)

    The courtyard pack is great for sure! I didn't do a build from scratch yet, but I'm enjoying my gallery find for sure. There are a few screenshots that I feel get a little busy with all the color and brightness from the stuff from that pack, but for the most part, I really enjoy it. It's so different from the style I usually use for decorating and building that I'm finding it fun just to use different locations in the house because I enjoy viewing them.
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    June - Day 9: "Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars."


    In case anyone was wondering how I got that shot of Josh flying in the air, he was doing a swan dive and I used the tab key to get that angle with the Northern Lights. I love the Northern Lights and that screenshot is one of my new favorites for this month.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Thursday before work, Josh was finally down to his last task to complete the Lord of the Knits aspiration. I wondered if he'd be able to teach Frank how to knit since Essa already taught him, but he could!

    Ta Da! Good job Joshie! He left for work minutes later.

    And arrived home with another promotion thanks to his ability to convince his C.O. to give him a raise! Josh has now topped the Military career and received his final medal. The collection is complete. Not sure if I'll have him quit now or not. He has the Slacker reward trait so no consequences if he doesn't go to work. We'll see...

    Essa went to her next audition that night at 7 p.m. and passed again. The gig is scheduled for Saturday, so she had plenty of time to prepare. All she needed to do though was exercise a little and she was done. The other tasks were already checked off. This time she'll be starring in another Primetime TV show called, Last Town in the West.

    Josh has now been spending his off work hours making mechanisms and computer chips needed to build a female robot companion for Frank.

    I wasn't going to show Essa painting, I think I've posted more than enough screenshots of her painting, but the two Angelfish in the aquarium caught my eye. It looks like they're kissing! <3

    Essa spent the rest of Thursday night and all day Friday into Saturday morning painting. They don't need the simoleans so why you might ask? For every painting she gets fame points, more for masterpieces!

    Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Essa arrived at the studio and went directly to hair and make-up. She knows the drill by now. I like this look for her the best so far.
    "Thank you Mai, you did a fantastic job."
    "You're welcome Miss Elling...I mean, Essa."

    (Okay, now this is gorgeous! Same dress as before, but in my favorite color and the hat is fabulous! The red feather just makes it pop!)

    Essa rehearsed a few lines with her co-star and then it was time to hit her mark.

    I'm guessing Essa's either the Sheriff in this town or perhaps a Deputy. I got a kick out of how she slammed the door shut making her co-star jump back.

    Next two takes were dance numbers. She of course took the risky route for both since she's Level 10 in Dancing.

    A guitar solo, which she nailed.

    Last act was a song. Essa doesn't have much singing skill, but she still sounded like a Pro! How is that possible?

    The gig is done and Essa's still feeling extremely confident, she's felt that way all day. Another perk of painting for so long is she got a Surge Emotion option which lasts 12 hours or longer. She chose Confident as that's the optimum mood for Acting. We know how Essa feels about her performance, what does the Director think?

    It's the same less exuberant Director as before, but this time she has a tiny bit bigger smile on her face. Essa transportalated over to have a chat with her and a couple other set crew members.

    While she was talking to them, she got the notice of a Gold performance which tipped her over to a B-Lister 3 Star celebrity! Congrats Essa!

    She also was informed by Goldie that she'd been promoted in the Actor career to a Rising Star status. Double Congrats Essa! I think your fame rocket is beginning to fly over the moon!

    She went home soon after, and has another audition for a gig already scheduled. It's another Primetime TV role for a show called, ZBB: Apocalyse Rising.
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    Oasis Springs: Day Nine - The Winterfest Heist
    Trigger Warning: too many good feels in this chapter.. you might need a tissue..
    It was a sad morning at the Malones. Despite the fact that everyone knew why they were off of school and work for the day, there were no decorations up, and nobody had any illusions that any would suddenly appear. The recent move had left very little in the way of extra funds, and the family wasn’t exactly the best at remembering to celebrate holidays, anyway. Neither Bennie nor Marnie had said anything about it being Winterfest, and the kids didn’t really expect anything, especially this year.

    Bennie, for one, was worried the bills had arrived on Monday, and it was now Wednesday. There was still no way he was going to be affording them. And he didn’t know how to tell Marnie. Winterfest was the farthest thing from his mind.

    Everyone had gotten up and taken care of the morning needs, helped out with the cleaning, and paid some attention to the twins, who really didn’t know what they were missing out on.
    Then – at about 10 AM, the doorbell rang. Phoenix answered it.. only to find Benji and his girlfriend standing on the doorstep with a huge pine tree, and a large, lumpy trash bag. Benji swiped up his little brother in a big hug, and laughed. “Merry Winterfest, Phoenix!!” he said loudly, and the whole family was slowly trickling into the living room, completely agog at the spectacle.
    Before you knew it, the tree had been drug inside, leaving a trail of pine needles and sap behind, and everyone was excitedly decorating.
    The other bag proved to be full of wrapped presents with carefully printed gift tags, and nobody knew quite what to make of it. They certainly weren’t written in Benji’s handwriting, so Shaylee was clearly in on this surprise, too.
    As soon as the tree was up, Benji announced that he couldn’t wait to give the gifts out …
    … and promptly handed the first gift to little Brett. With a wonder only a toddler is quite capable of, he opened the box and found a new talking llama toy – which he put to use almost immediately. It even had working batteries!!
    The present opening continued, with everyone exclaiming lavishly over each gift, and thinking in the back of their mind for ideas for something they could possibly repurpose to give to Benji in return.
    Benji, who was clearly thinking ahead, told everyone that presents for him were NOT allowed, that he had certainly already gotten all he ever needed from his “new job’s sign-on bonus”, but Myles insisted.

    They watched Benji open the poorly wrapped gift (that was clearly wrapped in paper that had come from one of the gifts they had just opened).. and everyone burst into laughter as one of Myles’ precious frogs leapt out of the box and hopped in terror towards the kitchen.

    There was a minor rodeo as the frog was corralled, and Benji insisted Myles take it back and put it back with it’s froggy friends. The gift, however, was a roaring success, because it cheered even Bennie up.
    Playtime began, and nobody noticed that Shaylee and Marnie had disappeared together until there was a ringing bell from the direction of the kitchen.

    With shock, they realized they were getting a full holiday meal courtesy of Shaylee and Marnie, with ingredients Benji and Shaylee had thoughtfully brought in a small cooler that nobody had noticed.
    The large family gathered around the flimsy table, and Bennie was seen helping the one of the twins into their high chair (although it’s anyone’s guess whether or not he actually knew which one he was holding..)
    The happy twins were eventually shuffled off to bed, and Benji, Marnie, and Shaylee helped tuck in all the rest of the youngsters, then meticulously take down the tree. Marnie insisted that she would take care of the dishes in the morning, and sent Benji and Shaylee home with thanks and hugs. Nobody paid any attention to the two of them after they left the front door with assurances that they could take care of the tree and the cooler on their own.
    It wasn’t until the next morning that Bennie found a notice in the mail… the bills had been paid. For two weeks….!
    On the way back to the city, Shaylee and Benji giggled and whispered to each other the whole way, clearly riding on a high from the day. The proceeds from last night’s heist at the Landgraab’s vacant home had paid off handsomely. They knew they were in the clear because of club member Londyn’s surprising contact at the alarm company, that had made sure everything went smoothly. The Landgraabs would certainly be in for a surprise when they got home from their holiday vacation, but with no evidence other than missing things, there was little they could go on. It seemed almost too good to be true.. but Benji’s new “job” was a huge success. They arrived home, rode the elevator to their apartment, and climbed the stairs contentedly. Everyone else seemed to already be in bed, so they climbed into their bed contentedly and were fast asleep in moments. It had, after all, been a long 24 hours for them.
    Bonus Image:
    (Jaz did finally get to meet Father Winter, but only because she had gotten up to go pee in the middle of the night. Of course, I let her ask for a gift before he disappeared.. but I decided to not include the image in the chapter because – after all – the real Santa was Benji.)
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    *Updated my June 9th post above! Comments/replies coming up next. Have a great day/night everyone! Can't wait to find out what the new EP, Henford on Bagley is all about today in the trailer! :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,210 Member
    That's cool! Like I said, speculating is fun, I do it myself sometimes, can't help it. I just might not say much about it depending on if it's an ongoing situation or not. :) Thank you for the compliment. I admit I didn't know quite how to take what you said. It's hard to read intent in just text sometimes. I didn't know what else to show since all she literally did was play guitar to get her skill up. o.O

    I'm not familiar at all with the Get Famous EP, so even though the gig said something like Level 5, I just had her keep going. More is better, right? It was fun setting her up around the lot/neighborhood and taking screenshots from a multitude of angles. Plus, the Northern Lights and the Sunrays were a good way to show the passage of time, not to mention they're gorgeous. So when it seemed like you were mocking me for taking so many of just Essa playing guitar with that title, it deflated my happiness. Ah well, let's just move on, okay?

    I'll admit I wasn't quite sure about the Courtyard pack myself. At first glance the style does seem a bit busy, but somehow it all works together and is gorgeous! The more builds I saw made with the pack, the more I wanted it. Now I just need to find time to build with it! ;) For now I'm enjoying checking out the builds of others. :)
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    @Karababy52 I'm glad Imgur has finally behaved! I'm sure Menopause won't last so long, as I have enough to remember in that house without including her symptoms. I'm sure we'll all only notice when she can Woohoo again without Risky... ;) Also, this post and the next are a bit "time-span-like" to cover a "whole year" of baby-stage...
    No problem about the fan. I mean, it wasn't me he was being creepy about... Ah ok, so he was just a teen. I don't see a problem with me getting the wrong vibe from him because I didn't know that, I just thought he was gonna be more antagonist due to that misunderstanding :)
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    Oh man, so am I! Haven't had any problems since turning off Beta, so thanks again, I appreciate the help! :) Ah, so you have MCCC then? I heard that has a risky setting for percentages on the chances of woo hoo resulting in nooboos. ;) An entire year eh? Should be interesting to read. :)

    No worries! It's cool, I should've explained to begin with that he was a teen. They're just a bundle of hormones wildly fluctuated all over the place at that age, especially male teens in my opinion. :)
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    I got a little photo heavy again. Do guys appreciate it when I split up posts with a lot of photos like this, or does it not really matter? I'm fine doing either :)


    Update 160 - The Forgotten Grotto

    The next day, Emmett went out with some of his friends from University, so Jules decided to take Ruby and Kristine on an adventure. She knew the girls would love exploring the mine shaft she had found, and frankly, she wanted to be the one to show it to them before they inevitably discovered it themselves. At least this way she could supervise them to make sure the area was safe.

    Ruby was super excited and headed in first.

    And then Jules and Kristine followed.

    It was dark, but as they descended deeper into the ground, they could see a soft, almost mystical light emanating in the distance.

    "Whoa, this place is awesome, Mom!" Ruby exclaimed as the entered into the underground cavern.

    "Ew, why's there a toilet down here?" Ruby giggled, pointing to a crudely fashioned, free standing toilet.

    "I dare you to use it." Kristine looked at her mischievously.

    "Gross. I'd rather pee in the bushes," Ruby informed her. (I actually did try to get her to use it but she wouldn't with Kristine watching her, understandably LOL)

    The walls sparkled with iridescent crystals, and all three of them admired the strange, yet beautiful surroundings. It reminded Jules a bit of the strange world she had found through the trunk of that huge tree in Willow Creek, and she wondered the story behind each of these odd places.

    They decided to go fishing for a bit. (I wanted to catch a bat fish, no luck this time though)

    Jules scanned the area for collectables, and Ruby and Kristine built a sand sculpture.

    They headed back up into the daylight, and Ruby and Kristine played on the jungle gym for a bit while they waited for Kristine's brother to come pick her up.
    Kristine's brother, Bryon, came to fetch Kristine soon after.

    Kristine excitedly told him about their adventures from the day, and then begged both Bryon and Jules to let Ruby come sleepover her house.

    The adults agreed to their spontaneous plan, so Bryon took the girls back to his house. Jules wasn't quite ready to call it day yet. The park here was lovely, and she had noticed a Moroccan food stall nearby that seemed like a nice place to have dinner. She called up Emmett to see if he was done hanging out with his friends, and asked him if he'd want to come join her in the park for a bit.

    Emmett thought it sounded like a great idea and soon arrived at the park.

    They ordered dinner at the food stall, and found a picnic table where they could enjoy their meal.

    After eating, they walked around for a bit and found an observatory on the edge of the park boundaries.

    "So you seemed a little tense when we were talking about wedding plans over dinner," Jules noted. She had hoisted herself up on the base of the observatory, giving her a chance to look Emmett in the eye as she spoke to him.

    "Well," he admitted. "It's just that the last wedding we went to didn't turn out so great," he admitted, referring to Mario's wedding. He laughed dryly. "And that has left me with a slightly sour taste in my mouth when I think about doing a big, elaborate wedding and all the things that could potentially end up being stressful or dramatic about it. I just don't want our special day to be clouded by someone else's drama."

    "I can understand that," Jules told him. "The idea of a big elaborate wedding doesn't thrill me either. I'm more than happy keeping things small. I mean, in the end, I just want to marry you. I honestly don't want to fuss too much over the details."

    Emmett chuckled. "Most girls I know would want to fuss over ALL the details of a wedding. My mom is already bombarding me with ideas - I have a feeling she wants us to have that giant wedding we're avoiding...but we'll figure out the perfect balance," he concluded. He leaned into kiss her tenderly then.

    As he pulled away, he got a look in his eye that was all too familiar to Jules. "Emmett..." she began.

    But he was quick to suggest the privacy of the observatory. "If we're quick, no one should disturb us," he reasoned with a wink.

    Jules was a bit unsteady on her feet as they exited the observatory. She loved that the passion between them never grew old. Every day with Emmett was just as romantic and special as the last. Whatever they ended up planning for their wedding, she knew it would be lovely, because being with Emmett forever was the only thing that really mattered in the end.
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    Super cool angle and gorgeous backdrop for your daily shot. What pack do you get the Northern Lights with? I don't think it's something I've ever experienced in my game, so I figured it was a back that I didn't have. Cute pic of Josh teaching Frank how to knit. I think teaching someone to knit is one of my favorite animations of this game. Nice job finishing that collection of military badges!!! And that's exciting that Frank will have a female companion soon. And that is cute with the angelfish kissing! That makes me want to make a bigger aquarium in my game - that could be something fun for Ruby to do. When you said "Western" for Essa's next gig in the beginning of your post, I was excited to see what kind of set and costumes she got and that was a lot of fun to see those shots for sure!
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    Whoops, I almost missed your post! That was so sweet of Benji to come and give these kids a fantastic Winterfest. Warmed my heart to see some true happiness and togetherness for this family. Ah, well, until we find out how Benji paid for it all HAHA. But I like that detail - I assume you had him join the criminal career? Well, I wonder if he'll eventually get into trouble with that...
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    June 8

    Bryons Diary
    After work I immediately went over to mom’s place as promised. I didn’t even had to knock on the door. Mom was already excitedly waiting for me outside.

    (yep, she turned old and grey)

    (Bryon) “Oh mom, just how long have you been waiting here outside?”
    (Randi) “No time is too long to wait for my son.”

    Kristine also came outside to say hi.

    (Lets just pretend that ghost isn’t visible, lol)

    (Bryon) “You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you...”

    I explained how Naoki and I went to Del Sol Valley, just to meet up with Naoki’s parents and his sister.

    (Randi) “Oh, so Naoki does have a family after all? How is his family?”
    (Bryon) “His sister Hana is absolutely amazing, and his mother Maria also is super nice. I bet the two of you would get along!”
    (Kristine) “Oh, Naoki has a sister? Now I want to meet her...”

    (Bryon) “Also, I started vlogging!”
    (Randi) “Vlogging, you? Well well, never thought you would do something like that.”

    (Bryon) “What do you mean by that?”
    (Randi) “Nothing! It’s just that you’re not the most extraverted person, but I guess vlogging suits you.”
    (Kristine) “Are you going to be a celebrity now?”

    (Bryon) “I mean, I could be.”
    (Kristine) “Do you want to be famous?”
    (Bryon) “Well, I won’t dislike it...”

    (Randi) “If you need some celebrity advice, you should ask Brytani.”
    (Bryon) “You mean Gabbie’s mom? Hmm... That’s not a bad idea, actually. Maybe I should call Gabbie and ask her for Brytani’s contact information.”
    (Kristine) “Can I also be in one of your vlogs? I also want to be famous!”

    (Bryon) “Oh, but of course. You can be in any of my vlogs if you want!”
    (Kristine) “Really?!”
    (Randi) “Don’t spoil her too much, will you?”

    (Bryon) “But I would never spoil my little sister, right?”
    (Kristine) “Absolutely, haha!”

    (Randi) “Oh you dorks.”

    (I use this friendly interaction quite a lot)
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    June 9

    Bryons Diary
    After Gabbie gave her mom's number to me, I had a quick call with Brytani and we agreed to meet up at the so called ‘hottest spot in town’: Studio PBP.

    (Brytani) “Rule number one of being a celebrity! Stay true to yourself. Many celebrities change their appearance, their character, just so they could get more fans. It doesn’t matter how many fans you have. It matters that these fans love you for who you really are.”

    (Thorne) "You're learning a rookie how to be a celeb again, Brytani?"
    (Brytani) “Haha, I am! Rule number two! Fans want your attention. Try signing autographs, for example.”
    (Thorne) "Oh yeah, that's a good one."

    (Bryon) “Like this?”
    (Brytani) “Yes! Wonderful!”

    (Brytani) “Okay, time to try the same with some real fans!”
    (Bryon) “Wait, I already got real fans?”
    (Brytani) “Of course you do! You’re a celebrity!”
    (Bryon) “Heh. I can get used to this.”

    I spotted Eliza and told her I was practicing signing autographs. He happily agreed to have one too.

    (Eliza) “Bryon! I didn’t knew you could sing!! What are you, a super sim?!”
    (Bryon) "No no, not quite yet."

    The meet-and-greet with Brytani and her celebrity tips really helped me out.

    But now we got a new problem called ‘stans’... Brytani also told me about them. I guess I’m about to see some of the bad sides from being a celeb too...
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    Mia Patina
    June 10
    Week 6 Friday

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    This took a bit longer than I thought it would. Also a bit picture-heavy. Enjoy!

    June 5 - University - WK 3 - Back To Britechester - Part 5 - Graduation Day

    Sakura woke up and looked around her room. This would be the last day she would be here. After Graduation, she and Wolfgang were packing up and moving out, back to Windenburg. Joaquin Le Chien, her neighbor, had been house-sitting at her house and she had invited Wolfgang to stay overnight with her, as they would be getting back late.


    Meanwhile, Wolfgang was in his room packing his suitcases and did a double check to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything. He couldn't believe how much had changed since he had moved into the house. And to think that his being here with Sakura had started with some stolen planter pots. If not for that, Sakura might have stayed in residence. Things really do happen for a reason.


    Wolfgang had called his Mom and told her all the news about his grades, his new job and moving to Del Sol Valley. He had also told her that he and Sakura were now engaged, and his mother had been so excited for the two of them. Wolfgang said that he had so much more to tell her.

    Mila (Wolfgang's mother): "Wolfgang, I have arranged a small graduation party for you on Sunday, but now that I know that you and Sakura are engaged, well...we'll just have this as an engagement party, too. I just have to pick up a few more decorations..."

    Wolfgang: "Mom, I do have a favor to ask...if it's not too much trouble..." he said and he went on to talk to his mother privately.

    Sakura had let the owner of the house, Bruce Sterling, know that she and Wolfgang would be moving out, and he had already asked Jeb Harris to be the new Residence Supervisor at Rival House. Sakura thought that Jeb would do really well, because he was so easy-going. Their other roomies, Kenzie and Takumi would be staying, as well as their new robot roomie Abacus Roboto.

    Both their graduations were in the morning, and before they left, they took a lot of photos together and by themselves. When they returned, they would take a few more.

    Jeb wanted to take some photos of them, and he had a certain shot in mind and he had moved the kitchen table into the living room. Wolfgang entered the kitchen where Sakura was waiting for him ready to head to their Graduation Ceremonies.

    Wolfgang, "Oh, my...I didn't know anyone could look like such a hottie in academic regalia before...but's getting steamy in here..." he said as he took her in his arms and kissed her.

    They parted and Sakura felt herself blush, and thought that Wolfgang looked so handsome in his robe, too. They took a selfie together.


    Jeb came into the kitchen and was pretty excited to see them all ready for graduation.


    Jeb: "It's only fitting that I take a picture of the two of you with the Britechester and Foxbury flags behind you. It might be the only shot on campus where you will find the two flags side-by-side."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And Sakura headed off to Britechester for her Graduation Ceremony...


    Sakura saw her best girlfriends, Luna and Sofia, who were heading off to their Graduation Ceremonies, and they quickly took some photos together.




    Sakura told them she had exciting news to tell them, and they would all catch up on Sunday when they were back in Windenburg.


    When they left, Sakura stood waiting for her other classmates in front of the stadium, which had been decorated with UBrite banners. Sakura was excited and took a few photos.


    Then it was time to go inside.



    And they did it! They graduated! And all at once, everyone threw their graduation caps in the air. What a fantastic feeling!


    And it looks like Jenny was amongst Sakura's fellow graduates! Woot!



    Congratulations Sakura! Then they all seemed to run off to UBrite Commons for lunch. [Note: To be quite honest, they all just started running and I wasn't sure where they were all going because this is the first uni graduation I had done, so I just had Sakura run along with them. But at least I could get some screenies of everyone, as I wasn't controlling them.]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Meanwhile, over at Foxbury Institute, Wolfgang had headed to his Graduation Ceremony, and he was early...


    The stadium was all decorated with the Foxbury banners...



    River arrives and they both congratulate each other.


    Pretty soon, some other members of his class showed up. [Note: Since I couldn't go to two graduation ceremonies at the same time, I just picked a few of Wolfgang's friends to be part of his class. River because he was in Physics, too, and the one student was part of Bot Savants, and Julia Wright is a pre-made, also in the Physics program - at Britechester! lol Hey, she was on probation and I just figured she switched uni, right?]


    Wolfgang taking a photo with his best bud, River.


    While they are waiting, Wolfgang tells River that he is now engaged to Sakura.


    River tells Wolfgang that he and Sofia are actually going out now. [Note: In my story, River and Sofia had a bit of pink between them from a Scout camp when they were teens.]


    Wolfgang also tells River that they are moving to Del Sol Valley.


    River: "How did you get that job? You're going to be working on a movie! Holy Plumbobs!"

    Wolfgang: "Actually, Professor Lana knew someone and she recommended me for the position."


    River: "Oh, yeah, that Professor Lana always had a 'thing' for you dude. How's it feel to be the teacher's pet?" he said laughing.

    Wolfgang: "Where are you heading after graduation?

    River: "Got a job in Oasis Springs. Going into astronaut training. Can you believe it? I'm going to be floating among the stars, bro..."


    Wolfgang congratulated River, and realized that after graduation everyone would be heading off in different directions. It was then time to head into the stadium for the ceremony.



    Congratulations Wolfgang! Woot! You have graduated!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Wolfgang and Sakura headed back to Rival House and Jeb took some more photos of them.



    After more photos, Jeb and Wolfgang moved the table back in place and Sakura and Wolfgang headed upstairs to change into their regular clothes. It was time to go.


    Jeb said good-bye to Sakura, "Sakura, I have talked to the owner, and we're going to dedicate a wall in the house and put up photos of couples who were rival students who got together and lived here. He thought that was a good idea, and he has already found a photo of the original owner and his wife when they graduated. And I was going to add a photo of the two of you to that wall, too."

    Sakura smiled at Jeb and thought it was a wonderful idea. Jeb went to sit at the table and Wolfgang said he had to bring the suitcases down from their rooms and excused himself. Kenzie excused herself, too, saying she had some studying to do.


    When Kenzie walked away, Sakura noticed how Jeb looked after her and how Kenzie looked at him. Sakura smiled to herself, thinking that Jeb and Kenzie's photo might be up next on that wall.


    It was really hard to say good-bye to everyone, and Sakura was feeling rather emotional about leaving.


    Wolfgang held Sakura in his arms to try to cheer her up.


    Wolfgang: "Don't worry, Sakura, we'll keep in touch with everyone."

    Sakura smiled and nodded at Wolfgang. Wolfgang collected the suitcases and they headed outside.


    Wolfgang took Sakura's hands in his, "Are you ready to start our next adventure together, Sakura?"

    Sakura smiled, "With you, everyday is an adventure."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    They arrived in Windenburg and it was snowing heavily. Tomorrow morning, Wolfgang would help Sakura box up some items she wanted to take with her to Del Sol Valley. Then in the afternoon, they would head to his Mom's for the graduation party.


    Wolfgang had brought the suitcases inside, and Sakura was making them some dinner.

    Wolfgang came up behind her as she was cooking, "So, Sakura, now that we're here, I hope I won't have to sleep on that rocking chair again tonight..."


    Sakura looked at him confused, and then remembered he had stayed overnight another night so long ago, when they had been teens. He had stayed to watch over her and keep her safe after a rival gang had tried to create a disturbance at a party she was having. Of course, Joaquin had also stayed over, but now they were alone. [flashback memory photo]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sakura finished cooking, and faced Wolfgang and could feel herself go weak at the knees when he took a step towards her.

    Wolfgang: "...maybe you should show me where I'll be sleeping..." he said pulling Sakura in for a kiss.

    Sakura: "....but dinner...." she started to protest.


    Wolfgang winked at her, "...I'm not really hungry for food right now..." he said kissing her hands and then leading her upstairs.

    Okay,...well, I think we know where Wolfgang will tonight.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Here is a tidbit for anyone who hasn't played Discover University using separate sims going to different universities, even if they are in the same household. You can only attend one graduation, not both, so, unfortunately, Wolfgang does not have that "official" photo with him holding his diploma. He did get the wall plaque diploma, though, just not that nice photo. I had read about this and so took some other grad photo shots of them. Oh well.

    Since I wanted to take some photos of Sakura and Wolfgang before they left for the graduation ceremony, I just went into CAS and chose one of the graduation robes. Of course, it was the wrong one - lol - but I didn't want to go back and re-take all the photos with their real robes.
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  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,273 Member
    Actually, I didn't have him join the criminal career. He's pretty much started his own gang of criminals, anyway. However, he really isn't being very smart about flaunting his ill-gotten gains, is he? I honestly didn't have the whole Winterfest thing planned. I had Benji's heist planned for yesterday, but I didn't realize it was going to be on Winterfest until the day before. I was agonizing about how to pay their bills AND give the kids christmas, because I really felt like they needed a happy moment, but having Benji step in was the only way I could think to do it. He really does love his siblings, so I hope it wasn't TOO out of character for him...
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,202 Member
    edited June 10
    That's a bummer that you can't do the Batuu stuff as a teen. Well, cleaning it is then haha. At least you have two aspirations with that pack :)

    That's a great idea to have a joint graduation and engagement party, and Mila for sure would love hosting that. You do
    great parties in your game too, so I'm looking forward to that. I love that you got some shots with Luna and Sofia too, and the graduation screenshots were really nice - I like those posed ones you did in front of their flags and diplomas too, and that graduation photo of Wolfgang with Larry was a cute alternative since unfortunately you can't get both :( There is a mod that lets you get graduation photos for any sim (I used it for Emmett), so if you ever decide to dabble in CC/mods and want that, I can link you :) But you can take other nice photos with them in their robes too which make a nice alternative if you don't want to use CC, even if you can't get one with the the diploma. Graduations really are so emotional and I like that you captured that - that feeling of accomplishment and excitement about what's next, but also a little sad to say goodbye. I'm excited for their future together. And I'm curious to see which one of us - between you, karababy, and me - will get our sims married first haha. I have vague plans but haven't set anything in stone yet.

    I already commented on my favorite bits of your updates on discord, but I thought I'd give you an official comment too. One, it's nice to see you posting again, and the shorter updates are perfect right now while you're busy but then you don't feel like you're falling behind too much. And I think you're progressing at a very nice pace too. We all just started doing long updates at one point, but sometimes it's really nice to take a breather and do something smaller. Randi makes a cute elder, and I like that's you've started aging her, very realistic, and there's still a nice hint of blue in her hair. Kristine is looking cute and a bit older with her hairstyle too! I love that she wants to be famous too - and cute that Bryon offered to let her be in one of his vlogs. The snuggle pictures of them are cute too.

    And including Brytani was a great idea too since she already has a tie to your story, and nice of her to be able to offer Bryon advice as he rises to fame. I love that Eliza wanted his autograph too :) Man, this pack is interesting for sure, not sure I would want to deal with fame or if it would be a fun thing to explore. I am enjoying watching you guys play though!

    I feel like Benji was totally in character, he definitely has to be careful though since I feel like it's gonna go to his head, getting rich so quickly, and then he really will get into trouble. I do like that he had that Robin Hood moment with his family though - steal from the rich to give to the poor.
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    @Karababy52 - Had to comment on your photo of the day - Absolutely breathtaking...and I don't just mean Josh's abs! lol Is the Northern Lights a part of Del Sol Valley? I will have to check that out when I eventually get there. Soon, though... :)

    @permanentrose - And an equally stunning shot of the Forgotten Grotto...especially with all those bats flying around. Eek!
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    June 10

    Bryons Diary
    Everyone was still asleep when I woke up. After meeting up Brytani yesterday evening, I felt like it would be best to take it at a slower pace today (and hope that I would be spared from those 'stans').

    I decided to make another video game. I could go on a livestream later, explaining the game and stuff. I can already see my fame going up!

    Slowly but surely, the rest starts to wake up. I’m way too focussed on my video game for the moment. I hope Naoki doesn’t mind.

    (Naoki) “Hey, Bryon. I thing we should consider hiring a nanny...”
    (Bryon) “A nanny?”

    (Naoki) “I mean, we both have a day off today, but we're both pretty busy with our jobs... We can’t combine this all.”
    (Bryon) “You may be right... What about I call the nanny service later today, and have someone come over tomorrow?"
    (Naoki) “Yeah, sounds great!!”

    For the time being, Naoki tried to busy the toddlers, although he had a lot of work to do too. I feel so sorry for him... I guaranteed him I would play with the kids after I was done here, so he could start working.

    But first... This drink was in the mail.

    (Naoki) “Should you really drink something that was sent to you via mail?”

    Well, that’s a little too late to ask.

    (Bryon) “Whoa... This feels great!”

    (Audrey) “You sure you’re okay...?”
    (Bryon) "I never felt better!!"

    After playing with the kids for and putting them in bed for a nap, I went straight to my hobby room and called the nanny service while streaming. I mean, this is a good thing for their business, right? The nanny would come over for introductions first thing in the morning. Maybe I’ll stream that too!!
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    Comment Time. Have a great day/night everyone!

    @sassytxbrat -
    Wow! Mia worked so fast accomplishing that aspiration! Congrats! lol You are having problems playing Mia as a teen for one month - try the three months that we did it for! Ugh! I was so sick of all of Sakura's mood swings - she always had sad and gloomy ones. And also the tedious time going to high school. But, she did have some high points. So, the Strangerville glitch is in your game, too it seems.

    Cool! So you are trying to get all of Mia's skills up to take all of the teen part-time jobs. That's impressive. You really do play a very organized goal-driven game! lol

    Too bad you can't get her to do the Batuu pack, but Bust the Dust is good as it has two aspirations that she can do. I don't have either pack, so I will be living vicariously watching it in your game.

    @IllusoryThrall -
    Relief - Well at least Bennie is practicing for his job. That's a good thing. And, yes, Marnie cleans and does much of everything. The appointment with Gemma and Jaz went rather well. I am glad that Jaz is starting to open up a bit to someone. It is interesting that she thinks about Colin and that he might be having problems going to the bathroom, too.

    Winterfest Heist - Well, even though they had received ill-gotten goods, Benji seems to be the hero of the day for this family. And Shaylee as well. I only hope that they don't get caught. For once, we see some happiness for the family.

    @Karababy52 -
    Day 8 - Congrats to Essa for becoming a 2 star celebrity and getting a promo in her Acting career to Sitcom Star. And also to Josh - wow, the medal collection almost done, and he is now a very handsome Brigadier. Does Essa have a 'stan' now? Ewww...he wanted her to touch his butt...get that guy outta here! lol And then she gets a tv spot - Dignity and Decorum - haha - ok, Sakura wants that blue hair! lol
    She looks rather cute in her hairstyle and her costume. lol Essa's character was having an affair with the butler. lol Funny!

    Congrats to Josh for completing the Lord of the knits aspiration, and for getting to the top of his career. And now he is going to make a female companion for Frank. Ahhh... I thought Frank was in love with the old computer. And Essa has a new audition - a western! Oh this sounds good! And congrats to Essa for getting a gold on that performance, and she is now a B-Lister and a level 3 Celebrity. Things are looking really good for Essa as she just keeps getting promotions every time she acts! That costume looked great on her. Way to go!

    @miss_eulenauge -
    Oh gee, Sarah got the news that she's pre-menopausal. But yeah, 6 kids can trigger something like that early. And Greg just loves little Rae. I kind of feel sorry for Amelia, since she is the last one to be taken care of. There are a lot of issues in this family, and neither Greg or Sarah seem to know what to do. Sarah seems to want Greg to solve everything. I think Sarah might be happier if she just realized that Greg may not do what she wants him to do. Could some of the teens help out a bit, maybe? Some cooking or something? I'd like to see them more happy, but it looks like the kids are sad most of the time. :(

    @permanentrose -
    It's nice to have just a day of everyday activities. Jules did seem to enjoy herself in the park with Pickles. I did get a laugh out of Emmett with the book. I've seen that interaction and it's a hoot. And that tan makes his eyes stand out. Oh...he's dreamy :) I do understand about the job...but he does look rather nice in a suit. I had a chuckle out of the archaeological finds that Jules unearthed. Ruby is doing so great on Scouting - I know - they do things and they get credit for a badge. I love it, and there she is knitting. Cute. And Emmett is doing some digital painting. Nice work. Everyone seems to be working on making some simoleons, getting ready, I suppose for their next jungle trip. And I love the pool, too! The cover shot of Ruby on top of the climbers is a great shot! Love it!

    Glad that Jules brought Kristine and Ruby down into that mine shaft, because knowing these two, they would have discovered it on their own for sure. I am looking forward to discovering that myself in my game, too. And hello Bryon! Nice to see you in Jules' story. And what a nice guy, agreeing to the sleepover. And now Jules has free time and thinks about spending some alone time with Emmett...and, of course, he has some ideas about that! lol Jules is definitely going to woohoo in all the places you can woohoo in the sims! hehehe So, they were already talking about their wedding. I can understand Emmett's hesitation with what happened at Mario's wedding. But Jules isn't his ex-girlfriend who was cheating on him. Jules is in it for the long run.

    @Skeilah -
    June 8 - It was really nice to see that Bryon went to visit his Mom....and she aged up...:( no more blue hair. Who is the ghost that is living with them? lol I think that was a really nice chat and Bryon even said Kristine can be in one of his vlogs. Very sweet.

    And Bryon has a Celebrity Meet and Greet and gets tips from Brytani. lol How to be a Celebrity 101. Looks like the tips are paying off, but Bryon gets a "stan" Oh gosh! I think if he gets a stan that sim also has the klepto trait and they take things from Bryon's house. Oh gee!

    Bryon seems to be going gang busters on this vlogging and making video games. Leaves little time for the kids and Naoki. I hope that Naoki doesn't start to feel neglected. So, they are going to hire a nanny...why do I think this is going to be a bad idea? the way...when did Bryon get so buff? He is looking hot there in that last shot!
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    It’s just a fun little side challenge to see how many woohoo locations I can hit lol. I didn’t really mean to do it, but one they hit so many places in the jungle, I’ve been inspired to see if I can make all locations work. I still need a closet and then the special locations like the waterfall in Sulani and the cave in Mt. komorebi. Oh and the hot springs at mt. Komorebi lol. Am I missing any locations or objects? (I don’t have a dumpster since I don’t have EL or else I would make it work) ;)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,366 Member
    edited June 11
    Thank you @Karababy52 , @permanentrose and @SoulGal7 , for your comments <3
    I have decided to skip the commenting until I am officially up to date, this way I can do it faster :)
    Naturally i have read everyone's updates, and awesomed all <3

    Melody Connors, (and the blonde)

    Day 2 , June.


    Malcolm was swimming and Melody practicing her singing.

    I allowed finally Malcolm to publish all books he had wrote, BUM!! one star celeb :D And one got nominated Starlight Acolades award!!
    Melody had to go to work (still SV job) , but Malcolm had a free day, I made him to write a fitness guide.

    Time for the gala.. Hugo was the bouncer. Malcolm arrived a bit too early.
    OH! Judith was the host.. oh my..
    Most of the celebs were outside posing for pictures, Astrid won the first award. Poor Malcolm did take a seat as far as he could find.
    (Malcolm is just one star celeb, but Hugo had to let him in as he was nominated)
    Essa? Why looking so mad??
    Oh, great, the party pooper arrived (my fault, I'll explain later) , Melody's mom. NO, Malcolm, don't do that!!
    Essa, NOOOO!! (And pretty much everyone, including the host, Judith! )
    Okay, so, Malcolm did win.
    During his speech, Octavia passed out because of Melody's mom. GREAAT... Thorne was not happy about it either..
    ( to @permanentrose , I know you do not have GF, so Thorne Bailey and his wife, Octavia Bailey-Moon, are premade celebs, like is Judith Ward, lol, host in here this time)
    Rest of the gala (not much) went well. (note to me, have to add more chairs, as now Essa is sitting way back there. )

    When home, Malcolm was admiring his award.
    And poor Melody, it was so close to get the promotion.. next time, girl!

    About Party pooper! AKA Melody's mom!
    Okay, so Veera has the perk for the freaking confetti thing! I never had troubles before, as usually when I am in gala I PLAY her, or Anna, but in same household anyway.

    So the whole gala went useless at 90% of the time everyone were throwing confetti at her!

    Okay I will not load her house as I am not fond of setting all the Grimm stuff to Greg again..

    Ah well after Malcolm was home from gala, it was sim midnight, I added Melody's mom to the household, make her to go to have the celeb perks removal stuff..
    it was 7am! When she got back. I gave all her perks back, but NOT that annoying confetti one!

    I know there is a cheat, but I was too lazy to find what it was, so I just added her and did that and now she is back with Greg and kids :)
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    Oasis Springs: Day Ten - Bella and the Weird Day
    The knock at the door while the kids were at school startled Marnie while she was in the middle of cleaning the house. Dropping the vacuum, she wearily went to see who it was.

    “Yoo-hoo, Marnie?” she heard.

    Confused, she opened the door to find the one, the only, Bella Goth. At the MALONE’S house?! Before Marnie could figure out what to say, Bella waltzed in, dressed to kill in that tight red dress of hers, and Marnie inwardly cringed.

    “I was .. uh.. cleaning.” Marnie stammered, indicating the vacuum next to a half-cleaned up dust pile.
    “With all these kids of yours, I’m very sure you have to clean all the time! How about I help for a change. I’ll get the dishes, if you want to finish vacuuming?” Bella didn’t wait for a response, but simply started in on the mountain of dishes from the day before. Waspishly, Marnie wondered if she would chip a nail, but then decided to just buckle down and finish cleaning.
    Once the kids got home from school (making more dishes), and Marnie had made some fruit salad for the kids, Bella apparently decided to join them for lunch.

    Once Marnie actually sat down, Bella began slyly, “You and Myles are still coming to club today, right? I missed you last week.”

    “Oh! I was so busy cleaning, I sent Myles on his own. But with your help this morning, I should be able to get some time to myself for the evening.”

    “Great!” said Bella, “I have my car, I can drive us all back to Willow Creek, if you wouldn’t mind riding the bus home after?”

    “Actually – ” Marnie began…. paused, then continued, “We can’t leave until Bennie gets home from work. Someone has to watch the twins, you know.”

    Bella looked around, surprised, “Where’s your oldest?” she asked.

    “Benji? Oh, he moved out this past weekend. He and his friends moved to the city.”

    “Oh dear. You poor thing. How are you holding up without his help? I don’t know what I’d do without Cassandra.” Bella said, conspiratorially.

    “I’m doing fine.” Marnie said , looking out the window at the kids playing on the monkey bars. “Bennie even got a promotion lately.”
    Outside, Jaz was working off her lunch on the monkey bars, and trying to get all the way across them three times.
    Success!! Jaz finished her aspiration, and just hung out on the bars, wondering why Bella Goth was at their house talking to Marnie, of all people. It seemed an unlikely match.

    Once Bennie arrived home, Marnie brushed past him, ignoring his bluster about there being some fancy car in his parking spot (as if there weren’t other spots in front of their house…) – and called Myles.
    The ride to Willow Creek was completed in a lovely heated car, and Marnie and Bella talked about World Peace, discovering they shared the “Good” trait.

    Once arriving at the library, they played a couple rounds of chess, while all the kids did their homework without being asked, and played in the kid’s room at the library. Marnie felt like pinching herself to find out if she was still real.
    Myles managed to get another point of Mental skill, but, more importantly, became good friends with Alexander. They practiced with their void critters for a while, finished their homework together, and obediently went to get their winter gear as soon as their mothers called them. It was late by the time the bus stopped near home, but the meeting had been so much fun. Myles didn’t bother to ask if it was bed time, and simply went in to clean up for bed.

    Shaking her head, Marnie went in to find all the other kids in bed, and Bennie sound asleep. The table was filled with dishes again, but at least the floor was still clean.. mostly. Shrugging in bemusement, she went and got her night clothes and crawled into bed. ‘What a weird day,’ she thought to herself, and quickly drifted off to sleep.
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