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    ↑↑ Guide to all the lots I have posted so far listed above ↑↑
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    If you look at the small details of builds you may have noticed a few things I have reused a lot. I decided a few months into building that I wanted to put things in my build that represent important people in my life. :)

    <3 My Fiancé is the most important person in my life and I would not be where I am today without him. I decided to use the "Gnome matter what I'm still your baby" gnome as a reference to him. There aren't a whole lot of love based items in game and the name sounds like something cute and cheesy my man would use. <3

    ♡ If you ever see a rooster or an elephant they are to represent my grandmother's who up until their passing did everything they could to make sure I was taken care of. I always want to make sure they are remembered. The rooster for my grandmother Karen and the Elephant for my great grandmother Grace (their favorite animals)
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    Old Town Archive

    Gallery: Old Town Archive
    Slideshow: Photo Tour
    Lot Type: Library
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: 175,617
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    Its an older build I've had for a while that I've touched up. Built where the old Willow Creek Archive was. This library has a two story library room, clock tower, courtyard in the middle of the building, computer lab, children's room and an art room! Definitely more of a traditional vibe. Lots of cute little corners perfect for curling up with a good book.

    As always, turn on MoveObjects before placing :)


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    Move & Shake

    Gallery: Move & Shake
    Slideshow: Move & Shake Tour
    Lot Type: Gym
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: 121,201
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    The original owners of Movers & Shakers came into some hardships but were able to sell the lot for a deal. The new owners remodeled the lot, gave it more of an open and modern feel with more machines so more people can work out at once. There is a small front balcony overlooking the main street, a new juice bar located upstairs, and we just installed a basketball hoop!

    Make sure Move Objects is on when placing :)


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    It is great that you have started a showcase thread for your builds! :)
    Old Town Archive is a lovely library! :) The exterior design is very nice! Very nice wood texture, great arch windows and stone textured clock tower is lovely! The sunflowers and water fountains nook in the back area is very pretty! The middle courtyard with a sitting area is very nice! The interior furnishings and layout is very nice! It is great that there is an art room for Sims to enjoy painting. The Kids room is lovely! Kids will enjoy doing artwork on the activities table, experiments on the science lab table and the animal chairs are cute for them to sit on and enjoy reading! The coloured circles floor rugs are pretty! Very nice computer room to enjoy sitting at the desks using the computers to do studies or access the internet. The walls of bookcases in the main reading area of the library are lovely! The type of and placement of the bookcases is very nice!
    It is a lovely library build!
    Move & Shake is a great remodeling of the gym! :) Very nice exterior design, pretty flower bed, great large glass windows bringing in sunlight. and lovely furnishing of the interior! The blue and white colour scheme is very nice. The furnishing of the areas with the fitness equipment is very nice! The juice bar area is very nice to have tea from the brewer and coffee from the coffee maker. The basketball half court and kids jungle gym are great additions to the gym!
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    DC Townhouses

    Gallery: DC Townhouses
    Slideshow: DC Townhouses Tour
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Cost: 174,859
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    This one I actually built back when I first returned to the Sims 4 at the beginning of the year. Its not my best looking build but it is a good representation of some of the townhouses you would find in Washington DC. I decided to leave it as it is, instead of adding more or changing anything (since I only had a few packs when I first built this and so I don't have to reupload it to the gallery). There are quite a few bare spots in the landscaping and a few trees glitching through the walls, sorry about it. I since have learned many tips and tricks lol

    This was built on the "Garden Essence" lot in Willow Creek but any 40x30 lot will work, it just might look better if there is a street corner on the right.
    4 different townhomes, all with the same layout but slightly different interior themes to match the exterior. Its not quite a shell but it has very basic furniture inside, just enough to get you by until your sim finds a job and can start filling it with their own personal items.
    The sidewalks and little side alley are all red brick like some of the older streets in DC, lots of cherry blossom trees to represent the hundreds of those trees scattered around the city that all bloom in the spring.
    I don't think we can designate apartments yet when making our own so I just lock the entry doors to each townhome so that only the Sim that lives in that townhouse can enter. The side building is more of a public use building, it can be used for whatever you feel would look best (library, rec room, restaurant...etc)

    Make sure MoveObjects is on when placing this lot ;)

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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,572 Member
    I love your builds! I immediately downloaded the gym and the library. I'm used to using what's in the game but it'll be nice to see something different. 😊
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    @duvelina Thanks for all the nice comments :) let me know if there is anything else you needed built!
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    National Mall/Bunker

    Gallery: National Mall Park/ Bunker
    Slideshow: Tour the National Mall
    Lot Type: Residential OR Park OR National Park
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: 76,651
    Back to the Guide

    This enjoy this build because of its versatility. This lot is in the gallery as a residential lot but it meets all the requirements of being a National Park, or a regular Park as well. Whatever you want it to be!

    Modeled after the National Park in Washington DC. This lot contains replicas of the Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, and Lincoln Memorial, with a few cherry blossoms to accent the back of the park. :)

    Underground is the new secret bunker! 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen and separate living room.


    The Bunker:
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    Spacious Family Home

    Gallery: Spacious Family Home
    Slideshow: Spacious Family Home Photo Tour
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Cost: 111,743
    Back to the Guide

    This is another build I did a few months back. I believe it was from a floor plan I found on pinterest. I love the exterior of the home.... however when I was going through and taking pictures I gotta say I'm not quite sure why I picked some of that furniture lol but oh well. You live and you learn. So the first floor is very minimal decoration and the bedrooms have almost none but there is full furniture throughout the build and a large empty backyard so you can fill it with all of your sims favorite activities.

    I also separated the kitchen off and uploaded it as a room for anyone looking for a country themed kitchen: Cute Country Kitchen

    4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms
    And as always, make sure moveobjects is on :)

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    Grey Modern Home

    Gallery: Grey Modern Home
    Slideshow: Grey Modern Home Tour
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: 37,135
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    This home was actually started for a request for @Duvelina and I decided to make it work for the 100 Day Creativity Challenge also.

    Requests: about 50.000 simoleons, bedrooms for two parents and three kids, a basement for a warlock, a home gym, a lot of grey tones and a modern look overall, build on a lot that's too small or too big.
    The Challenge: Make a build with the non-colors (white, black, grey, brown)

    Three floors (including the basement) Carport with side entry door, back patio with gardening area, 3 bedrooms. Fully furnished.

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    Toker's Tiki Pool

    Gallery: Toker's Tiki Pool
    Slideshow: Tiki Pool Tour
    Lot Type: Pool
    Lot Size: 40x30
    Cost: 120,304
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    This is another build I did months ago but it remains one of my favorites. Its a public pool with a bar, public and private gazebos, two pool areas, a kid area, and A LAZY RIVER with a tunnel!!! Who doesn't love lazy rivers!? This lot is stuffed full of plants and greenery to give the entire place island/jungle vibes.

    Make sure moveobjects is on! :)

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    A Wooded Cabin

    Gallery: Wooded Cabin
    Slideshow: Wooded Cabin Tour
    Lot Size: 20x15
    Cost: 63,505
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    2 bedrooms, 1 bath. This is a modern style wooden cabin. Open concept for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Upstairs hallway opens up to a view of the living room below! Decent size patio in the back, partially covered, and a private balcony. Perfect for a small family or to use as a rental! Downstairs is nicely decorated with cool green tones and plenty of plants, but the bedrooms have no decorations so that you can have it match your sim's style.

    A lot of these older builds (like this one) were done months ago and to save myself the time of reuploading everything to the gallery I just tour the old builds. There may be some items missing and simple tricks I didn't know back then.

    Make sure moveobjects is on!

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  • FatTribble23FatTribble23 Posts: 571 Member
    I really like your Spacious Family Home. It is just my taste and will be perfect in my redo of Willow Creek. Thank you!
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    @FatTribble23 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the build!!
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    Scorpio's Sanctuary

    Gallery: Scorpio's Sanctuary
    Slideshow: Scorpio's Sanctuary Tour
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: $66,251
    No CC Artwork by: jlewi38 and Eevam
    Back to the Guide

    Made for the 100 Day Creativity Challenge this home is built around the Scorpio zodiac sign. Lots of reds (passionate) and a few blue rooms to represent it being a water sign. The main bedroom is also a secret room because Scorpios are private.

    This is a modern home. 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. The main entry is open to the study area at the top of the stairs, open layout throughout the first floor with lots of windows with views of the front street and back yard. Nice size pool with a two level patio area. The main bedroom is behind the bookcase in the entry room and has its own private bathroom with large windows looking into the pool in the back.

    Make sure moveobjects is on before placing and let me know what you think! :)

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    Modern Nature Glass House

    Gallery: Modern Nature Glass House
    Slideshow: Modern Nature Glass House Tour
    Cost: $71,406
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Back to the Guide

    I was going for a glass house but also kind of wanted it to blend in with the trees and have a real nature feel. So welcome to your new modern glass house. This is 1 bedroom, 1 bath house. The kitchen/dining/living areas are all open and surrounded with windows. Can be used as a residential lot OR a tiny home!

    If you place the lot make sure moveobjects is on :)

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    Happy Holidays Home

    Gallery: Happy Holidays Home
    Slideshow: Holiday Home Tour
    Lot Size: 30x20
    Cost: $107,783
    No CC Artwork by:
    SimSationalToo @SimSationalToo: Holly Jolly
    All is Calm All is Bright
    Happy Holidays 2 U Deer
    Christmas Explosion Art
    hootofthesims @hootofthesims
    Holiday Art - Set 4
    Xmas Tree Pics
    O Xmas Trees
    juwels64 @Juwels64
    Holiday Prints

    Click here to go back to the guide

    I also used this in the 100 Day Challenge

    I've been feeling festive so I decided to make a Christmas theme house. The layout is original, house was started with the idea of a nice big tree in front of a big window so the neighborhood could see it. It grew from there to be 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and every single room is a Christmas theme <3 . Perfect for a holiday rental, hosting a holiday event, or just for a sim or simmer who plain loves Christmas! Looks best with snow but any lot will do.

    I highly recommend checking out the slideshow tour if you don't usually. Every room in this house is a treat.
    Make sure moveobjects is on when placing this lot

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! :)

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  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 8,952 Member
    These are all very nice, but why does everything I like need MOO???
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    @catmando830 Thanks! Its basically just a habit for me to use MOO because I think being able to place items freely gives the builds a more realistic look..... BUT I will keep this in mind and when I finish with my current build I will make a house that doesn't require MOO :)
  • NiniBeMe69NiniBeMe69 Posts: 2,307 Member
    Amazing builds!! Attention to detail is spot on and I love your interior design.
  • catmando830catmando830 Posts: 8,952 Member
    @Clousinators - I download a bunch and marked you as a favorite.
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 582 Member
    @NiniBeMe69 and @catmando830 Thank you both so much, I appreciate the kind comments!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,508 Member
    Congratulations on being mentioned in Friday Hightlights,Clousinator! B)

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    @coolsim9999999 Thank you! If you wouldn't have mentioned it I would have totally forgotten to check the highlights this week!
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