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Suggestions For Future Updates


  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 22 Member
    I think there should be a summer outdoors event where you can buy outdoor items/furniture with tokens you've earned like the Halloween event. It was really good to have a choice and buy what you want instead of having lots of repeat items/colours. There could be cool stuff like a
    * Fire pit
    * hammock
    * swimming pool
    * fish pond
    * palm trees (small and large)
    * bbq/grill for those who missed out in the backyard bbq event like myself
    * trampoline
    * kids play equipment for more actions with toddlers/kids
    * sun lounges
    * bird avery
    * large patio plants
    * fruit trees that give energy

    The list goes on....
    Fingers crossed we have something like this in the future 😁
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 22 Member
    Also, if Llamazoom is staying, PLEASE increase the rewards to include simoleons or sim bucks and more tokens (3-5) instead of 1. It would just make the Llamazoom tasks a little more worth it for people who are at max level and don't recieve xp anymore 🙂
  • Erin7047Erin7047 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see a proper family tree like the PC Sims games have. I appreciate that it tells you mother, father, cousin etc. But would love to see the actual tree .
  • Faithful9091Faithful9091 Posts: 5 New Member
    I would love a way to invite players on your friends list to visit your home without having to throw a party
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    - a new lot called Park, where you can decorate any way you want with unlockable items.
    - New ways of parties: barbecue day, movie hangout.
    - option to change the toddlers and kids clothes
    - An event that unlocks laundry and laundry weekly system
    - A new heirloom that would unlock the fertility trait to have twins or a update on hospital to get babies there.
    - Expansion of the game map with an area with beach or buildings.
    - Izzy finally wins a store with weekly clothing updates (new colors or new prints).
    - Reform in inventory. It needs to be organized.
    - Option to add basements and second floor
    - Day/Night cicle on home lot
  • QueenWittyQueenWitty Posts: 2 New Member
    Future updates ideas:

    Sell furniture for cash/ coins

    Make having a baby n aging up possible ( no time limits)

    More career and building options ( vet , pet store owner, police, teacher, daycare,florist, farmer,pizza delivery, mechanic, librarian, etc) Playgrounds, campgrounds, public pools, mansions, animal shelter, yachts, zoo, etc

    Offer more cupcakes..less cake slices

    Allow unlimited expansion of rooms and unlimited furniture

    More n better rewards for ad watching

    Seasons change
  • AriannaReginaAriannaRegina Posts: 6 New Member
    Inventory needs to have an organizing system. They way it is now is chaotic and confusing to go through. We should be allowed to either make our own categories to sort household objects in and/or let there be default categories of sorting items in our inventory. Sorting by newest to oldest added items might be helpful, too.
  • AriannaReginaAriannaRegina Posts: 6 New Member
    The new clothing store button should go someplace else. I don't like having it right above my Sim info button. I keep hitting the clothing store button every time I try to view my Sim's info and friendships. Since the clothing store takes longer to load, it takes twice, almost 3x longer to get to my Sim's info whenever I make this mistake.

    The button might be better off in the top left area of the screen or in the buying more because it's technically a store.
  • AriannaReginaAriannaRegina Posts: 6 New Member
    Please significantly reduce prices of Sim attire and accessories, or maybe better yet, go back to one price for all colors of one item. The new system is insane. Very, very expensive. It's practically price gauging. Makes me want to play the game less than more, which might be the opposite of the intent of the new system.
  • AriannaReginaAriannaRegina Posts: 6 New Member
    I want to be able to do more with the youth in the game. I would also like to be able to advance their skills while they're young. The good upbringing is in the right direction. Might be fun to do more with them though.
  • AriannaReginaAriannaRegina Posts: 6 New Member
    Izzy's Shop: I love it! I wish there was an option to select what gender item you wanted before the item is generated. I get way more female items than male ones.

    Maybe another idea: be allowed to lock in 1 feature of the item at no cost (i.e. clothing, trait boost, animation).
  • Ballerina_over_here7Ballerina_over_here7 Posts: 3 New Member
    I think that the sims should make there room and room and land expansions CHEAPER those cost so much. You have to basically save up to buy those things. I don’t play sims for money skills I play for entertainment. I also think that either the events need to be shorter or there needs to be a option to speed up the game, pause it, or slow it down like sims 4. I also think that events should give you more simoliens and sim cash. There should also be PETS. And also more house hold spaces. Your house shouldn’t fill up so quickly. You should also be able to control you child sims. I also would like to appreciate the fact that things don’t take nearly as long as the sims FreePlay. And can we just take a moment to complain about the fact that you can’t sell stuff. My final point is that the sims need more energy. If you made it all the way to the end I congratulate you. Thank you for reading about how I think that sims mobile and sims 4 should be the same. Finally MAKER OF SIMS LISTEN TO ME THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT GIVE IT TO THEM.
  • Littlemissred3Littlemissred3 Posts: 5 New Member
    There Has Got to be an improvement made on, (A) being able to sell some inventory, (B) categorize items like in the buy mode, or (C) maybe storage building mode to go to in another part of the map. My inventory is so cluttered up that it’s hard to find anything.
  • Scaussie75Scaussie75 Posts: 2 New Member
    I would like objects added.

    - square coffee table
    - hanging baskets of flowers for external walls
    - slide, sandpit, playhouse, etc for toddler and children to play outside
    - laundry items like washers dryers and external clothes line
    - more wardrobes
    - working sprinklers
    - pay for morning paper to be delivered and when it arrives you get a bonus
    - snow globe ornament
    - yarn basket for a crafting hobby
    - movable letterbox
    - 2x2 as well as 4x2 cobble garden path
    - taller indoor plants
    - wall paintings that don't take up floor space

    Anyway, that's my wish list to Simta.
    I don't expect any of them, but it would be lovely to see some come into play, for me at least.

    Have a lovely day to you all xx
  • Scaussie75Scaussie75 Posts: 2 New Member
    Oh, forgot to say, i feel ripped off in events when i pay to open boxes and already have an item so it gives a cash payout instead. Please could you programme it so that you don't get duplicate items.
    Realise you guys have probably thought about it and this type of change is a huge undertaking.

    Also, i would like to be able to sell furniture. Some of the stuff i will never use.
  • KayceedeeKayceedee Posts: 2 New Member
    I made it to level 50... I bought every piece of land... and nothing happened! I'd like a bit more fanfare. Some kind of "well done!" Or a top hat and a monacle for my Sims to show I'm a landowner! I don't know, just something. I've maxxed out the game and I've got a beautiful house for my Sims and I just want the game to acknowledge that goshdarnit.

    Also the inventory is still a hot mess.
  • Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,492 Member
    I'd like to see the randomizing mystery boxes completely changed. Since they're keeping the "pay for different color swatches" feature, completing collections for quest events is even harder.

    For instance, this past Anniversary event (which is now ended), majority of my mystery boxes were duplicates, that turned into fashion gems or simoleons and the fact of the matter is, I earned nearly 24,000 balloons (with the purchase of the bonus bundle that makes 400 balloons every 11 hours and a few purchases of the $9.99 packs that give you 15 mystery boxes; I even used 75 simcash to up my chances but no luck). Yet, I still kept getting the repeating duplicates: gargoyle/Fairy makeup/bubbling cauldron. When all I cared about getting was the Apple Juice Press Machine.

    I feel like the mystery boxes should be programmed to be like this:
    -You get random swatches that aren't yet OWNED by you
    -You only start getting duplicates AFTER you OWN ALL color swatches of prizes and/or you've completed the collection, to where you own AT LEAST 1 swatch per item

    By the remaining hours of the event, I stopped hoping to get the Apple Juice Press Machine and just hoped I'd at least get new color swatches instead of the god awful duplicates of the aforementioned items.

    ........Or if I'm being entirely honest, the mystery boxes can be completely abolished? I like being able to FREELY CHOOSE what prizes I'd like to own.
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  • PlumbobMafiaQueenPlumbobMafiaQueen Posts: 147 Member
    I have quite alot to say about the Sims Mobile .. Wow I mean I remember when the game came out , a wjile back and I thought I'd see what it was all about , at this time I was desperate for a Sims game as I didn't play TS4 at the time , I downloaded it . You know what I loved it .. I had a huge family and it was great fun , I could get people married at any time , have children at any time etc . UNTIL THE UPDATE CAME . I deleted the game as I came on and I saw you had to do events to unlock marriages and having babies !!!! Please EA do you think that is going to make the game fun ? Then about a year passed , I sorta went in between downloading and deleting the game and then a new update was released , At the time I'd been playing TS4 for a year and a lot of months , I saw the new clothes and CAS items and I was happy to see some of my fave sims 4 CAS items and I kept the app , this is the current big update on sims mobile , I did play for a while persevering to complete events to unlock marriages and having babies. I still believe that is a absurd idea as the sims mobile is a a app where you level up so why make everything else so slow . I think I got to level 23 with a family but I did lose interest and easily got bored of the game as the gameplay was so limited and I think the houses are quite boring in the concept of how you build them and the Build and Buy mode . I do understand this is a free app but a few tweaks and this could be much more interesting and less tiring and boring as you go on .
  • PlumbobMafiaQueenPlumbobMafiaQueen Posts: 147 Member
    By my comment if it is not clear I would like to abolish the endless events to get basic things and some better houses !!!!!!
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 38 New Member
    Did you see the post no twitter?
  • LunaZingaraLunaZingara Posts: 2 New Member
    If a future update could bring down the cost of expanding your home and yard, that would be great. I'm at the point where my plots and rooms cost way over 10,000 sim coins each. It's outrageous and along with opening businesses and upgrading things for jobs and hobbies, I haven't been able to add any more yard plots or rooms in forever because of it. I have 4 adult Sims, 1 child, and 2 retired Sims living in a place with 2 beds
  • LunaZingaraLunaZingara Posts: 2 New Member
    It would be cool if we could age our kids into teenagers instead of straight to adults!
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 38 New Member
    I think we need an option to cancel an event or to go back after we see the time it takes, once you click it’s not possible to go back, and if I want a quick event instead of a normal one, I have to stick with the normal until the end.
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    now that the game is in the hands of firemonkeys, I hope they finally arrange the inventory and also the system of day and night in the residential lot.
    and of course additionals residential lots
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 38 New Member
    Can you make the bathroom sink with a grey stone to match the kitchen counters? So that we can do a bathroom counter with parfums and towels
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