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Suggestions For Future Updates



  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 17 New Member
    I think there should be a summer outdoors event where you can buy outdoor items/furniture with tokens you've earned like the Halloween event. It was really good to have a choice and buy what you want instead of having lots of repeat items/colours. There could be cool stuff like a
    * Fire pit
    * hammock
    * swimming pool
    * fish pond
    * palm trees (small and large)
    * bbq/grill for those who missed out in the backyard bbq event like myself
    * trampoline
    * kids play equipment for more actions with toddlers/kids
    * sun lounges
    * bird avery
    * large patio plants
    * fruit trees that give energy

    The list goes on....
    Fingers crossed we have something like this in the future 😁
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 17 New Member
    Also, if Llamazoom is staying, PLEASE increase the rewards to include simoleons or sim bucks and more tokens (3-5) instead of 1. It would just make the Llamazoom tasks a little more worth it for people who are at max level and don't recieve xp anymore 🙂
  • Erin7047Erin7047 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see a proper family tree like the PC Sims games have. I appreciate that it tells you mother, father, cousin etc. But would love to see the actual tree .
  • Faithful9091Faithful9091 Posts: 5 New Member
    I would love a way to invite players on your friends list to visit your home without having to throw a party
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