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Suggestions For Future Updates



  • AgynessAgyness Posts: 1 New Member
    EA GAMES all these suggestions and feedback is pretty obvious and is staring you in the face. I have already paid £40 to get stuff packs and simcash and now I am reading that one more level and I will have a limit on the amount of new items I can buy to put in my new fancy home??? That plum! As a paying customer I want to see all the above suggestions realised in the game, otherwise I am going to throw in the towel. To reiterate, please:
    1. Make number of stuff available to buy for home unlimited
    1.1 let us organise, sell or trash unwanted inventory items
    2. Give Sims a payrise! Everything is getting more expensive with each new level, but the pay tops at 450? I want more pay !
    3.make Simfood a source of energy!
    4. Reconsider the ridiculous simcash prices for stuff like haircuts or jacuzzi bath! This is ridiculuos!
    5. Let us earn Simcash in more quantity than just 2$ for completing the quest!
    6. Update the game to all.of the above, or I'm leaving once I reach the limit in putting items in my home. All these horror stories I read about your limits and coaxing players to spend gazillions of our real life cash sound extremely demotivating. Ugh...
    7. Thank if you do take your customers suggestions onboard and let us se them realised. You can only gain if you do.
  • Snowdrop18Snowdrop18 Posts: 33 Member
    Eliminate LlamaZoom. I refuse to do it. It’s a ripoff.
  • thatwasexcellentthatwasexcellent Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish the limited time quests didn't mainly consist of having to complete llama zoom tasks. Every other part is to complete llama zoom tasks, or if you're lucky, 2!
  • GodivaDayGodivaDay Posts: 4 New Member
    Just started playing about 6 most ago....keeps me occupied during my lunch hours. It would be nice if Sims go out on Dates other than at the cafe or dancing. Let them arrive holding hands or at least appear like a couple. A romantic picnic at the park or even a romantic stroll hand in hand at the waterfront. Also when the older married couple leaves the household, let them come back to visit as a couple or at least create an event like "Mom and Dad come to visit" . Last but not least, allow the Sims to have a car. As you rise in the career you can earn $ to purchase better Cars, SUV's, Motorcycle even.
  • BlackdollBlackdoll Posts: 1 New Member
    J'aimerai bien qu'il y ai des escaliers et des étages à ajouter pour agrandir mieu notre maison dans les sims mobile. J'ai trop envie de faire ma maison avec un étage.
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