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Suggestions For Future Updates


  • catsuncatsun Posts: 11 New Member
    How about a Santa workshop with elves that we go to for an event. You could win house lights, Christmas tree, Wreath that can go on a door or above the fireplace, garland, presents for the tree........
  • vicky614vicky614 Posts: 2 New Member
    Not sure if this is related to the last update. Since then. My sims aren't earning money from going to work. Anyone else has this issue? I ended up letting them quit and started an art gallery for income.
  • freedfreed Posts: 1 New Member
    I haven't read all of these but skimming, some of these seem pretty detailed and are more about the further expansion and development of the game. As far as updates and more minor improvements go, I have a few suggestions (and a complaint).

    First, I would really like to see the option of selling some items from your inventory. Have 10 items from a special event is not only annoying, it's useless and just clutters up one's inventory. Or there may be items you simply just don't want anymore. I find it ridiculous that you just have to keep them. Second, I think more customizable work places would be nice. It's already cool how you can change a lot of the furniture color and rearrange things but it doesn't do a whole lot of good if you can't change the wall/floor pattern or even the room size. Also, more furniture items are being added but hardly any hairstyles, clothes or makeup.

    I do have a few complaints but the most important one is the most recent update. I think it is a total scam. As mentioned before, you may think you're buying just one color for a cheaper price but you have to pay that price in addition to the original price listed, ultimately costing you more money. I think it's extremely stupid that it's marketed as "saving" money and "costing less" to one or just a few colors rather than all of them. I understand money needs to be made from this but I think if EA and Maxis continue trying to make this game more and more reliable on real cash, they're going to see a decrease in players fed up from the corporate scheme.
  • _Bulma__Bulma_ Posts: 49 Member
    Please, I need a way to search through my inventory and organize my inventory... it's just a mess!
    I have a lot of items I put away, like holiday stuff after the holiday is over. Or sometimes I just put stuff away to move things around.
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  • TyMormanTyMorman Posts: 1 New Member
    At this point, I just want to uninstall
  • psycjpsycj Posts: 10 New Member
    Adding support to the item slots suggestion. I am currently at max level and you keep giving us nice things... But now there isn't any item slots left. Would really love it if that were increased. :)
  • catsuncatsun Posts: 11 New Member
    Personally the latest Seasonal quest is ridiculous. Seriously a bunny for Christmas 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why not a Christmas wreath. Worst lights.
    Please do something with the inventory - separate it into sections like seasonal, furniture, charms........
    rant of the day
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member

    a simmer made this video with great ideas to improve lhamazoom and the interface of surprising choices.
    I would love if the team watch this video!
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member

    I would love to see a retirement notice like this in the game. Less intrusive.


    Improvements in lhamazoom with ways to receive items from old events or gems.


    New ways to play with children, including an option to send them to school and disappear from the map for a while (4 hours?) And the definition of the trait according to the grades she takes in school (homework and projects!) and how she interacts with other adults in the world.
    Maybe an area where you could take to meet other kids.


    Benjamin has been made this great things at the last days creating these concepts for the community! I love the work he does and makes me wish these things were in the game!!

  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    My Sims contacts and relationship stories keep disappearing. Help me EA, I've been ranting across different boards for months now, do y'all even read these things?
  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    It's very frustrating when I spend weeks attending different parties to gather up Sims to start relationships with and have to watch in amusement as 80% of them vanish in a flash without any warning. Just poof and they are gone. Relationships as high as level 6 just disappear and I have to start all over..... This is a serious issue. Its annoying and frustrating the way this happens and I'm getting really tired of typing these complaints.. Please fix this, I beg of you
  • EA_CianEA_Cian Posts: 1,359 EA Staff (retired)
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  • Snowdrop18Snowdrop18 Posts: 36 Member
    Can we please have some sort of inventory organization in the next update? I now have almost 400 items in my inventory; searching for Winterfest rewards in the middle of that is frustrating and time consuming. Could rewards be placed in a separate category, or at least at the beginning or end of inventory, so they are easier to find? Would love to sell some things, but please give us some organization if we must keep everything. A “Spring Cleaning” event, where we can clean out our homes and closets, would be great!
  • PoumbiPoumbi Posts: 35 Member
    edited December 2018
    Has anybody noticed how the string lights look like stickers, along with the bunny wreath and some of the other Christmas rewards? It seems as if they put very little effort into making the lights look like lights, they don't even have a subtle glow.. Not even 3D...

    Also, why do we have to earn a crazy amount of money ($28,800~) and llamazoom tokens (6) that takes days to earn, and then have to wait 5 days for a land expansion--that we rightfully earned--to clear?? It takes like two weeks to earn and then wait... Why????

    The inventory is so full of stuff we need a way to clear some of the items. It is time consuming to scroll through old items to find my new string lights.

    The point of Sims Mobile is to have the nicest house, to build a beautiful home and show it off to other plays, but how on earth are we supposed to build an extravagant home with an item limit? Let us unleash our creativity! I can't build a garden if I want my house to be fully furnished, the item limit stops me from doing that. With all the cash grabs and money you are making from selling individual colors you'd think you would buy a server big enough to support no item limit!

    And on the topic of earning individual colors in the Winterfest event, colors are NOT gifts!!! I still stand by removing the purchasing of individual colors for items. It's just not kind nor a good business move.
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  • VyellerVyeller Posts: 2 New Member
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but they need to make the characters disappear when you’re rearranging your home. They get in the way ALL of the time. It seems whenever I want to move something somewhere, it won’t let me because a sim is in the way. SO frustrating!
  • SimsDebSimsDeb Posts: 2 New Member
    I would definitely like to see some organization of our inventory. It's too hard to navigate as is. I think with the current update, and having to purchase individual colors was a huge mistake. It's just plain greedy. I would like to see that taken out of the game. Also, for items we may have missed out on, I would prefer to know what I am purchasing. The mystery box is a bad idea. I don't want to spend $10, and end up with items I already have. And finally, I wish you would make the special events easier to finish. I think I may have completed two so far?
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    the ice rink went away along with the Christmas event. There could be added another skating rink there on the waterfront. It's a cool item to have on a first date. They could put food stalls all over the world too.

    One thing I liked was that they added boxes to try to win items from past events. You could leave those boxes fixed there for anyone trying to win items at any time, it does not have to be temporary.

    This Christmas there was nothing for children. Could we be getting more items for kids next year? It's something I really miss! Children's toys please!
  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 43 Member
    > @YourRoyalHigheness said:
    > I agree about our personal inventory. We should be able to host a weekly yard sale to earn simoleons or simcash. Having a better way to organize our inventory would be way helpful as well. I also dislike how I can only have so much in my home and am constantly having to decide what I have to put in storage. Its impossible to grow and build your home to your expectations with the current max of items allowed. I think the land expansions and adding room prices are way too much, it will take months before my land is completely cleared, I have about 11 lots left to clear out. More to do outside would be nice, a pool, play yard, gazebo, trampoline, fire pit, etc. Hope to see some upgrades soon!

    But in reality there is only so much that someone can have in their house before they become a hoarder. I don't think that having a limit on how many objects can be in the home is actually a problem. It seems very realistic to me. I do however agree with everything else.
  • Snowdrop18Snowdrop18 Posts: 36 Member
    Please stop with the new currencies. We are not fooled, and it is infuriating. LlamaZoom tokens are ridiculous. The tasks are oppressive, and impossible to accomplish in the time allotted without spending cash. You just introduced new farmhouse items I would like to buy, but not enough to make me do zillions of llamazoom tasks for a change of color on one chair.
  • Jennsilva78Jennsilva78 Posts: 41 Member
    They should offer the farmhouse dining set!!
  • _Bulma__Bulma_ Posts: 49 Member
    edited January 2019
    I like the farmhouse hutch. I would pay sim cash for it but not llama tokens.
    I haven’t bothered to get anything from that “sale” because I need my llama tokens to finish buying the last row of land expansion. And now that these greedy such&such make us buy colors individually, some of which costs additional llama tokens to the amount it cost to just purchase the thing, it’s just waaaay too much. 😑
    It wouldn’t be so bad if you could just buy the item in the color scheme you want straight away and then have to pay for additional colors if you wanted to change it. Instead of making us buy the item in hideous colors and then making us buy the color we want. I think if we have to pay for a base color scheme, then the next color scheme we pay for should be 100% customizable which would also mean all colors are equal in value.
    And seriously are these dumb sales the only new stuff we have to look forward to?
    Now that I’m almost done with all the stories, and almost done designing my ideal sim home, I might be almost done with this game.
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  • Jennsilva78Jennsilva78 Posts: 41 Member
    They need to stop this having to pay for colors on a lot of things and having to pay with llama tickets. They also need to have them eat at the table or watch tv. Sitting on the couch like people do if they want to make this life like!!
  • SunseekreSunseekre Posts: 3 New Member
    If there are technical reasons for not being able to organize and or sort inventory, can you colour code the background of the image so we can see at a glance that the item is an heirloom, a spring event item, a winter fest event item, a fall event item etc.

    It would also be nice to create collections for the special events like Home Item Collection - Career Collections - Hobby Collections - Relationship Collections - and add Special Event Collections.

    It may be a simple fix using the coding already in the game that may make it a little easier to redecorate until the technology exists to be able to organize and or sort.

    Just a suggestion 😊
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 22 Member
    I suggested this kinda thing not too long ago. It's an easy fix and would make a HUGE difference. Plus it would make it a lot less frustrating going through your inventory.
    EA please read this ^^
  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 56 Member
    I know its been said a million times, BUT more playable spaces! & CAS for children, from toddler to adult stage, and CAS for NPC that you marry or move into your household.
    I love my 4th generation, and really don't want to retire them, but at the same time i really want their kids to experience life..
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