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Suggestions For Future Updates


  • PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
    I wish EA/Mavis would incoprate the sim freeplay babies details in the Sims Mobile also allows to interact more with babie features as they are stuck in the crib.

    Combine these two games in 1 you will have a perfect Game
  • leoleojenleoleojen Posts: 1 New Member
    Why is the hot tub 2000 sim cash? You were offering it during that summer event for 600! Why did you increase the cost so much?!
  • wishingstarchristywishingstarchristy Posts: 1 New Member
    I want schools and a university, a library, a movie theatre, a concert hall, a city hall, a police station, a hotel, a campground, a marina, a cemetery, a fire department, and a mall.
  • catsuncatsun Posts: 11 New Member
    Careers - Judge, Hair Stylist/Nail, Fireman, Police, Tattoo artist, Mechanic, grocery store manager, veterinarian, banker, Professor,
    Hobbies - billiard player, fisherman, camper,
    Second story for the house
    outdoor swimming pool
    laundry - washer/dryer, ironing board, laundry soap, wash tub,
    Wall mount tv
    Bar stools
    Contemporary living room furniture

    More levels
    Stop the surprising choice
  • CreativeMom88CreativeMom88 Posts: 53 Member
    I've only been playing a few days and noticed I wish I was able to go to my sims house while both my sims are currently working.
    I wanted to go to the house while they are working so I can edit the house a bit. They are mostly working now since prices have exploded with update, and since mine hasn't updated yet, I am preparing by making my sims work to get more money they'll need. Seems all I'm doing now is go to game, make them work and I'm done. Go back to collect rewards but just to make them work again to see them later when they done. No time for going to parties anymore.
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 118 Member
    They need a option to put all four walls up. Also a day and night cycle based on your time zone like in Freeplay.
  • TheRealXtremeTVTheRealXtremeTV Posts: 17 Member
    1- I really hate the way most events are structured- it's just an endless abyss of getting items you already have, and getting currencies that you don't need in return.
    2- Sim slots. We do not have enough of them. It is really annoying to just have control of 4 sims in your household.
  • SimscashlostSimscashlost Posts: 12 New Member
    I read on a board last night that there is a sim cash cap on Sims Mobile once w3 get to level 50. We can not get anymore Simms cash even in quests or special events like the back to school last mont. is that true. Doesn’t seem fair to me if it is.
  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 56 Member
    Hey CreativeMom88, you can go home while they work. Just click on the home icon or the map and select your home it'll take you there while they are working.

    The only way they'll come home while working is if you click on something in play mode and ask them to come home to do it.
    Even if they did, they wont stop completing their event until its time.
  • Kelly32873Kelly32873 Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm at level 47 been playing since the 2nd week in August. I really enjoy the game. But I have completed all the career stories except surgeon and photographer, I think I missed the quest to earn that heirloom. Completed all relationship stories and all hobbies but piano. Just hoping you could create more. And I agree with everyone that the price of land expansion is way to high. Thanks
  • wolfy182wolfy182 Posts: 4 New Member
    I would love to see a curly hairstyle for women in the game, as well as another tshirt top.
  • AmbsAmbs Posts: 1 New Member
    My top two suggestions are, make adding friends easier, and adding a sell/dispose of used items function. Many of the other suggestions are great as well, I wish I would have thought of some of them myself. :smile:
  • AliveincAliveinc Posts: 2 New Member
    No matter how much we hate illmazoom, seems like dev is not going to do anything abt it. I have not seen any good comment in any forum since it was launch. Perk items are hard to get, special events are using more of it to make u spend more cupcakes.. Etc.
    Just feels like dev is finding a easy way out on tasks and screwing you to buy thing with money. either way they just want u to log in more, spend more money and get more lazy on writing codes for inventive tasks.
    New players are spending lots of money to buy things, buts most dont go through event to earn items thus the lavishly home lacks things to do for party.
    Izzy styling is just repetitive and boring.
    Capping items qty to put in your home yet unable to sell unuse items doenst make sense.


    My thoughts to improve in this game is to earn furniture or items by parts and we can have a place to exchange parts with other players and then assemble them.
    Instead of just being the best in careers and hobbies then only to wipe them clean after switching to new ones, we should just add them on their resume. So when they retire, the better the resume the better the rewards.
    Replace illmazoom with mini games where we can play in intervals times.
    Remove izzy and let the special effect be part of the special event prize.

    Well, its time to sweep the game under the carpet and come back a few mth later to see if this game still spark some interest.
  • catsuncatsun Posts: 11 New Member
    1)Get rid of “A surprising Question” it’s so annoying. Or give the option to not have it show up.
    2)To get the new Dance instructor reward - 2x Llama Zoom tasks - 7+ hours for quests and I have one quest that has two people doing long practice sessions (7 hours) or use 4 cupcakes for each to shorten the quest. So that leaves 2 other to do the rest of the quests (impossible in the allotted time) 🤦🏻‍♀️ Seriously!
  • LyssieLyssie Posts: 5 New Member
    [quote="catsun;c-16614420"]Here are some more ideas lol
    A dock
    A boat
    city hall for permits, clothing/handbag store, toy store,
    Dentist, tattoo shop, ice cream store, hair salon/nails
    Gym, grocers, police person, firehouse/person, daycare,
    Picnic (frisbee, relay race)
    I like this idea, it makes it so much more real. I think I would also like there to be a pilot career! That would be neat.
    One more thing, though, I think the events are way too long. Like this is just a game and not real life, I don’t think 6 hours is appropriate for a game. It makes functions limited while you do have time to play the game. I have very limited hours in my busy schedule and it’s hard to get anywhere in the game, because any progress that really helps is through events that are 6 hours. They shouldn’t be that long. I think events should be an hour tops.... it’s just a game, and anything more than an hour spent on one task is a waste of time, I think.
  • LyssieLyssie Posts: 5 New Member
    I also like the idea of having the beach open! I wanted my sims to go there the first day I got the game, and I’ve tried every now and then since, but it says it’s an unavailable area. Kind of frustrating. I love the beach and my sims will never get to
  • LyssieLyssie Posts: 5 New Member
    [quote="catsun;c-16614338"]I’ve been on level forty for awhile now, more levels needed.
    How about:
    an upstairs to expand.❤️
    Open the waterfront❤️
    New careers/hobbies
    a swimming pool.
    Some new clothing (not sim cash)
    Picnic table
    Pool table
    Have a casino on the waterfront
    Vegetable garden
    Fish pond


    These are all really good ideas too!!
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    take off the lhamazoom and I'll be happy. :smile:
  • Snuske68Snuske68 Posts: 1 New Member
    Please let us sell items we dont use or want anymore ... have so much i my box i dont want anymore ... would be great to get some coins from the stuff because it already crazy prizes there is on items in the game 🙁 ... So please let us sell our stuff
  • LyssieLyssie Posts: 5 New Member
    I also think we should be able to add our children as playable sims. I bought the 4th sim slot (which I had to pay for bills to get) and it made me make a new character. I didn’t want the character, I wanted to be able to play as my son.
  • LyssieLyssie Posts: 5 New Member
    I would’ve just kept the $700 Simcash for something else if I had known I wouldn’t be able to use it for what I wanted
  • purerandomositypurerandomosity Posts: 2 New Member
    My suggestion would be to increase the energy bar from 30 to 100! We could use heirloom tickets, SimCash or Simoleons. I feel like we should have different options to unlock more stuff.

    Second Floor Update.

    Let us join more than 2 parties per day! We can use birthday cake slices as extra entries.
  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    All right since we are all speaking our minds, I've been playing Sims mobile for about two months now anf it seems like everyone who is still playing hasn't been here long and that's because the longer you play, the less the game makes sense and every new update seems to come with new problems. I'll try to list out as many of the issues I have noticed even though I find it highly unlikely that my opinion will be regarded in any way and that the time I have spent composing this message has been time poorly spent. And even though I'm sure the developers are already bored with reading this message, I will go on.

    Parties: this has been a recurring issue in my gameplay, there have been multiple instances of parties finishing without giving me any rewards I've seen multiple cases of a certain "error 400" where thr parties hang before I can get the chance to move my sim 3 inches forward, it's really frustrating. And I really can't stand the fact that I can be a 37 exp player and still find level 2 players when I'm looking for a party, I believe parties found at random should be based on one's player level and not by the current standards we have right now.

    Graphics: for a game that seems to be pushing it's users to spend their hard earned money on it, the graphics are simply not up to standard. Sims are passing through each other, teleporting to their destinations, rather than walking, phasing through each other in the name of hugs and kisses. And the hot tub whoop scene is terribly flawed. If I'm gonna pay 2000cash for it, I want full value for my money.
    Energy:The value of time in this game is simply too little, we may be gamers but we are also people with lives outside of the screen so the value of energy should be increased, the energy bar made larger, the time range for special events increased or the amount of playable Sims increased at affordable prices for the free to play players.
    Contact Deleting: we should be given the option to delete our Sims contacts whenever we see fit, the excess contacts make the contacts page lag and I don't really enjoy having unattractive weirdo Sims walking about my lawn
    Moving in NPC's: We should be allowed to move in non-playable characters as wives, husbands, best friends etc, of course the number will be limited based on how big the house is and how many rooms are available. But it should be an option for sure.
    Relationship Actions: it speaks for itself that my sim can wohoo with his/her romantic interest at level 4 but can't share a kiss till level 7 or while proposing, it's not realistic at all and should be fixed. Sims in a romantic relationship should be able to cuddle on a loveseat, kiss or breakup without the need for an event.
    Overall this game is a work in progress and I hope the day will come where I can look forward to an update without bothering myself with what bugs will come with it.

    Thank you for reading till the end or for just skipping to the end :)
  • ayyitsmellayyitsmell Posts: 434 Member
    For future events to be set up like the Halloween Haunt event, where we can select the prizes we want and we also had to earn other rewards by collecting a certain amount of candy corn. That way we don't end up with 10 duplicates (unless we choose to). It also made more sense to buy the $10 bundle with that system set up rather than the current one we have for the harvestfest event. The halloween event was very rewarding and satisfying. This current event is not only buggy, but it went back to the mystery bags of duplicates and disappointments lol I already collected all 10 lanterns and wreaths (which are the most common items), so when I get repeats, it just gives me coins now.
    Ayy It's Mell ♥

  • NightonNighton Posts: 12 New Member
    I have a huge problem with the contacts situation in the game. The maximum number of contacts a single sim can have seems to be somewhere between 28 and 35 and once you surpass that, the game just takes away any one or more of your other contacts once you close the game. Frankly it's annoying, if the people of EA can't increase the number of contacts our Sims can have, they should give us the option to remove the contacts we don't want anymore kind of like a breakup or a restraining order. I really don't like the idea of loosing my contacts and relationship stories without any prior warning
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