The Watcher's Caretaker - A limited ISBI

This is a limited ISBI save. Limited in that only the designated breeders will be made unselectable with MC. If I am lucky enough to get any children, they will be controlled and, on reaching young adulthood, will be moved out with the exception of the heir who will become unselectable once a partner has been picked and moved in. My elder SS, Mikezumi, will be the only controllable grown up and it will be her role to ensure that most family meals are had together and that any children will be skilled if the parents don't do it autonomously. I have found some mods that make toddler training (potty training, teach to walk and teach to talk) autonomous and add fun factor but this doesn't guarantee the parents will do it.

For those of you who read my Zumi and the Winchester brothers you will be familiar with my designated breeders. In that save the boys were Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers. In this save, they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, not related so no funny business involved ;)

The Watcher's Caretaker

Day 1
Mikezumi, Jared and Jensen arrive at their new home.
Because Mikezumi can talk the legs off a chair and I wanted the boys to get to know each other, I sent her to the garden to harvest some limes and tomatoes and then to the kitchen to prepare some pancakes and spaghetti for later consumption. There were a couple of failed attempts at flirting by Jensen in the beginning but before long things were on track :)
When they boys went off to do their own thing - Jared was exercising to the TV and Jensen was playing computer games - I decided they should have the day out. I had Mikezumi take them to the bowling alley. I need to buy them a faster car because it took forever to get there!
The boys started bowling as soon as they arrived so I had Mikezumi socialize. This is Rosemary Rotter (Sinbad gender switched).
This is Gwendolyn Goode (Goodwin Goode gender switched)
After a bit of chatting I sent Mikezumi downstairs to bowl.
Jensen had been playing the guitar and Jared joined him for a flirt when he finished bowling :)
They were both trying to get off the platform at the same place and, after a little shuffling, stopped at the edge so I took a pic because they looked so cute :)
While Jensen bowled, Jared played some pool.
Because of Jensen's Irresistible trait he was soon interrupted by Rosemary.
To stop Mikezumi from bothering the boys, I had her watch some TV. She learned the recipe for frog legs while watching the cooking channel :)
When it started getting late, Mikezumi took the group to the Bistro for dinner.
Mikezumi was the first one out and she went straight to Stein Svard for a chat. When Jensen came out he went to Daniella Costa to make a funny face. The sim reading is Stefan, Stein's brother.
I could see that Jared was trying to get to Jensen but he had to wait his turn. Shark Racket is running past the Bistro.
Mikezumi also wanted to chat with Jensen and, like Jared, she also had to wait.
She didn't have a chance because Estella Olivia had jumped the queue. I had her chat with Jared instead. As it was getting late I had Mikezumi take the group home. I normally hate grouping but it will be handy for getting the boys out and about.
When they got home, Jared went straight to bed. Jensen played the guitar for a while before sleeping.


  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    Day 2 - Part 1
    Jared woke shortly after 3am.
    Jensen woke at 5.30am.
    The boys flirted until Mikezumi woke at 6 and called them to breakfast.
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to serve a perfect meal and rolled a wish to prepare perfect pancakes while eating. I had her prepare a batch of perfect pancakes and she got both wishes at once.
    Jensen wander off momentarily and Jared tried to clear the dishes.
    He put the partial stack down when Jensen came back. I think my SS will have to work hard in this save! :#
    Fortunately Jared decided to go skinny dipping and Jensen cleared the dishes while Mikezumi was still cooking.
    Although I want Mikezumi to interact with the boys, I don't want her bothering them constantly as she is want to do. I sent her gardening so the boys could be alone.
    When Jensen finished with the dishes he went straight out to Jared for woohoo :)
    Just before the boys went off to woohoo, I got the following popup: "Jensen Ackles seems like a good catch", commented Jared Padalecki to a close friend. "It's early in the relationship, sure, but I can tell. That one has potential." I checked their relationship with MC and they were going steady :)
    Mikezumi's social bar was dropping so I had her call Stein Svard. I was screaming with excitement when I saw this! :D

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    Day 2 - Part 2
    As soon as Mikezumi finished her call she went straight to Jared for a chat.
    I assume that Jared announced the engagement! :D
    I'd forgotten to turn off autonomous pillow fighting :# Fortunately it ended well :)
    It occurred to me that I hadn't seen Jensen for a while. I went into map view and he was not on the lot! I was thrilled that "push during the day" was working! :) I found Jensen at the pool.
    Because Jared's LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, I had Mikezumi ask him to join her at chess.
    Jensen was playing for tips, totally unaware that I have a mod that stops people from watching sims playing instruments! :p
    Estella interrupted Jensen's guitar playing for a chat.
    I checked back on Jensen a little later and found him in the pool. Shortly after this I got the following popup: "It was a big day for Jared and Jensen as the two sims finally decided to get married." I hovered the cursor over their thumbnails and discovered they now share Jared's last name :)
    Quite a lot of time had elapsed since he left home and I wasn't sure how to get him home. I had Mikezumi use the "call everyone home" option on the phone but Jensen was a no show. I checked and found him playing for tips once again.
    A little later I found Sandy Wright (waving arm) and Miriam Day trying to chat with him.
    Mikezumi autonomously watched some TV and Jared joined her but not for long because Jensen finally decided to come home.
    While the boys went off to woohoo I had Mikezumi prepare Jensen's favourite meal, hamburgers :)
    Everyone ignored the dishes this time. I had Mikezumi prepare some romantic drinks and then clear away the dishes.
    I sent Mikezumi fishing and the boys woohooed in the shower. I am glad because neither had showered since waking.
    The boys went straight to bed after woohooing. I guess they will be up in the middle of the night!

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    Day 3 - Part 1
    I always finish my play session just after 3am when Overwatch has done its job. Jensen woke a couple of minutes after I loaded the save for my next sim day and Jared woke a few minutes later.
    Jared went straight to Jensen on getting up :)
    The boys were trying to woohoo in the elevator when Mikezumi called them to breakfast.
    For some reason the woohoo didn't happen so they made it to breakfast before Mikezumi had finished.
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to cook Eggs Machiavellian when the watermelons were ready to harvest at 5am. Both Jensen and Jared cleared the dishes which caused some foot stomping at the table and in the kitchen but it got done :p
    While Mikezumi cooked, the boys played :p
    After woohooing the boys went their separate ways. Jensen played the guitar and Jared played chess. When Mikezumi finished gardening, I had her collect a gem that was left in the yard when I saved the house to the library.
    I didn't stop her when she went to Jensen for a chat because her social bar was quite low.
    Guess who forgot to turn off autonomous pillow fighting again?
    It ended well :)
    After the pillow fight, Jensen went to Jared and flirted a little. It led to a shared shower ;) Thank goodness for shower woohoo because I would hate to see the boys surrounded by stink clouds :#

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    Day 3 - Part 2
    When the boys finished their shower, I had Mikezumi take them to the bowling alley. They were the only ones there for most of their stay.
    Mikezumi took a tumble ....
    but it was obviously worth the fall ;)
    When Mikezumi finished her game I had her call Rosemary Rotter because her social bar needed topping up and I didn't want her to bother the boys who had also finished their games.
    The boys flirted a little and then went back to bowling.
    Just before it was time to go to dinner, Sandy arrived and I had Mikezumi introduce herself.
    I thought it was adorable when the boys stopped to admire their imaginary wedding rings before getting into the car :)
    The group had dinner at the Diner :)
    The boys were slow coming out so I had Mikezumi introduce herself to Pedro Herrerra.
    The boys came out the back door and had no trouble finding each other :p
    Considering how early the boys got up, I was not surprised when they went to bed just after 10.
    They both woke at around 1.40am :#
    At 3am I saved my game ready for quitting. The boys were still flirting :p

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    @Mikezumi , Yeah, Jensen is back to Jensen!! :smiley:
    **For not controlling the boys at all they sure zoomed up to married quickly! You should give them wedding they arn't admiring nekked fingers.
    **That blonde dude Stein is quite the looker!
    **Do you have risky woohoo set up or do they yave to decide to try for kiddos?
    **I'm setting up another watch me household where I control nobody, it will just be a fun one when I'm trying to set up Jared scenes in between watching. I'm picking 4 girls and 4 boys.
    **i look forward to seeing if the guys can produce some babies for your SS to take care of. ;)
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    @Charlottesmom Thank you!
    It's really hard for me to type Jensen and Jared after my last save with the boys. I am sure my favourite proof-reader (you) will pick up any mistakes ;)
    I agree that Stein is good looking. When Mikezumi was chatting with him I was thinking he might have to be used in another save where I control him :)
    I have played a couple more days but need to put the updates together. I had autonomous try for baby turned on but nothing was happening so I went for replace woohoo with risky. The save won't be of any use to me if there are no babies ;)
    My little fingers itch to control them and sometimes I click on their thumbnails but because I have used MC so they are not selectable nothing happens. It's a good way to prevent me from cheating! :p
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    Day 4
    When I opened my save at 3am the boys continued to flirt until about 4.30 when the flirting led to shower woohoo.
    Mikezumi woke at 6 and called the boys to breakfast.
    I sent Mikezumi to do the gardening and Jensen took care of the dishes.
    The boys seem to like the elevator for woohoo but I don't understand why since it does nothing for the fun motive.
    When Mikezumi finished gardening, I had her read a recipe because I didn't want her to bother the boys when they were getting the skills they need for their LTWs.
    Mikezumi had a wish for 8 friends so I sent her to the park to meet Carla Mancini.
    When I checked back on the boys they were no longer working on their skills ;)
    Well, they were working on one skill that can't be mentioned but it doesn't count towards their LTWs :p
    When Mikezumi got home from the park she fished for a while before calling the boys to dinner.
    I had Mikezumi sample one of her romantic drinks so that there would be no conflict over the dirty dishes.
    I saw an easel in the backyard so I sent Mikezumi to learn the painting skill.
    Now this is something new in my game! Jared knocked back Jensen's woohoo attempt! :o
    Jared tried flirting but Jensen was still butt hurt about being knocked back :p
    After Jensen blew Jared a kiss all was forgiven :)
    I had bought the boys a ball each earlier in the day. Jensen asked Jared to play catch :) They don't have the athletic skill yet so it was quite different seeing them throwing like girls :p
    I didn't want the boys up all night playing catch because they had been up so long already. I had Mikezumi, the Watcher's Caretaker, chat with Jared to stop the game. While they were chatting Jensen went to bed. It didn't take Jared long to go to bed himself once Mikezumi left.
    The boys were still asleep when I closed my game at 3am.

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    Day 5 - Part 1
    Jensen woke a little after 3am.
    He watched Jared until he woke up about 10 minutes later.
    He greeted him with a blown kiss :)
    They flirted for a little before heading to the elevator for woohoo.
    The boys happily entertained each other until Mikezumi woke up and called them to breakfast :p
    Mikezumi tried clearing the dishes but I sent her to the garden instead while Jared cleared the dishes.
    As soon as he finished clearing the dishes, Jensen came over and massaged him. Clearing dishes is hard work and Jared's muscles were sore and knotted ;)
    It must have been a good massage because they headed outside to woohoo in the outdoor shower ;)
    Both of the boys tried to recycle the old newspaper. Jensen got there first. Before he could get to the trash can, Jared stopped him for a flirt. Mikezumi ended up recycling the paper!
    Mikezumi wants more friends so I sent her into town where she met Shark Racket.

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    The Watcher's Caretaker

    Day 5 - Part 2
    Once again, a rejected woohoo! This doesn't happen in my normal saves so I suspect it is because the boys are inactives and subject to SP's story component. I do remember seeing a setting for woohoo rejection in the Retuner settings.
    It didn't take long for the boys to smooth things over. Mikezumi was trying to get to the sofa to read a book.
    She ended up reading standing up and, since it was close to dinnertime, I sent her to the kitchen to prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She had caught a jellyfish earlier in the day and rolled a wish to make some.
    Jared cleared the dishes while Mikezumi called a friend.
    While Jared was clearing the dishes, Jensen availed himself of a romantic drink ... like they need any help! :p
    I realized they were out of onions so I sent Mikezumi to the community garden. The glow a few rows over is from flamefruits.
    Again!? :o
    Fortunately the boys get over it quickly.
    Mikezumi was reading in the boys' room and Jared joined her :)
    The boys went to bed shortly after 10. At around midnight Jensen woke up to rush to the bathroom! :)

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    Day 6 - Part 1
    Jared woke just after 3 and went straight to the computer to play games.
    Jensen woke about half an hour later and went straight to Jared :p
    They ended up going back to bed, but not to sleep ;)
    I laughed when they went out to watch the stars just after 6am!, especially since they were facing in the right direction unlike my other sims :p
    When Mikezumi ate the PB&J sandwiches the previous evening, she rolled a wish to eat perfect PB&J so they had leftovers for breakfast.
    When Mikezumi called them to breakfast they were about to woohoo. It would seem they chose the outdoor shower because Jensen waited by the shower while Jared cleared the dishes.
    Because of the delay, shower woohoo got cancelled but the boys soon made up for it ;)
    Jared broke the dishwasher when he cleared the dishes. Mikezumi got the job of repairing it when she had finished gardening.
    I saw Jensen heading to the bathroom. My controlled sims take showers because baths are too slow but there's nothing I can do given I can't select him.
    I can't even express my horror at what happened next! Jared invited the paper girl in! Pudding in the house! :o
    I'm surprised she didn't attack him on entering because I know from past experiences with Cora that she is hot headed.
    Jensen chatted with her when he got out of the bath. I couldn't stand it any longer, so had Mikezumi ask her to leave.
    The boys were heading to the bedroom when Jensen made a detour to the bathroom.
    After woohooing, Jared took a bath.
    He must be having a run of bad luck because he broke the shower too!
    Caretaker Mikezumi to the rescue! ;)

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    Day 6 - Part 2
    I had noticed when Eddy was a roommate of one of my sims at uni some time back that Eddy would often walk outside the front door between actions. It would seem that unselectable sims will do the same because I often find Jared and Jensen heading out the door and when I check their tag in map view it says "step outside". Anyway, while the boys were stepping outside, Jensen got his notice :)
    I took him straight into Stylist and fixed his clothes. I didn't get a popup that he was pregnant so I am now wondering if I will get a popup to name the baby.
    The boys celebrated the pregnancy notice in their own way ;)
    I had Mikezumi take the boys to the park.
    She introduced herself to the handsome Stefan Svard, brother of the even better looking Stein :p
    They didn't get a chance to talk because he immediately changed into his work outfit and left.
    I could see that Jared was trying to flirt with Jensen but Sandy interrupted for a chat.
    I found Jensen eating a burger from the picnic basket. I definitely never let my active sims do this as I prefer them to eat perfect quality meals.
    Jared joined him at the picnic but didn't eat.
    When Mikezumi finished her book she also joined in.
    Before Jared or Mikezumi could grab a plate, I had her take the boys to the Bistro.
    There are no homeless sims in my town so I had to disable the Consignment Store register because I didn't want one of my breeding townies to be stuck there. Becky Black was moved in to fill the role. She has aging and romance disabled. I have had many popups that she is working on her writing skills so I know she will be quite happy in that position. I saw her across the street while my sims were eating.
    She chatted with the male playing the guitar for a bit before sitting down to her computer - probably working on her next novel ;)
    When Mikezumi came out she had to wait but she was happy to read as she is a bookworm. Jared joined her at the table while waiting for Jensen to come out.
    They were about to get into the car to go home when I got a popup that Jared was tired and wanted to call it a night. It cancelled the action and Mikezumi went home alone. The boys came after in brand new Big Lemons which they must have bought on the spot! :#
    The boys only got one flirt in before Jared went off to bed. Jensen played his guitar for a little then went to bed as well.

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    Day 7 - Part 1
    Jared woke shortly after 3 and exercised to the TV.
    He managed to get an hour of exercise in before Jensen woke.
    Flirting led back to the bedroom :p Well, that's one way to get the bed made ;)
    Mikezumi called the boys to breakfast shortly after 6.
    I sent Mikezumi to do the gardening. The boys ignored the dishes while they flirted.
    I took the elevator to the nectar cellar out of my other house because of constant woohooing. I might have to do the same in this house.
    I sent Mikezumi to the gym to meet people. While she was talking to Estella Jared and Connor Frio arrived.
    @Charlottesmom You will be sad to hear that Connor and Emma Hatch are expecting a baby :o:p
    It's good to see the boys playing catch because Jared needs to max his athletic skill as part of his LTW. I got a popup that he has reached level 4. Mikezumi was baking a key lime pie. Half way through cooking it, I realized that even if Jensen craves it, I will never know!
    I bought Mikezumi a sculpting station. Because the boys had been playing catch for a couple of sim hours, I knew I would have to intervene.
    I had Mikezumi feel Jensen's belly to make them stop.
    Jared and Jensen went inside for a little rest after all that ball tossing!

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    Day 7 - Part 2
    When Mikezumi finished her sculpture she went inside and talked with Jensen.
    If I'd known she was going to listen to Jensen's belly I would have arranged for her to do it away from a wall! Still, it was cute :)
    After Mikezumi listened to the baby bump, Jensen headed for Jared. I kept Mikezumi busy by making some romantic drinks.
    They had Mikezumi's favourite, fish and chips, for dinner :)
    As soon as their meals were finished, the boys headed for the treehouse. Calling them to meal must have interrupted them.
    Both headed inside to clear the dishes when they were done but Jared got there first because of Jensen's pregnancy waddle.
    Not long after Mikezumi started her second sculpture, she got a text saying that Pedro Herrerra's party was about to begin.
    When she arrived, I had her prepare a cheese plate. Pedro headed upstairs to read a book.
    I checked back on the boys and they were doing fine on their own ;)
    I saw that Pedro was nice and comfy so I had Mikezumi read a book downstairs.
    Estella arrived at the party and interrupted Pedro so I sent Mikezumi up as well.
    The boys were in bed by the time she got home.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,071 Member
    Enjoyable seeing your elder SS again but I still miss the younger one as well lol
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    Thanks @king_of_simcity7 :) You haven't seen the last of my young SS since this one can't have babies ;)
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,071 Member
    @Mikezumi I am looking forward to seeing what else you have planned for her! :smiley:
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    Day 8 - Part 1
    The boys woke at the same time. It was a little after 3.
    Jensen was first to start the flirting :)
    After flirting in the bedroom and the living room the boys ended back in the bedroom :p
    They finished woohooing in time for breakfast :)
    Although Mikezumi tried to clear the dishes, I cancelled it and sent her to the garden instead. Neither of the boys made a move to clear the dishes :/
    I feel so sorry for Jensen. If I were controlling the boys, he would be the one getting the massages. I don't even know if he's had any cravings :(
    When Jared "stepped outside" Jensen tried to play the guitar. It didn't last long because Jared came right back to him.
    Jensen tried to recycle the old paper but Jared interrupted and it was dropped on the ground. To save Mikezumi the extra work, I sold it ;)
    When I saw the boys heading for the treehouse I was sure that Jensen was about to go into labor. Most of my other sims do after treehouse woohoo :p
    After woohooing, Jensen watched some TV while Jared played chess but it wasn't long before Jensen went into labor.
    Mikezumi had been sculpting but I thought she should take part in the baby dance ;p
    Jared was probably happy to get two hours of uninterrupted exercise ;)
    I really like this fish :)
    Just before Jensen gave his final push, he looked imploringly at Jared ;)
    Welcome Amery :) His game-generated name was Angelo but I wasn't having any of that!

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    Day 8 - Part 2
    As I said at the beginning of this save, I will be controlling the children until such time as an heir is ready to take over. Avery was born hungry (although not in the red) but Jensen put him straight in the crib.
    I had Mikezumi feed and play with Amery for a while.
    Since I don't do babies, Amery got an instant birthday. I could hear woohoo and when I zoomed to Amery for a birthday pic, I saw the boys at the treehouse in the background.
    Amery was a Jensen clone and I don't do clones. After this pic was taken I used MC's "Play with Genetics" and got a lovely blend on my first try :)
    Neither of the boys made any move to spend time with Amery for the rest of the day.
    Jared "stepped outside" for a moment and Mikezumi jumped in to fill the void. She and Jensen exchanged funny faces before Jared returned.
    I left the boys to it and had Mikezumi play with Amery so he wouldn't be lonely.
    I saw §40 deducted from the household funds and discovered that Jensen had bought flowers for Jared :#
    The boys have it good! A live-in maid/babysitter/master chef LOL
    I let Mikezumi have a well earned drink while Jared cleared the dishes.
    When Amery needed to go potty, I had Mikezumi take care of it.
    Mikezumi also fed him since the boys were otherwise engaged.
    I left the potty chair in the hope that the boys would empty it but got sick of Mikezumi having a dirty surroundings moodlet and had her empty it.
    Mikezumi put Amery in his crib and read a book until he slept. The boys went to bed without having once tried to interact with Amery :( In their defence, they would probably do something if I let Amery's needs get too low and I simply can't do that to a kid.

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    I saw that you were playing a new save, and I was hoping you had a story thread so that I can catch up on the story from the beginning! What an interesting premise! I will have to try playing with only one selectable sim someday too.
    Amery is a cute toddler. I hope his dads will start interacting with him!
    How did you know he was a Jensen clone? I can never figure out who toddlers get their features from, except the eyes and hair colour!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    @PalmArrow Thanks for visiting my story thread :)
    I don't direct my sims much in my normal saves so this isn't too far a stretch for me. Having said that, I have always been a stickler about having my sims eat together and sleep at normal times so this is a good way for me to step out of my comfort zone. The eating together is not a problem because calling sims to a meal will ensure that they eat at the same time but seeing the boys get up in the middle of the night was a little worrying in the beginning because I didn't know how they would have the energy to stay up all day.
    When I take the toddlers into CAS for their birthday makeover I age them up to YA for a close look at their features. This isn't always necessary because some features are so unique that I can tell as a toddler who they belong to. Some features are not so easy to compare visually (like cheekbones) but a quick comparison of slider numbers is all it takes.
    Do you use a CAS camera zoom mod? Seeing sims up close makes eyeballing the likeness much easier.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @Mikezumi ..This is going to have to be short and sweet, I feel like carp but want to read and comment on a few updates.
    **I was chuckling at the romantic drinks hanging around on the bar behind the breakfast table (Like the boys need any help!!)
    **The boys were working on their flirting skills.. ;)
    **Sorry but the "butt hurt" comment about not getting woohoo made me laugh...a lot!! :D
    **Kinda creepy Jensen watching Jared until he woke up... :o
    **Clearing dishes IS hard work!! ;)
    **Peanut butter and! :s
    **Jensen's gonna get a baby belly!
    **Baths are much better looking without the dang squares!
    **I've never had a Sim invite the paper boy/girl in...ever.
    **Nice heart shaped tushy.. ;)
    **Stefan is gorgeous!!
    **My SS working on writing sounds right, I hope she is faster at working on her books than I am IRL!! I assume she is writing smut.. ;)
    **Wait up, if she has romance disabled why in the world would she want to live forever... :D:o
    **Connor and Emma...GROSS!!! :p
    **I though you were going to keep balls away from the wait let me rephrase that! ;)
    **Pedro is in Claire's house...
    **Great party, everyone reading (actually sounds like my kind of party!)
    **I like the fish sculpture too!
    **Hi Amery!
    **Typical males leaving all the baby care to the only female in the house.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the wonderful comments :)
    When I read that butt hurt made you laugh I also laughed because it occurred to me what else it might imply which I didn't realize when I wrote it LMAO
    I also have never had a sim invite the paper girl/boy in. I had to send Mikezumi to the mail carrier the day before because I saw the boys heading over to her to invite her in. I didn't want Mikezumi talking to her but had no choice. Caretaking is hard work! LOL
    Stefan and Stein are so my cup of tea! I can see those boys in a future save :)
    Your SS will want to live forever so she can become a famous author of course! Men and babies just get in the way ;)
    It's my friendly female sims I keep balls away from. If I gave Mikezumi a ball she would be playing catch with the boys all day!
    The boys need the balls so they can work on their athletic skill because Jared needs it for his LTW.
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    Day 9 - Part 1
    The boys woke shortly before 3.30 and Jared greeted Jensen with an amorous hug.
    Jensen tried for woohoo but was knocked back. I could see the green stink cloud coming off Jared so he probably didn't feel up to it.
    Jared then asked Jensen to watch the stars (I need to go into map view and see what they are doing from their tags). Jensen knocked him back but tried immediately for woohoo which was also knocked back.
    It was only 4am but I didn't complain when Jensen woke Amery because I was happy that he was interacting with his son at all :)
    Jared must have been uncomfortable because he went to the shower while Jensen was getting Amery.
    I was thrilled when Jensen started teaching Amery how to walk! :)
    It didn't last long but I know the intention was there :)
    Mikezumi woke at 6 and called the boys to breakfast.
    When she went to Amery to dress and feed him she glanced over at the dishes. She ended up clearing them after she had tended to Amery.
    The boys were heading to the elevator for more woohoo.
    The boys then went off to do their own thing.
    Amery is now potty trained! With Mikezumi being family oriented, toddler skilling goes super fast :)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    Day 9 - Part 2
    Mikezumi autonomously attacked Amery with the claw :)
    While she was still holding Amery, I had her go to the park with Amery, Jared and Jensen. You can just see Jensen running ahead. Jared must have got stuck because he didn't come. I was debating sending everyone home and trying again but decided against it because I thought Jensen might be more likely to do something with Amery without Jared distracting him.
    Amery went straight for the block table when he was put down but Jensen was determined. It took 3 tries because Amery kept trying to get to the toys but finally Jensen got to finish off what he had started earlier in the morning :)
    I checked on Jared and he was watching TV.
    To make sure that Mikezumi didn't interrupt Jensen, I had her read. She has a wish to read 30 books locked in so I saw it as doing her a favour ;) She finished one book and started on another until I got the popup that Amery could walk :)
    I went into map view to check on Jared and saw he was working out without breaking a sweat - he obviously didn't like being dirty like he was in the morning :p
    I got a popup that a couple in town had broken up and went looking for them. I got distracted when I saw Shark Racket shirtless at the park. Inactive sims must work out a lot because he certainly wasn't that muscular when I gave him his makeover! Later in the day I got a popup that Shark and Carla had twins - Celeste and Christin :)
    After I got the popup that Amery could walk, I let Mikezumi chat with Jensen before sending them home :)
    I didn't know how it would work so I kept a close eye on Jensen because Mikezumi had rushed ahead.
    I know I didn't buy this stroller! LOL

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,650 Member
    Day 9 - Part 3
    As soon as she walked in the door Mikezumi interrupted Jared's workout for a friendly hug. I like to think she felt bad about him not coming to the park ;)
    I saw more money leaving the family funds!
    After she got home from the park, I sent Mikezumi fishing and she caught a salmon. While she was preparing grilled salmon, Amery maxed his xylophone skills and the boys entertained each other in the treehouse.
    I saw Twyla Summers running past the house and it occurred to me that the family hasn't had a burglary yet. I hope this isn't a sign!
    Although Mikezumi had prepared salmon, I decided she deserved her favourite fish and chips for dinner :)
    Jared flexed his muscles and Mikezumi made more drinks while Jensen cleared the dishes.
    Mikezumi was reading in the boys room and got a ringside seat ;)
    I transferred Amery's ball to Mikezumi's inventory and had her play catch with Jensen. I wanted to see if Jared would spend time with Amery. He did!
    Mikezumi wasn't having such a good time but at least the boys are pulling their weight! ;)

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