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The Watcher's Caretaker - A limited ISBI


  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 10 - Part 1
    The boys woke a little after 3. Perhaps I need to get them a less comfortable bed ;)
    They didn't wake Amery and amused themselves until Mikezumi woke at 6.
    Amery was still sleeping so Mikezumi called the boys to breakfast before taking care of his needs.
    The boys woohooed in the elevator after breakfast then did their own thing. So Mikezumi wouldn't bother them, I had her do the gardening. I got popups that Jensen had reached level 6 in guitar and Jared reached level 6 in logic. At this rate they should get their LTWs before they are elders.
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to go jogging when she got her first athletic skill point the previous day.
    Amery seemed to be having a little trouble with the peg box ;)
    I can't remember who I was looking for in town but I had to snap this one for @Charlottesmom. I bet she recognizes this sim instantly ;)
    Neither of the boys had made an attempt to leave the house on their own since Jensen's outing earlier in the save so I had Mikezumi take the family to the park so that Jared wouldn't get stir-crazy.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 10 - Part 2
    The boys rocked the treehouse a few times while they were at the park :p
    I transferred Amery's ball to Mikezumi's inventory so she could ask Jensen for a game of catch. Jared needed to work on his relationship with Amery and I was hoping he would interact with him if Jensen were busy. I got excited when he picked him up but he only tickled him once then put him back down.
    Nuisance pudding NPCs! If I were controlling him, I would have stopped this from happening. She didn't do anything bad but I don't like my sims to even have NPCs in their relationship panel.
    As soon as I stopped the game of catch, Jensen saved Jared from further conversation with the NPC.
    When the family got home, Mikezumi did some sculpting and the boys did what they do best. Amery was happy to amuse himself with the dollhouse and block table.
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to catch a record sized salmon after eating the grilled salmon for dinner. I sent her fishing as soon as she had eaten. Jensen played the guitar until Jared finished his meal.
    There are dirty dishes on the table, boys! :#
    Jared tried to clear the dishes ....
    but Jensen had other plans! Another §40 gone!
    After Mikezumi cleared the dishes I had her get Amery ready for bed. Jensen ran out on Jared mid-flirt ;)
    Jared went to bed while Jensen was throwing up and Jensen went when he was done.

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,444 Member
    @Mikezumi Yay! I found your story thread so I could catch up. ;)

    I'll have you know that that I stayed up until midnight last night to read this thread. :blush: (Well, not literally, it just happened to be 12:10 when I finished :p )

    Zumi is such an awesome caretaker of the boys and it's thoroughly entertaining to read what they do without you controlling them (like rejecting woohoo from each other?? What the hey?! :open_mouth: As you said, that never happens in your normal saves. ;) )

    Being a fan of Supernatural it is a little weird to see the boys not as brothers and...making babies. :lol: But the dialogue you add with the story makes it hilarious! (You and @Charlottesmom talking about the butt hurt comment! :joy: I didn't even think know, when I read that :lol: )

    Amery is a real cutie. <3 Glad the boys found a way to keep away from each other (with a little bit of Zumi's help ;) ) to bond with him and teach him some life skills. :)

    So are you thinking of ditching the elevator yet? :smirk:
    Awesome's handed out lady! :star:
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,753 Member
    edited November 2017
    LOL, I wonder what Jared is talking about with the firefighter NPC. His gestures are hilarious!
    I'm glad Jared and Jensen did interacted with Amery on their own after all!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    @emorrill Thanks for the lovely comments :) It's a good thing I don't do much more than brief commentary or you would have been up all night ;)
    This save is so much fun even though I get a little frustrated, mostly about the boys waking so early. It is quite liberating not being able to see if they have wishes because I am normally all about the wishes. As you know, I don't direct my sims much in any case so this is really just more of the same but with me not being able to cheat ;)
    I will leave the elevator until I work out how to use stairs since the elevator is outside the house and I don't want an open hole in the ground.

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    The firefighter was showing Jared a gross video. I often see NPCs showing videos to townies when they are on community lots.
    All it took was keeping them away from each other for a bit to make them do the right thing by Amery. It's probably because woohoo is so much fun that it is impossible to resist, kind of like the ice cream machine ;)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 11 - Part 1
    The boys woke just after 3am.
    After flirting a little, Jensen went to the living room to play his guitar. I got a chuckle when Jared got a book from Mikezumi's bookcase and relaxed beside her :p
    Jensen's guitar playing was interrupted by the need to throw up.
    I thought he was heading to Amery at first because he walked all the way into the room but he doubled back and started flirting with Jared.
    The flirting led to woohoo.
    After woohooing, Jensen took a shower.
    Jared also showered but after stepping outside for a bit so he was late coming to breakfast.
    Mikezumi got Amery up and ready for the day.
    Jared cleared the dishes while Jensen stepped outside.
    When Mikezumi finished the gardening, I had her read a book with Amery :)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 11 - Part 2
    While Mikezumi was reading to Amery I could hear the boys in the basement. There was lots of woohoo going on! :o
    The boys finally emerged from the basement in time for Jensen to get his notice :)
    Jensen and Jared played catch for a long time. Jared got to level 5 in the athletic skill. So Mikezumi wouldn't bother them, I had her fish. Amery was happily playing with the toys inside.
    I saw Amery heading to the block table when he dropped on his bottom and started crying. I had Mikezumi come inside to comfort him. It's the first time he has cried since he was born.
    After playing with and feeding Amery, Mikezumi prepared some grilled cheese sandwiches and called the boys to dinner.
    Jared cleared the dishes while Mikezumi prepared some skill gain drinks.
    Jared broke the dishwasher and Mikezumi leveled up to 6 in handiness.
    I wanted to help Jared a little with his logic skill so I had Mikezumi play with him in the hope that Jensen would also work on his LTW skills.
    After stepping outside, Jensen did just that! :)
    Amery started crying again! It's a good thing it's his birthday the next time I play.
    Awwwww cute widdle pout :p

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,444 Member
    @Mikezumi Ohhhh boy...Jensen threw up again. :p
    (Will Sam Jared ever get "pregnant?" :lol: )
    I hope they have a girl just because I like variety. :)

    Oh. :love:

    D'aw! Those pics are adorable!! <3
    Zumi (the elder and the younger ;) ) is so good with kids!
    Mikezumi wrote: »

    Awwww, poor baby! :cry:
    (That is an adorable widdle pout though <3 )

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Thanks for the lovely comments, except the one where you wish they have a girl ;)
    I CANNOT control the boys because I have made them unselectable with MC so I have no control over who gets pregnant or when they get pregnant.
    Mikezumi (young and old) is the only female sim I am not tempted to kill so she better be good with kids because she is representative of me ;)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    edited November 2017
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    My little fingers itch to control them and sometimes I click on their thumbnails but because I have used MC so they are not selectable nothing happens. It's a good way to prevent me from cheating! :p

    I have MC installed. I never knew this was possible! Where do I find the control for that? Just curious because I am currently playing in a save where I'd like to implement that. :) Also I'm super curious about what mod you have that allows males to become preggers..or is that a MC thing too?! I have gay pair I want to have kids but dont know how or what to do :o
    Awesome ISBI btw. I am really enjoying it so far!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 Thanks for visiting my thread :) This game is a hoot but hard if you are used to being a control freak. To make a sim unselectable it's Master Controller - Advanced - Selectability.
    For male pregnancy, I believe the settings are under SP caste options for males. You will need male pregnancy clothes or you will end up with floating heads.
    Good luck! :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 12 - Part 1
    The boys woke a little later this time. I think it was around 4.
    The boys headed for the elevator just as Mikezumi was getting up.
    I was going to leave Amery in the crib until they finished breakfast but had Mikezumi get him up since the boys were busy.
    After getting Amery up and fed, Mikezumi called the boys to breakfast.
    Both boys went for the dishes but they got done :p
    Amery played in the toybox while Mikezumi did the gardening.
    Amery had his birthday while his dads flirted nearby.
    Amery was born with the Loves the Outdoors and Athletic traits. This time I was able to choose a trait and I picked Angler.
    He's so handsome after his makeover :)
    He went to chat with Jared after aging up. The boys had just finished woohooing in Mikezumi's bed.
    Jensen wandered off while Jared and Amery got to know each other better.
    When I brought the walls down I was happy to see that Jensen was working on his guitar skill.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 12 - Part 2
    I had Amery ask Jared for a game of catch so Jensen could work on his guitar skill a little longer.
    After a while I let Amery go and he went straight to Jensen for a chat :)
    Because he is an angler he rolled a wish to learn the fishing skill.
    Mikezumi worked on another sculpture and the boys did what they do best. Even from this distance I could tell that Mikezumi was looking in their direction! :p
    When the boys finished woohooing Jensen pulled out his guitar and Jared went to the TV to work out.
    Like father, like son ;)
    I thought it was adorable when Amery went to Jensen to boast about his fishing feats :)
    Amery played in the treehouse until dinnertime.
    They had Amery's favourite, Cheesesteak, for dinner :)
    Jared finished first and washed his own plate. I had Mikezumi make some skill gain drinks because she wanted to skill up in sculpting.
    After her drink, Mikezumi continued sculpting. I noticed she got a negative moodlet when the boys walked past to the elevator for woohoo. Although you can't see the green stink cloud in this pic, Jared had it bad! I was hoping he was heading for the shower when I saw him go back upstairs.
    His shower was delayed a little by an elevator mishap ;)
    Jensen went to bed while Jared was showering and Jared went when he was finished. Mikezumi finished an ice sculpture just before midnight. She got two wishes - one to sculpt something in ice which was worth 1,000 LTR and one to sculpt something brilliant which was worth around 2,000 LTR.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 13 - Part 1
    Jensen woke first at around 3am. He went to the living area to play his guitar. I was hoping to get a good pic of his baby bump but the room was too small.
    Here's a good one of the baby bump! :D Jared woke about 20 minutes later and went out to flirt with Jensen. Jensen looks very happy to see him and Jared is looking at me as if to say I should stop looking at them ;)
    Well that ain't happening, Jared, so just get on with it ;)
    I was surprised the boys didn't use the elevator as that seems to be their favourite woohoo spot.
    After woohoo, the boys watched the stars :)
    When Mikezumi woke at 6 she called the family to breakfast. Amery didn't have any daddy wishes and I will never know if the boys had wishes for Amery :(
    Amery woke with a wish to find a rock. There is a rock spawner on the far side of the brown house across the street.
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to find some seeds. When I ask her to serve a meal she dawdles to the kitchen but look how fast she can run when she wants to do something ;)
    When Amery got back from collecting a rock, I had Mikezumi chat with him before school. She must be closer to death than I realized because she's phasing through the wall like a ghost ;)
    While Mikezumi was finding a seed and Amery a rock, the boys woohooed in the treehouse again. When I next checked on them the boys were doing their own thing.
    Amery rolled a wish to enrol in an after school activity. I noticed the computer was broken so I had Mikezumi fix it so she could use that to enrol Amery in a class.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 13 - Part 2
    Just after Mikezumi finished with the computer, I noticed that Jensen had gone into labor so I sent her out for the baby dance :p
    Jared psychically knew that the computer was fixed and came out to use it. He was totally oblivious of his husband's plight :/
    Mikezumi had a wish to catch a 100kg fish locked in so I had her fish while waiting for the baby.
    Welcome Beckah :) Her game generated name was Natalia but it doesn't fit my naming theme.
    Jensen pulled out the stroller to walk Beckah to the back door so he could put her in the crib :/
    As soon as he had put Beckah in the crib he sought out Jared :p
    Since Mikezumi had got her fish wish, I sent her inside to play with and feed Beckah so she would be ready to age up.
    Once again Mikezumi is in the wrong (or is it right?) place to read her book ;)
    I had Mikezumi play chess with Jared in the hope that Jensen would so something with Beckah but he chose to play his guitar instead.
    Amery came home with a wish to ride a spring rider (I had bought one while he was at school) and a wish to catch a bug.
    I got sick of seeing the broken hot tub. It had been broken for a few days but I figured Mikezumi finally had enough skill to tackle it. She reached level 7 when she was done :)
    I thought the little ruffles on Beckah's bottom looked cute :p

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 13 - Part 3
    While doing his homework, Amery rolled a wish to play catch with Jared :) He's getting better at catching Jared's hard throws, probably because he is athletic.
    While Jared was busy Jensen went inside to teach Beckah how to walk! :)
    When Mikezumi called the family to dinner, Jensen stopped teaching Beckah how to walk but didn't come to the table. I let him play with Beckah until Mikezumi had finished eating.
    There's no option to call to meal on a single serve so I had Mikezumi get some leftover burgers and called Jensen to a late dinner.
    Beckah needed to go potty so I had Mikezumi take care of it.
    After dinner, Amery autonomously fished. He is an angler after all.
    The dishes had been sitting for quite a while and I had totally forgotten about them until I saw Jensen put them away :)
    When Amery had finished fishing, I sent him to Mikezumi for a quick chat before they went to bed. The boys were watching the stars :)
    After watching the stars, Jensen went to bed but Jared went to the bookcase and started reading. He read until he started waving his arms around at about 2 and then went to bed.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 14 - Part 1
    Because the boys didn't go to bed so early the previous evening, Jensen didn't wake until 4.45. Jared went to bed much later so Jensen amused himself by playing the guitar :)
    Mikezumi got Beckah up and ready for the day.
    Jared was still sleeping when Amery served breakfast but woke shortly after they started eating.
    It looks as though Amery is angry. Perhaps the pancakes weren't to his liking ;)
    Amery had a wish to catch a bug locked in from the previous day. Although Mikezumi would be taking the family to the park later in the morning, she had to garden first so Amery had plenty of time to catch his bug.
    While Mikezumi gardened and Amery caught his bug, the boys entertained each other ;)
    Mikezumi was still gardening when Amery got home so he played in the sand pit.
    Beckah worked on her peg box skills.
    The boys were still busy so I let Amery ask Mikezumi for a game of catch. He rolled the wish while they were eating breakfast :)
    After a quick game of catch I had Amery play with Beckah because her social bar was down a little.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    edited November 2017
    Day 14 - Part 2
    I waited until the boys were between woohoos and then had Mikezumi take the family to the park.
    I had Mikezumi read a book so the boys would have a chance to spend time with the kids.
    Since Amery was getting on so well with Jensen, I had him ask to play catch. It didn't take long for Jared to start to train Beckah :)
    When he had finished teaching Beckah how to walk he looked happy and proud of himself :)
    Mikezumi's social bar took a bit of a hit so I had Amery talk to her. They chatted for ages and I awwww'd when they hugged :)
    I sent the family home because Amery had a fishing wish and I know the boys are happier at home because of all the positive moodlets they get in the house.
    Before feeding Beckah, Mikezumi finished off her potty training :)
    Then called the family to dinner.
    Jensen cleared the dishes while Mikezumi emptied the potty chair. Jared went straight to Beckah :)
    A little later I found Beckah crying so I had Mikezumi snuggle her. She rolled a wish to put her on the spring rider.
    Mikezumi attended a late party at Pedro Herrerra's house.
    Becky Black was there :) Her hand seems to be stuck in the dish holding position.
    Mikezumi shook thin air when she introduced herself to Becky. I might have to reset her if she is like this the next time I see her. I didn't reset her at the party or she would have teleported home.
    When I checked on the family, the boys were woohooing in the outdoor shower and Amery was fishing.
    I sent Mikezumi home in time to put Beckah to bed.

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
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    Day 15 - Part 1
    The boys woke a little after 3.
    I saw Jared asking Jensen something and then Jensen went out to the kitchen to play his guitar. Jared did nothing for quite a while so I went into map view and saw that he was waiting to watch the stars with Jensen. I clicked on Jensen's guitar and used the "take a break from playing" option.
    The boys were woohooing in the elevator when Mikezumi got up so I had her get Beckah up and ready for the day.
    Amery rolled wishes to talk with both his dads which were fulfilled over breakfast.
    Both of the boys went to clear the dishes. I didn't hang around to see how much foot stomping happened and when I checked later all the dishes were gone so that's good enough for me ;)
    While the family slept, I bought a costume chest for the kids. Amery rolled a wish to dress in costume which led to a wish to play in costume.
    The boys used the hot tub. Jensen only stayed in a moment. I am not sure if it was woohoo gone wrong or if they just wanted to relax.
    I didn't get a pic of it but Mikezumi shared a secret with Jared: "Today I wish I was frolicking through a field of flowers". I sent the family to the park and had Amery distract Jared with a game of catch. Jensen played with Beckah for a while before he decided to teach her how to talk.

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 15 - Part 2
    After a few tickles, Jensen sat down and started teaching Beckah how to talk :)
    Stein Svard showed up and play his guitar :)
    I was really hoping that Jensen would finish teaching Beckah how to talk but Grady Elfman interrupted him for a chat.
    I had Amery introduce himself to Stein. The boys didn't waste any time in getting in a woohoo! :p
    I decided to let Mikezumi finish teaching Beckah how to talk because her social bar was low.
    Autumn Cusack showed up and chatted with Jensen. (Curse the irresistible trait!)
    The boys lost interest in her almost immediately and decided to get frisky :p
    I sent the family home after the boys had woohooed in the treehouse. They must have been feeling a little dirty when they got home ;)
    The family ate leftover cheesesteak which made Amery very happy :)
    Beckah started crying just as Mikezumi finished her meal.
    I sent Mikezumi to comfort her :)
    Jared did the dishes while Jensen stepped outside for a moment.
    The boys watched the stars before bed :) Jared had been exercising but Jensen interrupted him for a flirt.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 16 - Part 1
    Amery rolled a wish to fish before 6am.
    Jared and Jensen woke just after I sent Amery fishing. It was a little after 4.
    Mikezumi woke a little after 6 and called the family to breakfast.
    After eating, she got Beckah up and ready for the day.
    Jared and Jensen had their morning shower ;) in the backyard while Amery worked on a fishing wish he rolled after catching a black goldfish earlier.
    Jared seems to have forgotten to get dressed after the shower! :o
    Jared and Jensen came in to clear the dishes but Jared got there first. Jensen did a little arm waving when he realized there were no more dishes to collect but he got over it quickly :p
    Mikezumi was working on the gardening and the boys were heading into Mikezumi's room to "make the bed" when Beckah had her birthday.
    The game did get her favourite colour right at least ;)
    Such a pretty thing :) It's a pity she has to grow up ;)
    There were three empty easels and Beckah, being artistic, went straight for one. I put the others in the family inventory because artistic sims will start new paintings on any empty easel they can find.
    The boys must have had enough woohoo and I found them on the sofa. Jensen was watching TV and Jared was reading.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    Day 16 - Part 2
    When Beckah's social bar got a little low, I sent her to talk to Jensen.
    Jensen started flirting with Jared when Beckah left to talk to Mikezumi. The flirting led to the outdoor shower. It's a good thing Beckah has her back to it ;)
    Beckah rolled a wish to visit the Art Gallery. Since Amery had scouts and wouldn't be home for a few hours, I sent her on her own. She met Pauline Lothario while there. She's married to Don Lothario and is pregnant :)
    While Beckah was at the Gallery I got a popup that Emma and Connor had a new baby boy :)
    Amery looked happy to be doing his homework ;)
    Jared and Jensen had been flirting in the children's room when Mikezumi called them to dinner. Jensen must have been knocked off course on his way.
    I had Mikezumi call him again when she was done with her dinner.
    Mikezumi got an invitation to attend Pedro Herrerra's party.
    He was at home when she left but the house was empty when she got there.
    The kids spent some time with their fathers before going to bed.
    The boys had a shower before bed ;)
    Jared had to make a detour to the bathroom on his way to bed ;)

  • AvataritAvatarit Posts: 720 Member
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    Can I ask where can I find the decorated plates (it is a mod, right?) and also Beckah's hair? she's super cute!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,181 Member
    @Avatarit You can find the plate patterns Here.
    I have no idea where Beckah's hair is from as I have had it for a while and my files are not sorted very well. If it comes to me I will let you know.
    Thanks for visiting my thread :)
  • AvataritAvatarit Posts: 720 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Avatarit You can find the plate patterns Here.
    I have no idea where Beckah's hair is from as I have had it for a while and my files are not sorted very well. If it comes to me I will let you know.
    Thanks for visiting my thread :)

    Thank you :smile:
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