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The Watcher's Caretaker - A limited ISBI


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    @bekkasan After reading your comment, I checked and couldn't see them either. Then I checked on another pic I posted before bed and could see that and it was from same batch. When I got back here my pics were visible again. I will have another look when I get out of bed as I can't do anything from iPad. Thanks for heads up :)
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    @Mikezumi , gonna start on December 8...
    **You really hate weekends don't you..
    **Drew's painting looks cool so far..
    **the sculpting station disappeared again...
    **No woohoo after flirting? They mist be getting old!
    **You'd get a frost bitten tushy on that chair!
    **Drew even look adorable whining about homework.. <3
    **Cutie, Drew with the butterfly. I'm really going to miss him when you move him out.
    **Frog Legs...blech!
    **tandem fish catching!
    **Jensen and Jared certainly do merge in the shower, their heads are squished together, EA really should have worked on the animations a bit more!
    **How do you keep Emma so thin, she's always chubby in my saves even if I'm controlling her and have her hit the gym she gains it all back in a few days if I stop controlling her or let her stop exercising.
    **I said it before but it needs to be repeated...Amery looks Awesome as a YA!!!
    **My SS must have had a good day if she was nice and civil to everyone. ;)
    **Beckah is nice, Becky of course liked her..
    **Becky wanted to talk to Drew and snag him away from that...that....Woman he's going to marry! :'(

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    @Mikezumi Yeah! Pics show up.
    I like Mikezumi's outfit! I love finding nice things for elders to wear.
    Beckah does not look happy having to sit next to the chaperone!
    I would hate to do homework on my last day too! Jared! <3
    Amery ages up! oh...jeeps. Glad you don't have a rule about leaving them alone after aging up! Much better! He looks so much like both Dads, depending on his expression! Awesome! Gorgeous!
    Looks like a nice party. Glad Becky was nice this time! :wink:
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    @Mikezumi - Your pictures did show up for me...they just took a little time loading. :)

    - Amery is doing awesome in his martial arts.
    - It's so cool to see @Charlottesmom's Becky in your save. :) I might actually use her in one of my saves with her permission of course, but pair her up only with the male Sim of her choice. :)
    - I'm always impressed by how true to life that those Jared and Jensen Sims you created look.
    - Congratulations to Amery on aging up to YA. He certainly makes for a handsome Sim. :) But the first look, OH MY... :D And Amery certainly didn't look impressed. :D
    - It is certainly interesting how well the Sim genetics pass down the line.
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    @Charlottesmom It's not so much that I hate weekends because I do love seeing more of the kids but it's just that it's so darned busy, especially when the kids have partners and want to see them and they take so long to play.
    The sculpting station goes away when Mikezumi isn't sculpting or Bekkah will go straight to it :#
    I don't think improved woohoo animations would fit with the game rating ;) Although there is a mod, which I don't have, that improves the shower woohoo animations.
    Emma stays thin because of using CAS though MC, I believe.
    Your SS is very popular with my sims! They all want to be friends with her when they meet her :)
    Don't worry about Drew - he will always be in my bin and might resurface in the future ;)
    Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @bekkasan I was looking for something else, which I totally forgot to find (and still can't remember what it was) when I came across a link for teen and elder conversions. Next thing you know, I had downloaded about 50 items of CC! Elders shouldn't have to look frumpy and I am always excited when I find CC for elders, especially conversions. CC can be hit or miss because I don't think many simmers care about their elders but conversions are great because they use EA's good quality meshes :)
    I could never live with my sims in the hair and outfits they age up in! :o I am not big on rules in any case ;)
    Amery is mostly Jared but has Jensen's nose.
    Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks for the lovely comments :) I've had Becky in a couple of my saves and it's fun when my sims bump into her :)
    The boys faces have changed a lot since aging up to adult but when they were YA I would sometimes see Jared on some angles and give myself a pat on the back ;) Jensen's cheeky face was a lot harder to capture but I love him as a sim anyway :)
    The genetics are very limited but I am happy as long as I don't get clones.
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    Day 60 - Part 1
    Amery rolled a wish to fish before 6am. His girlfriend doesn't age up until the evening so he gets to stay home a little longer ;)
    The boys woke up within moments of each other.
    After a little flirting they "made the bed" ;)
    Chance woke up with mood swings - CANCELLED! Although I acknowledge that teens do have bad days (most of them ;) ), I don't like things forced upon me in MY game :p
    The family enjoyed pancakes for breakfast.
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to practise on the training dummy. Amery autonomously fished.
    Chance and Drew woke up with a wish to prepare a meal so I let Drew go first while Chance watered the garden.
    I had the boys make autumn salad because it is fast with the food processor and I wanted them both to get their wish before school.
    While Jensen was clearing the dishes, Jared went off to the kids room to read. Instead of pursuing him, Jensen played his guitar.
    I saw Amery heading to Jensen and didn't stop him because it's good he wants to spend time with his dad before he leaves the nest, even if it is just to make silly faces ;)
    Since Jared and Amery are athletic, I had Mikezumi take them to the gym.
    When they arrived Miriam Svard, heavily pregnant and badly dressed, chatted with Jensen.
    Jared took advantage of the situation by rushing upstairs and starting a workout :)
    Amery was just about to settle down to a workout when Miriam made her way upstairs for a chat.
    They got hearts! Sorry, Miriam, he's spoken for! ;)
    Oooh, I wonder if this means he will be a good daddy? :)

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    Day 60 - Part 2
    I checked Miriam's status to make sure she wouldn't go into labor while my boys were there and let her finish her chat with Amery when I realized there was no danger of that. I would have hated for Jensen or Jared to run off to the hospital with her. It's a little scary when you can't select a sim and not knowing what they will do next when out in public. It's bad enough they invite NPCs into the house but home is still fairly stress free.
    Mikezumi had been reading downstairs but came up to work out. I decided she should distract Miriam instead ;)
    When Miriam started a workout of her own, I let Mikezumi do what she wanted and she went for a swim.
    Jared would have loved this outing! :) Jensen, although not athletic, has a high skill level and had an easy time with his workout :)
    When I saw the kids were about to leave school, I had Mikezumi bring the boys home. Chance had Art Class so came home later.
    I was hoping the boys would shower when they got home but they chose to soil Mikezumi's bed instead! :# Shoes, Jensen!
    Drew rolled two wishes during the day - one to kiss May and one to watch the stars with her. He's only a day short of being old enough for romance so I invited May over :)
    These two needed no help from me!
    Chance did his homework when he got home.
    I heard woohoo but could clearly see Jared at the chess table so I knew it could mean only one thing!
    Beckah got her wish to master fishing! I left Mikezumi and Amery to their own devices and Amery asked her for a game of catch :)
    May stayed for dinner.
    Drew had to wait for May to clear the dishes before he could get his wish to watch the stars with her.
    Mikezumi was watching the cooking channel and Amery joined her :)
    Drew got his wish :)
    The boys finally got their shower! I am glad or they would have been really ripe when they woke up in the morning! :#
    They stayed up quite late. It was almost midnight when they watched the stars.

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    @Mikezumi I rarely use the bad mood. I did it once just to see what it was. I figure if I want them to be cranky I can do it during my game play thank you very much EA. :) Jensen is so cute playing guitar. Jared running! <3 Love the pics at the gym. Drew didn't waste time that's for sure! Looks like the boys won't be getting up at 3am getting to bed so late.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    @bekkasan I like that we can mod out or cancel a lot of stuff because I really just want a sand box where I make the rules. I am glad the boys won't be waking at 3 but I will feel bad if I have to wake them to eat ;)
    Thanks for the comments :)
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    Day 61 - Part 1
    Jensen must have worked out until fatigued at the gym the previous day :( If I were controlling him, I would have sent him to the spa.
    It didn't seem to cramp his guitar style ;)
    Jared woke just before Mikezumi came out to serve breakfast.
    Amery woke with a wish to buy a new recipe so I sent him to the bookstore when he finished breakfast. Funny how sims will saunter to do chores but will run when they are doing something they want!
    Mikezumi smiled indulgently at her boys when they chose to flirt rather than do the dishes ;)
    Chance woke with a wish to grown an outstanding lettuce plant.
    While watering the garden, Drew rolled a wish to level up :)
    Beckah woke with a wish to paint.
    I found the boys in the basement :p
    When Amery got back from the bookstore I had him read the recipe he had bought because I know that he won't read it once he leaves home. When he finished I saw him heading downstairs to his dads and didn't stop him as they had been down there for a long time.
    Amery wanted to play catch with Jared. Jensen took advantage of the interruption to play on his keyboard.
    Thomas Frio came home with Chance.
    Mikezumi had a long chat with him when he arrived. She's been working on a wish to master the painting skill and her social bar was getting a little low.
    Chance started his homework without Thomas.
    Jensen appeared within moments of Amery and Jared finishing their game of catch. Sims really are psychic!
    Chance came home from school with a wish to set a booby trap :p

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    Day 61 - Part 2
    Mikezumi's bed sees a lot of action even though she doesn't ;)
    I invited Trinity over when she finished work. She had aged up the previous evening and got a job straight away.
    She was so excited about seeing Amery that she put her head through the wall! :p
    Drew and Beckah did their homework together after Art Class. I forgot to check Drew's inventory but I got a popup that he had completed a painting.
    Beckah came home with a wish to catch a bug and I could see that the spawner near the house was active.
    After I had Amery ask Trinity to move in I had them christen the new bed I bought for them ;) Amery got distracted on the way to the bedroom because Thomas was skinny dipping and he decided to join him ;)
    Because Thomas stayed for dinner, I brought the outside table in.
    Amery rolled a wish to watch the stars with Trinity so I helped them out. They were both trying to fish and were not happy that I stopped them ;) Once I got them started, they were okay and Trinity even asked him a second time after they had chatted for a bit :)
    Beckah finished a painting and went to talk to Jensen about art. I let her go because the boys were between woohoos ;)
    When I took Trinity into CAS on her birthday, I saw that she had rolled the Childish trait. I removed it but she mustn't have got the memo ;)
    Drew autonomously went to the board breaker after dinner. He rolled a wish to master MA and another to break a space rock :) He didn't get either wish before bed but he's only a whisker off mastering MA :)
    Beckah had a wish to play the piano so I had her jam with Chance.
    I saw Jensen going to sleep and wondered why Jared was standing there watching him. He had woken him to play catch!
    I knew that Jensen was tired because I had seen him yawning and stretching earlier so I had Mikezumi come out to stop the game. When she went back to bed the boys flirted a little before finally sleeping at about 1.

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,516 Member
    @Mikezumi Looks like French I'm hungry!
    Or fly everywhere if they are a fairy!
    Cute painting Beckah is working on.
    Such a cute expression on Chance's face.
    Ouch Trinity!
    lol at Trinity patiently waiting! That distraction thing is a pain. I had Rafe exploring a section of a tomb when I see a house in his queue and he is heading home. I checked at home, Will and Shea are safe. He's not tired, thirsty or down on any motives. Just being ornery. Cancel, finish the tomb!
    The last shot of the boys is so sweet. :)
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    @Mikezumi Oh my I catch up! :confounded:

    Do you remember which day you started after not posting on the other thread?
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    @Mikezumi , Yeah, I think I'm done with the main thread (until after the holidays) except for leaving polrbear some comments now and again, I like his stuff.
    **Amery does look super *Nice* in his undies even if he's making silly faces..
    **Miriam does look like her pregnancy outfit choice was ill concieved!
    **Yup, I bet Amery will be a good dad.
    **Glad she's not going to burst while at the gym..
    **The boys have no shame, you need a lock for your SS's bedroom door!
    **Skipping over pictures of May mauling poor sweet Drew... :D
    **1st time in an elevator... :s
    **Nice the boys tookma shower AFTER they fouled up your SS's bed!
    **I think your SS should have offered Jensen a massage, the poor boy was in pain.
    **You're spoiling those boys! Make them do the dang dishes...
    **They're at it in your bed Again!! :D
    **Hmmmm, half nekked girlfriend in your bed or skinny dipping with another dude in the hot tub... :D
    **I kinda like the childish trait, both L and Meggie are childish (L by design, Meggie rolled hers upon aging to teen).

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    @emorrill The last day I posted in your chat thread was page 54. Don't feel any pressure to catch up *hugs*

    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I have no idea why sims will suddenly decide to go home but it happens to me all the time when I have the whole family out. Sometimes they get all the way home before I notice! I guess it's one of the downsides to high free will, although I would rather they have high free will and surprise me than have to be controlled right down to when they use the bathroom by me!
    Trinity is clumsy and I always get a good chuckle when she trips on nothing but when she put her head through the wall I laughed so I hard I had to pause the game for a moment!

    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I like polrbear's posts too and it doesn't hurt that he's playing the beautiful Eddy :p
    May and Drew are a lovely couple! I also love how he and May take care of their own needs instead of needing a push from me like Amery and Beckah with their partners!
    I thought about buying the massage table for Jensen but I don't like how it increases their energy. He wouldn't be able to sleep and I can't control him to tell him to go to bed.
    What are you implying about Amery? LMAO
    I don't mind the childish trait but I can't stand the constant scaring!
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    Day 62 - Part 1
    The boys woke at the same time as the family!
    Beckah woke with a wish to weed.
    Chance woke with a wish to prepare a meal so I had him make PB&J.
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to practise MA and Drew was still working on his wish to break a space rock. He managed to do it just before the school bus came :) Trinity left for work not long after breakfast.
    I am surprised it took a whole day for the boys to find the new bed in the spare room! :p
    The boys broke the hot tub! Amery woke with a wish to paint.
    The boys didn't even clean up their mess!
    Instead they woohooed in the treehouse while Mikezumi repaired the hot tub. Mikezumi leveled up to 10 while repairing it! :D
    When Amery finished his painting, I was surprised he didn't bother his fathers. Instead he worked out on the barre.
    The kids didn't have after school activities so I decided today would be a good day to get Amery and Trinity married off so I can move them out on the weekend!
    After a few minutes on the training dummy, Drew mastered MA! :)
    Trinity got home from work shortly after 2. I let her fill her fun bar while I set up a wedding arch and bought a cake. I saw Amery try for baby but I cancelled it. I don't know why I did that! Ah well, there's always time for him to try again before they leave ;)
    Mikezumi and Drew had been sitting with Jared and Jensen but decided to get up just as I was about to take pics! :#
    The pair exchanged rings :)
    I totally forgot to see what last name they had so I still don't know who actually proposed!

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    Day 62 - Part 2
    I was surprised the wedding went smoothly and that the boys didn't wander off to woohoo! :p
    I timed it perfectly so the family could have cake for dinner :)
    While getting married, Amery rolled a wish to go skinny dipping so I clicked on the pool and told him to do so. I didn't expect to see him diving in the raw!
    I hope he didn't hit the water too hard! LOL
    Jensen cleared up :)
    Mikezumi was a few strokes away from finishing her latest sculpture so I had her do that so she could sell it before it melted.
    I couldn't quite work out what was going on but I think that Jared was trying to share a secret with Beckah.
    But she didn't want to hear it! I officially hate this girl! :#
    Awwww poor Jared :'(
    I couldn't find the newlyweds in the house and discovered they had gone fishing. They really are perfect for each other!
    When I checked back on Jared and Beckah they were doing okay - I still don't like the girl!
    Although they would have fished all night if I had let them, I decided they needed to go to bed so I set them up for a quickie before sleeping ;)
    I have no idea how this happened! :o

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,516 Member
    @Mikezumi The first baby is leaving the nest! Soon he will have babies of his own. They are a cute couple and should make some adorable grandkids for Jared and Jensen. The wedding pics are beautiful.
    lol at Amery is he telling them to just take tiny pieces and no seconds?
    Dag, Beckah is kinda strange. I thought everyone loved secrets. Is she proper maybe? Although Victor is and he shares and listens to secrets. Only Amery would go fishing on his wedding night! LOL that Trinity went too.
    You might have to help them with those grandbabies!
    What is Jensen up to?
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    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I don't have the proper trait so she doesn't have that. I have no idea what happened. I have found that with Jensen and Jared unselectable that several secrets have been knocked back so I suspect it's just random SP fails being imposed on them because they are being pushed like townies.
    Trinity and Amery would fish all day if I let them!
    I have no idea why Jensen slept with Mikezumi but it was good for a laugh!
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    Day 63 - Part 1
    Jensen woke early as usual. I wonder if Mikezumi even realized he had spent the night beside her ;)
    When Jared woke a moment later this is the greeting Jensen got! I have no idea what might have happened the previous evening and I wonder if this is why Jensen slept in Mikezumi's bed.
    After Jensen's attempt at loving failed, Jared asked Jensen to watch the stars and got knocked back as well :(
    They stood around with long faces for a few minutes and then suddenly all was well :)
    Jared found Drew's booby trap! :p
    I'm glad the boys sorted out their problem before breakfast because it's Saturday and Graduation/move day for Amery and Trinity.
    Trinity woke with a wish to garden and Mikezumi woke with a wish to water the plants.
    Amery woke with a wish to do a cardio workout.
    Beckah had a wish to prepare a meal and Drew rolled a wish to make PB&J after eating it for breakfast.
    The boys entertained each other in Amery's bed until it was time for the family to leave.
    Getting the family to the Town Hall was a nightmare! I was calling my sims the worst names imaginable! My son laughed at me and told me I should step away from the computer for a few minutes :p
    With Mikezumi selected, I chose "visit Town Hall with" and then chose "all". Jensen and Jared didn't even attempt to follow so I cancelled the action just as Mikezumi drove off with the rest of the family and they all got out of the car. Then I tried again with Mikezumi only taking Jensen and Jared and Amery taking the rest of the family and that worked but that wasn't the end of my problems. Normally I can get my family into the Town Hall and the kids graduated by 12 but, although everyone went in, the graduation didn't start until about then and my sims popped in and out of the Town Hall several times before the actual ceremony started. When the family came out at around 2, Jared and Jensen were no-shows so I went into map view and their tags said they would be there until 4.30! :# After the family got home, I MC'd them home!
    Amery was voted most likely become a sports star and Trinity was voted most popular.
    Amery and Trinity celebrated their graduation with shower woohoo :p
    Another glowing red orb gone! :p

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    Day 63 - Part 2
    I was so stressed because of how long it took Amery and Trinity to graduate that I sent them on their way sooner rather than later. When I moved them into their new home across the street, I discovered that it was Trinity who was responsible for the engagement. I quickly changed their names because I wanted the grandchildren to have the family name.
    I checked a few minutes later and Amery had changed into his swimsuit. He must have discovered the water slide in the backyard :p
    To cheer myself up, I invited over the teens' partners :)
    I was about to blame Beckah for this but went into map view and discovered that Marlin was complaining about art so it was totally his fault!
    Beckah and Marlin got over Marlin's silly comment and were woohooing when Jared decided he wanted to ask Marlin about a partner! LOL
    "Really? I'm standing right here!"
    "Let me at him!"
    Iggy got to eat on his own :(;)
    While talking with Jared after dinner, Chance rolled a wish to mind meld with him. I just about fell off my chair when Chance mastered the woohoo skill because of it! :o I have seen sims increase a little in other skills or relationship with other sims but this was a first for me!
    There was some star watching after dinner :)
    Drew and May are really lovey dovey :)
    Jensen interrupted Chance's second star watching session to chat with Iggy :)
    As the family were preparing for bed, I got a popup that Amery and Trinity are expecting a baby! :)

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,516 Member
    @Mikezumi Glad the boys fixed whatever was wrong with them!
    Sounds like a terrible headache with getting the group to the graduation.
    I never got Adam to graduate. Kept hanging around town several days after he aged up, but never popped for him. Will debug him a diploma when I get back to them.
    LOL that Trinity got all the dye!
    I have it set in SP that the names are husbands. I'm old fashioned that way with my sims. I kept my old married name though, too $$ to change all my licenses and stuff. Didn't bother Hubby!
    Omg, woohoo in front of Dad! Kids these days!
    I notice Drew is wearing his bathrobe for dinner so he musta been up to no good too!
    Awesome! You didn't have to help them! :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    Thanks @bekkasan :)
    It was so painful getting them to graduation and then getting them through the ceremony that I have decided that the next teen who grows up can graduate (or not) after they leave home!
    I thought I had my settings so that sims get their husband's name but I must not have it right. Sometimes it works and sometimes I get double barrelled names. It's no big deal because I know every sim in town and as soon as I get popups I change their names if they are wrong.
    Drew and May need absolutely no help from me! The moment she walks in the door they are on each other! LOL I didn't think his traits were particularly romance oriented and I don't think hers are either so they must just hit it off really well :)
    I was stunned getting the pregnancy notice so soon after they left home! Maybe it was Amery because I did catch him trying for baby before they got married :p
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,012 Member
    @Mikezumi , Day 62..
    **The boys woke up at a normal hour?? :o
    **Drew board braking... <3 okay I have a bit of a Sim crush on him, I’ll admit’s the glasses. ;)
    **why would boys clean up their mess? I do have 1 neat one IRL our of 4! Zach is the neat one..
    **Yeah Drew!!
    **Awwwwww! beautiful home wedding! <3

    Gotta go pick up M from work, will do more later on...
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    Day 64 - Part 1
    Jared woke first and went straight to the bookcase in Mikezumi's room. Before he could grab a book, Jensen woke up. Drats! Looks like Mikezumi missed out this morning ;)
    Once wasn't enough and the boys managed to squeeze another woohoo in before the family woke :p
    I actually held off breakfast for about 10 sim minutes to allow the boys to finish ;)
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to weed and Chance is still working on reaching level 8 in gardening.
    Drew woke with a wish to paint so I had him continue working on one he started a while ago.
    Beckah woke with a wish to prepare a meal.
    Jensen played the piano while Jared cleared the dishes.
    When Beckah finished cooking she went to Jensen for a chat which gave Jared a chance to work out for a while.
    When Beckah went off to read, Jensen mopped the puddle by the hot tub. I was surprised he did that before interrupting Jared's workout.
    When Jensen finished mopping, Chance chatted with him for a bit before Jared came out. "Ahem! I'm still here!"
    Mikezumi's social bar needed filling so I had her spar with Drew. She won! :D She also leveled up to 5 and can now meditate :)
    When Beckah finished her book she went outside to shoot some hoops :)

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