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The Watcher's Caretaker - A limited ISBI


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    Day 40 - Part 1
    Jensen woke at around 4 and stood by the bed for half an hour. He must have been suffering from woohoo withdrawal! ;)
    He finally gave up and went into the kitchen to play his guitar.
    Jared came out at 5.30 for some lovin' ;)
    They managed to get a woohoo in as Mikezumi was calling the family to breakfast :p
    Not sure why everyone was checking Jared out when he came to the table unless he was smelly again ;)
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to hug Chance while eating breakfast :)
    Chance watered the garden to trigger his hidden gardening skills from Scouts. Beckah woke with a wish to weed the plants.
    Drew woke with a wish to play catch so I had Amery take care of it. He probably should have chosen tag ;) Mikezumi's waking wish was to sculpt something in clay.
    When Beckah had finished weeding, I sent her inside to clear the dishes because her dads were otherwise occupied ;)
    Amery's waking wish was to watch the Cooking Channel. I let him watch it for 10 minutes before the school bus came.
    Mikezumi got her LTW to be Living in the Lap of Luxury after the morning's harvest of money bags :) I was surprised to see Jensen doing something athletic while Jared read inside.

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    Day 40 - Part 2
    Jared must have finished his book ;)
    Mikezumi did more than peek this time! She flat out stared! LOL
    Jared went inside for a romantic drink while Jensen played his guitar.
    Mikezumi got two wishes - one the sculpt in clay and one to sculpt a masterpiece :) Lots of LTW points for Mikezumi today!
    I sent Mikezumi inside to cook a meal for later and both boys rushed inside to clean the counter. Jensen got there first.
    Amery had Sports but Chance and Beckah got home early and did their homework together.
    After taking the homework face picture, I lowered the walls and saw the boys at it again!
    When Chance aged up, Mikezumi rolled a wish to teach him how to drive. He rolled a wish to learn how to drive a few hours later. I locked both in.
    Amery did his homework on his own.
    As did Drew.
    The family ate the dim sum that Mikezumi had prepared earlier.
    Jared cleared the dishes.
    The only wish Drew had locked in was one to catch 5 different fish. I sent him fishing with Mikezumi.
    While they were fishing, I saw Jensen and Jared come outside for a game of catch.
    Jensen is now able to catch Jared's hard throws because he leveled up in the athletic skill while playing basketball earlier in the day. I think he's at level 7 now.
    After the family had gone to bed, I noticed movement at the fishing spot across the road. Shark Racket was there with his wife Carla and his daughter Celeste. They are a good looking family :)

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    Day 41 - Part 1
    Jensen woke a little earlier than Jared but waited by the bed until he woke up and went straight to him to flirt :)
    After flirting for a while, Jensen pulled a piano (that I didn't buy) out of his inventory and started playing. Jared was about to sit down and read a book but he found Beckah's whoopee cushion :p
    Finding Beckah's prank put paid to him reading and he interrupted Jensen instead for woohoo :p
    After woohooing the boys had a pre-breakfast drink :o;)
    The boys were still drinking when Mikezumi called the family to breakfast.
    Drew's waking wish was to go to the park so I sent him to the park across the street.
    Beckah had a wish to talk to Jensen that wasn't fulfilled over breakfast and Chance had a wish to prepare autumn salad.
    Amery had a wish to fish and Mikezumi had a wish to catch a great fish.
    When Beckah finished talking with Jensen and Chance had finished his salad, I sent them out to water the garden. You can just see Drew running home from the park so he doesn't miss the school bus.
    Mikezumi finished off the gardening when the kids had left for school. The pomelo tree finally became barren after being in the save for nearly 6 sim weeks! The tree came with the house. I have never seen a fruit tree last so long!
    Drew had a field trip to the Theatre. Stein Svard was in charge. The girl next to him is May Lothario.
    Stein's nephew, Dedric, was also there.
    I had Mikezumi take the boys to the pool.
    I heard a splash and when I turned the camera to Jensen I got a good laugh from his face :D I assume his dive went badly.
    Mikezumi got a change of pattern on her swimsuit.
    I think she's been practising her diving behind my back ;)
    While they were at the pool I got a popup that Jared was now level 9 in the athletic skill :)

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    Day 41 - Part 2
    Amery had Sports so Beckah and Chance did their homework together.
    The boys got home at the same time as Drew. Beckah had a wish to complete a book so I gave her a recipe.
    Beckah now knows how to make cookies :) Drew was heading to the new piano :)
    The boys took a shower in the backyard ;)
    Amery did his homework when he got home. He finished it just before the Prom dates started arriving.
    Marlin was the first to arrive.
    Iggy arrived a couple of minutes later.
    I was concerned that Trinity wouldn't show but she came not long before it was time for the limo.
    Unfortunately the game pushes the prom dates to chat with a family member before they go and Trinity was in Jared's queue which I can't see and am unable to cancel. She started chatting with Jared just as the limo arrived and didn't try to go after she was done. I MC'd her to school in her formal outfit. The prom notifications counted her as being there.
    My kids were the first into the limo so are the only ones visible but Marlin and Iggy are in there too :)
    It was a quiet dinner for the family without the teens there.
    After I had received notifications that Chance was voted King and Beckah, Queen, I sent the kids home. Prom is a waste of time - the kids come home hungry, lonely and with lowered fun bars.
    After eating, Chance helped himself to a drink and it triggered a wish to learn the mixology skill. I was happy to oblige ;)
    Jared was watching TV and I was happy to see Beckah and Amery join him :)
    Mikezumi attended a party thrown by Pedro Herrerra :) He had aged up the previous evening so my boys must not be far off either.
    I sent Mikezumi to the kitchen to prepare a cheese plate as other guests starting arriving.
    While Mikezumi was chatting with Pauline Lothario I saw the host going to bed so I let her finish her conversation and sent her home.
    After the family, including Jensen, had gone to bed I noticed that Jared was missing. I went into map view to find his tag and he was still on the lot but in the far corner where I had placed a gazebo and a tea set. He poured several cups of tea before going to bed at about 2!

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    Day 42 - Part 1
    I thought Jared had gone to bed after drinking tea the previous night but I found him reading a book and, when Jensen got up just after 3, he came out and flirted with him for a bit before going off to bed ... finally! Fortunately he didn't need much sleep because the tea would have super-charged him!
    Jensen played the guitar until Mikezumi called the family to breakfast.
    I let the boys fight over the dishes. Like I have any say in the matter ;):p
    Chance watered the garden. It didn't trigger any level up wishes but he leveled up to 4 anyway.
    The family were short on eggs and cheese so I sent Mikezumi to the community garden. I found a mod that supposedly allows sims to plant eggs and cheese without the opportunity but it didn't seem to work for me.
    When I zoomed back to the house, Chance had finished watering the garden and was dancing :)
    Amery woke with a wish to go for a jog and when he got back he asked Jared for a game of catch. From the puddle by the hot tub, I can guess what the boys had been up to beforehand ;) I had to stop Chance from dancing because his morning wish was to prepare a meal. You can see him through the window.
    I had Mikezumi take Jared and Jensen to the bowling alley. The kids went separately.
    I let the teens finish their chat before I had them meet up with the others.
    The Frio family blocked the doorway and Jensen was not amused ;)
    Connor's youngest daughter, Alice, chatted with Chance and Drew. She aged up to teen later in the day. Pity she's too old for Drew.
    Jared and Jensen were flirting when Emma interrupted for a chat.

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    Day 42 - Part 2
    Although the boys took forever to get inside the building, Mikezumi got through before the Frios blocked the way and started bowling. When the kids arrived, Amery and Beckah were also quick to start bowling.
    Drew managed to shake Alice off and do some bowling but Chance was not so lucky ;)
    Maybe not! What little boy wants to face plant in front of a girl? ;)
    When the boys finally made it into the building they went straight for the photobooth ;)
    I assume Jensen came downstairs to bowl but Beckah got to him first to boast about her athletic prowess.
    Jared played an arcade game while Jensen was downstairs.
    I saw Beckah heading out the back door! She rolled so many wishes that I had to cancel because I simply don't have the energy to focus on hobbies that she starts without my say so. She's going to be out the door when she ages up so I need her to focus on skills for independent living not fancy schmancy stuff that is only good for active sims.
    Awwww Amery and Drew interrupted Jared's game for some chatting :)
    I had Chance introduce himself to Connor because I know @Charlottesmom loves to see Connor ;)
    Drew actually rolled a wish to introduce himself to Connor! :)
    I think the family had a great time. They all did separate things but always came back to each other for chats :)

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    Day 42 - Part 3
    Jared must have tired of arcade games and came downstairs to bowl.
    I saw Drew heading into the photobooth.
    After I watched him go in three times, I sent Mikezumi to chat with him to make him stop!
    I don't think Jared finished his bowling game ;)
    Mikezumi took the boys to the Diner and the kids caught a cab because they were not part of her group.
    They left at the same time and this is only a short distance from the bowling alley and already the taxi is miles ahead!
    Needless to say, the kids got there first.
    The grownups got there before Beckah had gone in. She got in their way and the action to eat was cancelled for Mikezumi and the boys. At least Beckah made it in and it was easy enough to resend the group.
    These were in Drew's inventory. I only kept the one without duplicates.
    There was also one in Chance's inventory. His had a duplicate but, since there was only one, I kept it too.
    I let Mikezumi and the kids do what they wanted until bedtime.
    Drew had been playing in the treehouse until Mikezumi decided he needed tutoring!
    After the others had gone to bed, I had the boys work on MA skills for a bit before sending them to bed also.

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    Day 43 - Part 1
    Jared woke first and waited by the bed until Jensen woke. These boys must not know how to amuse themselves ;)
    Surprising, Jared started off by asking Jensen a question. Jensen, on the other hand, got right down to business ;)
    Since the Saturday was quite a busy day, I decided the family could have a quiet day at home.
    Amery was eyeing off the remaining dish on the table and about to pick it up but I cancelled it because Jared and Jensen already had everything under control ;)
    Chance woke with a wish to garden so I sent him out to water the plants. It didn't trigger a level up wish but he did level up. Mikezumi's waking wish was to grow a perfect watermelon plant so I had her plant one even though there are already two in the garden. I can see a lot of Eggs Machiavellian in their future ;)
    The boys managed to get the dishes done and Beckah prepared a batch of pancakes to replace the ones the family had just eaten.
    Mikezumi also had a wish to go to the park so I sent her to the small park across the street. When I checked on her she was chatting with Stefan Stein. Stefan's wife Miriam is in the background.
    Amery's waking wish was to swim in the ocean. I sent him to the small beach behind their house.
    Trinity was at the park with her parents and I remembered that Amery had a wish to invite her over. I sent him to the park after his swim to do just that.
    When Chance finished watering the plants, he played his guitar :)
    As beautiful as Amery is, he's not suitable as heir because I don't like directing sims to fill their romantic wishes. If they can't take care of it themselves, they are poop out of luck! I did allow Amery to have his wish to hug Trinity amorously hoping that they would take over for themselves after but no such luck.
    Instead of getting romantic, they both headed out to the fishing pond :# I guess this means they are perfect for each other ;)
    Beckah woke with a wish to catch a bug. When I saw that a nearby spawner was active, I sent her over.
    Enquiring minds would like to know why Trinity is receiving a text from John Herrerra!? :/

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    Day 43 - Part 2
    After reading her text from John Herrerra, I saw Trinity heading to the basketball hoop.
    I found Jensen and Drew playing catch :)
    Jared took advantage of it to play some chess.
    Mikezumi must have finished her book and I suspect she must have interrupted Jared's game to talk given they are by the chess table. Jared was thanking her for her cooking :)
    After chatting and hugging several times, they both headed over to the bar. I was surprised because Mikezumi rarely helps herself to drinks. I usually have to direct her to do so.
    After his drink, Jared headed out to Jensen. Those romantic drinks are potent as Mikezumi's drinks are perfect quality ;)
    Drew was watching TV and Jared made an attempt to join him but was stopped by Jensen for some flirting. After a flirt or two, Jensen pulled out his guitar and Jared sat with Drew :)
    While Chance was working on getting his first belt in MA, he got his first athletic skill point and rolled a wish to go for a jog.
    I found my two athletes playing catch :)
    Chance had been drinking in the hot tub when Mikezumi called them to dinner :p
    Mikezumi finished another sculpture which she will sell when Beckah is not around to start a new sculpture.
    Amery broke the dishwasher. I had him mop up the puddle so Mikezumi could repair it.
    While Mikezumi was repairing the dishwasher, I heard woohoo so lowered the walls :p
    When Chance got his first belt, he rolled a wish to spar with someone.
    Mikezumi won :)
    After sparring, Mikezumi encouraged Chance to improve his skills. (I really hate that interaction!) Fortunately, he chose to improve his athletic skill by asking Mikezumi to play catch :) You can see them to the left of the house. Beckah is in the spare room working on her painting skill. She reached level 9 earlier in the day and rolled a wish to master the painting skill. Jared and Jensen are flirting on the right side of the house - probably staying close to the shower in case they want to go for another round of woohoo ;) Amery and Drew were fishing.

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    Day 44 - Part 1
    The boys didn't have to wait for each other because they both woke at the same time :)
    Jared made the first move :)
    He was also the first to instigate woohoo! Usually my athletic sims need to be prompted to get romantic but Jared seems to have it covered ;)
    The boys were working up to another woohoo when Mikezumi called the family to breakfast.
    Mikezumi sat there like a queen while the boys cleared the dishes ;)
    Chance woke with the usual teen wishes to become BFF with several sims which I always cancel. Fortunately he rolled a wish to talk with Jensen which was fulfilled over breakfast. I sent him to water the garden in the hope of triggering a skill up wish but it didn't.
    Beckah woke with a wish to prepare a meal with freshly caught fish. She didn't have time to fish before preparing fish and chips but fortunately the wish counted the fish she had in her inventory. One of the boys must have got distracted and left half of the dishes on the table.
    Drew had a wish to learn the bait for angelfish so I sent him fishing with alley cat fish :) Amery (in the background) woke with a wish to train on the MA dummy.
    The boys took their morning shower as the kids were leaving for school.
    Because the mod to grow cheese and eggs without the opportunity didn't work for me, I triggered the opportunity with MC and sent Mikezumi to the Bistro. She can now plant eggs and cheese :)
    Mikezumi has a wish to earn §20,000 from sculpting locked in so I got her started on a new sculpture. This time she used ice.
    When I checked on the boys, Jensen was playing the keyboard that appeared out of nowhere and Jared was reading. There is a perfectly good upright piano in the room!
    I believe this sculpture was brilliant and Mikezumi got nearly §1,500 for it.
    Christin Racket came home with one of the boys.
    She doesn't like homework either ;)

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    Day 44 - Part 2
    When he finished doing his homework, Amery went to the sand pit. He can often be found here when he is not fishing probably because he has the Loves the Outdoors trait.
    I saw Iggy fishing at the fishing hole across the street so sent Chance to invite him over :)
    While Mikezumi was cooking dinner the boys came inside to clean the counter but Jensen got there first. It seems that he always does so it's my guess, from the smile on Jared's face, that he plans it this way ;)
    Poor Mikezumi couldn't put the plate down because the boys were in her way. Beckah got home late because of Art Class.
    The boys did nothing for a few minutes on entering the house.
    That's more like it! :p
    Drew also had an after school class and got home after 5.
    When I checked on Chance and Iggy, Chance was tutoring him :/
    When Chance went to get Iggy, I bought a small table and chairs because I knew I would be one chair short.
    Iggy did his homework while Christin chatted with Jensen and Jared cleared the dishes.
    When he finished his homework, Iggy asked Chance to watch the stars :)
    Drew had a wish to play catch so I had him ask Mikezumi. Christin shot some hoops.
    Beckah had a wish to talk with Jared and when I checked on them I found Jared tutoring her. I might have to retune tutoring out of the game.
    Iggy found the bar and took a romantic drink to the hot tub. Chance was in there for a few minutes but decided he wanted to go inside and talk to one of his dads.

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    Day 45 - Part 1
    Jensen woke at around 3.30 and played his guitar for about an hour before Jared got up.
    It wasn't long before the boys were woohooing ;)
    The boys were still flirting outside when Mikezumi called the family to breakfast.
    Jensen timed that well! He only had to collect one plate ;)
    Amery and Drew had fishing wishes.
    Beckah had a wish to hang out with Jensen which was fulfilled over breakfast. She worked on her painting until the school bus came.
    Chance also had a wish to hang out with Jensen which was fulfilled over breakfast. While watering the garden he reached level 5 :)
    I saw Jared running out of the house mid-morning. He got on his bike (no idea where that came from!) and rode off. I went into map view and his tag said "Go to lot". I remembered the teens had a field trip and put two and two together ;)
    Jensen took advantage of Jared's absence to play the guitar. To stop Mikezumi from bothering him, I had her prepare some crepes.
    When I checked on Jared he was on the bus with Amery and Chance.
    Christin Racket was also there.

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    Day 45 - Part 2
    I did eventually let Mikezumi bother Jensen because her social bar was getting low. After their chat, she started working on a stone sculpture. It was her waking wish and was worth a lot of LTR points. Jensen practised dunking while waiting for Jared to return.
    Just as I got a popup that Jensen had reached level 9 in the athletic skill, he took a fall :p
    I got a popup that there was a flaw in the stone block Mikezumi was working on and that it had fallen apart. She was left with a gem that was worth over §300. Once it is cut it should be worth more than the §500 she paid for the stone block.
    The bus was faster than Jared's bike so the teens got home before he did.
    Beckah came home with a wish to catch a bug. The spawner near the house was active so I sent her there.
    Jared made a beeline for Jensen when he got home from the field trip :)
    And they ended up in the outdoor shower. Mikezumi didn't peek this time. I think she's seen it often enough that it is etched on her brain ;) You can see Amery by the treehouse working on his after school wish to practise MA. He reached level 5 :)
    Drew had Scouts and came home late. I think he has only 2 or 3 days left as a child.
    The boys went from the outdoor shower to the treehouse! Insatiable! :o
    Beckah finished her painting and it was a masterpiece worth nearly §1,200.
    The family had lobster for dinner because I found a lobster in Mikezumi's inventory.
    Drew is working on a wish to catch 5 different types of fish. I think he got it later that evening but it didn't trigger the usual "Catch every type of fish" wish that I was hoping for because it is worth 7,500 LTR points. Since Chance had no wishes, I had him keep Drew company. He ended up rolling a couple of fish wishes so went to bed fulfilled :)

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    Day 46 - Part 1
    Jared woke at little after 3 and went straight to the bar for a drink but, being psychic like all sims, he knew the exact moment that Jensen woke up ;)
    Flirting led to the making of the bed ;)
    Amery got knocked off course going to breakfast and stood by the counter for a while before joining the family.
    Chance's only waking wish was to be BFF with Amery. Fortunately he rolled a wish to talk with Jensen and he got that over breakfast. Since he had no other wishes, I let him clear the dishes when I saw his dads weren't going to do it. Drew had no waking wishes but rolled a wish to talk with Jared when he saw him at breakfast. When he got that wish, he rolled another to play catch with him.
    Amery woke with a wish to water the garden and Beckah had a wish to garden so I had her help Amery with the watering.
    After Chance cleared the dishes he went for the bar and was about to take a drink to the hot tub but I stopped him because the bus was nearly due.
    Mikezumi was getting close to getting her wish to earn §50,000 from sculpting so I got her started on a new one. The boys were happy to entertain each other ;)
    Drew had a field trip to the Theatre. Pedro Herrerra was in charge. The girl beside him is May Lothario.
    Dedric Svard was also there.
    Mikezumi had an opportunity to give a seminar on fishing at the Doo Peas Corporate Towers. I can't remember how much she earned but she did get something.
    While Mikezumi was at the seminar, the boys did what they do best ;)
    When I opened my game at 3am it was a little laggy. When I got a popup a little before 2pm that some kid was late for school, I found him at the Consignment Store. The place was full of sims who weren't going anywhere, although their tags said they should be at work or school. I reset the building and the lag stopped. I suspect they had been stuck in the store since the night before.
    Noel Frio came home with Amery.
    Drew got home just as the teens finished their homework.

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    Day 46 - Part 2
    I checked on the boys and saw that Jensen was playing his guitar by the treehouse and Jared was working out on the barre in the spare bedroom.
    Drew came home from school with a wish to preside over the royal court. Chance got home late because he had Shop after school. When I saw that Beckah knew none of Noel's traits, I had her go talk with him. Noel was drinking at the bar. Beckah talked with Noel for quite some time and didn't learn a single trait. She's the only genius out of the kids and they all got the Observant LTR as their first reward so I don't know how she managed that!
    Mikezumi finished another sculpture. This one was worth over §2,200. She is just a few simoleons short of getting her wish :)
    When Chance finished his homework I sent him over to talk with Noel and he learned three of his traits just asking how his day had been! The boys hit it off really well and talked and joked and shared gossip and secrets for quite some time :)
    Amery had a wish to take a photo with a friend :)
    Noel stayed for dinner.
    After clearing the dishes, Jensen tried to go to Jared but Mikezumi got there first.
    To stop her from bothering the boys further, I sent her out to introduce herself to Noel.
    Jensen looked like he disapproved of Chance's drinking ....
    but he joined him so maybe the look of disapproval was because he thought that Chance would drink it all before he could get any ;)
    They both went back for seconds!
    Jared fell asleep on Jensen!

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    Day 47 - Part 1
    Jared woke first just after 3am. He read on Mikezumi's bed. "Open your eyes, Mikezumi!" :p
    Jensen got up about 45 minutes later. Of course he went straight to Jared :)
    After woohooing, the boys went their separate ways.
    "Don't look at me like that! It's your SS that keeps the bar stocked!" :p
    Mikezumi called the family to breakfast just after 6.
    It's Drew's birthday so I was happy that he rolled a childish wish. Unfortunately, his teddy was invisible.
    Mikezumi woke with a wish to weed. Chance's waking wish was to hang out with Mikezumi and it was fulfilled over breakfast. Since he had no other wishes, I had him water the plants. He leveled up to 5, I think.
    After Mikezumi finished with the gardening, I had her collect the mail. Since I have only had Ambitions installed a short while and never played a sculptor before, I didn't know anything about the sculptor's egg cut. I discovered it when I had Mikezumi empty her inventory of gems the previous day.
    The boys must have had enough woohoo for the time being ;) Jensen practised dunking while Jared played chess. Mikezumi was preparing a breakfast dish for future use.

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    Day 47 - Part 2
    The boys never spend much time apart so I wasn't surprised when Jared stopped playing chess and sought Jensen out.
    Because Mikezumi's social bar needed filling, I sent her to the Art Gallery. She chatted with Shark Racket while there :)
    When I zoomed back to the house to check on the boys, I found this! :o
    The spa effect appeared after a moment.
    Chance didn't have an after school activity so got home early.
    I'd sent Mikezumi to the computer to take Drew out of Scouts for his last day as child but didn't keep an eye on her. When she was done she interrupted the boys. It was probably a good thing as the boys had been in there for a while.
    Drew was the next one home.
    Amery and Beckah were the last home and did their homework together.
    Drew had a wish to talk with Jensen which led to a wish to play catch. Chance had no wishes but I had him keep Jared amused while Jensen was busy.
    Then it was time for Drew's birthday :)
    This hair suits him really well but he can't have it because it would be wrong for him and Mikezumi to have the same hairstyle.
    Gosh he's beautiful!

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    Day 47 - Part 3
    The family enjoyed birthday cake for dinner :)
    Amery came home from school with a wish to go the park so I sent him with Beckah because they finished eating first. Jensen ran out the door with them and I don't know how it happened but he was grouped up with Beckah - I certainly didn't click "go with" and would have had to choose from the family list and I definitely didn't see that. Jared went straight from the table to the TV to work out. He must have been feeling guilty about eating cake ;) When Chance finished, I sent him to join the others at the park. The birthday boy ended up doing the dishes :(
    After the dishes were cleared, Drew, Jared and Mikezumi also went to the park. Beckah had a wish to take a photo with a friend.
    Stein's wife, Rosemary, chatted with Jensen for a bit.
    Beckah had been reading a book when Jared went over to hug her :)
    Chance hung out on the playground equipment :)
    Jensen met Jared in the lovers' corner of the park ;)
    The family did their own thing until I sent them home just before 11 as it was a school night.

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    Before closing my game, I made the boys selectable so I could take a family pic :) Chance woke with a mood swing moodlet which I cancelled but he obviously didn't want to let go of it ;)
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    Day 48 - Part 1
    Jensen woke first and only waited by the bed for a little before going out to play the piano.
    Jared woke less than an hour later and came out with this predatory look on his face ;) to whisper sweet nothings (or something suggestive) in Jensen's ear ;)
    Whatever he said, they ended up woohooing in the elevator ;)
    I had Mikezumi hold off calling the family to breakfast until they were done but it wasn't long because they had timed it well ;)
    Jensen cleared the dishes. I can't remember where Jared was heading.
    Beckah woke with a wish to fish and Mikezumi with a wish to catch a great fish.
    I had Drew water the plants to trigger the hidden gardening skill from Scouts.
    Amery woke with a wish to grow a grape plant but it wasn't worth enough to lock in for several days so I deleted it. Chance woke with a wish to spar with someone. Since Amery had no other wishes, I had him spar with his brother.
    Drew woke with a wish to give a friendly hug. I sent Beckah to him when the watering was done.
    Fortunately the boys were busy when the newspaper kid came ;)
    When Mikezumi was signing Drew up for an after school activity she broke the computer.

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    Day 48 - Part 2
    After a woohoo or two, the boys did their own thing.
    They happily amused themselves for hours while Mikezumi worked on her next sculpture.
    Drew had leveled up while sparring with his brother in the morning but couldn't show off his new belt because the school bus was waiting. It was still in his queue when he finished school :)
    This time the bus waited for him to show off his belt before taking him home with his siblings :)
    Mikezumi finished her latest sculpture. I was happy to see that she had done the unicorn but couldn't keep it because it would have melted.
    Jared was ripe after having played for so long :# I got a popup that he had mastered the athletic skill so now he has only one logic skill point to get to achieve his LTW :)
    When Drew finished his homework, I had him ask Mikezumi to teach him to drive :)
    When Chance leveled up in the morning, he rolled a wish to break a board. He leveled up again while breaking his first foam board :)
    Jensen didn't seem to mind the green stink cloud around Jared :p
    As they were heading around the back of the house to woohoo, I was hoping their target was the outdoor shower but, alas, they chose the treehouse!
    I had Beckah distract Jensen so Jared could go shower.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    Day 48 - Part 3
    As if homework isn't bad enough, Amery copped a whiff of Jared as he headed by ;) Chance leveled up to 5 in guitar :)
    What a relief! ;)
    Drew got his licence in one shot. Why they don't come home afterwards is a mystery to me! :/
    When Drew and Mikezumi got home, I was happy to see Jared playing chess with Beckah but it didn't last long.
    Unfortunately, Jensen was thwarted by Amery who was also heading to Jared ;)
    I had Drew make a salad to trigger his hidden cooking skill. It looks like he was eyeing off the stove and wondering why he wasn't trusted to use that yet ;)
    I fed the family fish and chips in the hope of triggering a wish to learn the recipe from one of the teens.
    The only one who rolled a fish and chips wish was Drew. Unfortunately it was only the 250 LTR wish to prepare it rather than the 400 LTR to learn the recipe. Still, it's not like they need the points! ;) When he got the recipe from the bookshelf, he went to the table to read it and got in Jared's way. If Jared's action had been cancelled by him getting in the way, he would have been doing dishes instead of reading!
    Now that Drew knew the recipe he was ready to get his wish :) I don't know about anyone else, but I never flip my fish like that, especially since fish and chips are generally deep fried!
    I saw §40 leave the family funds!
    Chance had a wish to take a photo with a friend :)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    Day 49 - Part 1
    Jensen woke about 15 minutes before Jared and stared at him until he got up!
    Jensen copped a quick feel ... oops, I mean he greeted Jared with a wink :p
    Chance had a wish to fish before 6am and I would deny this boy nothing! ;)
    When I checked back on the boys they had made the bed ;)
    It's Saturday morning which means I will have a very busy day!
    For someone who moves so slowly, Mikezumi can run when she wants to! ;) She had a wish to collect seeds.
    Chance and Beckah both tried to clear the dishes but I let Beckah do it because Chance had gardening to do.
    Amery had a wish to harvest a wild plant so I sent him to the community garden to harvest some cocoa. I should have sent him for strawberries as well because I have an awesome recipe for chocolate and strawberry nectar!
    Chance watered the garden before Mikezumi tended to the harvesting and weeding.
    Drew rolled a wish to make pancakes after eating them for breakfast :)
    Drew's waking wish was to finish a book so I gave him the recipe for ratatouille. I saw him heading out to the backyard but didn't realize that he was trying to sit in Mikezumi's last sculpture until I saw him waving his arms around ... silly sims! :p
    When Chance finished watering the garden he went inside to dance :)
    Jensen and Jared took a break from woohooing ;)
    It was good to see that the boys had made Mikezumi's bed as well ;)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    Day 49 - Part 2
    Mikezumi took Jensen and Jared to the bowling alley. It takes Mikezumi's car about an hour to get there so I sent the kids by taxi half an hour later.
    I don't know if it's obvious at a casual glance, but the taxi and Mikezumi arrived at the same time and Mikezumi's car is inside the taxi!
    This time there was no waiting at the door and the family went straight in and did whatever they wanted. Apart from meeting morning wishes, meal times and chores that can't be neglected, I am a very hands-off player.
    I was surprised to see that Amery, who is athletic, choose to watch rather than play himself.
    I checked on Jensen and Chance who had gone upstairs and just as I was lining up my shot, Connor photobombed! LOL
    When I followed Jensen downstairs, I saw that Amery had decided to play :)
    Thomas Frio took a tumble :p
    Jensen and Jared went upstairs together and I knew it could mean only one thing ;)
    Beckah had been reading since the family got to the bowling alley but must have snuck upstairs when I wasn't watching.
    The boys headed back downstairs and Jared bowled while Jensen watched :)
    Jensen's sarcastic clap made me chuckle :p

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,180 Member
    Day 49 - Part 3
    Given Chance and Jensen have the irresistible trait, I am surprised that Connor and Thomas didn't bother them while they were there. You can't see Connor in this pic but he is just off the screen to the right.
    When I went back downstairs I just missed Amery taking a tumble.
    Amery was unable to finish his game because Jared and Jensen chose to flirt right by the ball return!
    Flirting led to another trip upstairs :p
    Jared looks like the cat that got the cream!
    When they were done in the photobooth they went downstairs to bowl :)
    Silly Mikezumi! She's been in enough saves to know this never ends well ;)
    The boys were having fun when I checked on them :)
    I had Mikezumi take the boys to the Bistro as the sun started setting.
    I sent the teens to the Diner.
    If I'd known Beckah's boyfriend was at the Bistro I would have sent her as well!
    The kids got home first because Diner meals are faster than Bistro ones. Drew got his first athletic skill point while bowling and it triggered a wish to go for a jog.
    Mikezumi tried to sit down to read while waiting for the boys to come out but they didn't take too long this time.
    I didn't want to risk the boys being exhausted and disrupting the ride home so they didn't linger to talk with townies.
    The kids all had wishes to talk to either Jared or Jensen but most of them will have to wait until morning. Drew did manage to get his wish because he got back from his jog as the grownups got home.

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