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The Watcher's Caretaker - A limited ISBI



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    @bekkasan It's true that Heath wasn't born long ago. I don't do the baby stage and the toddler stage is short. I don't see any point in keeping them toddlers once they are trained. I give back the days I steal from those earlier stages by adding them to the child age so my kids have the same life span as the rest of the town. The townies get to keep their babies for 2 days and their toddlers for 4.
    I didn't bother with making any hair or clothes changes to Jared and Connor because I only wanted them for their genetics. Their faces, though, did get my treatment ;)
    I really get annoyed when my sims don't want to stay where I send them! :#
    I love how there are different sizes splashes depending on the size of the fish. Flynn had caught a high quality shark so the splash matched its weight.
    Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @Charlottesmom I also think of clown cars when they all get into the car like that! There are 9 in my household at the moment!
    My town is full of Frios! Because Jared and Connor both had 3 kids each and out of those 6, 5 were boys, the family name has been given to nearly all the grandchildren as well!
    I do love seeing kids play nicely together. Although my siblings and I are as thick as thieves now, you should have seen us fight as kids! :o LOL
    Thanks for the lovely comments :)
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    Heath is gorgeous as a toddler and a cutie aged up :)
    Your pool area is beautiful but drowning kids or sims yikes I've witnessed it once and it shocked me how quickly so i dont blame you getting them out of there. 3 sim hours is still a long time.
    I didnt know splashing sims would be a problem, hopefully they worked it out. But yikes.
    Funny how they all fit into that widdle car lol
    So romantic Iggy and Chance love how they all love to watch the stars.
    Gaye is so cute i want to just cuddle her. Glad she caught her bug. :)
    They are growing up beautifully.
    Some very good looking family tree you would have there for sure.
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