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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 4,925 Member
    These stories and screenshots are so amazing, and I was wondering, how does the dad have forearm hair? Are things like that built in but I don't see them in-game, or are you using a texture mod? I don't like how unnatural it looks to have all the adult males have hairless arms and chests.

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    edited August 2019
    @OJenn I herard that it is only 20 bucks too. I hope that is true. I can't wait until Sept 10th.

    It should $14.99 USD since it's a game pack :)
    These stories and screenshots are so amazing, and I was wondering, how does the dad have forearm hair? Are things like that built in but I don't see them in-game, or are you using a texture mod? I don't like how unnatural it looks to have all the adult males have hairless arms and chests.

    The forearm hair is custom content from a creator called LumiaSims
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    @OJenn $14.95 is even better.

    So I have a small update.

    Kia and Si have started to remodle their home. They have started with the living room and so far I think that they like it. They are so cute together. They also have started working out. Kia has already seen the benefits of her workouts. She is looking slimmer.

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    Popping in for some quick comments before heading in game~

    @debjameswhite Cass stayed home with Evil Reed while everyone else went on vacation, cause I was burnt out on toddlers :grimace: I can't wait to see everyone aged up too!

    Drew is such a cutie - I'm so glad she's your heir! And Sulani is GORGEOUS :love: I can't wait to play there someday! Ooo Jeremy definitely gets brownie points for initiating the first kiss himself - it's so cool when that happens! And asking her out on dates? I like his persistence :smirk: Oh no, poor Henry :cry: I need another update!!

    @amadazulsim Welcome back! I love your founders! They are a very cute couple in-game, and their house looks good!

    @Rawla Welcome back! An alien and a mermaid - what an interesting couple!

    @Heckstress17 I'm really disappointed in the new pack. Granted, I wasn't excited about it to begin with (the clothes aren't my style), but there seemed to be a lot fewer CAS items than usual, and I guess I'm not "high fashion" enough to appreciate what little we did get :tongue: I'm gonna explore the build/buy sections tonight, and hopefully that makes up for it, cause right now I feel like I threw away $10. Okay, enough ranting lol. Things are looking up for me - I'm out of my post-vacation funk and staying busy with work. I hope you get some time to play soon cause I'm missing your updates!

    @OJenn Rachel is GORGEOUS :love: I do like that you get to choose gigs in the new photography career. Rachel's home looks amazing - I love the orange kitchen! Lol you're destined to have Akira in your family - he always shows up at just the right time. I can't wait for the new GP either!! I never had the occult packs in Sims 3, but it looks like so much fun!

    @EMSimmer30 Gabe is such a cutie as a toddler - I can't wait to see him aged up either!
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    @JordanNicoleJJ - Thanks!

    I haven't been able to play the last couple of days for a few reasons. The whole dentist-surgical-extraction-ouchy-mouth thing. And... last time I played one of my saves I got the weird error that prevented me from saving that save. I have no idea if the other saves I have were affected and its making me nervous. Next time I play, I'll give it a look. HOPEFULLY its all fine because I have a LOT of challenge saves I've been playing.
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,788 Member
    @Rawla , I hope you heal up soon from your tooth extraction. I also hope there is nothing wrong with your game.
    I look forward to my next day off so I can get some play time in.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,276 Member
    @Rawla , I hope you heal up soon from your tooth extraction. I also hope there is nothing wrong with your game.
    I look forward to my next day off so I can get some play time in.

    Thank you
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,644 Member

    Cloning Reed - best decision ever. You all know I love him, and now I have twice as much to love :love:

    It's easy to tell them apart though. Evil Reed is constantly, well, being evil :lol:

    That's why we keep him locked in the basement he has his own "apartment" in the house :smile:

    It's not the nicest, but he likes the privacy to hide his crimes.

    Cass STILL hates him. I can't believe she's the only one in the house who picks up on his evil vibes :lol: It must be because she spends the most time with him - he's her nanny, after all.

    Orion has fully embraced teenhood, while the kids are just going through the motions until their respective birthdays. Everyone has completed their aspirations and achieved straight-A's in school. I'm ready to move on!

    As a said in my last update, Reed rolled the Master Mixologist aspiration upon aging up. It's so fitting, growing up with all those parties and his mom being a celebrity chef and all. He's not half bad at it...which is mildly concerning since he's only a teen :lol:

    He's putting those mixology skills to use at his new barista job. He loves it - fancy coffee drinks + cute teenage hipsters = perfection.

    Sev has been hard at work on her aspiration as well, and it finally paid off!

    She immediately started writing down all of her knowledge for future generations. I gotta say, she's pretty focused for a mom of four with an alien toddler throwing food at the walls in the background :joy: I genuinely don't know how she does it :grimace:

    Speaking of our little alien toddler - it's FINALLY time for her to become an alien child!! Her big birthday surprise was her very own puppy :heart: He's a little mutt that she promptly named Spot.

    The whole family came to celebrate, including River and Liv's little girl, Austin, who also aged up recently! I have a feeling she and Cass are gonna be great friends, growing up together so close in age.

    Philomena and Blakely also made an appearance, and Blakely aged up too! She's so pretty - she definitely got Grandma Billie's genes :love:

    They managed to drag Cass away from the new puppy just long enough to blow out the candles.

    And she aged up without her disguise!! It must've been a shocker to the extended family, because they cleared out REAL quick :lol: Which is unfortunate, because got the Social Butterfly aspiration (of course), as well as the Dog Lover trait :smile:

    Her extra big birthday surprise was a new big kid bed, desk, and lots of new toys. Plus a spot in her room for Spot, of course!

    Not even a week later, it was New Year's Eve and Sev and Leo's birthdays! Sev celebrated in the best way - dance party with her girls!

    ...and Orion, cause if his ice skating taught us anything, he's got more moves than everyone else put together :lol:

    Cass didn't need to put her disguise on for the small family party, but I wanted to show off how ADORABLE she is :love:

    Okay, back to the star(s) of the party... (Guess who baked her own gourmet birthday cake? :lol: )

    Welcome to adulthood, Sev! Still gorgeous as ever, not to mention wildly successful in her careers as a chef and a mom.

    And now, what we've all been waiting for...

    Leo gained the Soulmate aspiration and the Erratic trait. Err...could've been worse, I guess? :joy: He needed an immediate makeover though...

    After some quick make-overs, the family met in the living room to watch the New Year countdown. Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you, Reed? :wink:

    We did it! I kept this whole family alive for an entire year! WOO!

    They went outside to reign in the new year, and all plum broke loose when Evil Reed brought out the illegal fireworks, immediately catching himself on fire...

    This is a perfect picture of this family. Absolute chaos going on in the background, but they somehow manage to pull it off.

    Cass wasn't even phased - I'm not sure she realized that's not how it's supposed to work :lol: And apparently we're supporting teen drinking now.

    And then there's Andy. She marched right out to the backyard, set down her sparkler, and was immediately engulfed in flames. Like...WHAT?! :astonished:

    Never fear, the Reeds are here! Ya'll I was so panicked thinking I was about to lose my heir, I haven't played since. I'm traumatized :lol:
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    Ok, guys. I have an update and pics but my pic site is closing down. I need suggestions for a new site to upload and post my pics from. Needs to be free and hopefully easy to use(I suck at tech lol). Thanks in advance! ;)
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @amadazulsim I'm so happy to see you updating again! I really like your couple and they are really cute together.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I was so excited to see you post an update...even if it has taken me 3 days to actually comment! I've been missing everyone updating. I love that you cloned Reed. I think I did that once, but I don't remember what happened. I think it had to have been in Sims3 because I think I had horses...Anyways, I love your updates with him. Hehehe I love the idea of him being locked in the basement...the family's secret...although they already have Cass as a secret so wow. :) I love that teens can play at making drinks. I mean it's good if that is there future careers but really haha it's funny. Congrats to Sev completing her aspiration! That was a tough one! Congrats to you too! Oooo! I would have expected Cass to stay in her disguise when she aged up!! Oooops! hehehe The party at the end was crazy! All the chaos...somehow seems fitting for a family in Strangeville though! :)

    @EMSimmer30 I use for my pictures.
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    Hello! It's been absolute ages! I have to confess a little something to you guys... Well, two things actually.

    I decided to re-organize my laptop's hard drives, which resulted in me losing the game file for the rebuild-world challange. All I have left is pictures of them, I was so sad! This is also part of the reason why I haven't posted anything on here for probably a year or maybe even longer. Aside from laptop troubles, I've been in some very challenging situations in life these past few months/years, and I have to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing, causing my presence to always be very limited on this forum anyway. I don't think I will start anew with this challange now, as I've started a new legacy that I just want to play for me, and I thoroughly enjoy it that way. I may start a SimLit as I have a story idea, but I don't want to pressure myself into doing something I may not be ready for yet.

    The other confession is that all these years, I've been lurking on here to keep tabs on you guys' legacies. I've loved seeing families grow and I still enjoy you guys' posts! So if it's okay with you, and I'm sure it will be, I'll keep spectating this thread and comment every once in a while on your lovely posts. It still fills me with joy to read them ♥.

    Happy Simming!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @Aehnyx I was so happy to see your post! You have definitely been missed but of course (and I know I can speak for all of us) we all understand. You are always welcome to comment, chat, say hello or post if you feel like it :) You truly are missed and I'm glad you said hello <3
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,788 Member

    Kia and Si work so hard in their jobs. Kia works in retail as she works on her acting skills and Si is into technology. Since they are doing so well in their respective careers it was finally time for them to have some fun. So they started a garden and they also spent a little time out on the town.
    The last picture Si looks like hmmm maybe I will get lucky.
    lol he did.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @amadazulsim Their garden looks really good! They also looked like they had fun on their date.

    Chapter 41: Kids Always Grow Up

    Is it safe to scuba dive in a thunderstorm?

    Maybe not, but that’s when you meet the Albino Dolphin.

    Drew and Jeremy are getting much closer.

    I think Aimee is starting to get home sick.

    She’s been painting a lot of urban landscapes.

    Really Mom and Dad, they’re playing chess…

    Everyone wants to help Drew with her homework, even Garret. She just wants to be left alone.

    Flynn picked up the violin all on his own. I’m always finding him playing the violin. I never know where it is.

    Sometimes they actually do play chess when they say they are. :)

    Jeremy always seems to be making this cute little face.

    But then he also makes faces like this at Drew. This is love.

    I love them. I’m going to be really sad to leave Brad and Aimee who are my favorites so far, but they will make it a little more bearable.

    Flynn’s violin skill has improved. He’s no longer flinching at his own sounds.

    It was finally time for my girls to become adults and I couldn’t believe it!

    I was so excited when I found Brad and Aimee sitting here on their own. I love when the sims suddenly use a spot they don’t usually touch all on their own!

    You may have noticed that even though my heir is now a young adult, she still hasn’t moved back to Windenburg. Brad is level 9 of the conservation career and I really want to get him to 10 before we go. Drew made her very first Harvest Day dinner.

    Lots of family showed up this time! I had stopped inviting so I was happily surprised. They saw family they hadn’t seen in years.

    Of course Drew ended up in the greenhouse talking to her plants.

    On a final note, Drew has joined the photography career. She’s been practicing. We’ll leave you on that note.

    Actually, one more thing. Little Garret grew up and wow is all I can say.
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,788 Member
    @debjameswhite Thank you. It was about time that Si and Kia were able to have some fun.
    I am glad nothing happend to your sim while scuba diving during the storm. How cool an Albino Dolphin. Drew and Jeremy are so cute. I like when sims so things on their own. It is fun watching them interact with objects without making them do it. Nice turnout to the harvest fest. I can't wait to get Seasons. Drew took some nice pictures. I think he will make a fine photographer.

    @JordanNicoleJJ lol @ keeping Evil Drew locked in the basement, I mean locked in his own I think Sev is really pretty. The birthday party looked really fun. Oh my I am so glad that you didn't lose your heir. Good thing Reed was there. I would be traumatized too.
  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 711 Member
    Hi guys! Popping in to let y'all know I'm still alive. Life got in the way again. I'm thinking of clearing my game of most CC because it's slowed down quite a bit and it's sort of ruining coming back to the game for me.

    Not sure where to begin though lol. I have to think that one through.

    Anyhow, I hope everyone is well!!
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 173 Member
    If you have not seen it yet I have posted the finished version of my gen 4 house on my gallery: EthanHS. I have also just posted my rebuilt gym in preparation for gen 5 game play, it can also be found on my gallery. I'm still looking for a new site to post pics from to update you guys to where I am game time wise.
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,644 Member
    Little life update: I currently have a kidney infection and am on some crazy antibiotics to combat it. I can't afford to take off work, so I'm absolutely exhausted and basically sleeping anytime I'm not working :grimace: On the bright side, the antibiotics seem to be working, so hopefully I'll feel up to playing and posting soon!

    @EMSimmer30 I use wordpress to host my pics. I have a bunch of sims blogs, so I just upload pics to the media library since I don't really blog anymore.

    @Aehnyx Don't ever feel bad for taking time for yourself and doing the things you love! Lurk and comment here as much as you want <3

    @amadazulsim Your little family is doing well for themselves Can't wait to see it grow.

    @debjameswhite Aw poor Aimee, I wondered when she'd start to get homesick. Lol Drew and Jeremy are such teenagers - totally just playing chess... :wink: They're such a cute couple. I don't blame you for sticking around to finish Brad's career...or even just to keep enjoying the gorgeous scenery. I'm gonna miss Sulani. OMG Garret :love: You DEFINITELY have to upload him to the gallery!!

    @Francisca464 I think life got in the way for all of us this summer, but hopefully we'll find more time to play this winter :smile: I say clear the cc and enjoy a faster game - that's what I had to do too. Thanks for popping in to say hi!
  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Oh goodness! I hope you beat your kidney infection soon enough, drink lots of water I guess. :) I'm glad to hear the medicine seems to be helping. And thank you for the kind words, I'll def be keeping tabs on you guys for sure! (L)

    @debjameswhite You're such a kind person, thanks so much for your comment. I've missed you guys too!

    @Francisca464 Welcome back to you, too! I hope all is well with you and I'm looking forward to seeing any updates you may post as well!

  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Here is the family just for you. :) Just a reminder for everyone, Brad was created by our @Francisca464 <3
    Brad and Aimee West's Family

    Also since I had removed all the mods from my game to upload this I thought I had also uploaded the house...which I did but it doesn't show up because it says it has custom content...but I removed that folder before uploading it so I am very confused. I guess if anyone wants the house they can find it by going through the game and enabling custom content. So strange :(
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    Apparently EA has decided my signature was 539 characters too long. Even though it's been the same for months. Due to this, I'll now just post my family trees when I post an update. I think it looks alright :)

    It seems young Garret has also picked up the violin. Though he’ll never get as high as his brother Flynn did on his own. Mostly because we won’t be there to see it.

    Drew was having a serious conversation with her father, who at first was just sad.

    He tried to come up with reasons why his little girl just wasn’t ready to be grown up.

    In the end though, he had to agree. She was ready!

    Then, it was time for a serious conversation with Jeremy.

    She caught him totally off guard by being the one to propose.

    She couldn’t think about starting her new life without him.

    She’s still trying to be a photographer but there seems to be a bug and the approved proofs never come.

    Before she could go off on her own, Mom made her pose for a few paintings.

    Then it was finally the big day. One last Sulani wedding before returning to Windenburg.

    The bride cleaning up dishes at her own wedding.

    One last picture of the 4 oldest.

    Then some sisterly love before they were on their way back to Windenburg.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    I figured out the problem in relation to my house showing CC. If you upload a house with pictures that you're sim has taken it tags it as CC. Anyways I tested that and it took out the CC so here is the house :)

    Sulani Dream House
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 173 Member
    edited September 2019

    Ok, we left off with Greg and Gabe as children. Alanna continued to work on getting to the top of her career and Derek worked on making money for furnishing the house. Sadly, the last few members of gen 3 were all elderly and dying off as time went on. Poor Tiara died two hours before the birth of her last grandson: Gray Lovell (I really should turn their autonomy down a bit lol). Now there was Alanna, Derek, teen Greg, child Gabe and toddler Gray in the house! Alanna finally made it to level ten of her critic career the same evening Gabe became a teen and Gray became a child and to celebrate the family took their first vacation; a week in Granite Falls! Everyone really liked the trip, they hiked, enjoyed nature, Derek taught the boys to fish, told stories around the camp fire and just relaxed with each other. The last night of their trip Greg became a young adult and told his parents that he was moving in with is boyfriend Alonso (his 3rd cousin) when they got home. Sure enough Greg and Alonso moved in together in the main Lovell family home and later that week got married there with the extended family attending. The day after the wedding news came of the death of Nola Song, Alanna's half aunt and the last member of generation 3 and so closes a generation. Back at home Gabe who after growing up watching his family get more and more out of shape from all the really good food Alanna would make and or bring home from her job had decided he would make it his life goal to get healthy and try for a long life. He started right away using his moms yoga mat but soon realized that it would not be enough to shed the pounds and that Willow Creek really needed a gym. He talked to his parents and the trustees of the Lovell family trust and convinced them to invest in a new gym in the business district. The gym construction took awhile and once it was finished Derek was an elder, Alanna was only a week away from being elderly herself, Greg was a proud father of a little girl: Tiffanie Lovell (Alanna's first grandchild!), Gray was a teen and Gabe(our heir of gen 5) had his young adult birthday!!!!! Knowing that his parents were not likely to live till Gray became a young adult, Gabe decided to stay at home and invite his boyfriend Jason to move in(with permission from Alanna and Derek of course). They would start work on their new house but not move in till Gray would be old enough to be on his own, though Gabe is planning to marry Jason soon so his parents for sure can attend.

    Teen/Adult Greg(Not much different in looks)

    Alonso Lovell(Greg's husband/3rd cousin)

    Child Gabe

    Teen/Adult Gabe(Heir)

    Toddler Gray

    Child Gray

    Teen Gray(I love his geeky glasses!)

    Jason(Gabe's boyfriend/future spuse)
    Derek teaching the boys how to fish on their trip
    Celebrating Greg's YA birthday(last day of vacation)
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