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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)


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    Even when you're sick? My wife and I don't, when we're sick.
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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    KevinL5275 wrote: »
    Even when you're sick? My wife and I don't, when we're sick.

    Even when we're sick. :blush:

    We can't help it. :p
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    Hal is a plum. Now that Sam took out the trash, the Remingtons can start the road to recovery. Yes, this does sound like an original Quantum Leap episode.
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    Earcat wrote: »
    Hal is a plum. Now that Sam took out the trash, the Remingtons can start the road to recovery. Yes, this does sound like an original Quantum Leap episode.

    Thank you @Earcat :blush:
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    You're welcome.
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    I'm sorry I'm a day later with my comments than what I told you I would be. Yesterday ended up being busier that I had expected.

    I love how supportive the kids are of their mom (Sam). Supporting and encouraging her (him). They are bright kids and even though they probably don't know exactly what's going on with ther parents showing their pride of their mom being able to improve her cooking and NOT urn the waffles can mean alot to someone that's going through what Eileen is going through.

    It sounds like Eileen has been keeping a few things bottled up for quite a while and things finally hit the breaking point.

    I hope that Jasper is able to think on Sam's apology and is able to push tose silly voices aside and not do something drastic. (I knw you didn't mention the voices in this update but I assume they might try to take advantage of his weakened state.)

    Uh Oh Eileen's having an affair???? NOT good.

    Good for Sam breaking things off. But I am worried about what Hal might do. He seems like a real scumbucket!!!. (My real description would probably be either plummed out or get me banned :P ) Hal seems like the type that might spread rumors all over town because he was dumped. Most definitely not the type of guy Eileen needs to be around.

    Glad to read that the real Eileen is starting to talk. Hopefully this will make Sams job easier and he can get back to his Love Emma. <3

    Great update as usual. :):):D Looking forward to the next one.


    Adding to the conversation about kissing.

    My guy isn't very affectionate. To quote 'R' "I'm about as cuddly as a porcupine". So we rarely kiss each other goodbye but, We do make it a habit to say "I love you" before we go to sleep or one of us has to leave. <3
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    @mycami21 Thank you for the lovely comments! <3 It's so nice to see you pop in. {{{{Hugs}}}}
    I owe you a PM, so sorry I haven't written back yet. :flushed: It's been busy.....mostly with me writing THIS! :mrgreen:

    @Charlottesmom :kissing_heart:
    @ZeeGee @simscognito @Earcat

    Enjoy my friends! <3

    The Remingtons
    Part 4 - Part 1

    Later that afternoon, Sam sent Jasper a text message from Eileen's phone asking him if they could go out to dinner alone and discuss some things. Jasper happily obliged, thinking this was a more formal apology from his wife, but little did he know what was coming for him and it pained Sam to the core.

    After getting dressed for the occasion, Sam stood before the tall mirror in the bedroom and frowned deeply, deploring what he was about to do in concern for Jasper's reaction and how it would affect his mental health.


    Yet there were no other options and he had to remember it was the right thing to do. He had to assure Eileen's subconscious that it was going to be ok and he had to have faith in God that no matter what happened, all would be made right and he could leap out of here with the satisfaction of knowing this family would continue to thrive in peace and prosperity.

    He whispered a silent prayer, as his limbs trembled slightly.

    During the middle of it, Gushie appeared.

    "Hey Sam," he greeted.
    Sam quickly ended the prayer and pulled himself together. "Hey...Gushie." He sniffed, pulling the dress down to straighten it out. Gushie was about to ask if the great Doctor was feeling alright, but Sam asked, "How do I look?"
    Gushie studied the outfit through the mirror. "Hmm. Not bad," he replied stroking his mustache, "however I can't help thinking that shade of pink is not quite Eileen's color."
    Sam turned his body to the side and said, "Perhaps that's why Eileen has this same dress in red in the closet too. She may have thought the same thing."
    "Oh yes go with Red!" Gushie exclaimed. "That color will go much better with her complexion and really knock Jasper's socks off!"

    Sam shot an unamused glance at Gushie and frankly said, "I'm not trying to impress Jasper tonight Gushie. I'm going to come clean with some information that will most likely destroy his life..." He whipped the dress off over his head and headed for the closet. He didn't want to wear pink anyway.
    "Oh come on now," Gushie called, "don't think like that. You go into this with a negative attitude then it's going to make the whole situation worse." He paused for a moment. "Just try to be hopeful and...share what's in your heart."
    "But that's just the thing Gushie," Sam started, coming out of the closet while pulling the red dress over his head. "Eileen's heart has obviously turned to Hal now. What if her emotions resurface and I can't come clean to Jasper? Her mind has had a very strong hold upon mine!"
    "Sam...you know where all those 'What if' questions are really coming from," Gushie reminded him, "so stop it!" Sam looked upon him in surprise at his unusual boldness. "Besides I have some information that might restore your faith a bit."
    "Oh?" Sam asked with a hopeful look.

    Both standing before the mirror now, Gushie couldn't help making the comment first, "Yeah, red is a much better color on her."


    "So," Gushie began, "With Ziggy out of commission because of whatever interference is out there, Verbeena turned to Eileen to try and gain some more helpful information."
    Sam nodded.
    "She asked Eileen if she truly wanted to leave Jasper for Hal and...you should listen to her response." He pulled out the Handlink, held it to Sam's view, and pressed a button. On the screen it showed an overhead view of Verbeena speaking with Eileen in the Imaging Chamber. There was some static on the video, but the audio was clear.

    Eileen: *Replying* I really don't. I love him deeply. But his mental status worries me to no end. We're always living on edge. If only there were a way for him to get treatment without being institutionalized; to not be looked upon as a burden to society. Like the way you've treated me here.
    *Verbeena nodded happily*
    Eileen: When Hal offered me and the kids security, after I foolishly shared my deepest secrets with him, it just felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I could breathe again, you know!? I want to be free from that constant worry!
    Verbeena: Understandable. I can honestly say I would've felt the same in your shoes. However, you barely know Hal correct?
    Eileen: *hesitating* Yes.
    Verbeena: So how can you be sure he is sincere in his offer? What does he have to gain from all this? Have you considered that?
    Eileen: *fear and awareness settling in*
    Verbeena: And what might happen to Jasper if you leave him? And how would the kids feel about it?
    Eileen: Oh G**! *burying her face into her hands* I don't know! I thought it would be the right thing to do, but now...I just don't know. *sobbing* I'm so scared! I just want us to be ok! Please! *looking up at Verbeena* Tell me after all this everything will be OK!"

    Verbeena rubbed Eileen's shaking shoulders in consolation and signaled with her finger to end the recording.

    Sam and Gushie stared at each other for a moment, each at a loss for words. Feeling Eileen's cry and plea for help surging through the cosmos and piercing their hearts.

    Gushie spoke first. "Sam...you're here to make it all ok for the Remingtons."

    Sam nodded, a tear streaming down his cheek.

    "Jasper dies if you don't do this," Gushie went on, "and even if he feels like dying when you reveal the truth, you can stop him from killing himself! Convince him that together, the two of you can deal with Hal. Their minds may be broken, but they sure as h*** know how to hide it from the world and if they can do that...then they can find a way to show that if Hal tries to expose them, HE'S the liar!"


    Sam chuckled for a second. "Wow. You're absolutely right Gushie."
    "D*** straight I am!"

    They laughed for a moment together, Gushie thinking it was about time he got some recognition around here. "No go and do this!" he cheered Sam on and with that he pulled out the Handlink again and opened the chamber door. "I've got a few loose ends to tie up so--"
    "Wait!" Sam called.
    Gushie turned his head to the side. "Yes?"


    "Thank you for sharing that with me Gushie, and for the encouragement," he said, "it really felt as if you were Al just there."
    The hologram fully turned to face Sam now. "I think that's the nicest compliment you've ever given me Doctor Beckett. Thank you."

    Sam nodded. "So...how is Al?"
    "He's home now. Still recovering."
    "Good," Sam said with relief in his eyes. "Will he be popping in anytime during this leap?"
    Gushie sighed, placing his hands in his pockets. "If it were up to him, yes, but...Beth is making him sit this one out. She's adamant about him taking it easy."
    Sam cracked a smile. "Someone's gotta keep him in line I guess. She's a good woman for him."
    "That she is."
    "And as much as it disappoints me that she's keeping him away," Sam admitted, "she's the one who really knows what's best for him so...I need to respect that."
    "I just might tell her you said that Doctor." He winked.
    Sam blushed. "Tell Al I said Hi too and...I miss him. I'm glad he's ok."
    "Will do Sir."
    "And Gushie," Sam stopped again. "I'm going to need you back here during the whole date tonight ok. Who knows what's going to go down."
    "I got your back," Gushie winked again. "Like I said I need to tie up some loose ends and familiarize myself a little more with the Handlink. We'll be prepared Sam...you have my word."

    Sam trusted that and finally sent Gushie on his way.

    Glancing back into the mirror again, his heart immediately went back to Eileen's, picturing the look of turmoil on her face as he said, "I'll save your family Eileen. No matter how hard it will be or how long it takes...I won't let you down!"


    Within an hours time, Cody and Kirsten returned home from school and Sam handed Cody money for a pizza as he informed them he and their dad would be going out for another date tonight. Of course that meant Cody was being left in charge again, much to Kirsten's disappointment, but Sam told her it was very important and there wasn't any time to find another babysitter.

    When Jasper returned home he was talking to himself upon walking through the door. Sam raised an eyebrow and simply shook his head from the other room, unable to make out whatever he was saying.

    As he went out into the family room to meet Jasper, the husband eyed his wife fondly. "Ah, my dear Eileen," he greeted. "You look lovely."


    Sam pretended to blush. "Thank you," he said, then released a deep breath. "So, you ready to go to dinner?"
    "Yes! I'm starving!" He instantly pulled out his keys again and headed for the door.
    "Uh...I didn't mean right this second," Sam said, "Don't you want to wash up, and change or something?"
    "Oh I already changed at work," Jasper informed. "Remember I was wearing my orange shirt when I left this morning? Yeah...I accidentally spilled coffee all over it so I grabbed my backup clothes from the trunk."
    Ok...then. "Wow. I'm glad you're prepared for instances like that," he said, meeting Jasper by the door now.
    "Well yeah," Jasper exclaimed, "remember the time I sat a little too close to the wall heater in my office and my shirt caught fire?"
    Sam's eyes widened.
    "Ever since then..."

    After a few seconds of silence, Jasper yelled to the children upstairs, "KIDS, WE'RE LEAVING!"

    Ohhhh boy... Sam sighed. Here is goes. You can do this Sam. Lord help me. And make Gushie show up in time!


    Jasper seemed quite chipper to Sam, speaking rapidly about his great day at work, not seeming to get a breath in edgewise, the whole way over to the restaurant. And all Sam could do was sit there in silence, barely listening, trying to play out a few scenarios in his mind of how he was going to break the affair to Jasper.


    Looking out the window his eyes took notice of the setting sun, bringing with it a fiery orange sky with pink rays shooting upward. He couldn't help thinking of how symbolic that seemed. Was the sun about to set on Jasper and Eileen's marriage, or would this revelation prepare the way for a shining bright future of trust and devotion for the struggling couple? He could only hope it was the latter.

    Jasper opened the car door for Sam again once they parked, and opened the door for him upon entering the restaurant. He truly is a good man, he thought. These simple acts alone should tell Eileen just how lucky she is, regardless. Being a gentleman was unfortunately becoming a lost art in the world anymore.

    As the couple took their seats, they skimmed through the menu a bit while waiting for the waitress to return with their drinks.


    "Their spaghetti is crazy delicious here," Jasper spoke, but then replied to himself in a slightly higher pitched voice, "but who goes to a restaurant to order spaghetti!?"
    Sam lowered the menu and eyeballed him curiously. That was when the waitress returned with the drinks.

    "Are you two ready to order?" she asked.
    Jasper shot an asking glance at Sam and he nodded. "Yes! I certainly won't be ordering spaghetti," he informed in that higher pitched voice still. "I'll go for the Avocado Burger entree. Extra onions please and hold the tomato."
    "Mmm, hmm," the waitress jotted, then turned to Sam. "And you ma'am?"
    "Oh, uh," Sam stammered, taking a quick glance at the menu again. "I'll have...the Chicken Caesar Salad." I bet that's what Eileen would order.


    "Alrighty," the waitress said, "I'll be back when your order is ready." And with that she spun on her heel and disappeared around the corner towards the kitchen area.

    Jasper shot an unusual look at Sam and it made him feel uncomfortable. "What?"
    "You ordered a salad at this fine restaurant?" Jasper asked.
    Sam shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not really that hungry."
    "Really babe? You could honestly use a burger right now."
    "Excuse me!?"
    "S**t!" Jasper hissed, accidentally knocking his glass over. "I'm so sorry Eileen! I didn't mean that. I really didn't." He tried sopping up the water with his single napkin and Sam took notice of his hands trembling.

    "Jasper," he softly addressed, resting his hand upon one of his. "Are you alright?"
    "No!" he sharply responded, quietly. "I'm feeling...loopy again."


    "Just relax," Sam hushed, glancing around. "Take some deep breaths and, here, drink my water." He handed Jasper his full glass.
    Surprisingly Jasper did just as he said, chugging it all down, while the waitress took notice of the spill and came with paper towels to clean it up and a new glass of water.

    Once all was cleaned up their order was ready.

    "Here ya go," the waitress said, placing the plates in front of them. "Enjoy! If you need anything, please let me know."
    "Thank you," Sam said.
    "Allllright!" Jasper expressed happily, seeming to forget his previous mental state. "Time to dive into this baby!"


    As they ate, Sam tried to ease Jasper's mind a bit by asking him about the progress of his prototype rifle, how things were going at work, and the kids. Jasper seemed to switch back to a normal mental state...at least as normal as it could be for him.


    Just as they were finishing their meals, Gushie made his appearance. Naturally Sam could only shoot him a look of acknowledgement, but when Jasper informed him he needed to use the restroom, Sam felt relieved.

    With Jasper out of the way, Sam took a look around to make sure no one was watching and whispered, "Nice of you to join us Gushie."
    "Sorry," Gushie whispered back. "I got caught up on the phone with Al."
    "You don't have to whisper Gushie...no one can hear you."
    "Oh. Right. Well anyway, did you break the news to Jasper yet?"
    "Why not!?"
    "It...wasn't the right moment. He was acting strangely and the man just needed some fluids, food in his belly, and a good, happy chat to prepare him mentally for what I'm about to reveal. I didn't want to add insult to injury."
    "I see."

    Jasper emerged from the bathroom.

    "Ok, don't you go anywhere Gushie you hear me!?" Sam quickly ordered. "Stay here until I say you can go!"
    "Alright, alright."

    "Oof," Jasper expressed, sitting back down again. "I think I'm ready to go."
    Sam closed his eyes as his heart began beating faster. "Not yet," he said. "There's something I need to tell you Jasper."


    Taking notice of the grave expression Sam really wasn't trying to show on his face, Jasper frowned and said, "Ok. Did I do something wrong again?"
    Gushie gulped as he watched.
    "No," Sam assured, reaching out to take his hand again. "It's not you this time...it's me."
    Jasper stared at his wife inquisitively.

    Sam cleared his throat as he released his hand from Jasper's and held it firmly in his lap with the other. "I'm sure you've noticed I've been acting a bit...reserved lately?"
    Jasper nodded. "A little bit."
    "Well," Sam gulped, "there's a reason for that and...it's eating me up inside Jasper, and I can't keep it contained any longer."
    "What is it?" Jasper lovingly inquired, feeling his own heart pounding.
    "I feel horrible Jasper...I never meant for this to happen," Sam said, tears welling up. "But it did and...I can't take it back. I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."
    "You're scaring me Eileen, WHAT is it!?"
    Gushie began biting at his nails.

    Sam then proceeded to tell Jasper the entire story, as gently as he could, tears sprinkling down upon his lap all the while. Eileen's emotions once again had a strong hold upon him now; his heart was truly breaking telling this man the truth, when he himself wasn't responsible.


    Throughout the whole thing, Jasper just hung his head low, staring down at his hands, unable to speak. The hurt from this confession gradually began to pierce his soul to the core, notably his heart. He could almost feel the blood draining from his body with this wound and his face grew pale.

    "So," Sam concluded, "Even though I gave Hal the boot I'm afraid of what he might say...to the public."
    Gushie took notice of Jasper flinching upon hearing that.
    "Jasper please," Sam started to beg, reaching for the man's hand again, but he whooshed it away. "I can even begin to express how sick I feel for doing this. I am deeply, deeply sorry. I screwed up! I wasn't in my right mind and...I want you to know that I truly want to be with you! 'Til death do us part. I never want to leave you! I kicked Hal to the curb and that's gotta count for something right?"
    Jasper simply pursed his lips.
    "Jasper please talk to me."
    "There's nothing to say," he said while refusing to meet Sam's gaze.
    "You have every right to feel hurt and--"
    "Yes. I DO!"
    "And I am begging for your forgiveness! But pretty soon here we need to put this aside and come up with a plan on how to deal with Hal if he causes trouble!"
    "I really don't want to talk about this anymore Eileen," Jasper said, scooting his chair back as if to leave.
    Sam instantly began to stand up himself.


    "Jasper wait!" Sam stopped. "Where are you going?"
    "I dunno," Jasper mumbled, scooting his chair in. "Anywhere but here."
    "You can't just leave your wife here dummy!" Gushie shouted, but shut his mouth when Sam shot him a look.
    "Honey please," Sam addressed Jasper, "let's just head home, talk some more, and figure this all out. Please?"


    "I need to get away Eileen," Jasper said, almost zombie-like. He turned for the exit doors.
    "Sam stop him!" Gushie cried.

    But just then Jasper's phone rang and he promptly answered it.

    "Dad!" Cody cried on the other line.
    "Cody?" Jasper asked, a different set of emotions rising to the surface. "Are you ok? What's wrong?"
    Sam and Gushie listened intently with worry.
    "Dad, this man is--" There were some muffled sounds.


    Another voice then spoke on the line. "Hello Jasper."
    A lump formed in Jasper's throat. "Who is this?" he demanded. "Hal?"
    "No matter," came the reply. "Why don't you get your sorry a** over here before something happens to your kids." There was a click.
    "What is it!?" Sam asked, coming closer.
    Jasper shook and began to stutter in panic. "I think...H-Hal...has the...k-kids."
    Sam's eyes widened.
    "H-He...might...k-kill them!"

    In an instant Sam shot a piecing, ordering glance at Gushie and then bolt out of the restaurant.

    "LARSON, CENTER ME ON HAL!" Gushie shouted, then disappeared.

    "Eileen wait for me!" Jasper called back to his rushing wife.


    "You sure it was Hal?" Sam asked Jasper, before realizing it was a stupid question.
    "No!" came the sharp reply. "I don't know what he sounds like! I just assumed..."
    Right. Sam squeezed his eyes shut as they both got into the car. He put himself in the driver's seat. "I'm going to fix this Jasper," he declared, starting the car and throwing it into gear, "even if I die trying!" And he meant it.

    Jasper stared at his wife with a look of shock, as they pulled away from the restaurant and sped on down the road towards home.

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    @emorrill Awesome conversation with Gushie. And I think Gushie is a great character. I love Al too, of course.

    ...I really liked how you showed that Eileen was in tune with what Sam needed to do, that her will was inline with his. This acknowledged that Sam could do nothing, even in a crisis situation, without the agreement of those he's helping. This honors individual free will and accountability. So I'm glad you included Eileen's talk with Verbeena because, in one sense, Sam is doing the work that Eileen should be doing for herself.

    ... (Excuse my rambling here!) You see, I question whether Eileen (back with Verbeena, getting counseling) has gained the courage and self-esteem she would have had if she'd been the one to make her own confession. How much of Eileen is conscious with Sam? I know the premise of the show was for Sam to help when no one else could, but the idea suddenly seems counter to what I believe about freedom of choice and personal growth. Helping someone is not the same as doing it for them. I'm just "thinking out loud" with all this. But do you know what I'm saying? Quantum Leap sure brings up questions!

    ...Great dinner scene. Jasper's emotional mood swings would be very difficult to deal with. Walking on egg shells, trying to prevent public scenes, keeping upsets and paranoia from escalating! ...That phone call! Could it have been Hal? Or someone else?

    ...Wonderful update! And as usual, well-written dialogue and character development.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,156 Member
    Thank you for reading and for your comments @lanlyn. <3<3
    I feel so honored to receive your compliments, as you are a fantastic writer! :star: (Better than me I feel. ;):p )

    But anyway, in regards to this:
    I know the premise of the show was for Sam to help when no one else could, but the idea suddenly seems counter to what I believe about freedom of choice and personal growth. Helping someone is not the same as doing it for them. I'm just "thinking out loud" with all this. But do you know what I'm saying? Quantum Leap sure brings up questions!

    ^I do know what you saying. ;) Hubby shared with me these EXACT same feelings about the show a while back! :lol:
    Because he felt that what Sam was often doing was taking away that "freedom of choice" ;);) which is the greatest gift we've been given by God.
    It made for some interesting discussion between us, and I agreed with him for the most part, and you, but at the end of the day I was like, "It's just a show, and I LOVE it!" :lol:

    However, in writing Sam's continuing story I've been keeping that "freedom of choice" more in the back of my mind and I guess it somewhat shined through in this "episode" and I didn't even realize it. ;) So thanks for pointing that out. :kissing_heart:

    You taking a break from the main thread too? ;)
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    I knew Hal was a plum. C'mon Sam, save the day! Enjoying the story.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,156 Member
    Here is Part 2 everyone. :blush:

    I get the feeling this chapter will surprise many of you ;) and I hope everything makes sense towards the end. Because even sometimes it's hard for me to word things just right. ;)

    Enjoy! <3

    The Remingtons
    Part 4 - Part 2

    Very slowly and quietly Sam parked the car in the driveway, turning off the headlights moments beforehand. He hoped it would help in catching whoever was in there, mostly likely Hal, by surprise.

    Without closing the doors upon exit, Sam and Jasper tiptoed towards the front door.
    "Stay behind me Eileen," Jasper gently ordered.


    "SAM!" Gushie cried, running through the wall, coming from the inside. "It's Hal in there and he's got a GUN! He's pointing it right at the front door!"
    Gasping Sam realized Jasper just opened the door a crack. "JASPER!" he cried, lunging himself towards the man as a shot was fired.

    Gushie flinched and the kids screamed, while Sam crashed onto Jasper, smashing his body to the floor.

    "Oh come on Eileen!" Hal cried. "Why'd you do that!?"


    Sam quickly examined Jasper to make sure he hadn't been shot, but found he just got the wind knocked out of him.
    "Get up Sam!" Gushie ordered. "I don't want him to shoot YOU!"
    Gasping for breath Sam stood up, wobbling a bit, as he faced Hal with rage in his eyes. "Saving my husband," he answered, "that's why!"

    Hal shook his head with a cheap smile, speaking while gesturing with the hand that held the gun. "You know I was going to make this real simple for us Eileen," he said. "I was gonna catch Jasper off guard, kill him, and make your dilemma a whole lot easier."
    Sam stared at him with an insane look on his face.
    "Then you'd tell the cops he tried to kill me and I shot him in self defense, and of course the kids will back up your story because your dad is CRAZY right kids?" he asked, turning to face the two children sitting on the couch, with their hands tied behind their backs and gagged at the mouth. Hal went on. "Then we'd collect the life insurance money and start our brand new life together. A life away from here...where you'll never have to worry about your well being ever again. And I'd give you all the pleasure in the world." He licked his lips.

    "Do you honestly think," Sam asked, "that you doing this would make me want to be with you now!?"
    Hal simply shrugged. "It's a brilliant plan babe."
    "No it's not! It's ludicrous! In fact...I'd say it's not too far-fetched to assume that you're just as mentally ill as we are! Worse!"
    Upon hearing that, Hal burst into laughter. "Me? As psycho as you two? Riiiiight!" He laughed again.

    "Sam! Catch him off guard while he's laughing!" Gushie cried. "Get rid of that gun!"
    "Way ahead of you Gushie!" Sam declared while positioning himself.
    "What did you say?" Hal asked, as Sam swung his body around and kicked the pistol square out of Hal's hand sending it to the floor and then bouncing itself underneath the couch. Hal was too shocked to see where the gun went, instead he lunged at his lover in a rage. "You B****!"

    A fight broke out and while Hal was definitely strong, Sam had no doubt he'd come out victorious.

    "YEAH!" Gushie cheered. "You get him Doctor Beckett!"


    Numerous punches, scratching, head locks, and hair pulling commenced, as the two children shed tears in the background, fearing for the life of their mother.

    During the fight, Gushie took notice out of the corner of his eye Jasper, army crawling towards the dining room. Casually stepping over to get a better look, he saw Jasper rise to his feet and begin fiddling with the lock on the under stair storage closet door. What is he doing? He got the door open and reached in for something...which caused Gushie's eyebrows to shoot upward. "Uhh...Sam," he addressed.
    "Not now Gushie!"


    "Who's Gushie?" Hal asked, trying to push Sam away from him. "Your imaginary friend?"

    The fighting only intensified, and just as Sam was in a position to knock Hal out completely he heard a squealing cry from Kirsten that tugged at his (Eileen's) heartstrings. In that split second of weakness, Hal decked Sam to the floor and kicked at his lower back, near the kidneys. Everyone watching gasped.


    Hal then stepped over Sam's body, as the Doctor moaned and struggled to get himself back on his feet, toward the kids. He pulled out a knife from his back pocket.

    "I offered you security from your pathetic life Eileen!" he started, "offered to save you from the mental institution - mostly because I wanted that amazing sex we had for the rest of my life - and this is how you repay me? By going back on your word and fighting me? Nah uh!" He held the knife to Cody's neck, and the boy flinched. "You see you messed with the wrong man Eileen. No one denies a generous offer from Hal Breckenridge, NO ONE! And when you deny my generous offer...well...you now get to watch me slit your children's throats in payback."

    "NO!" Jasper shouted, coming up behind Sam. "You keep your bloody hands off them!"

    Surprised, Hal lowered the knife and stood up straight. "Or what?" he taunted. "You gonna fight me Jasper? Pfft!"
    Sam stood guard, ready to react at any moment, while Gushie figured it would be best to keep quiet and watch this play out.


    "You break into my home and tie up my children," Jasper seethed, "then you try to kill me, beat up my wife, and hold a knife to my son's neck...I won't stand for it!"


    "Oh yeah?" Hal asked with an evil grin. "What're you gonna do about it...P***y?"


    In that moment, Jasper reached behind his back, hoisting his prototype rifle up against his shoulder and fired without hesitation.

    Sam ducked, covering his ears while the kids screamed.


    The bullet pierced Hal at the base of his right rib-cage, shattering bone and killing him upon impact. His lifeless body fell flat on the floor, a pool of blood beginning to form underneath.


    "Oh my G**!" Gushie gaped.

    The kids squeezed their eyes shut from the sight, as Sam rose up to his feet, eyes still locked on Hal's body just in case. He heard Jasper drop the rifle abruptly behind him and gasp, holding his hands up to his mouth. "What have I done!?" he cried.


    "What needed to be done," Sam simply replied.
    "But...I just killed a man! They'll put me away for sure! And they'll find out--"
    "No," Sam consoled. "You killed a man to save your child. To save your family. That's a completely different situation."


    "Oh," Jasper breathed, "I guess...you're right."

    Sam raced over to help Cody and Kirsten out of the ropes, looking them over a bit, and then hugs and tears were exchanged.

    "Mom!" Cody cried, burying his head into Sam's chest. "I tried to be brave! I tried to stop him, but he was too strong! I failed to protect Kirsten!"
    "Shhhh," Sam hushed gently. "It's ok. You're a brave boy. It's all ok now."


    Cody then went on to hug his dad, as Sam bent down scooping up little Kirsten who'd thrown her arms tightly around her mom's neck.


    "I was so scared mommy!" she sobbed. "I thought I was gonna die!"
    "Shhhh, you don't have to worry anymore now," Sam soothed. "All is well now. All is well."

    Gushie watched the scene unfolding in front of him with tears in his eyes and a smile of relief.

    "My ears hurt," Kirsten went on to say. "I hear a ringing sound. Am I gonna go deaf!?"
    Sam then looked into her eyes, rubbing gently at her ears. "No," he replied. "The ringing should go away soon, but we'll get your ears checked out just in case ok?"
    Kirsten nodded and hugged him again. "I'm glad you and daddy are ok mommy! I love you guys!"

    Once Kirsten felt comforted enough to let go of her mother, she went on to hug Cody and then her dad.

    Moments later Sam found himself standing face to face with Jasper. Even though the hurt was still a tiny bit there, all Jasper could do was smile appreciatively at his wife.
    "You saved my life Eileen," he said, tears welling up in his eyes.
    Sam smiled. "Well...you saved me too Jasper," he added.

    Without a moment's hesitation, Jasper pulled his wife into his arms and squeezed her tightly. "I love you Eileen! I thought I was going to lose you back there and I couldn't comprehend my life without you! You proved your love for me and I forgive you...100 percent! Oh how I love you!"
    Sam held him just as tightly in return. "I love you too Jasper."


    After an intense kiss, Sam shot a smile with a nod at Gushie. It was finished.

    Gushie nodded back and mouthed that he would "check on things back at the Project" and pointed at the Handlink to reiterate that. Sam nodded in acknowledgement and soon the Imaging Chamber door opened and Gushie stepped through.

    Even though it seemed like the perfect moment to leap, Sam didn't feel it coming as he could usually sense it. Al was even better at sensing it. Perhaps there was still a little more to do, but he hoped it wasn't too much to do! He prayed Ziggy would become fully functional again soon back at the Project.

    He uttered a prayer in deep thankfulness to God.

    And as much as he'd grown to love the Remington family, he couldn't wait to get home to his dear Emma.


    Two days later the happy family, their bonds strengthened by that horrific experience, spent the beautiful sunny day at the town center square park. The kids playing on the seesaw and the parents cuddling on the bench, talking about whatever.


    "Daddy!" Kirsten called out. "Come help me send Cody up in the air? Please?"
    "Cheater!" Cody accused, but laughed to let his sister know he was kidding.
    "Oh alright," Jasper agreed, removing his arm from around his wife and heading over to join the kids.
    Sam watched him proudly, as Gushie showed up on the scene.


    "Gushie," Sam greeted happily, still sitting. "Good to see you."
    "You too Sam. Sorry I left you hanging there for a couple of days. There was tons going on at the Project."
    "No that's ok," Sam assured. "It was actually good as it gave us time to talk to the Police after they collected all the evidence and everything."
    "So how'd all that go?"
    "Fine," Sam replied. "After reviewing all of our testimonies they deemed it self defense so there really shouldn't be too much trouble when they go to court with it. It's a tricky case, but I honestly have a feeling all will be ok with them Gushie." He stared up at the sky. "I really do."
    "Well good! And I'm very happy to report that the interference has passed and Ziggy is functioning properly again."
    "So would you like to hear all about the Remington family's future now?"


    "Mom!" Kirsten called out. "Watch us!"
    "Ok," Sam called back, standing up and away from the bench to get a better look at the family.

    "Alrighty," Gushie said, reading from the Handlink. "It says here that all does go well with the trial, the Jury rules in favor of the Remington's, and there was no mention of any impaired mental status involved."
    "Also six months from now Jasper patents his 'Remington rifle' and his company produces and sells millions of them, mostly thanks to the war going on in another country. Needless to say he and Eileen will be sitting pretty for the rest of their lives."
    Sam chuckled.
    "And you'll be relieved to hear this Sam," he paused, "eight months after making their fortune, Jasper and Eileen bravely start up a program to help raise awareness for various mental health problems; calling for the treatment of such through prescription medication without having to be institutionalized, except in very serious cases. Thousands join their cause, and the call for medicinal treatment becomes global and within a MONTH drug companies start immediately researching and conducting tests to create the very first antidepressants in this world."
    "Soon many insane asylums are shut down and shock therapy is done away with. I mean, Sam," he paused in awe, "they were the pioneers in mental health treatments in this world! Did you ever hear much about mental health care or encounter any of the medications back home? Because remember you're three years into your world's past right now."

    Sam thought for a moment. "No actually...I didn't have any reason to look into that, as my only patient is Catarina Vanderburg and there's no mental health issues there..."


    "None that you know of," Gushie muttered with a snicker.
    Sam chuckled too and then thought on it some more. "Yeah I never heard anything about treatments there, which of course I didn't if I just changed history. That kind of scares me though actually, that antidepressants weren't available all the time I was living there. The residents coped in silence well. Perhaps that's why so many people embraced the more holistic approach for treatment in Hidden Springs because there was no where else to turn, without being institutionalized."
    "I do know that Emma has lived with anxiety her whole life so...no doubt with this change in history she'll get the medication she needs to give her and millions of others a better quality of life!"
    "Yup! And to the many generations following. Just like how it is on Earth."
    "Wow...," Sam breathed. "The Remington's needed to be saved because they were the pioneers in providing medicinal treatments for the mentally ill. Think of all the lives that will be saved now. Gushie...I am honored to have been called upon to help them."

    Gushie smiled brightly. "Well, I'm honored to have been granted this opportunity to assist you during this leap Doctor Beckett...it was a real honor."


    Sam smiled in return. "It was a pleasure working with you Gushie. You did a stellar job with it being your first leap experience."
    "Oh...well...I dunno about stellar, but...


    ...Thank you Sir. That really means a lot to me."
    The two went to shake each other's hands, but chuckled when they remembered they couldn't.

    "Hey Eileen," Jasper called out. "Why don't you come over and join us in this Gnubb game? I need a teammate."
    "I'll be there in a minute," Sam called back, then said to Gushie, "Oh yeah! Did Jasper and Eileen get around to building the home of their dreams on that hill?"
    "Oh, yes!" Gushie confirmed. "In fact I think it'll be near completion on this side of the world once you leap back to Hidden Springs." He winked.
    Sam grinned. "That's great Gushie. That's really great."


    Gushie nodded and began to feel a sudden change in the air, the sensation Al informed him about.

    He watched in awe as the blue and white light encompassed Sam.

    "Goodbye Doctor Beckett," he said.


    And off Sam went to return to his beloved Emma back home in Hidden Springs, leaving the town of Riverview and the Remington family in a happier state.


    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    @emorrill Part 2 was another great update. Lots of action! ...So it WAS Hal who called. Boy, he was even worse than I thought he was. And they think Jasper is crazy! Hal makes Jasper look like the poster boy for sane and decent behavior! ...Thank goodness for Gushie's warning about Hal's gun. ...Hal's bottom line was about insurance money. Should have known. ...Go Sam! But Sam only had Eileen's body to fight with, and then he was distracted by Kirsten's cry. Lost the fight. ...Jasper was definitely thinking clearly in this emergency. He had a plan. ...Jasper became the hero, armed with his own invention! It's too bad he had to kill someone, but he was protecting his family. Sorry the kids had to experience all that, but at least they saw their father and mother standing up for them. ...Wonderful scene of the family after the danger was over. Everyone really came together then. ...I liked the last conversation between Gushie and Sam too. The change in history and the new availability of better treatment for emotional distress and other mental/chemical imbalances. And the Remingtons even got their dream home on the hill. Great ending all around!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,156 Member
    Thank you @lanlyn :kissing_heart:

    It really did all come together and I was afraid I wouldn't manage it. ;)
    And I'll admit it's a little sad to say goodbye to the Remington's, but... I'm anxious to write out Sam and Emma's future together. :heart:
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    @emorrill , Am reading the updates right now but having trouble concentrating, will leave feedback ASAP.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,548 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Awww! @ZeeGee you're gonna make me cry here. :'-)
    That's the sweetest compliment EVER and *sniff* that's really been my goal - or whatever it's called. To bring it back!
    To show that Sam's story did NOT end just because he never made it home. :star:
    Thank you. <3<3 {{{{{Hugs:


    Just got caught up! GREAT story and what a wonderful surprise to find out the Remingtons were pioneers in the mental health industry! Now Sam gets to go home and kiss on Emma some more. Yippee!
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    Awesome!!!!2 more updates. I'm dealing with one of my headaches today so I'll have to give you feedback later. But, I read them both and they were awesome as usual :D
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    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!! What an emotional roller coaster!!

    Awesome job woman!
    I'm a 44 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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    @meerkattime Thank you for reading a leaving such sweet comments. <3
    Yeah, that was a bit of a dramatic start. :lol: But the forum doesn't allow me to post a chapter this long all at once! :p
    He’s annoyingly arrogant towards Jasper :angry:
    ^Indeed. Perfect description. He had NO idea what was coming...
    Yup. Sometimes during a leap Sam isn't the single one to save the day. ;)
    I agree that Jasper needed that boost in self-esteem. :)
    Now it’s time for the wedding and babies :p .
    ^YES YES YES! :mrgreen:

    @Charlottesmom Take your time sweetie. :kissing_heart:
    I know the drama from today really occupied our minds. :pensive:

    @ZeeGee Darn skippy! :mrgreen:
    Thank you sweetie. :kissing_heart:
    I really look forward to your Sequel video! :smiley: How's life going?

    @mycami21 No worries, take your time too sweetie. :kissing_heart: Headaches are the worst! :confounded:
    KevinL5275 wrote: »
    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!! What an emotional roller coaster!!

    Awesome job woman!

    ^Why thank you @KevinL5275 :blush:
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    Let's see, life is going....FAST! And so very different. Adding a 5-year old to the mix changes your whole life! She's my niece and she's my world. She comes first now. As for the Sequel, I've been 'almost' finished with the first episode for a week but just haven't had time to finish. Add to that changing the ending 3 times already and it's just taking longer than before. :lol:

    So look forward to the next update, Sam & Emma forever! :love::heart:
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    @emorrill , sorry for the delay Em... :s

    **The red dress!! I remember that conversation!
    **So Eileen like being in the imaging chamber?
    **Jasper would most likely have gotten much worse if Eileen had left, he needs her there with him right now not her abandoning him.
    **Yes Gushie...exactly!
    **Al's lucky he has a good woman to help him along his recovery! I miss him though.
    **Jasper is smart to have spare clothes with those accidents..
    **Exactly!! Men being gentlemen is a wonderful sign of their devotion and worth!
    **wise Sam, telling him at a resturant where he can't make a scene...
    **I'm sorry to say I did know exactly how Jasper feels, and boy does it su*ck!
    **Hal is at the house?? Crud!!
    **good man Sam, saving Jasper like that.
    **Oh yeah, he gags and restrains the kids but Jasper is the nut job...right Hal?? :o
    **get him Sam!, kick his butt!
    **Em....that is a very bad word (p***y), but it fit with Hal so God will forgove you. ;)
    **self defense is what you did Jasper, you saved your family!
    **Now Eileen needs to learn to keep it in her pants!
    **sounds like the family sure did improve in the future..i liked that they started the mental health program, helping others is always a good thing.
    **Back to home sweet home and Emma!! :)
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    Wowee! That was action packed. What a great ending!
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    --Sam is right, just explain that it was self defense.Hopefully the law will see it the same way.
    --I hope Kirsten's hearing is okay.
    --The red dress is really pretty!
    --Remington is my dog's name.LOL his nickname is Remy for short.lol
    --Wow! what an ending.I kind of got a bit choked up there.:o
    --I'm so glad the family was left in a happy state though.Hope they remain happy in the days and weeks to come!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,156 Member
    @ZeeGee Oh a 5 year old definitely adds some more responsibility, and joy, into your life. ;)
    Sam & Emma forever! :love::heart:
    ^ Yeah yeah! :star:<3:star:

    @Charlottesmom Thank you for all these awesome comments sweet lady. :kissing_heart:
    I would imagine Eileen wasn't too fond of being in the Imaging Chamber, as most aren't, but once she was medicated and felt more in control of her emotions I think she found comfort in the fact that these people, mostly Sam, were friends and just trying to help her and her family. :)
    I missed Al too. <3 But I thought it would be good to change things up a bit. ;) It a definitely a good learning experience for Gushie.
    Men being gentlemen is a wonderful sign of their devotion and worth!
    ^Indeed. <3 My daddy taught me in my teenage dating days that if a boy didn't open the car door for me on a date, I should stay sitting there until he did. :smirk: Only once I had to do that, as most would open the door for me, good boys, and it threw the kid off a bit, but he thanked me for helping him to remember being a gentleman. ;)
    **wise Sam, telling him at a restaurant where he can't make a scene...
    ^You know, I thought about this too. :lol:After I took all the restaurant pics. Whoops! :p I made it work out though. ;);) #beinglazy
    Right!? Hal was a total nut job!! (He was just in denial of it)
    I'm sure after this experience Eileen will definitely keep it in her pants. :lol:
    Yes! Back to Emma! We need more Sam and Emma! :mrgreen:<3

    @Earcat Thank you very much. :blush:
    Am I tempting you to watch QL again? :p

    @Springfairy556 Thank you for the comments sweetie. <3
    Cool that your dog's name is Remington. :) I like the nickname Remy.
    Aww, I got you choked up. :blush: (Truth be told, I was getting teary-eyed writing it. )
    I'm confident the Remington's will be happy for the rest of their days. :blush:
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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