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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    I spent the whole play session today rebuilding the house. I didn't bulldoze the whole thing, I just adjusted the downstairs a bit and then completely rebuilt the upstairs. Here's a screenshot of the twins looking confused about why their bedroom suddenly disappeared.
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    A new batch of students are starting in my Uni prep school.

    The Second batch.

    The first batch have graduated Uni and have moved into homes around the world.

    Six students, a school counselor, and the school administrator.
    The portrait has outed my Alien sim.

    It's great having teens from various households under one roof. So much easier for them to get to know other teens.11-11-21_7-17-08_AM.png?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds

    The school has various facilities for Uni degrees.
    I updated the acting stage recently.


    My sim and Sofia Bjergsen will eventually graduate and pursue acting together.

    Their journey starts here.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    @heyroberto @Ellupelluellu it depends on whether he is the only one with these feelings and the dilemma exists only in his mind... or...

    (In my game, Arun also has a somewhat awkwardly ambiguous friendship with his (male) best friend. Whom Jesminder hates.)

    Don't buy broken stuff
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    heyrobertoheyroberto Posts: 47 Member
    @mightysprite @Ellupelluellu ikr! Jean is not having a good time with his new friend and maybe Jesminder will not be happy about her husband's new buddy...

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    EllierosexEllierosex Posts: 359 Member
    spent the day watching my sim sleep, eat drink and work! lmao
    "Za Woka Geneva"
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    auricio288auricio288 Posts: 149 Member
    I love clubs like this
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    RochertRochert Posts: 168 Member
    edited November 2021
    hahahaha love it @Rochert

    Geoffery's outfit really made me laugh.
    I believe he was waring swimwear, but if not so....well, I had better to stop thinking about it :*
    Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die today.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Kai and Asher got home from school and it was storming.

    They sat upstairs with their dad and did their homework.
    The next day, it was Simdependence Day, and luckily it was a nice day and not storming. Haruki grilled some steaks for dinner.

    Kai and Asher played with some sparklers

    One of the traditions of Simdependence Day is drinking, so Haruki made himself his favorite drink at the bar

    Then he and Morgyn joined the twins and played with some sparklers

    The next day, it was time for Nico to age up into a toddler. Here he is before I changed his outfits.

    It was also time for Astrid to become an elder

    I gave her a makeover after she aged up. This is her hot weather outfit.

    Clara took some pictures of Astrid and Nico

    That's all for today! A short update but micromanaging all these sims makes me forget to take screenshots sometimes.
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    auricio288auricio288 Posts: 149 Member
    Bonehilda is flirty :p
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Two of my Sims have the opposite attracted sentiment, which I haven’t seen before. I was a little confused as they have two traits in common. Then I realised it must be because one has the Close Knit lifestyle and the other has People Person. I wouldn’t say those lifestyles are that opposed to each other. It’s not like having a good and an evil Sim in a relationship, or hates children and family oriented, or whatever. But it’s interesting anyway.
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,185 Member
    I've spent the past few days renovating my Sim self's family home. This was how i built it in February this year:

    And how it looks now:
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Sorry about not posting recently. I have had a few things happen that kept me from prioritizing my story update.

    Also! I've gotten carried away with mods for another one of my game. I can definitely appreciate why people like mods, and it makes me wish certain merfolk mods were actual game features.
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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,777 Member
    Hey y'all! I haven't been keeping up with things around here at all for the last few months. Nice to see a lot of familiar names are still posting!

    I went into my game for the first time in a while today and had the most fun with magic I've had since RoM came out.
    First of all Isabella Goth-Andreas grew up to YA and got a new look.
    She has a tan in that picture, because they celebrated her birthday in Sulani.

    Morgyn is her mentor in magic, and maybe other things.

    She's also got a thing going with the recently animated Patchy.

    Her mother Ivy has been the fun part, having all kinds of trouble with potions. First she failed at one and got the hideous curse.

    So she studied hard to learn the potion of curse cleansing.

    But apparently the one she got for free when she learned it was sub-par, so it failed and now she also has the curse of spell reversal or something like that. Every time she tries Repairio the object gets more broken instead. She also drank the bad potion she made (what did she have to lose at that point?) and now also has the curse of contagious laughter or whatever it's called. That one's my favorite. I'm sure it could get annoying in time but so far it's been hilarious. Any sim she spends time around starts having laughing fits, as does she at random times.

    I did not manage to fix any of that before their week was up, so she's going to be stuck like this while I play the rest of my households, so that should be fun. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother Alexander.
    By all accounts that was spectacular, by the way.

    Hope you're all doing well! I'm trying to get back through the past few days at least and leave some likes and awesomes.
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,237 Member
    I so had to put the new optigon/triangle plant plack so had to be in some of my futuristic homes. So I just upgraded a couple of my favorite futuristic sifi households & overwrite them in the Gallery. ;)
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    RochertRochert Posts: 168 Member
    edited November 2021
    Brd709 wrote: »

    And how it looks now:

    Beautiful house.
    May I ask you the reason why this house has 3 trash bins?
    Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die today.
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    heyrobertoheyroberto Posts: 47 Member
    First of all... OOTD!

    What a weird morning... Jean was having his breakfast but suddendly he heard noises and screams from next door, what whas happening there? Jean's neighbors are rather strange people, they always fight and are in a bad mood...

    What a surprise! Geeta and Jean get along very badly. She never liked her new neighbor and now they are enemies. Jean is considering changing districts? Maybe.

    To forget the fight with Geeta, Jean went to a karaoke bar to have fun with himself. He doesn't have many friends yet so it's not bad to spend time alone. Btw, Jean sings like a sreaming goat, at least for now.

    What a beautiful day in San Myshuno! Perfect for festivals and parties.

    Obviously Jean's companion is Arun, for the 2nd time in a row, what a surprise.... The festival they have attended has been very relaxing for both of them and they had time to spend more time together and drink sakura tea.

    This photo is perfect for hanging on the refrigerator!

    Despite being with Arun at the festival, the Guru had no concrete answers about Jean's romantic future. Well, maybe next time!

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    RochertRochert Posts: 168 Member
    edited November 2021
    Here is about one tough day for Hubert Jade.

    This is today's only one cool shot of him.

    It was a Monday morning when Hubert returned from the Magic Realm.
    He spent so long time there honing his magic skill, that he almost forgot he had to go to work the day.
    He was a little hungry then.
    Usually, he would use a Portion of Plentiful Needs, which was made by his brother Zacharias, to fulfill his needs, but unfortunately, he was run out of it at the time. And it was too late for him to ask his brother to make the portion.

    After all, he decided to cope with his hunger with a synthetic food.

    He crafted it successfully, but its taste was very, very awful.
    H: "I still feel nausea."

    Then, he tried to use a microscope for fun. But the instrument was not working correctly, and it bounced several times.
    H: "Is this an amusement park ride or something? Aw, I feel dizzy."

    In the meantime, he finished work for the day and got home.

    What a terrible day today! I will take a bath and sleep early.
    When he was thinking such things, he got a phone call from Darrel Charm who was inviting him to a magic duel at the Dueling Ground.

    Although Hubert was tired, a little filthy, and a little depressed, he accepted the Darrel's offer because he was sure he couldn't lose.
    But Hubert was defeated easily.
    Darrel Charm: "What's wrong with you?"

    "Such a horrible day. I must sleep as soon as possible."
    When he got home from the Magic Realm, his brother lost his conscience because he failed to brew portions. Hubert noticed the strange smell, but it was too late.
    H: "You, idiot brother……"(passed out)

    That's the end of his unlucky day.
    I hope tomorrow will be a good day for him.
    Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die today.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    It was a nice day out and Clara didn't have work, so she went for a swim

    Kai played on the monkey bars when he got home from school.
    Astrid showed Nico some flash cards

    Then, I decided to send the family to Mt. Komorebi for the weekend. Haruki unfortunately couldn't join because apparently university students can't go on vacations even if it's the weekend. Clara was still able to bring him to the Festival of Light, though.

    The twins made a wish together on the tanabata

    Nico got a selfie with Yamachan. I didn't know Yamachan could take selfies with toddlers, it's cute.

    Kai got a selfie as well

    Astrid and Morgyn made a wish together

    Then, Clara took some pictures of them as well as some with Morgyn. I got the notification that it's almost his time maybe a day or two before the vacation so I want to take as many pictures of him as I can.

    The next morning, the twins headed out to go snowboarding

    Clara went skiing

    And Morgyn took Nico sledding

    Kai got hurt so he decided to take a break and have a snack. He also bought a better snowboard from the vending machine because he didn't like the loaner one he got.

    Then he got back on the slopes. He's still not very good but he's getting there.

    Clara continued to ski. She's also not very good yet but she was still having fun.

    Later, everyone sat down and had dinner together. Not sure why Haruki suddenly showed up but I wasn't mad about it.

    I wanted to play for longer but I stopped because Morgyn is going to die very soon and I wasn't ready for that yet.
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,185 Member
    Rochert wrote: »
    Brd709 wrote: »

    And how it looks now:

    Beautiful house.
    May I ask you the reason why this house has 3 trash bins?

    Thank you. I’m liking how the house looks now on just one level. I had to get rid of the second level and move everything to the lower level and elevate the ground so I can still have a back yard.

    It’s more a British thing as we have a bin for this, a bin for that and a bin for other and a small brown bin for food.
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    EllierosexEllierosex Posts: 359 Member
    I got a new TV for my sim, i moved the house around!
    "Za Woka Geneva"
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    EllierosexEllierosex Posts: 359 Member

    I put a carpet on under the babies cot, it looks really cute! I then brought a new sofa and TV it costed so much but was worth it, the coffee machine is coming in handy too
    "Za Woka Geneva"
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    RochertRochert Posts: 168 Member
    I like your house's look, too.

    Brd709 wrote: »
    It’s more a British thing as we have a bin for this, a bin for that and a bin for other and a small brown bin for food.
    Thank you for your answer.
    Those bins are required to sort the trash, aren't they? Your sims are eco-friendly :o
    Also in Japan, we sort the garbage into burnable, non-burnable and recyclable.
    I wonder my sims should have multiple trash bins in their house, too.
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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,237 Member
    My Snow White just became a Great-Grandmother, so now I finally have 4 generations of the White family. ;)
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    It was Sunday, and the last day of their vacation, so everyone went on a hike together
    The hike was a bit glitchy and it was also raining but everyone still had a nice time

    After the hike, they headed to the Festival of Youth. I didn't get too many screenshots of that because I was focused on having Kai do the Voidcritter hunt.

    After the vacation ended, Morgyn helped the twins with their homework

    Morgyn has really loved getting to spend so much time with his grandsons

    Later, everyone watched tv together except for Haruki, who was busy working on his term paper.

    At this point I was trying to get as many screenshots of Morgyn as I could because I knew he didn't have much time left

    Then, around 2 or 3am that night, Morgyn passed

    I put his urn in the family mausoleum along with his portrait. I went ahead and put Astrid's portrait in there as well even though she still has a bit of time left.

    Poor Haruki had to pull an all-nighter working on his term paper and homework. Everyone else took the day off from work/school but since he had finals he couldn't. He was also really sad about Morgyn, they were actually pretty close.

    Later, Simon stopped by to check on everyone and see how they were doing (Astrid actually invited him over but I'm going to pretend he came over on his own)

    The twins got to play some video games with their uncle (also it was Spooky Day so that's why they're dressed like that)

    Nico was having a rough time but at least he looks cute in his Spooky Day costume
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    edited November 2021
    Hey there everyone!

    It has been several, several months since I last posted on here.

    I see a bunch of new faces and old faces still too.

    Before I start posting my game-play again, I want to post a little recap in case old friends forgotten some details and if anyone else wants to read along.

    The link to my story page:

    I will update that page with a new entry here in the next day or so!

    Okay now for the recap, I have two main families, they used to be in different saves but now are in the same one as the two girl sims have become friends.

    Highlights for Adlers
    -As teens Aubree Adler and Declan Eos became parents to Hazel Adler.

    -Aubree’s parents Nadia (with the bun) and Reed (blonde) allowed Dec (in the hat) to move in and help but it was quite the turmoil between Nadia and Aubree (long brunette) on how to care for Hazel (toddler) etc they fought often.

    Mom and daughter frequent fights

    They had a huge support group of friends and family the Adler was known for parties (Mostly Aubree because of her party animal ways).

    -As teens do, they thought the best thing to do to get their independence was to flee, so Aubree and Declan bought a trailer with some very sketchy methods. Once Nadia and Reed were gone on an anniversary cruise, the two young parents moved out and into their trailer. They were too young and dumb to see the help, care and love they were leaving behind.

    At prom

    Moving also made a sad little girl, all Hazel knew was she missed grandma and grandpa's house and could not see it anymore, Dec and Aubs neglected to think of Hazel and how she would react being rip away from all she knew.

    -Unfortunately, Nadia and Reed died on the cruise ship…..Yusuf or Yu got the news, his wife Brandie comforted him and with a lot of Aubree’s friends they all tried to track her and Dec down to tell them the horrific news.

    They found them and the funeral happened.

    -Time passed and hearts healed, and Hazel continued to grow in her skills, around the time she was five, Aubree was pregnant again but due to complications she and the baby did not make it, leaving Hazel and Dec behind. (IMO I still see fully skilled tots as five year olds).

    Declan also started acting strange, saying nonsense was he on something? Little Hazel dubbed this side of Dec, “weird daddy”.

    -Declan’s cousin in law Vanessa moved in to help them cope.

    -More time passed, and Hazel became a child

    Vanessa became a permanent fixture in Dec and Hazel's life, even if that was not her plan to begin with. She just could not leave the little girl with Declan not when he was acting so strange, so she partially raised Hazel.

    While Dec became worse and worse despite how much Hazel needed him.
    He was getting help for his grief but would not, or could not take it, he came home dazed a lot.
    He skipped his appointments he stopped doing is healthy routine.
    He had never finished high school but got a job but then lost it.

    The erratic behavior kept getting worse, one night Hazel was asleep and he woke her up to read her a story then seem to become angry or hallucinate (No he was not sick, not in that way).

    Hazel had two best friends since toddlerhood, their names were Illana and Jesse (with glasses) they were actually Yu’s stepchildren, they were super close, Illanna was loud, fiery and slightly bossy but a good sim, Jesse was more timid and gentle like Hazel.

    At least Vanessa had Yu and Brandie helping take care of Hazel too

    Hazel made another friend from a penpal assignment via Scouts, her name is Rainbow Stone

    As time went onward, Hazel is now 10 and starting to see who stays to tuck her in and be with her and care about her friends and life.

    To whom keeps giving her hugs but leaving her and acting strange.

    Highlights for the Stones
    -Gemma Stone was Max, Mckenna and Lilith’s “mom”. She was awful and treated them horrible throughout their childhoods.

    She got ran over by a hit and run car leaving the three siblings to continue to survive but now solely on their own that became a blessing despite how hard it was.

    Each one had a vice to overcome:

    Mckenna the eldest twin teenager was always a go getter giving her all to keep her siblings fedand housed.

    However, she had a nasty habit of taking her anger and frustration out on Lilith, causing Lilith to temp move out to live with family friends.

    However, she realized all her anger had nothing to do with Lilith and sought to first find an outlet for her anger, she chose exercise and wood working.

    She did her best to make amends with her sister, they now have an amazing relationship and it was worth the years of fixing and atonement on Mckenna’s part

    And even Mckenna found love after swearing off it because of her “mom” Gemma.

    Lilith the youngest child of the Stone trio, was different, she never stopped being a child inside and she was hated most by Gemma, which Mckenna picked up on and continued until they made up.

    Gemma, was just one "mom" of Lilith (I let gay couples have kids naturally in my game) Gemma never told Lilith or Gianna Zest they were mother and daughter.

    Matty Zest the uncle of Lilith and younger brother of Gianna Zest. did some detective work and figured it out.

    Mother and Daughter were ecstatic to fill the holes of time.

    But time was short, to short for the two…

    But even after the loss things moved on towards a new better path.

    Mckenna showed her compassion and Matty promised to always watch over her even if she went to live back with her siblings.

    Lilith also found her niche in children’s book thanks to her childish manner and great writing skills, she went to uni and graduate and started writing.

    For Max the middle child, youngest twin and only boy of Gemma, found his vices in hookups resulting in a baby, one that the mom did not want. But Max did, he knew that life of being unwanted.

    The teen dad called the little girl, Rainbow.

    They all moved into a new house together out of the rat infested apartment.

    Max studied in programing online and got a tech position. He also meet a lovely lady named Julianna, they took things slow, falling in love.

    Rainbow was the light and hope at the end of the Rainbow, the main, but not only reason all three stayed together and mended.

    Child Rainbow is a bright and jubilant little girl, she is well loved by Max, Mckenna and Lilith!

    She was homeschooled but made her own friends and the penpal Hazel Adler.

    Rainbow had her share of problems too.
    Accepting Juliana into her life (She thought she was an evil spellcaster out to take her daddy) but with the woman’s patience and calm attitude it happened in no time flat.

    Then she had too much homework that Max added on for homeschooling, desperate to give his daughter everything he never had.

    But with each problem, Max learned to help his daughter through it. Their bond is the most precious I love it and feel the love from them.

    Alright, that is it for me, happy simming! :)

    Happy Simming! :)
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