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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    Ooh boy, it has been a while since I posted here! I've been busy just building and generally futzing around with some new ideas in CAS, but that gameplay has left me refreshed to continue my Pancakes vs Waffles storyline. I'll just quickly recap everything for people who haven't been here from the start: I gave bob and Eliza pancakes makeovers and started playing that household (the version without Iggy). They divorced, and Eliza went back to her maiden name: Waffles. She moved into Umbrage Manor, and Bob stayed in Pique Hearth while redecorating the place to his own standards instead of hers. They have since both found new lovers: Bob is currently engaged to a woman named Ginger, and Eliza to a man named Reese. Now the divorce was particularly nasty, and Ginger and Reese both support their respective spouse. I am planning a sort of family fued sort of deal here, but first things first... Weddings!

    I've kind of been putting off Bob's dinner party to celebrate his engagement lately, mainly because I was doubting which of those two couples were marrying first. So since I really don't feel like that dinner party yet, I've decided that the Waffles couple is going to be the lucky ones have their walk down the aisle first. The wedding is going to be at the Von Haunt Estate: I watched this video by PeteyPlaysIt, and he had a video of ideas what to do with that 3rd floor if you make it accessible. It already has a wedding arch in the gardens, and I actually went for one of his ideas for the space in the building: a place for your Sim's social events! This unintentionally made this a perfect venue for this wedding: I had no clue for this couple on that area, but I had Eliza visit, and I initially forgot I even put that up on the 3rd floor. And hey, it seemed appropriate for Eliza to get married at a fancy and historical location.

    The thing is: I had planned the wedding to be in spring when the garden is at its prettiest for screenshots... But it was fall in my game at the time! And as we know, the calendar doesn't let you actually plan events any further then 2 weeks ahead. So since I had to wait anyways, I decided to use this time well by skilling these Sims up: Reese needed some skill levels for his career, and Eliza was really close to mastering the Charisma skill. Reese had also packed on a few pounds during that time: nothing a few days of exercise couldn't fix, but it was noticable. So I had him join in on Eliza's usual yoga activities: that sure got her in shape (it even lowkey gave her a sixpack), so I thought a bit of yoga would help in addition to just having him jog and go to the gym.
    It sure did help shave off the little bit of fat he was starting to grow, and a bit of lifting at the gym fully turned him back to normal. Eliza also managed to master the Wellness skill in the process. Not sure if I'll have her teach yoga classes from time to time: I was just going to have her it wouldn't be bad to have an extra surce of income in the Waffles family. Eliza's best friend Heather also came by, so those two had some catching up to do.
    She did trash talk Bob behind his back for a bit, since it made sense to me that the friends of either the Pancakes or Waffle families would only get one side of the story behind the feud.

    But now, without further ado, the wedding! I got to organize it earlier then I planned: there was just rain all week in the game, except for one day. And I wasn't about to have pouring rain in my screenshots: I planned this thing in spring for a reason.
    Well, most of the Waffles' garden was still sort of brown and slightly autumn-coloured on the day before the wedding, so I was hoping that the chalet gardens didn't look the way I feared. The gates on the hedge fencing looks really weird with Seasons during fall and winter, so the main reason I planned everything in spring was for that to not look too obvious in the pictures.
    Yup, definitely good enough to go: The hedges look like they won't ruin my screenshots, so let's do this! I've been trying to get everything for this wedding to look perfect for real-life days now, so let's get this show on the road.
    Everyone close to the couple was there: Jade, Marco, Ramesh from Reese's work, and Joaquin were there. Sergio was invited as Reese's best man and of course: Heather was there as Eliza's maid of honour. When the ceremony rolled around, Jade and Ramesh just looked so happy for them: Ramesh is just over there going: 'Ah, young love... Reminds me of my own wedding.' And Jade is just standing there like: 'Oh my gosh, she is going to be so happy with him and I'm here for it!' She just looked so hyped for them.
    Sergio was somehow angry for the whole thing, but I think I caught Heather just turning her head back after throwing him a full 'you better not ruin this ceremony' kind of look. I think he didn't dare make a scene because Marco was there, though.
    You're one to talk, Heather: you're the one wearing white to a wedding! :D I still can't believe Eliza let her off the hook for that. Oh well, at least she's still doing her maid of honor duties here. The ceremony was amazing to watch, though: the garden made for for a better backdrop for all of this then I could've imagined.
    And it was a good playtest of that party area: this was actually the first event I had my Sims hold there! Well, if that gold score is a good omen, then there will be many more. I still have some details to fully smooth over, but everything works well and screenshots nicely. Larger parties like this should probably be have some serving tables for their food outside, though: it tourns out that the inside of the 3rd floor gets a little cramped with 6 people plus celebrity wedding crashers. That's right: none other then Thorne Bailey showed up to join the party!
    Yup, he actually stayed around, and no they didn't actively invite him. Boy, now that's going to be a story to tell the couple's future kids... 'That time Thorne Baile made an impromptu appearance at my wedding'. And what's a wedding without some cake? Reese did have the good manners to not smoosh it into Eliza's face: no way was he going to ruin the makeup of a High-Maintenance sim: that's just asking for drama.
    Joaquin is just over there like 'Smart man, Reese!' For the record: the cake was fully finished by the time the event was about 1/3rd of the way along, so it was good that I put some of those snack tables from the Luxury Party Stuff in that party space: at least everyone could just eat when they needed to. And we're not exactly sure, but even the lord and lady themselves might have attended without anyone noticing...
    We should ask my the paranormal investigator Sim, Diego Fuentes, about this sometime. Guy can't catch a break, but that Sim definitely should've been dead 5 times over with the trouble that keeps finding him. If anyone has the skills to further look into this, it's him: he's best friends with Guidry, so ghosts don't exactly scare him to begin with. But luckily, the lord and lady didn't really manage to spook the party all that much: everyone was too busy having fun and enjoying the cake! Don't even ask me how Eliza managed to dance in that dress.
    She definitely used the wedding as an excuse for some unhealthier food choices. I mean, if you can't pig out at your own wedding, then when can you? Not like any extra pounds are going to stick on her anyways: I honestly had to do some damage control in full CAS edit mode with all of the muscle she was gaining from yoga! The slider positions I had planned for her were all out of whack. But that does mean that one day on the mat should fully cancel out the chips in the ceviche and that roast chicken.
    I honestly wish I had her metabolism: geez, is she even going to need the maternity clothes I had planned ahead for her? Because she definitely looks like that ONE woman who goes through a full pregancy without gaining any baby weight. Heather did stop by to congratulate the two, and Sergio as well. By some miracle, Eliza didn't start anything about Heather's choice of dress.
    I swear, if Heather wasn't her best friend, then this is where things would've gone downhill. After the party was done and the guests had left, Eliza couldn't help but stop to look at the historical living room of the lord and lady.
    Gathering inspiration for your own decor there, girl? And after the wedding, of course there was a wedding night: no children yet, even though I've already decorated some nurseries and put everything in the household inventory for all of the life stages of a child. I'm still planning out how they're going to manage an extra Sim in the household day by day, so the try for baby interaction had to wait. The next day, there was some holiday I put on the calendar myself: one of the traditions is inviting guests. Turned out that Eliza socialized with Thorne Bailey long enough to be able to invite him over! I'm definitely using that for story purposes somewhere in this storyline.

    Well, I'm glad that everything turned out better then I had planned on that wedding. For the next post, I'm going to pick myself up by the bootstraps and get that Pancakes dinner party over with. It's always a challenge for me to decide what exactly my Sims are going to eat at those, and the amount of City Living recipes in the Pancakes family isn't exactly making things any easier on that one. One thing's for sure: Bob is on kitchen duty for most of the start of the event, and let's hope there's not too many leftovers. They know a lot of people from Sulani, so here's hoping that they can invite over enough Sims to get through a party-sized plate.

    Also, bonus screenshot of Ginger secretly making good on that promise about ripping out Eliza's extensions from a few posts ago while Bob was at work. :D I had neglected to maintain that enemy relationship in between all of this, the option to fight her randomly came up, and I couldn't resist. For the record: she lost.
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    This is my Britechester University Dorm.
    As a school for the arts, the science objects in my dorm never get used.
    I finally have a sim going after a Physics degree and she is making use of the rocket kit I placed on the dorm's property.

    And now it is time for a launch.






    1.. Launch!

    And she is away!

    Godspeed, Katie Seymour!
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
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    After Simon aged up, he did his homework

    Since Astrid didn't have work, she took Simon to Glimmerbrook so they could visit the Magic Realm and he could pick out a wand and possibly buy some tomes. Simon took a selfie near the portal.
    They traveled through the portal and were in the Magic Realm

    Simon isn't very good at using his broom yet

    Simon bought a wand and then got some magic training from Astrid. There were no tomes he was interested in.

    Later, he went to Del Sol Valley to see Robin, who had also aged up

    Simon and Robin have always been good friends, but Simon liked her as more than a friend and was pretty sure she did, too.

    He asked her on a date

    They went to Plumbob pictures since it was close by.

    After the date was over, Simon took Robin home and this happened

    Then he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

    The next day was Winterfest, so Clara and Simon decorated the tree

    Then, it was time for presents

    Later that evening, Simon invited Robin over so he could give her her Winterfest present. Right after Robin got there, I got the notification that Judith died but Robin didn't seem sad about it. I'm not sure if she knew since she wasn't at home when it happened.

    I felt bad for Robin so I let her stay for dinner. I was going to have her leave but I didn't want to make her go home and be alone on Winterfest now that her mom's dead. Her stepdad died awhile ago and she doesn't have any siblings so she's all alone now. I may have her move in with her biological dad (Gavin Richards) and his husband even though teens can technically live on their own.

    Poor Clara had to eat alone in the living room since there weren't enough seats at the table

    And of course, Grover decided to get on the table in the middle of dinner

    The next morning, Salem passed away

    I thought the Covingtons could use a vacation, so after the kids got home from school and Morgyn got off work, they headed to Mt. Komorebi.

    That's all for today! I ended up focusing on Simon a lot this play session even though he's a spare, but I will start focusing on Clara more. She ages up a couple of days after the family gets back from vacation so I wanted to make sure I got the chance to play Simon and start his relationship with Robin before Clara goes off to university.
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    RochertRochert Posts: 168 Member
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    Nice to meet you in this thread.

    Recently, I've been playing with the spell-caster brothers, and I 'd like to post one scene of their lives.

    The brothers are invited by their friend to hang out, and they come to her house.
    The friend has triplet babies with her husband.
    As soon as they arrive at the house, the babies start crying all together, and, for some reason, the brothers are obliged to baby sit.

    "What are their parents doing?"
    "I saw their father was going to work."

    While complaining, they are charmed by cuteness of the babies and enjoy their first baby sitting experience.

    Baby: "Let me sleep. I'm sleepy."

    One of the babies does not look like enjoying the company.

    Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die today.
    My Gallery
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    MelanieScribblesMelanieScribbles Posts: 161 Member
    Well, that Pancakes dinner party was WAY easier then I imagined! :D The Chef's Kitchen lot trait might've helped me a little, because I honestly managed to score gold the moment the event started. No, really: I did like 2 or 3 tasks, and I had maxed the bar already. I did buy the Pancakes a speaker recently: Rebate Day had rolled around and I felt the house lacked some decorations anyways. Nothing major changed, I just threw in a few new decorations for some extra cozy factor. Good thing I got that speaker too, because one of the tasks was to have 3 Sims dancing at the same time. But first things first: let's introduce some of the guests!

    So, remember how Bob stayed at the Sand Bar a bit after he proposed to Ginger? He chatted to the bartender, Paka'a, a bit, and they ended up becoming friends. He also knows the entertainer there, Hali'a, but decided not to invite her since her and Paka'a don't exactly get along... The couple also met a few other island townies during their trip to the restaurant I built on Sulani: the couple also knows Nalani and Alika, who were both there. But I'm mainly here to introduce some beloved randomized townies of mine: they just ended up with cool names, and with a makeover, they could be absolutely perfect. So I'm sort of keeping them around until I get to giving them a new style.
    So first up is Yahir Hunt: I'm honestly not sure where Bob and Ginger met him, I think it was during their trip to San Myshuno?
    He's a Scientist, and his traits are Bro, Cheerful, and Bookworm. He also has a daughter that nobody in the storyline has met yet: Sade. When I checked him in CAS, I was surprised to see he was a dad, and even more surprised that Sade is a normal Sim instead of an Alien! So I'm considering to just move him into a house. Hi and his daughter ironically hate videogaming: you'd think that Yahir would be a bit of a geek, but nope. He has the Friend of the Animals aspiration, so I guess the lab has their main suspect as to who let the lab rats out of their cage last Friday.
    And then there's Joelle Dowdy.
    She's a Firefighter, so you can guess how the couple met her... Let it be known that Bob isn't perfect at cooking. :D Her traits are Self-Assured, Active and Paranoid. She has the Freelance Botanist Aspiration, so I'm going tojust headcanon that she likes flowers. Bob and Ginger hve some Birds of Paradise flowers in their garden, so Joelle was just glad those stayed unharmed during the fire! She's single, and has no children.
    The couple invited everyone over for breakfast, as these events can take a while. After everyone was sat down and had a plate of Bob's famous breakfast scramble served to them, he decided to get the announcement out of the way first.
    'Ginger and me are engaged!' Everyone seemed to be happy for him that things were finally starting to look up for him: Josefina Kursa (the lady in the weird blue corset) was the first to congratulate them. Bob gushed over his new fiancee for a bit, before Ginger asked Paka'a if they could hold the wedding at the Sand Bar. The location is quite special to them at this point, after all, and he's the one who's going to have to mix all the drinks.
    He definitely approved of the idea: Sulani is lovely around the summer, and he makes a mean Sea Splash that they should try. For the rest, the subject of the day was wedding planning: of course, everyone at the party was invited. The rest of the invitations are going to be sent out later: I had to limit the amount of guests here since a party-sized plate of food only has 8 servings. After the party ended, Ginger graciously went to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Bob has been working long hours lately: he did get promoted to Head Caterer recently, but with that and the dinner party, and she didn't want to put too much stress on him.
    While the dinner party was fun, the couple was in dire need of a nap after all of that consternation.
    The next day was Love Day in my game, so it was high time for some cute couple activities! I was planning the wedding in summer and it was still spring, so it was definitely a fun way for me as a player to kill time. I had finally finished giving the Willow Creek park a makeover, so why not take advantage of this to thoroughly playtest the place?
    If there's going to be children someday, then there's going to be Teenagers. And if there's going to be Teenagers, there's going to be dating. And boy, was I ever lacking in good dating venues! I mean, I can't keep organizing these things in the same boring old places. I did put in this little off-the-beaten-path nook that's perfect for couples who need some privacy.
    Yup, looks like it's working perfectly: they could reach it in a timely manner, and routing went just fine. So that's the sit and talk to your date task that's made easy to cross off. Because if I hate anything, it's your Sim sitting down to to talk to their love, and some townie just running up to them. Not only do you now have an Awkward Conversation situation to solve, you have to greet this socially inept townie to get them away in the first place! That townie is all like 'How dare these two strangers I just walked up to flirt in front of me': who do they think they are, gnes Crumplebottom? :D But no socially inept townies here, so I consider that little nook a big success. The fountain is a little more of a risk for that, but also a perfect place to sit as well, though.
    And glad to see that the townies could make use of the playground in the background. I kind of wanted the place to add to the gameplay of every life stage: it has the chess tables for Elders to use, and that playground for Children. I kind of forgot to put in some food stalls, but I have Cottage Living and therefore the picnic baskets. And there's definitely plenty of space for a nice picnic blanket, so I might just plan something like that soon.

    Sorry it's a bit of a short post today, but things just aren't that eventful on the Pancakes side of things yet. However, I do have something big coming up for the next post: their wedding! I had it planned on the calendar, but it kind of snuck up on me: I only switched back to this household one day before it was happening, and most of the day was already over, so I didn't really have any prep time after I got their needs in order. Luckily, I had learned from the Waffles wedding and I was prepared enough. Not as prepared as for that one, but I still scored gold. We're getting ever-closer to the family part of family feud: I already have child names planned for both the Pancakes and Waffles families and kid stuff already bought in advance, so I'm looking forward to it.
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
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    Alright so, shameless promotion time, not posting any more of my Legacy here just because since I post so rarely here that to get the whole story you have to dig through literally 900 pages, as I have been posting since this thread was still in its double digits, I feel that it's not new user friendly since everyone who had been reading since the beginning have long stopped posting and all the people posting now probably only started reading.....maybe a hundred pages ago....and yeah, kinda hard for you to get invested in a story when you jump in and see an immortal serial killer hanging out with A Jedi/Wizard/Reaper as your first chapter. Not only that, the story kinda drowns out the comments left by people Actually staying on topic with the whole "What happened in your game today" topic. So yeah. So instead I have been compiling all the generations I have made into this thread right here so you can actually read the story from the beginning. And while I do that, I can actually mess around in The Sims 4 and actually be on topic in this thread! For instance, today I decided to play around with something I've never done before.

    So today I decided to make "My Simself". AKA I used the "Story" feature in CAS to create my real life personality as best I can with the questions presented to me. As an extra challenge, I decided I would follow whatever personality/career the game sets for me AND as a bigger challenge, I won't even edit the Sim's appearance as after all, this is what CAS thinks I am.

    So to start it all off, here I am, according to Sims 4's CAS.
    Oh my god, I'm kind of cute, I mean, I'm neither black or a woman, but hey if that's what the Sims 4 says, that's what I am now. Also apparently I'm a DJ. Didn't realize that, but hey, that's what the Sims 4 says.
    I don't know if it's a mod or something, but the CAS story already put me at DJ level 5 to start off with, but the second I got to the DJ booth I jumped up to DJ level 9. Man, I WISH I was a Sim now because this is easy.
    Well time to go make some money as a DJ so I headed down to the local club to show everyone my skills. Unfortunately there was already a DJ on duty.
    Problem solved.
    Now let me show these Sims how to party!
    Hey, at least Dominic Fyres knows how to party.
    All in all, made about 200 simoleons that night. My bills are like.....1500 simoleons.....So I should really get to work.
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    Darstep0301Darstep0301 Posts: 745 Member
    > @Gleesticky said:
    > :( Can you play tomorrow? I have a hard time going a day with out my Sims LOL.

    I installed the McDonalds stall so my sims can go to Mickey D's. I removed the Risky Woohoo mod bc it was causing lag issues. I installed the NPCC mod to get rid of townies from npc jobs. Overall it's been a hectic sims day.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    My Sim family is pretty upset because a family member died (father/grandfather). And now one of the neighbours has died in their house! My poor Sims can’t seem to catch a break!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    And now Joshua has befriended the Grim Reaper (it was his family I was referring to earlier. They’ve had an awful lot of deaths. Joshua’s dad died, then a family friend of his, then both the family llama and family cow… mostly old Grim has hung around watching TV. He also once fixed a broken dew collector.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
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    So, this is Calum Zalrian: the Merman Poet.

    He's dedicated to his family, and he's able to capture the Essence of Life in a book. He the Patriarch of the Zalrian Family, and he wrote the Tomes that Damian wants. With the Tomes, the Elementals can be bent to another's will. Calum wrote the Tomes for another purpose. They can Restore the Balance by resurrecting them if they die. Basically, if any of the Elementals in the Zalrian Household die, I would turn every neighborhood in every world industrial and make things incredibly miserable for all sims. Calum wrote the tomes to ensure that wouldn't happen.

    Like all pureblood merfolk, Calum will never stop being a merman, and his mermadic nature is a significant part of his identity that he wouldn't throw away. Honestly, all my pureblood merfolk hold their merfolk identity in high regard. They only hide it out of necessity to protect themselves. They are immortal and don't age. That's enough to draw too much attention. But, I would have no problem playing a merfolk household that rarely goes on land and lives in the sea.

    Calum is one of the Merfolk Lords. His mother was the Sapphire Queen, and as the second son, he did not inherit the title of Regent to represent the Zalrian Royal Family. His formal attire reflects his noble status. I reserve the netting top for the Merfolk of Advanced age. I'm trying to retain some of the youthful beauty that is common among most merfolk in mythology and fairytales. I think the Merrows are the only ones that make, specifically, mermen appear ugly. I'm following the Havmand and Merfrau versions that appear in pop culture and most of the lore that exists uses similar appearances. Blue men have, well, blue skin, but I wouldn't say they are depicted as ugly. Anyways, that's also why my merfolk have eternal youth. They aren't immortal in the sense that they can't die by some other means. The only merfolk that I made immortal are Dylan and Zeph.

    Calum was originally my Save Founder, or the sim that started the rotations. The reason I started leaning toward nobility and royalty for this household has a lot to do with it being my first household that all other households were created around. For a while, I used the term "elder", but the term Elder, King, Queen, Lord, and Lady would be interchangeable as far as I'm concerned. The most important detail is that I'm very attached to this household, and its the one that has been around the longest. It has significant importance.

    Unlike Calum's Sons, Dylan and Zeph, he never went to university, and he never had a need to go on land beyond being able to live closer to Arihi, an Island Elemental. As such, most of his everyday outfits do little to hide his mermadic nature. Again, if merfolk never walk among humans for any particular reason on a regular basis, they don't go as far to hide what they are. Calum has only begun to disguise himself more, and that's because his family does spend more time around humans.

    Everyday Outfits



    More outfits in the spoiler
    Everyday Outfits


    Formal Outfits




    Active and Party




    Hot and Cold


    Alexander and Lucas were one of the ways I'm trying to bring premades into my story. I think @AlwaysAsking and a few other people on this thread suggested it.


    Anyways, here are my Alexander Goth and Lucas Munch. I did remove some of their exaggerated features that they always have when they age up, but the physical features and body types were not changed beyond their default. I did adjust the sliders for their weight and muscles. So, if you get one of them to work out, they should have very similar looking appearances.

    Alexander Goth (Teen)

    Everyday and Formal


    More outfits in the spoiler
    Active and Sleep


    Party and Swim


    Hot and Cold


    Lucas Munch (Teen)

    I'm not a huge fan of how Lucas turned out.

    Everyday and Formal


    More outfits in the spoiler
    Active and Sleep


    Party and Swim


    Hot and Cold


    Now, in the following spoilers, I'll include screenshots of my Build for the Zalrian Home.








    Fire Elemental Room and Study (Ember's Rooms)



    Earth Elemental Room and Study (Jade and Juniper's Rooms)





    Water and Air Elemental Room and Study (Dylan and Zeph's Rooms)





    Calum and Arihi's Room and Study






    The Kitchen and Dining Room


    The Elemental Shrine

    This shrine has the Elements of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth in perfect balance. It's also where I keep the Tomes, or Books of Life, for the Zalrians. Only sims that can teleport or ghosts can access this space.

    I'm almost done with all the housekeeping tasks, so the next update should be a story update. Since I started a new save, I had to write new Books of Life that weren't already written, and I had to make Dylan and Zeph create the things that would start bring in some royalties. Zephyr created a Video Game and Dylan wrote Lyrics and a Song. Dylan also pumped out two masterpieces back to back, so I was able to add some stuff to Ember's Rooms.

    I can confirm that the Books of Life with the names I gave them can be bound to any sim when the lot is uploaded from the gallery. I did not upload the lot because it still needs work. This lot will take a while to load, but it has a lot of functional stuff, meaning, that sims can actively interact with most of the lot.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Quite a long update today. I only played for a few sim days but I took a lot of screenshots.

    To start off their vacation, the Covingtons took some family photos
    Simon and Clara were both hungry, so they went to get some food from the food stall nearby. Neither of them look happy. Clara was probably bored because of her snob trait and I think Simon was sad about something that happened at school.

    Then, it was time to hit the slopes. Clara isn't very good at skiing but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Astrid and Alice went sledding together

    Simon tried to snowboard but he got hurt almost immediately

    So he decided to go on a hike instead. The hike ended pretty quickly because he stopped to catch a forest spirit.

    The next morning, it was thundersnowing in Yukimatsu, so they decided to go to Senbamachi for a hike. At some point the day before, Clara started going through her distant phase, so she's tense all the time around her family. A family vacation was probably not the best time for this to happen.

    Clara decided to bail on the hike in order to get away from her family for a little bit. She went to the park and met a cute boy, Haruki Nakamura. Haruki is a member of the family I used to play with Snowy Escape when it first came out. I decided to age him up into a teen and put him and his family in this save.

    Clara seemed to really get along with Haruki and she thought he was really cute, so she decided to shoot her shot. What was there to lose? She probably wasn't ever going to see him again. Luckily, he seemed to like her, too.

    Soon, the Festival of Light started, so Clara and Haruki went together.

    They kept flirting, and eventually Clara decided to go for it and kiss him. They even got a special sentiment about having their first kiss at the Festival of Light.

    The rest of the Covingtons were there as well but I didn't get many screenshots of them except for Simon taking a selfie with Yamachan.

    Clara and Haruki went over to the bonfire. She was still tense about her family being nearby but luckily since Haruki was there, she was more flirty than tense.

    Haruki eventually left, so Clara decided to get her easel out and paint a picture of the festival. She needed to get her painting skill up to get into Britechester's distinguished Art History program and was a bit stressed about it.
    The next day, Morgyn attempted some skiing. It did not go well.

    Astrid, on the other hand, was doing much better than Morgyn.

    Everyone was on the slopes except Clara. She spent the morning practicing her writing because that's one of the skills she needs for University, and then she invited over Haruki.

    Meanwhile, poor Morgyn was not having a good time. He ended up gaining the dislike of skiing on this trip. It just wasn't for him, I guess.

    Clara went on a hike with Haruki

    Clara really likes Haruki. Their friendship and romance bars were nearly full at this point. She was sad that she was going to have to say goodbye to him. Hopefully they'll be able to keep in touch.

    Poor Simon wasn't having a good time. He hurt himself snowboarding again, and then he almost died getting crushed by a vending machine when he was just trying to buy a slice of pizza.

    That evening, everyone sat down and had some hot pot for dinner. Clara was still a bit tense but she was so happy about seeing Haruki that she didn't care.

    It was New Year's Eve, so Simon made a toast

    Then, everyone watched the countdown

    Happy New Year!
    The next day, it was the last day of vacation and also Alice's birthday

    Here's what she looks like

    Since it was her last day in Mt. Komorebi, Clara went out to lunch with Haruki to say goodbye.

    She told him she's leaving for university soon, but she really likes him and wants to keep in touch.

    Clara didn't want to say goodbye to Haruki. She really liked him. So, she asked him to be her boyfriend. They promised they would call and text often and try to visit each other when they could. Then, maybe they can move in together after Clara graduates.

    They actually got their food in a somewhat timely manner and they weren't at the restaurant for 6 hours. Truly a miracle.

    After they ate, Clara hugged Haruki goodbye. She hoped she would be able to see him soon. Maybe he could come visit her at university once she's settled in.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @mia_noelle97 I'm really enjoying your updates. Clara and Simon are an interesting pair of twins. I think I must've lost track, but is Clara the heir?

    Or, are there multiple legacies being played?
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    @Metior_Ice thank you! Clara and Simon actually aren't twins. Clara is a little bit older, but not by much. They're still pretty close in age. And yes, Clara is the heir since she's the oldest. I don't remember if I've actually said this here or not but in this legacy the oldest child is always the heir.

    On to the update! It's quite a short one compared to my last one but I spent a lot of this play session having Clara skillbuild so I didn't take many screenshots.

    Clara finally got over her distant phase, but now she's just tense because she's waiting for her university application. Alice didn't have a good first day of high school, she came home embarrassed.

    Also, Mia passed away. Everyone was sad about it but Astrid was taking it especially hard, probably because Mia was her familiar.
    Clara was sad and tense so she called Haruki to update him on everything.

    Alice had a nice chat with Grim

    The next day, Simon invited Robin over after school.

    They're such a cute couple, I love them (although I think I say that about all of my couples)

    The next day, it was time for Clara to age up!

    She got a little makeover

    Then, I had Astrid take a photo of Clara because I want photos like this of all of the heirs and spouses.

    Soon, the mail came and Clara got her university acceptance letter. She was accepted into a bunch of distinguished degrees at Britechester, but most importantly, she got into the Art History program, which is what she wanted. She told Astrid and hugged her.

    Astrid then dropped Clara off at her dorm. I probably should have had Morgyn take the day off work and come too but oh well.

    Astrid called Haruki to update him. Love Day was coming up and she wants him to come visit her for a couple of days so they can see each other on Love Day and she can show him around campus.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Animal husbandry time yet again!
    A picture only section!
    Stuffed toy hugs, animal husbandry and more!
    Princess Roddy went up to his bedroom and gave his stuffed bunny, Bun bun, a big hug:
    And then he tended to his cow and his chickens:
    Then Princess Roddy changed into his royal dress and sang to the birds of the Old Hollow Flock:
    And then he snuggled one of them:
    Princess Roddy smiled and went back into Dianthus Hall.
    Meditation and weeding.
    Princess Roddy decided to do some meditation:
    Afterwards, he cooked with Shine:
    Then the princess did some weeding:
    Later on, he went back into his bedroom to relax.
    Time to touch up the makeup!
    Princess Roddy touched up his makeup, starting with his blusher:
    And ending with his lipstick and lipstick sealer:
    Sophia also touched up her makeup, including her lipstick and lipstick sealer:
    Whilst Princess Roddy wore pink makeup, his little sister, Sophia, wore red makeup.
    Lots of sibling affection!
    Hamish knocked on the door of Princess Roddy's bedroom. 'Come in, little brother!' the princess said, cheerfully. So, Hamish came in. Sophia came in, also. Hamish saw the mischievous look on his big sister's face. 'Here we go again.' he thought. And sure enough, Sophia glomped Hamish:
    Sophia then tightly hugged her little brother. 'Gah, can you get off?' Hamish exclaimed. 'But you're so cute!' Sophia replied, giggling. Then she attempted to plant a loving smooch on Hamish's cheek. 'Big sister, why are you like this?' Hamish asked, bewildered. 'Can't I give my adorable little brother a little smooch on his cheek?' Sophia asked, innocently. She was still trying to plant a loving smooch on Hamish's cheek:
    Hamish eventually gave in. 'You win, big sister...' he said. Sophia giggled and gave her little brother a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Princess Roddy chuckled. He went over to his little brother and gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    Then he gave Hamish a great, big, loving smooch on his other cheek:
    The princess also gave his little brother a great, big, loving smooch on his nose:
    Hamish then smiled and sat down. Princess Roddy and Sophia sat either side of him and gave him a great, big, loving cuddle. They then gave him a great, big, loving smooch on both his cheeks. 'We love you, little brother!' they said in unison. Hamish started to laugh. Princess Roddy and Sophia giggled.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
    I'm enjoying everyone's stories, and I've been leaving awesomes!

    As for Ember's story, I think I'll be aging her up sooner than expected. She has done extremely well when it comes to developing her character values, and she has been doing well in school.

    She's also got a very natural and strong relationship with Alexander Goth.

    I removed the Steal Bladder and Forever Full traits from Arihi and Juniper.

    After some careful thought, I decided that half-merfolk will be any sim that eats mermadic kelp.

    They will have:

    1. a merform
    2. max singing
    3. max fitness

    but they will have a more human torso:

    1. No pointed ears
    2. their normal eye color in human form
    3. the same hair color they have in human form
    4. They will not have steal bladders
    5. They will need to eat food

    For natural born merfolk like Calum, Dylan, and Zephyr that were born merfolk.

    They will have:

    1. A merform
    2. max singing
    3. max fitness
    4. Pointed ears
    5. Sea Green eyes in both merform and human form
    6. Their hair in their merform will be a different color
    7. They will have steal bladders
    8. They will not need to eat, ever.

    Similar to how Vampires have their energy and bladder needs replaced with Vampiric Energy, My merfolk that are pure-blood, born-in-game, will have their hunger and bladder locked because they are one of the few things that they can't do effectively in the water. I imagine that, if merfolk had mermadic energy for their abilities, these needs would be replaced.
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,168 Member
    @Rochert Hi and welcome :smiley:

    Hello at everyone,

    I'm sorry for the long break with my story, but I had some struggle with playing my challenge, because I don't really get in touch with the 80's, playing a familygame and at last my rl is quite stressful at the moment, most of the days I'm so tired after my work.
    However hours by hours I made it through the next two years.

    1984 -1985

    1984 the first Forest Status Report show that the trees in the forest are heavy damaged and will be die, which leeds us to the famous German Angst. Most of the germans love forests. They played an important role in our history. 1985 President Richard von Weizsäcker made his important speach about the 8th of may 1945.

    The twins had celebrate their birthday and are now teenagers. I had to redecorate the house.


    The before and after photo.


    Well, both girls do what young girls do when they became teenager.
    At the beginning watching tv together with parents in the evening.


    Practising kissing on a mirror.


    Getting the Nails done!


    Dancing and listening to the latest music.


    And hanging around with friends and party


    After this this point I've decided to start a new family. It's now 1985. These years marks the highest point of immigration of germans from the GUS-states, mostly from Poland, Romania or the Sovjet Union. These people faced discrimination because of their german ancestry, beside living since centuries in the area, speaking german was forbidden and so on, so they resettled to Germany. Where they were unfortunately not seen as real germans at all. Most of them choosed the assimilation, to avoid attracting attention.

    So meet Jerzy and Katarzyna Weishaupt, a young couple from poland. Well their weren't really religious there, but they were remembered on their heavy heritage when arriving in Germany.

    The german jewish community was small and became old, but they helped them and integrate them into the society. Especially in the 1990s after the fall of the Sovjet Union.
    Both were able to get underpaid jobs in the restaurant industry.

    Katarzyna became pregrant and startet to knit for her first baby.

    Unfortunatly the old lady couldn't live alone without any help longer and moved to Israel to her brother.
    Meanwhile Sabine Kaufmann and her boyfriend Atze slowly left the punk scene and started a new, more normal, life together. They became good neighbors and friends with Jerzy and Katarzyna.

    Sabine became also pregnant at the end of 1985.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
    I had Dylan play wing merman for Ember because celebrities would cause the DJ to stop playing. Dylan went from a nobody to four star celebrity in a couple sim nights. Lol. The celebrity walk-style is definitely broken. I had to turn it off because I just couldn't with Dylan. Anyways, I don't like my celebrities flaunting their status, so I never used the walk style and shine anyways. I might let Thorne use the walk style. :D
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    edited October 2021
    Clara went ahead and started on her term paper even though the term hasn't even started yet. She wanted to make sure she was ahead in case she got busy.

    Clara is constantly bored because of the décor so she always has this look on her face. I'm not sure what she wants. I don't play with the snob trait often. She just going to have to deal with it for awhile, though. I may have her move into an apartment for her last two terms because I forgot how annoying the dormies are.
    Haruki came and surprised Clara and gave her a gift. I was trying to pretend they were in a long distance relationship but I don't think that's going to work if he's going to just show up like that. It doesn't seem realistic to just casually come to Britechester from Mt. Komorebi and vice versa but I guess I ignore that in my other saves so I'll ignore it in this one.

    Clara was very happy to see Haruki. She knew she would get to see him on Love Day but she wasn't expecting him to surprise her at the dorms.

    They went to Pepper's Pub together and played some ping pong

    Their conversation kept getting interrupted because there were a bunch of Foxbury students there trying to start the Foxbury cheer and Clara had to keep reacting to it. They still ended up having a good time, though.

    They were both feeling flirty and there was a closet nearby, so of course they had to woohoo in it

    The next day was Clara's first day of classes. She rode her broom and got to class super early. I guess one of the perks of being a spellcaster is they never have to worry about being late to class.

    Since she was so early, she decided to practice some magic while she waited.

    Love Day was coming up so Clara was feeling flirty

    After class, she did some homework on the bench.

    Later, she went to figure painting and ended up joining the Art Society

    The next day was Love Day, so Clara and Haruki went on a date to this rooftop restaurant in San Myshuno

    I ended up changing Clara's outfit because either her sweater or the accessory undershirt was causing her arm to glitch and bend weird and I didn't want it ruining my screenshots. I didn't get any screenshots of it happening because it only happened during certain animations.

    She ended up playing some juice pong with one of her roommates

    Edit: I ended up changing her outfit again, I thought this outfit had similar vibes to the other one since it also has a turtleneck under a v-neck sweater. I liked the other sweater I picked out but I might give that to her later. She's probably going to get a small makeover after graduation so she can wear it then.
    Post edited by mia_noelle97 on
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    karizzleskarizzles Posts: 263 Member
    Wish I had taken screenshots so here has what happened:

    Vanessa Holt
    1. She is a snob, genius personality. She has an aspiration to become a detective and she has the brains for it. Vanessa knew she couldnt jump right into the career because she didn't have the qualifications or education she needed.
    2. So Vanesa decided to go to Britechester for a degree in psychology. She applied and was denied distinguished degree but that wasn't stopping her to get on top. She went to the standard degree.
    3. She had a choice to live on campus or at home. Living off campus was ideal for her, but she felt as if she needed to be on campus to really get a grip on the material and meet her classmates and roommates. So she did by staying in a dorm.
    4. Her classes went well, she was ahead on all her homework but she ended up getting into a bit of drama on Love Day. She wasn't really looking forward to really participating. One day she was on her laptop studying, one of her roommates came to her and started playing the guitar singing a love song. This guy wasn't really her attraction type but she decided to give him a chance when he called her up to go on a date.
    5. The date was at a very nice area with a bar, glass windows, high class area. They sat down and talked. Until something happened that ruined everything. The guy decides to be a little too playful... mischievous, actually. He SLAPPED HER. He tried to laugh it off. He not only did it once, but TWICE. She started yelling at him and he yelled back trying to defend himself and Vanessa shooed him away. She was so angry, she was going to go to the bar but a friend hit her up to go to the festival in town. She had fun, met some new people, ate new food.

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    haneulhaneul Posts: 1,954 Member
    Happy Spooky Day everyone. <3
    I'm happy for Dawn. I think it's great she proposed.
    Thank you. I haven't had any success with autonomous proposals in my game since before Seasons was released, so if my Sims want to get married they must do it themselves. :)
    I know Lir is having teenage drama with his dads, but it's actually all the arguing he does with his dads that developed his conflict resolution. Who knew a mean interaction could lead to such strong positive results. He often wins the arguments he has with others and gets energized. When he apologizes for upsetting another sim, it raises the conflict resolution into the positive. He's given his dads the hurt sentiment a couple times and apologized already. He's also helped to solve a lot of problems between my rotation sims and townies.
    Good tip. I generally avoid having my Sims do mean interactions because they're so mean… haha, but conflict resolution is also one of the most annoying character traits for me to have my teens get, so I'll keep this in mind. I'm glad it's working out for Lir too. I like Lir. He's fun and has good puns. I'm sure he'll take good care of the Alani Look estate.

    @mightysprite I'm glad Jamal's financials exceeded Mortimer's expectations. Do you have plans for what Alexander will study in university?
    goodness, Asher is getting dark these days…
    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, he's always been off, close to crossing the line, and doing something irredeemable, but he's not taken any especially bad actions lately. I originally made Asher/Adelise because I was tired of having 100% good Sims and wanted to try something different, but if he's too evil that's no fun either.

    @CK213 Glad to see Katie living well and doing physics! I'm sure she's well prepared for space.

    @MelanieScribbles I am loving the Waffles vs Pancakes posts.

    @sarabeth2984 You have a great clean/clear voice for YT videos. I like Harry and Maribelle, which makes sense because their daughter Joanna is the best. They may become my new favorite couple of yours.

    @sunblond I'm enjoying the simple domestic moments of life that you cover in Jeannie and Akira's lives. Major congrats to her for the promotion. Toddlers are always so needy, though.
    What a beautiful wedding gown, I really like the groom, Antonio, he has an interesting face. I find I have to supplement weddings in my game with some CC too, can’t have every bride and groom wearing the same clothes can I?
    Thank you. I may love CC a bit too much though because my game is almost all CC. Sometimes I find myself playing "try to spot the EA content" in my screencaps.

    Fier Legacy - an update.
    Intro & Past Posts in Spoiler
    The Fiers are a vampire family led by an arrogant and socially awkward megalomaniac named Asher who, among other things, hopes to have 100 children. As of now, he's had 17. The youngest five (minus #17) recently became young adults and are discovering the perks of university, so Asher's ready to move on from the life he's built with them in Sulani. Even though everyone is into pursuing an eco lifestyle and protecting the environment and even though Asher employed some draconian conservation policies while working as a top-level conservationist, he's done with that kind of tiny living stuff and had a (gaudy flamboyant) palace built in San Myshuno, where he recently relocated his family and where he intends to raise the next generation of his children.

    Learn more about the Fiers?

    1. Teenage Lifeguard (Delmarya)
    2. Living Her Best Life (Adelise)
    3. Night on the Town
    4. Day of Fier P1
    5. Day of Fier P2
    6. Happy Birthday P1 (Dawn)
    7. Happy Birthday P2 (Dawn)
    8. A First Kiss (Dawn)
    9. Conservationism and a Death Flower for Deli
    10. Vampire Population Control (Asher)
    11. Happy Birthday (Delmarya)
    12. Merry Winterfest
    13. Ambitious Dysis
    14. Gen 4 Enrolls in University
    15. Relaxation? Before University
    16. New Year's Eve
    17. Sulani Bonfire
    18. Midnight Encounter (Delmarya)
    19. Deli Strikes Out (Delmarya)
    20. One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)
    21. Lovestruck Procrastination Queen (Dysis)
    22. Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)
    23. Saying Goodbye P1
    24. Saying Goodbye P2
    25. Forcing Fun at Foxbury (Dysis)
    26. First Impression = Great, Second Impression = Trash (Delmarya)
    27. Asher's Incompetence (Asher)
    28. A Productive Day
    29. A Day for Love P1 (Dysis)
    30. A Day for Love P2 (Delmarya)
    31. Asher's Advice and Planning a Date
    32. Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Delmarya)
    33. Debating Firsts (Darius)
    34. Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Delmarya)
    35. Happy Lunar New Year P1 (Delmarya)
    36. Happy Lunar New Year P2 (Asher)
    37. Aster's Past (Delmarya)
    38. Reservations About Everything (Delmarya)
    39. Moving On (from Sulani to San Myshuno)
    40. First Days in San Myshuno
    41. The Spice Festival is too Hot
    42. New Life on the Way
    43. First Fourth Generation Fier Graduates
    44. Enjoying Change & Anticipating More
    45. Joie de Vivre (Delmarya)
    46. Things Are Still Great?
    47. Dysis' Graduation
    48. So Pleased to Meet You
    49. A Park Outing and a Secret Date
    50. A Tale of Two Toddlers
    51. Workaholic Dreams of Becoming an Angel (Investor)
    52. Potty Training and Sickeningly Saccharine Lines
    53. First Kiss (Delmarya)
    54. The End of a Generation
    55. A Funeral for Two
    56. Though She Be but Little She Is Fierce (Elmire)
    57. Who's Getting Married?
    58. A Proposal at Dusk
    59. Adelise's Daughter Elmire
    60. The Dawn of Her "Happily Ever After"
    More of the Same on a Spooky Day
    After Dawn's wedding, things continued rather happily for her younger siblings who were still living with their parents at home.

    The twins worked to finish their university studies while Dysis worked to show her chops in the business world as an investor. She studied the market, read books on logic, and tried to improve her mental prowess through chess. She'd also been practicing to defeat her slightly older sister, Deli (losing literally 100% of the time was unpleasant). This morning she thought the odds should be in her favor because she'd prepared and the statistical chances of losing so many times in a row had to be miniscule, right?
    But the feat was still beyond Dysis. Defeating the family's reigning overachiever in anything remotely academic was not going to happen without massive work. A grandmaster could take out a novice (not that Dysis was a novice!) 40,000 times in a row without breaking a sweat because of the skill difference. gg ez.

    Still, it was hard not to feel disheartened. Dysis had spent many late nights and early mornings pondering chess moves only to lose again.

    Maybe chess just wasn't Dysis' thing. It didn't have a direct relationship to business, so... she decided to get over her latest defeat and try again later. Deli inadvertently helped her overcome any lingering insecurities by randomly expressing admiration for Dysis that evening, explaining that she was impressed by her sister's already considerable achievements in the business world and by her unflagging ambition despite those achievements (not to mention Dysis' seemingly magical ability to get along with almost everyone).

    Life wasn't all work! Elmire loved music and dancing (and was slightly obsessed with sound) so the Fiers spent a lot of time dancing creatively to entertain her and themselves.

    Asher and Elmire had previously come to a mutual understanding, and now they seemed to operate on a similar wavelength. He was her favorite storyteller and she was his favorite (and biggest) hype person.
    Elmire was almost always willing to hear her father's riveting action-packed tales about vampire-cats, vampire-frogs, and human daughters of vampire kings who had inherited their fathers' big brains and defeated bad vampires in battle.
    Asher had spent time telling all his children stories when they were little, but only Aster, his first, had been similarly engaged. Elmire listened almost as if she were taking notes, which made him momentarily consider telling "nicer" stories to give her a more comprehensive education. But as far as he was concerned, being nice wasn't a top priority. It would be better if she turned out strong with an iron backbone...

    The Fiers, minus Dawn, went on a brief vacation to a cabin designed by SimLicy in Granite Falls to celebrate the twins' upcoming graduation. Dawn was busy enjoying newlywed life and opted not to join, so they invited Dysis' fiancé, Rashad, instead.

    They celebrated Spooky Day while there. Elmire's experience with holidays was minimal, but Winterfest sounded great to her, so she dressed as a Winterfest Tree for Spooky Day.

    But was this offensive to Spooky Day? Asher may not have cared if Elmire were "nice" or not, but her mother asked her to have empathy for others, and she seriously considered her costume choices for the holiday.

    After being reassured that her tree costume was fine, she enjoyed Spooky Day and her father's stories with the rest of the family.

    Bonus (reposting a test video):
    I shared this a while ago, and it's only a video I used to test settings in the Sims (so the quality is wanting), but here's Dysis' dance.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    edited November 2021
    Visiting the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household!
    Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish went over to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household. Once welcomed in, Hamish went straight up to Olivia Kim-Lewis's bedroom. Olivia was very happy to see Hamish. She glomped him:
    Then she gave him a great, big smooch on his cheek:
    Hamish blushed slightly. Then the two sweethearts played together:
    The pair then chatted:
    Afterwards, it was time to go home. 'See you, Hamish wamish!' Oliva said. She blew a great, big kiss towards Hamish, which landed on his cheek:
    'See you, Olivia.' Hamish replied, blushing. Then he, Sophia and Princess Roddy headed back to Dianthus Hall.
    That time again, animal husbandry time.
    Picture only section time!
    Fun in the snow!
    Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish went over to Windenburg. The princess had a hot chocolate:
    Sophia shoved snow at Hamish:
    They also made a snow pal:
    Princess Roddy played in the snow:
    Then he made snow pals with his siblings:
    Afterwards, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish went back home.
    Visiting Serene Hearth!
    Princess Roddy and Shine went over to Serene Hearth. Regina Lyles gave the princess a great, big, loving hug:
    Upstairs, Amy Lyles decided to play with her makeup kit:
    Shine came in. 'My goodness, Amy! Were you trying to do a beard?' she said, giggling. 'Come on, let's get you cleaned up!' Shine said. She picked up Amy and gave her a bath:
    Afterwards, Regina Lyles played with her daughter:
    Amy was having a lot of fun!
    More fun with Amy Lyles!
    Amy went into her bedroom and did some drawing with Princess Roddy:
    She drew a unicorn!
    Princess Roddy helped Amy to put it up on her wall:
    Amy then gave the princess a big hug:
    She sweetly kissed Princess Roddy on his cheek as well. The princess giggled. He watched as she played with her toy telephone:
    Amy then gave Princess Roddy another big hug:
    Afterwards, the princess put on his makeup and changed into his feminine cold weather outfit. He gave Amy a big hug:
    Then he pulled a funny face at Amy, which made the toddler laugh!
    Amy was having a blast with Princess Roddy!
    Home time!
    It was time to go home for Princess Roddy and Shine. Amy gave the princess a big hug:
    She also sweetly kissed the princess's cheek. 'Good bye, little Amy. Hope to see you again soon!' Princess Roddy said. 'Bye bye, Princess Roddy!' Amy replied. The princess smiled and went downstairs. 'Thank you so much for playing with Amy!' Regina Lyles said, cheerfully. 'You're welcome, Regina!' Princess Roddy replied. Regina smiled and made a great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Regina then gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving hug:
    Then the princess and Shine said goodbye and went back to Dianthus Hall.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Since it was a Saturday, Clara invited Haruki over so they could go to the soccer game together. They played some ping pong at the pre-game party while they waited for the game to start.

    Haruki's dad, Hiroshi showed up. Maybe Haruki invited him so he could meet Clara.
    Clara, Haruki, and Hiroshi all went to the game together.

    Clara and Haruki went to Pepper's after the game to get something to eat but he left shortly after they got there. This has been happening a lot and I know it's not Haruki's fault, it's just the game being annoying. At least Clara got to order her favorite drink. Of course it's the expensive nectar, I wouldn't expect anything else from her.

    The next day, Clara went on a jog after doing some homework

    Later, she went to the creativity celebration and worked on the mural for a bit.

    I had a hard time getting exciting screenshots because all Clara does is homework and hang out with Haruki. She hasn't really made many friends in college, most of the sims she sees around campus are weird randomly generated townies with horrible outfits.

    Pretty soon, it was the last day of term. Clara rode her broom to her finals to make sure she wasn't late.

    It also happened to be Simdependence Day, so Clara went to the park in Windenburg with Haruki to celebrate the holiday and being done with finals.

    Clara ended the term with an A+ gpa. She enrolled for her second term and decided to live in the on campus house this time.

    Clara is trying to save up some money to move in to an apartment next term with Haruki, so she did some painting.

    She also went on another jog.

    Pretty soon, it was Friday and the Festival of Light was happening, so Clara went with Haruki

    And he proposed! I have a lot of sims get engaged at the Festival of Light, but it's extra special for Clara and Haruki because it's where they had their first kiss when they were teens. (Also, the proposal wasn't autonomous. I used MCCC to make him propose)

    The made a wish together on the tanabata, just like they did when they first met

    Then they cozied up by the bonfire

    Haruki's parents were both at the festival (you can see Haruki's dad dancing by the bonfire) and Clara hadn't met his mom yet, so she introduced herself.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    I've been posting so many updates that I haven't had a chance to give a proper response to the stories. I'm leaving awesomes frequently. I'm trying to get in the habit of posting regular updates. I'm hoping that I can use the behaviors I develop and apply it toward making Monthly chapter updates for the book I'm writing. I am in the middle of my final college semester, so I won't be working on my book until after graduation.

    From what I've experienced, weekly updates are already a very challenging thing to do.

    Now, onto the responses!

    @mia_noelle97 Thanks for the clarification on the heir.

    I've also had some problems with sims leaving after arriving to a lot. I think one of my sims was asked on a date only for his date to leave immediately when they arrive. I noticed that sims with romance bars will ask your sim out sometimes. The nice thing about that is the game shares what your date is thinking or how they feel about the date.

    Congrats for Clara on her proposal!

    haneul wrote: »
    I'm happy for Dawn. I think it's great she proposed.
    Thank you. I haven't had any success with autonomous proposals in my game since before Seasons was released, so if my Sims want to get married they must do it themselves. :)

    Sometimes, that's what it takes. I've had my sims' partners ask them onto dates, but I never had an autonomous proposal, but I started playing when Island Living came out. I waited for the expansion with merfolk.

    I tried to max out the Flirty moodlets for Kylen and Aaron to see what they would do, and all I got from it was the whim to "Try for Baby." I guess the Whims can give sone insights into what to do next.
    haneul wrote: »
    I know Lir is having teenage drama with his dads, but it's actually all the arguing he does with his dads that developed his conflict resolution. Who knew a mean interaction could lead to such strong positive results. He often wins the arguments he has with others and gets energized. When he apologizes for upsetting another sim, it raises the conflict resolution into the positive. He's given his dads the hurt sentiment a couple times and apologized already. He's also helped to solve a lot of problems between my rotation sims and townies.
    Good tip. I generally avoid having my Sims do mean interactions because they're so mean… haha, but conflict resolution is also one of the most annoying character traits for me to have my teens get, so I'll keep this in mind.

    There were a few different things happening that informed my decision to have Lir argue so much. First, he had a Mean Streak phase, and second, Lir truly wanted to grow up too quickly. I have autonomy turned on, and Lir is always like:

    "Hey, I'm a merman. I'm old enough to do stuff on my own!" Shows off what he is.

    He asked for advice about adulting even though his dads told him not to grow up too fast.

    Lir went through a Distant Phase after having such a strict curfew. I was trying to tell a story, so there were a few things I didn't mention, but I try to go by whatever is happening with my sims.

    For my challenge, I chose to make having parents present on the lot specifically so that the teaching moment chance cards are present.


    Here are the gamey things I did with merfolk to build Empathy. Merfolk can do it because of their Siren's Lullaby. However, those Siren Lullabies can be a little too powerful when used in specific situations, so I made rules for when they are used.

    First, it helps to have an Artist paint something with emotional Auras. This by itself won't work because a sim can easily overpower its effects with likes.

    Have a sim view the art work.


    Have a merman or mermaid sing the Night's Requiem.


    Once all three are done, a sim will become very sad.

    The teen can then "Try to Cheer Up" their parent.

    This gives the Teen Empathy character values.

    The parent can encourage the behavior and boost the character value even more. This works with Conflict Resolution too because a Parent can encourage apologizing for the same effect.


    Sims in tense moods can also be a way to increase the Empathy Character Value. Aaron got tense so this disrupted things, but the Art and Night's Requiem combination can be a very powerful way to build a character value. By using dislikes and the Aegean's Question, a sim can be made Tense for the same effect.


    When I couldn't manipulate Aaron's mood, I had Kylen take his place.


    Lir had a fourth wall moment and looked at me like:

    Lir: "I want independence, and I'm feeling distant. But, are you really going to make me do this. I don't want to see my dads upset regardless of how I feel."

    Metior Ice: "I don't want them to be upset either, but we need to build your character values."

    Lir: "Okay, fine. Let's get this over with."
    haneul wrote: »
    I'm glad it's working out for Lir too. I like Lir. He's fun and has good puns. I'm sure he'll take good care of the Alani Look estate.

    For the challenge, he ended up with all 5 character values.


    He's going to have a lot to struggle with when it comes to the next part of the challenge. For the Blue Tail: Part 1 Challenge, he's going to have to recruit Dylan to a club after he completes a creative aspiration and meets certain requirements. He will have to maintain what his dads built, and he'll have to build it bigger. The bills alone won't leave a lot of income, and he's at the bottom of his career while his dads were at the top of theirs.

    Since this is an Immortal Merfolk Legacy, Lir will be around for the next part of the challenge. Recruiting Dylan to a club is the substitute for producing a heir. So, if I would produce a heir before the end of the season (28 sim days), I would have to complete all the challenge tasks and recruit Dylan in that same time.

    @Rochert Welcome. Your twins look awesome, and what a surprise that they would help look after triplets! I can't even imagine how hard it would be with so many multiples.

    @Daravi I'm not an 80s kid, but I still recognize the 80s hairstyle on your twins. Your almost to the present!

    @karizzles I remember when my Twins went to Foxbury. The roommates were interesting to deal with. Dylan has the Piper trait, so he was a huge help when it came to controlling the sims in the Dorm. That Carol of Cleaning put all the sims under a spell that made them all clean up the place when it got messy. The dorms were probably cleaner than they normally are for most people. I also had one of their dormmates occasionally serenade my Twins. She was trying to go for both of them...
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    My sims finally took a vacation to Sulani, where Ezra proposed to Stella! :heart: Sulani is so beautiful, makes me want to go there! :mrgreen:



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