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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    I have a lot of catch up on this thread, and I saw some stories I definitely want to read. Long story short, I had a bit of car trouble, so I didn't have a car, and I threw out my back lifting heavy boxes. Lol. I'm better now, and everything has been fixed. I'm feeling better. It was a rough couple of weeks. Oh! And I had some college assignments to complete.

    Anyways, I'm finally back.

    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Zalrian Rotation: The Fire Elemental: Ember Zalrian

    Here are some extras in the spoiler:
    Calum did some treasure hunting while everyone was busy. If one thing defined who or what Calum is, it's that he's a merman and a denizen of the sea. Because Calum is a merman, he has eternal youth and won't die from old age. He's significantly older than his children even if he doesn't look it.


    I really like how the merfolk look as they dive underwater. I wish I could do more to explore underwater. I'll always feel like Island Living is a little incomplete with this rabbit hole. I wouldn't mind the rabbit hole if I had the choice to go somewhere. Why can't we have both to choose between?



    Until Fairies become a part of the game, Juniper will have this new look.


    And this explains why Juniper was willing to break the rules with Lir and followed him into more dangerous deeper water. Trying to keep Juniper from Flunking out of school took away from developing Ember's Story. It was rough getting him back on track. I didn't leave the household like this...


    I also imagined Juniper as being more responsible and his twin sister, Jade, being the irresponsible one. I mean, Jade is the one that takes risks in the Sun as a Vampire, and Juniper is the one that is always prepared to bail her out...


    I changed Dylan and Zephyr's Swimwear. Even if the other outfits were what they chose, it didn't make sense considering that their legs turn into a tail.


    The options for cooking together.

    Ember's Options


    Dylan's Options


    I forget his name: "Oh plum. This house is haunted. Maybe they won't notice me if I stay perfectly still."

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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    edited November 2021
    A short update today, I spent too much time in CAS because Kai and Asher made some new friends at school and I wanted to make sure their outfits were acceptable.

    Also, I have created the family tree if anyone wants to see it:

    Astrid still hasn't finished her aspiration. All she needs to do is become a Virtuoso and she's so close, so I had her experiment on the cauldron and have a friendly duel with Clara

    I also got her a cross stitching kit so she can have a hobby now that she's retired

    Soon, it was time for Nico to age up

    Here's what he looks like.
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    edited November 2021
    Okay to start off again, we have a very wholesome moment between Juliana, Max's girlfriend who is trying to save up to get a ring for and Rainbow who had a shaky first start with Juliana claiming she was an evil spellcaster came to steal her daddy away from her.

    Now a couple years later things are very different, have changed and will keep changing.....

    "Hey baby, Juli invited us over, she said she has some big news to share."

    Max's heart was beating quickly because he had been serioiusly starting to put things together about Julianna.

    Her sickness, her weight gain, could it be? Was it really?

    Rainbow's excited voice brought him back from his wondering,

    "Yay! I love surprises and Juli too~"
    "Hey Bow-bow, sweetie, thanks for following me back here while daddy takes some work calls."

    Juliana's Thoughts: Maybe telling her first is a good idea after all, I think she needs a bit more explaining then Max will. I hope she is okay with everything.... here goes nothing.

    "Of course! I know daddy has an important job and he is awesome at it but boy oh boy is the talking boring!"

    Rainbow grinned when Juli laughed at that.

    "Okay, okay so daddy said you had a surprise right? I love surprises! I could even try ta guess if you give me some clues heh!"

    Juliana giggled again at the sheer happy eagerness, she hoped things stayed that way!

    Juli's Thoughts: I remember a few years back, she felt I was "invading" her life and "casting spells" on Max, I hope this baby news gets a better result.

    Showing the worries down, the woman stayed composed on the outside and asked,

    "Okay lets see, have you noticed anything different about me lately, it is okay to say whatever you have seen."

    Juliana's thoughts: I am prepared to be called fat.

    Rainbow thought for a moment her eyes going to Juli's stomach, she was unsure on how to say something like that...

    Rainbow's thoughts: She has gotten bigger in her tummy... but um maybe she eats too much ice cream? Wait, how many trips does to take to get ice cream? Oh man, I need to come here for often!
    Oh right! Guessing!

    "Let see um."

    Rainbow quirked a face and gestured willy nilly, still a little hesitant to voice her good guess,

    "Weeeeelllll your tummy is bigger than before and I think it is growing... will you invite me over more when you get ice cream?"

    She saw Juli trying hard not to laugh for some reason,

    "Pleeeeeaaaase? I don't think daddy will mind s'long as I brush my teeth."

    LOL if only Rainbow, if only it were that simple! xD

    Juli could not hold her laughter and did so for a moment,

    She quickly stopped not wanting to upset Rainbow or give her more false hope of ice cream.

    "Rainbow sweetheart, my belly is not bigger because of more ice cream trips."

    Juli's thoughts: Though, I started making a lot of cupcakes, but she does not need to know that.

    "My belly is bigger because I am carrying a baby in here, I am pregnant."

    Rainbow made wide eyes at Juliana,


    She was quiet then put her hands at her stomach,

    "You mean... a baby lives in you right now?"

    Juli got down and did the same gesture,

    "That is right and just not 'a' baby, our baby, your daddy and your baby, you will be a big sister, sweetheart."

    Rainbow looked mystified and came to touch Juli's stomach they talked a bit more about.

    Rainbow's excitement levels kept going up but then after feeling her tummy again learning she could maybe feel the baby kick!

    Rainbow Thoughts: This baby is Juliana's, daddy and my sibling, and oh yay Aunt Kenna and Lili get another wait... boy or girl? Niece or nephew hehehe I don't know which I want them to maybe be.

    Rainbow Thoughts: I will be a big sister, whoa, I gotta talk to Paseley, she is a big sister, oh wow and I gotta tell HAZELNUT aaaaah she will be so excited! Oh and Wayne is a big brother... maybe him. (Wayne does not like her very much idk why he is a brat).

    However after those thoughts and some more questions, a rare feeling of uncertainty came over Rainbow.

    The red head was always so loved and cherished, she was very self-assured but in this moment, not so much.

    "H-Hey Juliana? Um...."

    Rainbow's Thoughts: If Daddy will be the baby's daddy just like mine..... then... then... Juliana will be the baby's mommy... so will... I mean she..... Will she will be my mommy too?

    Rainbow remembered her daddy saying so, and she trusted him, but it is something she still wanted to ask herself, if she could get her mouth to work.

    "The baby will call you mommy right? And my daddy, um daddy, and so well."

    She brought her fingers close together,

    "I um, I um can call you, you mommy too, to um then, then it will all match up and ... and um."

    Juliana felt her heart warm up with so much love it almost overwhelmed her.

    She gazed adoringly down at the stammering and then quiet girl in front of her.

    Julianna: Poor sweetheart, she is confused about where we connect well, time to assure her, we already do and I've been waiting for this moment a lot longer then for the baby in my stomach.

    Gently taking her fiddling fingers, Juliana held them tenderly,

    "You would make me the happiest in the sim-nation no the world to give me the honor of being your mommy, Rainbow."

    Said so lovingly, there was no more doubts, in the ten year old's mind, just some happy and relieved tears welling in her eyes,

    "Can I start now or do I gotta wait until the baby comes?"

    "You can start right this second, if you want to sweetheart."

    Rainbow felt a type peace wash over her, she and Juli did not get off on the best foot -her fault really- but then they became great friends and Rainbow did not mind very much when Juli had to 'be an adult' with her, watching over her etc.

    Now, now becoming her mommy finally, everything fit into place.

    Rainbow leaned and kissed Juli to show her affection, gratitude and happiness,

    "Okay mommy, we make the perfect puzzle."

    Juliana's thoughts: Well almost, we have one more piece to get born to see where they fit, but honestly, I feel this puzzle will continue on long after this baby, with you Rainbow and your legacy.

    But for now...

    "We do baby, I am so happy."

    She really was, rising carefully to her feet she looked off in bliss, being called mommy, was the best feeling, her heart was simply mush.

    Juli Thoughts: Between Rainbow and this baby saying it, I am afraid I will just be a mush puddle forever uh oh, heh, Max help!

    Speaking of Max....

    When Juli told Max the news, what a reaction!

    First, he just grabbed her and kissed her with so much passion, Juli was mush again times 100 and could not even hug back everything was jelly, the good kind of squishy jelly.

    "Are you really? Did I hear you right? I.... whoa... say it again, please, tell me one more time."

    Max's voice was joyful and overwhelmed,

    Juliana looked at Max with loving affection,

    "We are having a baby."

    Came the gentle words to his request.

    "Oh Juli, I...."

    Max's voice cracked and he clung to her hard, placing his face into her shoulder tears burned behind his closed eyes.

    A whirlwind of feelings engulfed him, overwhelmed the first followed by ecstatic overjoy, fear, relieved that is was a baby and not an illness and more happiness.

    "I know, your completely in bliss, but at the same time, scared."

    Juliana wrapped her arms more securely around Max,

    "I feel it also."

    The blonde whispered softly,

    "You can cry my love, that is it, cry all the feelings, let it out, this time, you will do this as one should, together and with love, we will do this together."

    Max swept away by her words did let his emotions out.

    The first time with Rainbow, Brenda had brought the infant to him not even a day after she was born.

    He never experience the pregnancy or any of that, nothing,

    Max sweep Juliana safely into a bend and kissed her hand with as much passion as he did her lips,

    "I will be there by your side doing my best, ye-yes our baby, all of our baby....ah a baby!"

    "A baby."

    Max repeated again still in shock.

    A giggle, from Juliana.

    "Our baby."

    Max snuggled closer.

    "Our baby, I won't get tired of saying that, hm our second baby right?"

    Juliana laughed poking him,

    "Very true, but I thought she was our angel?"

    Max laughed a little more,

    "Oh that too, heh, hey love you, so much."

    "I love you to so very much."


    Obligatory selfie because they are simstagram fanatics well at least Max still is but more controlled and centered then his teenaged years.

    While Max and Juliana were having their sweet moment, Rainbow made some mac and cheese for everyone to eat. She had been taking cooking lessons from Mckenna too, but very simple things and only under adult supervision, the mac and cheese had come out good quality,

    Woot wait a go Rainbow! <3

    Side note: Max can't keep his eyes off of Juliana.

    After dinner they go out and play some board games for a round or two before staying over that night <3

    Side note: When Max manages to take his eyes off Juliana, she can't keep hers off of him, I will report they did not do bed woohoo because Rainbow was there but they did sneak out of bed and do shower woohoo xD

    Welp time to commemorate this new addition with an appointment and trip to get a photoshoot and pregnant pics! Awww life goals these pics love them~ <3<3<3

    That is all for now for now! :)
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Haruki and Nico both sat down to do their homework. Sending Haruki to university was definitely a mistake because I'm so tired of university now. Luckily he graduates soon.

    It was also Harvestfest, so everyone sat down for the grand meal. Nico for some reason decided to sit at the island to eat instead of the table.
    Kai needed to work on his aspiration so he practiced typing. Not sure why he did it with his head turned sideways and his eyes closed but hey, whatever works I guess

    Astrid also finally became a Virtuoso spellcaster and finished her aspiration. She went to the magic realm to learn the last practical spell she needed

    Later, she did some cross stitching

    The twins played on the monkey bars

    Got the notification that it's almost Astrid's time, so I took some pictures of her and Clara as well some of her and the kids so they have plenty of pictures to remember her by

    Later, since it was a Saturday, the twins hung out with some of their friends at the park

    Kai needed to max his motor skill to finish his aspiration, so he worked on that

    Haruki also needed to work on his term paper, so he brought the laptop to the park and worked on it there while the kids were playing

    Asher mostly socialized while Kai was busy working on his motor skill.

    The next day, it was time for the twins to become teens

    Here is Kai. I think something got messed up with his genetics because I don't think he looks like either of his parents. It probably happened when I aged him up and then back down when he was a toddler to see what he'd look like when he got older, I know that can break genetics sometimes but it's never happened to me before. I did give him the same eye shape as Haruki in an attempt to fix it a little bit but I might do some more tweaking later.

    Here's Asher. He looks just like Clara.

    Also, not a very good screenshot but Astrid offered Kai the Rite of Ascension since he was the only one of his siblings who wasn't a spellcaster.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @DarkAngel1994 I'm really enjoying your story so far. I can feel for Cas. I recently started losing my voice to a cold.
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    Hello simmers another post! Loving all the stories been following them for a really long time.

    Starting off with the Stones from last update.
    Max sharing the news with his sisters. Lilith next to him and Mckenna who is grabbing some tea.

    They are both thrilled of course!

    I feel in this picture, Lilith said something to Max, maybe obviously and Max is staring at her very humored and amused, also the way Mckenna is grinning off to the side really makes me think it was something to do with woohoo or a funny moment raising Rainbow as an infant.


    "So happy for you, Maxie don't forget to put the diaper on right this time though especially if it is a boy."

    Max Thoughts: Really, Lili you got jokes.

    Mckenna Thoughts: Ahahahaha brownie point for you sis, wait what have I become oh no!

    Rainbow came home from her dance class activity and joined the rice, tea and dork party heh.

    Rainbow was always happy to be read her favorite book toy tales, she still did not care if it was for toddlers, a classic is a classic no matter how old you get!

    Awwww he wanted to tuck her in twice, <3

    Also I noticed the little good night sleep tight version on the whim message cute yet ominous.

    "Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase aunt Kenna, I promise, I will let you do all the hard parts but well, I gotta do some of it, it is for Hazelnut, I know she will love it!"

    "Listen, kid, cooking is one thing but woodwork? Max would kill me if you even lost the safe part of your fingernail doing this!"

    "Please! I will wear extra protection things all of it!"

    Rainbow looked up with deep feelings,

    "Please, Aunt Mckenna, I know this will be very special for Hazel, I can't think of any other Winterfest gift other then this."

    Mckenna's Thoughts: I am getting waaaaaaaay to soft and there is another one on the way, dear watcher, help me.

    Mckenna kept a look out for Max even if he was gone with Juli to a doctors appoint with Lilith this time.

    Mckenna Thoughts: I can usually handle him, but not when he is in 'daddy' mode.

    "Alright, I will show you everything tool we will use first, then we will work on this slowly and.... we still have to inform your daddy got it, squirt?"

    Rainbow nodded dutifully,

    "Yes Aunt Kenna, I am listening and watching and don't worry about daddy, I got him."

    A wink from the small girl shocked Mckenna for a moment then she snickered,

    "Well alright, now, this is the block your gift will take shape from........"

    Mckenna's Thoughts: Well, well what a little schemer, heh, her teen years should be fun to sit back and watch.

    Yay for daddy and daughter time, they are both going ice skating and to see father winter and drink hot coco and some lunch!~

    Mckenna's Thoughts: Max has tainted me, I would have never normally suggested an obligatory photo.... but I want a picture of us by my bedside..... urgh MAX!!!

    Then the two decided to go on their own lunch date to celebrate awww, I just love my simmies~

    Awww my door baby! Dx

    I forget what mod this is from but I like it, I pretended to keep Rainbow of her feet as much as possible, until it went away! I wanna even find CC bandage and cast and things now lol

    Max carried his little girl to the table and Lili whipped up some comfort food of grilled cheese and soup, she just got back from her nanny job, she applied for a daycare job in the coming Spring/Summer!

    A few days later the family went out the mild winter of Oasis Spring, it was a little nippy but no wind and sunny enough to offset any real cold.

    The family had a nice picnic that Juli was at, she was just using the bathroom, she was the one that had the craving for ribs and Mckenna wanted to pay chess and of course Rainbow and Lilith wanted to just play!

    Love them all <3

    Alright now for my Adler Family Update!
    The girl peeked in on her daddy and saw he was dead asleep.

    Still shutting the door softly, she went to her room to play vet.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I wonder if their is any type of doctor for daddy that will help him? He has been this way for a very, very long time... I have to have some hope.

    She just hoped so, she really, really did.

    Her daddy needed to get well, she needed him to get better.

    Hazel continued to have a hard time at school, but she kept it to herself... she often came home feeling sad or embarrassed after school, or hurt.

    Hazel knew that Illana would just get in trouble if she knew, fighting for her.

    Jesse would just worry and so would Rainbow and she would try to come and stop this bully too, though not as brash and vicious as Illana.

    Matt would worry too and Whitnay well, she was pretty sure they shared they same bully.

    Strange how she thought about all her friends feelings but did not think of adults, asking them for help.

    Though she got really happy going to her first music lesson, she wanted to test out all the instruments to see if one clicked then try to follow through with learning it.

    But Rainbow's words did stick to her head, if none of them fit, that was okay, she did not have to BE her mom after all.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa got home from her botanist work day, she kept getting text an offers from her mom (Rachel) to come over.

    Vanessa Thoughts: Is there trouble in paradise again? Is Tucker (her step dad) up to something, he cheated on her once but that was water under the bridge now, Right?

    Vanessa not wanting to cook, order pizza they all set down to have a lovely meal together.

    Though, Rachel woofed hers down hardcore.

    After dinner, Hazel went up to study some more for an upcoming test in school, being in the last year of elementary school was a pretty tough year.

    Vanessa and Rachel spoke to each other for a little while, it was pleasant and nice to catch up with each others lives.

    They worked in the same building now, but Rachel was levels behind (due to her unproductiveness, a trait Vanessa did not get). But they never get to talk, having different lunch hours.

    Rachel assured Vanessa everything was fine at home, and she just wanted to see her daughter that is all, oh and tell her more about Beck!

    Vanessa flushed and did start to gush and all that gooey stuff, but in the back of her mind, she had an inkling things were not all fine, at home.

    The following day, Whitnay came over to draw with Hazel, they had a lot of fun doing this and creating crafts together.

    They also talked about their bully, and how to deal with that person.... maybe they should tell the grown ups after all? Turns out some stories got out about her dad beating up some red head at a bar and Hazel could not stand to believe this.

    This hurt her more than the physical pain of a shove or pull of her hair.

    After some art and Vanessa getting home, the three went to the library for some much needed research on all their parts.

    Vanessa needed some information for work so she could write her science blog so she could eventually post about her findings.

    The two girls had a project to do, Whitnay researched in a book while Hazel took to the computer.

    They collaborated on their findings and went to work on the first half of the assignment.

    Once done with that half, the two promised Vanessa they would work on the other half more on Sunday and finish up by Tuesday for review before it had to be turned in on Thursday.

    With this promise, the two girls happily trotted over to their invite by Illana and Jesse!

    First Yuu took them out to see the latest voidcritter movie! Matt also joined them via Illana's invite.
    Note: Jesee has glasses, Matt in blue, Hazel in purple and Illana the last child lol.

    Afterward, the kids ran outside reenacting one of the scenes and that turned into a snowball fight lol.

    Poor Yuu can't even use the bathroom without things happening xD Oh well, they had so much fun!

    They all had dinner together after getting back to Illana and Jesse's home.

    IDK what is up with Whitnay, maybe she does not like chicken? The green stuff? Picky eater phase?

    Brandie and Hazel spent some time together again which is nice, she along with Yu has helped raise the girl when Vanessa needed help.

    Illana and Jesse played in their playroom waiting for Hazel to come join them, but they did not mind if Hazel wanted some one on one time with their mom.

    That night, Yuu read them all a story before tucking them in for the night.


    Hazel of course loved being here, even a little more then at home, she had an idea on why.... but she was not ready to admit that yet, even to herself not fully, she couldn't.

    The next morning, the family went to a coming of Winterfest ceremony in the morning, it was to celebrate the spirit of giving. Brandie and Yuu had them dress up all nice for it.

    Little miss liar finged a stomachache and said she would sleep for the couple hours they were gone, trusting her at least for that long, she was allowed to rest.

    Well, she was certainly not resting!

    Illana what to do with you? *shakes head*.

    Meanwhile, Declan was asleep in the tub.... dangerous..... again recalling back to his thought bubble with the water.

    Declan please.

    Vanessa's Day
    Vanessa went to visit Nayeli and got told she was preggers!

    Vanessa was really excited for Terrence and Nayeli and promised a great baby shower gift!

    Maybe if they want, Amelia and Nay could have their baby shower together?

    Vanessa chuckled as she lost completely in the video game, she was happy though, that T & N where getting along so well, enough to be engaged and now pregnant, they were trying out each others interest.

    Vanessa was truly happy but also somewhere deep down, a little jealous.

    She wanted to be engaged but had obligations to her step-cousin, Declan so she felt...trapped.

    Vanessa then met up with Beck for a small hangout/date.

    The two had a small dessert at the bar and of course some drinks.

    Vanessa was happy to spend any time with Beckett and she knew he felt the same.

    Vanessa sighed softly wondering when she would be able to offer Beckett what he wanted, her.....? But not just that... children, a house to call their own.

    The thing was.... she wanted those things too but had no idea how to obtain them, not with so many.... well one huge obligation.... holding her back.

    They tried some exotic drinks from Sulani and it was really good, the bartender really went all fancy with the presentation.

    Vanessa took a sip or two but then gave the rest to Beckett and had the root beer float.

    Vanessa's Thoughts: The last thing I want is to drink anything like that when I am feeling down, it creates a bad habit.

    After Whitnay and Hazel finished up the second half of their project that day, Vanessa went over to her parents home, dragging Declan along and also Hazel.

    Rachel in blue: Vanessa's mom and Declan's sister-in-law.

    Rod the blonde haired boy: Vanessa's half brother and Declan's nephew.

    Tucker Black haired man: Vanessa's step dad and Declan's elder brother.

    Hazel is a shy bean and had not been around them much, so she sat on the couch but talked to everyone mostly Rod though.

    They would have a dance party after dinner settled and it was very fun!~

    Hazel is so cute, looking to Vanessa for dance help, awww their bond is everything they both deserve and need~.

    That is all for now :)
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited November 2021
    I think I'll probably focus on playing the zalrian rotation for just the summer season and then move onto Calden Azure for the Fall. Juniper and Jade won't age up just yet.

    In other news, it seems that Lilliana tried to cheat on Makoa with Zeph. I stopped that because Zeph already has a girlfriend. I'm going to pretend it never happened.

    Edit: I also don't want Zeph to have that kind of reputation...
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    A lot has happened in my game so this update might be a bit long

    I swear I start out every update lately with a picture of my sims doing homework. It's not intentional, my sims just don't do much else.

    Astrid gave Kai some magical training. She also trained Asher but I didn't get a screenshot.
    That evening, everyone sat down for one last family dinner with Astrid. She was going to pass any time now so they had to make sure to spend as much time as they could with her.

    Astrid ended up passing away the next morning. Only Clara was home to witness it.

    Astrid's urn got put in the mausoleum next to Morgyn's

    Haruki tried to console Clara when he got home from class

    Clara decided to work from home that day and one of her tasks was to try 3 different flavors of the bubble blower. A bit weird, but whatever. She and Haruki went to San Myshuno to find a bubble blower and they ended up running into Simon while they were there.

    The next day, it was finally time for Haruki to graduate. I don't think I'll be doing this again with any of my legacy spouses, it feels like I've been playing university for an eternity now. If I send two sims again (which I'll probably do with Kai and Asher), they're going at the same time so I don't take this long again.

    Later, Asher had his friend Brodie over. He tried to console Brodie because he was very sad. I think both of his parents may have just died so that's probably why.

    Asher likes Brodie but he's not sure if Brodie feels the same way. He tried flirting and it went over well, so maybe he does.
    The next day was Winterfest, so the boys decorated the tree together

    Clara and Haruki kissed under the mistletoe

    Once the tree was all decorated, it was time to open presents

    Kai ended up getting dog poop for his present and Asher felt bad, so he bought him a painting from Plopsy

    Then everyone sat down and ate the grand meal

    Clara also felt bad for Kai for getting dog poop, so she bought him some socks on Plopsy

    She also saw a sweater that she knew Asher would like, so she bought that as well

    Later, Kai and Asher went up to their rooms to use their new laptops they got when they aged up. Kai worked on writing so he could get into the distinguished Communications degree at Britechester while Asher played sims. Since Asher is not the heir I'm not worried about him getting a distinguished degree.

    The next day, it was time for Haruki to age up into an adult. He got a bit of a makeover after but I didn't get a screenshot of that.

    Clara didn't have work that day, so she went to the gym after Haruki left for his first day at his new job

    Later, the twins went to the arcade in Brindleton Bay with some of their friends. This girl talking to Kai is Colette Collette. Yes, you read that right. Her parents are Nina Caliente and Tomax Collette. Nina took Tomax's last name when they got married and then she had Colette after. I could change it but I thought it was funny so I didn't.

    Asher and Brodie played a game together

    Asher was throwing in a little flirt to Brodie every now and then to see how he feels and he seemed to like it.

    Meanwhile, outside, this happened

    Asher and Brodie played foosball against Clayton (the blonde guy) and Ximena (the girl)

    Kai and Colette finally came inside and played a game together

    They also became boyfriend and girlfriend. They're probably not going to stay together, though. My sims always marry their high school sweethearts so I wanted to mix it up.

    After they were done playing foosball, Asher finally worked up the courage to kiss Brodie. They're not boyfriends yet, though. Asher wants to take him out on a date first.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Metior Ice: What are you doing Zeph?

    Zeph: "Thinking about manipulating time again?"

    Metior Ice: "Please Don't..."


    Metior Ice: "Don't pull that lever...."

    Zeph: "My brother is cursed, and we are going to fix this!"


    Metior Ice: "He pulled the lever..."


    Zeph: "Muwhahaha! All will weep and cry for I have forced a change to the rotation order!"


    And, he had a derpy moment right after....

    The Blue Tail Arc Part 1: The Zalrian Rotation: A Gift from a Fan

    Extras in the spoiler:
    So, Dylan is a smarter vampire than Jade...


    Also, Dylan's Vampire form is extremely glitched as a hybrid. I have to use a cheat to remove his merform so he doesn't swim through the ground. Apparently, you should not make merfolk into merfolk/vampire hybrids while a merperson is in the water and in their merform.


    And, the twins still have moments of being totally in sync.

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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    I'm going to try something different with this next update and divide it into parts rather than just dumping everything in one spoiler. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing it that way but we'll see.

    To start off, it was Night on the Town, so Asher took Brodie on a date. It wasn't an official, goaled date because for some reason Brodie said no when he called and asked him. Which is weird because Asher wasn't in a bad mood and Brodie hasn't rejected any of Asher's flirting. It may have been a glitch, who knows.
    Asher gave Brodie a rose

    And then they officially became boyfriends

    After several hours, their food finally came

    Of course Agnes had to show up at the restaurant

    After Asher got home, the whole family decided to go on a little weekend trip to Mt. Komorebi. Clara and Haruki went to the Festival of Light together
    Haruki ran into his sister Mariko at the festival. He was happy to see her because he doesn't get to very often. The last time he saw her was at his and Clara's wedding, where Mariko peed herself.

    His other sister Izumi was also there.

    In the morning, Kai was the first one to wake up and he headed straight to the slopes to snowboard
    The rest of the family soon followed

    Nico eventually decided he was over skiing and built a snowpal instead

    It was also New Year's Eve, so everyone watched the countdown standing way too close to the tv

    The next morning, there was a fire. I assume it came from the space heater.

    The fire spread a lot and Kai ended up having to put it out while his family just stood there

    It was also time for Clara to age up into an adult

    That's all for now!
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    Ersa_MiddletonErsa_Middleton Posts: 697 Member
    edited November 2021
    Decontaminated the bloodline that was caused by the accidental union of Brandi V and her uncle Leslie. I changed the father of Brandi VI which updated the whole tree. Now it looks nice and clean and the tree doesn't have to perform weird gymnastics when clicking on Gen 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    Secondly changed settings in MCCC to prevent autonomous incest(basically family members < Gen 5 in a given generation could court one another) which was somehow enabled.

    Edit: Well except for Gen 2. Seems the game couldn't quite fix the main tree and added a blank parent node for Brandi VI but also corrected the node for Brandi V.
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    Another post for both my main households!

    The Stones Household
    Rainbow had another nightmare about Julia and the baby, she said the baby ate them all.

    Max was wondering if this was a sign of something? Jealously? Fear?

    The man had to admit he was worried, not about babies eating them, but just of, the baby, Juli in general. All of pregnancy worries.

    He embraced her reassuringly that could never happen, then they went to have a little milk and a cuddle before tucking her back into bed.

    The next morning, Rainbow had forgotten her nightmare in the past and was happily exclaiming how she was excited to go to music class with Fatima this afternoon.

    Mckenna had a rare day off, so she spent it talking with Matty and Maria, about the twins little sister Lilith moving in, (Matty is Lilith's uncle and so his younger brother, Angel, Angel and Maria are married with three kids) Anyways the plan was when Spring came,

    After Lilith got settled then Mckenna and Matty were going to move in together (They are dating).

    Mckenna invited Juliana over to talk about how, she and Lilith where planning to move out in their own ways, and was she going to move in with Max.

    Juliana had to assure her, she was more than willing, ready, excited for this step, just waiting to be asked.

    Both females had to roll their eyes just a little but with a fond smile, Max had made so many leaps and bounds in life, but he still hesitated and doubted himself when there was really no need.

    Mckenna said, she would set him straight, Juli laughed but made her promise to try and be a little gentle.

    Rainbow got dropped off a little earlier to Fatima's house, it was fine though, she spent the time talking to Fatima's adoptive parent, Lia, they have moved away from Sulani.

    Rainbow was there to cheerfully greet Fatima when she got home from school~ (Rainbow is homeschooled and does online.

    The girls had a little snack while talking about their different school days and also their excitement about music class!

    This picture is strictly to show how adorable both girls are~

    Oh um but they are off to music class too.

    Lia was doing some research for their classes they were talking in uni while Fatima told them all about music class while knitting her own Winterfest present for Rainbow~

    Lia and Fatima come around to the Stone residence, Lia was not a people person in this relatively new environment, but they did this for their daughter.

    Fatima got along pretty well with the hosts, Mckenna seemed to like her a lot.

    Lia brought over some food to the gathering to share, to thank the Stone's for being such good host and letting them into their home.

    Everyone enjoyed the dinner very much.

    Fatima was having butterflies in her stomach, they were both going to play a duet they'd learned in music class.

    Rainbow assured her, everyone would love it, just try your very best and that is why it will be loved.

    The girls grabbed their instruments and started to play, it took them a bit of time to sync up but once they did, it sounded even more great, the girls had really practiced and had a good talent for the violin.

    They relaxed or Fatima relaxed more and really got into it, having fun and not so fixed on being perfect and hitting every note, she was ten after all and this was a hobby not a career.

    The next afternoon/evening, Max and Rainbow came over to the Peters, Paisley had been Rainbow's friend for a while now, Max had gotten to know the family pretty well.

    Rainbow had mentioned maybe Paisley wanted to join her and Fatima and in music class?

    So the adults talk about this, while the kids chatted and Rainbow even included Paisley's toddler brother in the conversation.

    Rainbow Thoughts: Whoa that is gonna be me one day! Or maybe he will be a girl heh~ I don't mind. I still gotta ask Pais about how it is to be a big sister!

    Paisley told her stories about crying, pooping and drooling and how it gets worse when he could walk, she said toddlers seek to destroy everything.

    Alright so not the biggest fan of her brother not abnormal but lets hope Rainbow does not take those things to heart less she has more nightmares!
    That is all for the Stones!

    The Adler Household

    Hazel was determined to decorate the whole house with her crafts, she was excited for the holidays approaching, all of her personal gifts done, she could not wait to give them out!

    Hazel dressed in her bunny pjs and slippers snuggled on Nessa's couch while she mediated not far off. She was reviewing her other club members poetry and then she would submit a small review sheet. She really loved this club but was also eager to get back into scouts during the springtime! (I personally cancel scouts for the winter).

    The next day, Declan was downstairs doing the unthinkable.

    Oh Declan why? This is not how you get to know someones thoughts, you talk or better yet, listen.

    She would be so hurt if she ever found out you did this to her precious diary.

    The Art Gallery
    Beck invited Hazel and Vanessa to the art gallery in town for the rest of the week. Beck and Vanessa are dating but also not dating, they have no idea what they are doing but they really care about each other, they just have not made any moves yet because Vanessa is kinda trapped taking care of no, not Hazel but Declan who is her family aka step cousin.

    Hazel was really excited and having built a relationship with Beck -now higher then hers and Dec's her own father- she was not shy to snow her gratitude to the man.

    Hazel: I hate vegetables, they are really not for me, Vanessa should just sell the ones she grows right? -she is in a picky eater phase-

    Vanessa: I am not dealing with this right now, I will go look at the pretty statue instead -the picky eater phase is a tough one to get through for them-.

    Beck: Um heh, heh, well I rather not touch that one with a nine foot pole but Hazel sweetie I love veggies with different types of sauce and seasoning on them, let's go talk about it and look at the art over there.

    Hazel rarely looks at people that way.

    So it is a really good sign for these two, I am happy they really care for each other and get along.

    Also, they are both somewhat introverts so that is also some common ground.

    I love how the whole time, he kept a good eye out for her, not letting her much out of his sight especially when Vanessa was checking on Declan via phone call and things like that.

    They all really appreciated all the different pieces of art around the gallery to look at and discussing here and there.

    They went to the little cafe there and Hazel was willing to eat a pretzel for a snack while Vanessa texted Beck that they had a good time.

    He had to leave out a bit quickly, something to do with a parent call even if it was not his call hours, Beckett sometimes went that extra mile.

    The Rest
    Breakfast at the Adler home.

    Vanessa makes breakfast but has no time to sit and eat herself, always off to take care of something.

    Hazel will only eat something smeared in whipped cream and sweet berries while looking partly disassociated at Declan's ever depressed mood but half coming down in her own mood from his current mood.

    Declan is just depressed.

    (Not trying to sound insensitive, I'd be the last one too say something like that but Declan has had several changes to get help, change and has squished all of them with means of only fueling his own "joys" not good ones, anyways, I'm fed up with him and did not think his story would turn this way, also lets remember he is a sim in the end of all this).

    Vanessa finally grew a cowplant!

    She was uncertain about it but her job required it and she was getting up there in her botanist line.

    Hazel took to it right away, the cowplant was nice to her and did not try to bite or eat her but Vanessa said she could only play with it with her around.

    Once back inside, she got her journal and wrote about all the pets she had and wanted, a little animal enthusiast in the making here! :)

    Tucker came over to see his little brother and his little brother's daughter.

    Declan was happy to see him, he even socialized with Hazel!

    Hazel was really happy to have Declan's attention and did not mind Tucker that much.

    After Tucker left though, I dunno, Declan could not handle it, he went straight to his room and sobbed for hours and Vanessa could not get him to calm down, so she shooed Hazel to a friends house.

    Vanessa was becoming really worried Hazel was getting to exposed and mixed messages and maybe even desensitized about her own dad, and his vast sorrow.

    Of course Vanessa did not blame her, it has been five years of this and it kept getting worse and worse.

    Bu what about his medications? The therapy? The support group? All his techniques? Was anything helping?

    Vanessa finally completed her aspiration that she started as a teen lost on what to do in life, now she knew, she loved plants and the botany of science that goes along with it.

    Her next step is too finish her career to the highest branch then pick another aspiration to focus on one in nature.

    Toast with a honey and chocolate spread is also something Hazel will eat in this trying picky eater phase.

    Vanessa has started to think the poor girl is trying to have some type of measure of control in her home life.

    She has a lot of freedom, but with the things that go on around her, involving Declan, everything is always up in the air.

    What mood will he be in?
    Will he even acknowledge me today?
    Will he burst into tears?
    Will he walk around the house in a state?
    Will he just talk about depressing things?
    Will he be gone all day? All night?
    Will he eat with us at the table?
    Will he eat at all?
    Will he just cry in his room?

    Things like that.

    Whitnay came over to have dinner and watch the 2nd void critter movie that came out fast on DVD for the approaching holidays.

    They all have a nice dinner of chili.

    The girls settle down to watch while Vanessa writes more on her science blog.

    Wed they had a half day of school since the holidays were coming up the children had some good time off of school before Winterfest Eve and Winterfest.

    Vanessa decided Geekcon would be fun but Declan had to ruin that by telling them a depressing story, then he lumbered off right back home.


    Vanessa and Hazel tried their best to push through these depressing moment.

    They swirled into their cosplay outfits they brought wanting to have a good time of games!

    Vanessa played some video games with Pinky's fiancee Perry, Pinky was one of her best friends, so was Nayeli and Declan had been close to them too, but not so much anymore.

    Vanessa felt almost guilty, she had no idea why, it made some sense maybe it was having fun, hanging around people when Declan could not.

    It made no sense but those were feelings sometimes.

    After Geekcon they took the twins to the local kiddie restaurant to catch up with them, what were they doing for their time off?

    Iliana and Jesse said they had the chance to pick one trip after the holidays and before they went back to school.

    They tired to brainstorm ideas, where to go? So many choices to have a vacation!

    When Hazel learned that included her, she was ecstatic but not surprised, the twins, Brandie, Yu were like her second family, well wait... Vanessa and Beck were her... 2nd... 3rd family, em anyways she felt closer to them, tham her own dad of late.

    She looked to Vanessa would she go to?

    Vanessa said she could not, she had work.

    Hazel's Thoughts: And you have to babysit dad.

    She was startled at how bitter that came off, even in her own mind.

    Vanessa was playing online chess against a robot instead of an actual sim and in those moments reached level 10.

    She has level 10 in gardening and almost in the dark green to get level 10 in her career!

    Go Vanessa! Go!

    I will leave you all with this cute pic of Hazel going to school being adorable in her freezer bunny winter sweater, skirt and leggings and boots~

    That is all for now! :)
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    edited November 2021
    Zacharias Jade has a little problem these days.
    He actually has a problem even though he seems to have nothing to concern about at all.
    The problem is that, since he has reached the virtuoso rank, he gets to be offered a magic duel more often than before from a spellcaster, like this guy, who is almost stranger to him.
    Z: "Who's this guy?"

    He is better at making potion than magic, so spellcasters who don't know themselves might see him as a pushover though he is a virtuoso.

    Z: "I think they should offer this kind of things to Huey."
    Ray: "It' s the price for fame, isn't it?"
    Z: "Where did you learn such term?"

    The opponent arrived a little late for him, and then the duel started.

    Z: I'll go easy for you, so come at me with everything you got.

    R: "Master! Master! The sky full of stars! How beautiful!"
    Z: "Shut up, Ray! Don't talk to me now!"

    The result was Zacharias' sweeping victory.

    Z: "Who was he after all?
    R: "Master, you forgot to tell him to offer the duel to Hubert next time."

    Zacharias was going to drop by the HQ to make some portion.
    He loves to make portion enjoying the beautiful scenery here.

    Z: "It's really hard to clean a caldron after making portion at home."
    Hey, don't reveal the real reason.

    By the way, Zacharias often forgets to bottle up the potion he made. As always, he went to home leaving the caldron with full of portion. The leftover portion was being boiled down eventually, and it was stuck to the bottom of the caldron in the end.

    Simeon Silversweater: "Hubert, help me clean the caldrons in the HQ."
    Hubert Jade: " Oh, come on."

    Someone must clean the caldron. It can be his beloved younger brother.
    Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die today.
    My Gallery
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    It was the last day of vacation and Kai decided to do some rock climbing
    Everyone else went to the slopes. Clara is finally getting better at skiing.

    Nico wasn't a huge fan of skiing, so he tried sledding instead

    After he was done climbing, Kai went to the bunny hill because he needed to go down it for his aspiration. He's level 3 snowboarding but somehow he's still terrible at it even on the bunny hill.

    Clara took a break to have a snack from the vending machine. One of the perks of being a spellcaster is that she can ride her broom everywhere and it's much quicker than walking.

    Pretty soon, the vacation was over and everyone headed back home
    Oliver is an elder, and has been for awhile. He doesn't have much time left, so Haruki gave him a hug while he still could.

    Clara practiced a bit of magic before work because she hadn't practiced in awhile.

    Kai has been super busy trying to get his skills ready for university. He's not sure what he wants to do job-wise after graduation but he plans on majoring in communications.
    Kai has been so busy that he hasn't had time to see his girlfriend, Colette. She came over and was not happy (tbh I kind of forgot he had a girlfriend, oops)

    They ended up arguing about school. Getting into Britechester is very important to Kai but Colette didn't seem to understand that.

    There was a moment where Kai thought about apologizing, but he didn't

    He realized this relationship just wasn't going to work, and broke up with Colette

    Later that evening, Oliver passed away. Everyone was home except for Haruki but only Clara witnessed it.
    The next morning, Clara did some yoga to try and take her mind off things

    Kai was not having a good time. He got over the breakup surprisingly fast, but he was very sad about Oliver.

    Asher had Brodie over after school and they went over by the water.

    Things are a little bit weird between them now because Asher's aunt Mariko has gone and married Alexander Goth, who is Brodie's half-brother. Bella got remarried to Akira Kibo after Mortimer died and she had Brodie with him. Asher and Brodie are not going to break up, though, because it's Mariko who's made things weird. She married Alexander after Asher and Brodie started dating.

    Haruki got the call that both of his parents have passed away. He didn't have time to see them while he was in Mt. Komorebi and he's pretty upset about it.
    Kai had a hard time concentrating on anything after he heard the news. He was still upset about Oliver but now both of his remaining grandparents have passed as well.

    Pretty soon, it was Nico's birthday.

    Here's what he looks like. I'm not sure if I like the hair I gave him but I might keep it for now.
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    I never thought that my millionaire scenario became so spicy, but it's make fun, I was left speachless and had a good amounts of laughs yesterday. At the moment I'm at around 580.000 simoleon in a house worth around 147.000 simoleons.

    This is Maike Lobo, nee Albrecht and now she is the president with and she is around 40 years old, after starting from the scratch with nothing from young adult age.


    Before she joint the political career, everything was the same as usual. She married Diego Lobo and have one daughter Clea (spoken Kle'a), who active on the simtube. But, after climbing the social ladder and starting the political career, things got interesting (not players decision).

    Diego started an love liason with Dina Caliente, a very good friend of Maike, and they had a autonous try for a baby in the main bed.


    But Maike isn't so sober as I've originally planned her, she should stay free from any scandals, but she had other things in her mind.

    At first she started an affair with Victor Feng, a colleague and then she demanded a huge sum of money from someone unknown to me. The bribe was around 2000 simeoleon.


    With the growing money trees and Diego Lobo in the business carreer I hope to return soon to my decade challenge.
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    baby girl was born, the couple got engaged!
    "Za Woka Geneva"
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    Episode 13

    Conversation overheard at Riverside Roost
    Under the guise of club business, Salim is invited to the Kibo residence, Akira, although given subtle hints to leave the room - firmly stays put.

    JEANNIE: So, I guess what we’re all wondering, I mean, there’s a certain amount of interest, you understand, oh dear, I’m afraid I’m having trouble expressing myself adequately.
    AKIRA: No Kiddin’?
    LIBERTY: The thing is Salim, none of us had any idea you and Gunther were a thing, see. I mean not a clue. So, it’s kind of got us all wondering, ya’ know.
    SALIM: I see, I did have suspicions that my marriage to Gunther would come as a surprise to some.
    AKIRA: Some? Salim, to be honest, literally everyone is shocked, absolutely blindsided. Surprise is a huge understatement.
    SALIM: Indeed?
    JEANNIE: What my husband means, is that none of us were aware that you and Gunther were even dating.
    LIBERTY: We saw both of you at the club meetings, see, and neither of you gave anything away. Not like Summer and Joaquin, the minute both of them showed up at the party, people knew they were in love. It was as plain as the nose on your face, see.
    SALIM: That was my fault. I convinced Gunther to keep things between us private. I worried that if things did not work out, well, that it would make things awkward for both of us in the club.
    AKIRA: Uh-uh, that ain’t it, is it because you were still in the closet?
    JEANNIE: Akira, that’s very impertinent. Salim, please don’t answer that, it’s none of our business. Honestly, I’m so sorry for even bringing it up, this whole set-up was a huge mistake.
    SALIM: No, he is just being honest, and refreshingly so. You see, for all my life I have felt attraction to people regardless of their gender. However, the men that I harbored affections for, were not available, they were not so inclined or were already involved. So, all of my experiences have been with the fairer sex. As I came to know Gunther, as we became close friends, my attraction for him became quite unbearable. And so, it forced me to, um…well, to confess it to him. He had, of course, already guessed, but had himself been reluctant to act, fearing I would not be, well, um…………
    AKIRA: That you’d get scared and run. Love can be a scary thing, especially if it’s not something you’ve experienced a lot.
    SALIM: Yes, I had never been romantically involved with another man, that was something of which he was fully aware.
    AKIRA: Seriously, I mean you never fooled around or nothing with any other guys?
    JEANNIE: For Watchers sake, Akira Kibo, that is certainly none of your business, or ours.
    LIBERTY: The man can tell us to plum off if he thinks it’s too personal, but, the thing is, we ain’t the only people who are wondering.
    SALIM: Ah, the proverbial grapevine, I take it? (everyone nods) No, I was not experienced at all with men, and had had very little experience with women either, to be quite honest.
    AKIRA: OMG, you’re saying that Gunther Munch punched your V-card? Holy Watcher, you’re our age, how does a decent looking guy stay……
    JEANNIE: (interrupting) Now I really must stop you dear, please do not finish that sentence.
    AKIRA: So that’s a thing, was there some religious or cultural reason?
    JEANNIE: Akira Kibo, please just shut your mouth! There are a great many people who are not experienced in that way in this world. Whatever reason they choose is a very private thing.
    AKIRA: Yeah, ugly as plum or mentally deficient people maybe. (Jeannie glares at Akira) I know, shut it.
    SALIM: It is, that for me, it is not really the physical that I am attracted to, it is the person, their whole being, body, mind and soul. And so, it has never happened that my affections were returned in kind, I suppose. You see, Gunther and I were the best of friends and we have so much in common, so from that, my affection grew for him. Luckily, it was returned.
    AKIRA: OK, but I can’t help thinking Gunther Munch likes it that you are a handsome, hairy bear of a man. I bet that’s his type.
    JEANNIE: Oh for the Watchers sake, will you please shut up. Every time you open your mouth something quite inappropriate comes out.
    SALIM: Well…. he does call me “Daddy Bear” in private.
    Jeannie is quite exasperated by her husband’s comments.

    Conversations overheard at 920 Medina Studios
    The guests learn that the celebration party is two pronged, there’s the wedding, plus now both men are published authors.

    SALIM: The Screenplay is called “All About Cleve” it is perhaps loosely based on gossip. The idea came from stories I heard circulated about Judith Ward and Thorne Bailey, how he used her in the early days of his acting career, you see.
    TRAVIS: Yeah, I totally bet that guy “slept” his way to the top. He seems like the type.
    LIBERTY: Oh, and just how would you know about a thing like that, huh?
    MORGAN: I can’t believe I’m actually at a party thrown by a soon-to-be famous screenwriter and a published author, I feel like a celebrity!
    SALIM: My dear, you are far lovelier than any celebrity I know.
    TRAVIS: Careful Salim, you’re a married man now, you can get yourself in a lot of hot water talking like that.
    SALIM: Ah yes, I have become aware that Gunther is subject to jealousy from time to time.
    LIBERTY: Just be glad he’s not like Akira, that man takes jealousy very seriously. He makes it a real hobby.
    MORGAN: Oh, I don’t know, when Paolo gets jealous, I kind of like it. Not that I give him a good reason to mind you.
    SALIM: I find moderation in all things preferable, although I do miss my hookah. It unfortunately did not make the move, Gunther can be quite adamant at times.
    (Travis mimes using whip and makes a WAPUSH sound)
    The catered food is a huge hit.

    WOLFGANG: I can’t believe my big brother is gonna be a famous writer. When I think of all the times I made fun of you scribbling away in your notebooks……
    GUNTHER: Let that be a lesson to you Wolfie, “he who laughs last, laughs best”.
    WOLFGANG: Jeez, nobody calls me Wolfie anymore.
    HUGO: What’s your book about Gunther? Or should I just wait and read it? Maakie already has it on backorder, of course.
    GUNTHER: It’s called “The Fox of San Myshuno” it’s about one of the Captains of Industry in the early days of the city. I tried to make it interesting without embellish….uh, using poetic license too much.
    WOLFGANG: Really? Jeez, you know mom will totally make me read it, don’t you. I’m a grown a** man who doesn’t even live with her anymore and she still bosses me around like I’m a little kid.
    GUNTHER: You most assuredly will read it, just as I attended every school play or sporting event you were ever in. As they say, “payback is he**”.
    (Wolfgang sighs)
    Salim chats with his in-laws.

    After the party Salim learns that Lucas is to spend the night, as he has some teen angst thing he needs to talk to his big brother about.

    Gunther offers his brother a key, and invites him to visit frequently, which is not something Salim is pleased about.

    However, both Salim and Gunther manage to cheer him up before he goes to bed.

    GUNTHER: Just say it.
    SALIM: Sorry?
    GUNTHER: Oh, for Watcher’s sake, don’t even try that. I know you’re upset about Lucas staying over and me giving him a key. Honestly, I can read you like a book.
    SALIM: Am I so predictable then? How dull it must be for you.
    GUNTHER: And there it is, that passive-aggressive stuff. Just say it Salim. I’m not going anywhere, we’re married, we are in this for the long haul and things will come up and you will have to trust that we can handle some rough seas. It goes with the vows, for better or worse, remember.
    SALIM: Family things are a very sensitive topic, it is not something I can understand, my family is not like yours, I am not close to them. To them I do not exist so…..
    GUNTHER: Good one, you aren’t getting out of it that easily though. For the love of the Watcher, just spit it out.
    SALIM: Lucas is sleeping, he is quite near, I do not wish him to overhear things that may upset him.
    GUNTHER: My other brother’s Wolfgang, remember, and so it’s not like he’s never heard unpleasant things. Plus, he can sleep through anything. I need you to be honest with me, to really talk to me, just like you do with everyone else.
    SALIM: Very well, I do not think that inviting Lucas, a young and very impressionable boy to have free reign of the city is a wise decision. I know what the city can do to the young, how it can chew up and spit out a person. And there is also that we are newlyweds, I was hoping for more privacy.
    GUNTHER: There, was that so hard? And by the way, I love that you’re worried about Lucas and what the city might do to him, that’s so like you.(sighs) I do love you Salim Benali. (pause) The thing is, I feel bad for leaving him alone with mom, it’s guilt, pure and simple. I was, no am, the closest thing he’s ever had to a father. And I know he’s struggling now, not just with me leaving, he’s at that awkward age, puberty. Everything’s so overly dramatic and he’s full of conflicting emotions. I need him to feel like I’m always available and that he can always come to me with anything. I don’t want him to ever feel abandoned by me the way our dad, well, you know. If it’s any consolation, he is not nearly as difficult as Wolfgang was, who am I kidding, still is.
    SALIM: So, as they say, you do not marry the man, you marry the family. In my case there is no family, so in this you are quite fortunate.
    GUNTHER: Oh yeah, you don’t have any family issues at all………..
    Gunther and Salim kiss and make up.

    @mia_noelle97 Nico is a cutie! Love all the wedding photos! Beautiful gown, BTW.

    @Lucy_Henley I’m not sure if I like Sentiments, they mostly irritate me with the noise and po[ ups when I’m trying to play, so far they have not had a negative impact on any of my couples, fingers crossed. I loved the Xmas wedding in the pic.

    @Daephene Is that Alexander Goth? I love that in your game he looks so much like Morty.

    @mightysprite Deigo is usually gay in all my games too.

    @HillyBeth Aiden aged up to a cute kid too!

    @haneul Rashad is a handsome sim, I like him in glasses. I dislike taking unplayed sims on vacation, they usually go home autonomously on me.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 1,033 Member
    edited November 2021
    One of my favorite couples got divorced, since they had randomly started to hate each other (neither has any traits ir sentiments to explain such behavior, nor where there any NAP-s involved) and outside of romantic interactions, all their autonomous interactions were mean. It was painful to watch, especially since both were perfectly friendly towards everyone else.
    Looks like Lorelai has to start sleeping with Guidry like half the Simnation does, since I spent ages searching for a perfect husband for her and really don't feel like doing it again (this was already her second failed marriage)
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    sophiesmithsimmersophiesmithsimmer Posts: 24 Member
    I'm playing through an Astrology themed challenge I found on reddit! Today my heir Sim who is the Pisces generation had a really bad day! :lol:

    Poor Marin was out with her fishing club friends and peed her pants, then on her way home to clean up the poor thing passed out! I'm usually a much more caring watcher, but I have been pushing her to get a jump on her Angling Ace aspiration while she's still a teen:


    .... Meanwhile, her mom Janice (descended from Summer Holiday, you can really see it in her eyes and face shape!), had a great day off spent at the spa! Enjoying being high enough in her career that she can work less.

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    kkira555kkira555 Posts: 102 Member
    @Lyrie You mention homeschooling, is that a mod you're using that lets you do that?
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    LyrieLyrie Posts: 881 Member
    @kkira555 Yes it is, it is apart of Kawaii Stacies Education Bundle, I just use the online homeschooling feature but it comes with a few more, here is the link for you:

    Here is another part of my story simmers!

    Stone Household
    To start off we start with Lia wanting to get some more insight on raising Fatima, Mckenna came over earlier to give her feedback on her presentation, they have developed into pretty good friends.

    So Mckenna did not mind accompany the single parent to the class, maybe she could learn something to tell Max or Juliana about the future of raising a preteen or a new piece of information about an infant.

    Lia was very grateful for Mckenna going out of her way to travel to Britechester for them.

    The two swirled into something a bit more formal and went out for an evening snack and a small drink things were half off so why not?

    Both were not drinkers at all, so they spent the time waiting on their drinks, joking and laughing at how "dazed" they would be more than the other.

    They also had fun daring each other to take one sip then two sips etc, it wa a pretty fun time for the both of them.

    Mckenna soon found out she was a very sad drunk also became a bit more emotional made her easily speak out her feelings.

    She confessed her fear of leaving her siblings, Lilith moving out, sure, she be with her uncle (Angel) his wife and their three boys, but still.

    And leaving Max? Her twin? They were independent of each other but still, they never lived separately...

    Mckenna had came a long way in trust, but she hesitated to tell this to Matty, wrongly assuming, he'd take it the wrong way, it scared her though and fears and doubts could be pretty silly yet captivating keeping one captured to them.

    Lia tried to comfort her as best as they could, they understood the fears of moving, coming from Sulani was very hard, they fought constantly with themselves on wanting a new life but still keeping the culture of the island.

    Okay this next part, I don't have a pic for because I was to shocked to take one, Lia had juicily kissed Mckenna's hands after they talked a bit more and Mckenna hugged normal in thanks for the support and comfort but I don't think it was just the juice, I have the first impressions mod, and Lia always had a small crush on Mckenna, but I thought they would act on it, I thought they understood that, Mckenna was taken but maybe something was lost in translation? Maybe it was an island custom?

    IDK but Mckenna did not react to it which was odd like no plus or minus signs or romance, what I do know, is right after, she ran off (I was playing Lia) so I switched to Mckenna via MCC and she was at Matty's house so I took the drama the best way I thought from there.

    After Mckenna got somewhat sober on the uber over, she right away sought out Matty desperate to come clean with what happened.

    She was huge on that, better out of her mouth then out of the mouths of gossipers and rumors.

    Finding him upstairs in the study, she took his hand, unsure, flustered, frightened.

    "Mckenna, what is wrong?"

    Matty tried to meet her eyes but it was a difficult task.

    Being rather awkward and tactless when it came to anything romantic, even if she was not unflirty anymore did not mean she was anywhere near a pro at its wondrous ways.

    Mckenna made things sound WAY worse then they were!

    She made it seem like she went to bed with Lia, instead of how she was very juiced, and had frozen up and was taken aback when Lia kissed her hands.

    Matty took it pretty hard, leaning over, burying his hands in his face, this was a nightmare, it was late enough at night.... so it was a nightmare.

    He ended up asking Mckenna to please leave, so he could process things.

    At least he is a rational boyfriend even under this misconstrued circumstances.

    A few days later, Lia, who had been feeling awful, they were not a homewrecker, in fact, they had no idea they had that strong feelings harboring for Mckenna.

    Juice can really bring it out of you.

    Also, they had no idea Mckenna was in a relationship.

    They invited Lilith over having become friends with the young adult girl too, she wanted feedback but also to talk.

    Lilith told her things were not well, Mckenna made things seem a lot worse, and Matty was struggling.

    Lia's Thoughts: Yeah that sounds like Mckenna, urgh how can I know that? This deep connection I feel just can't be, I have to let it go and help make things right.

    They both hatched a plan.

    First step: Patch things up between themselves and Mckenna.

    Second step: Go work things out truthfully and fully to Matty together, the two did not need to go through relationship problems this deeply, not over this!

    So, Lia came to pick Fatima up from the Stone's, she, Paisley and Rainbow had a sleepover.

    It turns out Mckenna was just not torn up about Matty, and her blunder in explaining.

    But about Lia too.

    She did not mean to lead her on or not tell her about Matty, she was just a very private sim.

    The red head literately had tears in her eyes trying to explain this.

    Lia felt just as bad that Mckenna was going through this.

    They said they did not recognize their growing affection, they were not one for love in a romance way, so it all spilled out with some sips of juice.

    They were sorry putting her in that position and really wanted to make things right.

    Lia told her Lilith had explained in short terms what really happened to Matty and he was honestly believed it and wanted to see both of them for just reassurance and to see how things could go on with them just being friends without anymore slips like that.

    Matty might have reacted in the moment, but it was late and shocking when given the chance to process, this sounded very, very, well, Mckenna.

    To not say everything and just push everything on her own shoulders.

    Mckenna felt her legs go a little weak in pure relief.

    Her heart, no her entire being had been so worried about losing Matty, harming Lia unintentionally, it was all going to be okay.

    The strong red head broke to tears of relief.

    Her worse fears came almost true, losing love, but it was okay, it was going to be okay, Matty understood her, yet again, better then herself.

    She'd have to thank him somehow but nothing seemed good enough.

    Lia had promised to make that mistake again and even went to a therapist a few times to learn how to better understand their feelings before things erupted like that.

    Of course both her and Mckenna agreed to stay friends but Lia requested a little break to get themselves sorted,

    It was about a couple weeks later and after dinner, the two got together just chat, play some chess. They kept a distance at first and conversation was a little awkward or course.

    Things got back to normal with Mckenna's way to tell advice, straight forward but a little more merciful than her earlier years.

    Lia took it though with a good ear, since she knew it was very constructive and only meant for her to do better, she would need to do a bit more research on the lacking parts.

    The two shared a very tight embrace with a lot of feelings, but none going over the line.

    They decided to go see a movie and Mckenna called Max over to babysitter to Fatima (it was an adult rated movie and Lilith and Rainbow where out with Julia).

    They spent their time playing some chess and Max showed off his excellent story skills again reading to Fatima as well.

    Max made some dinner for both of them, while Lia came back home and got some of her homework done, so she could do research when Fatima was in bed.

    Also Fatima is fixing Max with a stare because he promised ice cream was allowed.

    And she finished her plate.

    Another likeness er obsession she and Rainbow had xD

    They walked down to the local ice cream cart/truck.

    Yep in the middle of winter, hey, at least the ice cream would not melt.

    Max got her a her a cone then after some convincing a carton to take back home.

    He hoped Lia did not mind, but yeah they were fine with it.

    It was fruity ice cream so it reminded them of their old home

    After a shopping trip, Lia got them both some new clothing and themselves a new hairstyle.

    Rainbow came over to return a book her aunt Mckenna borrowed and of course, well ice cream, hello?

    They all happily put some on cones and enjoyed talking to one another.

    Adler Household

    First Part
    Yeeeeeeeees Vanessa reached level 10!

    Honestly, she is the fastest sim to get promotions, I did have the reward traits to help with this though.

    I am so proud, despite everything, reaching her dreams!

    Vanessa took Hazel to the learning center in Windenburg, a bit of a distance but worth it, she was meeting her poetry group there to go over their latest group stories.

    (This is Hazel's winter activity just like Rainbow's has dance, I cancel scouts in the winter).

    While waiting, Vanessa ran into Daniella and was really eager to see how she was doing?

    Vanessa and Caroline (another friend) despised Julian and the way he treated Daniella and his son Matt (Red head woman and brown haired boy). Julian was a criminal, kleptomaniac, mean and a slob.

    Daniella said she was doing well, but Vanessa knew that was the fog of desperately wanting her soulmate in Julian speaking.

    While getting a hot chocolate from the vending machine, after her meeting ended, Declan said something to cause a face like that.

    Hazel does not know how to express her feelings well, she is more likely to bottle them up, not the best, but she is only ten years old.

    So she tries to ignore her daddy's comment and finish her hot chocolate.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I should get Nessa, she said, to get her when things happened this way.

    Whatever it was, when given the chance, Hazel broke off the conversation and rushed upstairs to find Vanessa.

    Alright sorry for the lack of pics again! But so much went down, I was in shock, let me sum this up.

    Vanessa went to yell at Declan, she never does that! She is always so soft and frankly weak-willed to take a true stand with her family which includes Declan (She is great with Hazel though).

    Declan did not yell back, he just got sad (he has a CC trait called pessimistic but it sometimes triggers with interactions not just in random doses) then he went home.

    Vanessa and Hazel came home too, everyone went to bed, the next morning, Vanessa asked Declan what his problem was, aka as interpreted, what was that last night?

    Declan got a sentiment that said she was neglectful because of work (she has the workaholic lifestyle).

    But this is so messed up because HE is the one that is neglectful for YEARS now, and yes, I get grief but that really riled me up! How DARE he say such a thing when Vanessa does EVERYTHING including raising his daughter!

    Vanessa did not fight back this time.

    In fact worse, she blamed herself for failing at reaching Declan, failed at helping him see things.

    Again, she shouldered everything.

    So here is the profile, I wanted to show it.

    Again, interpretations for some of these sentiments and lifestyles.

    But another thing that really ticked me off as a watcher?

    HE had a festering grudge against Vanessa, for calling him out on not upsetting his daughter!

    I am starting to seriously give up hope on Dec and starting to dislike him, maybe even hate him.

    But I won't kill him, no, that would be unfair, just need to see what fate will do for him.

    For a breather we go to this cute scene, After school that day, Hazel spent some time with Matt,

    Matt is such a cutie, he has had this puppy and growing crush on Hazel since he was about seven years old.

    He is hanging on her every little word when around her.

    The turmoil continues.....

    Declan is dressed to the nines because he went gambling (Kawaii Stacies explore mod) he played hard and risky and lost a ton of simoleons.

    This is not the first time this happened, the last time outcome had Vanessa selling her precious greenhouse, getting it deconstructed to pay off the debt.

    Vanessa had it and kinda snapped at Declan and well, he had the nerve to say "I really don't like you very much right now. Just feeling bitter about a few things that I'll get over eventually... Or not."

    I know it is not the best feeling but, I was pleased to see some annoyance, some anger on her face!

    She went to mediate then went to bed.

    Declan stood there in the bathroom and just stared.

    Then he went upstairs and cried in his bed.

    Ugh... IDK how to feel anymore....

    Theeen I look on Vanessa's profile and see that Declan is now hurt because Vanessa snapped at him once or twice and still has a festering grudge like


    Well, Vanessa being the actual "parent figure" took the time to assure Hazel everything was going to be okay.

    That she was sorry this was happening at all, let alone so close to Winterfest.

    And she promised to keep Hazel safe and protected even if that meant staying at Yu's and Brandies for a bit.

    Vanessa gave her a big squeeze and asked if Hazel understood or had any questions.

    Hazel told Vanessa she understood and she did understand, way more then Nessa and others thought she did.

    Hazel showed this by saying thank you and that she loved Vanessa so very much.

    To be safe to and that she hoped Daddy would be okay.

    Hazel now had Winter vacation, so Vanessa hug Hazel and sent her off to Yu's and Brandies for the day, since Yu took vacation time off of work himself.

    Then Vanessa went to work.

    Hazel went off towards the Anand who lived right across the street.

    Hazel's Thoughts: I really hope Vanessa will be okay, she seemed so sad.... and daddy too but he started it....

    Her feelings were so jumbled, she wanted to cry and scream all at once.

    But she could not even wish for everything to go back to the way it was or normal.

    She had long forgotten what "normal" was for her daddy....

    Second Part
    Vanessa put her own problems aside -perusal- and focused her energy on trying to get Daniella to see sense about her rotten husband Julian, Caroline was by her side, ready to take Daniella and Matt in and house them through this divorce.

    They worked on tactics not being tactless or too harsh but they made it clear, he was not good enough for HER, not the other way around.

    At first, Daniella had her defenses up and claimed they were in love, but Caroline and Vanessa took turns pointing out facts that stated otherwise.

    They did not want to, but they had to bring up Matt, while she was at work, Julian either kept Matt out of school or got him earlier.

    They suspected he was trying to mold him for the criminal career when he was older.

    Danielle knew this she got enough principal phone calls but she had tried to make sense of it in her head.

    They pleaded for her to think about it, offering up Caroline's plan for spare rooms for them at her and her husbands house just please think on it.

    The three hungry, went to the cafe and got a few snacks and coffee.

    They met Nia there, another group friend and mother of Whitnay (Hazel's good friend) and her son Valen.

    They all chatted and Daniella was thinking about what they said because she asked about Nia's relationship and how Morgan treated their kids.

    Vanessa did not realize how many hours went by, she was not used to having days out, but it was all worth it, when Daniella told Vanessa, she knew they were looking out for her and she knew they were right, that she was right, her head was, but her romantic heart kept her tethered and with their help, she wanted to uncoil.

    This is little cutie enjoying her treat from the cafe, she is super happy about it and yes, I know junk food but good news!

    The picky eater phase is finally over!

    Just leaving you another cute pick of Hazel's outfit.

    That is all for now! :)
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    So my Sim family lives opposite the Bheedas (new save, creating characters for another save I have). Jesminder is visiting them... and yet this happens! Either Arun is cheating on her, or just having some time alone... ;):D

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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Haruki was able to get his parents' gravestones, so he went to the cemetery and put them there. Not sure why he's standing outside the fence to mourn, I think I may have placed them backwards.
    Haruki was so sad and since he's a dog lover, I thought getting a new dog would cheer him up a bit. Her name is Fish. (Also ignore the trash on the floor, the adoption agent dumped it there)

    Haruki took Fish on a walk. He was gone for several hours but it was worth it, he was so happy about having a dog again.

    Soon, it was Love Day, so Haruki and Clara went on a date to the Von Haunt Estate
    More screenshots of the date

    Since there was a wedding arch, they decided to renew their vows

    Asher and Brodie also went on a date after school was out.
    It wasn't an official goaled date (partly because I was scared of Brodie rejecting him for no reason again) but they still had a nice time

    Meanwhile, Nico was flirting with Shanna, who he recently met at school

    They had their first kiss but some random townies had to come ruin the screenshot

    Nico took Shanna on an official date, which didn't last long because this restaurant didn't work properly and Shanna refused to sit

    The next day, it was the twins' birthday!
    Here is Kai

    And here is Asher.

    Then, the twins and Brodie moved into an apartment together. Both Kai and Asher are going to university, Brodie is not.

    They also got a roommate, Clayton. Clayton has been in their friend group since they were kids so they thought he would be a good choice instead of a random.

    Asher got his university letter, he didn't get into any distinguished degrees and was quite upset about it.

    Brodie tried to make him feel better

    Meanwhile, Kai introduced himself to their cute new neighbor, Moriah Talla
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    Feeling nostalgic for cars in a Sims game.


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