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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    Victor Feng made many phone calls, entertained many donors, did a lot of plotting with his inner circle, and benefited a great deal from the influence of his wife Lily's business... and at last, the World United Party is running him as their candidate for National Leader.

    At the beginning of the week, Lily received a disturbing call from her butler agency.
    The agency then withdrew not that amount, but the Fengs' entire holdings from their bank account.
    (Anyone else with this bug? Hit me too here )

    Lily spent many angry hours trying to get the agency to fix it. She talked it over with Victor. They both suspected something criminal was going on, but didn't have enough evidence to take it anywhere. So Victor had a chat with Ben.
    "Ben, it's not working out between us and your agency. But we so appreciate your work and can't imagine our family without you around. Would you consider joining our household?"

    Victor, Lily and Ben worked out the amount that was actually due to Ben in back wages. After Victor and Lily had both gone to work and been paid the next day, they paid what they owed him, plus a very generous tip: code for "please never leave."

    And then... Minato the incompetent butler, previously fired from the Fengs' employ after sneaking off to read books at every opportunity including while leaving dinner boiling on the stove, strode in. Well, this is awkward

    Lily excused herself to another room, proceeded to scream into her phone at the butler agency for several minutes, and emerged with the pleasant report that their contract of employ with the agency was most clearly terminated.

    Ben took up painting. He seems to like painting the same landscape painting over and over again: a lovely red house nestled in a green valley. They framed one of these paintings and hung it in the dining room.

    And Ben loves recycling, so they bought him a home recycler and tucked it into the less grand of Lily's two gardens.

    The welcome wagon arrived, oddly delayed, and it was Darling Walsh. No one was home. This looks suspicious.

    Fortunately all that Darling did was stand here and stare at this column for several hours.

    That evening: "It seems the welcome wagon left us some fruitcake! How charming!"

    One evening, while relaxing by the fire, Lily got a little too close

    Victor ran to the rescue, extinguished the fire, and held Lily for a while on the sofa

    Ben added a fireguard to his list of household upgrades.

    After voting on election day, Ben stayed in to work on the fireguard. He had his head partway up the chimney when the news arrived:

    Victor won the election!

    Victor gave a late-night victory speech to his supporters

    And held an intimate party for the Room Where It Happens at home

    I was watching the dinner party most of the time so I'm honestly not sure what may or may not have happened in this hot tub

    Victor walks up the steps of the National Leader Estate on his first day

    Ben came along to take stock of the housekeeping and begin making plans for the Inaugural Ball. And it seemed some fans had already found their way to the Estate to greet their new Leader? No, they were headed out back, where some actor (?) named Thorne Bailey was hanging out. (I just got Get Famous and am still figuring things out)
    Ben dealt with the fans.

    I truly have no idea what was happening here. Akira looks unhappy.

    Victor spent much of his first day hiring and orienting his staff. This is legit the first appearance of Eliza and Bob Pancakes in this save, so I decided they needed to be part of the staff.
    (Victor now has two clubs: The Room Where It Happens for his insiders, and National Leader's Staff for his staff. The staff's club activities are doing research, browsing the web, and playing chess. It gives the place a good hard-at-work vibe.)
    Gideon Harris is just a teenager, but Victor took him on as an intern. He's heard the Harris family is well-connected with progressive interests in Evergreen Harbor. Perhaps a little quid pro quo is in order.

    Meeting with the staff in the conference room

    Getting Gideon Harris set up at his post

    Yes, there are ghosts on the estate...
    "Some days, I would swear this computer is possessed!"

    Tourists come through too. I tinkered with the locks on the doors until it was to my liking. Now the conference room and break room are off limits to all but the National Leader's Staff, and the pretty little apartment on the third floor is off limits to all but the Room Where It Happens; I expect mostly Victor and Lily will be using that apartment, but it'd be cool to have other close friends lounging there from time to time. The Fengs have decided not to move to the estate, as Lily is quite attached to her penthouse, and doesn't want to live somewhere that is also other people's workplace.
    And attracts tourists, too.

    At the end of the day Victor held a little cocktail party to welcome the staff.

    Diego Lobo made an awkward request.

    "Diego, you're already a member of my most exclusive inside circle. Your... many talents would be quite wasted on my workaday staff. Don't you know this is the room where it really happens?"

    At home, Ben intercepted a gift for the new National Leader from a peculiar woman who claimed to be their neighbor. It turned out to be a gift-wrapped packet of seeds. Odd. She was glowing with an eerie pink light, as if she'd been at the sakura tea, but there had been no romance festival lately. She blew Ben a kiss and he went all over pink and trembly. But it seemed awfully irresponsible to let her in. "I'll... let Leader Feng know you left this for him," Ben managed, and sent her away.

    Lily decided Victor should take his public image to the next level by delivering online speeches and chat about the issues to the general public. "They need to know you," she insisted.
    She coached his speeches

    *Are you sure this is a good idea?* whispered Lily to Ben. *It looks sort of creepy.*
    *Lose the drone. It looks weird indoors in front of those big mirrors.*

    Lily adjusted the lights on the media station and Victor recorded a confident first Fireside Chat.

    Lily stayed up uncomfortably late editing it.

    Victor uploaded it himself in the morning. He also likes reading and responding to comments from voters. He even streamed himself working out one morning. How well does the public need to know him?

    Even as she's throwing herself into boosting her husband's image, Lily decides not to waste time trying to write another book just to boost her own.

    But even a First Lady who's 100% on-board sometimes suffers unpleasant consequences. Some Save the Llamacorns conservationists decided this was the right moment to call for legislation preventing the transport of llamacorns, llamacorn horns and hair (prized for medicinal purposes), and llamacorn hunting permits across national borders.

    World United is in favor of free trade in almost every respect. Lily is the CEO of a shadowy hedge fund that may or may not draw some of its investment income from the gray-market llamacorn luxury hunting industry. It's one thing to have everyone make the unspoken assumption that World United and a shadowy hedge fund might be helping one another. It's quite another thing to have actual legislation right out there in the public eye... coming from a constituency that is part of Victor's progressive coalition.


    Lily tried to quietly reposition the investment portfolio of the fund, but she was called out by a couple of trustees who objected to her doing this on her own. "More eyes are needed on this thing to avoid even the appearance of impropriety," they told her. In an email that cc'd the rest of the board. Now there's an outside firm involved. Oh no...
    Lily kept these worries bottled up inside, and resolved to wait to tell Victor until after the Inaugural Ball. She didn't want to ruin his big night.

    Ben did a few last-minute checks on the preparations for the ball
    and then he started on dinner.

    The guests began to arrive

    Victor made the best speech of his career

    Ben made the best dinner spread of his career

    And the party was a great success.

    Not sure if it was a ghost or a goofball, but someone messed up this toilet and how. Ben had more work to do...

    Everyone danced to the DJ headliner

    Ben almost fell asleep but a glare from Lily made quite a jolt run through his veins

    Lily hates dancing and Victor knows it, so once the party seemed to be getting along well without them, the Leader and First Lady quietly disappeared to their little oasis upstairs

    and enjoyed some private time.

    Afterward, Victor took in the view of the capital city's historic Estate District and thought about his new role and responsibilities.

    The next morning, he and Lily enjoyed a breakfast in the sunny garden.

    While Ben enjoyed some well-deserved time alone in the penthouse.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    I haven't been on here for a bit. I still need to write up the triplets' last term at university and their weddings. I am excellent at procrastinating! For now, have some wedding photos.

    Arisa and Declan:


    Sakura and Felix:


    Keiko and Kai:


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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    @Lucy_Henley So many weddings and all so pretty !
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
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    [Boooooo!] :| Stop it.

    With Snowy Escape, Sulani, Selvadorada, and rental properties, my student sims have more choices for vacations and adventures, but the time has come to visit Batuu again. I really like having my sims kick back at the cantina.

    They need a break from all that repetitive, I mean adventurous game play.

    These are my newest students at my Uni prep school for teens.
    They are on vacation.

    Cedrick is a scoundrel with a heart of gold.

    They are all scoundrels and the Cantina is their main hangout.

    It also helps to have living accommodations right below the Cantina instead of a rabbit hole.
    It's funny how I can be happy just hanging around the Cantina.

    However, gaslighting Storm Troopers is also fun.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
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    I was feeling inspired, so here's two updates in one day!

    @Lucy_Henley So many beautiful weddings!

    @sarabeth2984 I love the Ranch! I enjoy the updates for your Alien Household! It's definitely interesting seeing the Aliens outside of their disguises. I never thought about doing something with their non-disguised forms. You've given me some ideas!

    The White Tail Arc Part 1: Those Who Seek Adventure

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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Astrid and Morgyn sat on their new couch to eat breakfast

    While Astrid was at work, Morgyn practiced some practical magic since he doesn't know any of those spells
    I did decide to have Morgyn find a different job since I thought having him and Astrid in the same career might get boring. He's a teacher now, and he tutored some students online.

    Astrid and Morgyn adopted two cats: Salem and Mia. Here's Salem. He's Morgyn's familiar.

    Here's Mia, she's Astrid's familiar. She came with the name but now I feel weird that my sims have a cat with the same name as me. I don't really know what I'd change it to, though, so it might just stay the same.

    I just thought this picture of Salem was funny

    Pretty soon, Astrid was in her third trimester

    It was also Winterfest. Astrid and Morgyn opened presents outside since there isn't much room inside. I feel like that's a common theme with this legacy.

    Astrid made a grand breakfast and they ate it at their new dining table.

    Astrid went into labor later that day. The baby is a girl and her name is Clara.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Awesome story!

    Those are some amazing wedding photos!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    Thanks for the comments on the wedding photos! They were one day after the other. So Arisa's was first, Sakura's was the next day and Keiko's was the day after Sakura's. Pretty busy!!
    I haven't played them for a bit. I currently have it set so that only the active household ages, as well as non-played households, but I might change it back to the default of every household aging, whether played or not. Or maybe I'll switch to the Long lifespan. I'm not sure.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    What's a good alternative to FRAPS? I used to use FRAPS on my laptop for Sims 2, and it stopped working for Sims 4. I'd like to use it to capture things like term results for university, as at the moment I use my iPad.
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,674 Member
    Work has kept me busy and when I finally think I'm free...I'm not 🥲 Lots of new updates it seems, nice screenshots as well from everyone. Finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy, hopefully I get another chance soon.

    @Haneul P.897 Love when sims say their in love with their partner, and it's great hearing Rashad say he loves her sister, warmed Dysis heart. p.901 Dawn's expression as her brother passes by is perfect, it does sound like their stalking her, awh and Dysis hears another love confession. p.906 Elmire's interactions with her mother and father are adorable, and its cute she doesn't prefer one over the other.
    @Sarabeth2984 p.899 Lol I thought Simeon was going to ask a different question :D Lol Don's lines seem to always work :D p.907 The summer camp lot is a really cool idea. Love is really in the air at camp. Nice bonding between Lan and Knox. Cool that Knox moved out and into Henford. Ooof Knox gets a girlfriend...and shes non committal. p.909 The ranch house looks amazing! Big lots houses can be difficult to build but it looks great! Lmao Rosie's expression at Agnes :D Oh no, Clint got revenge. Seriously that lot is beautiful.
    @Becka28 p.900 Lol toddlers are just silly when they run around naked, atleast grandpa left. All is well again. Aoife is adorable. Soccer always seems to be a favorite distraction for sims p.901 Lmao Ekram has a mid life crisis, the nose piercing suits him. Oh no, hope you're doing better.

    Since her last conversation with her father, Neyla kept her distance from her father. She tended to the crops and animals instead. Her brother Ben has laid off of bothering her as well, he overhead the conversation between Neyla and their dad and felt bad. He decided to try to help her around the farm, though their cow was skeptical of him :D2BHHk8p.png
    It wasn't so bad PcfOe92.png When he was done their cow walked behind Neyla as she told him, he did well. tcmRnMY.png Ben couldn't stop himself from smiling. cQh69u6.png?1 Weeks have passed and Ben's attitude changed somewhat, he still goes to the bar on his spare time. He left early in the morning and was surprised to see his old friend, Wally Crest. 4m0UjPO.png Wally is Ben's childhood friend, during his teen years he dated Neyla, but ended their relationship shortly after aging. Ben was excited to talk to his old friend. 1DSRsAb.png The two caught up with each other over at a local diner. Wally told Ben he joined the military but returned back home because of an arm injury. sdwP3U0.png The pair chatted over breakfast when Wally asked if he could go say hello to Ben's family. Ben told him he could stop by whenever he wanted. DdYlvY0.png Ben returned back home and found Neyla taking care of the animals, he was excited from the return of his old pal, so he told Neyla. He told her, he had a secret. gsGhexY.png Neyla wasn't as excited as Ben thought she'd be, he kept asking, "Aren't you excited? You know, Wally, your ex is back" Ben didn't mind them dating when they were younger, he liked the idea of having Wally as his brother in law. 64F55ba.png Neyla told him it's great he returned but, not to get his hopes up. They broke up for a reason. Ben told her "Oh I see, you're just playing it cool, nice" suEzas6.png

    Wally stopped by the next day, the weather was cloudy and it was about to rain. He found Neyla outside, so he greeted her with a hug. NBYlEHs.png
    Neyla told him he looks different now, he took her comment proudly. 8rRlJzp.png He wanted to go inside to talk, but remembered about her father, Nando. Nando didn't like Wally, he always thought Wally was a bad influence on Ben, and especially hated when he found out Wally and Neyla were dating. So instead asked if she'd meet him at the bar in town to catch up. Neyla didn't really want to, but it would be nice to talk to someone else for a change. Hg7I09d.png When they met up, it wasn't long before Wally tried complimenting her appearance, but she didn't want to start that again zKNBNNx.png Neyla quickly changed the topic, and asked him, what made him to decide to come back to visit, and what happened to his arm. She remembered Wally liked to talk alot, so that kept him busy. He said his injury was work related because of some assignment and since he was injured, he was allowed to be off for a while. "Work injuries have their perks" he told her. L5KVwEh.png When Wally asked if anything new happened with her, she realized she had nothing to say. She didn't want to say anything too personal so instead she said, more wild animals began moving on their land. Wally got upset hearing that, he told her wild foxes began moving in on his father's garden and ruining things. She acted shocked but in her mind was thinking something else. Nothing really happened to her in the past years. She wasn't engaged like her sister, nor was she her father's choice to be the head of the farm. She wants a family, but it seems even her father doesn't think that would happen. She was deep in thought when she realized Wally was still ranting about the wild animals tNakF5v.png They spend a good while just chatting afterwards, when Wally said he's taken up alot of her time. He told her, he had to get going but one of these days they have to dine out together, Neyla agreed. kVK66aJ.png
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    BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 4,674 Member
    Early the next morning, Rosie got a visit from the Grim Reaper. IMf042p.png
    Poor Pepe came to check on his friend, shortly after he was left alone. DXISfjc.png After a few days Wally stopped by to ask Neyla out to eat, though she wasn't interested. Wally told her, she'd be missing out. aQq3hD6.png Wally stuck around hoping to atleast find Ben, but Nando found him first. Nando began ranting, saying "I heard you returned, what's your intention with coming to my house" Y5ctFtn.png He told him it was best for him to stay away85hR7Gn.png Nando kept on going with how bad an influence Wally is, Wally just thought to himself that Nando never changed over the years. He left shortly after the interaction cxQFuj0.png While cleaning the house Barbara got a text from her fiancé, he was inviting her out to dinner. Barbara thought it'd be fun to invite 2 others for a double date so she asked if it'd be okay to invite Neyla and someone else. He agreed, now it was up to her to invite Neyla and Wally. ItVzvpp.png Neyla wasn't so sure, she wasn't as interested in Wally anymore, and she didn't want to lead him on. zB8loSD.png Barbara however convinced her it would be fun, and it wouldn't have to turn to anything. wdoo0zb.png Neyla accepted, as long as she wouldn't be left alone with Wally. qHRhsI9.png Neyla went to invite Wally's parent home to invite him to dinner the next day. There she found him outside. She was thankful, she didn't want to go inside the house because then it would be difficult to leave very early. He was excited when he heard it was a dinner date, even if another couple would be with them, he accepted the invite. HHCvJ3v.png She was about to leave when Wally told he to come inside. There was someone he wanted her to meet. j5aU1u0.png

    When she entered the house, she found a toddler sitting on the couch with juice in his hands. He was upset for just a short moment, he's a fussy toddler. His name is also Wally, but goes by Junior. uzUrWu3.png
    She was surprised, Wally never mentioned having a son, but she instantly took a liking to Junior. She quickly asked about his mother. Wally replied saying he met Junior's mother at a bar after work, and after dating a short while, she became pregnant. His mother left him with Junior not long after giving birth. She tried to talk to Junior, but it turns out he recently became a toddler, he didn't know how to talk or walk. rp7tED7.png Junior tried communicating something to her. AJLLpmb.png It looked like it was something urgent. VBq6wIG.png Neyla humored him and pretended to understand him. Junior expression is like him saying, "Finally, someone understands me" 1UETqcV.png She couldn't resist holding him. She want kids and holding Junior made her want her own even more. Looks like Junior likes her too 5glb7va.png They spent a couple of hours together before she decided she had to get back home. Before she left she found Wally in the kitchen, and confirmed the dinner plans. He agreed, and just before leaving, Neyla congratulated him on becoming a father. She took a jab, and sarcastically told him, she was happy he found someone he wanted to have kids with. Wally knew what she was referencing and embarrassingly said, he used to say alot of stupid things before. lMoMaHO.png At the knick of time, Junior walked into the kitchen and Neyla picked him up. She turned to Wally and told him, she could agree with him on that, and hopes to see this little one again soon. 88INIDO.png
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    adorable story @BlueSeaWaves I like how Neyla is wishy-washy about Wally but adores Junior so much!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    adorable story @BlueSeaWaves I like how Neyla is wishy-washy about Wally but adores Junior so much!

    I felt the same way! Seeing Ben helping out was a nice change too!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Well, I've completed most of the tasks for the White Tail Part 1 Arc, but I did pick up with my sims from the Kailani Legacy. It was a bit easier because they had some skills already.

    I have landscaping worth over 5000 simoleons. Lir is an A student, and I'm well on my way to having enough art and a decent home.

    However, I do have some extras that I didn't include in the story.

    I had this premade sit next to Aaron and Kylen while they were on a date. She seemed to enjoy watching them a little too much.


    Kylen tried to ease the awkward encounter with a few jokes, but Aaron just wanted the premade to leave.



    Zephyr was a fire dancer at one of the Festivals while Dylan told jokes at the Lounge.



    Let me just say, keeping my twins away from the story right now has been difficult. They always make an impact wherever they go, and I almost always catch them doing interesting things.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Didn't play for very long today, so not much happened. Clara did age up into a toddler, though.

    And Astrid is pregnant again
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Here we go!
    Loving hugs and sibling affection!
    Princess Roddy went into his bedroom and changed into his feminine cold weather outfit. Hamish knocked on the door. 'Come in, little brother!' the princess said. And so, Hamish entered his big brother's bedroom. 'Hello Roddy! Nice earrings!' he said, complimenting his big brother's new earring colour:
    'Awwww, thank you, little brother!' Princess Roddy replied, cheerfully. Hamish smiled. 'I love you, big brother!' he said, giving him a loving hug:
    'I love you too, Hamish!' Princess Roddy replied:
    The princess decided to touch up his makeup. He applied his lipstick sealer:
    Princess Roddy then smiled and gave his little brother a great, big, loving hug:
    And a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Hamish giggled. Princess Roddy planted a loving smooch on his nose:
    The two brothers then chatted to each other. Princess Roddy was fond of his little brother.
    Finchwick, and smooches from Agatha Crumplebottom!
    Princess Roddy went over to Finchwick in Henford-on-Bagley. Agatha Crumplebottom saw him and walked over to him. 'Hello sugarplum!' she said, waving. 'Hello Agatha!' the princess replied. The pair chatted to each other. Agatha then smiled sweetly, batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Agatha then gave the princess a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Then she blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards Princess Roddy, which landed on his cheek:
    Agatha then gave the princess a great, big, loving hug:
    Princess Roddy smiled. 'Oh yeah, I have something for you, Agatha Crumplebottom!' he said. The princess handed a neatly wrapped box over to Agatha. 'Oh, thank you, sugarplum!' Agatha said, cheerfully:
    'Now, what's in it?' she wondered as she carefully opened the box:
    'Oh wow! Thank you for the jar of custard!' Agatha said, cheerfully. 'You're welcome, Agatha Crumplebottom!' Princess Roddy replied, curtseying. The pair then chatted some more. Afterwards, Princess Roddy went back home to Dianthus Hall to rest.
    A visit to Azalea Abode and aunt Shelly Heart!
    Princess Roddy headed over to Azalea Abode after his rest. He instantly teleported to his Azalea Abode bedroom. Shelly Heart came over and gave her adorable nephew a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'How is my adorable little cutie pie doing?' Shelly asked, smiling:
    'I'm doing well, auntie Shelly! I like your dress!' Princess Roddy replied, complimenting Shelly's new dress:
    'Awww, thank you, my adorable little cutie pie!' Shelly said, looking fondly at her adorable nephew. She then gently picked up Princess Roddy and gave him a great, big, loving snuggle. The princess felt content. Later, Shelly carefully put her adorable nephew down and then she applied her shiny, bright pink lipstick.
    Time for a smoochfest!
    Shelly Heart batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave the princess several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    Princess Roddy went bright red and giggled. Shelly had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright pink lipstick smooches:
    The princess used one of his makeup removal wipes:
    Shelly giggled and blew a very great, big loving kiss towards her adorable nephew, which landed on his cheek:
    She then gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving hug:
    And a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    Shelly cuddled him tighter:
    She then planted a very great, big, loving smooch on Princess Roddy's cheeks, nose and forehead. Shelly gave the princess a very great, big, long and loving smooch on the top of his head. Princess Roddy giggled and gave his favourite aunt a loving kiss on her cheek. After talking with Shelly Heart, the princess said goodbye and went back home to Dianthus Hall.
    More sibling affection!
    Princess Roddy was back home in his bedroom. His little brother knocked at the door. 'Come in, Hamish!' the princess said. Hamish entered the bedroom. 'Wait, why are you wearing your party outfit?' Princess Roddy asked. 'Why not? I felt like wearing my party outfit for a change!' Hamish replied. The princess giggled. 'Well, since you're in your party outfit, I might as well change into my royal dress!' he said, cheerfully. And so, Princess Roddy changed into his royal dress. He then applied his lipstick sealer:
    The princess then walked over to Hamish 'I love you a lot, little brother!' Princess Roddy said, giving his little brother a great, big, loving hug:
    'I love you too, big brother!' Hamish replied. Princess Roddy smiled sweetly. He gave Hamish a loving smooch on his cheek:
    And a loving smooch on his nose!
    The two brothers chatted to each other. Hamish loved his big brother, as he looked out for both him and Sophia. And whenever Princess Roddy was out and about, Hamish would help to look after his big brother's chickens and cow, as well as the vegetable plot.
    Cowplant feeding, weeding and more!
    A picture only section!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    edited October 2021
    I started over again, since new packs were installed, and I wanted to play a... care-free nature enthusiast properly.
    (Meaning no job, graduate from Uni but not use her degree, just moving from world to world, scraping together enough money for rent and a cat, nothing more really).

    I give you... Brigitte Comtois, "French" globetrotter / hippie / amateur guitar player who right now is living in Cordelia's Secret Cottage in Henford-On-Bagley:
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    A French girl walks into a pub

    Not sure what everyone's on about. She's getting along like a house on fire...

    Bikini not intended. Nothing to see here, Brigitte just decided to not change back to Everyday after a swim.

    Having a waterfall with a fishing spot right by your cottage is great if you need to catch your own food...
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
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    ...Trying to decide what degree to take, and then squander ;)

    I really want her to go to Britechester Uni but on the other hand the classic "study English Lit and then never use it" stereotype is only possible at Foxbury... :wink:

    I might get her into Psychology just for fun. It literally can't lead to any job I want her to take. I also think I will only take one class per "year" and then take the other two classes as elective. Sounds about right.

    Edit: Settled for Psychology at Britechester. Two classes plus gardening Elective.
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    SilverRavenWolfySilverRavenWolfy Posts: 23 Member
    @Beardedgeek Psych would work. is there a business degree in university? I don't have the pack so I am clueless. My family really wanted me to go into business as "thats the most useful." I went into.. psych. at first. there's a story there, but I digress.

    I just imagine she caved to family pressure to get the most sensible degree, but realized she hated it, and by the time she was done, she decided to say forget it and became a drifter. obviously its your playthrough, I just let my mind runaway with itself. for someone who loves doing story telling, I do very little gameplay. (side note, she kinda reminds me of Jo Wilson from Greys Anatomy. but thats probably just me)
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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    edited October 2021
    I downloaded sims I'd made and a friend had actually edited recently and I'm finally having fun again. Hadley Cole just went on her first date with another teen named Hudson Hammond and the date was gold!

    The Cole family my friend had uploaded consisted of Ryan and Katherine Cole, their son Ben, his wife Alison, and two kids. Hadley and Asher. These Coles originally had three kids and all three had red hair. She did an excellent job editing them!
    More to come later.
    And yes Hudson is staring at a spot he should not be staring at. LOL!!!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @mia_noelle97 Astrid and Morgyn look like a fun couple. I understand the bored feeling with legacies. Even though the Eco Living pack broke my Legacy save, I still found it difficult to play a legacy without giving them a story or some goals.

    Lir has almost completed all the challenges for his first rotation, but in spite of how easy it has been to make money, there are still things that need to get done. I'm still not at a lot value of 100,000 in spite of two bedrooms, a pool, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. Like, it's reaching a point where increasing the lot value by 100 is getting difficult, even after the promotions and Aaron painting masterpieces for his career task. Lir still has a lit of work for developing character values.

    But, Lir has surprised me with the character values he might complete. Normally, it's the Responsible, Good Manners, and Emotional Control traits that are the easiest to get, but Lir looks like he'll be easily getting the most difficult Character Value, Conflict Resolution. Because Lir is a teen, that's the most difficult character value to develop.

    @mightysprite When I saw that the Fengs were close to losing their Butler, I remembered an older post and thought: "I don't know if they'll survive without him."

    @HillyBeth More of the Cole family! I look forward to more updates! Sometimes, you get a couple sims that are particularly enjoyable to play. The Cole family looks like one of them!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited October 2021
    I'll share the screenshot later, but I had another moment like Mayor Whiskers winning the Lottery.

    My Creative Twin, Dylan, won the Geek Con Hack-a-Thon.

    The thing that makes this strange is that Dylan doesn't have programming skills... He's Creatively Gifted, Muser, Creative, Child of the Ocean, and a Music Lover. Dylan's strengths are Art, Music, Song Writing, Fabricating, and Story Telling.

    My Genius Twin, Zephyr, would make more sense. He's Mentally Gifted, Quick Learner, Genius, Child of the Ocean, and a Geek. His strengths are programming, rocket science, gaming, logic, and handiness...

    Why are contests rigged this way? The worst part is that Dylan won the contest while being a played household that I wasn't playing... I got a notification about what he won similar to how I get updates every time the Zalrians accumulate money from investments.

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