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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Bonsai bush trimming, cows, eggs and more!
    Picture only section!
    Bed upgrades and knitting.
    Princess Roddy went upstairs and did some knitting. Sophia and Hamish decided to spend some time in their big brother's bedroom:
    Meanwhile, Shine upgraded the princess's bed:
    Then she chatted to Polly Honeydew, one of her sisters:
    And Benjamin checked on his bees in the greenhouse:
    Later on, Princess Roddy and Shine set off for Azalea Abode, home of Shelly Heart.

    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    edited September 2021
    I had two birthdays in my game today. Asher Cole became a teen and little brother Ben became a child. Asher actually grew up with that hair and I love it!

    Brothers doing homework

    Asher Cole

    Benjamin Cole
    Origin ID
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    wow @Daravi you really delivered with the 80s punk storyline. I really enjoyed reading it and hope others did too <3 Sabine and her bandmates look awesome and I loved all the shots of them repairing their squatter apartment.
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Was almost done writing this update when I accidentally deleted the whole thing so I'm going to try this again.

    Genevieve and Darling have officially become girlfriends. The sim profile is still glitched and now says that they're acquaintances, girlfriends, and best friends.
    Remember how I said I wanted to take things slow with them? Well, Genevieve had other plans. She woke up with the whim to woohoo with Darling so I let her.

    It was a Saturday, so that meant it was time to work on term papers and presentations. Luckily they didn't have much this term. Sage and Cassandra both had one term paper and Genevieve had a presentation.

    Cassandra is pregnant. Thanks, risky woohoo.

    The next morning, Darling made fruit salad for everyone for breakfast.

    Then, it was homework time.

    Bella stopped by to give Cassandra a gift and Cassandra told her the big news. She seemed concerned at first but she ended up being happy about it.

    Darling trolled teh forums to work on her mischief skill

    Later, she and Genevieve went out on a date to and Italian restaurant
    Pretty soon, Cassandra was in her second trimester

    Genevieve finally got promoted to the top of the soccer team. Was it worth her getting hurt? Probably not.

    The next day was Winterfest Eve, so Sage baked and decorated some oatmeal cookies for everyone

    Darling, Genevieve, and Cassandra sang around the tree

    When Darling and Genevieve got back from soccer, Father Winter came. Sage and Cassandra weren't there because they were attending the holiday ceremony.

    Darling decided to fight Father Winter for presents

    Then she kissed Genevieve under the mistletoe

    Right when Sage and Cassandra got home from the holiday ceremony, Cassandra went into labor

    It's a girl! Her name is Holly since she was born on Winterfest Eve.

    Here's Holly as a toddler. Since there's not room in the house for toddler stuff and I don't want Sage and Cassandra to move yet, I think I'm going to have her stay with Bella and Mortimer until after graduation. She can go back to living with Sage and Cassandra once they graduate and get their own house.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @mia_noelle97 Genevieve and Darling make a great couple.

    I did want to ask. Does the unflirty trait prevent autonomous romance? I'm asking because I made a sim that I want to be Ace and avoid romance. I'm not sure how that trait works.

    Dylan used the Siren Song on Santa because he was mean to Ember's Cat, Rocky.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Looks like I may need some music playing in the background to help me focus.

    Right, let's get started!
    Time for a visit to aunt Shelly Heart!
    Princess Roddy and Shine arrived at Azalea Abode. Shelly Heart welcomed them in. Shine went into her Azalea Abode Bedroom and Princess Roddy went into his. Shelly Heart came into the princess's bedroom. She smiled and gave her adorable nephew a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'How is my adorable little cutie pie doing?' Shelly asked, looking fondly at Princess Roddy:
    'I'm doing fine, auntie Shelly!' the princess replied:
    'That's good to hear, Roddy!' Shelly said, cheerfully. She then applied her shiny, bright pink lipstick.
    A very affectionate smoochfest from aunt Shelly Heart!
    Shelly batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Shelly then gave the princess several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    Princess Roddy went bright red and giggled. Shelly had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright pink lipstick smooches:
    The princess used one of his makeup removal wipes to remove the lipstick smooches from his face:
    Shelly then blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards her adorable nephew, which landed on his cheek:
    Then she gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    Shelly gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    She cuddled him tighter:
    Shelly then planted a very great, big, loving smooch on Princess Roddy's cheeks, nose and forehead. she then gave the princess a very great, big, long, loving smooch on the top of his head. Princess Roddy giggled and gave his favourite aunt a kiss on her cheek.
    Very loving bedtime smooches!
    Princess Roddy felt tired, so he changed into his masculine sleepwear and fell asleep on the floor. Shelly smiled and gently picked up her adorable nephew. She then carried him to his bed and tucked him in:
    Shelly then gave Princess Roddy several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    'Have a safe journey into the Dream World, my adorable little cutie pie.' Shelly whispered:
    Then she blew a very great, big, loving kiss towards the princess, which landed on his cheek, and left Princess Roddy's Azalea Abode bedroom. Shine came in and tucked her firstborn son in:
    And she gave Princess Roddy several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    'Sweet dreams, sweetie. Mummy loves you very much.' Shine whispered:
    Princess Roddy's face was covered in several very great, big, shiny, bright pink lipstick smooches:
    The princess was sleeping peacefully, and had entered the Dream World. He walked around his regal gardens, and introduced little Amy Lyles to the rest of the young visitors. Amy Lyles had taken a liking to Kelvin Albright, and they enjoyed frolicking in the flower meadows that were located behind Princess Roddy's Castle.
    So much loving affection!
    After a few hour's sleep, Princess Roddy woke up. He used one of his makeup removal wipes to remove the smooches from his face. Then the princess changed into his masculine hot weather outfit. Shine came over and gave him a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'How was your sleep, sweetie?' she asked, looking fondly at Princess Roddy:
    'I slept comfortably, and had a lot of fun in the Dream World, mummy!' Princess Roddy replied:
    Shine smiled sweetly. Then she batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Princess Roddy, which made him giggle:
    Shine then gave the princess a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Princess Roddy giggled and gave his mum a loving kiss on her cheek. Shelly then came in and gave the princess a great, big, loving hug:
    Shelly giggled. She then batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at her adorable nephew, which made him giggle more:
    Shelly then gave Princess Roddy a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Shine Furystrykar and Shelly Heart then gave the princess a very great, big, loving hug. And then they knelt down on either side of Princess Roddy and gave him a very great, big, long, loving smooch on each of his cheeks. Princess Roddy went bright red and started laughing like a Tickle Me Elmo toy! Shelly and Shine laughed too!
    Time to go back home!
    Princess Roddy and Shine got ready to go back to Dianthus Hall. Shelly Heart gave her sister a great, big, loving hug:
    'Thank you for visiting me, sister.' Shelly said:
    'You're welcome Shelly!' Shine replied:
    'You're welcome to visit Dianthus Hall any time!' she added. Shelly smiled. 'Thank you, sister!' she replied, cheerfully:
    Shelly turned to Princess Roddy. 'You're welcome to stay any time, my adorable little cutie pie!' she said, smiling sweetly. 'Yay!' Princess Roddy replied. Shelly giggled. She gently picked up her adorable nephew and gave him a great, big, loving snuggle. Then she gave the princess a very great, big, loving smooch on his nose. Princess Roddy blushed and giggled. Shine and Princess Roddy said goodbye to Shelly Heart, and went back to Dianthus Hall.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    bookwormsimmer25bookwormsimmer25 Posts: 24 Member
    I continued playing the Bjergsen family.

    Sophia decided it's about time to focus on school and is among top students right now. She's still trying to become popular so she plans on playing gigs outside. Perhaps she even gets some money. Her relationship with Jeb is going in the right direction. She just doesn't have much time for it, since she's studying and practicing guitar.

    Elsa's not doing much. She and Sophia became best friends. Sophia realized there's no need to feel jealous or have any hard feelings. Elsa loves her music and believes she's going to make it big some day.

    Bjorn and Clara agreed to try for another child. It didn't go as smoothly as they expected. They tried couple of times, and luckily it happened. Clara got pregnant. They were overjoyed and shared it with the kids. Kids took it well. Sophia had couple of teen mood swings and tantrums perhaps triggered by the news. Clara took pregnancy well, didn't actually feel anything unusual. She got to the hospital by herself and gave birth to the baby boy, whose name is Victor.

    I feel bad for making Clara the housewife but there's just so many things to do around the house and now with the little one. I'll try and work on her skills a bit since she's an excellent cook, maybe she'd be interested in baking. She may be a devoted wife and mother but she misses working. She's always dreamed about owning her own business. We'll see if that dream comes true.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    A Sim of mine won the GeekCon hackathon, which I’ve never had happen before! She only got 51/100 so the standard can’t have been too high. Or perhaps she was the only entrant… either way, still cool!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,014 Member
    I have a cat in game, who I took to the vet to get spayed… imagine my surprise when I got a notification saying she was in labour! She’s got the Free Spirit trait so I guess it happened then. According to MCCC she’s expecting three kittens, with Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Sr. I googled, and it has happened to other people. How weird!
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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    edited September 2021
    I usually let my sims find 'The One' after they finish high school, but I switched it up. Asher Cole is no-longer single!(at least not in my game) The lovely young lady is Tabitha Hawkins, a sim I made in CAS using the genetics of Brett Hawkins and Sophia Cartwright. I originally made those two prior to the release of TS4 Get Famous.

    Asher is the son of famous author/actor Ryan Cole and his wife Social Media Queen/Musician Katherine Cole. Both parents have tiles on the Starlight Walk of Fame.
    Origin ID
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    @Metior_Ice thank you!! As for autonomous romance, I’m not really sure because I play with autonomy off. They did autonomously pick romance socials when I directed them to chat but it was after they already had a romance bar and they were also both flirty. I think if the unflirty sim doesn’t have a romance bar with anyone they won’t autonomously flirt. I could be wrong, though.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Bonsai bushes, cuddling roosters and cooking!
    Time for a picture only entry!
    Jessica Honeydew visits!
    Jessica Honeydew, Shine's mother, came over to Dianthus Hall for a visit:
    Princess Roddy invited her in. 'How are you doing, Roddy?' Jessica Honeydew asked. 'I'm doing fine, grandma honeydew!' Princess Roddy replied. 'That's good to hear!' Jessica said, smiling. She then made a great, big kissy face at her eldest grandson, which made him giggle:
    Then Jessica Honeydew gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    And a great, big, loving hug:
    Princess Roddy smiled and gave his grandma a loving kiss on her cheek. Then Jessica Honeydew chatted to her daughter:
    Afterwards, Jessica Honeydew said goodbye and went back home.
    Planting mushrooms, lettuce and animal husbandry!
    What's this? Another picture only entry?
    Maintaining a bonsai bush, cowplants, chicken cuddles and more!
    And yet another picture only entry! (Shine's wearing a new dress in the first image!)
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    npc5579npc5579 Posts: 20 Member
    A sim I had spent days creating just burned herself to death in one day. It's a little funny and sad. I will definitely reset the file anyway.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    It was Winterfest, so Sage kissed Cassandra under the mistletoe. They did end up sending Holly to go live with Bella and Mortimer until after graduation, but hopefully they will have time to visit her until then.

    Everyone opened presents together.
    Cassandra got an empty box. She wasn't very happy about that.

    Darling kissed Genevieve under the mistletoe with Sage and Cassandra awkwardly watching

    Sage felt bad that Cassandra got an empty box, so he bought her some socks on Plopsy and gifted her those.

    Sage cooked the Grand Meal since he has the highest cooking skill

    Everyone sat down to eat after Genevieve and Darling got back from soccer

    The next day, it was the start of the new term. This term will be everyone's last term as long as they don't fail any classes. Genevieve and Darling had to stay up late doing homework but they still managed to make it to their morning classes.

    Cassandra had some leftover ham for breakfast

    Genevieve and Darling have both gotten whims to get engaged but I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe after graduation.

    Cassandra and Sage watched the TV season premiere

    Pretty soon, it was Friday, and since Saturday is New Year's Eve, everyone got a head start on term papers and presentations so they could enjoy the holiday. They all have both a term paper and a presentation this term.
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    sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
    edited November 2021
    Episode 10

    The next day, Sergio and Johnny stop by to see Danny, and Johnny shares that he and his wife, Wren, are expecting a baby soon themselves.

    Later, Akira has the first meeting of the Karaoke Legends at Waterside Warble, and meets the new members, Jim Ridgefields and Mathilda Willard.

    Akira, in a moment of altruism, I guess, asks Marcus Rowan to join the club, who happily accepts.

    Conversation Overheard at Riverside Roost
    Akira and Jeannie discuss childcare.

    AKIRA: I’m just not convinced that this corporate baby daycare place is the best thing for Danny. I mean he’d be with strangers and all those other babies who’s parents we don’t even know.
    JEANNIE: Sweetheart, it’s affordable and it comes highly recommended. We just can’t possibly afford to hire a Nanny. For Watchers sake, we aren’t in that income bracket, not yet anyway.
    AKIRA: Well, nothings too good for my family, not when it comes to their safety. I don’t care what it costs. Besides, I’m up for that promotion.
    JEANNIE: Yes, well, people have to make compromises, Akira, that’s just part of life sometimes.
    AKIRA: Hum.
    Unconvinced that daycare is the best option, Akira surreptitiously calls a Nanny Service while tending the garden.

    Akira is not thrilled, first of all “Manny” Nanny Brooks is a man, and secondly he’s younger that Akira.

    However, Manny Nanny Brooks proves to be good at his job.

    You’d think even Akira could cook Grilled Cheese Sandwiches without starting a kitchen fire!

    Akira gets a promotion!

    He shares the good news with his wife.

    Conversations Overheard at Garden Essence and Granite Falls
    Liberty and Travis chat about their impending Wedding.

    TRAVIS: I don’t get this whole hands off thing. In less than a weeks time, we’ll be marr…uh, husband and wife.
    LIBERTY: I told you, I want our Honeymoon to be special, not just another stop on the love train. Plus, your whole argument would carry a lot more weight if you actually didn’t choke on the word “marriage”.
    TRAVIS: Yeah, OK, I mean, it’s a really huge step. I’m totally crazy in love with you, Babydoll. But, a guy has the right to have some pre-wedding jitters.
    LIBERTY: Uh Huh…well, like I said, I want our first time as husband and wife to be special, something we’ll both remember for the rest of our lives. So, kiss me goodnight.
    TRAVIS: (under his breath) Trust me I’m not ever going to forget it, that is, if I don’t die from this totally unnecessary imposed celibacy first.
    Liberty sleeps alone, she has decided they refrain from intimacy till after the wedding.

    Liberty has taken up jogging, she says it’s for her job, but really she wants to look good in her Wedding Dress.

    Liberty has her hair and make-up professionally done, and wears a simple but flattering white dress.

    Travis did buy new clothes, but his hair looks the same as always.

    The couple is ready to get married!

    The wedding guests arrive.

    JOHNNY: Now, you just let me know if you get too tired or anything, Ok, and I’ll take you home right away.
    WREN: Relax, I’m fine, the baby’s fine. Besides, do you know how hard it was to find a nice dress that fit me? I’m not going anywhere, I want to get my moneys worth out of this dress.
    JOHNNY: I mean it Wren, you just say the word, OK?
    WREN: (sighs) Yes, dear, you’ll be the first to know if my water breaks or something.
    In a rare show of unbridled passion, Travis kisses his bride to be.

    The Wedding Ceremony begins.

    Rings are exchanged.

    Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Travis Scott!

    The newlyweds share the first slice of Wedding Cake.

    AKIRA: I can’t believe he got all those vows out. He didn’t stumble over any of the words at all.
    MIKO: It was a beautiful ceremony. (sighs) Liberty is beaming, she looks so….
    AKIRA: Different, right? She totally pulled out her A-game for this.
    MIKO: Yes, she looks very much the bride, doesn’t she?
    AKIRA: Yeah, she sure does. I think Travis was surprised too, he’s actually acting all romantic and stuff. That’s something you don’t see a lot.
    MIKO: Yes, he is very dashing today.
    AKIRA: O…K…
    The live entertainment is a big hit, as are the two bars.

    CANDY: Gosh, I love weddings!
    SIOBHAN: Me too, I never should have agreed to elope.
    SERGIO: Now Dollface, think of how much money we saved your parents.
    SIOBHAN: And yet my dad still can’t stand you.
    SERGIO: Well, he’s warmed up to me a bit, I think.
    MARCUS: Well, mam, your daddy probably don’t think any man’s good enough for the likes of you, can’t blame him for that.
    CANDY: Oh, how sweet! You’re a real gentleman, aren’t you Marcus?
    SIOHBAN: He sure is, Sergio, take lessons.
    MARCUS: Aww, now, any man that could steal your heart sure don’t need any lessons from me, mam.
    SERGIO: Thanks, Marcus.
    Before they can leave for their Honeymoon, there are things to take care of.

    Almost done!

    Travis exercises his husbandly duties when they arrive at the cabin.

    They do not take advantage of the Ranger’s offer of information.

    They have other things on their minds.

    They visit The Falls.

    They find it very romantic.

    They get carried away.

    Travis is ready for his second night of married life.

    @haneul I imagine there will be a lot of babies in my game, the townies are having marriages and babies right now, thanks to MCCC, so my couples will all have other children in the game their own children‘s ages. I tend to play families anyway.

    @Daravi I remember Punk, I had the “Sex Pistols” album back then, which was a close as I ever got to “Punk”, lol.

    (NOTE: So, I've been absent a while, but I sold my condo and bought a house, and going from a small condo to a house meant I had lots of empty space to fill, but thanks to estate sales, I have furnished rooms now. Plus, no mortgage, yay! Also, my 20 year old nephew moved in with me, with his cat, Vern. Anyway, I'm back.)

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    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Sibling affection time!
    Princess Roddy went into his bedroom to relax. Sophia and Hamish knocked at the door. 'Come in, Sophia and Hamish!' the princess said. So, the pair entered Princess Roddy's bedroom. The princess looked fondly at his little brother and gave him a great, big, loving hug:
    And then Princess Roddy gave Hamish a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Sophia giggled. She glomped Hamish, taking him by surprise!
    'Don't do that!' Hamish exclaimed. 'But you're so cute!' Sophia replied. She hugged her little brother tightly and tried to smooch him on his cheek! 'Big sister, could you not?' Hamish asked. 'Awww, can't I give my adorable little brother a little smooch on his cheek?' Sophia asked innocently, still trying to plant a smooch on Hamish's cheek:
    Hamish gave up struggling. 'You win, big sister.' Hamish conceded. Sophia giggled and gave her little brother a loving smooch on his cheek:
    Hamish started to giggle. Then it turned into laughter. Hamish's reaction was infectious, and it set Princess Roddy and Sophia off! 'We love you a lot, little brother!' Princess Roddy and Sophia said in unison. They then gave him a great, big, loving cuddle.
    Time for some lovin'!
    In Wendy and Tiffany's bedroom, Wendy and Tiffany embraced:
    Wendy then caressed Tiffany's cheek:
    And they flirted with each other:
    Wendy and Tiffany then chatted to each other:
    Tiffany loved being with Wendy, and Wendy felt the same way about Tiffany. The pair were inseparable!
    Candle making and comforting hugs
    Princess Roddy, Sophia, Hamish and their mother, Shine, went over to the StrangerVille Maker Labs. Sophia tried her hand at making a dipped candle:
    Then it was Hamish's turn. However, he managed to burn his hand:
    The pain was excruciating. 'Owww...OWWW!' Hamish cried in agony. 'Hold on, Hamish, let me get my first aid kit out!' Shine said. She quickly grabbed her first aid kit and began to treat Hamish's burn wound. Once the burn was treated, Shine kissed her youngest son's right hand, employing a special fairy magic that heals wounds. The burn disappeared, and Hamish wasn't in pain anymore. He was shaken up however. Princess Roddy comforted Hamish. 'There there, little brother. It's alright now.' he said:
    Hamish soon cheered up. 'Thank you, big brother. I'm ok now.' he said. Princess Roddy smiled. Hamish then gave the princess a loving hug:
    And a light kiss on his cheek:
    'Awww, you're welcome, Hamish!' Princess Roddy said, cheerfully. He gave his little brother a loving smooch on his nose:
    Shine smiled. She then went over to the fabricator and did some fabrication:
    She then made a carved, scented candle:
    Shine was very proficient in candle making.
    Motherly love!
    Shine went over to Hamish and gave him a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    Shine smiled sweetly. She batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at Hamish, which made him blush:
    Shine gave Hamish a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Then Sophia got a great, big, loving and warm hug from Shine:
    Shine gave her daughter a very great, big, loving smooch on her cheek:
    Shine smiled and gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    Princess Roddy giggled. Shine batted her eyelashes and gave her firstborn son a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Shine cuddled her beloved children. She was fond of them all.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    SablesashaSablesasha Posts: 417 Member
    edited September 2021
    I only just plonked the graves down after moving house and Avery is already mourning his parents and brother and Mr Woosley the cat, and yes he is a ghost too!
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Everyone had to work on their presentations and term papers. Poor Darling had to do hers outside in the snow because there wasn't room in the house.

    Cassandra wrote most of her term paper with her head turned away from the screen and her eyes closed. A little strange but she still got it done and that's all that matters.
    Darling practiced juggling the soccer ball after she was done with her presentation

    It was New Year's Eve, so Sage decided to show off his new gourmet cooking skills and tried to cook some fancy food for the party. Most of it did not turn out good.

    Pretty soon, it was time for the party

    Happy New Year!

    After watching the countdown, everyone danced

    Genevieve played ping pong
    The next morning, Darling was the first one up. Everyone else slept in really late because the party didn't end until around 3:30

    I really love them as a couple

    That evening, Cassandra and Sage went to visit Holly for a bit. They miss their daughter but know that she's better off staying with her grandparents until after graduation.

    Didn't want any of the party food to go to waste, so I made everyone eat the leftovers even though most of it was poor quality.

    More homework.

    Pretty soon, it was the last day of classes. Cassandra played her violin after she got done with everything.

    Everyone went out to eat to celebrate finally being done with school.

    The next day was graduation! Unfortunately since Sage and Darling went to Foxbury and their ceremony happened at the same time as Genevieve and Cassandra's I didn't get to see theirs.

    After graduation was over, Darling took Genevieve over to this very romantic spot in their neighborhood

    And she proposed!

    Then, I dressed everyone up in caps and gowns and took some photos

    I'm so glad to finally be done playing university with these sims. I love them all, but university with four sims is a bit much for me. I'll probably be rotating to a single sim after this but I do want to continue playing with both couples. I plan on playing Strangerville with Genevieve because even though I got the pack on release day I still haven't had a sim solve the mystery.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    Part way through the final days of my current rotation, I disguised my Aliens and edited my merfolk outfits again. lol. I really can't make up my mind with that, but every time I edit them, I feel a bit closer to what I want.

    Anyways, the biggest change is that only my Sulani Merfolk will have strictly an occult attire. My thought process is simply that merfolk from Sulani would probably be spending more time in the water and have less of a need to disguise themselves.

    Merfolk from the other worlds will not have any occult attire. I realized that some of them didn't have outfits in certain categories because of the season I played their rotation.

    Dylan and Zeph are exceptions to my Occult Attire rule. They went to University and will have a human disguise for Everyday, Cold Weather, and Hot Weather.
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Bees and cowplants!
    Picture only post!
    Some cute little additions to Princess Roddy's bedroom and Shine's study!
    I've been on a CC downloading spree!
    Clutter galore here!
    Cooking at the Sugar Rush Café!
    Shine and Princess Roddy went over to the Sugar Rush Café. They were going to whip up some scrambled eggs for the customers! So, the mother and son team got started:
    Shine and Princess Roddy made breakfast scramble, scrambled eggs and bacon, and scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon!
    It was a hit with the customers:
    Ayaan Venkataraman was enjoying his job, and was serving up a coffee to go for Yuki Behr:
    At night, everyone had finished their scrambled eggs and went home. Princess Roddy helped to clean Sugar Rush Café, and once everything was sparkling clean, Shine and Princess Roddy went back home to Dianthus Hall to rest.
    Visiting the Adventure Duo!
    After a rest at Dianthus Hall, Princess Roddy and Shine went over to the Adventure Duo's house. Pearl Victoria and Grace Valencia welcomed them in. Princess Roddy went over to one of the bedrooms. Pearl Victoria came in. 'How are you, Princess Roddy?' she asked. 'I've been doing well. I helped mummy in the kitchen of the Sugar Rush Café!' Princess Roddy replied, beaming. 'I bet you two enjoyed it!' Pearl said, cheerfully. 'We did! Mummy's an excellent cook!' the princess replied, smiling brightly. 'And you're a very good assistant, sweetie!' Shine telepathically said to her firstborn. 'Aww, shucks, mummy!' Princess Roddy replied telepathically. Pearl Victoria chuckled. Later, she applied her shiny, bright red lipstick. Pearl then made a very great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave Princess Roddy several very great, big, loving smooches on his face:
    The princess went bright red and giggled. Pearl had covered his face in several very great, big, shiny, bright red lipstick smooches!
    He used one of his makeup removal wipes to remove the lipstick smooches from his face:
    Pearl gave Princess Roddy a great, big, loving hug:
    Then she gave the princess a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    Pearl cuddled him tighter:
    Then she planted a very great, big, loving smooch on Princess Roddy's cheeks, nose and forehead. Pearl then gave the princess a very great, big, long, loving smooch on the top of his head. Princess Roddy giggled. Later on, he changed into his feminine cold weather outfit and did his hair. Princess Roddy then applied his makeup. Grace Valencia, Shine and Pearl Victoria chatted to each other:
    Afterwards, Shine and Princess Roddy said goodbye and went back home to Dianthus Hall.
    Gardening, animal husbandry and more!
    Another picture only post!
    Princess Roddy's vlog!
    'Hello folks! It's Roddy! Or rather, it's Princess Roddy!'
    'Hope you all are well!'
    'Soon, it's going to be winter in Simsonia! I can't wait to see Henford-on-Bagley in the snow!'
    'Winter for me means hot chocolate, snowmen, and ice skating!'
    'Looks like we've got a guest appearance! I see you, Angus McTavish II!'
    'Goodness me, another guest! Hello Prudence!'
    'Whilst winter can be fun, it can also be quite nasty! So, when it comes, make sure to wrap up warm and stay safe if you're going outside!'
    'So, have an awesome day, and let those smiles spread! Princess Roddy, signing off!'

    After he recorded the video, Princess Roddy edited it:
    The princess uploaded it, and responded to comments. Then he went up to his bedroom for a rest.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    I think I'm getting bored with my Cole family, but every time I try to play a whole different family I go back to them, then end up starting over. :(
    Origin ID
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    @HillyBeth I admit I was looking forward to seeing where things would go with your Cole Household.

    @DarkAngel1994 I admit that I was waiting for your next update. I'm loving the story so far!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited September 2021
    Jason Galen's Rotation has ended! Whitley is such a fun sim, and she seems to have this fiery nature about her. She's a human, so I have to figure out how I can get her to stick around. She doesn't seem like the type that would want to become an occult. I don't think being a mermaid, vampire, or spellcaster will work. The only way a spellcaster would be immortal is if they drink the immortality potion successfully. Maybe I'll just have to accept that she won't be around forever. As much as I would love to never have a sim I like die from old age, I'm at a loss for Whitley. She's a good sim, but I never got the occult vibe from her. I do think she can accept the existence of merfolk though.

    You could say that this first rotation cycle is all about getting the feel for who my sims are before I piece together a story for them.
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Started playing with Allie Ortega. She's the twin sister of Danielle Ortega-Scott who I've posted about on here before. I made her to explore Jungle Adventure because I haven't really done much with it even though I've had the pack for awhile.

    Allie read an archaeology book to prepare for her first trip to Selvadorada.
    The next day, it was Love Day, so Allie went on a date with Cameron Fletcher. He graduated from university awhile ago and lives in the same apartment building as Allie.

    Lily Feng got mad at them for flirting

    After the date was over, Allie went back home and watched tv. The date went ok but she's not sure if she wants a relationship right now.

    The next day, Allie went to Selvadorada.

    She bought some supplies and then headed straight for the jungle to explore. Unfortunately, she ended up losing her machete fairly quickly.

    She did some excavating

    Allie encountered some bats

    And then she got attacked by spiders

    The next day, Allie did some more exploring and found a temple

    She got farther down in the temple but it was getting pretty late

    She had a tent in her inventory so she just spent the night in the temple.

    She explored some more and finally got to the end of the temple but I didn't get a picture.

    Once she got home, she started trying to authenticate some of the artifacts she found.

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