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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,167 Member
    @mightysprite I didn't expected this request. I literally changed her first outfit and moved her into an empty building on the last day of 1979. Please give me a few days to develope her story and decorate the house? Right now I have an eye on the career of her materialistic and ambitious older brother, who is representing the capitalism of the 80s decade.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    No worries @Daravi , I was just a bit over enthusiastic :) I really like the character and am happy to read whatever you wish to share or not <3

    A city jog. I love the Arts Quarter. My city characters spend a lot of their time just going for jogs while I follow them with the camera :)

    A toilet pranker's just reward.
    (Baako Jang pranked the toilet late at night. His sleeping wife and daughter would need to use it in the morning. I directed him to repair it until he fell over from energy failure. After sleeping for about 2 hours he was then required to get up at 4am to repair it properly.)

    Anaya brought up the topic of college applications. "Those deadlines are coming up soon, Billie my love. Are you almost done?"
    "I'm almost... started" mumbled Billie. She felt confident that as a straight-A student all her life and a talented entertainer, she'd be able to waltz right into the University of Britechester's distinguished drama program. It's just that, so far, that confidence hadn't yet translated into writing the actual applications.
    Billie and Anaya both looked at the painting of a climber that Anaya had made for Billie, with its thinly veiled message that a great achievement comes only with great dedication.

    Billie's best friend Sai Savalani came over. Billie had enjoyed stealing Sai's favorite gnome from right under their nose, but it was time to give it back.
    "I have a funny gift for you! You'll love it!"

    "Oh yay! MY GNOME! Ha ha, how nice... JUST KIDDING! I am so angry at you I don't even know where to start."

    "Sai, I'm really sorry. I guess I thought you would find it funny."

    Apology not accepted. Sai went home.

    After that, Billie turned to stealing posters from school and scouts.

    Anaya is branching out from colorful and weird pop and abstract paintings and getting into creepy paintings from reference.

    Baako felt inspired one day and decided to give painting a try himself.

    "It's lovely, dear," said Anaya.

    It looked a bit like kindergarten art, but Anaya and Baako hung it proudly on their bedroom wall next to Anaya's landscape of Oasis Springs. One elegant palm tree, one goofy palm tree, not unlike their creators.
    Anaya reached the top of the painter career and completed the painter aspiration. With the promotion bonus, they splurged on a new bed. They were tired of their old uncomfortable one.

    And then Anaya dragged Baako off to the museum to show him some actual good art.

    Anaya's new aspiration is Soulmate. She'll miss Billie when she flies off to college, but there are advantages to uninterrupted time with her husband.

    "Yes Mom, I'm working on them..."

    Billie and her girlfriend Asami (they met in scouts as kids) went to the romance festival.

    Billie bought this cowplant painting as a sort of ironic but sweet gift for Asami. Asami is Erratic, you know. Unfortunately the painting disappeared immediately after purchase.

    Nevertheless, Billie received a goodnight kiss that left her head spinning

    Billie's grades are good but she's struggling with standardized tests.

    She's starting to feel just a tiny bit doubtful. Meanwhile, Baako put his foot in his mouth on Prank Day. He decided to give Billie fake bad news about a change in the test scores required for U.Brite. admission

    Uh oh. Hadn't expected to make daughter sob. Baako made an emergency apology.

    "Okay, you really got me, Dad," said Billie weakly.

    And then Anaya really got Baako back.
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    The Larson Twins: You might remember Jason and Jody from The Sims 2 and now its their turn.

    Since their home had a place for a dog, I added Scooby-Doo to the family.

    Here's Jody with her future husband, Phillip (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty). Things just don't work out enough for an affair with Gabe O'Mackey.

    Jason has had harder luck with the opposite sex when this lady rejected the rose he gave her.

    Now that Philip and Jody are married and it's a free love lot, he swiped a quick kiss with his brother-in-law.

    Jason's luck turned around with Akame (Akame Ga Kill) and since Jody is expecting twins, the house has no room for a brother to live in with them.

    It's not a total loss since this is Jason and his live-in girlfriend's (Akame) new home.

    Here are the kids. First is Hubert (named after Philip's father). Jody got hit with lightning.

    And Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty/Aurora's alter ego).
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Played with Felix and Billie today.

    Felix and Billie moved into an apartment together and I gave them makeovers. They also both got part-time jobs for now. Felix's parents gave him quite a bit of money when he moved out so they still have plenty but I want to make sure it doesn't run out.

    Billie is going to go to university along with Felix, so she worked on her skills. She has the geek trait so she's probably also going to major in computer science but will go into a different career than Felix.
    Felix is still working on robotics a lot

    Felix built an RC quadcopter on the robotics station. Unfortunately, it disappeared when he was done playing it and he couldn't find it anywhere.

    Billie and Felix adopted a hairless cat named Bacon

    Billie already loves him.

    Bacon is kind of ugly but I love it

    Later, after working on skills some more, Billie and Felix went to the spice festival

    Billie's mom showed up at the festival and Felix tried to introduce himself but this random townie decided to insert himself into the conversation

    Billie was happy to see her mom even though she only moved a couple of days ago

    The next day, Felix had his first day of work and Billie worked on her robotics skill

    When Felix got done with work, he and Billie went to the arcade

    After the arcade, Felix and Billie were both hungry so they went to the restaurant next door
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,167 Member
    @mightysprite Thank you. I see this as a good opportunity to try something else and play a little bit with other sims. I'm so far in this challenge now, the repeating family game play becomes a little bit stale for me with the time, the toddlers stay toddlers for 40 simdays in my game and haven't much do in lack of children/toddlers group activities. Missing things like make music together, perform magic tricks, play hide and seek or catch or boardgames and my personal favorite toddlers/young childrens game: pot hitting (a child with blindfolds has to search for a cooking pot with a wooden cooking spoon on his knees, others help him with hints of hot and cold. If the child find it, it get a sweat treat. It would be good nice to have to do more thing than playing with the same stuff over and over again. I know the last one could/is be very german specific, but it is what it is, I miss it. I've played already side characters in the early game to develope the future husbands and brought them in the right position and it will be nice to do this again. :)
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Oh boy, this took a while.
    Nishidake family frustrations.
    After a rest at Dianthus Hall, Princess Roddy got ready to go over to the Nishidake household. 'Will you need me there, sweetie?' Shine asked. 'I'll be fine, mummy.' Princess Roddy replied. 'Ok then, stay safe, my boy.' Benjamin said. 'Will do, dad!' the princess replied. Off to Senbamachi he went. Princess Roddy arrived. 'Hello there, Mr and Mrs Nishidake!' he said, curtseying gracefully. 'Ah, hello Princess Roddy! Come in!' Sachiko Nishidake said, bowing. 'Thank you, Sachiko.' the princess said, gratefully. Princess Roddy saw Shigeru sitting at the outdoor table. 'Hello Shigeru. I'm wondering if you could tell me what happened between you and Naoki Nishidake?' the princess asked. 'Sit down, and I'll tell you, your majesty.' Shigeru replied. The princess sat beside the elderly guardian of Mt Komorebi. Shigeru began to rant:
    'So that's pretty much why he gets on my nerves.' Shigeru finished. 'Ah, I see.' Princess Roddy said. 'Honestly, I'm worried about Naoki and Megumi's daughter, Nanami.' Shigeru said. 'The amount of pressure on that girl is not healthy.' he added. This alarmed Princess Roddy and it gave him a lot to think about. He then talked to Kaori:
    She was also worried about her boyfriend's little sister. Princess Roddy knew that something had to be done to help Nanami's mental wellbeing. So, after saying goodbye to the Nishidake household, Princess Roddy set off for Wakaba.
    Hostility at the Ito household Part 1.
    Princess Roddy arrived in Wakaba, Mt Komorebi. He felt uneasy when he approached the Ito family home. The princess could sense a lot of hostility. And indeed, there was a blazing row taking place outside the house. And in the middle of it all, was Nanami, who was fed up of the pressure of school grades, homework and trying to please her mum and dad:
    'Nanami, stop being a brat, and do your homework' Megumi said, scolding her daughter. 'I've done my homework! I've done it to perfection as you wished! Is it not enough? IS IT?' Nanami shrieked in frustration:
    'Not until you turn that C into an A!' Naoki said, annoyed at his daughter's disobedience. Nanami Ito burst into tears and ran into the house. Naoki then saw Princess Roddy, who was not pleased. 'Sorry about that. Come in, Princess Roddy!' he said. 'The one you should be saying sorry to is your daughter, Mr Ito.' the princess said in disapproval. Once inside, Princess Roddy found Nanami. 'Don't you worry, Nanami, I'm here.' the princess said, comforting her:
    He then gave Nanami a comforting hug:
    Naoki came in, and started berating his daughter in front of Princess Roddy:
    Kiyoshi was also in the vicinity, and had enough. 'Dad, you've been nothing but horrible to my little sister. Stop it!' he exclaimed in anger:
    'I am that close to walking out of here, and moving in with the Nishidakes!' he continued his tirade. 'You wouldn't dare!' Naoki rebuked. 'Oh, I would. I would even take Nanami with me!' Kiyoshi replied:
    Princess Roddy sighed. 'This is going to be a long day...' he thought.
    Hostility at the Ito household Part 2.
    Nanami was still upset. She went upstairs to her bedroom and sobbed her eyes out under the covers:
    Naoki Ito came in. 'DAD, LEAVE ME ALONE!' Nanami exclaimed, with tears in her eyes. 'You've been rude to me and your mum! Now stop crying and say sorry to me!' Naoki ordered:
    Poor Nanami couldn't take it any more and snapped. She went into a state of shock, followed by a seizure. Kiyoshi rushed into his little sister's bedroom and saw the whole scene. Leaping into action, he moved everything away that could harm Nanami, including the chemistry set. Then he grabbed the pillow from his little sister's bed and carefully put it under her head. He timed the seizure. Thankfully it lasted less than 5 minutes. Nanami regained control of her body. The ordeal frightened her and she started crying. Kiyoshi comforted his little sister. 'Get out.' Kiyoshi said, glaring at his dad. 'What did you say?' Naoki spluttered. 'I said GET OUT!' Kiyoshi blasted. Naoki did so, but he was angry. And he took it out on Princess Roddy:
    Princess Roddy finally lost patience. 'How dare you. HOW VERY DARE YOU! Due to you and Megumi's actions, your daughter, Nanami had a stress related seizure! If your eldest hadn't been there, it could have been a very different story!' he said, admonishing Naoki. 'How is it our fault?' Naoki protested. 'It's your fault, because you should have seen the warning signs that she was getting overburdened with your high standards!' Princess Roddy answered. 'You know, I don't have to listen to you. You're a child, and I bet all you do is sit on your behind doing nothing!' Naoki retorted. This was a big mistake. 'I do not sit on my behind all day and do nothing! I have a lot of responsibility as ruler of Simsonia, and I take it very seriously!' Princess Roddy bit back:
    Unbeknownst to Naoki, Megumi was listening in...she was starting to feel remorse for what she had done:
    Then what she heard next shocked her. Princess Roddy went back upstairs and comforted Nanami:
    And downstairs, Megumi came in. 'I heard everything. I can't believe I fell in love and married an evil man!' She fumed at Naoki. 'What's so evil about that? It's business!' Naoki replied. 'So, you call endangering lives business? Kaori Nishidake lost her parents because of what you did!' Megumi raged. Naoki Ito went white with fear. 'I...I'm sorry Megumi....' He pleaded. Megumi threw her wedding ring to the ground. 'Consider this marriage OVER!' she shouted:
    Kiyoshi had just come down from Nanami's bedroom. He saw his mum's wedding ring on the ground and instantly knew what had happened:
    'Mum, I think you need to say sorry to Nanami. As you probably heard, you're also responsible for overburdening her.' he said. Megumi went upstairs into Nanami's bedroom. 'I'm sorry, Nanami...I'm sorry for pushing you too hard...' Megumi said, tears rolling down her eyes. Nanami could see that her mum was genuinely remorseful. 'I forgive you, mum...' she said. Megumi, Kiyoshi and Nanami had a long and comforting hug. Princess Roddy smiled. Then he went downstairs. 'I'm sorry, Your Royal Majesty...please forgive me....' he said, grovelling before the princess. 'I won't forgive you. What you have done is inexcusable. Get out of my sight!' Princess Roddy bellowed. Naoki quickly gathered his belongings and left Mt Komorebi for good.

    Princess Roddy returned to Dianthus Hall, exhausted. He changed into his masculine sleepwear outfit...and fell fast asleep on the floor. Shine carefully carried her firstborn son up to his bedroom and tucked him in. Shine quietly left Princess Roddy's bedroom.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    I've been working on updates to the index. I believe the Eon/ Techron household has their stories linked in my blog for the index. When I make my next update, it might be short, we'll see. It's almost time for the last Heir, the Purple Tail Prince, Akira Ningyo. And finally, I'll get to move onto my evil households.

    For those who don't know,

    My Kailani Legacy became an Immortal Merfolk Legacy.

    Instead of producing heirs, there are 7 mermen, princes that will need to be recruited into a special club. Each heir that is recruited will need to be recruited after achieving one of that heir's achievements.

    Each Immortal Heir has a specific tail color and a theme. The White Tail Prince will have to live each of the other heir's lifestyles and achieveme something related to the other seven heirs with their own rotations.

    The next legacy after the Kailani Rotation will be a spellcaster legacy, and finally, the last legacy will be something I haven't thought of yet, but they will live on a 64x64 lot in Brindleton Bay.

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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    The Jang family took a day off to go on a visit to the University of Britechester. They brought Billie's friend Miki Akiyama (girlfriend of Billie's BFF Sai Savalani), along. Miki is also applying to U.Brite.

    "Wow, that's a very very large book."

    Billie met Peyton. Peyton was the image of an old-school U.Brite. student. Expensive clothes, expensive hair, perfect skin, finishing-school walk. She seemed unimpressed with Billie. "You seem... different from most people here," Peyton observed.
    "Hey, I'd rather be different than just be a follower," Billie retorted. Peyton left. Billie... didn't follow her.

    They headed over to the dining hall for lunch. The dining hall food was. Um. Quite something. "Can I live off-campus?" asked Billie.

    The student comedians were not good.

    The student poets were better, and Billie met some much cooler women. "Don't let the country club kids get you down," they reassured Billie. "There are lots of different kinds of people here, especially in drama and arts."

    Miki and Billie hung out in the dorm with other students. They had arranged to stay over for the night.

    Oddly, very few students seemed to live there.

    The next morning, Billie ran into Peyton at the arts building. She decided to crack a couple of jokes this time. Pretty soon they were cackling together like two old friends. Jokes can smooth over a lot of rough spots.

    When they got home, Billie's scholarship award letters were waiting in the mailbox. Happy news from the Scouts and San Myshuno Resident scholarships!

    Now she just has to get accepted to the school... Billie is tense all the time these days, which is really not like her.

    On Love Day, Billie, Asami, Sai and Miki went on a double date at a small historic club in Windenburg. Billie and Sai made up after their fight.

    Asami was randomly scared of something invisible. Erratic sims are funny

    Billie was happy to comfort her.

    Sai and Miki peeled off to conclude their evening elsewhere. Billie and Asami danced until late.

    On Sunday, there was a Mount Komorebi festival. Billie had a mischievous idea. She did some online research, called up Sai and said, "Guess what, I found the address of your dad and brother."
    "You can't prank me, Billie, I can see right through you."
    "This is for real! You were right that they went to Evergreen Harbor. I totally found their address. How many Savalanis can there be?"

    (Sai and their mom Tanvi Savalani were a random townie mom-and-child household at the beginning of the game. Tanvi married Salim Benali. There is another random townie Savalani household with a dad and son. The dad looks a lot like Sai, and the son looks a lot like Tanvi. So I decided they were estranged following a nasty divorce, and moved the dad-and-son Savalanis into Evergreen Harbor, awaiting a time when they might re-enter the picture.)

    "So here's my idea. Your mom and stepdad are probably expecting you to go to the festival at Mt. Komorebi like always, right? Well, you know how you're always wondering about your dad and brother? What if you tell your folks that you're going to the festival, but you actually meet me at the bus stop after scouts, and we ride over to Evergreen Harbor and find their house?"
    Billie and Sai knocked on the door and were invited in by Sai's brother, Ritvik. Ritvik was shocked and delighted to see Sai again after all this time. And he thought Billie was great, of course.

    Billie showed Ritvik pictures of the Benali-Savalani family's apartment. Ritvik teared up at the sight of his mother.

    Sai confronted their father about splitting up the family and preventing Ritvik from seeing his sibling or mother for so many years.

    "You have no idea what it was like between Tanvi and me. I really didn't have a choice."

    "Don't pull that sad-flower act with me," Sai growled. "I don't think I can ever forgive you."

    Meanwhile, Ritvik showed Billie the house.
    "It's very... neat," said Billie.

    "Yeah, I was surprised at how messy Mom's place is in your pictures," said Ritvik. "It seems a little overwhelming. I guess they are very different people, now that I look back on it."

    As they waited for the bus home, Billie asked Sai what they thought.

    "I forgot how much I hate my dad," said Sai. "He's like a mean old vampire, his house is dead looking, and he still doesn't think he did anything wrong. Just because they couldn't make their marriage work, doesn't mean they had to separate Ritvik so completely from me and Mom."

    "Ritvik was really cool. Don't you think we should see him again?"
    "We should definitely see Ritvik again. We're almost adults, right? Our parents can't control which relatives we see anymore. I'm definitely going to text with Ritvik every day now, and get together as much as we can."

    Anaya and Baako had birthdays on the same day. Baako became an elder, and Anaya became an adult. Baako the prankster received the Shameless trait, and Anaya the relaxed painter received the Carefree trait.
    I just love a sims party

    And Billie read a stolen book.
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    Larson: Since I want to balance out the ages of the twins, I only played Jason's house for one night.

    On the bright side, Akame and Jason are now engaged.

    Sadly, the house I moved them into had structural problems that I couldn't fix so I ended up bulldozing it and moving them into this new home.

    Sorry this is short, but I'm on to the next family.
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    Hey everyone!
    First some comments.
    @chuchuexpress Its been ages!!! So good to see Roddy and his happy family!
    @becka28 Oh my god that is horrible! I read your update! I so hope you are ok! Broken bones are never, ever fun (been there done that believe me). Especially around a birthday. We are all thinking about you. I am going to miss your updates with Quin and Rohan in the meantime (I added them and Slate to my main save!) Please keep us updated on how you are doing. You have lots of friends here on the forums and we’ll be thinking about you everyday. If we lived in the same area, I’d be there in a heartbeat with a casserole or a ride to and from the doctor’s. I am sending you lots of prayers and healing energy your way. And happy birthday!
    @simmerville Diego’s nails look great! (I am so loving the new spa update!!)
    @haneul Adelise is such a devoted mother! I do feel bad about her marriage with Asher though. He seems to be so narcissistic. I say she deserves better, but only she can make that decision. It sounds like he’d be a difficult guy to get away from….
    @metior_ice I like Jason and Whitney together! They make for a cute couple! I take it she doesn’t know Jason is a merman yet….
    @ck213 I like the screenshots of your university students…and also your Dark Academia build is amazing!
    @mia_noelle97 Congrats to Violet on her birthday! She’s absolutely adorable!
    @daravi Congratulations to Tomax and Charlottoe and their engagement! I love it when they autonomously propose :)
    @keidra Are you using the languages mod? I need to reinstall it. Its an awesome mod! And I love that jean skirt Liberty is wearing !
    @mightysprite I was laughing at your punishing Baako by making him fix the toilet after he pranked it lol. The autonomous pranking the toilet thing is getting on my nerves….
    @lady_earth Congrats on Akame’s and Jason engagement!’s what happened in my game recently!
    I played the Morecombe Mash/Silversweater household last time lol. I decided to drop in on my favorite family of all, the Fontenots!

    Well specifically the oldest teenage son, Gage Fontenot. He was going to summer camp. I do this occasionally. I like to put together a household of all my played teens with a summer camp leader and send them camping.
    Guess which camp victim..cough...coordinator I decided to send this time lol?
    Its Knox Greenburg! This strange strange little trash obsessed man.
    He’s cool 6wMa06Z.png
    I uploaded his house. I feel sorry for Knox because he lives by himself in this awful polluted place. His moms died a long time ago.
    Everyone was coughing LHv9ejj.png
    And Lisette’s reaction was perfect lol!! Oh I’m gonna have fun with this camping trip

    Granite Falls
    They all loaded up into Knox’ funky smelling van and drove to Granite Falls. It must have been a grueling drive. Poor Tierra Vanderspiegle was crying lol. Knox has a migraine coming on
    They all had bad days at school and were in the midst of major mood swings. I immediately had them journal their feelings in a bid to get rid of them...Hopefully 0XEyjb5.png
    And a few fun games of horseshoes

    They were much better by the next morning. Knox made breakfast
    And the teens were getting acquainted

    And of course our crew had to do the requisite hiking
    Our main hero Gage enjoyed hiking with his new friend Lucas Morecombe (Griffin’s son)U2k0arc.png
    And he found a wild plant lol. How exciting HMZql3b.png
    And its not a camping trip in the Sims 4 without a major fire 1cTPmVo.png

    Budding Romances:
    I had put in the romantic lot trait to encourage any romantic interactions. So far here’s what happened...It was not difficult
    Lucas Morecombe and Elsa Bjergsen
    As usual, romance has blossomed. Lucas has been secretly dating Elsa Bjergsen on the down-low. Apparently he’s taking after his old man Griffin, because Elsa is quite smitten. Griffin can romance like no other. Elsa is enjoying every minute 8uGUHzR.png

    Skyler MacMuruch and Lisette Morecombe
    Lisette, Luca’s half-sister, has had a crush on her friend Skyler for a very long time. They are both merfolk and I have been shipping them forever. I was kind of worried because they both share the genius trait, but Lisette is an indoorsy geek while Skyler loves the outdoors.
    But Skyler seemed to return the crush (I started laughing because I just noticed the hearts coming from the tent in the background. I didn’t see it during gameplay lol! XD

    Gage Fontenot and Tierra Vanderspiegle
    Gage has known Tierra for awhile. She’s the only female alien teen he knows. They were friends but I was surprised when they developed a crush on each other! Her dad is a doctor and she lives in Brindleton Bay MXxuLpc.png
    They were playing horseshoes one evening and started flirting. cpkNsYB.png
    And shared their first kiss pTR9eta.png

    Rain Rain Go Away
    Ok so enough romance for now. We spent the rest of the week hiking and jogging everyday!
    It rained and stormed. And stormed and rained. The teens were stuck indoors playing games etc because I did not install a tv in this build
    They played jenga 11QmTnl.png
    Some darts. Fortunately no one lost an eye gaOc9Dx.png
    And chess pmSlsOW.png

    The orphan
    There is one more teen, I’m not forgetting her! Lan Fen. I really like Lan. She recently became an orphan after her dad, Professor Fen, passed away from old age. She had no surviving relatives. She is currently living in a really awesome foster home in Brindleton Bay. She’s had a rough time of it so far.
    Being accident prone doesn’t help either QB1X6fq.png
    Knox really bonded with her too. He knows what it feels like to be the last of his family alive. He helped improve her cooking skills Sxl46QK.png
    She became best friends with Tierra and they spent hours playing chess together

    It wasn’t until after I finished this play through that I remembered I had 2 mermaids on hand who could change the weather. I am so ashamed lol. I forgot about that power

    Summer Solstice! And oh so many fires!
    Summer solstice rolled around. I make it a 2 day celebration in my game! It involves cookouts, water fun, campfire stories, fireworks etc.
    Lucas has a knack for storytelling 7MIveV1.png
    The next night was officially Summer Solstice. The first fire of the night happened. Some of the campchairs caught fire. TGOmJPz.png
    After that kerfluffle happened, Knox made up some tofu vegan hot dogs. Because of course he would p2jUIbo.png

    They had fun pelting each other with water balloons xbQFBfq.png
    And ate dinner 4DKEz3Q.png
    I had fixed the campfire chairs and tried to move them a bit away so there wouldn’t be a repeat. Fingers crossed.
    Knox sat everyone down for a fun and ecofriendly campfire story about recycling and the benefits of composting
    The screenshots speak for themselves lol
    I see the hint of flames there Knox v1lfcIj.png
    Ah now we’re reacting zDfL9HQ.png
    That looks scary. Fortunately their camp mates were there to extinguish the fire. Talk about a group trust exercise huh? JcjJTxw.png
    I was laughing so hard because Knox insisted on finishing his campfire story even though he was on fire! Fortunately Tierra and Knox both survived. I had everyone clean up and head for bed. DuVyyGT.png

    The Aftermath...or Knox gets a new life
    I transferred the teens back to their original families. I have always felt sorry for Knox. Here’s a grown plum man living with his moms on a former industrial site. I love the English Simmer to bits and she built a really cool looking build, but its not exactly play friendly. I mean the man lives in the operation box of a crane unit while his moms have the container. Knox didn’t have anything tying him to Evergreen Harbor. Time to move XfJpTNR.png
    To Henford-on-Bagley! FWRfi8J.png
    He got some chickens lPSEvUU.png
    And Grubs TAx4NQ5.png

    He bought a bike and enjoys riding around Finchwick and meeting all the locals XbfVyit.png
    He made good friends with Agatha Crumplebottom. She sent him on some crazy mission talking to all the gnomes in town lol QlBPz86.png
    He was a tad embarrased lol 6jWRJlo.png
    He did find a bit of romance too. He first pursued Kim who runs the grocer stand DqtYKie.png
    But that bombed horribly iqW4QhF.png
    He had better luck with that other chick that lives in the old converted barn. Cecilia. They went out on a date N4Fpi2t.png
    And had their first kiss sVJES3a.png
    They decided to officially start dating. trbbwAJ.png
    Things moved from there…. ckYXnBZ.png
    But they seem to be happy together...for now. I was heart broken to learn that she’s non-commital and has been complaining about being stuck in their relationship. I don’t know how long this relationship will last… df9Ii5R.png
    She was having whims to break up with him already.
    Till next time!

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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    Played with Billie and Felix again.

    Almost immediately after opening the game, Felix had to go yell at Geeta for being too noisy when he and Billie were about to go to bed

    The next morning, Felix had to leave for work right when he woke up so Billie had breakfast by herself
    After breakfast, she played with Bacon

    Later, Baako dropped by and Felix introduced himself

    Billie played some video games with him

    Pretty sure I say this about every single one of my couples but they're so cute together

    The next morning, Billie had her first day of work as a barista

    After work, she and Felix did some skill building and then they went on a date to Myshuno Meadows. They sat and talked on the fountain just like they did on their first date back when they were teens.

    Felix gave Billie a rose

    And then he proposed!

    She said yes!
    After the date at the park, both Felix and Billie were hungry so they went out to a new restaurant that I built. Not sure if I'm happy with it, it seems kind of dark even though I thought I added plenty of lights. It also took forever to get their table because this servo was the host and it was just standing outside broken for awhile.

    Shortly after the proposal, Felix had gotten the inheritance phone call. He couldn't pass up the opportunity even if it meant having 7 days to get married to Billie. Getting that money would definitely help when it was time for them to go to university. So he accepted the offer. Billie was on board. They arranged to have a small wedding at the courthouse with just family the next day. Billie made the cake that morning.

    Later that evening, it was time for the wedding. Miraculously, everyone sat except for Genevieve, who decided to stand directly in front of Baako.

    After the ceremony, everyone went upstairs for the reception. Felix and Billie cut the first slice of cake.

    Anaya was surprised that Billie got married so fast but she's still happy for her daughter.

    Genevieve for some reason thought it was a good idea to pull out her soccer ball.

    And that's all for today! I definitely wasn't planning on having Felix and Billie get married yet. In fact, I was going to have them wait until after they were done with university. But since Felix got the inheritance phone call when they were already engaged I couldn't pass that opportunity up. Now they won't have to stay in their part time jobs when they enroll in university.
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    AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 1,033 Member
    edited September 2021
    Giselle, who loves to sleep around and adores kids (she has twin toddlers, a baby and is constantly wanting more) fell in love with and married a guy who is jealous and hates children. Soon afterwards, the husband autonomously turned to drink to cope with childcare and competing with her two boyfriends and a number of male friends more than happy to entertain her. Two weeks in, and they are ready to separate. I love them both, but they were a horrible match.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,116 Member
    edited September 2021
    @sarabeth2984 Knox is pretty cool! And, He is a bit trash obsessed. Port Promise does look much more amazing with the NAPs active. I think Knox has one of the hidden eco living traits. That might explain some of his behaviors.

    And yeah, Whitney doesn't know that Jason is a merman, and with the Weirdos in San Myshuno, she probably wouldn't think twice about the merfolk that seem to like visiting the city. The Arts District is a favorite hangout for most of my merfolk. She absolutely doesn't know about his royal lineage.

    So far, I've been thinking about the different challenges for my immortal merfolk legacy.

    Each Generation of the Legacy will be a Rotation instead. Each Rotation will be 28 sim days.

    Rotation 1: White Tail Challenge

    Teenager Rags to Riches

    Character Values Need to be Maxed in the Positive or Negative for at least 3 Values

    Challenge Color: White: Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be white: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge

    The Parenthood Game Pack will be required for building and decorating the house. Toddler and Kids stuff packs are also allowed.

    Teenage Merboy or Mergirl must have adopted or biological parents.

    Completing this rotation will result in recruiting the first heir, the White Tail Merman or Mermaid.

    Each of the 10 Generations will follow in the fins of the 7 other merfolk that will be recruited. I'll share more details about the other challenges for the other tail colors.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    @sarabeth2984 I like your camping trip story and Knox was the perfect scout leader :)
    Imagine when the parents asked how the trip went: "well, there were only a couple of fires, Mom" "Oh, only a couple? that's not bad!"
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    SablesashaSablesasha Posts: 417 Member
    OMG it finally happened, one of my sims died in my game.
    She had just given birth, decided to go for a jog in the nude in a snowstorm. No idea how that happened but it did. Then started freezing. I couldn't resist letting it happen, seeing that deaths never happens in my game.
    Strangely she ended up in clothes as she froze
    One of her sons made it to her in time to cry as Grimmy turned up. Although the Grim was extremely late to the party.
    Is it bad that I was sooo happy that a death happened? lol
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    ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,228 Member
    Yeah, it's good to be back!

    Alright, here we go!
    The Festival of Youth!
    After a rest, Princess Roddy and Shine went over to the Festival of Youth in the Wakaba neighbourhood of Mt Komorebi. Shine gave her firstborn the Blessing of Youth:
    And then Princess Roddy did the mountain move with Yamachan!
    Afterwards, the princess ate an ice cream crepe:
    Princess Roddy then played on the monkey bars:
    Shine had an ice cream crepe:
    And she took a selfie with Yamachan!
    Shine and Princess Roddy had fun at the Festival of Youth.
    Cowplants, bees and animal husbandry!
    Picture only post!
    Studio PBP!
    After tending to his chickens and his cow, Princess Roddy, Shine, Chloe, Sophia and Hamish went over to Studio PBP. The arrival of Princess Roddy was announced. The group then went upstairs to the first floor. Princess Roddy did some knitting:
    And Chloe talked to Melody Rose:
    Later on, Princess Roddy changed into his masculine party outfit and chatted to Judith Ward, a long time friend of the Furystrykars:
    Judith smiled and gave Princess Roddy a loving kiss on his cheek:
    And a great, big, loving hug:
    Upstairs, Chloe gave her youngest nephew a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    She cuddled him tighter:
    The group went downstairs and had cream cola. Shine gave Sophia a great, big, loving hug:
    Afterwards, Shine, Chloe, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish went back home to Dianthus Hall.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,177 Member
    I won't get much gameplay done for the next couple of weeks as i have a few renovations of sims homes to get started.
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    Minnie_0329Minnie_0329 Posts: 4 New Member
    I am in need of some help! Hopefully someone can give some advice on how to resolve my issue.

    I have been playing TS4 on my Mac. I recently got my husband into playing after years of failed attempts! He created his own sim and moved into my neighborhood. His plan was to get my sims to break up with her boyfriend and get her pregnant (the drama!). Well he's enjoying himself and I am teaching him the basics etc. He visits my home and starts talking with me and whatever. Rewind really quick... the last time I played (right before he created his) I was pregnant in the 3rd trimester due any day with my second child. Fast forward to where we were previously. I notification pops up that child services will come if Ciera's needs aren't met. So I take over to see what the heck is this notification talking about. Who the h*ll is Ciera. Well I never did find out, he continues playing. All is well. SO I thought!

    I get on to play that next morning and realize my sim is not only not pregnant, but she had the whole baby and they named her Ciera!!! Not only did I have (well SHE have) an entire baby outside of my household mode, but the baby was turning into a toddler sun less than 24 sims hours. I missed her whole 3 day childhood!!!

    Now my husband (real life lol) wants to play some more and I want him to as well but I am scared for him to touch anything for fear of my household being affected.

    Please tell me there is a fix????!!! I would love for us to be able to play together at some point but right now the immediate thing is to not have our sims be neglected while the other is playing.

    TIA for any help or feedback!!!
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,206 Member
    edited September 2021
    Hi @Minnie_0329 and how fun that you two are playing sims together :) I often play with my daughter in a similar way. I also have a rotational game where I play about 12 different households one at a time.

    There are different aging settings available. The one that will probably work best for you is if only the household being actively played at the time experiences aging. Or aging off completely. Sims from the other household might walk by the lot, interact with the household you're playing etc. as if they're NPCs, so they can develop relationships with your active sim or with each other or other NPCs who happen to be there at the same time. But they won't age, and whenever they're not visiting the lot you're playing, nothing will happen to them until you go to play them again.

    Well, almost nothing. Pregnancy takes three days no matter what. It doesn't work like aging. The baby will be born three days after conception. If you are not playing that household anymore at that time, the game chooses a random name. You can change the name in CAS when the baby becomes a toddler. (click Edit in Create-a-Sim from Manage Households, or just have the toddler click Plan Outfits or Change Sim on a dresser or mirror).

    If you want to be present for the birth, then make sure you're playing that household on the third day after conception, or plan conception for a time when you know you'll be playing the family 3 sim-days later.

    When you go back to play the family with the baby, you may get a notification that the baby is very hungry and might get taken away, if it's been a couple of days or more since you played them. Do feed the baby, but don't panic. Social services is not right around the corner. This just happens when you haven't played the household in a while. (This also can happen when a sim you are playing is visiting another household with a baby; in that case, the sim you're playing can quick go and bottle feed the baby even if it isn't your baby!)

    How to set aging settings:
    Go to Game Options
    Go to Gameplay tab
    Choose the desired aging option from the dropdown menu. I suggest Active Household Only. Or if you want aging off altogether, Aging Off, and then no one will age unless you do it manually with a birthday cake.

    In the same tab you can also set NPC aging. If you leave it on in a rotational game with 2 households, the NPCs will age twice as fast as the played sims. 3 households, NPCs age 3 times as fast. Most people don't want this, so they either leave NPC aging off entirely and sometimes do it manually with a cake, or they do what I do: have NPC aging on while playing one and only one household, then remember to switch it off while playing all the other households. That way the NPCs age at the same rate as that one household. And if you want your whole world to age at the same rate, you can choose to play each household for the same amount of time.

    Have fun!
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    Lady_EarthLady_Earth Posts: 187 Member
    McGregor: Another The Sims 2 alumni who is based off the tale of Peter Rabbit.

    I decided to give him a Cheshire Cat since his home is a cat haven.

    But before we start the story, we should see who got naked today and it's Cliff Huxtable of The Cosby Show.

    One thing that's interesting is having a flirty sim (Sharon Wirth of TS2) and an unflirty type like Leod McGregor. Sure Sharon has to do a lot of the work, but it can bring surprises. They pretty much are living in sin due to Sharon being non-comital and Leod being too nervous to take the relationship further.

    Poor Leod died of laughter and even Sharon's attempt to seduce the Grim Reaper didn't work.

    Some Sims mourn, but Sharon copes with woohoo. First with Darrel Charm and then the ghost of Leod.

    And finally, we have Mopsy, Leod and Sharon's daughter. Named after Peter Rabbit's sister.
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    Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,870 Member
    @ChuChuExpress , @mightysprite , @haneul and @Metior_Ice thanks for the good wishes. I am missing my sims terribly and in between the moments of pain and hard work I wish I had my laptop but Lockdown means no visitors or deliveries.

    @sarabeth2984 thank you for the lovely comment. I am feeling fairly low so was nice to read. I hope Rohan behaves for you (i know Slate and Quin can be trusted).

    I have a NSB tiger update uploaded to imgur but I do not feel up to the mental challenge of creating a forum post via my phone. Enjoy the new updates everyone xxx
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    mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 575 Member
    edited September 2021
    Rotated back to my university sims so I can have them do their final two terms and graduate.

    Doing homework, as usual. Winterfest is coming up so I bought them a few decorations.

    Genevieve and Darling are still on the soccer teams at their schools

    Pretty soon, it was the first day of term. Cassandra headed off to class.

    She and Sage watched tv and talked while Genevieve and Darling were at soccer

    Poor Darling has all 3 of her classes on the same day and she got sick

    She and Genevieve are still good friends, although for some reason the relationship panel is glitched and it says they're acquaintances. Their friendship bar is still pretty full so it's weird.

    Then this happened. I think I do want them to get together but I'll probably take things very slow since they're both unflirty.

    That's all for today! A short update but I didn't take many screenshots since everyone mostly just did homework and took care of needs.
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    KeidraKeidra Posts: 460 Member
    Sending good vibes and wishes! Hopefully the time will pass quickly and you'll be back at your normal day to day sooner than you think!

    Yes ma'am I sure am. I never liked the idea that all Sims speak the same language tbh, though I understand actually creating multiple languages for this game would be a lot of work for nothing.
    Anyway, me too! I'd totally wear a skirt like that tbh.


    Sorry I sorta dropped off the planet. Life sort of turned upside down for a bit, and I had to spend some time reinstalling my server and restoring the sites on it and whatnot, then the power went wonky for a few days, bleh.
    Latest YouTube video released last night.

    Liberty Lee Side Save
    Spent some time playing chess on the computer. (One of ravasheen's mods.) She needs logic for her job, of course.

    About here I put in adeepindigo's healthcare redux, which is a little more expansive than the SimRealist private practice but they work together very well. Albeit, everything got way more complicated lol
    So Liberty did her in-person (PP) checkup, and everything seems fine though she Is allergic to Basically Everything (cedar, oak, ragweed, mother plant, yeah). She's allergic to Mt Komorebi ragweed (and Newcrests I think), so the air makes her uncomfortable if she's not on her antihistamine. Kind of annoying it doesn't Sorta follow the seasons bc ragweed's worse in autumn and spring but okay.

    She ordered a zoomers delivery on a Sunday. And Finally got it that Thursday, and the game stole my physician's assistant for that, but okay. Lol

    Honestly if DoorDash or GrubHub took four days to deliver my order, -200 stars for you.

    Got my ReShade working again. I have a couple of specific filters on my game that make it very clean and polished looking, and it's really nice for screenshots, and every day play. The colours are bright without being overdone, the details are sharp, and I just, everything looks so washed out and blurry without it.

    I have LumaSharpen, Levels, and pictureamoebae's thatched colouring. You can probably get something close to this if you also use ReShade.

    I decided to use the space behind the house for some planters, and Liberty started growing oversized crops. She didn't really make anything notably big, mostly small stuff, but all perfect quality at least. She decided she likes gardening, as well.

    So once while getting a meal, Naoki Ito randomly wandered up to her and started yelling at her out of nowhere. (He is a mean Sim.) It drove their relationship down into the negatives and now Liberty can autonomously be mean to him whenever she wants. And apparently she will because she had a jolly good time giving him what for after.

    Unfortunately, Liberty was later diagnosed with insomnia (a sleep disorder), and this happens from time to time. However... um. Funny story, apparently it conflicts with LMS' sleep all night because I basically never see the effects of this disorder. Libs doesn't wake up in the middle of the night. She woke up here because she had to pee, not because of the moodlet.

    Anyways, the healthcare redux mod has been honestly really rude to my Sims lol Liberty's allergic to absolutely everything, she got a cold, and then the norovirus from the PP mod, and then immediately after got another cold and then was diagnosed with a sleep disorder, like man.

    Back in the Eisenstern legacy, they're not having a great time of it either...

    We got the new swatches for things, and I started playing with them. Absolutely lovelovelove.

    I also discovered several pack hairs have been made basegame and converted to child and toddler, so that's pretty great. (Two from DU and one from Parenthood)

    Eisenstern Legacy
    Current Heir: Juno (gen 4)

    The new little monster hasn't been nearly so annoying as little monsters usually are. Actually she's been quite angelic which is funny because she doesn't have that trait (she is independent and inquisitive; my tots can have two because of the more traits in CAS mod).

    Actually when left to her own devices she 100% of always goes to the nesting blocks. Once she autonomously used the toddler tablet.
    The flame here definitely is not dead. These two were a whim, but they have proven to be absolutely perfect for each other somehow.

    Little monster's first bath time! Splish splish! Yee!

    My toddlers have this infuriating habit of stringing interactions so bad the other Sims can't do anything around it. Junotot did it once with her mother, stringing the "ask for comfort" interaction so hard Branwen was blocked from responding, bc she'd start to and then Juno would interrupt it to do another ask for comfort.

    Katja did the same thing asking for this bath, I had to take control over her and disable autonomy for selected Sim so she'd stop it long enough for Juno to Do it.

    Ivander has the maker trait, but he does not autonomously make things often enough for the hidden tracker to be pleased, so he keeps getting sad because he doesn't make things.

    I told him to make things.

    Sigh, I guess it was a matter of time.

    So guess who's pregnant...

    Idk what she's on about but man it sure looks exciting.
    So what's that dazed moodlet Juno's got?

    Juno developed gestational diabetes. Yeah that healthcare redux mod sure comes for your throat.
    I was like, well this is rad.

    I shouldn't have answered That phone call. Instant Regret.

    This was a little bit of a complicated birth because of the gestational diabetes, and it decided to auto induce within seconds of her going into third trimester, so I guess that's like, inducing labour around the six month mark? Sus. Reeeal sus.

    But we got through it and now she's disappointed because that pregnancy "didn't go according to plan," and I'm like. I have Feelings about this decision and this moodlet but I'm going to spare you guys my rambling.

    They had a little boy, and I named him Lucius. Lucius is like Juno's name Roman, it is a Roman praenomen.
    We had some more age ups (Valentina, Cedric, and Jasper aged up to child, Jannike made it to toddler, Kristyn [Morgyn and Caleb's daughter] finally got pregnant, etc), but I don't care enough to post pics lol

    Bunch of linguist nerd stuff and etymology and the semantics of how Roman names worked, if anyone was interested.
    Basically the praenomen functioned as a first name, but everyone had a small selection of first names so a lot of people in ancient Rome had the same first name. After the praenomen was the nomen/gens which was the family name and then sometimes you'd have after it the family branch, and then the cognomen, which was what people normally called each other. Calling one another by praenomen was reserved for family and very close friends and lovers. So, the philosopher we know as Seneca, his name was actually Lucius, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, but he was called Seneca; if he had no cognomen he would be called as Annaeus.
    Lucius derives from Latin lux, meaning light. Depending on region, it can be said as loo-shuhss, or as loo-see-uhss, or more of a loo-syuhss. I've also heard people say it loo-siss. In the original Latin, however, it would be pronounced as loo-keh-uhss, ish.
    (Fun fact, Gemini in original Latin pr is not said as jem-ehn-eye. It is geh-mee-nee.)

    If anyone's curious what all were used as praenomen:
    Agrippa, Appius, Aulus, Caeso, Decimus, Faustus, Gaius (Caius), Gnaeus, Hostus, Lucius, Mamercus, Manius, Marcus, Mettius, Nonus, Numerius, Octavius, Opiter, Paullus, Postumus *usually given to a child whose father died after he was conceived, Proculus, Publius, Quintus, Septimus, Sertor, Servius, Sixtus (it is not Sixtus but you can probably guess what it actually is), Spurius, Statius, Tiberius, Titus, Tullus, Vibius, Volesus, and Vopiscus.

    Our more observant friends might've noticed several of these are Latin numbers. Quintus, for instance, means fifth. These names were given either in the order the child was born, or in reference to the month they were born in. These would go Quintus, Sixtus, Septimus, Octavius, Nonus, and Decimus. The feminine names were Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quarta, Quinta, Sixta, Septima, Octavia, Nona, and Decima. Theoretically the masculine versions would be Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, but I don't believe there's evidence of these first four being used for male children. Apparently nobody was down with the idea of naming their firstborn son First.

    As a fun aside, praenomina tended to trend in families. Ergo certain families would make heavy use of very specific praenomina, where other ones would never use a praenomen at all. Many of the praenomen also gave rise to patronymic gens (nomen) names.

    I am kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for.
    I am autistic. Wording isn't my strong suit.

    Stop player on player violence.
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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    I've been playing on a long lifespan for almost a month and I have to admit that I love it! I'm still on my founders and first generation, though the oldest child has now aged up to a teenager! The family is expecting another baby as well. Luckily Asher can help with him.

    Summer trip to Sulani, where Mom told the family they were adding to their lot. Asher and Hadley weren't surprised. LOL!!!

    Asher and Ben later celebrated their birthdays(teen and child respectively) and Asher actually grew up with a funky hairstyle! Love it!

    Ben looks a lot like their dad, though he has hazel eyes, instead of brown

    The kids' baby brother's name will be Tristan Spencer Cole. He, his brothers, and his sister will be forming a band once all four are out of college.
    Origin ID
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,167 Member
    I think I keep the background section short this time, because further down I have to explain a hot topic a little bit more specific

    1980 - 1982

    Main event beside the demonstation and massive unemployement was the Constructive vote of no confidence in the Bundestag 1982, where Helmut Kohl won against Helmut Schmidt. Helmut Kohl had promoted a conversative change of morale. What ever he meant with that, his Party is well-known for corruption and scandals, in my opinion.

    Waiting for Christmas


    This time no one was disappointed with their gifts.



    More under the spoiler.
    Sandra has had her Birthday and is now a child.


    I gave her and her parents a makeover.


    Hans retired from his job at the age of 63 years. He was sad about leaving his work.


    By a request of @mightysprite I've focussed on Sabine Kaufman, the sister of Erika, for a while, who became a punk and moved to Berlin. I have to explain why I did this, but I need some time to tell why. It is a topic which still has an influence until today. Berlin was always tenant city. Every citizen of Berlin has a right to live in a home by law.
    Berlin in the 1980s was a morbid place (okay, it is still so), real estate speculators left houses vacant and dilapidated. The local goverment wanted to bulldoze these and wanted to build standardized and anonymous houses, of which the local citizens weren't happy about. A small group of punks became squatters to rescued these old houses and they repaired them as far as they could.


    At first the squatters were peaceful and had the support of the local citizens. But with the time and an agressive police behaviour more violence came into the city, like young and bored teenagers too. The policed and justice threated everyone, who doesn't fit in the scheme, hostile, because many of them supported a right politics, they give the racists a low verdict and harder verdicts to lefts and other minorities. We mostly say in in german that they are blind on the right eye. These occupied houses have been cleared by the police. On one day a young punk died through one evictions, which left the people speachless about the brutality of this death and the reaction of the police comissioner. The local goverment change their opinion. Many squatter became legalized and got a real lease contract. The cruel fact nowadays: today a worker with a normal income can't afford especially these homes anymore in due of the high rents from real estate companies, who squeeze out the tenants like a lemon for more yield. Tenants who have lived there for decades are forced to leave their known environment, because they can't affort the rent anymore.

    Back to Sabine. She fit in very quickly in to the house comunity. As you now Hans and Annemarie are very conversative andgave rigorous education to their children. Sabine, too late for the hippie era wanted to break free, she didn't care about having a job and capitalism. She saw no point in mindless shopping.



    With the time they have founded a band together, new members joined them.

    The Punk have changed over the year and was divided in several subgenres.

    The band has their first gigs ...


    and is observed by the police. Maybe Erika just have asked Fabian to look after her sister. I don't know?


    It was not much, but they have earnt money when they got a contract with a music label.


    Okay, the audience doesn't really fit in. :D


    Not all things went well. One ob the biggest problem for Punks are the fascists and racists next to the police, who are threatened them. In the 1980s Skinheads were a part of the punks but in Germany this part of Punk was taken over very soon by the far rights, who hates them.

    Sabine told this young man to mind his own business, just in not so friendly words.


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