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Hello visitor,

In this and the following post, I proudly showcase my comp entries and shared lots. Hope you fancy em!

A small introduction to Twiggy a.k.a. Snn77 (Origin)
My younger brother introduced me to the Sims as he has done with many a pc game. I was immediately hooked to the Sims and played all pc versions except the Sims 3. Back then I had a World of Warcraft field trip that kept me away. Met my sweetheart in Warcraft's Crossroads and that's in short how I became a stay at home mom of the most wonderful WoW twins ;)

I have always been into the building and decorating of sims homes very much. When the Sims 4 came out, love was rekindled and now I can spend hours on a new lot, room or sim. I tend to make my creations very detailed. That is probably the little perfectionist in me lolz Until the Sims 4 I never really shared lots or creations with the community. Most of the lots I made for my sims only. Now I am sharing with the community and active on the forums since August and having such a blast! I truly love the warmth the sims community holds. And after seeing so many beautiful showcases of awesome creators and some encouragement from creators and fellow simmers alike I didn't want to stay behind. So in this showcase, I will be adding some existing builds, entries to build challenges, my inspiration, and new lot creations. So this post will remain a WIP haha

If you have any suggestions, feedback or chit chat for me, be welcome to leave some behind :)


Extraterrestrial Explorer
For Quality Control edition 18 (closing March 11) participants are challenged to create a home on stilts. This led me to create a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in the shape of a rocket.
A lot of science items are used throughout the build. The paths on the lot are created using mostly floor paints and rugs. For more pictures and/or download, click here.


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  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
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    Here is an overview of some of my builds I have shared on the forum. Of course, they are available for you too, I hope, enjoy as I do :)


    Mayor Movement
    My very first challenge entry ánd placing second for Under Renovation 12
    This has a wonderfully hidden entrance to a gorgeous basement. For more pictures or dl, click here

    Eloquent Elderly Estate (first place)
    Entry for cbear13's Quality Control Monthly 2. I chose to build a private nursing home for the elderly.
    The nursing home houses 6 elderly and 1 live-in caretaker. The household can be found in my catalog also. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

    the judges review:
    Cbear13 wrote: »
    1st Place:
    Eloquent Elderly Estate by @Twiggy
    Congratulations Twiggy your nursing home is amazing and the residents will be very happy here.

    Feedback is in no particular order after the first place.

    @Twiggy 5%20stars%20x50.png
    Eloquent Elderly Estate - I loved walking up to this nursing home and seeing the gorgeous building design and exterior, I also loved seeing the large driveway with the beautiful flowerbeds. It was great to see plenty of parking space for guests and the backyard is so relaxing and serene especially with a swimming pool for the guests. The inside was very well-laid out and designed, I loved how every room was personalized with different furniture and clutter. It is wonderful to see so many different activities for the residents to enjoy and loved the atrium. Overall great build the residents will be very happy here.
    Critique: I couldn’t use the dresser in the yellow bedroom due to the bed


    Madaba Marvel
    This is my latest build challenge entry. The comp I entered this park with is the Quality Control Monthly challenge.
    Idea was to create a vacation destination. I created this lot with the sites in for example Jordan and Pompeii in mind; to show the old remnants of previous settlements there. For more pictures and/or dl, click here.
    Cbear13 wrote: »

    2nd Place Tie:
    Madaba Marvel by @Twiggy
    Newcrest Hilton Hotel by @Liziann1

    @Twiggy 4%20stars.png
    Madaba Marvel – Madaba Marvel is gorgeous and we love the background story to this resort. Great architecture and such a wonderful job blending in the rocks and the building. The landscaping is gorgeous with so many bright colors and detail and the star-shaped spa and surrounding area was a great touch. We loved seeing all the activities especially the pretty artists' area. The interior is definitely full of color and we loved seeing all the different themes to the bedrooms to cater to all kinds of guests. Gorgeous and creative patios that really blend in with the surroundings and we love the great floor patterns. The rooftop spa was fantastic, so relaxing with a great view. Overall fabulous resort well done.
    We found that the espresso machine on the patio couldn't be used because the sims couldn't access the grinder next to it, we found a kid's rug sticking out from under a normal rug in the kids' room which looked a bit odd and the curtains next to dartboard were poking into each other.

    Arid Abundance[/b]
    A colonial spanish build with 3x bed, 3x bath, pool, open plan formal dining and basement.
    For more pictures and/or dl, click here.

    Bakery Bruttoboni
    My first attempt at a retail venue. Situated in an old converted watchtower it is as the name suggests a bakery.
    The lot comes with an employee room that could be converted into a home in the basement. For more pictures and/or download, click here.[/center]



    A family home based on a design from 1932 by a dutch architect, Sybold van Ravesteyn.
    For more pictures or download, click here.

    Rietveld Revisited
    The inspiration is a building from designer Gerrit Rietveld.
    For more pictures and download, click here

    Martian Modernity (first place)
    For 4sims4 thirteen I was challenged to make the first home for an alien in disguise, Yug Niela, out to study human behavior in Newcrest.
    The alien hideout is separated from the home in the basement, included is a rocketship. For more pictures and download, click here

    the judges' review:
    Alien Hideout

    Martian Modernity by @twiggy

    Oooh…I love the exterior and how it was decorated in autumn colors and with pumpkins. Well done there and the waterfall outside is so modern and nice. I love how you use the basement feature and sort of hiding the rocket. So cool. The plants and the desert feel to the place is also very warm and inviting. You also have a teen study table as well as a child art table which is perfect for a family. The modern kitchen is very unique and warm. Love this. I really like all the art in the home and the décor is very Asian modern which is perfect for your sims’ undercover disguise. He reminds me of Sulu on Star Trek! Ha! I love the experimentation room and all the alien gadgets. I also appreciated that Yug had high rocket skills! Great job!

    Since there were only five of you, we will only give out first place...

    And we have a TIE!!!

    The first place goes to...

    Martian Modernity by @Twiggy and to Modern Alien Hideout By @vethesims

    Goodness, it was CLOSE! A good battle, ladies! And thank you for participating!



    Portobello Park
    This is my latest build challenge entry. The comp i entered this park with is the wonderful Quality Control challenge, edition 15.
    Idea is to create a park where a theater is also situated. The theme asked for is a magical fairy theme. For more pictures and/or dl, click here.
    Cbear13 wrote: »

    3rd Place:
    Portobello Park by @Twiggy

    @Twiggy 4%20stars.png
    Portobello Park is amazing we especially loved the theme building a giant mushroom. The night view is gorgeous and the landscaping is simply beautiful with such great colors and creativity. We love all the little decorated seating areas. Great activities throughout for young and old and we love the outdoor bar area. The building itself is amazing such great architecture and decoration inside is so great. The stage is very cute and with so much color and decoration going on it really gives that fairy feel. The use of floor stars around also really helped achieve that magical feel. Overall amazing park such a great theme and decoration.
    We couldn't use the bar as access to it was blocked by the lantern lights and flower boxes. One of the cairs for don't wake the Llama couldn't be used.

    Silvermoon Solace (first place)
    WINNING entry for Quality Control 2
    The "floating patio's" give space to meditate and do yoga routines :). For more pictures and/or dl, click here

    the judges review:
    Cbear13 wrote: »
    1st Place:

    Congratulations @Twiggy, jaw dropping build.
    Silvermoon Solace


    @Twiggy 5%20stars%20x50.png
    Silvermoon Solace – I love the WoW references and what an amazing creation. Your exterior and landscaping are stunning, so detailed and creative and definitely fitting for fairies. The interior was beautifully designed, I loved the hexagon-shaped rooms and each room had their own personality.
    My favorite areas were the meditation and yoga platforms, the fairies were over the moon and couldn’t wait to try them out. Your water features were gorgeous and creative. I also thought the roofing was amazing and your use of the urn, lights, and candles to add to the design was so creative and outside the box of thinking. Overall smashing build, well done
    Critique: Move along nothing to see here….

    Hideous Horrid's Hide-out
    Entry for 4sims4 ten. This was a build a mansion for a troll prettacy challenge.
    Made my home for a modern time troll that wants to shed his heritage in making his lineage prettier. For more pics or dl, click here

    the judges review:
    The Mansion on Horrid Hill Results

    Hideous Horrid’s Hideout by @Twiggy

    So wonderful! I loved every inch of this space. My favorite area was the creative kids’ rooms. It looked like a cross between a crazy Alice in Wonderland and a vampire’s party. And I appreciated the kids’ playground outside and all the attention to detail. The only caveat was it was a bit too modern for Harry in some places. BUT I was blown away by your creativity and I’m SO glad you entered. You are very talented! I hope to see more from you!

    Since there were only four entries, I can only announce two awards but all will be appearing in the story at some point and you will be mentioned as the designer along with a link to your house. Everyone did such an amazing job!!! Well done! I appreciate you entering! I know it took each of you a long time to create such wonders and I can't wait to feature each of them!

    Great job and thank you all for participating!

    Fun Fair Familyhome
    A fun-filled circus-themed build for a loving family called the Pulido Parade. 10-26-15_9-18-20c2a0pm.png
    This build was triggered by gizky's blueprint challenge 6.For more pictures and/or download, click here

    Bon Voyage? Bonne Année!
    This is my entry for 4Sims4 sixteen. The goal was to commemorate a favorite pack of earlier sims versions. I obviously chose Bon Voyage (Sims 2).
    On a single vacation lot, you will find three separate units each in a style of the vacation destinations of Bon Voyage. For more pictures and/or downloadlink, click here.
    Bon Voyage? Bonne Année! By @twiggy
    Bon Voyage Sims 2

    You hit high marks with creativity here. Pulling a resort from the Bon Voyage EP of Sims 2 was brilliant. And it had that vibe to it all the way through from the quaint alcoves to the décor. I loved the backyard feel this had and it had a touch of Asian influence which was great for Bon Voyage but also had an outdoorsy feel. Your sims had so much fun here until they collapsed in their beds. The only problem was I had to set it to a nightclub for you as you had it as a residence.

    All entries, although not many, were of high quality and really blew us away. Great job, everyone! See you next time!

    20x15 LOTS

    Tiny Treasure
    A build inspired by the tiny house challenge of catmando830 here on the forum. This build was lucky enough to get a Maxis Fav 09-08-15_10-29c2a0pm.png Made a 🐸🐸🐸🐸 wagon with a very idyllic camping spot. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

    Bedouin Beginnings
    A bedouin inspired starter lot under 20k for your nomadic outdoors sims :)
    For more pictures and/or download, click here.


    Optimist's Outlook
    Entry for Quality Control 1 (third place)
    This home is fitted with a wonderful greenhouse and musicroom in the backyard. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

    Lisa's Luxury
    This is a home for star employee @lisa17ann as entry for Quality Control 9 of wonderful @Cbear13 and @Pebblycat
    The home has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a very nice spa basement and great outside seating areas. For mor pictures or dl, click here

    the judges review:
    Cbear13 wrote: »
    @Twiggy 3%20stars.png
    Lisa's Luxury – This home was a breath of fresh air was Lisa and I approached the property we couldn’t help notice how beautiful all the landscaping is. There is lots of bright pretty flowers, plenty of gardening and a gorgeous pool area. The highlight for me was the detailed roofing on the entrance, so creative and looks fabulous. Lisa was so happy to see the relaxing basement and couldn’t wait to get in the spa and unwind. Great clutter and decoration even though some parts felt a bit to modern for the cottage feel Lisa was after. The overall design of the house is creative and looks great, I myself especially loved the kitchen and the craft room was spacious and had tons of activities.
    Critique: Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the massage chair as the table was to close and we noticed that some plants were sticking through the fence. Although we loved the build it was a bit of a mixture between cottage and modern with some of the interior and Lisa was more wanting cottage without the modern or vintage. It was a shame you were just under budget for the brief as a minimum of $225 needed to be spent.

    Challenge 9 has been amazing with so much creativity and talent, every build was amazing to go through and you all really grasped the employees stories. Still we are having some issues with items sticking through others normally because of moveobjects cheat and also some play ability problems, to fix this make sure you test your builds and scan rooms for items sticking through others. You will not win with problems like these.

    1st Place:
    Lovely Lisa by @Twiggy


    Sandtrap Serenity
    Entry for Under Renovation 14. This placed second
    My first asian themed build with an open garage. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

    Keep an eye out for new creations here. This post will be updated with every lot shared now and in the future. :)
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  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
  • rjmboomrjmboom Posts: 1 New Member
    Looks awesome twiggy! keep up the good work ;)
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Looks wonderful @twiggy, cant wait til you fill up the pages with all your wonderful creations. Have bookmarked to keep my eye on you hehe
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  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    edited September 2015
    Thank you so much @rjmboom <3

    @Cbear13: You are the best! Thank you for pushing me a little to make this showcase happen. I remember stating in one my first comments on the forum i wanted be less of a wall flower. Just hoping this will add to my liberation hehe :)
  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,166 Member
    Great showcase @Twiggy ! Looking forward to your other creations :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,558 Member
    It is very nice that you have started a showcase thread for your creations :) It is great seeing all your builds together. I have posted about your builds on the other threads. Happpy simming and building! :)
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    Thank you, @pronterus. Will definitely be making some pictures of my builds this week to share with you all here.

    @rosemow Thank you and yes, you have posted wonderful comments on my entries. Thank you for your support :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Lovely showcase of your builds! I particularly like the Silvermoon Solace! It is so whimsical and I love all the wonderful details! :)
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    @yanti68 Thank you so much. It's been so much fun creating Silvermoon Solace. It is my first ever fantasy build, but creating it gave me a taste for more hihi And as stated this showcase is still a work in progress atm There are still a few builds i would love sharing here. Am working on pictures of my builds to share soon.
  • DelsDels Posts: 289 Member
    Very nice works! This is amazing
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    Thank you @Dels Really fancied creations from your showcase :)
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    edited October 2015
    Hiya, fellow simmers! Would love to share my first mediterranean build i did in the Sims 4 a while back. It is called Arid Abundance. I very much tried to give this a colonial spanish feel inside and out. Myself i love spending time on the lot. As almost every build i made it quite detailed. Would really like hearing what you think.

    The lot is based on the following picture as inspiration.


    Download here: Arid Abundance

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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Oh Twiggy its gorgeous, I am yet to try a Mediterranean not sure how I will go with it.
    Love it <3
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  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    Let me share with you the very first family home i made in the Sims 4, Sybold. A build inspired by a great dutch architect, Sybold van Ravesteyn. He also designed the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    The exact inspiration was this picture of his home in Utrecht (the Netherlands) he designed in 1932.


    Download here: Sybold


  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
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    Thank you so much @Cbear13 Forgot to post my first inspiration to get building on Arid Abundance. So i edited the post :)
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  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
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    Oopsie, deleted my last comment for this was posted in the wrong spot... all trial and error lol
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Oh and great job recreating the Sybold it looks wonderful
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  • Tiki5872Tiki5872 Posts: 3,115 Member
    WOW! What a beautiful showcase! You have some gorgeous builds!
    Origin ID: Tiki5872
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,558 Member
    Arid Abundance is a very nice Meditteranean build! :) The exterior design of the home is so very nice! The greenery looks very nice how you have placed it on the exterior of the home, and the flowers and trees in the outdoors areas look so very nice! The pegs look nice on the exterior. Very nice outdoors areas! The patios are very nice! Very nice water fountain feature! The starry shape of the lily pad pond underneath the fountain looks very nice. Sims will enjoy swimming in the pool. The open air dining patio is very nice! Sims will enjoy looking out at the nice floral and water fountain setting whilst sitting at the dining table eating their meals! The flowers on the table are pretty for sims to enjoy looking at whilst dining. They will enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ. It looks very nice how you have used the arches there. The birdbath is a nice touch in the area near the patio steps. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The living room is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the sofa and armchair there reading a book and chatting. The books are a nice touch on the table. The grandfather clock is a homely touch in the build. The master bedroom is very nice! Very nice wall pattern in the room! The curtains look very nice how you have placed them on the bed head wall over the picture to create a bedhead alcove. The candles give a nice look in the room, and the coats shelf is a nice home touch there.
    Sybold is a very nice home as well! You have reflected the inspiration home very well! The exterior of the home is very nice! Very nice outdoors upper patio sitting area! Sims will enjoy sitting on the seats there in the sunshine. The plants look nice on the edges of the patio. The interior furnishing of the home looks very nice! The green and grey colour scheme of the rooms looks nice. Very nice design of the kitchen! The stone texture of the kitchen walls looks nice. The hanging pots and the cutlery on the wall are nice kitchen touches there. Very nice window music alcove! Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the armchairs listening to the piano music being played. The animal wall pictures look cute in the nursery! The sunflowers pictures in the master bedroom are sunny for sims to enjoy looking at when waking in the mornings.
    The homes are very nice :)
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    Thank you for your sweet comments and support @Cbear13, @Tiki5872 and @rosemow. I am really pleased you like what i shared in my showcase thus far, ladies. Have a wonderful day!

  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Arid Abundance looks great! I am a great fan of spanish/ mediterrenean style architecture and yours looks great! Love the way you have decorated both inside and outside. :)
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 995 Member
    Thank you, @yanti68! Love the compliment :)
  • FischioFischio Posts: 319 Member
    Awesome showcase Twiggy! I love how you share your inspiration pics. I've caught myself simizing RL buildings at times trying to figure out how to make them in game :blush:

    My fave has to be the Sandtrap Serenity with its peaceful, Asian style. Very zen :mrgreen:
  • SorceressSorceress Posts: 940 Member
    Wow just found this thread! Time to pick my jaw up off the ground again lol :P I keep being blown away by everyones work on here! gives me things to work towards and aspire for :) And I get to have fun at the same time!

    Amazing builds :) Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks to Cbear13 for the signature and showcase images!
    Origin Id: Sorceress2696
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