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    @ciane thank you so much for noticing the details and taking the time to comment! <3 I got lucky in that a lot of the free stuff fitted the build style and that I was born both cheap and tight-fisted B) You and Addy have taught me a lot about accents, angles, not all rooms have to be square etc, and it's the first build that I included them from the start rather than noticed I hadn't done it halfway in :| So YAY progress, I'm really glad they came through :) I don't think I would ever have done the panelling roof things if @creativemetaphor (thank you!) hadn't mentioned that wallpaper on roof walls is free! :hushed: I was drawn to the words free like a coupon carrying moth to a heavily discounted flame >:)
    ciane wrote: »
    I will NOT overuse the word awesome

    That's not physically possible, there have been heavily doctored tests to prove it o:)
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    Jonquille Cottage is so very pretty! :) The exterior design and layout of the home and build looks very nice! Very nice roofing and exterior wall patterning. The open shutter and the flower box windows suit the home type well. The garden area design is very nice! The wishing well corner nook with the flowers on the edges of the well is pretty! It is nice that there is a pond in the build. The yellow daffodils through the build are sunny touches. Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! The blue colour scheme is calming. The open plan living, dining and kitchen areas looks great The reading nook in the attic is very nice! Sims will enjoy resting in the hanging chair. It is great that there is a windows study desk nook in the bedroom for sims to enjoy the sunshine coming in onto them whilst using the computer. The yellow floral pattern of the bed and floor rug is pretty.
    It is a very nice cottage! :)
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    Another beautiful build. While the exterior certainly makes it appropriate for any supernatural town, the interior color scheme totally screams beach front to me. So, it being so versatile, I suspect it may find itself existing in multiple realities.
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    @rosemow You have such an evocative way of describing my build, it makes it seem more real, thank you.

    @Jude525 I never thought of that! With a white exterior with maybe blue or yellow accents it would be beach ready. I might just do that myself!

    Thank you both for visiting and leaving a comment <3
    Jude525 wrote: »
    I suspect it may find itself existing in multiple realities.
    Now I keep thinking of my build in the world's weirdest episode of Star Trek :#
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    I saw this on the Exchange, and even before I knew you had made it, I had downloaded it, rec'd it, and favorited it. :)

    Then I had to come here and let you know how much I like it, and seeing the pictures in your thread makes me doubly glad I downloaded it. :)

    I like how you did the well, that is so pretty, and a nice touch.

    Now I have to go and throw some cake at my churls. ;)
  • JessabeansJessabeans Posts: 3,332 Member
    You are magician, how did you make that beautiful cottage for under 30k? I tried a few times and left a row of sad over budget houses but Jonquille Cottage doesn't even look like it was made on a budget. Baffling and impressive for sure. I love the soothing but playful pastel color pallet and the shabby but charming decor. I love it!
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    @MiaSkywalker Wow, well that's just all round awesome on a plate! :blush: Thank you <3

    P.S Cake throwing is wasted on churls, they don't appreciate the irony :'( Even if you wear a six foot wig and insist they call you Marie :weary:

    @Jessabeans For tough budgets I find a large supply of serfs and dodgy accounting are a must, if all else fails a ridiculously tiny lot helps o:)

    Thank you very much for stopping and even more so for saying such nice things :hushed: I nearly choked when I saw you commented on my thread because I've recently discovered yours ( I lurk there now, you may need to build me an annexe :* ). You have such beautiful taste, all your builds are elegant and absolutely impeccable. They really think through a sims venue needs as well which is very important but often overlooked. I snagged quite a few of your venues and they have really brightened up my Sims world so a super large thank you <3
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    How very nice of you to say! I often lurk in people's creative threads but I'm rather shy about commenting, I usually just leave recs and overuse the awesome button. I'm usually the don't speak until spoken to type but I really thought you did a great job on the challenge.
  • mothersuperior2mothersuperior2 Posts: 1,416 Member
    Alpha, I'm late on here but had to say that your builds are wonderful B)
    I have a weird sense of humour. If it doesn't come across, please forgive me in advance.

    Are Kevin's undergarments lurking in a wishlist near you?

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    Name: Vincenzo Devlin
    Traits: Diva, mean spirited, unlucky, hot headed, loser
    Funds: 16, 550
    Skills: Getting fired for claiming organic beard products as a business expense
    Style: Debatable
    Reason for downloading: For @Mmdrgntobldrgn Sims 3 Amayzing Gift Exchange
    Vincenzo fashion savvy and permanently fabulous doesn’t know why he was born so unlucky. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was destiny, maybe it was because he was delivered in an ambulance that crashed into a mirror boutique while swerving to avoid a black cat. Who knows? All Vincenzo can do blog about it and blame everyone else for his problems in 280 characters or less

    Vincenzo discovering that people still use phones to make phone calls
    Vincenzo is as poor as a very stylish church mouse since being kicked out of Stylist School for, among other things, blowing all his tuition money on designer shoelaces. Shockingly to only Vincenzo he is always short of cash, which may or may not be related to the fact he has less control of a budget than a government building project

    The other reasons he was kicked out of Stylist school are as yet unknown...

    Knowing YOLO hothead Vincenzo quit his latest fast food job over sartorial differences as to whether wearing a hair net was "safe food hygiene" or a "gross infringement of his human rights". Having ditched his uniform and left a scathing yelp review Vincenzo started his life as a social media sensation. So far he has nine followers on his Simstagram account, three of which are his mother, but with every out of focus photo of his over priced designer trainers he knows he is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of being #Simstafamous

    Vincenzo living his life #unfiltered*

    *No filters were used in this photo, however there were three stylists, two make up artists and one massively expensive wind machine
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  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    Aw, I so love your sense of humor satire and wit! Great sim. I've downloaded him already and can't wait to play him!
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    @ciane It means so much to see you here :)

    Name: Magda Rossi
    Funds: 16, 500
    Traits: Kelptomaniac, born saleswoman, irresistible, vehicle enthusiast, flirty
    Skills: The ability to assess an elderly man’s net wealth at 500 paces B)
    Style: Widow’s weeds and a shovel >:)
    Reason for downloading: For @Mmdrgntobldrgn in the Sims 3 Amayzing Gift Exchange
    When Magda first saw grey haired Edgar it was love at first sight maybe it was his Bentley, his rolex or even Sven the handsome blonde nurse carrying Edgar’s oxygen tank but she knew she’d found the one. After a whirlwind romance, a personalised Porsche and more private CPR lessons with Sven than were strictly necessary, Magda and Edgar got married. It was one heck of a weekend!

    Magda admiring one of Edgar’s many fine personal qualities
    Now so rich she no longer needed to steal office supplies, silverware or military secrets to make a living Magda could focus on the things she loved like stealing country club supplies, silverware and military secrets for a living. Unfortunately it wasn’t all secret hand offs with Russians in exchange for custom hub caps. Sometimes Edgar was well enough to disturb her with questions about her spending habits, having children and daily CPR lessons.

    Floating hearts an often overlooked part of effective CPR training

    Now Magda had nearly everything she wanted she was a bit bored, a bit careless, a bit less likely to keep an eye on the GPS tracker she’d planted on Edgar. And before you can say "That’s not how you do mouth to mouth!" Magda found herself in hot water, and not just because she was in a Jacuzzi ;) Suddenly pursued by divorce lawyers, unpaid debts and several branches of the CIA Magda fled as fast as her Louboutins could carry her. Now she’s on the run with nothing but her charms, loose morals and Edgar’s "missing" heart pills to help her. Maybe she can start again or even mends her ways…... but hopefully….. she can find a place with plenty of rich elderly men and no distracting blonde Swedish ones…….

    All the most romantic moments from Magda’s Honeymoon scrapbook with her elderly husband (and Sven...)
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  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    She's in my game now too; hopefully, a little bit more savvy on the ways of billionaires and the close tabs they keep on others via paid informants and private (very private) investigators.
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    Name: Forging a New Path
    Cost: Financial Cost: £47,485 Personal Cost: Love, hope, sanity and clean clothing
    Lot Size: 40x40
    Style Fifty shades of tetanus
    Reason for downloading: For @Mmdrgntobldrgn in the Sims 3 Amayzing Gift Exchange
    Backstory/Blurb: Do you ever get the urge to drop out of college? Marry someone you’ve known for two months? Use all your savings to buy a place cold enough to make penguins invent flipper knitwear? Think that centuries worth of metalworking run off is "totally fixable"? No!? What the llama have you been doing with your life!!? Grab some protective clothing and let the McGowans show you how self destruction is done! B)

    Once home to a blacksmith, his family and a fire breathing dragon, aka his mother-in-law, Inglestone Forge was abandoned over a century ago. Since then the forge has since been fled from by numerous surveyors, most right minded folk and anyone with a basic preservation instinct, till a knight in shining armour came to its rescue

    Marianna – not actually a knight

    What Marianna lacked in actual armour and credible jousting skills she made up for in hopeless romanticism, she knew she and new handy husband Lachlan could escape the 9 to 5 fates of their parents! They would make they’re own lives and their own home! With a workshop for him and a dark room for her! Maybe it was the rudimentary plumbing, the high risk of mercury poisoning or the way the estate agent broke down in tears when they said they’d buy it, but they knew they’d made the right decision. So ignoring the advice, warnings and desperate pleas of their parents they moved into the forge with the wide eyed innocence of lambs ignorant of the long term consequences of damp

    Is it damp? Is it ivy? Is it a never ending money sucking vortex? Who knows?

    The house came with many wonderful surprises like original stonework, indoor rainforests, ancient timber beams and accidental 10ft plummets through the ceiling, but the most unplanned joyous of them all was that Marianna was already pregnant….with quads…. :#

    (l-r) Harper, Mason, Fletcher and Taylor confirming Marianna’s worst fears that their first words will be tetanus

    With their budget getting as tight as Marianna’s maternity clothes renovation plans were put on hold. In fact everything was put on hold, their dreams, their plans, their marriage. Now Lachlan spends all his time trying to make money in the workshop providing for the children he never sees :pensive: While Marianna spends all of her waking (and non waking) hours toddler wrangling, that’s when she’s not busy being wrangled by toddlers. With Lachlan retreating into his loner shell and exhausted perfectionist Marianna finding fault with everything loves young dream is slowly turning into a nightmare. Will they fix their house? Will they fix their marriage? And for the love of llamas will someone please fix the bathroom wall!!? :weary:

    Sim Traits
    Marianna: Perfectionist, loves the outdoors, hopeless romantic, artistic, photographer’s eye
    Lachlan: Artistic, shy, handy, eccentric, good
    Mason:Good, clumsy
    Fletcher: Artistic, brave
    Taylor: Loves the outdoors, excitable
    Harper: Loner, genius
    Giant Spider over the bath: Fear of toddlers, fear of spiders, fear of accents
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  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    I LOVE this! You are on to something, or on something, with this!!! It's on my to-co list. You absolutely rock!
  • MmdrgntobldrgnMmdrgntobldrgn Posts: 6,449 Member
    AlphaFen wrote: »
    Gift 3 for @m Forging a New Path - a Renovacy Challenge

    Renovacy Challenge Rules – credit to the marvellous @SamelaRita

    Name: Forging a New Path
    Cost: Financial Cost: £47,485 Personal Cost: Love, hope, sanity and clean clothing
    Lot Size: 40x40
    Style Fifty shades of tetanus
    Reason for downloading: For @Mmdrgntobldrgn in the Sims 3 Amayzing Gift Exchange
    Backstory/Blurb: Do you ever get the urge to drop out of college? Marry someone you’ve known for two months? Use all your savings to buy a place cold enough to make penguins invent flipper knitwear? Think that centuries worth of metalworking run off is "totally fixable"? No!? What the llama have you been doing with your life!!? Grab some protective clothing and let the McGowans show you how self destruction is done! B)


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  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,571 Member
    Forging a New Path is beautiful. Both the property and the play concept. I've always thought of doing something like this with the Now and Then Century Manor. Of course, the list of things to do in Sims 3 just seems to get longer, rather than shorter, as I see what other people do in their games! Anyway, it's downloaded. I will let you know when it's number comes up in the Sims 3 roundabout on my playlist.
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    @Jude525 I know exactly what you mean, the gift exchange made me test play traits and scenarios that I'd never tried and now really want to play again! There is so much to do and speaking of new things you should join the gift exchange next time as someone with your talents would be a great addition :)

    Thank you all! :love: Your desire to put sims health at risk for your own amusement moves and worries me deeply :cry:
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    Name: Not Quite A Runaway Success
    Cost: Financial Cost: £58,664 Personal Cost: A mild case of death and a chronic pie shortage
    Lot Size: 30x30
    Style: Living on a wing and a prayer
    Reason for downloading: For Mmdrgntobldrgn in the Sims 3 Amayzing Gift Exchange
    Backstory/Blurb:What do you do when you accidentally burn your high school down? Apologize? Turn yourself in? Realise you have a strange addiction to matches? Of course not! Don’t accept that your actions have consequences! Run! Run with nothing but a backpack full of dry kindling, lighter fluid and emergency supplies of pie! Go where where no one can find you! Somewhere Old! Abandoned! With inadequate roof support…..

    Teenage orphan Clara Hayes was blessed from a young age with looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She was also born knowing the melting point of butter, metal and school roof support beams. At age two her ability to ignore instructions, break laws and identify a building’s weakest structural points led Aunt Pearl, her guardian and author of child rearing book "Children: Why You Should Never Have Them", to seek outside help and a series of exorcisms

    Aunt Pearl displaying her patented Stealing Candy from a Baby parenting technique

    After breaking into school after hours in order to play with Bunsen burners Clara may have... accidentally ….started a fire that burned the school...and the surrounding six blocks…. to the ground. Realising that being nearby with kindling, a Bunsen burner and a look of joyous wonder may seem suspicious Clara instinctively knew the only adult thing to do was run away as fast as a hot wired car could carry her.

    The police using Clara’s most flattering passport photo for her Wanted poster

    Having safely parallel parked the car in a ditch Clara sought refuge in All Hallows a church with so many abandonment issues Freud couldn’t unravel it all. Ignoring all the warning signs like the crumbling 14th century bell tower, the missing roofing and the literal warning signs outside Clara fell in love with the deathtrap ….. medieval artwork

    For future reference: These are not welcome mats….

    ...and this is not medieval artwork

    Relishing the lack of adult supervision and no longer under a specially introduced school wide arson policy Clara finally felt free. She also felt a bit lost, lonely and like she should’ve packed more than 3 outfits. Broke, homeless and on the run Clara wondered if gone down the wrong path and, more importantly, whether she should have already eaten all the pie…. will Clara mend her ways? Will she find a guardian to love her rather than stealing all her candy? Was Aunt Pearl right when she told her not to play with matche……..wait is that some dry kindling in the corner!!? In your face Aunt Pearl! No old lady can stop her now!! B)

    Prim and proper ghost Adelaide feeling lost, lonely and like death wasn’t going to be nearly as peaceful as she thought…..
    Adelaide Kirk: – a bit lonely, though she’d never admit that to a tearaway teen
    Traits: Proper, snob, good, family orientated, frugal
    Skills: Elocution, eternal spinsterhood and regretting her life choices

    Clara Hayes: – a bit lonely, though she’d never admit that to a stuck up ghost
    Traits: Daredevil, rebellious, adventurous, brave
    Skills: Legally questionable

    Seems Clara and Adelaide are stuck trying to make a home with nothing but each other! Will these two natural enemies lost souls turn All Hallows into a perfect heaven or a living hell?

    Side note: I am not an arsonist, just in case that needs to be said :*
  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    It's always interesting playing a teen and a ghost and a run down old medieval building with an awesome tower! The to do list... it gets longer. (You are super awesome and so is this reno!)
  • JemliaJemlia Posts: 234 Member
    This is fantastic. Would love to read more. B)

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