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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I was gonna have Catarina be a teacher, but its not working out the way I hoped it would.(I wish there was a non-rabbit hole career for teacher that would have been fun! So it will have to be a daycare.
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    Going out soon for a family meal but I have some new Sims set up already for 2020 :smile:

    Amy Locket





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    Day 9 of the advent calendar consist of a Kokeshi Gift Bag and salt and pepper dolls which all can be found under the Misc. Decoration tab... :)

    When I saw these over on the ATS3 site, they reminded me of the "It's a Small World" Avon Doll bottles that was either a perfume bottle, soap bottle or the bubble bath bottles, shampoo bottles that Avon used to sell back years ago... :)

    @lisasc360 Cute deco items. I was hoping she would do some Christmas stuff too. Maybe closer to Christmas she will.
    That they are... :) Same here as well. At least we still have 15 days left of the advent calendar, so maybe there will be Christmas decor as well... :)
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    Hey everyone. :) I promise to catch up with replies and feedback later. It's been busy. :kissing_heart:

    I apologize that this Chapter is so short. But Chapter seven's parts 1 & 2 will more than make up for it. :blush:

    You may notice something a little different about Maureen in this chapter. ;)
    I was trying to go for realism by giving her a different hairstyle, one that still looks like it could still be her hair you know. (Not a style that's unusually long or short compared to her normal hairstyle - y'all know what I mean. :p )

    I'll admit I wasn't thrilled with it...and I didn't have any other hairstyles that would work that looked good on her so...this is the only time you'll see her with a different hairstyle. I used her "signature" one from here on out for that very reason. ;)

    Because sometimes a certain hairstyle just...fits. :star:

    Anyway, enjoy Chapter 6! :)

    Chapter 6


    Thanksgiving dinner at the Brian and Wendy Young home was always like the ones you’d see in the movies. A long table holding a giant, perfectly roasted turkey in the center with sliced, canned cranberry on a plate, a large bowl of mashed potatoes, two filled gravy boats, soft, plump rolls, a medium sized bowl of steamed carrots, a 9x9 baking dish of green bean casserole, and last, but not least, all the PIES! Pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, chocolate, blueberry, and apple. And to top everything off was her mom’s famous sparkling punch. Maureen believed it was crafted from mixing Sprite and Jello mix together, but she could never remember the exact ingredients.

    While the feast was definitely something to look forward to, Maureen enjoyed being in the company of her family most of all. That is where her true blessings lay. The laughs, and sometimes tears, they would all share, playing board games competitively, and staying up into the wee hours of the night chatting about deep stuff. She’d smile, thinking of all those memories that had been created. They were all so close and that was something she hoped would never change.

    After the mid-day dinner, the entire family lounged around on the couches, their stomachs filled, talking a bit and naturally Maureen’s dad drifted off to sleep in his recliner; her oldest sister not too far behind sitting in the other one. Maureen herself was stuffed to the point where she felt like she couldn’t move, but she’d rested long enough! There was something that she was very anxious to do and while she wished to chat and spend more time with her family, this was more important. She had to meet up with Alan over in Brighton as early as possible tomorrow.

    Enlisting the help of her younger brother David, whom she’d nicknamed Davie, he would help her get into the attic to access their Grandma’s old journals and whatever else might be up there. Actually HE was going into the attic to retrieve everything for HER. Next thing the family knew the two were off to Maureen’s little cottage.

    Maureen shivered watching her younger, 21 year old brother ascend the ladder with his flashlight to investigate the tiny attic in terms of stability and creepy crawlies. David had never been afraid of anything, much less spiders, and she was jealous she never inherited that family gene.

    He had his head up there for about a minute, shining his light around, until Maureen asked, “How does it look up there?”


    “Well,” he replied, not sure where to begin, “I do see some boxes...and there’s a bit of thick cobwebs. Most likely from black widows.”
    Maureen squealed. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” she flipped out. “Well, get down here so we can fog it!”
    “No need to fog it,” he said with a hint of annoyance towards her unnecessary fright; in his mind. “If we do that we’ll be delayed in getting this stuff out for 4 to 6 hours while it clears. Do you really want that?”
    “No,” she defeatedly said. Curses!
    “The floor looks stable enough,” he continued. “I’ll just crawl in there and smush spiders or other bugs as I go.”
    “With what!?” she cried. “Please don’t tell me your fist!”
    “No...there’s an old piece of a two-by-four up here.”
    Maureen let out a sigh of relief. Soon her brother was lifting his entire body up in there and she began to tremble again. “Oh my gosh Davie be careful!”

    In the next few minutes there was a bit of rustling and shuffling, and a couple of smack sounds, that caused Maureen’s face to go pale thinking about what David was encountering up there. My brother is NUTS! But...he’s my blessing in this situation.


    “Holy cr’ap it’s dusty up here,” she could faintly hear him say just before a cough. Then he called down in a louder voice. “Now what exactly are you wanting me to bring down? Because I’m so not bringing down all of this, it’s cramped in here. Grandma’s journals?”
    “Yes!” Maureen answered, “And if you could please make sure there’s no spiders in the boxes that would be fantastic!

    There were two boxes full of various books and they seemed to be the only ones carrying any. David slid them to the opening of the attic and carefully lowered them down for Maureen to catch. “Careful,” he cautioned her. “These are pretty heavy!” She tried not to imagine all that had rested on and crept across the old boxes for the past 50 years when she clutched them and carefully stepped down the ladder with them. When it was done, David promptly got himself out and sealed the attic. “Whew!” he expressed while coming down the ladder. “It was nasty in there! You’ll definitely want to fog it later.”

    But Maureen failed to acknowledge and thank him as she instantly went rummaging through the boxes like a person who’d been looking for something extremely valuable that was lost. In a way...she really was.



    “ALAN!” Maureen nearly squealed once he answered her call. “You will NOT believe what I found in my Grandma’s old stuff!”


    Alan had been taking a rather nice, tryptophan induced nap when he was rudely awakened by her call. “Uh...what is that?” he asked while rubbing at his eye.
    “Well, for starters” she began, “her journals! There’s like 15 of them and they were all mixed in with some various books. But these journals were written after she married my Grandpa. There weren’t any previous ones, until…” she paused for dramatic effect.


    “Yes?” he encouraged.
    “I stumbled upon this wooden box with some intricate carvings on it, that was buried under a few books in the other box, and it’s locked shut! Like seriously, there’s a little bolt thingy that’s dangling from it and it requires a small key. Needless to say, I can’t find that key!”


    “You mean a padlock?” he corrected like a smart aleck would.
    She rolled her eyes. “Yes, sorry. I couldn’t think of the word because I’m just so EXCITED!” She expressed a little squeal again. “It’s like I’ve found buried treasure!”
    Alan smiled on the other end.

    “It’s a medium sized box,” Maureen continued, “that looks like it could fit some medium sized journals and when I shook it a bit, oh yeah, there’s books in there! I bet it’s her journals from when she was dating your Grandpa! But...ugh! If only I could break the stupid lock off! I am SO heading your way first thing in the morning with this!”


    “Well that was the plan anyway right?” he asked while sitting himself up from the bed. “Don’t fret, I know where to get some bolt cutters from the office.”
    “So, did you think to check anywhere else around the house where the key might be hidden?” he felt to ask. “If those are her journals that contain the story of her and her previous lover, whom she thought to be dead, I don’t think she’d discard the key just anywhere. Did you check inside the various books to see if it was stashed in one?”
    “Yes, that was my first thought too and no I didn’t find anything in the books.” She scratched at her head in thought. “Hmm...I bet it’s on the floor somewhere in the attic and there’s no WAY I’m heading back up there!”


    “YOU went up there?” he teased.
    Her mouth formed into a hard line for a moment. “Ok, so I sent my brother up there to get the stuff.”
    “Uh huh.” He smiled.

    It was in that moment that something dawned on Maureen and her jaw slowly began to drop; the phone almost fell out of her hand.


    “Maureen? You still there?”
    “I - I’ll call you back,” she said and hung up, racing up the stairs to her bedroom.

    She was headed for the tall armoire that used to be her Grandma’s and came to a screeching halt in front of it before promptly opening it up.


    All her jewelry hung on hooks screwed into the back of one of the doors. There was one piece of jewelry in particular she was looking for, one she remembered her Grandmother hardly ever taking off. It was a necklace, with an antique key dangling from it. Her namesake had removed it from her neck and handed it to her while on her deathbed, clasping Maureen’s fingers over it. She then said, “I know you always loved this necklace sweetheart. It’s yours now. Take very good care of it. You never know when you’ll need an old antique key for something.” And she winked.

    Maureen didn’t understand why her Grandma said that at the time, she thought she was just being silly, but now... she understood. So she DID want me to know her and Stanley’s story! With tears forming in her eyes, she smiled at the necklace and took it, clutching it close to her heart. Pointing her nose toward the ceiling with closed eyes, she uttered a silent prayer of thanks and wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek. Then she took in a few short breaths and said to herself, “You can wait Maureen. You have to open the box with Alan and discover everything together.”

    And with that she put on the necklace to keep it close until she felt it safe to take it off.



    *I would like to give a very special thanks to @Emily4331 for taking this broken CC key necklace and fixing it so that I could use it for this story. Emily, I OWE you! :grin: I can't thank you enough! The story wouldn't be the same without this pretty necklace (the other antique key CC I found just...wasn't right! )

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    edited December 2019
    I was out all day yesterday. Feel a lot better for it now but I didn't do anything with the computer all day. I did manage to read yesterday's chapter of @emorrill story on my phone and enjoyed it.

    Today I turned my computer on as I thought I should start on my next video. I've already got what I've recorded in my video editing software but there isn't enough in it to make a 30 minute video yet. I will chop out most of what I've got recorded and the unedited video doesn't last 30 minutes. I think I'll try to get this chapter to cover their first week at University. It starts with their arrival and now they've had their first day of classes. It all depends on the things that happen during the week. I have 7 sims at uni this time and it is possible for a lot of unusual/unexpected things to happen and that could result in their first week at uni going on for more than one video.

    Anyway, I launched my game this morning and my Options.ini file was reset back to defaults. Since I have several different Sims 3 folders for my various videos, I copied an Options.ini from one of the other folders and same thing happened. I was starting to panic. Did I have a virus. I have virus protection so that shouldn't have happened. ANyway, after much panic I finally googled it and came up with this thread.


    It has my answer. Thought I'd post this here just in case any of you have had a recent windows 10 update. I wasn't aware of one but it must have happened and it seems to have updated my video drivers. That would cause the options.ini to reset. Since I have so many Options.ini files and they are all different as I have each one set for the specific game that Sims 3 folder is for and some of my games require my to have my graphics set very low while other games allow me to have them at highest settings. And I have other settings I like to play with on other pages.

    The thing is this line in the Optins.ini file changes when the graphics driver updates.

    lastdevice = 0;10de;1c03;3200

    The numbers change. To avoid losing the old Options.ini file that you have fine tuned for your game, you need to back up your old Options.ini file before launching the game. Then when you do launch the game, the options.ini file will be replaced by the default options.ini with the new version of that line. You need to open the new options.ini with notepad (or some other text editor) and copy that new line

    Then Shut down the game. Open your backed up Options.ini file with your favourite text editor and update that one line. then save the edited options.ini file and save it to your Sims 3 folder.

    Read the linked thread if what I've written here is too confusing. It has more details.

    I'm going to play for a while now then get onto doing something around the house.

    Happy Simming
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    postimage is down again :/

    I have to use facebook for now.Hopefully this works.

    Tom knew he had to make amends with Catarina, it was eating him alive, having her angry with him.
    He decided to make a visit to her.Just as he was arriving, she was leaving.

    "Catarina...you look beautiful." "Thank you.I'm going to see Jake." She tried to squeeze past him, but he managed to block
    the walk way."You're going to see him again? Why?" "He seemed okay last week, a little ignorant, but I can deal with that."
    "Until his temper breaks lose?" "Don't make fun of him.He's actually invited me to his parents house for Christmas this year."

    "You're going to go on a vacation with him?" "That's right.Now, excuse me Tom.I have prior engagements to take care
    of.Talk to you later." "What about work? Don't you have class today?" "I called out."

    Tom rolled his eyes as she drove off to see Jake.

    "What's shaking cupcake?" "Lots of things.But let's not talk about it.I assume you have something planned for us to do?"
    "Yup, let's get going princess."

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    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!
    Lucy is so pretty and they make a lovely couple.

    @GraceyManor You could do it by doing what @Karritz does with her boarding schools but that means having a household full of kids. If it is just for a few pictures for the story you can use MC and invite kids to the lot you made for the school and pose them.
    I can't believe that she is being so silly and seeing Jake again. She needs to work on her self esteem and realize there are a lot of better men out in the world than someone she knows is an abuser. No second chances for them, they don't change. :cry:

    @king_of_simcity7 Amy looks like she could be related to several of your other girls. Is she?

    @emorrill Chapter 6! Yay!
    That is a very pretty fall picture of the town!
    I'm hungry for a feast now after reading the description of all the food!
    Sounds like a fun day for them. That is how we always celebrated, playing games and talking too late.
    That was very nice of her brother to crawl up into the attic and hunt for the journals!
    Ugh...spiders and cobwebs and dust...Oh my!!
    Dag, she didn't even thank her brother for braving the bugs in the attic and getting the box down!
    She sure was excited about finding the box and she really doesn't even know if the journals are in it since she didn't open it. :open_mouth:
    Alan was very nice about her calling and waking him up to tell him about finding the box and the 'thingy'. I have those lost word moments all the time.
    hehe, he kinda knew she didn't go up there after all her protesting about spiders.
    I'm glad she suddenly remembered the key her Grandma wore around her neck. Must be special and hopefully it will unlock the box and that the box contains the journals.

    @Karritz Thanks for the warning about the update and what it did to your ini files. I keep a copy of mine in a folder on my desktop but wouldn't have a clue what to change. Still don't after reading it. That stuff goes right over my head sometimes! :flushed:

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    I tried that actually.Mostly was having issues with coming up with like school themed activities and such.
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    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been away for a few days. I haven't been feeling the best lately but I know I've got a few stories to catch up on so hopefully I'll get to that soon. I just wanted to share a sim I've been working on. She is based on a celebrity but I'm not sure that I've captured her yet. I'd love to hear some guesses on who she could be :smile:

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    Hi friends. :blush:

    Comments from my last feedback post:

    @PalmArrow Glad to hear you're enjoying the story. <3
    I was relieved to see how welcoming and helpful Alan's mother was to Maureen, because she really didn't have to be - not everyone would have welcomed the news that their father had a great love in his life besides their mother.
    ^This is very true. Maureen lucked out! ;)
    I think the fact that Alan's mom was so excited to see her son bring a girl home worked in Maureen's favor. :p
    Maureen is the opposite of me as well! I have a very hard time approaching strangers. :flushed:

    @Silverofdreams30 I wrote back to your comments on my thread right? :flushed: *Whew* Yes I did. :blush:
    Hey, Twikki has the same Christmas hoodie sweater. :p
    Pregnancy reveal! :grin:That's the way to welcome the news! (Hot kiss too! <3 )
    Lucy's cute. :)
    And hey Alex has the same sweater too! :lol: He's a hottie! :love: Have I said that already?

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice to meet Carl. :)
    Sad he's going to get his heart broken though. :(
    Hmm, will this Amy be the one to break Carl's heart?🤔 ;)

    Poor Stanley must have been wounded before capture by the enemy having earned the Purple Heart.
    President Reagan signed into effect a POW medal in 1985 that was awarded retroactively to all POWs captured by enemy forces in all actions against nations hostile to the United States.
    ^Perhaps. :smirk:
    Wish I had researched better about that POW medal...thanks for sharing. :star:
    Oh boy, Haruo is a werewolf now. ;)
    I agree the pregnant women should definitely not be exposed to the Lycanthropic potion. 👍
    Congrats to Mickey and Autumn. <3
    So folks can build up an immunity to the radiation? 🤔 Awesome pics of the devastation "top side." :star:
    You and blowing up things. ;):p

    @lisasc360 Those look like Sims 4 doll heads! :lol:

    @bekkasan I was telling my friend in the choir, after we performed that one song and everything started looking up, that it was the result of my wonderful southern gal friend's prayer on our behalf. ;)<3 Ok, maybe it wasn't just your prayer alone, but a combination of many. Yours helped boost it though. :blush: Because you're that awesome. {{{{Hugs}}}}
    I'm still waiting to see my family's reaction to my Mormon comment. :lol:
    Merry...nope, he will not meet his soulmate in DV. Got something else in mind for him. :smirk:
    ^Oooh, now my curiosity is piqued.
    Victor and Gardenia! :mrgreen:
    Glad you got off from work just in time to read the new Chapter. :mrgreen:
    Aww, our family traditions were similar. :blush:
    I kept thinking I should've had her thank her brother :p but she was once again on that "investigative high" she referred to earlier. ;)
    Alan was very nice about her calling and waking him up to tell him about finding the box and the 'thingy'.
    ^Yup. He seems to be warming up to her. :smirk:
    I forget words like that too and hubby is always correcting me. That was a reference to us. ;)
    You shall see! :mrgreen:
    Thanks for the comments. <3

    @Karritz Thanks. Glad you're enjoying the story. :blush:
    Our concert was a success after a rough patch! Whoop whoop! :star:

    @GraceyManor What!? Why on earth is Catarina going back to Jake? Or believing his lies? :scream:
    No second chances for them, they don't change. :cry:
    ^What Bekkasan said here, I agree.
    Or are you planning on Tom coming in and saving the day? ;)
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    @coco Gorgeous sim! :star:

    I'm never good at guessing celebrity Sims. :p But I'm gonna guess...
    Emma Watson?
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    @emorrill congratulations on a successful concert. I have found that a really bad and terrifyingly bad final rehearsal usually makes everyone in the choir focus for the performance and the performance tends to be one of the best ever.

    @bekkasan thanks for your comments. Just look for the heading I posted above in your Options.ini file and copy the numbers next to that heading from the new Options.ini file and paste them to the same place in the backup Options.ini file. If you can do a find with your text editor you can do what you need to do.

    @coco that's a beautiful sim but I have no idea who she is supposed to be - but I wouldn't expect to know that because I don't tend to keep up to date with celebrities.
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    Yeah, its December so I let them keep the sweaters from the photoshoots haha.
    Thank you. I will read your update after this and give comment sin the story thread that way you for sure see the
    comment notification.


    Hope you find a computer suitable for you.
    Catarina should not go on vacation with that other guy.
    Poor Tom.


    Thank you


    Great looking sim, no idea who it can be I am not good at guessing.
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    @coco Hey! Hope you are feeling better. She is a very pretty sim! I love her eyes. I know when I looked at her she immediately reminded me of...
    The gal from Harry Potter...can't remember her name. Emma something I think.

    @emorrill Prayers are powerful and glad mine helped.
    Victor and Gardenia almost looked like they were holding hands. They are so cute and I loved that they were looking at each other in that picture!

    @Karritz um...you lost me at text editor...lol Do you mean hitting the ctr-f and typing in a word to search thingy? I copied and pasted your tips to a notepad doc so I won't lose it. So far it's been a few weeks since the last update but, ya never know when they spring one on you even though I have it set to NEVER update without my express permission it seems as if that doesn't work. Its kinda like sims 4, people paid for it, but it is not their game. I paid for it, but it is not my puter. LOL

    These two very happy teens just had their birthday and are celebrating the end of childhood...and Mom and Dad leaving them in charge while they are gone. Some of you who know my story might be able to guess who they are.

    The bad thing is they really are still kids. The travel back borked so I deleted that save, so I will have to redo that at some point. But, I already have the pics. :smirk:
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    Sorry I been so quiet recently, the gift exchange was doing its gifts and I had to upload my gift.And then I was working on a story for the person who made me some lots and sims.


    Everything about this picture is beautiful! The white snow against the red
    house really pops.Looks like a photo from a magazine.

    She's really pretty! Nicely done.
    I haven't dabbled with witches in a while.

    I love how you used the abortereum to transport to the realm, super cool!
    I feel so bad for the King and Queen.I know it must be hard to think that there
    might be a piece of his son left, only to fear it might all be deceit, but I believe
    his friend.

    Tom disappears quite often, and since he has no phone, there's no way
    to call him.So she just has to sit and wait for him to reappear.He did
    start all this...there's a reason he's acting strange.

    I wonder what you think he can't tell you.XD
    We'll find out soon.Yeah, I'm in my church choir,
    I was in choir when I was in high school as well.
    She's hurt by Tom, I think that's why she went back to Jake, feeling
    bad about herself again.

    Wow,t hat red sky sure looks omnious.
    Ouch, struck by lightning...these poor people.
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    "The Nectary, interesting choice Jake." "Let's do some Nectar sampling."

    She poured the nectar, and waited for Jake....an hr went by and he never
    came back.Apparently while she was pouring nectar, he was sneaking off
    with someone else.He then sent her a text "WORST OUTING EVER!"

    "Should have known better...people don't change and never will..."
    She decided she wasn't going to go back to sulking though; she had
    kids to take care of in the morning.When she arrived home she found a strange
    car parked in her driveway and her door was slightly ajar.She grabbed a bag from her purse,
    she carried it around filled with rocks in case she needed self defense.She swung it in circles."Prepare
    to meet my rock sock!"

    "Hey! Its just me, relax Catarina." Tom was in the kitchen."Maker's breath! You Scared
    me tom, doesn't anyone tell you, you just can't walk in?" He smiled."I wanted to surprise you."
    "Surprise me? You nearly killed me." "I didn't mean to....but I did want to apologize." "For what?"
    "For the way I acted the other night, there is something I need to tell you, but I'm not ready quite yet.No,
    I'm not seeing anyone...but YOU?, No wife, no girlfriend, no side fling.So you can wipe those thoughts from
    your head.It has to do with ME personally.But I want to wait for the right time." She hesitated, but relaxed."I understand."
    "Dinner?" "Please, I'm hungry.Jake.." "I kind of figured..."

    I don't know about y'all but that looks pretty tasty to me.

    "Look, Catarina." Tom held up a small black device in his hands.Was that a cellphone?
    "I thought you didn't have a cellphone, or kept it locked up....and a car?" He smiled."I didn't, but
    a car means I can get over here to see you faster...And a phone you can call me when ever you need me
    or I can call you when I need you."

    Alright, his charm's working Catarina hated to admit it, but this guy was pretty charming.
    She trusted him, she didn't know why, but she did.

    They decided to watch a movie together before he had to leave, and before sent went to bed.
    After the movie was over, they walked to the door."Just one thing." He said."What's that?" Catarina

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    Resumed playing on The Sims 3, so here is the latest on The Molyneux Family

    Snowflake Day in my game, and Saturn finally made a start on Daphne's driving lesson. While Saturn and Daphne were out, Rhea, Medea, Ajax and Achilles all went out. Rhea to the grocery store, Medea to the Consignment Store and the Elixir Store; Ajax decided he should collect some insects before he ages up in three weeks and as it had been a long time since he last went gem collecting, Achilles went out as well. Katy and Pat stayed at home, with Pat playing with Fluffs and Katy practising her writing in order to advance in her Journalism career. Daphne and Saturn arrived home first, both stressed out from the driving, followed by Ajax, who was disappointed he only found one light beetle, then Rhea, who had decided running to the grocery store in high heels wasn't the best idea. Medea came home with a piece of copper, some gold, two lots of alabaster, a turquoise, a citrine, some nectar, one lot of blue Topaz gem dust, one lot of tanzanite gem dust, some alchemy plants and an elixir. Long after the rest of the family went to bed, Achilles came back home with a variety of gems. After having his dinner and a shower, he then went to bed.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy, coming soon (TBA Late 2020)
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    @Sleepstar: Sounds like they all had a busy day.

    @GraceyManor: Catarina and Tom are adorable together. No, no Catarina don't go back to Jake.

    @emorrill: Great chapters. Oh, what's in her grandma's journals.

    @coco: That's a pretty sim. I'm guessing it's Emma Watson.

    @Karritz: Glad you are feeling better.

    @lisasc360: Hello

    @Mikezumi: Hello

    @Turjan: Hello

    @PalmArrow: Hello

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello

    @king_of_simcity7: Hello

    @bekkasan: Great chapters

    @Brandontaylor: Hello

    @Steamvarius: Hello

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Hello

    @all: Thanks for letting me read your stories/pictures/videos.
    :) Smile!

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 194 Member
    @Puddinroy Thank you
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy, coming soon (TBA Late 2020)
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    @emorrill Amy won't be breaking any hearts :smile: Except for mine of course! :D
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    Day 10 of the advent calendar consist of a travel easel that can be found in the skills tab, an easel bag and folding easel stand can be found in the sculptures tab while the 2 water color paints can be found in the Misc. Decor tab... :)

    I had my SS do a painting on it so that I can show it off with the items from the set. She painted a masterpiece that is worth 617 simoleons... :)

    @lisasc360 Those look like Sims 4 doll heads! :lol:
    lol, I thought the same thing when I saw them...lol

    @Puddinroy, waves at pudding roy... :smiley:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,100 Member

    Conley Christmas theme- Ty and Audra


    The house got so big now for just the two of them, it's only a
    three-room and kitchen house.


    since I left them dressed up after the photoshoot, this was how
    Audra looked as I sent them out for an evening out.





    Still so much in love.


    Sean was also out.


    Christmasy living room.


    Good morning

    All for today

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    @Puddinroy thank you

    @bekkasan text editor is a generic term. Notepad is the text editor i usually use but the exact name of the text editor used depends on your preferences and operating system . It is easier to use the generic term if you don't know the names of all the text editors anyone reading the post might prefer to use and then listing them all individually. I actually wrote Notepad and then changed it to text editor to avoid having to justify using a specific text editor name because if I had done that someone probably would have taken the time to explain to me that they didn't use Notepad.

    About the update. I didn't notice any update. But someone posted in the link that I attached tgat Windows 10 will update the Graphic Drivers automatically and it is the update of graphic drivers that cause the reset of the Optiokns.ini file. So, since I have Windows 10 I assumed that is what happened. Especially when I looked and discovered that number I posted about had changed in my Optiins.ini file and the problem I was experiencing went away when I updated my backed up Options.ini file with the new number.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,429 Member
    Boards are slow tonight :(
  • cocococo Posts: 2,665 Member
    @GraceyManor I wonder what Tom wanted to tell her on the pier. I also wonder where he was gone for 3 weeks. So suspicious! But he's still a better boyfriend candidate than Jake. I still haven't seen Last Christmas but I think I kind of got the idea of what the plot twist is. If it's true then I know why Tom was away for 3 weeks but appeared once Catarina was thinking of him. Their kiss was adorable :smile:
    Ask the people in the technical threads if you haven't already. I know that laptops require higher specs and are therefore more expensive. I hope you find a good deal :smile:
    I noticed postimage was down yesterday. It seems to be working now though.
    Picture a sim banging her head on the keyboard. This is what I want to do right now! Catarina is so determined not to see the great guy in front of her that she has kissed multiple times, and would rather go on Christmas vacation with her (🌺🌺🌺🌺) ex boyfriend. Ugh let's just hope he plays nice.
    Okay.. points to Jake because the Nectar place actually seems like nice. Um okay nevermind I take those points back because he's still being a 🌺🌺🌺🌺. Ugh why invite her out in the first place. I would have loved to see Catarina awkwardly swinging a bag of rocks :lol: Tom could be an expert thief with his lockpicking skills. Yum yum it does look tasty. He is so smooth, turning Catarina and me into butter. I just want him to say that he loves her :smile:
    @king_of_simcity7 The hairstyle looks great on Carl. Amy is pretty. I like the look of her formal outfit :smile:
    @nikkei_simmer I have an image in my head of Haruo howling loudly in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. If only they could shut him outside like a real dog :lol: Congrats to Autumn and Mickey. I don't know if you have heard about the tragedy in New Zealand but tourists from a cruise ship visited an island with an active volcano. It erupted and shot ash thousands of metres into the air. Sadly lots of people have been seriously burnt, died and gone missing (most of them Australians). They say that the island looks apocalyptic and no signs of any life now. Anyway, I keep thinking about the poor people affected by this incident and your description of the surface reminded me of it :cry:
    @silverofdreams30 Huge congratulations to Isla and Twikki! His woolen jacket looks so cozy :smile:
    I'm glad that Alex has someone to make him happy. Her pink hair is so cute! That hairstyle is one of my favourites.
    Right now I wish I could walk through that snow and make an angel. Audra's dress is beautiful. Ty's looking good as always. Stuning pictures of them kissing. Audra's hair looks so pretty in the lighting. The third picture isn't loading, I guess because it has plum in the url. Where do you get your Christmas patterns from?
    @lisasc360 Those doll heads are a genius idea. I keep forgetting to download so I will have to do it after the calendar has finished.
    @karritz Thanks so much for these instructions. I have Windows 10 and I didn't notice anything different when I launched my game yesterday. I'm going to take a note of what you changed just in case it happened to me. I also wanted to say that I checked out your latest video on Youtube and the recommended videos on the side have changed to more appropriate things. So I guess that Youtube has correctly flagged your videos as not intended for children :smile:
    @emorrill Correct! Yay I'm so glad that she's a little bit recognisable at least. It's funny, while I was in game taking pictures I was like 'yep she looks like Emma for sure', but when I exited the game and looked at the pictures again they seemed different and it just looked like an average sim. As you know with me, making accurate sims takes more than one try :lol:
    I wanted to say that I'm sorry for not replying straight away when you were feeling anxious about L and the concert. I know I struggled (and still do!) with math in school. My Mum is an accountant and that gene just seemed to skip me entirely. I hope the school lets her learn at her pace and I hope she knows it's alright not to be good at everything. I felt sad reading about your distress with the concert rehearsals. It's scary knowing that you have to perform but not feeling entirely confident about it. But I'm extremely happy that it all turned out well in the end. If only the Director was there for those rehearsals it would have made everyone feel a bit better. You should be so proud that you all came together and sung something wonderful :star:
    @bekkasan You are correct, it was Emma Watson from Harry Potter. Yay! :grin: I'm excited to see Gardenia and Victor again. Her hair does look a bit 'crunchy' Sometimes I notice that cc looks weird if you're zoomed out. Hopefully it fixes itself. Ahh I'm trying to think of who the teens are but I'm coming up blank :disappointed:
    @sleepstar Nice update. Sounds like your sims got heaps of metals and jewels. Should bring a lot of money :smile:
    @puddinroy Yes you're right it's meant to be Emma Watson :smile:
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