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Hardly any lag: rebuilt ALL the houses in IP! worked for 14 of us so far ;) 2 negative

treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
:!: Edit to highlight two VERY easy fixes:
Remove the house the medina family lives in.
Remove the house the Amigos live in.
You can move the sims in both families to other houses, they are ok. :!:

:!: :!: Do NOT delete these premade simmies! Move them all in other houses, but do NOT DELETE :!: :!:

If your lag is the result of sims getting stuck this should improve things a lot. Maybe then the rest of the thread will help solving the last little laggy bits ;)
:mrgreen: Happy Simming :mrgreen:

Original post:
I decided to give it a try:

I redid all houses in IP.
Removed some of the hideous modern ones (like the one the alto's (?) live in) and some of the houseboats.

I fixed front doors and lot fronts of all the lots. ( alot of the the houses had their front door set inside the house! (example the house where the collins live and the adobe abode)

In a lot of the houses, the toilets were in front of the showers/baths, so they were unroutable. (the houseboat where rubisel ichtaca lives)

I also put some rocks where al the npc's got stuck near the premium port.

It took me about 3 reallife days! (am not a great builder), but in my modfree new game there is hardly any lag anymore. Only when the game is building the festival lot it stalls a bit.

* makes happy dance *

Try it, it really did wonders for my game!


I tested in the rebuilt town for about three simweeks.
I thinks the lag would've started in that time :) but it didn't.

and I'm still on patch 1.65, if it matters.


  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 3,556 Member
    edited January 2014
    Very good ideas, thank you :D ! I always delete Rubisel`s houseboat, but perhaps I can keep it now. But anyways I don`t understand why EA can`t fix such obvious mistakes in a patch ...
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited January 2014
    Geeze you can tell they rushed to get this expansion pack out with all the stupid building mistakes the houses and house boats have. I'll have to go through and do the same.
    Thanks for letting us know :D
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited January 2014
    The worst thing with the rubisel houseboat was the port: that's the spot I had to put the rocks to avoid townies getting stuck.

    There's one other port with rocks that are too close to the port exit stairs.

    (Why didn't I make notes to help you all? Facepalm!)
  • cianeciane Posts: 15,546 Member
    edited January 2014
    It's good to know that simple things make a big difference.
  • LatteCrabLatteCrab Posts: 2,879 Member
    edited January 2014
    I miss playing in IP...but when I tried to use rocks to block areas, they went through part of it anyway, & were still stuck! What could have possibly gone wrong? :(
    Also, did you have lag from the uncharted islands? IF I was facing the heavy fog, it caused lag...I had to use the cheat to unlock the islands. But I want to be able to play the normal way - by unlocking them myself, WITHOUT the cheat. :?

    THANKS for the tips about remaking the world! :mrgreen:
    Honestly, I wouldn't have known about some of those things causing the lag issues! :oops:
    We shouldn't have to since it wasn't handed to us free... :roll:
    but at this point, I'm not surprised.
    And having paid full price for this game, as well as most the other ones, makes it a bigger insult. :evil:

  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited January 2014
    I forgot the most important fix of all!
    The Amigos!
    They live in the Spirit of the sea house, Sandy beach, Surf island.
    I really do want to know what spirits the designer of that house was on ;) I want that! It's probably very good :) Just don't go and create stuff for my game when you've used it, ok?

    Move the Amigo's out of their house and bulldose it. In my game every single sim that wanted to leave the island got stuck under their house and walked around there for hours!

    SimplySimazing: I did plop a few rocks on top of each other.
    So maybe your rock wasn't big enough?

    The islands have not been unlocked yet :)
    Now that you mention it ;) :mrgreen:

    I am REALLY glad I did this :)

    I've saved the fixed-housing-town in a separate folder. I'm really not planning on doing this every time I move my family to a fresh town :)

    I still feel stupid not taking notes, but there is at least one little mistake in nearly every house, so you'll have to open them all anyway. Check stairs, front doors, bathrooms, oddly placed mailboxes, ditto statues * and also arches leading to nowhere. I moved all the toddler items to the first floor ( I don't know if toddlers still give routing errors on top of stairs?) I also put an all-in-one-shower in every house. I like my simmies clean :mrgreen:

    (*there's this one boat with a lot of underwater decor. I moved it all to the roof ;) then put it back where there is at least two tiles around them)

    I think the only house I've left untouched is that Surf Shack (?) on that little Island

    I've now added the film lot,
    a gypsie caravan
    Changed the bars into disco (paradise pub) and local watering hole (gabriella's ?)
    A hangout with my rollercoaster

    I've deleted the school/stadium to replace it with separate versions
    (the very small school from aurora skies -I think- on the small lot where the garden was in town center. The Colisseum on the original school lot)

    This all seems to be running great ;) (knocks on wood)

    I'll let you know if I find out more (and will keep notes this time ;) ) Promised!
  • stickykissesstickykisses Posts: 2,001 Member
    edited January 2014
    treintrien wrote:

    I've saved the fixed-housing-town in a separate folder. I'm really not planning on doing this every time I move my family to a fresh town :)

    YAY, good for you Treintrien!! :D I have no idea how one goes about uploading a save file for a world, or how anybody else goes about installing a save file, but I hope that you would consider figuring it out and uploading yours. It would help a lot of people! :D

    At first I had no lag, and then after shutting down the game for the first time and then restarting it, whoa did I have lag. But Errortrap and Overwatch removed all lag for me. Knowing that other people with slower machines weren't helped enough by those mods to make the game playable for them, I decided to make a list of all the places which trapped sims and caused routing issues. But Portrait Panel and MasterController (more NRass mods) both caused issues for me regardless of which versions I tried so I had to take them out.

    (I was going to use either one of those mods to locate the stuck sim on the map, as the notifications popped up.)

    The Medina(spelling) couple were stuck inside their own home, for instance! Seems like there just isn't enough room around all the furniture in any of the lots, and there are too many trees and bushes, and nooks and crannies elsewhere on the map and sims keep getting stuck. On a faster machine with mods, those routing failures aren't noticeable, but on a slower machine, all that plus the mountains etc are going to decrease performance. EA tends to avoid mountains especially mountains with lots of terrain-elevation-changes in the middle of a map, precisely because they do tend to cause problems for slower machines. The mountains in the distance, aren't made the same way, they are actually one large "object" and they don't require much rendering power.
  • MoonriseKingdomMoonriseKingdom Posts: 480 Member
    edited January 2014
    I do not have the time or passion to rebuild the whole Isla Paradiso, but I did this:

    * discoverAllunchartedislands cheat, deletes most of the laggy fog
    * installed the fixed version of Isla Paradiso:
    * deleted all boats, placed the residents in other houses and deleted every boat-platform there was.
    * twallans overwatch

    I mean, it's still a bit laggy but no way near it was before, it's playable.
  • stickykissesstickykisses Posts: 2,001 Member
    edited January 2014
    So last night I watched my sims... :D And the Medina house? omg, just destroy it. It's much worse than the Ichtaca castle in my game, I get a notification about them several times during each game-play session. When the sims arrive at the house, they can only go upstairs. In order to get to the first floor, they either have to go upstairs and then down again, or they have to walk all the way around the outside of the house.

    I strongly suspect EA had a new person who built all the houses. Normally they make great houses, interesting AND playable, not build things which will trap your sims.

    [img]<a href="[email protected]/12177721616/"; title="Screenshot-104 by stickykisses, on Flickr"><img src=""; width="500" height="280" alt="Screenshot-104"></a>[/img]

    Location on the map. The Medina house is near the science building and radio tower.
    [img]<a href="[email protected]/12177327835/"; title="Screenshot-101 by stickykisses, on Flickr"><img src=""; width="500" height="230" alt="Screenshot-101"></a>[/img]

  • stickykissesstickykisses Posts: 2,001 Member
    edited January 2014
    I do not have the time or passion to rebuild the whole Isla Paradiso, but I did this:

    * discoverAllunchartedislands cheat, deletes most of the laggy fog
    * installed the fixed version of Isla Paradiso:
    * deleted all boats, placed the residents in other houses and deleted every boat-platform there was.
    * twallans overwatch

    I mean, it's still a bit laggy but no way near it was before, it's playable.

    My castle doesn't look like that, somehow or another EA gave me a different version. My version of the castle only has one archway. Will go into the game in a bit and check to see if the front door is already set as the front door.
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited January 2014
    That's one of the houses I completely destroyed, the medina one.

    I remembered in the errortrap files for my modded games that one did turn up quite a lot.

    So I'm guessing you are smart enough to keep notes :mrgreen:
    Thanks for that!

    I playtested the red castle yesterday:
    it did seem to have a problem: kids sink into the porch occasionally. Didn't really seem to affect gameplay.

    Did any of this help you with the lag, though?
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited January 2014
  • bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 606 Member
    edited January 2014
    Boy am I so glad I checked this subject out. Just removing those few places have made my game run like its been oiled. lol

    Thank you so much.

    I plan on trying that out at Brideport too. My other most laggie town.

    Thanks treintrien and other simmers for the great advice. Now I can put my download and mod folders back. :wink:
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited January 2014
    My Pleasure :lol:

    (Feels like I sold a cookie for girl scouts :mrgreen: )

    I am so glad these small tweeks also help your game :!:

    I've been slowly rebuilding IP to my liking.
    Some things I noticed:
    A wee bit of lag returned on placing a supernatural hangout.
    I'm guessing that's because it closes at the time the festival is set (3 am). Can anyone confirm this?

    Otherwise it must have something to do with either the tractor or the ballet barre/ dancefloor. I added these three in one go and then it started.

    Also full moon causes a small stutter ( am playtesting 4 witches, maybe I'm overdoing things again :D ).

    Animals are stuck on islands. Do they return home by themselve?

    Thanks again for help!

  • Megan31917Megan31917 Posts: 457 Member
    edited February 2014
    This actually worked for me. Although I do use MODS which helped a great deal with lag,the bulldozing almost every house & re-doing the rest...the lag is much less.

    I've played 2 different families in IP since doing this...they have gone scuba diving & everything worked very well.

    I replaced a lot of the homes with others I had in my library that I knew worked well & some of the smaller IP homes, I just renovated & removed anything that might get a Sim stuck.

    I moved in some saved families & let story progression do the rest.

    Thanks for the's working great so far.
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    Thanks for confirming!

    I found that adding about 8 kids to the neighbourhood will start a slight stutter around eight am :)

    Especially since the werewolves I am testing now live right in the middle of the map and there are a lot of small boats going everywhere ;)

    I added the big park from showtime,

    still working great!

  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    I think my town is all set up

    *housing fixed
    *docks fixed

    Two resorts (left Hobarts)
    The mentioned houses

    Everything but the consignment store, elixer store, basicly everything with registers.
    (still don't know how the game assigns those clerks and I feel like they might be messing up my town in the long run. Also don't know about combining them all on one lot.)

    I've been playtesting my supernaturals (good thing: all the boys aged up into girls hair due to me creating them in cas as daughters and then changing them to boys...I think)

    I am still amazed how well it runs.
    There's some stuttering the first few days, when the game is creating sims, pregnancies, jobs etc.
    :mrgreen: After that it runs great. :mrgreen:

    Next thing is the big test with the newest NRAAS Overwatch added.

    8) Sunny Beaches ahead! 8)

  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    NRAAS OW found some stuck simmies near Primavera Port.
    I think I solved it with two of the IP low trees.

    OW removed 60-70 cars each night. Which is quite normal in my towns.

    Lag is nearly all gone! It doesn't even stutter at 8am anymore! (probably caused by ... Kahali (?) going to work and getting stuck near PvPort)

    I am going to find some nice spot to put the Twallan Tribute Bench in this beautiful lagless town... and then I probably won't bee seen on the forums for a long time for being to busy playing~!

    Thanks all for the help and thinking with me!

  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    Thanks for the additional info, Lucyvp86 :mrgreen:

    I think deleting the two other resorts fixed a lot of the strain on my system, so I left Hobarts to be VA.
  • temptresstina32temptresstina32 Posts: 7
    edited February 2014
    thank you so much for all the tips, i will have to try some as i really want to play IP. but my thing is this :

    WE[the players/consumers] SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GO THRU ALLL THAT JUST TO PLAY A GAME WE PAID MONEY FOR! im not screaming im just making a point. we all paid what? 40$ for this game and we expecet it to run as smoothly as supernatural or university life did when we installed it. its a mistake on EA's end and they should be the ones to fix it. not us.

    but i do thank you immensely for the suggestions and i will look into the places you mentioned. i'll let you know if it works for me :) thank you again!
  • brunokubrunoku Posts: 245 New Member
    edited February 2014
    Thanks!! works for me too!
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    Thanks Brunoku and temptrestina,
    changed title.

    Am really glad it worked for you, too!

    I almost forgot how great this game is when it works well :mrgreen:
  • AlessarAlessar Posts: 276
    edited February 2014
    Thanks for all the tips. I really thought the problem was my video card. So much freezing up, even after lowering my settings. I'm going to start making these corrections and see how it goes.
  • treintrientreintrien Posts: 492 New Member
    edited February 2014
    Please let us know if it also worked for you?

    I'll update my progress for you :mrgreen:

    Last night I went ingame and added my legacy family (they've got loads of stuff: about a hundred of all veggies/herbs/fruits, a truckload of potions, all the underwaterstuff, special seeds, cut and uncut stones and metals, 23 highschool diploma's (two for each generation and one for gramps :-) ) a lot of different awards for highschool, paintings, etc etc)

    I thought this would generate at least a small stuttering.
    :mrgreen: Nothing happened !!! :mrgreen:

    Then I decided to try NRAAS SP...
    :mrgreen: 8) and my game is still smooth 8) :mrgreen:

    I'm back in game, second week in this town.
    If something weird happens I'll let you all know :!:
  • stickykissesstickykisses Posts: 2,001 Member
    edited February 2014
    Hey you are doing great with this thread, Treintrien!! :D What you have discovered is extremely helpful, so I bookmarked it, thank you! Not sure if you've added me to the list, I still had a slight stutter every so often while in IP. It was mostly a reminder that the remodeling isn't done yet more than anything serious at this point -- but now I'm waiting for some sims to finish uni. (Or, actually, it would be smarter to finish off the remaining lag when they return to IP and before they start their next term. hmmm.) Anyway.

    Somehow or another the ghost family managed to drive around in their houseboat. Which is kinda amusing to me so haven't done anything about it yet. EA had locked ALL the houseboats to port until I started moving sims around (and needed to use the cheat to unlock ports) and then never closed the cheat. I figured just closing the game would have done that, but guess not.

    The Khalia guy was moved to another houseboat, a lovely creation which looks like a pirate ship but honestly? It's very pretty and unique but definitely going to cause permanent routing errors if a townie is living there. I found another pirate ship on the Exchange and will try that one for him instead, and leave the first one empty because it's too fabulous to remove it completely. Khalia is the only real problem now and hey did you notice it's my fault for giving him a pirate ship? :P

    Well, that and Hobarts. Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but only after Hobarts has been played by your sim for awhile, will the routing errors from that one appear. There are cockroach spawners underground and I couldn't delete them even with moveObjects on, buydeBuy etc. The whole thing has to be destroyed.

    I don't want to, cos the lag in my game is barely worth mentioning now and I want to finish unlocking the islands during game play instead of with a cheat. So I need a five star resort. Originally thinking I'd take what I've learned from this go-round, save my sims to bin and start over with a new town. And during the set up for that town, I'd be a lot more ruthless since I have other more interesting sims now that I'd rather move in anyway.

    Straight from Edit Town, without letting the game run AT ALL, just destroy all the houseboats, not even bother with them. And the Medina house and Hobarts. (I personally would only keep the Khalia guy since he's going to be a pirate, lol) Then type "resetSim *" without quotes in the cheat window, which should take care of any sims who were in the process of routing to a lot which is no longer there.

    Sorry this comment is all over the place, can't decide if I want to keep this town or toss it and start over. I love starting over, for some strange reason. :lol: If I save a household of 8 wildly divergent sims to bin, with various relationships and history among them, each with tons of skills and items in their inventory, it makes for an interesting game right off the bat, to set them loose on the town in two or three different households. And of course their appearance, gender, age, etc can be edited in CAS if I want something "new" yet they still have their high skills and generous inventory. With a few sets of 8 sims tucked in the bin, it's easy to get a very lively town that way, without being invested in any particular save file if it bites the dust.

    apologies for the novel :P

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