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Things Simmers can't say in public without sounding like complete psychos.


  • horrorfan1980shorrorfan1980s Posts: 2,900 Member
    edited July 2012
    My wife annoyed me, so I killed her. I also killed the babysitter because she didn't look after my toddler properly.
    can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will boxed after sword is out.
  • RedGarnetRedGarnet Posts: 324 Member
    edited July 2012
    I woohooed with the grim reaper after my husband died.

    I had six kids within two weeks.

  • anettesbanettesb Posts: 39,166 Member
    edited July 2012
    Love them all...
    click siggy to take part.

    old my-page here you find my uploades and about me
    but please no friend requests,

  • mvandemvande Posts: 8,587 Member
    edited July 2012
    This needs a little bump so

    "I trapped him in a box and then he died *evil laugh*"
  • AmphoraAmphora Posts: 3,956 Member
    edited July 2012
    "Whenever I'm bored I just feel like killing people off."
    :shock: :mrgreen:

    I think I scared people off with my post... :shock: :lol:
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  • jwghostjwghost Posts: 2,260 Member
    edited July 2012
    blunote00 wrote:
    I cheated on my husband with my kids Imaginary Friend and not only am I pregnant but I have a bad rep. :wink:

  • Kamb64Kamb64 Posts: 2,542 Member
    edited July 2012
    Dang it, the grim reaper clogged up my toilet again... :lol:
  • AbbyMcTabbyAbbyMcTabby Posts: 794 Member
    edited July 2012
    "I built a new bar last night and more than six people turned up on the opening night, I was really pleased."

    "Have you ever dated a never nude? it's really funny watching them take a shower"

    "Both my parents are great kissers."
  • SkyscraperfanSkyscraperfan Posts: 4,287 Member
    edited July 2012
    "I put my girls on the exchange" :shock:
    My current Novelcy and general blog:
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,971 Member
    edited July 2012
    I want to redecorate my house so let me click on any item in my house to recolor and redesign it.
  • Eden777Eden777 Posts: 1,263 Member
    edited July 2012
    "I've gotten six women pregnant and I have no private parts."
  • theprincess3theprincess3 Posts: 2,250 New Member
    edited July 2012
    I just got married in my front yard.
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,971 Member
    edited July 2012
    Let me free my genie and he will magically make meals for the whole family.
  • SiminoidSiminoid Posts: 961 New Member
    edited July 2012
    "My newborn has a dent in his head - but that's normal, they all look like that."
  • ragdollcat101ragdollcat101 Posts: 388 New Member
    edited July 2012
    I think I thought of one.

    "I just died of starvation and met the Grim Reaper. He brought me back to life because I was a loser. 3 hours later we got married!".

    I'll post again if I have another.
  • RosettasStonedRosettasStoned Posts: 3,796 Member
    edited July 2012
    I don't own a dishwasher, I just lick all my plates clean. :P
  • SiminoidSiminoid Posts: 961 New Member
    edited July 2012
    "I know Morty's a child, but he makes beautiful babies."

    I had to. :lol:
  • Rogii_The_SimRogii_The_Sim Posts: 1,124 New Member
    edited July 2012
    I didn't like my wife...So I sent her upstairs and deleted the stairs...

    My baby's a burrito...

    Hey, I have no living or dead relatives or family! I just got plonked down in this world as an adult !!
  • auginstineauginstine Posts: 68 Member
    edited July 2012
    "I kill my children if they misbehave."

    hehehehe :P

    "I meant my husband yesterday."
  • NFSGalaxyNFSGalaxy Posts: 134 New Member
    edited July 2012
    "God I'm starving I need ice cream!"
    "Ha 1D! I'm level 10 and you're level 9!"

    I actually say that stuff...
  • FlawlessAriaFlawlessAria Posts: 1,476 New Member
    edited July 2012
    "I'm going to have 100 kids, each with a different father. Do you think I should have one with a genie?"

    "For some reason I couldn't woohoo properly so I wished for a baby in the well"

    "When I brought my mother back from the dead she forgot who everyone were and started making out with my brother... Awkward silence"

    "My sisters so annoying. Leave her alone for 2 minutes and she'll be woohooing with the maid while the house is on fire. I just took my son and left."

    "I wished for a lover from the wishing well and a elderly lady appeared. Not expecting THAT"
  • RoyalsRoyals Posts: 160 New Member
    edited July 2012
    "I killed the Landgraab family for their house"
  • hard2please1976hard2please1976 Posts: 16 New Member
    edited July 2012
    The more apples you eat the more likly it is you will have a boy.

    I can't stop having triplets :shock:

    I can get the cash off my money tree :D

    My best friend is a unicorn!

  • Rogii_The_SimRogii_The_Sim Posts: 1,124 New Member
    edited July 2012
    So, I just had a kid, right? And some Lostso family I don't know sent him a weird doll. I don't question it...
    Years later, my kid takes it's now invisible friend to the science lab, and boom! She's married to it....
  • TheMomminatorTheMomminator Posts: 4,215 Member
    edited July 2012
    I threw the best party last night. The birthday cake caught the house on fire then a meteor struck the house and killed 2 of the guests. Everyone is still talking about what a great time they had.
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