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Unlucky Chef Scenario (completed)


  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    The fires seem to be worse these days...

    We'll stick to salads.

    Jerry is learning to crawl.

    And Elsie had 4 days off from work and already prepared enough food to complete her daily task so she gets to enjoy little moments with Jerry more now.

    He has learned to crawl but he's angry since he just wants to be carried. Poor Jerry lol.

    And now he can stand! (I've never played an infant long enough to reach all the milestones yet, does it alert you when you've reached them all? I'm just not sure what Jerry has left)

    He's just too cute.

    I made the mistake of using the stove lol.

    But when Elsie went to work, she came home with a promotion and finished the scenario!

  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    Cool @permanentrose. I reckon I’d get too scared to brave the fires, so well done.

    I am setting up a new save and going to do an Extraterrestrial Explorer…. (with a secretly alien roommate :D )
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    edited May 27
    @NRowe thank you <3 and thanks so much for following our journey, after your scenario you should come and join us in the new scenario over here :)

    @permanentrose I love the animations as they skill up is super cool, even with the cooking in between all the fires LOL. I used to love having cowplants, but I think I will skip them for a bit, they are definitely dying to quick now. I was also waiting for a midlife crisis or something like that to pop up LOL, thankfully not :D
    It is so strange how our fires got worst as we had level 10 in everything related to cooking. Poor Elsie she has little Jerry to worry about as well. Aww look at little Jerry crawling and oh my goodness standing up. He is growing up right before our eyes. Oh my gosh your screenie where you made the mistake of using the stove is hilarious, everyone including the kitty looks disappointed LOL. Congratulations on completing the scenario <3 It was so much fun watching your game play :) I will add completed to our main thread now <3
  • StarfreeStarfree Posts: 1,326 Member
    @permanentrose unfortunately they don't alert you when you have all infant milestones. However there are 33 infant milestones to be had, but you don't have to get them all. If you google "sims 4 infant milestones" there should be some sites that list them; think Sims Community is the one I used & it also lists all other lifestage milestones.
  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 735 Member
    @mcrudd and @permanentrose, Congrats to you both for completing the scenario! Enjoyed your stories and look forward to the next ones. @NRowe, Extraterrestrial Explorer sounds interesting! Will add it to my growing list of scenarios I want to try. Good luck to all three of you with your next scenarios!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    @Starfree thanks for that info! I usually play with aging off and i don’t like aging up sims until they max what they need to at each life stage so that is helpful information! Since I’m not actively playing Jerry anymore though I may age him up since I have a mod that has toddlers spawn at community lots so then he can start showing up as a background character in my game play
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    @mcrudd and @permanentrose, Congrats to you both for completing the scenario! Enjoyed your stories and look forward to the next ones. @NRowe, Extraterrestrial Explorer sounds interesting! Will add it to my growing list of scenarios I want to try. Good luck to all three of you with your next scenarios!

    Thank you so much <3
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    You guys inspired me to try this one.
    Meet Kevin Nomnom

    I took the sim who popped up when I started CAS and just switched the gender and changed the eye color.
    Kevin has the traits Active, Foodie, and Overachiever.
    He's got personality. I like him.
    I moved him into this starter in Oasis Springs

    Where he found out both that he likes cooking

    And that he has special difficulties with cooking

    The firefighters danced!!! First time in my Sims experience ever


    Kevin's closest friends are Johnny Zest, who came over as the welcome wagon

    and Bob Pancakes, whom Kevin met at the gym, even though they work at the same place

    Kevin adores Bob. Awww

    Johnny took Kevin to the Humor and Hijinks festival, where Kevin met Zoe Patel and Ulrike Faust. On Love Day, he called each of them to ask for a date, and both of them turned him down. But then Zoe called back and asked him out. They had a good time.

    Then the next day Zoe barged into his bedroom to ask Kevin to be her boyfriend.
    Right before Bob barged into his bedroom to ask Kevin to be his best friend.
    With the predictable results


    Kevin isn't 100% sure about the future of his relationship with Zoe but it's fun for now

    So, my idea had been to make Mr. Nomnom into a sushi chef, whose stove issues are a shameful secret. It started out okay, with Kevin and Bob hitting the town learning recipes for regular and experimental sushi


    Moving up the aspiration levels

    Starting to kit out the house like a proper foodie

    Sushi and wine party to thank the firefighters very much for their assistance

    Also for this


    Kevin took Zoe on a beautiful vacation to Mt. Komorebi, intending to eat and learn as many types of sushi as he could

    But, no matter how much sushi he ate, he could no longer learn the recipes.


    I don't get it.

    I mean, he can still make onigiri off the basic cooking menu, and nigiri which he learned in San Myshuno, and presumably if and when I get him his chef station, he'll be able to make that square wasabi thing.

    But I guess it's just those things? Why can't he learn more sushi recipes?
    I have definitely had sims learn the Mt. Komorebi sushi recipes before, no problem.
    I dunno. I'm a bit discouraged about that.

    Anyhow, for now, Kevin Nomnom is level 4 in his career, coming along on the aspiration, and money is fine.

    Not sure yet if I'll continue or not.

  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    Oooh @mightysprite Kevin looks very interesting, love love his surname hahaha so perfect for this scenario :) A sushi chef how clever, would never have thought of that, much safer than using the stove LOL. Congrats on the gold for your dinner party :) I do hope you continue, it was very interesting to read of Kevin and his adventures, but I understand if you don't because of the whole learning sushi recipe bug thingy. It was and aweSim update though ;)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    Haha thanks @mcrudd :)
    I looked more into the sushi recipe issue. I think these recipes might require gourmet cooking skill, and Kevin is still only at skill point 1 there. I'll try skilling him up in gourmet cooking next time I play and see if that helps.
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    Kevin's journey is so fun, and making sushi is a great way to avoid the stove haha. I love his friendship with Bob especially
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    Haha thanks @mcrudd :)
    I looked more into the sushi recipe issue. I think these recipes might require gourmet cooking skill, and Kevin is still only at skill point 1 there. I'll try skilling him up in gourmet cooking next time I play and see if that helps.

    Aaah that would make sense, I tend to forget there are two types of cooking skills. Let me know if that is indeed the issue. Go Kevin you can do it :)
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    Thanks @NRowe :)

    Kevin had a want to get to know Diego Lobo better, and a want to drink a glass of nectar, so off he went to do both.

    It was a sunny summer day, perfect for poolside glasses of white. Then Kevin got a text from his best friend Bob Pancakes

    Kevin apologized to Diego and spent a little while texting back and forth trying to reassure Bob


    Aww Bob! Never change.
    (Every time Kevin's Adoring sentiment for Bob fades away, he gets a new one over again the next time he sees Bob. Me too, Kevin.)

    Kevin invited Bob to join them.

    "Does he have to sing?" asked Diego.
    "Look, he's my best friend, he's going through a rough patch, and this seems to make him happy," said Kevin.
    "Child, stop," said Vivian Lewis.


    "Oh l-rd, now there are two of them," said Diego.

    For some reason, Diego hasn't called since.

    Kevin met his girlfriend Zoe at the end of her shift.

    He invited her to come over for the night. But he had to work on his Mixology skill.
    "Are you coming to bed?" she called.
    "I'm just trying to get this Ridgeport right," he said.
    The Ridgeport recipe was annoying him. This stupid skill requirement was really messing with his night

    He'd been at it a long time. It was pretty quiet in the bedroom. She was asleep.

    She woke up first the next morning.
    They'd gotten together when she barged into his bedroom asking to be his girlfriend. Now, she couldn't leave his bedroom fast enough.

    Kevin woke up from a nightmare in which he was a bartender

    She was gone.

    Kevin tried to focus on his mixology book for work. Reading the book was more tolerable than trying to make the drinks

    Zoe stopped by in a sad mood as Kevin was about to leave for work. "We need to talk," she said.
    "I have to go," he said.
    "To work, I know..."
    "Let's talk after."

    She was waiting on the porch after work. With a full head of steam.

    How everything with him was about work. How he was staying up late at night making drinks he didn't even like. How their supposed romantic vacation turned out to be all about him trying to learn recipes.
    He mentioned that she might not understand since her job was kind of a menial one with very little responsibility.
    That didn't help.

    They broke up.

    The next morning, it was raining. Kevin fell down in a mud puddle. Then, he fell down in a second mud puddle. In his chef's whites.

    Later, the shower broke.

    Now it's your turn to do a menial job, Kevin.

    On the bright side, Kevin got to gourmet cooking level 3, and we got this!

    We're in business!!

    Kevin can make sushi rolls now!!!

    But at what price?

  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    Oh no. Any idea what caused the breakup?

    I haven’t been able to play for some days because full time work and not sleeping well has left me too tired to play in the evening. I’m definitely much more Adult age than Young Adult. But it’s Friday night here and a long (three day) weekend because of Kings birthday. So I’m about to make some grilled cheese for my dinner in preparation for maybe playing some serious Sims.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    @mightysprite aww poor Bob, atleast he has a good friend like Kevin to cheer him up :) Oh my gosh disliking mixology is going to make your scenario even more difficult. Oh how sad that Kevin and Zoe broke up :( Ooof he does not like handiness either, gosh he does not like much things does he. Mmmm those sushi rolls look super yummy.

    @NRowe we also have a long weekend because of the King's birthday. I made grilled chicken for dinner, but think that grilled cheese would have been so much nicer. Happy simming for when you do get time to play.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    Actually @mcrudd. I think I remember reading that you're a fellow Kiwi. The grilled cheese turned out merely "normal" quality but at least I didn't set the stove on fire! ;)
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    NRowe wrote: »
    Actually @mcrudd. I think I remember reading that you're a fellow Kiwi. The grilled cheese turned out merely "normal" quality but at least I didn't set the stove on fire! ;)

    Yip a Kiwi I am :) (starwars humour due to your Grogu ;)) I live in the Auckland region :) Good to hear your stove is not on fire LOL, I was lazy and used the airfryer.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    edited June 2
    Funny you are. Auckland too I live.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    One thing you can say about a breakup: being single again means you can stay out till all hours sampling new foods anytime you want!

    Well, Kevin had been doing that anyway, but now there was no need to feel guilty about it anymore.

    Johnny told Kevin he was hiding in his work and needed to get out and have fun... and "get back out there" as he put it.
    "Come to the club tonight. I'll be your wingman."

    Kevin wasn't really in the mood for much requiring a wingman, not yet anyway. He had fun dancing, and flirted with an attractive woman or too. No one he had much in common with. No one he felt like taking home. But it was good to feel alive in that way.

    "Didn't get lucky, huh?" asked Johnny on the way home.
    Kevin said he felt lucky enough on his own for now.
    (Just a bit unlucky around stoves.)
    "I kind of have someone I wanted to ask to the club tonight, but I was too nervous, do you think it's worth a try?" asked Johnny.

    "The SimTuber?" Kevin asked. "Does he even know you exist?"
    "I basically created my whole comedy SimTube channel in an effort to get his attention," Johnny moaned. "I'm so pathetic."
    "Go for it, dude. You'll be as big a star as he is before long, I just know it."

    On his day off, Kevin took a day trip to Mt. Komorebi. Alone.
    He checked out some more sushi.

    He did some snowy activities this time.


    Johnny texted.

    Kevin headed over to the lounge just in search of some friendly company.
    "Hi there! Did you like your sushi?"
    "Oh... uh, you don't remember me, do you."
    She seemed really awkward, but also really cute.

    (What is this adorable thing where her right eye doesn't open as far as her left in certain facial expressions? I just love it.)

    "You were at the restaurant where I work."

    (Flashback: There she is in the background.)

    "I'm sorry not to have remembered you."
    "It's okay. People usually don't remember their waiters. I noticed your hair. And your beautiful girlfriend," she added hurriedly.
    "Well, she isn't my girlfriend anymore. We broke up recently."
    "Oh! I mean... oh, how sad."

    Her name was Mayumi Okada. She was an art history student at Foxbury, just working at Susu Sushi to pay the bills for now, but she loved watching the chefs work.
    "It's amazing. They are so dedicated to their work."
    "You don't think chefs work too much?"
    "I think if you want to do something well, it has to take a lot of time. As long as you don't forget to take days off too."
    Kevin thought those sounded like expectations he could live up to.

    Their evening ended with a late-night walk and an awkward, but not unpleasant, little snuggle on a bench.

    They said goodnight and Kevin sat with a dreamy, foggy head for a little while after she left.

    Kevin got an invitation from a new neighbor.

    Huh, maybe Izzy was serious about Johnny after all? He decided to go over after work.

    Work was great today! Kevin was quite relieved to say to the owner that he never wanted to tend another bar again.

    He heard from Zoe for the first time in a while.

    He thought about many things as he prepared something nice to bring over to the new Fabulous residence.
    What do you bring to a new neighbor? Gourmet fruitcake, of course.
    Oh wait.
    That requires the oven.

    Never mind.
    Kevin decided to leave the oven in this state, to remind him not to use it any longer.

    Sushi it is.

    Izzy and Johnny are pretty cute together.

    Kevin asked Mayumi for a coffee date the next morning before work. Just a casual cup of coffee at Morebucks.
    (Morebucks Coffee is a build I made for Newcrest in my Local Color game. I haven't actually played in it till now.)

    They talked about food and art. She had a goofy sense of humor but was serious about the things she loved. It turned out she'd hand-painted her jacket one day when she got distracted in the studio.
    This is a one-of-a-kind girl, thought Kevin.

    Perhaps one to hold on to.

    "She sounds wonderful and you sound happy," texted Bob. "Take it slow, let's not have anyone barge into anyone's bedroom this time."


  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    @mightysprite Kevin does seem to take the break up well, he is looking happy with his new foods, which looks super yummy too :) Kevin looks like he is having a lot of fun at Mt Komorebi. Hahaha Kevin was real quick to say that Zoe was not his girlfriend anymore when he met the beautiful Mayumi LOL. Hahaha the oven is evil but he will remember that now leaving it so burned up in the house :D I am rooting for Kevin and Mayumi. Great update enjoyed every second of it ;)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    edited June 3
    Thanks @mcrudd :)

    Kevin is having some ideas about the future with Mayumi too!
    He never had these wants with Zoe.

    Being an overachiever, Kevin has a plan.
    (Being a respectful guy, Kevin isn't assuming Mayumi will say yes, but he's hoping.)
    Kevin is embarrassed to invite Mayumi to his thrown-together bachelor pad. He wants to save up for somewhere nicer to bring her, and to possibly invite her to join him in someday.
    There's a place down the street, Raffia Quinta, that's on the market and that Kevin has his eye on. He needs to save up about 12,000 more simoleons to buy it.
    He'd always vaguely wanted to move to a nicer place once he was well established in his career and could afford it, but well, now the motivation is a bit stronger and more immediate.

    He swore he'd work his hardest every day, until he could buy the house. But no work today. Today is Harvestfest, which itself will provide him a nice simoleon boost!

    Kevin planned to spend most of the day cooking at home and letting the seed packets accumulate so he can sell them. He is going to take a feast over to the Pancakes' house.
    He was delighted to discover that you don't need an oven to make Tiramisu!

    In the midst of his carefully planned day however, he received an awkwardly timed invitation for a date, from his current favorite source of awkwardness... he couldn't say no.

    Every time I click on Mayumi while playing Kevin, this option pops up on the first screen. I guess he's serious about this one. He decided to float the idea, only in very general terms

    They were only speaking in very general terms, but she seemed awkwardly appreciative of the thought

    Kevin returned home and finished preparing the feast. Hey, apparently cooking three gourmet dishes on a holiday counts as "at a single event" for the aspiration!


    And he can now cook the rest of the sushi menu!!!

    Huh... some of these are dishes Kevin hasn't tasted...

    I guess we didn't have to run all over Mt. Komorebi to learn sushi recipes, as you do with the City Living ones :/
    They seem to just be part of the gourmet cooking skill.

    Oh well, going to Mt. Komorebi was fun, and he met someone special there. No harm done.

    Harvestfest at the Pancakes' with their toddler Alonzo, and some good friends!


    Even though he was out for part of the day, he still got a nice S1800 sum from the gnomes and seed packets. It's a start.

    Next on Kevin's simoleon-earning plan: find a way to start selling sushi independently. Oo, and tiramisu. He can't afford to open up a restaurant, but here's something not too far off
    Homemade sushi and tiramisu stand!

    No one bought anything at the park. But in front of his house, he had better luck.
    "It's so local," celebrities enthused.

    Kevin was surprised at how much he could mark up the prices.

    Pretty soon the table was empty.
    Kevin was hungry, needed a shower and a shave, and it was almost time for work.

    Zoe, you have the worst timing sometimes.

    She had some big news... looks like she's moving on with her life, too.

    Whether it was watching his friends' lives moving forward, or whether it was a near-zap from the coffeemaker he was grudgingly fixing, Kevin wondered if his life was moving forward too or if he was just spinning his wheels

    He resolved to continue with his plan and to move forward, hopefully with Mayumi, if it was what she wanted and if they were truly right together.

    But working hard every day, plus spending several hours a day on food preparation and sales, was taking its toll.

    In the meantime, his two besties came over to remind him that being a bachelor was okay too.

    "I can put some dinner on--" began Kevin.
    "No, dude, I just want cold cuts," said Johnny.
    "Bob, can I cook you something?"
    Bob looked at Johnny's plate, and at Kevin's exhausted face. "You know, I'm in the mood for cold cuts too."

    And some affirmation came from work! Level 7! You can do it Kevin!

    (Kevin stealthily sticks to the assembly and decoration part of pastry-making, and delegates the actual baking to some unsuspecting assistants...)

    This promotion came with not one, not two, but three pot racks! Since Kevin has a pot rack already, he sold the ones he got with his promotion. That netted him another tidy sum, over 1000 simoleons on top of his promotion bonus. Looks like it won't be long before he can call up a realtor.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,413 Member
    @mightysprite, aww I am sure they will make the cutest couple ever. Mmm Tiramisu, how yummy. Aww talking about marriage <3 Little Alonzo is so cute, the pancakes make beautiful babies. Way to go on selling all the treats infront of your house Kevin. OMG Zoe way to throw it in Kevin's face that you moved on. Aww Kevin you will be all goods, have a chat with some elders they will put your mind at ease <3 Aww Kevin you have some super nice friends, hold onto them :) AweSim updadate mightysprite, enjoyed reading it :)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,924 Member
    edited June 4
    @mcrudd Good idea about finding some elders to talk to. It being a newer save, there aren't too many elders around, but maybe I can find a premade or two, or maybe visit a lounge during the daytime which seems to be elder hour :D
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